Declared Accounts: Treasury Solicitor

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 28, 1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Treasury Solicitor

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 3022 [E. 351/3022].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2318, ROLL 40 [A.O.1/2318/40].
15 October 1713 to 15 October 1714.
William Borrett, Solicitor for the Affairs of the Treasury.
Charge. £ s. d.
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands on the foot of his last accompt, none, he being in Surplusage nil
Receipts: Michaelmas term, 12 & 13 Anne, on imprest 2,000 0 0
Easter term, 13 Anne and 1 Geo. I, upon accompt 2,100 0 0
total charge £4,100 0 0
Surplusage on the last accompt 607 13 11
Discharge. £ s. d.
Charges and expenses of several prosecutions:
v. Samuel Smith, for seditious words at Nottingham 16 8 2
v. Sarah Whitfield, Executrix of Walter Whitefield, late Paymaster of Marines 24 8 6
v. Col. Cobham and other Officers in the Marine Service 10 13 8
v. Hilkiah Bedford, for a libel, ‘The Hereditary Right of the Crown Asserted 233 18 6
v. Henry Smith, Samuel Watkins, Daniel Mackinnen and Thomas Kirby, for High Treason, at Antegoa 82 11 4
v. John Stone, for a libel ‘ Seasonable Queries on the Birthright of a Certain Person 29 3 2
v. Richard Cooke, servant to the Morocco Embassador 7 14 6
v. Samuel Webber, who came from France consultations relating to the Mayor, Aldermen and Sheriffs of Dublin 465 5 10
v. Luke King, Thomas Putland and Francis Annesley, pretended Executors to Sir William Robinson, deceased 9 7 6
v. George Mackartney, said to be taken prisoner at the Isle of Man 16 6 2
v. Edward Nicholls, for seditious words at Plymouth 23 17 4
v. John Nash, for ditto in Kent 46 12 10
v. Thomas Freeman, for seditious words 11 0 4
v. John Hanmer alias Hunt, for exercising the function of a Romish priest 24 1 6
v. John Barber, for a seditious libel ‘The Public Spirit of the Whigs 16 11 4
v. Reynold Evans, for seditious words 3 14 6
v. John Harris, for seditious words 3 14 6
v. the Corporation of Bewdley 76 19 0
v. the inhabitants of Horton, co. Bucks, for not mending their ways 1 14 10
v. ditto of Heston, co. Middlesex, for the like 4 2 8
v. ditto of Ealing, co. Middlesex, for the like 4 2 8
v. Samuel Ridge and James Dixon, contracting brewers at Portsmouth 3 18 6
v. John Rolf, brewer at Harwich 2 9 0
v. Joan Player, brewer at Portsmouth 2 9 0
v. Jeremy Kelly, brewer at Deal 2 12 7
v. Thomas Best and Modestly Best, brewers at Chatham 5 11 5
v. John Tyhurst and Charles Ferne, brewers at Rochester 4 2 6
v. John Bernardi and others, prisoners in Newgate for the Assassination plot, on their moving to be discharged 7 17 6
v. Daniel Defoe, for a seditious libel 7 19 0
v. James Rooke and others, for a riot in Lidney in Gloucestershire 9 7 6
1,167 0 10
disbursements of divers natures: (Privy Seal to recall Mr. Sweet from Holland; licence for the meeting of the Convocation of the Province of Canterbury; Commission of Sewers for Kingston-upon-Hull; removal of leases within the bailiwick of St. James's; Sir William Robinson's estate; Thomas Manning's estate; removal from Cambridge to Newgate of Benjamin Pain and William Thompson; Thomas Ekins and others v. James Vernon and others; Thomas Griffith's estate; four copies of ‘Supersedeas’ to remove Lord Chief Justice Trevor, Sir Thomas Powis, Baron Bannastre and Solicitor General Raymond; Caveat to prevent Lady Frances Keightley from administering to the late Queen; v. Capt. Kelly for listing men for the Pretender; v. Charles Mason, late Paymaster of Transports; repeal of the Bewdley Charter; prosecutions at Portsmouth; riot at Bristol; Commission for disbanding the Marines, etc.) 861 0 8
customary allowances, detailed, including 70l. to Thomas Foley for the Auditor's fee 458 7 5
payments under Treasury warrants for passing patents, privy seals, commissions etc., detailed 1,877 3 2
total payments and allowances £4,971 6 0
whereto is added money depending on Mr. George Drummond, late Accomptant to the Commissioners of Excise in Scotland 300 0 0
and so the Accomptant is in Surplusage 1,171 6 0
Declared 12 April 1715.