Warrant Books: February 1714, 11-20

Pages 140-148

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 28, 1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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February 1714, 11-20

Feb. 11. Same by same to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, to assign and transfer to the persons following [South Sea Stock to the amount of] the several sums respectively as below in part of their demands for offreckonings.
Prefixing: certificate by said Brydges that the following persons, being Army clothiers or their assigns, are entitled to the 35,000l. which the Lord Treasurer agreed should be paid to them in part of their demand: viz.
£ s. d.
James Verey 389 13 11¼
John Remy de Montigny 487 13
Thomas Rogers 593 11 7
Alexander Strahan 593 11 7
John Heylin 593 11 7
Roger Braddyl 574 6 3
Henry Emmet and John London 19 5 4
James Cuthbert 305 19
Geo. Douglas 485 10
Nath[aniel] Jackson 305 12 11½
William Procter 485 16
John Elliot 1,385 4
Henry Cornish 664 14
Edward Turner 26 17 10¾
Richard Palmer 691 12 4
Tho. Lake 691 12 4
Charles Le Bas 659 12 3
Charles Gery 32 0 1
Nathaniel Jackson 660 19
Charles Le Bas 30 12
Benedict Ithell 667 13
Charles Le Bas 23 19
Thomas Rogers and William Monk 756 19
Robert Peter 60 13
Henry Emmet and John London 691 12 4
William Willson 691 12 4
Thomas Rogers and John Cox 665 13
Henry Emmet and John London 25 19
Charles Le Bas 598 12
Charles Gery 93 0
Robert Petre 339 4
General Erle 352 7
James Powell 691 12 4
Henry Cornish 358 11 6
Major General Sybourg 289 16 2
Robert Petre 361 5
John Hamilton 287 2
Stephen Child 265 1
Jo[h]n Robinson 109 10 0
Richard Gough 273 15 11½
Henry Emmet and John London 535 14 7
Robert Finlay 31 5
Francis Cocksedge 625 11
William Wilson 520 10 0
Robert Finlay 624 8
Florence Mahony 23 19
Samuel Green 698 6 4
Charles Le Bas 289 19
R. Edwards 176 6
Nathaniel Jackson 36 6 5
Thomas Rogers and Samuel Green 66 16
Benedict Ithell 233 9
Edward Turner 437 1 7
Charles Le Bas 513 3 11
Geo. Middleton 436 17 5
Jo[h]n Maunllock 287 17 8
Fran. Ellison 69 16
Nicholas Lepell, Esq. 511 16
Sir Byby Lake 309 4
Francis Sawle 529 0 7
John McCullock 599 15
William Willson 438 2
Jo[h]n Narbonne 596 0 3
Lord Tyrawley 62 12
William Elliot 814 0 4
Rene Dulouseaux 647 4
Richard Hornsey 26 2 11¾
Robert Gardner 474 16 8
Charles Le Bas 524 3 2
Sir R. Reynell 89 16
John Cliffe 362 9
Henry Emmet and John London 684 6 3
ditto and ditto 691 12 4
Chs. Topham 1 3 1
Antho. Luker 437 14 11
William Elliot 158 3 7
Robert Finlay 362 3 9
Henry Cornish 564 7 0
Francis Sawle 236 14 8
Alexander Strahan 266 11 5
Luke King 286 13 4
ditto 91 6 9
Stephen Child 175 16 9
Luke King 97 8 7
ditto 91 6 9
Richard Gough 924 13
M[ajor] General Whetham 195 2 10½
Alexander Strahan 1,160 0 1
£35,000 0 0
Money Book XXIII, pp. 1–4.
Feb. 11. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Receiver of Crown Revenues in South Wales to pay 200l. to Richard Tonman, late Sheriff of Co. Radnor, for rewards paid to several persons that convicted David Davies, David George, Edward Evans, David Rice and Richard Harris for felony and burglary and robbery on the highway.
Prefixing: report by Sidney Godolphin [Auditor of Wales] on said Tonman's petition. Money Book XXIII, pp. 4–5.
Same to same to pay 40l. to Rice Price, late Sheriff of Co. Brecknock, for reward paid by him to the several persons who convicted Roger Vaughan of felony and burglary.
Prefixing: report, ut supra. Ibid., p. 6.
William Lowndes to Sir Roger Mostyn to report on the memorial from the Commissioners for Disbanding Marines, relating to Col. Wills's Regiment. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 132.
Same to the Taxes Commissioners. Bring to my Lord to-morrow a state of the Duties on leather and the charge of managing same. My Lord observes that the income thereof falls very short of what was expected. Let my Lord know how that happens and how you propose to have it remedied. Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners for the Stables [the Commissioners for the Office of Master of the Horse]. The Officers of the Works have laid before my Lord Treasurer an estimate of 182l. 10s. 0d. for fitting up Mrs. Hill's lodgings at St. James's Mews for Mrs. Hartstongue. When were they fitted up for Mrs. Hill and at what cost? “for his Lordship is surprised at the greatness of the estimate since her Majesty thought when she ordered the same that there was little more wanting to be done than the clearing thereof.” Ibid.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Works. My Lord Treasurer observes that the bills for maintaining the lamps for the accommodation of both Houses of Parliament the two last Sessions amount to a very great sum. By what rule do you compute the charge? Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. In your memorial of the 5th inst. you present Lancelot Jordan, a landwaiter at Lyme, to be a Surveyor in Exeter port loco Robert Farr, surrendered, My Lord directs you to report whether you think there has been any buying and selling between these persons. Ibid., p. 133.
Treasury reference to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of Walker Weldon, Esq., Receiver General of Taxes for Co. Kent, praying 242l. 8s. 0d. for extraordinary charges and services in his receipt. Reference Book IX, p. 151.
Same to the Comptroller and Paymaster of the Lottery anno 1711 of the petition of Edward Fryer for innovation of two lost orders of the said Lottery. Ibid., p. 153.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Other, Earl of Plymouth, praying a lease of the manor of Great Saughall, Co. Chester. Ibid.
Feb. 12. Money warrant for 507l. 10s. 0d. to Robert, Lord Lexinton, late Ambassador Extraordinary to the Catholic King, for one bill of extraordinaries from 11 Aug. 1713 to 11 November following in that service.
Appending: said bill:
£ s. d.
for postage of letters and packets 163 10 0
for Intelligences and other secret services 155 0 0
for printed papers, stationery wares &c. 81 10 0
paid to a person sent express upon an extraordinary occasion from Madrid to London and for his journey back to Madrid 107 10 0
£507 10 0
Followed by: Secretary Bolingbroke's allowance dated Whitehall Feb. 10 last hereon. “I allow the first three articles of this bill amounting to 400l. for three months as being within the Regulation. As to the fourth article amounting to 107l. 10s. 0d., I know that the occasion of sending the said express (who was a Spaniard) was extraordinary and that it was done at the particular instance of the Spanish Court: and as the sum charged for his coming hither and returning to Madrid seems reasonable I do allow the same.”
(Money order dated Feb. 15 hereon.) Money Book XXIII, p. 7. Order Book VIII, p. 396.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the South Sea Company to pay to Charles Cæsar, Treasurer of the Navy, 4,000l. for the use of the Navy and in further part of the dividend grown due at or before Xmas last on the South Sea Stock standing in his name for the use of the public. Money Book XXIII, p. 9.
Same by same to Edward Nicholas to pay 150l. to Benedict Leonard Calvert as advance on his annuity of 300l. per an. granted him by the royal warrant of the 2nd inst. and is to be reckoned for half a year due thereon at 24 June 1714. Ibid.
Same to same to pay 10l. to Hugh Hughs as royal bounty. Ibid.
Letter of direction for 16,000l. to John Howe, Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons, to carry on the subsistence of the Troops and Regiments in Great Britain from Dec. 25 last as in part of 43,177l. 14s. 6d.: and is to be issued out of the following funds: viz.
£ s. d.
out of the 5s. per ton on French ships 87 0 0
out of the thirteenth 4s. Aid [8 Anne, c. 1] 1,333 12
out of the Duty on foreign sail cloth [12 Anne, c. 12] 399 8 8
out of Subsidies and other Duties 3 15 0
out of salvage money 1,800 0 0
out of brewers’ forfeitures 78 14 7
out of imprest money repaid by Mr. Micklethwaite 8,829 14
out of the 25l. per ton on French wines imported 3,467 14 5
£16,000 0 0
Disposition Book XXII, p. 203.
Feb. 12. William Lowndes to the Victualling Commissioners. The Navy Treasurer has paid 1,413l. 10s. 4d. to sundry persons possessed of Victualling bills out of South Sea Stock to Dec. 31 last for the several dividends due to them on their said stock. You are to make forth a bill to allow said sum in the account of the Navy Treasurer on his producing the receipts of the recipients. Disposition Book XXII, p. 204.
Same to the Navy Commissioners. The Navy Treasurer has similarly paid 1,578l. 1s. 5d. for dividends on Navy bills to the holders thereof. You are to make forth a bill for allowing same similarly. Ibid.
Same to the Navy Treasurer. My Lord Treasurer directs that out of the remains in your hands of the loan from Sir William Fazakerley et al. you pay 1,000l. to Mr. John Reynolds, Secretary to Sir James Wishart, as imprest for the contingencies of the Squadron going under his command to the Straits. Ibid.
Same to same to pay (out of South Sea dividends at Xmas last) 4,000l. to Sir Roger Mostyn, Paymaster of Marines, upon account for clearing the non-commission Officers and soldiers of the Marine Regiments ordered to be disbanded. (Same to the Navy Commissioners to make out a Navy bill for said 4,000l.) Ibid., p. 205.
Same to Sir Roger Mostyn to report on the petition of the clothiers of the Marine Regiments for payment of 26 months’ offreckonings for clothing delivered to said Regiments. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 133.
Same to the Salt Commissioners. My Lord Treasurer has received from Secretary Bromley a petition of Thomas Slyford and John Hodgson for a patent for the sole benefit of a new invention to make salt by methods less expensive than any hitherto in use; with the Solicitor General's opinion thereon. Will such a patent be a prejudice to the revenue under your care? Ibid., p. 134.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] from the United East India Company for stay of the Exchequer proceedings against them. Ibid.
Same to same enclosing a letter [missing] from Lord Bolingbroke with extracts [missing] of several letters from Mr. Prior relating to the illegal practices and violences used by the French on the coasts of Kent and Sussex with complaints of the like committed by the people of Jersey and Guernsey on the coasts of Normandy and Britanny, with proposals for remedying same. Please draft an order for remedying the inconveniences complained of against the people of Jersey and Guernsey: to be laid before the Queen in Council. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Borret to attend the Victualling Commissioners to adjust several particulars in the cases of the contracting brewers [the brewers who have contracted to supply beer to the Victualling Office] who are under prosecution [for frauds]. Ibid., p. 135.
Feb. 12. Same to Mr. Brydges. Send my Lord an account of the money ordered to be remitted to you from Ireland, how much thereof you have received and applied and what remains in your hands. Ibid.
Same to the Earl of Mar enclosing a representation and letters [all missing] from the Customs Commissioners, Scotland, giving an account of insults committed upon their officers in several ports there. Please consider what is proper to be done for preventing such disorders and lay the same before the Queen in Council at their first meeting. Ibid.
Same to the Taxes Commissioners enclosing the papers [missing] of Mr. Denham et al. concerning the discovery of Morgan Whitley's estate. Please give my Lord an account of all proceedings in this case and the benefit thereby to the Crown. Ibid., p. 136.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Stamps Commissioners to employ John Glass as a stamper loco Henry Brown, deceased.
Jonat[han] Stackhouse as assistant to the warehousekeeper of unstamped goods. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, p. 160.
Feb. 14. T. Harley to the Customs Commissioners to present a deputy to Thomas Crohare, who is to succeed his late father as a Queen's waiter, London port: the said Crohare being at present in Ireland and intending to act by deputy. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 112.
Feb. 15. Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to Treasurer Oxford to pay 10,000l. to William Roberts, Paymaster of the Works in Windsor Castle, as imprest for the use and service of said Works. (Money order dated Feb. 22 hereon.) Queen's Warrant Book XXVI, p. 25. Order Book VIII, p. 398.
Same to same to pay 20,000l. to William Lowndes for secret service. (Money warrant dated March 11 hereon.) (Money order dated March 16 hereon.) Queen's Warrant Book XXVI, p. 27. Order Book VIII, p. 407.
Feb. 16. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the South Sea Company to permit Charles Caesar, Treasurer of the Navy, to assign and transfer South Sea Stock to an amount not exceeding 10,000l. to Joseph Hodges, Esq., towards answering a greater sum payable to him on bills of exchange drawn by the Agent Victualler at Gibraltar on the Victualling Commissioners, London. Money Book XXIII, p. 12.
Money warrant for 100l. to the executors of John Cocks, late one of the keepers of the Council Chamber: for his attendance on the Commissioners for the Union at their general meeting and their Committees in 1702 and 1706 and for providing paper, pens, ink &c. for their said meetings: and is to be satisfied out of the 500,000l. for Civil List arrears. (Money order dated Feb. 18 hereon.) Civil List Arrears T 56/34, pp. 140, 141.
Feb. 17. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Edward Nicholas to pay 10l. to Peter Leneve, which her Majesty is pleased to allow him in consideration of his having preserved and delivered into the Treasury seven books containing the entries of several warrants and directions relating to the revenue during the time that the late Earl of Southampton was Lord Treasurer. Money Book XXIII, p. 12.
Feb. 17. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Edward Nicholas to pay Jane Dummer 20l. as royal bounty. Ibid., p. 13.
Letter of direction for Hilary term's salaries to the Judges et al.: viz.
the 13 Judges at Westminster 3,250
Sir Joseph Jekyll, Chief Justice of Chester 125
the Second Justice of Chester, Denbigh, Flint and Montgomery 100
the six Judges of Wales on their 300l. per an. each 450
the eleven Masters in Chancery from 1713 Xmas quarter on their 100l. per an. each 275
Disposition Book XXII, p. 205.
Same for 1,311l. 4s. 9d. to Lady Masham, Keeper of the Privy Purse: viz. by 1,111l. 4s. 9d. this week and 200l. next week. This is to be over and above the 500l. per week directed to her [for the Privy Purse]. Ibid., p. 206.
Money warrant for 166l. 13s. 4d. to the executors of Arthur Maynwaring for 2½ years to 1712 Sept. 29 on his salary of 66l. 13s. 4d. per an. as one of the Auditors of Imprests: and is to be satisfied out of the 500,000l. for Civil List arrears. Civil List Arrears T 56/34, p. 141.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt for an account of all the moneys lent on the Malt Act for the year ended 1713 June 24. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 136.
Same to the Excise Commissioners for an account of the gross and net produce of all the Duties on the Malt Act for the above year. Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners of Accounts to permit Mr. Bainbridge, Deputy Solicitor for the Affairs of Taxes, to inspect the long roll of supers made out by the Clerk of the Pipe which was lately sent to you: in order to his making an abstract thereof, the better to pursue the getting in of the said supers. Ibid., p. 137.
Same to the Excise Commissioners to remove John Todd to the collection of Marlborough loco Mr. Lanham, who is discharged: in accordance with the enclosed recommendation [missing] from the Duke of Beaufort. Ibid., p. 138.
Treasury reference to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of Robert Longden, Receiver General of Taxes for Co. Gloucester, praying payment of 2,015l. 19s. 0d. for extraordinary charges and services in his receipt:
and of Richard Knight, same for Co. Salop, for payment of 386l. 6s. 9d. for the like charges and services. Reference Book IX, p. 153.
Feb. 17. Same to same of the petition of Richard Jenkenson et al., sureties of Robert Brown, late Receiver General for Co. Norfolk, shewing that they have reduced said Brown's debt from above 9,000l. to 756l. 3s. 1d. “and being disappointed in obtaining the sum of 300l. formerly reported for extraordinary allowances to the said Receiver they pray stay of process till Michaelmas term next that they may be enabled to clear the said remaining debt.” Ibid.
Same to the Victualling Commissioners of the petition of Edward Hughes shewing that he freighted the St. Mark with provisions from Plymouth and sent her to the Straits; that the Agent Victualler of Gibraltar (Mr. Vere) wanting provisions for the Navy and Garrison purchased provisions of the said Hughes and gave him a bill for 700l. on the Victualling Commissioners, but the said Commissioners on presentation have objected against payment, on a representation against Vere by the Commissioners of Inspection in Spain relating to abuses in exchange of Moidas [moydores]: therefore praying payment as the objection does not relate to petitioner seeing that he delivered his provisions in kind and contracted for sterling money of Great Britain, not having supplied any part of his bill in Moidas. Ibid., p. 154.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Cha. Heneage, Usher of the Exchequer Court, to cause repairs and alterations to be made in the several rooms belonging to the Exchequer Court for the accommodation of records, viz. in the Augmentation Office to an estimate of 83l. 19s. 8d.; in Auditor Godolphin's Office to an estimate of 7l. 18s. 10d.; in Auditor Jett's Office to an estimate of 41l. 11s. 2d.; or in all 133l. 9s. 8d.
Prefixing: report by said Heneage proposing estimates as above. As for the repairs in the rooms belonging to the Office of the Queen's Remembrancer the Deputy Remembrancer saith that there is a large ground room belonging to the Office at the Exchequer wherein are many port books, bonds and papers that have been for many years unregarded and several useless chests that take up much room; that until the same be examined and put into order and the lumber removed there can be no repairs made in the said room, which wants a floor to be laid, the ceiling to be plastered, the windows to be glazed and presses to be made quite [all] round. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, pp. 161–2.
Feb. 18. Money warrant for 500l. to William Borret as imprest for Crown Law charges. (Money order dated Feb. 22.) Money Book XXIII, p. 13. Order Book VIII, p. 399.
Same for 100l. to Joseph Martin, Esq., Secretary to the Commissaries who are to treat upon matters of commerce on the part of Great Britain with those of France: and is towards the contingent charges in the execution of that Commission: without account. (Money order dated Feb. 22 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Mar. 10 hereon.) Money Book XXIII, p. 13. Order Book VIII, p. 398. Disposition Book XXII, p. 210.
William Lowndes to Spencer Compton to pay 1,248l. 15s. 0d. to Richard Hill for the Vaudois ministers for 2¼ years [to Midsummer 1713] on their pension of 555l. per an. according to a certificate signed by Edward Godfrey. Civil List Arrears T 56/34, p. 135.
Feb. 18. William Lowndes to the Governor of the Bank. Mr. Samuel Nelson has renewed his application to my Lord for making out duplicates of four lost Exchequer Bills and [is] insisting to be heard by Counsel if you persist in opposing same. My Lord Treasurer has appinted to hear Counsel accordingly on Saturday next. (The like notice to the Attorney General.) (The like notice to Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt.) Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 137.
Same to the Navy Treasurer enclosing the memorial [missing] of the Commissioners for Sick and Hurt praying payment of 24,348l. 4s. 8¾d., being the debt of their Office at Michaelmas last. My Lord directs you to make a demand for paying same out of South Sea Stock “if you have no objection thereto.” Ibid., p. 138.
Feb. 19. Same to Mr. Burchet to lay before the Admiralty Lords the enclosed paper [missing] on behalf of the remainder of the men of her Majesty's ship Plymouth now on board the Rippon concerning payment of wages due to them. Ibid.
Same to the Stamp Commissioners to present James Hetheridge for the first vacant stamper's place. Ibid.
Same to the Attorney General and Solicitor General. By the 8th Article of the Act of Union Scotland was to be exempt from all Duties on Salt made there for the space of seven years; but from the expiry of said term is liable to the same Duties on Salt as in England (except the 2s. 4d. per bushel [under the Act 9 Wm. III., c. 44]). The said seven years expire on the 1st of May next. My Lord Treasurer desires you to draft a warrant to authorise the Customs Commissioners in Scotland to manage and to cause to be levied and collected all such Duties as by any Act or Acts of Parliament already passed or that hereafter shall be passed are or shall be any way due or payable for Salt made in Scotland and for keeping the accounts thereof distinct and apart from all other their receipts there. Out Letters (North Britain) III, p. 24.
Feb. 20. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Edward Nicholas to pay 100l. to Kenneth, Lord Duffus, as royal bounty. Money Book XXIII, p. 14.
William Lowndes to Mr. Brydges for an Estimate of the expense of her Majesty's Forces lately under your care of pay exceeding the provision voted in the last Session of Parliament for any part of the year ended at Xmas last. (The like letter respectively to the Victualling Commissioners; John How as Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons; Thomas Moore as Paymaster of the Forces [and for the Garrisons Abroad]; the Navy Commissioners.) Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 139.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Edwin, surety with John Cawsey and Thomas Price in 3,912l. 10s. 0d. in tobacco bonds for tobacco entered by — Coleman, who failed; Cawsey having absconded, and Price is dead, and Thomas Perrin (a counter surety) is bankrupt: therefore Edwin prays leave to apply to Parliament to compound for same. Reference Book IX, p. 153.