Warrant Books: January 1714, 21-31

Pages 102-115

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 28, 1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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January 1714, 21-31

Jan. 21. Money order for 90l. to Robert Stephens, Messenger appointed to look after the Printing Press: 75l. thereof for 1½ years to 1713 June 24 on his allowance of 50l. per an. and 15l. for his charges and expenses within same time. Order Book VIII, p. 386.
Money warrant for 69l. to Henry, Earl of Rochester, Ranger of Richmond Park or the New Park at Richmond: for one year's salary to 1713 June 24 to the underkeepers and officers thereof, viz. 20l. to Theophilus Westwood and 25l. to Edward Waldrich as underkeepers; 10l. to the bailiff and 14l. to Henry Badger, moletaker: [to be satisfied out of the 500,000l. for Civil List arrears]. (Money order dated Jan. 21 hereon.) Money Book XXII, p. 435. Civil List Arrears T56/34, p. 144. Order Book VIII, p. 386.
Same for 54l. 15s. 0d. to same for same time on his fee of 6s. a day as Keeper of said Park. Money Book XXII, p. 435. Civil List Arrears T 56/34, p. 144.
Same for 500l. to William Borret: as imprest for Crown Law charges. (Money order dated Jan. 27 hereon.) Money Book XXII, p. 440. Order Book VIII, p. 387.
Same for 32,502l. 12s. 1¼d. to the Bank of England for three months to 1713 Dec. 25 on the interest of 3 per cent. for circulating Exchequer Bills as follows.
Prefixing: certificate, by the Auditor of the Receipt, of the Exchequer Bills thus circulated:
£ s. d.
interest for the said full quarter on 4,098,552l. 5s. 0d. issued before 1713 Sept. 29 30,739 2 10
on 1,000l. issued Sept. 30 1713 for circulation 7 1
on 18,800l. issued Oct. 1 for circulation 131 6 10
on 18,600l. issued Oct. 9 for circulation 117 14
on 5,000l. issued Oct. 13 for discharge of interest 30 0 0
on 11,100l. issued Oct. 17 for circulation 62 19 0
on 135,569l. 17s. 6d. issued Oct. 19 for circulation 746 11 3
on 8,000l. issued Oct. 24 for circulation 40 15 4
on 5,000l. issued Oct. 26 for discharge of interest 24 13 1
on 14,700l. issued Oct. 27 for circulation 71 5
on 39,700l. issued Nov. 3 for circulation 169 13
on 26,500l. issued Nov. 6 for circulation 106 14 6
on 12,700l. issued Nov. 6 for circulation 51 2 11½
on 10,000l. issued Nov. 11 for circulation 36 3
on 62,475l. 7s. 1d. issued Nov. 26 for circulation 148 18
on 25,000l. issued Dec. 16 for circulation 18 9 10¼
£32,502 12
total Bills issued to date, 4,492,697l. 9s. 7d.
Memorandum: there remains in the Exchequer this 9th Jan. 1713–14 for paying interest as above the sum of 32,948l. 8s. 3¼d.: viz.
£ s. d.
surplus of the Half Subsidy for the 80,000l. Annuities anno 1708 made up at Michaelmas 1713 11,331 11
ditto at Xmas 1713 12,659 17 10¾
two thirds Tonnage since 8 March 1711–12. 8,956 19 0
£32,948 8
(Money order dated Jan. 27 hereon.) Money Book XXII, pp. 442–3. Order Book VIII, p. 389.
Jan. 21. Letter of direction for 11,392l. 1s. 0d. to John Holbech, gent., as imprest for the service of the Office of Treasurer of the Chamber: which with 3,577l. 15s. 10d. already imprested to him is to complete 14,969l. 16s. 10d. certified to be due to clear all bills, warrants and other contingent payments in the said Office at any time in her Majesty's reign before Xmas 1712. Of the said sum 5,212l. 1s. 0d. is to be satisfied out of the 500,000l. for Civil List arrears and the remaining 6,180l. out of loans to be made by said Holbech on credit of her Majesty's tin and the whole is to be applied in due proportions of money and tallies according to the several debts due as above. Civil List Arrears T 56/34 p. 121.
Same for 6,474l. 10s. 4½d. to John, Lord Delawar, Treasurer of the Chamber, as imprest to clear bills, warrants &c. in said Office between 1712 Dec. 25 and 1713 June 24. Hereof 3,802l. 10s. 4½d. is to be satisfied out of the 500,000l. as above and the remaining 2,672l. out of loans by said Lord on credit of tin, ut supra: and the whole to be applied in due proportions, ut supra. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to said Lord Delawar to apply in clearing debts as follows the abovesaid 6,474l. 10s. 4½d.: viz.
Messengers’ bills.
money. tallies. total.
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Jo[h]n Thornburgh 86 11 8 68 11 11 155 3 7
Antho. Dayley 46 4 9 36 12 8 82 17 5
Richard Hayward 107 7 11 85 1 8 192 9 7
Samuel Taylor 100 0 2 79 4 7 179 4 9
Griff. Phillips 112 17 2 89 8 2 202 5 4
Nath. Wilcocks 47 2 9 37 6 10 84 9 7
Enoch Mottram 90 7 1 71 11 7 161 18 8
William Brown 70 0 6 55 9 6 125 10 0
Cha. Couchman 73 10 9 58 5 2 131 15 11
Simon Chapman 37 16 5 29 19 7 67 16 0
Fortune Barton 35 16 1 28 7 4 64 3 5
Humphrey Beckley 32 8 25 14 0 58 2
John Bill 65 11 9 51 19 3 117 11 0
Jos. Chance 40 11 3 32 2 9 72 14 0
Francis Elcock 92 13 73 8 4 166 1
George Fry 88 10 0 70 2 4 158 12 4
Geo. Gordon 117 2 1 92 15 10 209 17 10
Richard Sherman 62 2 10½ 49 4 8 111 7
several messengers whose sums do not exceed 50l. each 130 14 9 130 14 9
Warrants signed by the Lord Chamberlain.
Jo[h]n Incledon 49 18 1 39 8 7 89 6 8
Jo[h]n Howard 190 1 8 150 14 9 340 16 5
Jo[h]n Loftus 287 16 8 228 0 10 515 17 6
the executors of Josiah Kay 517 15 7 410 4 5 928 0 0
Thomas Churchill 666 18 7 527 19 9 1,194 18 4
William Churchill, Edward Castle, stationers 353 15 3 280 5 6 634 0 9
several sums which do not exceed 50l. [each] 298 14 4 298 14 4
£3,802 10 £2,672 0 0 £6,474 10
Civil List Arrears T 56/34, p. 127.
Jan. 21. William Lowndes to Secretary Bolingbroke enclosing a letter [missing] from Charles Medlycott, Esq., at Lisbon, to Sir William Wyndham, late Secretary at War, relating to stores under his care. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 117.
T. Harley to the Customs Commissioners to report on the qualifications of Mr. Ray of Tenby to be riding officer between Milford Haven and Tenby, he being recommended by my Lord Chancellor. Ibid.
William Lowndes to Mr. Slooper to report on the enclosed paper [missing] of demands of Lord North and Grey as Lieut. General. Ibid., p. 118.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Francis Gwyn, Esq., Secretary at War to prepare a royal warrant for payment of 515l. 7s. 6d. to Sir James Abercrombie to reimburse the like sum paid by him (advanced by his order) for subsistence to sundry reduced Troopers and Dragoons detained above two months by her Majesty's orders of August last at Dunkirk [from] making their passage home [in order] to look after the horses, since brought here, which were taken from Col. Kerr's Regiment in Flanders for remounting the said Royal Regiment of Dragoons. For reimbursement of said sum the said Abercrombie has drawn bills on the Pay Office.
Prefixing: report by John Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, on the account of the respits of the Royal Regiment of Dragoons from 24 Aug. 1712 to 24 June 1713, the time they were complete and remounted. The only sum charged on the respits is 555l. for arms for the Regiment; and this leaves 2,842l. 6s. 4d. savings, out of which the above 515l. 7s. 6d. may be directed.
Appending: report dated 21 Oct. 1713 by the Secretary at War on Mr. Sloper's memorial for the said sum. The only fund which I can propose for the payment of the said bills is the respits on the Royal Regiment of Dragoons for whose use the said horses were delivered. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, pp. 153–5.
Jan. 22. Money warrant for 108l. 17s. 2d. to Joseph Taylor for the surplusage on his account as late Sheriff of Cambridge and Huntingdon for the year ended 1712 Sept. 29: the same having arisen by his payments to John North, Richard Hinds et al. for apprehending Thomas Knights, Timothy Simper, alias Simperham, and William Goodwin for felony and burglary and Huckle Levell for robbing on the highway.
Prefixing: certificate by Francis Neal, Deputy Clerk of the Pipe, of said surplusage. (Money order dated Feb. 8 hereon.) Money Book XXII, p. 437.Order Book VIII, p. 395.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Duke of Somerset to pay to the artificers concerned in works at the Mews the several sums amounting to 2,563l. 6s. 9¼d., to wit for the Mews near Whitehall, the Stables at St. James's, at Denmark House, Hampton Court and Kensington between 1705 July and April 1711. Money Book XXII, p. 440.
[?] Money warrant for 24l. 5s. 1¾d. to John Blandy for a surplusage on his account as Sheriff of Co. Bucks for the year ended 1712 Sept. 29: the same being due to his payments to Mary Castles and John Chapman et al. for apprehending Thomas Poulks, alias Poits, John Cuthbert and Edward Wells for felony and burglary.
Prefixing: certificate by the Deputy Clerk of the Pipe as to said surplusage. (Money order dated Feb. 8 hereon.) Ibid., p. 441. Order Book VIII, p. 395.
Jan. 22. T. Harley to the Secretary at War. My Lord Treasurer's minutes on your memorial about building barracks and repairing guard houses are as follows:
27 March 1713. Directions for a warrant for Mr. How to pay 1,752l. to the Paymaster of the Works, whereof 1,040l. for Savoy Barracks, 150l. for the Guardhouse at Whitehall, 50l. for the Guard–room at St. James's, 512l. for the Guardhouse at Kensington.
6 May 1713. The Works to estimate for building barracks in Hyde Park for such number of men as the Duke of Ormonde shall determine.
23 Oct. 1713. Mr. How to order repairs at the Horse and Foot Guards not exceeding 450l.
Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 118.
Jan. 22. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Cashier to pay 52l. per an. salary to Thomas Crohare as a Queen's waiter, London port. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 91.
Approval by same of Charles Smith as deputy to said Crohare.
Prefixing: presentation of said Smith to the Lord Treasurer by the Customs Commissioners. Ibid., pp. 91–2.
Jan. 23. Letter of direction for 29,769l. 19s. 0½d. to the Duke of Montague, Master of the Great Wardrobe: as imprest to clear emptions and other casual disbursements and expenses in the Office of the Great Wardrobe at any time in the Queen's reign before 1713 June 24. Hereof 17,480l. is to be satisfied out of the 500,000l. for Civil List Arrears and the remaining 12,289l. 19s. 0½d. out of loans to be made by said Montague on credit of the Queen's tin. The whole is to be applied in due proportions of money and tallies according to the several sums due to each person. Civil List Arrears T 56/34, p. 122.
Same for 59,036l. 6s. 7½d. to Charles Dartiquenave, Paymaster of Works: as imprest to clear what is due to artificers and others of the Works for stores bought and work done at any time in the Queen's reign before 1713 June 30. Hereof 34,671l. is to be satisfied out of 500,000l. as above and the remaining 24,365l. 6s. 7½d. out of loans as above to be made by said Dartiquenave on credit of the Queen's tin: and the whole is to be applied in due proportions of money and tallies as above. Ibid., p. 123.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Duke of Montague, Master of the Great Wardrobe, to apply to the Wardrobe debtors as follows the abovesaid 29,769l. 19s. 0½d.: viz.
money. tallies. total.
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Jacob Davison 412 0 0 310 0 0 722 0 0
Thomas Abbis 42 11 6 30 0 0 72 11 6
William Elliot 1,471 1 1,112 0 0 2,583 1
Charles Matthews 983 9 9 725 0 0 1,708 9 9
Stephen Toulouze 1,744 5 0 1,330 0 0 3,074 5 0
Thomas Roberts 531 13 0 390 0 0 921 13 0
Ham. Reeve 1,101 0 11 820 0 0 1,921 0 11
Benj. Shute 936 8 702 0 0 1,638 8
Thomas Dummer 48 8 4 38 0 0 86 8 4
Robert Petre 265 16 6 200 0 0 465 16 6
Robert Graham 235 4 7 170 0 0 405 4 7
John Horsfall 106 16 85 0 0 191 16
Gerril Jensen 358 11 0 270 0 0 628 11 0
William Johnson 197 18 8 145 0 0 342 18 8
Jasper Cullum 163 5 120 0 0 283 5
Edward Castle 694 1 10 525 0 0 1,219 1 10
William Dixon 120 0 0 80 0 0 200 0 0
Edward Byrd 100 4 0 60 0 0 160 4 0
William Haddock 284 17 6 210 0 0 494 17 6
James King 77 1 6 50 0 0 127 1 6
John Elrington and George Hutchinson 90 0 0 60 0 0 150 0 0
John Vanderbang 295 10 0 220 0 0 515 1 0 0
Ann Colthorpe 40 3 9 25 0 0 65 3 9
John Bee 76 11 0 50 0 0 126 11 0
John Pincke 219 17 9 150 0 0 369 17 9
David Bosanquet 1,853 4 6 1,269 0 0 3,122 4 6
Sam. Orme 156 1 11¾ 110 0 0 266 1 11¾
Alexander Ross 269 0 0 200 0 0 469 0 0
William Weeks 250 14 188 0 0 438 14
Henry Bullock 242 0 10 183 9 425 9 10½
William Barnsley 1,356 10 1,015 0 0 2,3 71 10
Mary Wilkins 87 0 0 64 0 0 151 0 0
Lydia Taylor 120 3 9 84 10 0 204 13 9
Margaret Jolly 579 14 0 439 0 0 1,018 14 0
Jasper Cullum 758 1 3 565 0 0 1,323 1 3
John Shore 70 0 0 50 0 0 120 0 0
Thomas Hinchliffe 324 3 6 245 0 0 569 3 6
several small sums in money as below 816 6 816 6 9 ½
£17,480 0 0 £12,289 19 £29,769 19
The particular application of the above 816l. 6s. 9½d.
£ s. d.
Richard Bealing 16 12 1
John Hay 10 6 8
Geo. Eldarley 26 7 6
Michael Brixey 42 12 0
Thomas Dummer 272 11 0
William Van Huls 24 12
Jo[h]n Elrington 52 4 0
Geo. Hutchinson 35 6 4
William Croft 21 0 0
Mary Sedgwick 52 6 0
William Holmes 57 17 0
John Warner 28 16 0
Christopher Hill 28 16 0
Thomas Waldron 39 0 0
Frances Dobson 20 0 0
John Skelton 9 3 9
John Williams 8 19 7
Benjamin Jackson 8 19 7
Henry Parker 23 16 0
Jo[h]n Aird 37 1 0
£816 6
Ibid., pp. 128–9.
Jan. 25. William Lowndes to the Commissioners for Trade enclosing the petition [missing] of William Byrd, Receiver General of Revenues in Virginia. Have you any objection to his request? Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 119.
Jan. 26. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the South Sea Company to pay to Charles Cæsar, Treasurer of the Navy, 20,000l. in part of the dividend payable to him in South Sea Stock held in his name for the use of the public. Money Book XXII, p. 443.
Letter of direction for 19,363l. 17s. 2¼d. to Charles Cæsar, Treasurer of the Navy: out of loans to be made by himself on credit of the Land Tax anno 1713: and is intended to be paid over to Robert Knight, Cashier to the South Sea Company, towards completing 144,069l. 17s. 6d. for 1713 Xmas quarter's interest and allowance to said Company. Disposition Book XXII, p. 200.
Same for 21,170l. 5s. 4½d. to same out of the 30,000l. remaining in the Exchequer of imprest money repaid by Thomas Micklethwaite, Treasurer for the Transport Service: and is to be paid over to the abovesaid Knight to complete the said 144,069l. 17s. 6d. Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Treasurer of the Navy. My Lord Treasurer directs that out of the money which you have or shall receive from the South Sea Company for dividends due at Xmas last you apply 20,000l. for paying men discharged from several of her Majesty's ships. Ibid., p. 201.
Letter of direction for 750l. to Secretary William Bromley: for secret service: out of Civil List money. Ibid.
Money order for 86l. 13s. 4d. to Charles Battely, Second Secondary in the Treasurer's Remembrancer's Office for 3¼ years to 1713 June 24 on his fee of 26l. 13s. 4d. per an. for execution of Originals out of Chancery: to be satisfied out of the 500,000l. for Civil List arrears. Civil List Arrears T 56/34, p. 138.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt. Send my Lord an account what sum remained unpaid on the Register for [loans on] tin before the tallies lately ordered for the Cofferer and other Offices: likewise of the sum paid into the Receipt for the produce of tin between 1712 Xmas and 1713 Xmas and how much thereof was applied to paying off principal and how much for interest on the said Register. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 119.
Jan. 27. Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a new Commission of Excise; the new Commissioners to be George Townsend, Philip Ryley, Sir Marmaduke Wyvell, Edward Noell, Christopher Mountague, Whitlock Bulstrode, James Vernon, John Price and John Whetham, with 800l. per an. each salary: all as in place of William Strong, deceased, and the said Townsend, Ryley, Wyvell, Noell, Montague, Bulstrode, Vernon and Price. Queen's Warrant Book XXVI, pp. 12–13.
Money warrant for 80l. to John Tucker for half a year to Xmas 1713 on his fee as Keeper of her Majesty's Paper Office. Money Book XXII, p. 443.
William Lowndes to Spencer Compton to pay as follows out of imprests for [Civil List] arrears due on the Queen's [private] pensions, bounties &c. to 1713 June 24: viz.
to Lord Delawar for two years to Xmas 1712 on his pension of 1,200l. per an. “from which time said pension is to cease" 2,400
to Lord Byron for three quarters to same date on his pension of 600l. per an. 450
to Lord Howard of Effingham for 2½ years to same date on his like pension 1,500
to Lord Sandwich for same time on his pension of 1,000l. per an. 2,500
to Jo[h]n Earnest Galliard for same time on his pension of 56l. per an. 140
Civil List Arrears T 56/34, p. 123.
Letter of direction for 800l. to Lieut. Gen. William Seymour, ut supra, p. 98: [out of the 500,000l. for Civil List arrears]. Ibid., p. 135.
William Lowndes to the Paymaster of the Works not to apply any part of the 59,036l. 6s. 7¼d. directed to, ut supra, p. 106, except according to my Lord Treasurer's order. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 119.
Same to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts to report on the enclosed papers [missing] concerning wheat delivered for the use of the Garrison of Gibraltar by order of Col. Ralph Congreve, Lieut. Governor and Commander in Chief there. The Victualling Commissioners conceive that they ought not to pay for same. How is it to be paid for and ought it not to be charged to the account of the Regiments for whose use it was delivered? Ibid., p. 120.
T. Harley to the Stamps Commissioners to present Henry Cotigno for some employment, my Lord Treasurer having some time since recommended him to you by the Queen's command. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. A proposal has been laid before my Lord Treasurer for enlarging and making deeper the ditch round the Tower of London in order to make it capable of receiving ships of considerable burthen to load and unload there and to erect warehouses on Tower Hill round the said ditch for the reception of goods and merchandises. I enclose the draft [missing] thereof. Please report to my Lord whether you think the doing thereof will be of advantage to trade in general and to the Customs. Ibid.
William Lowndes to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint for an account of the whole quantity of tin which her Majesty has paid for, that now remains unsold as well in your custody in the Tower as in the hands of the Agents for Tin in Cornwall and Devon and at Hamburg, Holland or elsewhere and the value and probable produce thereof when sold. Ibid., p. 122.
Jan. 27. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Commissioners and the Queen's Remembrancer to accept 1,000l. from John Burgh, executor of Michael Wicks, late Receiver of the Plantation receipt in London port, as a composition for the debt owing to the Crown from said Wicks.
Prefixing: two reports by said Commissioners dealing at length with said Wicks’ accounts and the proceedings against him. The first of these reports dated 13 Aug. 1713 recites in effect as follows:
In Jan. 1693 Wicks appeared to the then Commissioners of Customs to be greatly indebted on his account. He was dismissed and his surety bonds were put in suit against him and Benjamin Dennis. Wicks thereupon exhibited a bill in the Exchequer to be relieved against the said prosecution. It was heard in July 1694 and it appearing to the Court that great sums were due from him it was decreed that the accounts be referred to Mr. Eden, then Deputy Remembrancer, who four years afterwards in May 1698 brought in a report in favour of Mr. Wicks. But it being excepted against by the Attorney General as imperfect the Barons thought fit to set it aside.
In the examination of the cause it appeared that upon the balance of Wicks’ account made up by Mr. Lidcot the then Comptroller General [of the accounts of the Customs] Wicks appeared indebted 2,386l. 3s. 5d. in money and 183,658l. 4s. 5d. in bonds. He discharged the 2,386l. 3s. 5d. by money paid to the Receiver General of Customs about the time the suit commenced and as to the bonds he pretended to discharge himself by delivering two lists of bonds amounting to more than he was charged with: but the officers concerned in making up the account at the Customs House alleged that part of these bonds to the amount of 30,000l. had been paid by the merchants to Mr. Wicks but the proof and the proceedings thereupon were attended with so many difficulties by reason of the intricacy and perplexity of the accompt that no charge was ever fixed upon Mr. Wicks to the satisfaction of the Court of Exchequer; and the Auditors to whom the account was referred by the Exchequer Court by the order of July 1694 made very little progress towards the settlement thereof, neither had the Solicitor of the Customs any prospect of bringing the same to any conclusion.
Pending the account several extents were obtained at the instance of Hunt and other informers who pretended to make discoveries of considerable estates and effects in Wicks’ possession and they were seized by several sheriffs by order of the Court to save them from being lost; but the informers never assisted towards making up the accompt though they expected great rewards for their discoveries and in the meantime the Crown received no profit or advantage and Mr. Wicks complained of great hardships by the execution of such extents before the accounts were adjusted and in 1704 Mr. Wicks obtained a Act of Parliament [Private Act, 3–4 Anne, c. 61] to enable the Lord Treasurer to compound the suit. His petition for compounding was referred to the Customs Commissioners who advised a composition of not less than 10,000l. on the strength of an information of one Hockenall (an acquaintance of Wicks) of considerable estates, bonds and securities alleged to be got by Wicks by public money. As Wicks did not comply with this proposal the time of composition elapsed and Bills were exhibited in the Exchequer Court, though against the opinion of the present Attorney General. After Oct. 1705 the Customs Solicitor was not concerned in these suits. They were (at the desire of said Hockenhall) committed to Mr. Umpheville, a clerk in the Exchequer, and Mr. Rutter, a counsel. The Bill had no effect and produced no discovery.
The Attorney General in a report to the Lord Treasurer dated 27 March 1712 advised (after discourse with Auditor Harley) that the Act for compounding should be revived [see Private Act 10 Anne, c. 22] as the prosecution and finishing the account in common form will cost the Crown as much as is likely to be produced. We find a considerable difference between the charge of Mr. Lidcot (the late Comptroller General) and that of Mr. Holt, the present Comptroller General of the Customs.
Mr. Litcot's charge upon Mr. Wicks: £ s. d.
in money 2,386 3 5
in bonds 183,658 4 5
total £186,044 7 10
Mr. Holt's charge: £ s. d.
in money 8,473 11 10
in bonds 28,278 15 2
total £36,752 7 0
The Comptroller General reports [to us] that it is very difficult if not impossible to settle this account by reason of gross contradictions and irregularities in the books of Wicks’ Comptroller and in the weekly certificates and want of due proof on behalf of the Crown. We therefore agree with the opinion of the Attorney General and we think the 1,000l. which Mr. Burgh offers as composition of the debt is more than we have any prospect of recovering by further proceedings at law.
The second report from the Commissioners dated 6 Oct. 1713 is of a confirmatory nature to the above. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, pp. 92–101.
Jan. 27. Same by same to same to stay process against several merchants, unnamed, trading in wines and tobacco for the recovery of interest due on their bonds where the principal is paid. Ibid., p. 103.
Same by same to same to make alterations as follows in the establishments of the ports of Rye, Chichester and Shoreham: by reason of some irregular practices on the coast of Sussex which led to an inspection by Charles Shelly, one of the Jerquers of London port, who thereupon advised the said alterations and that the officers appointed to prevent the exportation of wool should be confined to that duty and not employed likewise as officers in the ports:
At Chichester.
Mr. Field, Supervisor of the Riding Officers of the Western Division of Sussex and Surveyor of Chichester port, to be established only as Supervisor.
Geo. Alington to be Surveyor of Chichester port.
At Rye
Francis Dansay to be confined to the duty of Surveyor of said port and to keep a horse.
Thomas Martin and Triamore Spark, who are waiters and searchers and also riding officers for the wool business at [East] Bourne and Pevensey in the port of Rye, are to be exchanged with two riding officers. Spark to be established at Lyd in Dover port loco Edward Burchell and Martin to be established at Winchelsea in Rye port loco Thomas Forster, and the said Burchell and Forster to be established at Bourn and Pevensey in place of said Spark and Martin.
At Newhaven.
John Goldham's salary as Supervisor of the Eastern Division in Sussex to be increased to 150l. per an. to enable him to keep a servant and horse extraordinary, his district being much the largest in the counties of Kent and Sussex.
Edward Pollington's salary as Collector of Newhaven to be reduced from 60l. to 45l. per an., it being a port of very little business.
Samuel Forth to be Deputy Comptroller of said port at 25l. per an.
At Shoreham.
the Collector's salary to be raised from 30l. to 45l. per an. to make him equal with the Newhaven Collector; and he to be excused the riding service.
John Jenkins to be established as Deputy Comptroller at 25l. per an.
a riding officer to be established there for the wool business (as is required) with 90l. per an. salary for himself, a servant and two horses: which is the usual allowance to those officers.
James Benn to be Collector of Shoreham loco Robert Brigden, dismissed for neglect and misbehaviour, the said Benn having been Surveyor of Cowes and superannuated for ill health though not 40 years of age, but being now in perfect health.
Dozell Long to be the riding officer for the wool business as above.
Prefixing: memorial by said Commissioners proposing said changes. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, pp. 109–12.
Jan. 27
and 28.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Stamps Commissioners to employ Peter Berry as a stamper loco Geo. Mills, deceased.
John Clark as a same loco John Cheney, deceased. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, p. 156.
Jan. 27. Same by same to the Customs Commissioners to employ William Powell as tidesman at Leith. Out Letters (North Britain) III, p. 21.
Jan. 28. Money warrant for 575l. to William Popple for half a year to 1713 Xmas for salaries of the Office of Trade and Plantations.
196l. 9s. 9d. for incidents of said Office for said time. (Money orders dated Feb. 3 hereon.) Money Book XXII, pp. 445, 461. Order Book VIII, pp. 393, 394.
Letter of direction for 1,200l. to William Lowndes: for secret service: out of Civil List moneys. Disposition Book XXII, p. 201.
Jan. 28. William Lowndes to the Board of Ordnance to report on the enclosed proposal [missing] for furnishing copper for the use of the Mint for [from] old brass guns unfit for service now in your custody. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 121.
Same to the Secretary at War enclosing Mr. Burchett's letter [missing] relating to the shipping you desired to carry clothing for [the garrisons of] Gibraltar and Port Mahon. Ibid.
Same to the Stamps Commissioners enclosing a letter [missing] from one Rosewell, a prisoner in Hereford, pretending to discover frauds in Stamp Duties. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Commissioners to make changes as follows in the establishments of the ports of Chichester, Sandwich and Exeter in continuation of those, supra, pp. 111–12:
Chichester port.
John Dyer, waiter and searcher, to be dismissed, having an ill character and formerly guilty of frauds and long since superannuated.
John Newman (who has acted in his stead since 28 March 1705) to be established in his place.
five boatmen at 30l. and four paid by incidents to be reduced to seven at 30l. each. John Croucher and John Chappell (two of the extraordinary men and well behaved) to be established as two of these seven. John Harrison, one of the extraordinary men and superannuated, to be dismissed; also John Baker, another extraordinary man.
Tho. Jenkins, the patent searcher of Sussex, at present residing at Hailsham, to have 40l. sunk from his salary, as the duty of guarding the coast is now performed by several riding officers since established.
Sandwich port.
Richard Weaver and Tho. Mears, to be established as boatmen at 30l. per an. in place of incidents paid to them for many years.
Abraham Hough, waiter and searcher at Margate, to have as established the 10l. per an. incidents paid him for many years, he keeping the wool register in the Isle of Thanet, being 10 miles from Sandwich, the principal port, and having often occasion to visit the wool growers there and to inspect the disposition of their wool.
Exeter port.
William Yeo, the Deputy Comptroller, to have as established the 10l. per an. paid to him for many years as incidents.
Charles Goldsworthy to be established as messenger with 20l. per an. (hitherto paid him by incidents) to go between Exeter and Topsham, being about eight miles distant, and the greatest part of the business of that port being performed there.
Prefixing: memorial by said Commissioners proposing said changes. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, pp. 112–14.
Order by same to same to observe (a) infra.
Prefixing: order of the Queen in Council dated Windsor Jan. 24 inst. for taking off the Duty of 5s. per ton on French shipping as from the 4th Feb. next, which was imposed by the Act of 12 Car. II. to continue so long as a Duty of 50 sols. per ton then lately imposed by the French King should continue to be collected upon the shipping of England lading in France. The present removal is by reason that by the 11th article of the Treaty of Navigation and Commerce lately concluded at Utrecht it was agreed that both the said Duties should cease and the French King by his order in Council of the 4/15 inst. has ordered that the old Duty of 50 sols. or as it now stands of 70 sols. shall cease.
(Copies hereof sent to the Customs Commissioners, Scotland, and the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland.) Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 104.
Jan. 28. Commission by Treasurer Oxford to William Allen to be a Surveyor of the Duties on Houses loco William Scott, resigned. (Warrant by same dated Jan. 28 to the Receiver General of said Duties for Co. Yorks to pay 50l. per an. salary to said Allen as from Jan. 18.) Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) II, pp. 146, 147.
Jan. 29. Warrant by same to Edward Nicholas to pay 100l. to Keneth, Lord Duffus, as royal bounty. Money Book XXII, p. 444.
Same by same to same to pay 300l. to Daniel Arthur without account: in satisfaction of so much expended by him for her Majesty's service. Ibid., p. 445.
Same dormant to the Receiver General of the Duchy of Cornwall to pay the fee or salary of 200l. per an. to Alexander Pendarvis as Surveyor General of Crown Lands, which office was granted to him by patent dated the 22nd inst. Ibid., p. 444.
Same to the Excise Commissioners to pay to Robert Davers, as Auditor of Excise, 60l. per an. out of Malt Duties from the time of the other salaries payable to him: the same sum having been paid to Sir Bazil Dixwell, late Auditor of Excise, in consideration of the increase of business and the necessity of maintaining a fourth clerk which the Duties on Malt did and do occasion. Ibid., p. 461.
T. Harley to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts. Col. Nevill (who had the care of paying the [British] prisoners that were taken in Spain) has reported on the four persons who were continually soliciting the Treasury. He states the demands of two of them and believes that the other two are considerably in arrear, but are not for any time under his care of pay. Please examine strictly into their case. How does it happen that they are unpaid since such vast sums have been issued from time to time to several hands for subsistence of all who were prisoners? Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 121.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to present John Burnet for some employment, he being recommended by the Duke of Ormonde. Ibid., p. 121b.
Treasurer Oxford to the Acting Commissioners [of Assessment] for Co. Middlesex. Sir William Fazakerley, Receiver General, represents that there are arrears of Land Tax for your County of 1,128l. 9s. 3d. anno 1711; 6,599l. 15s. 0¾d. for last year; 21,113l. 2s. 0d. on the first half year of the present Land Tax; and 2,874l. 0s. 9d. on House Duties for the same time. I must earnestly recommend to you these particulars and desire you to cause same to be forthwith paid to the Receivers so that process may not issue for default thereof. Please acquaint me with your proceedings herein.
The like letter to the Commissioners for the City of London for arrears of 10,914l. 0s. 4d. of last year's Land Tax, 20,791l. 15s. 3d. of the first half of the present Land Tax and 3,194l. 18s. 5d. House Duties for same time.
The like letter to same for Westminster for arrears of 1,468l. 17s. 6d. Land Tax anno 1711; 2,764l. 18s. 6d. last year's Land Tax; 10,514l. 3s. 0d. on the first half of this year's Land Tax and 1,412l. 18s. 6d. House Duties for same time.
The like letter to same for Co. Surrey for 9,110l. 17s. 1½d. arrears on Land Tax anno 1713. Ibid.
Jan. 29. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Clerk of the Pipe for a new lease to Jane Bromley of the office of Gauger of Bristol port (Gauger of all hogsheads, pipes and other vessels whatsoever of wine, oil and all other gaugeable liquors and things within the port of Bristol), said office having been granted 18 July 1694 to Edward Bromley for 21 years at 9l. 2s. 0d. per an. rent, and Jane, his widow, has petitioned to have her term therein filled up to 31 years: with a special clause or proviso that the gauging of wines or liquors liable to Duty shall not determine the Duties payable to her Majesty for the same. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, pp. 156–7.
Treasurer Oxford to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Hugh Batho of the City of Dublin, gent., praying to be remitted an arrear of quit rent due from some lands which he holds in the Barony of Clonally. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 352.