Minute Book: February 1714

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 28, 1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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February 1714

Minute Book
Feb. 2. Papers Read.
The contents [are read] of the accounts and papers transmitted to my Lord Treasurer by General Nicholson from Boston in New England. [My Lord's] orders [thereupon] are set down against each article.
The Navy Treasurer's memorial [is read] for an allowance of 2,991l. 11s. 9d. paid by him for [out of] South Sea dividends. Agreed.
Report [read] from the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland upon Sir Andrew Kennedy's petition. My Lord cannot consent to an additional salary, but will move the Queen for her bounty to carry him home.
Petition [read] from Martha Serjeant, widow, for a lease for 31 years of the tithes of the demesnes and other lands in Dinton, Co. Bucks. [Referred] to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands]. Report read 12 July 1714. Agreed.
Memorial [read] from the masters of ships that transported the Invalids from Spain, praying payment of 488l. due to them for that service. [Referred] to Mr. Brydges. Mr. Brydges's memorial [? report] read 9 Feb. 1713–14. [Enquire] whether Mr. Brydges has any money in his hands for account of respited pay [that may be applied to this service].
Petition [read] from Rachel Briggins, widow, for 16l. 14s. 9½d. due to her late husband for glazier's work done in the Savoy. Write to Mr. Burton to attend my Lord about the present condition of the Savoy with the rents thereof and to examine the petitioner's pretensions and to report. Report read 17 Feb. Mr. Burton to attend on Friday. 19 Feb.: [My Lord orders] the 12l. 14s. 10d. [to be paid to her] per Mr. Burton.
Mr. Moore's memorial [is read] for six months' [Army] half pay from 25 June 1712 to 24 Dec. 1712, being 53,589l. 2s. 1d. Bring it in on Thursday when the scheme of the public funds will be laid before my Lord. Ibid., p. 59.
Feb. 3.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir Isaac Newton [is] called in. He will speak to the officers of the Mint and charge [sic for change] 8,500l. of the money in their chest for the like sum in Exchequer Bills for the accommodation of the Bank. The interest to grow due on the Bills is to go to the use of the Mint.
The Taxes Commissioners and Sir J. Packington [are] called in. His memorial relating to [Mr.] Albert, late Receiver General for Co. Worcester, is read, complaining that Albert is turned over to the Fleet [Prison]: also a [? letter] from Mr. James Blythman. The [Taxes] Commissioners deny that they gave any directions in the matter or signified their consent. He [? Packington] says he asked the Attorney General's opinion, who said he had no objection thereunto. Huggins, a rogue, says he acquainted the Commissioners with the Attorney's opinion.
They say they gave no directions to Mr. Huggins nor would any ways consent to his [Albert's] being turned over.
Huggins says the debt is now lessened [by] 5,000l.; that he believes the prison is as secure as Newgate.
Mr. Blithman says that Sir John Packington and other securities did attend Mr. Baron Tracy about a year ago when Albert's bail were moving for his being turned over to the Fleet [Prison], but that Sir John did not consent thereunto, and that he Blithman (attorney for [Sir] John) never had any notice since of the intention to get him turned over.
Mr. Huggins gives an account of what care he has taken about getting in the debt from Albert.
My Lord Treasurer asks whether he ought to have been turned over without the consent of Sir John and the other sureties.
Sir John insists that he thinks himself injured and desires he [Albert] may be remanded to Newgate.
[My Lord] ordered that Mr. Borret with Mr. Huggins, Sir John Packington and the others concerned do attend the Attorney General about the method of remanding Albert back to Newgate.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of her Majesty's Civil List money: viz.
£ s. d.
to Mr. Scobell for tin 2,300 0 0
to the Keeper of the Privy Purse 500 0 0
to Mr. Anstis for the 16th volume of Rymer'sFædera 642 17 0
to the Treasurer of the Navy for the Earl of Peterborough 6,000 0 0
to Mr. Gomez Serra for jewels 1,065 0 0
for the poor of London 1,000 0 0
to Sir Charles Cotterell for Monsieur Rosencrantz [Iver Eriksen Rosenkrantz, Envoy Extraordinary from Denmark] 376 12 0
to ditto for the Envoy from Holsteyn 322 0 0
to Mr. Decker 1,038 0 0
to Mr. Barry [for the Queen's] bounty 100 0 0
to the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75 0 0
£13,419 9 0
Treasury Minute Book XX, pp. 175–6.
Feb. 3. Papers Read.
Sir John Pakington's papers are read with relation to Mr. Albert, the Taxes Commissioners et al. being present. Vide the Minute Book.
The memorial from Sir Henry Bellasyse, Governor of Berwick, [is read] praying that the Town Major and Master Gunner [in Berwick] and Gunner in Holy Island may be continued on the Establishment [of Guards and Garrisons]. [Referred] to the Secretary at War.
Petition read from Patrick Cheyne for an employment in the Customs in Scotland. The Commissioners of the Customs employ no new officers under 21 or above 40 years of age. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 60.
Feb. 5. Papers Read.
Petition [read] from Roger Tonman for 200l. paid by him whilst Sheriff of Radnor for apprehending and convicting several felons. [Referred] to Auditor Godolphin. Report [from said Godolphin is] read 9 Feb. 1713–14. 200l. only allowed.
Petition [read] from Jane Manley praying that she may have the benefit of several reports drawn up by her father, the late Surveyor General of Crown Lands, but not presented to my Lord Treasurer.My Lord directs that these reports with a list thereof be brought to the Treasury. Ibid.
Feb. 9. Papers Read.
Petition [read] from Other, Earl of Plymouth, for a 99 years' lease of the manor of Great Saughall, Co. Chester. [Referred] to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands].
Letter [read] from Cant [Canterbury] from the Commissioners for Disbanding the Marines about paying the offreckonings of the effective men of General Wills's Regiment. [Referred] to the Paymaster of the Marines.
Petition [read] from James Johnson, engineer, [praying] for half pay. [Referred] to [the Board of] Ordnance.
Letter [read] from Secretary Bromley [written] by her Majesty's command enclosing a petition of Thomas Slyford and John Hodgson about the cheaper making of salt. [Referred] to the Salt Commissioners. [Their] report read 9 March 1713–14. My Lord agrees with the Commissioners' reasons against the proposal withinmentioned.
Another petition 15 April 1714 suggesting new mre. [salt measure]. [Referred] to Salt Commissioners. [Their] report read 28 April. [Referred] to the Attorney General.
Letter [read] from Mr. Hunter praying an allowance. 40l. ext[ra ordinary] to be allowed.
Report [read] from the Usher of the Exchequer concerning repairs in the several Offices (repairs in the Exchequer) and presses &c. for the records. Agreed and a warrant to be prepared.
Mr. Borrett's state [read] of the cases of the contracting brewers. [Referred] to the Navy Victuallers to consider and make their observations upon, with their opinion, and to attend on Friday. [Their] report read Feb. 12. Mr. Borrett to be wrot to, as desired, to attend them [the Victualling Commissioners] next Friday and from time to time as they shall desire.
Representation [read] from Mr. Kelly of Bideford, contractor for provisions on that coast. [Referred] to the [Navy] Victuallers.
Memorial [read] from the Commissioners of Sick and Hurt Seamen about their bills and an explanation thereof, together with the petition of several merchants and undertakers of hospitals and officers employed in that service. The Commissioners to be here on Friday to explain the articles. 12 Feb. 1713–14: To be sent to Mr. Caesar [Treasurer of the Navy] to make a demand [of money in behalf of said Commissioners]to be paid out of South Sea Stock if he has no objections.
Petition [read from the Chamber] Messengers for half a year to be paid on their bills from Midsummer. The Clerks of the Cheque [to the said Messengers are to be ordered] to prepare a state of their bills for that half year.
Report [read] from the Victualling Commissioners on Mr. Hodges' petition relating to Gibraltar bills. [My Lord will consider this] on Friday when the Victuallers are here. Feb. 12: [My Lord orders payment] of 10,000l. in South Sea Stock and the Victuallers to be wrot to, to adjust how much of these bills are for land service and how much for sea service [of the Ordnance]. Ibid., pp. 61–62.
Feb. 10.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord] ordered [issues] as follows out of her Majesty's Civil List money: viz.
£ s. d.
to Mr. Scobel for tin 2,300 0 0
to the Keeper of the Privy Purse 500 0 0
to Lord Lexinton for his ordinary 1,071 8 7
to Mr. Drummond 1,350 0 0
to Mr. Roos, Engraver of seals 52 10 0
to Sir William Giffard for hay for the deer at Greenwich 67 10 0
to the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75 0 0
to the Lord Treasurer in part of 5,000l. 3,500 0 0
£8,916 8 7
Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 177.
Feb. 10. Papers Read.
Petition [read] from Madame D'Auverquerque for a debt due to her late husband for six weeks' maintaining the King's Stables. [Referred] to the Auditors of Imprests.
A second petition [read] from Sir Alexander Cairnes relating to money seized at Liverpool. [Referred] to the Customs Commissioners to search precedents and report how this case differs from or agrees with any of them.
Report [read] from the Auditors [of Imprests] about Lady Shovell's Lord Berkeley's and the Marquis of Carmarthen's (now Duke of Leeds') imprests on [account of] the two late Marine Regiments.
The states [of these accounts] and the materials [vouchers &c. are] to be sent to the Navy Board and perfect bills [are] to be made out as proposed for vacating the imprests.
A list [is read] of ticketmen [men holding tickets for their salaries &c.] in the Office of Works to Midsummer 1713. My Lord says that the [? Treasury] Office will take care that these demands be satisfied.Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 63.
Feb. 11. Papers Read.
Sir Roger Mostyn's memorial [is read] for 5,000l. towards disbanding the Detachments of Marines [which are] to be paid off at Greenwich.Know whether the Sea Defalcations are regularly paid and what [number]more of the Marines remain to be discharged. A warrant [is to be prepared] to the South Sea Company to advance 4,000l. for this service.
Mr. Howe's memorial [is read] for 62 days' subsistence for the Guards and Garrisons to Feb. 24 next. [My Lord directs] 16, part of this memorial: out of unappropriated money.
Petition read from the executors of John Cocks, late Chamber Keeper [to the Privy Council], for payment of [his] disbursements for the Commissioners of the Union [with Scotland] and for an allowance for his attendance. 100l. allowed [by my Lord as] in full [satisfaction of all his claims].
Report [read] from the Officers of the Works on the petition of Mrs. Vernatti for payment of her bills for maintaining the lamps for the accommodation of the Parliament the two last Sessions, amounting to 526l. 2s. 8d. Write to the Office of Works to know by what rule they compute this charge.
Petition [read] from several proprietors of the Class Lotteries in 1711 and 1712 praying that an account of the Deficiencies may be laid before the House of Commons next Session. Send to the respective [Lottery] Offices for the account of the Deficiencies at Michaelmas 1713. [Send] to the Auditor of the Receipt [for him to communicate same to the said Lottery Officers].
Letter [read] from Baron [of the Exchequer] Banastre about the Welsh [Judgeship] fee usually paid to the Barons [of the Exchequer] which is now received by my Lord Chief Baron Smith. Write to the Auditor [of the Receipt] to hear the claim of both parties and state both their pretensions as they shall appear to him.
A scheme [read] from the Salt Commissioners for the management of the Salt Duties in Scotland. To be shewed to Baron Scrope and afterwards to be transmitted to the Commissioners that shall be appointed to manage that [Salt] Duty in Scotland.
Mr. Crookshank's papers [read] about the same matter. [My Lord decides] the Salt Duty in Scotland to be managed by the Customs Comsioners there. Letters patent to be prepared accordingly and [for said Duty] to be applied to the Equivalent.
Letters, representations and several affidavits [are read] relating to [an] insult upon the officers of the Customs there [in Scotland] in the performance of their duty. To be sent to the Earl of Mar. Lord Mar's letter read 22 Feb. Extract of the first part [is to be made] for the Customs Commissioners [England] and the last part for my Lord Ormonde.
Letter [read] from Lord Bolingbroke enclosing extracts of several letters from Mr. Prior touching the disorders committed by the French in running goods and the complaints the French Ministry make of the like insults committed by the Jersey and Guernsey men on the coast of Bretagne and Normandie; that 'tis proposed the Queen should publish a Proclamation and the French King an Edict to prevent them: but the Queen judges that an order of Council will be sufficient. [Referred] to the Customs Commissioners to prepare a draft of an order of Council for that purpose.
Memorial [read] from the Treasurer of the Navy for 1,000l. for Sir J. Wishart's Secretary for the contingencies of the Squadron under his command. [To be paid] out of the money remaining in the Navy Treasurer's hands] of the South Sea Stock.
Petition [read] from the clothiers of her Majesty's Marine Regiments. [Referred] to Sir Roger Mostyn. Report read. Sir Roger Mostyn to make up a state of the offreckonings to 24 Dec. 1712 in one column and from thence to the times of Disbanding in another [column] and to put in [to my Lord Treasurer] a memorial [for the money]. The same was read 22 April. Ordered [to be paid] to 24 Dec. 1712 out of South Sea Stock. Ibid., pp. 64–6.
Feb. 12. Papers Read.
Memorial [read] from Edward Hughes touching a bill for 700l. payable to him [drawn] on the Victualling Commissioners. [Referred] to the Victualling Commissioners.
Letter [read] from General Churchill touching mills to be erected in Guernsey. Send this to the Clerk of the Council in Waiting. Ibid., p. 66.
Feb. 17.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord] ordered [issues] out of her Majesty's Civil List money as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
to Mr. Scobell for tin 2,300 0 0
to the Keeper of the Privy Purse, 500l. and 1,111l. 4s. 9d. 1,611 4 9
to the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise. 75 0 0
to the Judges &c. for last Hilary term. 4,200 0 0
to Lord Lexinton for extraordinaries. 507 10 0
to Mr. Smethin in part of 3,939l. 3s. 3d. for plate [for the Jewel House] 1,000 0 0
to the Sheriff of Cambridge for his surplusage. 108 17 2
to the Sheriff of Berks for his same 24 0 0
to Mr. Nicholas 300 0 0
to the Lord Treasurer to complete 5,000l. 1,500 0 0
£11,626 11 11
Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 177.
Feb. 17. Papers Read.
Petition [read] from John Prince [praying] to be Land Surveyor in the Customs. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Letter from the Navy Commissioners concerning the extracts of General Nicholson's papers and Sir Hovenden Walker's bills. Read. [In the margin]: West India accounts.
Memorial [read] from Col. Goring praying payment of 1,266l. 15s. 0d., being the difference of the subsistence of his Regiment here and in Ireland from 25 March 1713 to 24 Dec. and 618l. 2s. 0d. [being] the exchange of their pay from Ireland in that time. [Referred] to the Comptrollers [of the Accounts of the Army].
Memorial [read] from Mr. Samuel Nelson praying to be heard by his Counsel for making out [anew] four Exchequer Bills of five alleged to be lost. My Lord will hear Counsel on this affair next Saturday morn ing. The Attorney General to attend. The Bank [of England] and Lord Halifax [Auditor of the Receipt] to have notice. 20 Feb.: Send all these papers back to my Lord Chief Baron to hear the parties.
Petition [read] from Alexander Carleton for arrears due to Mr. Bache in King William's reign. My Lord will receive the Queen's pleasure how the remain shall be disposed. Another petition read 19 July 1714. My Lord will take the Queen's pleasure hereupon.
Petition [read] from Richard King, recommended by Sir W. Withers and Sir Thomas Cross for a stamper's place. [Referred] to the Stamps Commissioners.
Petition from William Hanbury for an allowance for himself [and] Mr. Elphinstone, his secretary [in relation to the Cotton Library]; with Auditor Harley's report. Read.
The order of Council of 17 Jan. 1713–14 in relation to the list of Roman Catholic Officers who quitted the enemy's service in the late war. Read. My Lord takes notice that it is not signed by the Clerk of the Council in Waiting. Feb. 26: ditto. Send this to the Secretary at War for him to consider and to propose what may be paid to these Officers to discharge their pretensions and any further attendance or expectation here [in the Treasury]. Reports read 19 April 1714. To be sent to the Secretary at War to acquaint the House of Commons that it is her Majesty's pleasure these reports be laid before them. Copies of the above reports read at [the Lord Treasurer's lodgings in] St. J[amess] 15 July 1714. As to those that never were in the enemy's service, the 692l. 18s. 0d. to be paid them in full of all pretensions, and the Secretary at War to prepare a [royal] warrant accordingly. As to those that pretend to have been in the enemy's service the Chancellor of the Exchequer produces a return from the War Office in France whereby it appears that few of them had been in that service. Ordered that Dillon, Fitzgerald, Jenings and O'Hara be paid their proportions as in the report and the Secretary at War to prepare a [royal] warrant accordingly. The rest to be further examined by the Secretary [at War] and a copy of the return from France to be sent to him and he to enquire whether such of them as were not in the French service did not serve in Spain. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, pp. 67–8.
Feb. 18. Papers Read.
[Petition read from the] crew of the ship Plymouth now on board the Rippon for their wages [when] on board the Plymouth. [Referred] to the Admiralty.
Auditor Harley's report [read] on the petition of the merchants (in the margin Ward et al.) concerned in transporting the garrison of Annapolis Royal to France. Query: What money is applicable to this service? Read again 26 Feb. If Mr. Brydges have [South Sea]stock in his hands my Lord is content this sum should be paid, provided the whole be set in super according to the Auditor's report. Letter from Mr. Sloper that there's no stock in Mr. Brydges' hands till that which is transferred to Col. Moore be redeemed. See whether any others are in the same circumstances with the petition in respect of money owing on bills drawn by Mr. Nicholson. 22 April 1714: [My Lord orders]a direction to Mr. Moore that when he shall have any South Sea Stock in his hands applicable to the satisfaction of these bills of exchange he pay the same, taking care that the money be placed in super upon Nicholson and Dudley as by the report.
Petition [read] from Thomas Edwin, one of the sureties of Thomas Coleman for the Customs of a parcel of tobacco, the said Coleman being bankrupt and the petitioner unable to pay the debt, therefore praying permission to apply to Parliament for a composition. [Referred] to the Customs Commissioners.
Petition [read] from John Heather, security for John Fox, Virginia merchant, for Custom of tobacco, for which petitioner is confined to the Marshalsea prison upon an extent: praying to be discharged out of custody upon giving security to appear when required. [Referred]to the Customs Commissioners. Ibid., p. 69.
Feb. 19. Papers Read.
Petition from — Johnson and several artificers employed by Mr. Manley in repairing houses in the Savoy, praying payment.Referred to Mr. Burton to report. Report read. [My Lord orders the] Officers of the Works to examine as to the works done and to be done and to report.
A state of the rents and arrears of the Savoy [is read] from Mr. Burton. Mr. Burton [is] to allow the rent paid to Mr. Manley by the tenants.
A letter [read] from Mr. Samuel Eyre about salt to be sold in North Britain. Speak with Baron Scrope about it. Feb. 25: Mr. Eyre to attend Mr. Cruchshanks in order to make a proposition to be sent to the Commissioners of Customs for their approbation.
Col. Fermour's proposal [read] for Victualling at Minorca. [Referred]to the Victualling Commissioners. Ibid., p. 70.
Feb. 20.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Lord Halifax, the Attorney General and Solicitor General come in. Mr. Nelson's petition is read praying that five Exchequer Bills lost may be renewed. A letter from the Governor of the Bank is read against renewing them and a caveat delivered by Lord Halifax is read, having been sent to one of his clerks to stop the said Bills if brought to the Exchequer. Some other papers relating to this matter are read. Then the Gentlemen of the Bank and Mr. Nelson with his counsel are called in. The clause [clause No. 13 in the Act 13 Anne, c. 2] relating to the renewing of Exchequer Bills lost is read; then the other papers abovementioned. My Lord Treasurer asks whether the Bank do insist on what they before desired, that no new Exchequer Bills may be made out for those lost as aforesaid.
The Deputy Governor says some of the matter in the papers is new and desires the whole may be again referred to the Attorney General, and [he] doubts not but to give full satisfaction against renewing the said Bills, for if they should be renewed he cannot see how the Bank can be indemnified against paying them.
Mr. Nelson's Counsel says his client knew nothing that one of the four Bills was paid whilst he was applying to have them renewed, and says that the Act relates to the security to be given by the persons who lose Exchequer Bills; and he being ready to give sufficient security as the law directs he hopes my Lord will give order accordingly.
My Lord observes that since the Attorney General made his report new matter appears.
The Attorney General says he believes if the Lord Chief Baron had known the Bills had been stolen he would not have granted a certificate and that if the matter be sent back to his Lordship he believes he will not think the Act extends to Bills stolen.
[My Lord] ordered that all the papers be sent back to the Lord Chief Baron and my Lord desires that the Attorney General and some of the Bank with Mr. Nelson's counsel may attend the Lord Chief Baron therein. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 178.
Feb. 20. Papers Read.
The Treasurer of the Navy's memorial [is read] relating to a double charge of 168,100l. made by the Navy Commissioners. Send this to the Navy Commissioners to consider and report.
Letter from [Charles] Medlycott, late Commissary of Stores at Lisbon, to Sir William Wyndham about his endeavouring to sell the said stores there: read. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 71.
Feb. 22.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer.
Memorial is read about some of the men of Col. Goring's [Regiment, being] men not yet disbanded. Ordered to be sent to the Admiralty for a state of the matter and what method [may be] proper to be used for the most speedy putting them out of pay.
Mr. Vanbrugh and Mr. Williamson to be heard this day sevennight.
The [Principal] Officers of the Mint and James Bertie, Esq. [are] to attend next Friday about the affair of the coining of copper farthings &c.
The [Principal] Officers of the Works [are] to attend about their Estimates. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 179.
Feb. 22. Papers Read.
Report [read] from the [Principal] Officers of the Works concerning Lord Paget's mills at Longford. To be read again when they attend on Thursday. Feb. 25: Sir Christopher Wren believes this water will be of little use. He will bring the plan to explain himself, as also a proposition for reducing the expense of the Works.
Report [read] from same upon Capt. Studholm's bill for making the road between the New Plantation at Windsor and the Thames.To be read when the Officers of the Works attend. Feb. 25: Read again and agreed to.
Memorial [read] from William Mundah, Deputy Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall, praying directions about making out debentures for the pension of the late Earl of Bath. [Referred] to the Attorney and Solicitor General to state the case and to report.
Petition [read] from John Heylyn on behalf of Col. Leigh Backwell praying an order for passing, Customs free, the mounting for his Regiment [on importation] in Ireland. Send to the Commissioners of the Revenue in Ireland.
Memorial read from John Phillips, A.M., late Chaplain to the Royal Citadel of Plymouth, praying to be placed on the Establishment of the Garrisons. Send this to the Secretary at War.
Petition [read] from the Justices of the Great Sessions of Carmarthen, Pembroke and Cardigan touching 70l. levied by the Sheriff of Cardigan &c., which they pray may be repaid by the Receiver [of Crown Revenues] of South Wales; with the report from Auditor Godolphin thereupon. My Lord agrees to the report.
Memoire de l'Ambassadeur du Roy de Sicile [read] concerning the subsidies due to his master [as Duke of Savoy]. Send this to Mr. Brydges. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, pp. 72–3.
Feb. 23. Papers Read.
Petition [read] from Adryan Beyreck &c. complaining of embezzlement of part of the value of the ship La Broyne and cargo seized at Penzance by Mr. Richard Score. [Referred] to the Customs Commissioners. Ibid., p. 73.
Feb. 24. Papers Read.
Petition [read] from Francis Kennedy praying to be Collector of the Customs of the Lower District of James River in Virginia in the room of— “who he represent to be unqualified.” [Referred] to the Customs Commissioners.
Another petition of said Kennedy [read] for a letter to the Customs Commissioners that he may be recommended to General Nicholson to be employed upon a proper occasion. [Referred] to the Customs Commissioners to do as they shall see cause. Ibid.
Feb. 25.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The [Principal] Officers of the Works [are] called in. Their memorials are read and also the Instructions [given them] in relation to repairs and new buildings, Auditor Harley being present. He observes that the Officers of the Works not having complied with the said Instructions the Works Paymaster's accounts cannot be passed without the authority of a privy seal in that behalf. [My Lord thereupon] ordered that the Auditors of Imprests do prepare the draft of such privy seal as they shall think necessary for that purpose.
Ordered that Sir Christopher Wren do prepare and present to my Lord such a proposal as he shall think conducive to lessen the exorbitant charges of the Office of the Works.
Mr. Burton, Receiver of the rents of the Savoy Hospital, his report concerning repairs there is read. Ordered that the same be transmitted to the Office of Works to examine.
[My Lord] ordered [issues] out of her Majesty's Civil List moneys as follows: viz.
to Mr. Scobel for tin 2,300
to the Privy Purse, 500l. and 200l. 700
to Mr. Nicholas 1,560
to the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75
to Mr. Borret for [Crown] Law charges 500
to Mr. Smethin, goldsmith, in part of 3,939l. 3s. 3d. 1,000
for the Speaker's Equipage 1,000
to the Cofferer of the Household in part of Michaelmas quarter 10,000
Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 180.
Feb. 26.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: ut supra.
Sir Henry Goring [is] called in. His memorial is read in relation to men of his Marine Regiment arrived lately from foreign parts and praying that money may be ordered for disbanding them, amounting to about 300l. [Hereupon my Lord] ordered that out of the money in Sir Roger Mostyn's hands the Commissioners for Disbanding do cause the charge of disbanding the supernumerary men to be defrayed.
The Taxes Commissioners [are] called in. Their certificates concerning the arrears of Taxes are perused by my Lord and several directions are given thereupon. The Commissioners [are] to bring with them at their next attendance on Wednesday next an exact state of what remains due for any Land Taxes or Window Taxes within the County of Middlesex and cities of London and Westminster and upon what Hundreds, Divisions and Wards the same lies and to propose what they conceive the most effectual method to hasten in the same. Ordered that Sir William Fazakerley do attend at the same time.
Speak with Baron Scrope about the report from the Commissioners for Taxes concerning the allowance of 1½ per cent. to be made for remitting [to London] the Land Tax money in the hands of Mr. Douglas, Receiver General of Scotland.
[The Principal] Officers of the Mint and James Bertie, Esq., are called in. The report from the Officers of the Mint is read concerning the coining of copper farthings and halfpence; as also Mr. Bertie's proposal. My Lord Treasurer opens [to them] what passed at a former attendance of the Officers of the Mint and some owners of copper works; wherein his Lordship was of opinion that the Mint should be a free coinage for all copper that should be imported thither for making farthings as near as might be to intrinsic value, allowing for the charge of coinage; and [my Lord] orders the Officers of the Mint to prepare the draft of a warrant to authorise the making an experiment, at her Majesty's charge, of reducing copper to a proper standard for coining the said farthings and halfpence. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 181.
Feb. 26. Papers Read.
Memorial [read] from Lieut. Tho. Wise praying half pay as Captain. [Referred] to the Secretary at War.
Mr. Bertie's proposal [is read] to coin 1,000 tons of halfpence and farthings. My Lord's aims is to make the Mint a free coinage for copper in such manner as that the money may have its real value, charges of coinage and workmanship excepted. Letter from Mr. Bertie [read] 10 March 1713–14. [Referred] to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint.
Memorial [read] from the Dean of Limerick praying my Lord to recommend his case to her Majesty &c. Look out the papers referred to and see how the merits of his case is stated therein.
Letter from the Commissioners of the Revenue in Ireland concerning the order of Council for taking off the [Duty on] French Tonnage. Read.
A state of the produce of the Duties on hides from 1 Aug. 1712 to 1 Aug. 1713. Read.
A representation of the state of said Duties [is read]. To consider against Wednesday whether the charge of management may not be eased in some articles. The Commissioners [for said Duties are] to propose if further powers are necessary to be obtained from Parliament.
A certificate of the arrears of the fifteenth 4s. Aid and Duty on Houses anno 1712. Read. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 74.