Minute Book: January 1714

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 28, 1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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January 1714

Jan. 1.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer [the Earl of Oxford].
Mr. Blunt and Mr. Fitch's clerk [are] called [in]. A state is read of the fund for the Class [Classis Lottery] Orders for the year 1711. My Lord sees no objection why they should not proceed to pay Michaelmas quarter, being the last quarter of the yearly fonds applicable thereto (“it being the quarter that closes the account of the yearly funds applicable thereunto”).
[Write a] letter to the Commissioners for Managing the Duties [granted as a fund] for payment of the said Class Orders [requesting them] to lay before my Lord Treasurer a state of the gross produce of those fonds to Michaelmas last and of the charges of management to that time.
My Lord directs letters to be sent to the Cashiers of the Bank and [to] Mr. Gibbon to pay in the money remaining in their hands of the Contributions for Class Orders and Lottery Tickets whereof they were appointed Receivers. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 164. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 45.
Jan. 5.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Gibbon, Sir Isaac Newton and Mr. Anstis are called in.
Mr. Anstis acquaints my Lord that Sir John Lambert has been repaid 10,000l. of the 60,000l. advanced by him and partners on tin consigned to their correspondent at Hamburg.
Mr. Gibbon says they are under obligation to deliver back the tin in proportions from time to time as they are paid off.
My Lord directs Mr. Anstis to make a state of this [tin affair] against Thursday next and attend therewith.
“Issue 10,000l. in the Treasurer of the Navy's hands, [being part] of the 100,000l. last borrowed of the Bank, and 4,576l. 11s. 2½d. imprest money repaid by the executors of Walter Whitfeild; to be paid over [by the Navy Treasurer] to Sir Roger Mostyn towards disbanding the Marines at Canterbury and Rochester. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 165.
Jan. 5. Register of Papers Read.
Report by Thomas Baker and Mr. Gosselin is read touching the mariners of the ship Worcester and other papers relating to the same. [Referred] to Mr. Baker &c. to state [the case] as it stands at present and what remains of money applicable to this service. Report read 2 Feb. 1713–14: it appearing that nothing is due from the Government to the ship's crew. My Lord rejects the petition.
John Bover's petition et al. [is read, they being] concerned in bills drawn by Mr. Chetwynd and Brigadier Petit; praying payment of the said bills. [Referred] to Mr. Brydges.
Petition [read] from Samuel Strode on behalf of himself and sundry other proprietors of tickets in the present Lottery [13 Anne, c. 18], praying that the drawing of it may be put off to the 20th January: and a letter to my Lord [Treasurer] to the same effect. They may apply to the [Lottery] Commissioners if they have any new matter to offer; and they [the said Commissioners are] to report [thereon to my Lord].
Letter to my Lord [is read] signed John Easton dated Bridges [Bruges] 3 Jan. 1713–14, new style, complaining of his imprisonment there by the means of Sir Richard Temple, Col. Newton and Mr. Merrill. [Referred] to Mr. Merrill to give his answer.
French and Oglethorp: [their] petition for subsistence [is read]. Settled at 10s. per week by warrant dated 5 Jan. 1713–14. Petition read 10 Feb. 1713–14. No more will be allowed. Petition read 24 March. D[elivered] to Mr. Borrett.
Mr. Howe's report [is read] relating to Major General Whetham. [Order the] Secretary at War to prepare a [royal] warrant.
Letter [read] from the Africa Company acknowledging that there is a reserve to the Crown of two thirds of the net proceed of all gold mines they shall be possessed of. Prepare a warrant for Lord Yarmouth.
Report from the Admiralty [is read] on Sir John Lambert's petition for remitting the salvage of the ship Squirrell, with an order of Council referring the same to my Lord Treasurer. Prepare a warrant to refund the deposit money.
Proposal [read] from Mr. Richard Natt to discover several persons chargeable with fines on Compositions who have not paid the same. The proposer to write down the names of the persons which he can discover that are chargeable with fines on Compositions and have not paid the same and my Lord will send it to the Solicitor of the Customs. Sent to Mr. Harrison. His report read 14 Jan. 1713–14.
Petition read from George Drummond and James Nimmo, contractors for remitting the [moneys of] Excise in Scotland to London, praying a further allowance above their contract of 1 per cent., in consideration of their losses by the failure of Mr. Stewart. Referred to the Commissioners of Excise in Scotland. 22 April: [Their] report is read. The first contract being expired, my Lord would know upon what terms the money is now remitted. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, pp. 46–7.
Jan. 6.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Moore, Mr. Merryll, Mr. Sloper and Mr. Philpot [are] to attend on Friday next in relation to the half pay.
Mr. Moore [is] called in and Sir John Lambert's proposal is read and considered as follows: “Mr. Moore, Paymaster of her Majesty's Forces Abroad, having proposed to me from your Lordship to have my bills for 13,700l. for the Troops in Minorca and 10,000l. for the Garrison of Gibraltar, for the repayment of which he proposes a deposit of 21,974l. 4s. 4d. in South Sea Stock, I humbly propose to your Lordship on the deposit of the said Stock for three months to give my bills for 18,000l., viz. 10,000l. in pieces of Eight at 54 pence [sterling] per piece of Eight at Port Mahon and 8,000l. for Gibraltar at 53 pence per piece of Eight, the bills payable at 15 days’ sight and interest at the rate of 6 per cent. per an., from the date of my bills for three months, to be paid me with the principal sum of 18,000l. above: [the whole to be repaid me] in [ready] money.”
My Lord agrees to this proposal provided the bills are made payable at sight.
[The following payments are] ordered out of Civil List money: viz.
£ s. d.
to Mr. Scobell for tin 2,300 0 0
to the Privy Purse, 500l. and 950l. 1,450 0 0
the Ladies of the Bedchamber et al. 3,850 0 0
the Earl of Strafford, a quarter's ordinary 1,300 0 0
the Bishop of London, the like 1,300 0 0
Lord Lexinton, extraordinaries 400 0 0
the Paymaster of the Works, 75l. and 803l. 3s. 7d. 878 3 7
Mr. Holmes et al. 62 10 0
Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 166.
Jan. 6. Register of Papers Read.
Memorial [read] from the Captains of her Majesty's Royal Regiment of Horse Guards commanded by the Earl of Peterborough praying an order for the payment of so much money as is due to the Regiment for the pay of four men per Troop ordered to be reduced and after[wards ordered] to be continued for 60 days. [Referred] to the Secretary at War.
Sir William Wyndham's report [is read] on Lieut. General Seymour's memorial praying an arrear of Trophy money for his Regiments [Regiment]: being 800l. Ordered out of the 500,000l. for [arrears of the] Civil List: but the Queen will not be at this charge for the future.
Mr. Shales’ proposal [is read] for disposing of chances in the Dutch Lottery. [Referred] to the Commissioners of the present Lottery [13 Anne, c. 18] to consider as to the prudential part with respect to the public securities here; and to report.
Petition [read] of the Doorkeepers of the House of Lords for 50l. to be added to their ancient allowance of 50l. per Session. [My Lord orders] a warrant for 50l., but not by way of addition to the 50l. per session.
Sir Roger Mostyn's memorial and demand [is read] for completing the payment of the Marines at Cant[erbury] and Rochester. [My Lord orders] 10,000l. in the Navy Treasurer's hands of the 100,000l. last borrowed of the Bank and. 4,576l. 11s. 7½d. imprest money repaid by the executors of Whitfield to be paid over to Sir Roger Mostyn towards disbanding the Marines at Canterbury and Rochester. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 48.
Jan. 7.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer.
[My Lord directs] 1,500l. to Lord Bolingbroke for secret service. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 167.
Jan. 8.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Moore, [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, is] called in. He acquaints my Lord Treasurer that Sir John Lambert refuses to give his bills for the 18,000l. mentioned in his proposal the 6th inst. in any other manner than at 15 days’ sight. My Lord thereupon is pleased to consent to Mr. Moore's taking them so drawn.
Mr. Merryll, Mr. Philpot and Mr. Morgan [are] called in, Mr. Moore being present. A memorial of Philpot and Morgan is read representing their case as Paymasters of the Half Pay: also a memorial of the said Mr. Moore relating to that matter. Then a memorial of Mr. Howe [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons] is also read. [Thereupon my Lord Treasurer] ordered that all the papers be transmitted to the Auditors of Imprests to consider and report what method is proper to pass the accounts of the money already imprested for half pay and what [fees are fit] to be allowed [to] the Instruments [the individuals employed therein].
Lord Bolingbroke [is] called in. Mr. Hare, his Secretary, [is] called in and Mr. Jackson with one of the Messengers of the Chamber. My Lord shows Jackson a counterfeit Commission to one Young, with his Lordship's hand forged to it, to be a third Surveyor of the business relating to the coining of copper farthings and halfpence and asks what he knows of it. He says one Gage met him at a Coffee House and having some discourse with him about helping a friend of his to some imployment he said he would for a very small matter help him to a place of 50l. a year. He askt 25l.
My Lord asks how he came to apply to him to get an employment.
He said Gage had told him that he belonged to the Treasury and that formerly he had promised him to help him to a debt of 50l. which was owing to him by one Clark, an officer in the Hackney Coach Office: that some time after the said Gage met him at a Coffee House by the Treasury and then went with him to the King's Head ale house in Westminster and there produced the Commission now produced; and that Jackson's father paid him 20 guineas for it and afterwards he paid him three guineas and a crown on pretence of fees.
[My] Lord asks how he came to pay the money for a Commission to Young.
He says he was to have 30l. a year of the salary and Young 20l.
[My] Lord asks whether Young was present at any of the meetings with Gage.
He says no; that nobody but his father and he were at any meetings with Gage about the matter.
[My] Lord tells him it very much behoves him to find out Gage and bring him before his Lordship.
He says he will use his best endeavours, having been cheated by him. Treasury Minute Book XX, pp. 168–9.
Jan. 8. Papers Read.
Memorial [read] from Mr. Elphinstone praying an allowance for attending the Cotton Library from 4 Dec. 1712. [My Lord] ordered 40l. [as] reward and in full for his service to this time.
Sir Stafford Fairborne's case [is read] relating to his half pay as Admiral. My Lord will inform himself of this case from the Treasurer of the Navy at his next attendance.
The memorial of Lord North and Grey is read on behalf of the Officers of his Regiment in London &c. desiring that the Colonels on this side or their agents may be admitted to make stoppages out of the subsistence for the said Officers. Send this to Mr. Moor.
Mr. Tilson's report [is read] about the Usher of the Receipt.
Letter [is read] from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland about remounting Col. Kerr's Dragoons. Further reductions are proposed to be made in Ireland, when this is to be considered. 19 Jan. 1713–14:
Read again. Query: What savings there are of the Royal Regiment of Dragoons.
Report [read] from the Taxes Commissioners on the petition of Richard Hosier &c. for stay of process. Ordered [to have a stay] to the first day of next term.
A representation from the Taxes Commissioners [is read] about the debt of Mr. Lloyd, Receiver General for Co. Chester &c. [My Lord orders the said] Commissioners to let the parties know they have time to the first day of Easter term and the Commissioners to be satisfied in the meantime that they will comply or else process to be issued.
Report [read] from the said Commissioners on Mr. Rich's petition. Agreed.
Report [read] from the Commissioners of the Revenue in Ireland on the petition of Francis Gash. My Lord adheres to the report. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 49.
Jan. 12. Papers Read.
Mr. Watkins’ report upon and state of the extraordinaries due to the Holstein Troops [was read and is referred by my Lord Treasurer]to the Secretary at War to lay this before the Parliament and to acquaint Count Vander Natt [Gerhard, Count Dernath] about this.
A state of the manor of Liskeard in Cornwall [is read] from Mr. Munday, Deputy Auditor, with a petition of Thomas Johnson. My Lord would see the confirmation under the great seal mentioned in this petition, or a copy of it.
The return [is read] from the Commissioners [for assessments of the Land] Taxes in Co. Gloucester about arrears. [Referred] to the Taxes Commissioners. Delivered to Mr. Shoreditch. Ibid., p. 50.
Jan. 14.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance [are] called in. Mr. Musgrave acquaints my Lord Treasurer that their [the Ordnance] Treasurer has enquired at what rates the tallies in his hands may be discounted and his report thereof is read. Mr. Musgrave says they have a great occasion for 10,000l. for saltpetre and about 15,000l. for other services of that [Ordnance] Office.
Ordered that the Treasurer of the Ordnance or his agent do attend the Bank of England and borrow of them a sum of 25,000l. upon a deposit of the tallies in his hands amounting to 29,062l.: and my Lord agrees that the same shall be repaid within two months from the day of advancing the same together with 6 per cent. interest.
[In the margin:] Memorandum: The Bank excused themselves from making this loan because of a run upon them at this time.
[My Lord orders] the Commissioners for Taxes to hasten in the arrears of the fifteenth 4s. Aid.
[My Lord] ordered [issues] out of her Majesty's Civil List as follows:
£ s. d.
to Mr. Scobel for tin 2,300 0 0
to the Privy Purse, 500l. and 910l. [950l.] 1,450 0 0
Lord Bingley, Ambassador to Spain [for a quarter's ordinary in] advance and equipage 2,800 0 0
Earl of Strafford for extraordinaries 400 0 0
[John Robinson] the Bishop of London for ditto 776 10 0
Lord Lexinton for extraordinaries 400 0 0
Mr. St. John, Secretary to the Embassy at Utrecht 364 0 0
Mr. Arthur for a bill drawn by Mr. Prior 1,032 2 6
Secretary Bromley for salary 680 8 10¾
ditto for secret service 750 0 0
Lord Bolingbroke, 925l. and 50l. 975 0 0
Lord Mar, salary to Xmas last 563 17
Baron Scrope 250 0 0
Mr. Tyas and Mr. Tarver, each 25l. 50 0 0
Mr. Elphinston 40 0 0
the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75 0 0
the Treasurer of the Chamber for the poor at the Gate 179 15 0
ditto for Charles Lucas 338 3 6
half a year's rent for the house taken for the Muscovite Ambassador [200 0 0]
Mr. Nicholas for several persons mentioned in a list [missing] 2,486 17 1
the Lord President [of the Privy Council] for half a year to Xmas 1713 750 0 0
the Lord Privy Seal on his allowance to 25 Dec. 1713 650 0 0
£17,511 14
Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 170.
Jan. 14. Papers Read.
Letter read from Lord Bolingbroke about estimates to be. prepared to be laid before the Parliament.
Petition [read] from three supernumerary Officers of Col. Disney's Regiment praying payment of 100l. 3s. 0d. due to them on her Majesty's warrant. [Referred] to Mr. Sloper to know if there be a warrant and to propose how it may be satisfied. Another petition read 6 April 1714. To be sent to Mr. Brydges to be inserted amongst the account of debts.
Petition [read] from Margaret How, widow of Nathaniel How, Drum Major, killed in Flanders, praying payment of 215l. arrears due to her said late husband. [Referred] to Mr. Sloper. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 51.
Jan. 15.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Col. Harvey, Col. Backwell and Gen. Pepper and such other petitioners as have reports relating to affairs of the Army [are ordered by my Lord Treasurer to have notice] to attend next Wednesday, when my Lord resolves to consider the same: and Mr. Merryl and Mr. Sloper [are] to be here then.
The Commissioners for Taxes [are] called in. Their reports are read and minutes taken [are margined or endorsed] thereupon. My Lord directs the Commissioners to inform themselves in whose hands the 25,000l. standing out in the account of Sir William Fazakerley of the fifteenth 4s. Aid and the other great sums for this year's taxes do remain and to make a report thereon to his Lordship and what directions are proper to be given for the hastening the same into the Exchequer.
[Send] to the Comptrollers [of the Accounts of the Army] to hasten their report about the stores at Lisbon, whether they may not be useful at Gibraltar and Port Mahon. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 171.
Jan. 15. Papers Read.
Report [read] from the Victualling Commissioners about wheat delivered for the use of the Garrison of Gibraltar from on board theHarcourt galley. [Send] to the Comptrollers [of the Accounts of the Army] to know how this is to be charged to the account of the Regiments.
Mr. Brydges’ memorial [is read] relating to Mr. Blyke, late Deputy Commissary of the Stores in Catalonia, with the copy of a letter from him setting forth that he is confined to Barcelona by the Deputies of the Province. [Referred] to Lord Bolingbroke.
Report [read] from the Commissioners of Transports. [Referred]to the Commissioners of the Victualling.
Petition [read] from Rice Price, Esq., High Sheriff of Co. Brecon, setting forth that at the last audit he [the Receiver of Crown Rents] had not money sufficient in his hands to reimburse 40l. paid by him [the said Sheriff] to several persons concerned in apprehending a felon: therefore praying an order [for him] to be reimbursed the same out of the Crown revenue of Wales or otherwise. [Referred] to the Auditor [of Crown Revenues for Wales]. Report read 9 Feb. 1713–14. [My Lord thereupon orders that] 40l. only [be] allowed. Register of Papers Read at the Treasurer I, p. 52.
Jan. 19.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of her Majesty's Civil List money: viz.
£ s. d.
to Mr. Scobel for tin 2,300 0 0
to the Keeper of the Privy Purse, 500l. and 950l. 1,450 0 0
to the Cofferer for provision of wine 2,500 0 0
Col. General Ross, advance [of ordinary] and equipage 955 0 0
Mr. Clement 400 0 0
Lord Dartmouth, in full as late Secretary at War [sic for Secretary of State] 727 4
£8,332 4
[Write a] letter to the Salt Commissioners to attend next Tuesday and to come prepared to lay before my Lord such methods as they shall think proper for collecting the Duties on Salt in Scotland, which by the Articles of Union are to commence on the 1st of May next.
[My Lord orders] 75l. a week to be continued to the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise for carrying on the plantation and canal at Windsor House Park. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 172.
Jan. 19. Papers Read.
[My Lord reads the] extract of a letter to the Earl of Mar dated from Edinburgh 31 Dec. 1713 concerning arms to be brought into Scotland (arms for Scotland). [Referred] to the Customs Commissioners [with a request for them] to be careful to send an account to the Secretary of State from time to time what arms and ammunitions are imported. by whom, and for whose account.
Memorial [read] from Mr. Brydges for six months’ pay of the General Officers in Flanders to 24 June 1713: recommended by the Duke of Ormonde. [Send to] know what Mr. Brydges has in his hands that may be applied towards this.
Mr. Hodges’ petition [is read] for money on account of Gibraltar bills. [Referred] to the Victualling Commissioners. [Their] report read 9 Feb. 1713–14. [Ordered] to be read again on Friday when the Victuallers are to be here.
Letter [read] from the Secretary at War about clothing to be transported to Minorca and Gibraltar, which lies ready to be shipped [Referred] to the Admiralty. Letter read from the Admiralty 27 Jan. 1713–14. Send it to the Secretary at War.
Mr. Howe's report [read] relating to Sir James Abercrombie's bills. Prepare a warrant accordingly.
The Attorney General's report [read] upon the Bill filed against the Excise Commissioners in Scotland by Col. Charles Douglass. [Ordered] to be transmitted to the [said] Commissioners for their information.
The Attorney General's report [is read] of the state of the proceedings in relation to the estate left by Sir William Robinson. My Lord thinks nothing less than an Act of Parliament can settle this affair. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 53.
Jan. 20. Papers Read.
Col. Pepper: report [read]. Allowed, but the allowance to be regulated according to the effectives.
Memorial [read] from the executors of Mrs. Addison about the debt of the Commissioners of Sick and Wounded. This matter is already determined.
Letter read from Lord Bolingbroke giving an account of orders sent to my Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Report read from the Commissioners of Customs in Scotland about the ship Hopefull Begining, that she may be permitted to unlade. [Referred] to the [Privy] Council. Ibid., p. 54.
Jan. 21. Papers Read.
Letter [read] from the Navy Commissioners [informing] that Aaron Lamb has not yet laid before them his propositions about paying off her Majesty's ships in harbour. He must attend the Navy Board with his scheme.
Memorial [read] from William Byrd, Esq., Receiver General of her Majesty's Revenues in Virginia, desiring to return to England upon some private affairs, leaving a sufficient deputy for whom he will answer. [Referred] to the Commissioners of Trade. [Their] report read 3 Feb. 1713–14. Granted. Ibid., p. 55.
Jan. 27.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Write a] letter to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to send an account of what quantity of tin remains in their custody and how much in the hands of the agents in Cornwall which hath been paid for by her Majesty and how much remains undisposed at Hamburg, in Holland or elsewhere; with an estimate of the value of the whole.
[Write to the] Auditor and Receiver of the Duchy of Cornwall to send a state of the accounts of that revenue up to Michaelmas last.
The like [letter to the Auditor for Wales] in relation to the Revenues of North and South Wales: [both states to be returned] by this day fortnight at farthest.
[Send] to the Auditor [of Imprests] to hasten the draft of the privy seal for paying the pensions in the Navy and for allowing what has hitherto been paid by the Treasurer of the Navy on pensions which have not been duly warranted by her Majesty's letters of privy seal.
The Customs Commissioners [are] called in. Their reports are read and minutes [are] taken thereupon [and endorsed or margined thereon].
[Send notice to] Mr. Merryll and Mr. Sloper to attend to-morrow.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of her Majesty's Civil List money: viz.
£ s. d.
to Mr. Scobel for tin 2,300 0 0
to the Privy Purse, 500l. and 950l. 1,450 0 0
to Mr. Nicholas for Mr. Arthur 300 0 0
ditto for Mr. Blackman. 150 0 0
to the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75 0 0
to Mr. Borret for law charges &c. (struck through) 500 0 0
to Mr. Popple for salaries and incidents [of the Board of Trade] 771 9 9
to Mr. Tucker, half a year's salary 80 0 0
to Lord De la Warr, Treasurer of the Chamber 300 0 0
£5,926 9 9
Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 173.
Jan. 27. Papers Read.
Mr. Eyres’ proposal [read] for furninshing copper for the Mint from old brass guns in the custody of the Board of Ordnance. [Referred]to the Ordnance.
Report from the [Principal] Officers of the Mint [read] upon the petition of [Charles] Tunnah and [William] Dale relating to the coining of copper halfpence and farthings. My Lord agrees with the report.
Memorial [read] from Mary Price et al., wives of soldiers that are gone to New England, desiring part of their husbands’ pay to enable them to go to their husbands. [Referred] to Mr. Merrill.
Letter read from Thomas Rosewell, a prisoner in By Street Gaol in Hereford, offering to discover frauds in the Stamp Duties. [Referred]to the Stamps Commissioners.
Petition [read] from the Bank [of England] for an allowance for charges and reward in receiving money for the two Lotteries anno 1712. [Referred] to the Managers of the present Lottery to examine and report what is reasonable to be allowed. Report read 18 March 1713–14. £2,500 agreed.
Memorial [read] from the Agent to the four Companies at Placentia that the said Companies being detained at Lisbon have near expended the money advanced to them for their subsistence, and praying further credit. [Referred] to Mr. Merrill to know what has been advanced and what is further necessary.
Letter [read] from Lord Bolingbroke enclosing two memorials from Col. Moody, one relating to the abovementioned [Placentia Companies] and the other for an allowance for beer. [Referred] to Mr. Howe.
Memorial [read] from Edward Downes praying a commission to find a forfeited estate therein mentioned [so] that the same may be recovered to her Majesty. Mr. Borrett to take care of this, but [the commission] to be wholly at the petitioner's expense. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, pp. 56–7.
Jan. 28.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Several papers [are] read and minutes [are] taken thereupon [and are margined or endorsed thereon]. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 174.
Jan. 28. Papers Read.
Mr. Blathwaite's report [read] upon my Lady Lovelace's petition in relation to several sums of money due to her late husband, Governor of New York. Enquire of Mr. Sloper how the account of the 30 per cent. [exchange or currency difference or advantage on Plantation currencies or New York currency], therein mentioned, stands.
Copy [read] of her Majesty's warrant for deducting 12d. in the £ for the sale of all [Army] Commissions &c. Write to Mr. [Samuel]Lynn for his accounts [of Half pay, &c.].
Memorial [read] from Mr. Brydges for Lord North and Grey's pay for six months ending Midsummer 1713, [being] 874l. 9s. 9½d. The whole [demand] for the General Officers [is] to be laid before my Lord Treasurer that it may be considered all together.
Report [read] from Mr. Brydges on Mr. Decker's demand on behalf of Messrs Vanderkaa and Cattagno for bread and bread waggons [in the campaign of the year] 1712. [My Lord orders an] account to be made of what is charged upon the Regiments for this bread or [what other steps are taken] to rec [over to] her Majesty any other money or demands claimed by these contractors. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 58.