Minute Book: November 1712

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26, 1712. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1954.

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November 1712

Nov. 4. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[My Lord directed] 10,000l. to be issued to the Treasurer of the Ordnance for land [service] or sea service [of the Ordnance]. Ibid., p. 299.
Nov. 7. Present: ut supra.
The Commissioners for Taxes are called in. Their papers are read and minutes [are taken] upon them [and are endorsed thereon].
[Send a] letter to Mr. Brydges to pay 10l. to Hester Walker out of Contingencies of the Forces in Flanders in consideration of losses by her sustained as a sutler to the said Forces.
My Lord Treasurer, on reading a letter from the Board of Ordnance for [payment of] 1,183l. 16s. 2d. for stores [of Ordnance] now sending to New York, orders the same to be paid for out of the money lately issued to the [Ordnance] Treasurer for land service; but desires to know to whose charge these stores will be consigned and how accounted for.
Mr. Brydges [is] called in [and my Lord] ordered 7,500l. on his memorial of Oct. 28 last for that sum, [being] to answer 25,899 milreis 279 reis in Mr. Morrice's bills payable to Mr. Milner at the [exchange] rate of 5s. 9½d. [sterling] per milrei; being part of a credit in Portugal [given by the said Milner] for 15,000l. pursuant to a [Treasury] minute of Aug. 6 last.
[On reading another memorial of the said Brydges my Lord orders] also 12,000l. [to be issued to Brydges] to answer Col. Nevill's bills [payable] to Sir John Lambert for the [British] prisoners in Spain, [which bills] fell due the 27th of Oct. last: and to be as in further part of Sir John's letter of credit [given] to the said Colonel for 30,000l. on Madrid.
Likewise 10,000l. [to said Brydges] to answer the value in Sir John Lambert's bills delivered [to] Mr. Brydges and payable at Port Mahon in December next: which [payment] completes the 30,000l. agreed to be remitted thither as by the minute of 13 Oct. last, supra, p. 77: both these sums [of 12,000l. and 10,000l.] to be accounted part of the moneys [voted by Parliament] for Spain; "but see that the proportions by the scheme be not exceeded."
His [Brydges'] memorial dated this day is also read for 50,000l. to be remitted to Flanders. My Lord [says he] will consider this on Tuesday next and Mr. Brydges in the mean time is to write to the [exchange] remitters to be here with their proposals for remitting of this sum.
His [Brydges'] memorial of the same date is also read desiring that in case the 2,890l. 3s. 0d. ordered for Ottingen's Battalion do exceed the sum due to them for the time it was made up, the overplus may be paid them on account of their ordinary pay. [My Lord orders that] this is to be read again when the Chancellor of the Exchequer is here. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 299.
Nov. 11. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Bridges is called in. His memorial of this day is read. [My Lord thereupon orders that] he is to write to his Deputy in Spain or Port Mahon not to make any further payments on account of fortifications in regard these are entirely under care of the Office of Ordnance.
[Write] to Sir William Windham [the Secretary at War] to know what directions have been given about the unmounted Dragoons in Catalonia.
[Write] to Sir William Windham to acquaint Baron Lutrum that the 2,890l. 3s. 0d. is to be in full of all the demands for the Battalion of Ottinghen: and [desire him] to prepare a [royal] warrant accordingly [to authorise the payment of said sum for said purpose].
[Write] to the Secretary at War to know what orders have been given by her Majesty concerning paying the Officers belonging to Port Mahon or Gibraltar who are here [in England].
[Write] to the Commissioners of Sick and Wounded and to Mr. Griffith to be here on Friday next.
[My Lord directs] 29,156l. 9s. 0½d. to be issued to Mr. How on his memorial [for the Guards and Garrisons].
[My Lord directs] 52,817l. to be issued [to the Treasurer of the Navy] for wages [to seamen]: on Mr. Cæsar's memorial.
And 9,000l. to [same for] the Victuallers: to pay them [the Victualling Course] as far as the Navy [Course] is paid.
The Bank being willing to take as many tallies deposited by Mr. Bridges and Mr. How as amount to 167,400l. at par and to allow the interest due [on the said tallies respectively to said Bridges and How for account respectively of the Forces Abroad or of the Guards and Garrisons, my Lord Treasurer orders that] letters are to be prepared to give directions accordingly [to wit to the said Bridges and Howe to deposit the said tallies and to the Bank to make said loans thereon].
The Earl of Hume [Alexander Home, 7th Earl of Home] to be General of the Mint in Scotland.
[My Lord directs] 2,000l. to be issued [to] Mr. Brydges in part of the sum [voted by Parliament] for the Troops in Flanders [anno 1712 and is to be] for account of pay to Baron Walef's Dragoons. Ibid., p. 300.
Nov. 12. Present: ut supra.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. My Lord will allow Mr. Downing 200l. a year and will continue to Sir John Shaw 200l. a year for the services mentioned in the [said] Commissioners' report concerning taking securities &c. Ibid., p. 301.
Nov. 14. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Bridges [is] called in. [On reading his memorial my Lord] ordered that 30,000l. of the money advanced by the Bank to pay bills of exchange drawn upon Mr. Bridges be placed to the head of extraordinaries: and that 23,000l. of the money advanced by the Bank to pay bills of exchange drawn upon Mr. Bridges for the service of the war in Spain be placed to that head.
[My Lord directs the] issue to Mr. Bridges of 50,000l. upon the head of Subsidies: [and is] for the Prussian subsidy [for their Forces] in Italy.
[Write to] direct Mr. Bridges to assign to the Bank the tallies deposited in their [sic ? for his] hands, [being drawn] upon the Malt Act of 1710 for 6,100l. and upon the fifteenth 4s. Aid for 58,300l. in discharge of so much of the money which they advanced upon tallies to discharge bills drawn upon him from abroad or for remittances made by them [the Bank] to Amsterdam or Antwerp; but he is to be charged with so much as the interest on the tallies shall amount unto from their dates [of striking] till [the date of] such assignment: and he is to be allowed for so much as he shall pay the Bank for interest of the said sums from the time or times of their advancing the same until their acceptance of the said assignment at par in discharge thereof. Mr. Bridges will send an account hither of the interest to be charged and allowed as aforesaid.
The proposals of Sir John Lambert, Mr. Milner and Mr. Mathew Decker about a remittance of 50,000l. for the Troops in Flanders are read and considered; and it appearing that Mr. Decker's dated the 13th inst. is most for the Queen's advantage it is agreed to as follows, viz. to deliver his bills for 50,000l. for and upon Messrs. Andreas Pells and Son at Amsterdam at eight days' sight after the rate of 10 guilders 15 stuyvers per pound sterling in current money: [he in repayment] to be paid the value of the bills [in ready money] at the delivery of them.
[My Lord directs] 4,545l. 1s. 0d. to be issued to Mr. Brydges [which sum is by him instanter] to be paid back into the Exchequer on the accounts of several Receivers of Taxes as in discharge of so much advanced by them for recruits: according to his [Brydges'] memorial of this day's date.
[My Lord directs] 10,400l. more to him: to be paid over by him to Sir John Lambert on bills drawn by Col. Nevill on account of the prisoners in Spain; being in further part of letters of credit given by the said Sir John for 30,000l. for that service.
Ordered that the 2,000l. issued to Mr. Brydges about the 12th inst. to be paid over to Baron Walef for account of the pay of his Regiment, be paid to the said Walef for account of his own pay as a General Officer and not for his Regiment. Treasury Minute Book XIX. pp. 302–3.
Nov. 19. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[The draft of] the letter [of direction] for placing 30,000l. to the head of Extraordinaries and 23,000l. to the head of the war in Spain in Mr. Bridges' account [ut supra, p. 85] is read and approved.
Ordered that 6,333l. 0s. 9d. being overplus money of Land Tax granted 7 Anne for [the service of the year] 1709 be issued to the Navy as towards 138,069l. 7s. 6d. for 1712 Michaelmas quarter [on the interest] to the South Sea Company.
[My Lord directs the issue of] 50,000l. more to the Treasurer of the Navy out of this year's funds: and to be for the following services: viz.
in further part of 227,100l., estimated to be the charge of paying off and laying up 12 of her Majesty's ships at Chatham, Portsmouth and Plymouth 20,000
for answering the new Course of the Navy and paying the contracts for hemp now delivering 30,000
Ibid., p. 304.
Nov. 20. Present: ut supra.
Ordered that 131,736l. 16s. 9d. be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy for the South Sea Company: which sum with 6,333l. 0s. 9d. ordered yesterday is to complete the sum of 138,069l. 17s. 6d. to make up the quarter due at Michaelmas last [to the said Company for interest]: and the South Sea Company are forthwith to pay to Mr. Cæsar and the other [Departmental] Treasurers and Paymasters [scilicet of the Navy, Army, Ordnance and Transport who have subscribed tallies and orders into the South Sea Stock as public moneys] the sum of 43,560l. 1s. 1d. according to my Lord's warrant signed this day.
A memorial of Mr. Bridges is read relating to overpayments made to Regiments in Spain. Mr. Bridges is ordered to give Mr. Hamond direction to make stoppages accordingly. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 1.
Nov. 27. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Cæsar [Treasurer of the Navy] is called in. His memorial is read. Thereupon [my Lord] ordered 27,498l. 5s. 4d. out of the dividend due from the South Sea Company according to my Lord's warrant in that behalf.
[Write] to the Commissioners of Sick and Wounded to attend to-morrow with Mr. Griffith.
[Write] to Sir Roger Mostyn and Mr. Whitfeild [respectively the present and the late Paymaster of Marines] to attend on Tuesday morning and send a copy of Auditor Harley's report to Sir Roger forthwith.
The respective persons who offer to sell her Majesty a beerhouse at Portsmouth are to exhibit particulars describing fully the premises which they would sell.
Instead of 300l. a year my Lord thinks it reasonable to allow to the Chamber keeper [of the Treasury Chambers for incidents, fires, lighting, mops, brooms &c. for the said Chambers] 400l. a year now that the [Treasury] Office is enlarged and more fires made: to be distributed thus: viz.
for William Baily, Under Chamber Keeper 40
for Eliza[beth] Williams for cleaning the rooms &c 12
to William Weket for himself [for his own attendance] and keeping nine fires, finding candles for nine or ten rooms and for all incidents 348
Ibid., p. 2.
Nov. 28. Present: ut supra.
The Commissioners of Taxes are called in. Send to the Attorney General Mr. Shakerley's letter concerning Morgan Whitley.
[Write] to General Whetham desiring him to send a proposal for forage in North Britain as he promised when he was at the Treasury.
Mr. Peters is to give satisfaction to the Commissioners of Taxes by next Thursday or else they are to use all lawful means to secure and recover his debt to the Queen.
The Commissioners of Sick and Wounded are called in and Mr. Griffith. [My Lord after hearing them orders that] the bills for the Hospital at Port Mahon are to be sent to the Auditor [one of the Auditors of Imprests] to propose in what method they may be paid. The said Commissioners are to inform themselves and make an estimate of the value of the remains of medicines, instruments and other things which may be applied in abatement of this [the said Commissioners'] demand. And write to the Treasurer of the Navy to know what effects in his hands may properly be applied to the debt of Sick and Wounded: and these Commissioners are to be here again on Thursday next. Ibid., p. 3.