Declared Accounts: Hanaper

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 28, 1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1721 [E.351/1721].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1399, ROLL 261 [A.O.1/1399/261].
Thomas Edwards and Joseph Whitehead, holders in survivorship of the Office of Clerk or Keeper of the Hanaper.
Michaelmas 1713 to Michaelmas 1714.
Charge. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Arrears: respited moneys in the hands of divers persons as at the foot of the last Account 373 7 3
remaining in the Accountants’ hands as at the foot of the last Account 120 3 9
493 11 0
Receipts: money received of the issues and profits of Charters or Letters Patent, Commissions, Indentures and other Deeds:
small patents; 317 at 2s. each 31 14 0
sheriffs’ patents; 47 at 3s. each 7 1 0
commissions of sewers; four at 2s. 6d. each 0 10 0
exemplifications; 24 at 16s. 4d. each 19 12 0
deaneries; one at 16s. 4d. 0 16 4
archdeaconries and prebends; six at 16s. 4d. each 4 18 0
presentations; 55 at 16s. 4d. each 44 18 4
dispensations; 38 at 16s. 4d. each 31 0 8
congé d'eslires, royal assents, commendams and restitutions of temporalities; 12 at 16s. 4d. each 9 16 0
grants of office for life; one at 65s. 4d., two at 32s. 8d. and one at 16s. 4d. 7 7 0
ditto during pleasure; seven at 32s. 8d. and 15 at 16s. 4d. 23 13 8
ditto during good behaviour; two at 32s. 8d. each 3 5 4
ditto in reversion; three, one at 49s., a second at 32s. 8d., the third at 16s. 4d. 4 18 0
appeals and adjuncts; 13 at 16s. 4d. each 10 12 4
indentures; two, the one at 4l. 18s., the other at 18s. 4d. 5 16 4
special commissions, two at 32s. 8d., three at 16s. 4d. each 5 14 4
special licenes; five at 24s. 4d., two at 16s. 4d. each 7 14 4
special pardons and pardons de cursu; one at 4l. 1s. 8d. and three at 16s. 4d. each 6 10 8
grants of great fee; five at 7l. 11s. 8d. each 37 18 4
263 16 8
money received for fines of Statute Staple and for profits of Original Writs; Original Writs 2 13 4
farm of the profits of the Seals of the Queen's Bench and of the Common Pleas, leased to George, Duke of Northumberland, and his heirs male 1,653 14 0
farm of the Common Fines, leased to the Lord High Treasurer for seven years 1,546 12 0
farm of the Sixpenny Writs, leased to Anne, Countess of Newburgh, for 41 years from 13 Jan. 1688–9 1,000 0 0
total charge and receipts £4,960 7 0
Payments by Letters Patent:
Simon, Lord Harcourt, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, for diets 29 Sept. 1713 to 21 Sept. 1714, for his annuity ditto, for extraordinary attendance, for robes, for his allowance of Gascon wine and for wax 1,081 3 0
Sir John Trevor, Master of the Rolls, and the eleven other Chancery Masters, for their winter and summer robes 82 8 0
George Wrighte, clerk of the Crown in Chancery, for his fee 60 0 0
these Accountants, for their several yearly allowances 98 1
Matthew Snow, Prothonotary of the Chancery, for his allowance 100 0 0
Matthew Johnson, Clerk of the Parliaments, for his fee 40 0 0
William Oaker, Clerk of Exemplifications of Letters Patent, ditto 20 0 0
Searles Goatley, late Serjeant at Arms attending the Great Seal, for his fee at 3s. a day for 1,096 days to 25 March 1713 164 8 0
Charles Stone, now Serjeant at Arms, ditto for a year to Michaelmas 1714 54 15 0
John Roberts, Clerk of the Writs in Chancery 20 0 0
the two Auditors of the Hanaper 10 0 0
George Waite, one of the Six Clerks of the Chancery and Clerk Comptroller of the Hanaper, for his fee as of old 10 0 0
Thomas Harris, Chafewax, for wax, etc. 363 16
John Trevor, Crier of the Chancery, for his wages and for thread, needles etc. 8 10
the Crier of the Chancery and other Officers for their yearly allowances of parchment 282 12 0
total payments by Letters Patent 2,395l. 13s. 9½d.
payments by Warrant:
George Wrighte, Clerk of the Crown, for writing patents etc. 163 6 8
George Waite, one of the Six Clerks, for engrossment of the Comptrol Books 13 6 8
John Walter, Deputy, to Matthew Johnson, Clerk of the Parliaments, for copying and engrossing several public bills etc. 285 0 0
Edward Castle, stationer, for stationery for the House of Lords and journals for the Privy Council 126 17 6
John Dauling, a clerk in the Petty Bag Office, for writing election Writs and Summonses 137 2 0
Sherrard Serjeant, for necessaries for the Court at the Lord Chancellor's house 37 19 6
Christopher Coningsby, for stationery wares for the Clerk of the Crown 82 0 0
Israel Harrison, for like wares for the Hanaper Office 43 16 0
these Accountants, for the increased cost of parchment 73 4 0
David Davies, embroiderer, for a richly embroidered bag, etc, for the Great Seal 58 0 0
Joseph Harvey, Sealer, for diets, wages, necessaries and winter robe 42 18
Thomas Harris, Chafewax, for diets etc. 28 12 0
John Tench, deputy of the Clerk of Patents for the expenses of making two patents in perpetuity 53 18 8
Joseph Harvey, for his expenses in attending the Great Seal in the summer of 1714 and for those of Robert Lindsey, clerk to these Accountants and of Thomas Harris, Deputy Chafewax 15 0 0
Robert Briscoe, for his fee as Messenger attending the Great Seal etc. 106 14 0
the same for the expenses of himself and his deputies in delivering Election Writs etc. 478 10 0
William Weket, Joseph Richards, Samuel Clarke and John Barret, four messengers attending the Great Seal, for expenses in publishing Proclamations 280 0 0
James Hunter, for cleaning Westminster Hall 1 6 8
the two Auditors of the Hanaper, for their additional allowance 20 0 0
these Accountants for the expenses of passing this account 40 0 0
total payments by Warrant 2,087l. 12s. 2½d.
payments by way of Reward:
Sir John Trevor for keeping the House of Converts, with two chaplains and two converts, Peter Samuel and John Meza, and for his care in the writing and examination of Originals in the Chancery 37 4 7
£4,520 10 7
and so remains 439 16 5
against which respited moneys, detailed, including 1l. 4s. 4d. within the time of this Accompt 374 11 7
and so these Accomptants are Indebted 65 4 10
Declared 23 December 1715.