Minute Book: September 1712

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26, 1712. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1954.

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September 1712

Sept. 2. Present: Lord Treasurer.
The Duke of Argyll comes in. Mr. Brydges [is] called in. He [? Brydges] represents that the money ordered to be remitted to Port Mahon will fall short and presents an estimate of the expense for the service in Spain to Xmas next and what has been supplied on account thereof; by which it appears to require more than the 30,000l. agreed for the 8th inst. [Aug. 8, supra, p. 60], by a sum of 49,590l. 8s. 10d.
The Duke thinks it absolutely necessary that immediate care should be taken for remitting of it and that about 3,000l. should be furnished to the Commissary of Provisions at Marseilles to enable him to buy corn there for the Garrison of Port Mahon.
Mr. Brydges by another memorial represents that Mr. Hammond has drawn bills on him for 3,376l. 1s. 8¾d., part of the abovesaid 49,590l. 8s. 10d., and prays money to answer the same.
Thereupon my Lord Treasurer orders as follows out of the Lottery money in the Exchequer: viz.
£ s. d.
in part of 475,385l. 7s. 8¼d. for the Forces in Spain anno 1712.
to answer bills of exchange drawn on Mr. Brydges as above for the services of her Majesty's Forces in Spain anno 1712, according to a list thereof signed by the said Brydges 3,376 1
and Sir John Lambert attending and being called in, my Lord desires he will against next Thursday prepare and bring hither a proposal for his giving a letter of credit on Marseilles for any sum or sums not exceeding [in all] 3,000 0 0
and [likewise to bring then] another proposal (in case the whole 49,590l. 8s. 10d. should be found necessary) for remitting to Port Mahon or Barcelona (as shall be found most proper) a further sum of 12,500l. a month [for three months] to be payable in October, November and December next 37,500 0 0
£43,876 1
which provision, with the profits to accrue to her Majesty by the recoinage of the 800,000 pieces of Eight at Barcelona, will (my Lord Treasurer tells the Duke [of Argyll], as he conceives) be very sufficient to answer the said services in Spain and Port Mahon to Xmas with a considerable overplus.
The Duke takes notice that in the Establishment which her Majesty has signed for Port Mahon nothing is inserted for fire and lamps for the Garrison. Whereupon Mr. Lyn, attending from the Secretary at War's Office, is called in, and my Lord desires him to write to Sir William Wyndham [Secretary at War], who is now at Windsor, that he will be pleased to receive her Majesty's commands upon that particular.
Mr. Lyn goes out.
The Duke of Argyll says he believes 'twill be for her Majesty's service that none of the Officers upon the Establishment of Port Mahon be allowed to receive any part of their subsistence but [except if resident and serving] upon the place. My Lord Treasurer agrees therewith and directs a letter to the Secretary at War to receive her Majesty's pleasure that proper instructions may be given accordingly.
A memorial of Mr. Brydges is read on an extract of a letter from Mr. Medlicott, Deputy Paymaster of the Garrison of Gibraltar, wherein 'tis represented that Lord Portmore having broke the Forces in Portugal and that Pearce and Newton will not take above 60 men out of Sankey and Jones's [Regiments] to complete them [their own Regiments] and that Barrymore's and Farrington's [Regiments] will not require above 50 men to fill them[selves] up, so that Butler's will remain almost complete; and praying directions about paying the men of the disbanded Regiments; my Lord orders the same to be referred to the Secretary at War and the Comptrollers of Army Accounts; and also that a copy of the said extract and memorial be sent to the Inspectors of the Affairs of the War in Spain.
Another memorial of Mr. Brydges is read for 258l. 10s. 0d. due to Capt. Lewis Corbett, a prisoner [in Spain and an Officer] of Brigadier Withers' Regiment of Dragoons, but now in England upon his parole. My Lord Treasurer referred same to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts to examine and certify if they have any objection to the payment thereof.
Another [memorial of the said Mr. Brydges is read] for 1,730l. 15s. 11½d. for arrears of subsistence [due] to Brigadier Dormer's Regiment to 1710 Dec. 23, and is likewise referred to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts.
Another [memorial of the said Brydges is read] with a copy of a letter to him from the Duke of Ormonde relating to the Hospitals in Flanders, together with Mr. Hudson's state thereof; and [representing] that there is immediately wanting for that service 225,460 f. [florins]. [My Lord] referred [same] to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts to examine into the said demand (which my Lord takes to be very extravagant) and to make such observations thereupon in a report to my Lord as they shall think proper, together with their opinion what is fit to be done therein.
Mr. Brydges having acquainted my Lord Treasurer in answer to a letter sent to my Lord from Lieut.-General Whetham (about subsistence for the 250 men of Grant's disbanded Regiment which are to be sent for [or as] recruits to Dunkirk) that the Agent [of said Regiment] has received a month's subsistence for them till they can be embarked, my Lord directs Mr. Brydges to signify the same to General Whetham, that if he shall be obliged to take up money for subsisting the said 250 men he is to draw his bills for it on the said Agent.
My Lord also delivers to Mr. Brydges a letter which he has received from the Mayor and Corporation of Hull about money which they have advanced for the subsistence of several men of disbanded Regiments who are to be sent to Dunkirk or Flanders for recruits; and directs him to consider the same and prepare a proper answer thereunto.
Mr. Hawes [is] called in and presents a memorial representing that 50,000l. will be wanting to pay off 18 small ships and vessels which the Admiralty Lords have ordered to be laid up and that 20,000l. of it is immediately wanted: which sum my Lord orders [to be issued] to the Treasurer of the Navy accordingly out of Lottery money in the Exchequer.
And out of the like money my Lord orders 733l. 0s. 10d. to the said Treasurer of the Navy on the head of Victualling, to discharge eight labourers out of the Pickle Yard and ten out of the Cooperage and for cartage of provisions at the port of London.
Mr. Merryll [is] called in and presents a memorial from Mr. Howe for clearings to the Forces [Guards and Garrisons] under his pay to Xmas 1711, amounting to 53,286l. 10s. 6½d.: which [sum] my Lord is pleased to order out of South Sea Stock in his [Howe's] name for the use of the public. Treasury Minute Book XIX, pp. 266–8.
Sept. 3. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[Write] to the Commissioners for the Affair of the Tin to send forthwith to my Lord an account how much tin has been sold since Lady day last and to whom.
Several papers of particular demands relating to the Forces are read. They are [ordered by my Lord] to be sent to the Comptrollers of the Army Accounts and afterwards (with their report) to the Commissioners for Stating the Accounts of the Army.
The Postmasters General are called in. Their paper for reducing the charge of the pacquet boats is read. My Lord Treasurer orders them to take care that the charge be reduced accordingly, by which will be saved 6,328l. 17s. 0d. besides what may be further saved out of Wear and Tear. They are also to prepare what they have to propose for Mr. Prior to transact in order to settling an intercourse between England and France in times of peace.
[My Lord directed] 1,000l. extraordinary to be issued to the Privy Purse.
Refer Mr. Whitfield's report concerning the Marines to the Auditors of Imprests.
[My Lord directs] 40l. to Barlow the messenger.
The Customs Commissioners [are] called in. Their presentment concerning incidents is [read] and approved.
Likewise a report on the petition of Peter Pratt.
Likewise the presentments for [Haughton] Townley [as a Queen's waiter. London port].
Their report on the complaint of Capt, Greives is [ordered] to be sent to Lord Dartmouth. Ibid., p. 269.
Sept. 5. Present: ut supra.
The Commissioners for bringing in the arrears of Taxes are called in. They present to my Lord a state of the Receivers' accounts with some letters prepared by them for my Lord's signing [to be sent] to the [Assessment] Commissioners for London, Westminster and some other places to hasten as much as may be the collecting and answering the [Land] Taxes and House Duty within their districts.
[My Lord directs the issue of] 1,000l. on the order in Mr. Lowndes's name for secret service. Ibid., p. 270.
Sept. 9. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Brydges [is] called in. His memorials are read. Thereupon my Lord ordered as follows:
£ s. d.
as in part of the Deficiencies of 1711 provided for in the last Session of Parliament.
for redeeming tallies in the hands of Sir William Hodges left as a deposit for so much due to him upon Col. Nevill's bills: to be issued out of Lottery money in the Exchequer 3,000 0 0
as in part of 475,385l. 7s. 8¼ d. for the service of [the war in] Spain anno 1712.
to answer bills drawn by Major General Wightman for sea pay &c. to five Companies of Col. Clayton's Regiment lately disbanded: to be issued out of the like Lottery money: and to be put upon the same foot with the two thirds of the bills lately paid for the Canada Expedition 145 5
Mr. Cæsar is called in. [His memorial for money is read and there-upon sums as follow are] ordered to be issued to him out of Lottery money in the Exchequer:
to redeem 55,000l. in tallies on the fifteenth 4s. Aid [ranking for payment] after 1,650,000l. [charged on the Register of said Aid: which tallies were on or about April 11 last] deposited with the Bank of England: and when redeemed the said tallies are to be applied at par for such services of the Navy as my Lord Treasurer shall direct 50,000
on the head of Wages.
for paying off the companies of eleven ships which have been taken by the enemy and otherwise lost and cast away: in part of about 80,000l. 20,000
for paying off and laying up her Majesty's ship Rochester 16,900
Ibid., p. 271.
Sept. 10. Present: ut supra.
The Gentlemen of the Bank are called in. My Lord looks into the account of their deposits [their holding of tallies and orders on various taxes deposited with them as collateral for loans] and desires them to acquaint the [Bank's] Court that he has ordered 50,000l. to redeem the Navy tallies on the Land Tax anno 1712: and for the rest, they shall be immediately redeemed or the minutes [of agreements with the Bank for loans on such tallies &c. shall be] renewed.
The Lord Chief Justice comes in. [Write] to the [Principal] Officers of the Works and Mr. Bateman to be here to-morrow morning. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 272.
Sept. 11. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[The Principal] Officers of the Works [are] called in. My Lord directs Sir Christopher Wren to attend my Lord Chief Justice about the charge of fitting a room for the records of the Queen's Bench and to make a reasonable estimate to be presented to my Lord Treasurer [of the cost of such fitting up].
[My Lord directs] 750l. to the Paymaster of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners upon an order in the said Paymaster's name [as in part] for three quarters to the said Band to Xmas last: [and is intended] to be paid over to the Duke of St. Albans as in full of what is due to him as late Captain of the said Band.
[My Lord directs] 500l. [to me, William Lowndes] "on the order in my name for her Majesty's secret services." Ibid., p. 273.
Sept. 12. Present: ut supra.
[Write and] desire Mr. Hewer to come to Mr. Lowndes.
Upon reading the report upon Mr. Short's petition my Lord says that he doth not see that anything is due to him (Short) in Scotland; but will recommend him to the Customs Commissioners here for some suitable employment.
The Treasurer of the Ordnance is called in. A memorial from the Board of Ordnance is read desiring a privy seal for [? the disposal of] certain deposits of tallies made [? with the Bank of England] by the late Treasurer of the Ordnance and redeemed by the present Treasurer thereof. My Lord ordered accordingly.
The Commissioners for bringing in arrears of Taxes are called in. Their papers are read and minutes [of my Lord's resolutions thereupon are taken and are endorsed] upon them.
[My Lord directed the issue of] 2,000l. to Mr. Brydges as in part of 1,324,728l. 18s. 7d. for the service of the Troops in the Low Countries anno 1712: [and is intended] to be paid over to General Hill without account, for several disbursements made by him for Contingencies relating to the Garrison in Dunkirk. Ibid., p. 274.
Sept. 16. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Milner [comes in and submits to my Lord a proposal by which he] will give his bills on Barcelona for 40,000l., whereof one third on Oct. 15, one third on Nov. 15 and one third on Dec. 15 1712, at the exchange rate of 4s. 5½d. sterling per piece of Eight: [he in reimbursement] to be paid [for same] on delivery of his bills. [My Lord Treasurer agrees thereto.] Ibid., p. 275.
Sept. 17. Present: ut supra.
The Directors of the South Sea Company are called in. My Lord [tells them he] will receive the Queen's pleasure for a man of war to take in goods that are to be shipped in time to save the drawback.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Their papers are read and the minutes [of my Lord's decisions thereupon] are [margined or endorsed] on them. Ibid., p. 276.
Sept. 18. Present: ut supra.
Lord Chief Justice Parker comes in and presents a second report of the [Principal] Officers of the Works, containing an estimate of the charge of fitting up the Record Rooms and Lord Chief Justice's rooms in Westminster Hall, amounting to 474l. 10s. 8d. My Lord Treasurer directs that the said Officers do go in hand with fitting up the said rooms, taking care that the charge do not exceed the said estimate: and they are to attend the Lord Chief Justice and receive his directions from time to time in the performance of the said work.
[My Lord directs the] Customs Commissioners to attend this day sevennight and not on Wednesday next: and the Attorney General to be here then.
[Write] to the Excise Commissioners to send my Lord an account of the gross and net produce of the Duties under their management of the Low Wine Act by a medium of three years ended at Midsummer last and their observations of the causes why the produce has been so little.
Upon reading a memorial signed by Mr. Sloper for 40,000l., to be paid over to Mr. Milner for his bills given last Tuesday on Barcelona according to agreement at 53½ [pence sterling] per piece of Eight payable, to wit, one third on the 15th October next, one third on the 15th November and one third on the 15th December next, my Lord Treasurer directs one third part of the said 40,000l. to be now paid out of money of this year's funds in the Exchequer as in part of the grants for the service of [the war in] Spain anno 1712; one third more to be paid a month hence and the residue a month after.
Send to the several Offices for an account of what is owing to Great Britain by any of the Allies. Ibid., p. 277.
Sept. 19. Present: ut supra.
The Duke of Argyll [is] called in. [After discoursing with him my Lord Treasurer directs that] public notice is to be given to receive proposals for victualling the Garrisons of Port Mahon and Gibraltar.
The Commissioners for Taxes are called in. Their papers are read.
My Lord says the Regiments in Dunkirk for whom the Detachments were made from the Disbanded Regiments in Great Britain are to be charged with the subsistence as well of the men returned back [to them in such Detachments] as of the men they retained, to wit until they are otherwise provided for or discharged.
[My Lord directs that] Mr. Bridges is to pay Baron Walef 200l. more on account: and Mr. Bridges is to adjust [the account of] what is due to him [Walef]. Ibid., p. 278.
Sept. 23. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Brydges [is] called in [and is] ordered to attend to-morrow with a memorial for an advance to Mr. Erle for Contingents for the Garrison at Minorca.
[Write a] letter to the Secretary at War enclosing the heads of a contract for furnishing a Garrison of 4,000 men at Minorca and 2,000 at Gibraltar with such provisions as are therein mentioned: which he is desired to peruse and to let my Lord Treasurer have his opinion thereupon by to-morrow so that a publication may be made in the next Gazette for receiving proposals [for such a contract for furnishing the said Garrison]. He is also [to be] desired to consider of the draft of an Establishment proposed by the Duke of Ormonde for the Garrison at Dunkirk: and to let my Lord know whether any sum is put down for contingents in the Establishment for Minorca and what care is taken about the clothing for that Garrison.
[Write to] Mr. Erle to attend to-morrow in relation to an advance for Contingents [contingent charges] of the Garrison at Port Mahon.
[Write to] Mr. Compton for an account of what will clear his Establishments [of the Queen's bounties and pensions] to Xmas last.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is] called in. His memorials are read [and thereupon my Lord ordered issues as follows in accordance therewith]: viz.
on the head of Ordinary.
as in part of 96,412l. for Midsummer and Michaelmas quarters to the Yards anno 1711: being for Deptford and Woolwich Yards 24,000
on the head of Wages.
for paying the Dunkirk before she sails for Turkey 16,000
for paying off and laying up at Deptford 18 small ships and vessels: as in further part of 50,000l 10,000
[The above is] ordered to be paid out of tallies in the said Navy Treasurer's hands on the fifteenth 4s. Aid [Land Tax] (the 56,700l. issued to him April 8 last with interest thereon as from April 10 last, which tallies and orders may now be disposed of at par), and out of the interest due thereon (amounting to 1,549l. 10s. 9d. for the period April 10 last to Sept. 24 inst.); and care is to be taken that the interest due on the said tallies be surcharged on the Treasurer of the Navy for the Queen's advantage.
The rest of the tallies in the said Navy Treasurer's hands on the said Land Tax and the interest thereupon due (with which he is to be surcharged as above) [is ordered by my Lord] to be applied (with so much more out of the Lottery money in the Exchequer as will make up 32,869l. 0s. 2d.) by 5,000l. a week to pay Victualling bills of exchange (to wit a list of foreign bills of exchange drawn on the Victualling Commissioners amounting to 32,869l. 0s. 2d.). [The letter of direction dated Sept. 24 in accordance herewith states this last item of issue on the head of Victualling, for the said bills of exchange as 8,249l. 10s. 9d., making a total amount of 58,249l. 10s. 9d. directed by this minute. This letter of direction makes no reference to quotas out of the Lottery money for making the 8,249l. 10s. 9d. into 32,869l. 0s. 2d.].
[My Lord] ordered so much more out of the money in the Exchequer of this year's funds as will be sufficient to repay the members of the South Sea Company the 50,000l. borrowed of them on a deposit of 65,000l. in South Sea Stock and the interest thereof according to an agreement made 22 July last. Treasury Minute Book XIX, pp. 279–80.
Sept. 24. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[Write the Principal] Officers of the Mint to attend [my Lord here] next Friday at noon in relation to their report on Mr. Beranger's proposal about the tin in his correspondent's hands in Holland [which is] deposited as collateral security for 100,000l. lent by him [the said correspondent] on credit of repayment out of the produce of her Majesty's tin.
[Write] Mr. Hanbury and Mr. Elphinston to come to Mr. L. [William Lowndes] to-morrow morning at 11 of the clock.
[My Lord directs] 1,000l. to the Duke of Argyll out of the Civil List money as her Majesty's bounty for defraying his expense in France, whither he is going about some particular affairs which her Majesty hath entrusted to his care: and till such time as the regular warrants can be signed [my Lord Treasurer orders] the same to be advanced out of secret service money.
Mr. Bridges is [directed by my Lord] to pay 3,000l. in Port Mahon to Mr. Erle, Commissary of Provisions there, to buy corn for the immediate use of the Garrison: for which [sum] he is to be set in super to the end it may be made good to her Majesty by deductions from the Forces there. Ibid., p. 281.
Sept. 26. Present: ut supra.
The Commissioners for Taxes are called in. Their papers are read and minutes [are taken] upon them [and endorsed thereon].
The Commissioners for Tin are called in. Ibid., p. 282.
Sept. 30. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Howe's report is read relating to the proportions to be paid out of the 17,412l. 3s. 4d. [due] upon bills of exchange drawn by Col. Vetch on account of the Garrison of Annapolis: wherein Mr. Howe is of opinion that the same should be applied as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
for the bills drawn for the pay of the Officers of the said Garrison to the times mentioned in a list transmitted to my Lord with the said report, without any deduction 3,452 12 7
for a proportion of the other bills payable out of the said 17,412l. 3s. 4d., according to the said list 13,959 10 9
£17,412 3 4
Mr. Howe also reports that there is 1,445l. 14s. 0d. due to Colonel Nicholson and Col. Vetch and three other Officers for their established pay to the 31st May last which is not contained in any of the bills drawn and is voted by Parliament over and above the said 17,412l. 3s. 4d.: and likewise 63l. 10s. 0d. similarly due to Major Brown as Major of the Trenches at the taking of Annapolis and for his journey to France with the French Garrison: and likewise 7l. 16s. 6d. due to Capt. Handy for his expenses in coming express from Plymouth: making in all 1,517l. 0s. 6d.: for all which Mr. Howe prays that proper [royal] warrants may be procured for authorising him to pay the same.
My Lord Treasurer agrees thereto and orders a letter to the Secretary at War to prepare the proper warrants accordingly.
Mr. Hawes [is] called in, and memorials from the Treasurer of the Navy are read and minutes [are] taken thereon.
My Lord Treasurer says he will order money for the Chest at Chatham as soon as it shall be wanted. Ibid., p. 283.