Minute Book: August 1714

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 29, 1714-1715. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1957.

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November 1714, 1-10

Treasury Minutes.
Aug. 2.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: [Charles (Talbot), Earl of Shrewsbury], Lord Treasurer, [Sir William Wyndham], Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Send] to my Lord Halifax [Auditor of the Receipt] to certify how much remains unsatisfied upon the present orders for the Navy; Victualling; Ordnance; Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces.
Prepare a warrant to the Barons [of the Exchequer] or any of them to swear and admit Sir James Montagu into the office at the Custom House which was granted to him in reversion.
Send to the proper officers to keep distinct accounts of the arrears of the Civil List branches that became due before her Majesty's decease and to prepare an account of all that is due from her Majesty in every Office of the Civil List.
Ordered that the [Royal] Gardens be kept as they are but no new works to be proceeded upon (particularly the new gardens at Windsor) till further order. Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 2.
Aug. 3. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Ordered that the Treasurer of the Navy do attend the Bank to borrow a sum of 60,000l. upon a deposit of the following tallies remaining in his hands: viz.
£ s. d.
on Hops anno 1711 [9 Anne, c. 3] 1,690 16
on Malt anno 1714 [13 Anne, c. 2] 46,435 16 4
on the third 2s. Aid [12 Anne, c. 1] 19,363 17
£67,490 10
And my Lord agrees on his Majesty's behalf that if they will lend the said 60,000l. the same shall be repaid within three months from the date hereof together with interest after the rate of five per cent. per an. out of the money of this year's funds or out of the last payment of this year's Lottery.
[Write and] desire the Attorney General's opinion whether my Lord Treasurer and the Chancellor of the Exchequer are obliged by the clause [of the Act of 6 Anne, c. 53, cl. 2] to take the oath of office again before they proceed in execution of their offices.
[Write to] Mr. Brydges to send my Lord an account to whom the 81,661l. 3s. 2½d. to be re-transferred to him by Mr. Moore in South Sea Stock is due and to be paid, by the assignments entered with him.
Mr. Lancelot Burton and John Grainger, chief clerks to Russell Robartes, Esq., and the Earl of Denbigh, two of the four Tellers of the [Receipt of the] Exchequer, are called in and [are] sworn for the faithful discharge of all matters to be performed by them in their respective offices pursuant to an Act 8 Wm. III, c. [8–9 Wm. III, c. 28, clause 5], for better observation of the course anciently used in the Exchequer and an Act of 6 Anne, [c. 53]. Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 3.
Aug. 4. Present: Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Edwards, first clerk to Lord Dupplin, one of the four Tellers [of the Receipt], and Mr. Walter Brown, first clerk to Lord Mansell [another of the said four Tellers], are called in and sworn pursuant to the abovesaid Acts.
The Lord Treasurer underwrites his directions on an order of Council for taking off the general embargo.
Write letters to the Customs Commissioners and Excise Commissioners and to the Receiver General of the Post Office for an estimate of what arrears are standing out on such parts of the several revenues as were applicable to the Civil Government of her late Majesty Queen Anne. The like letters to the Customs Commissioners, Scotland, and the Excise Commissioners, Scotland. Ibid., p. 4.
Aug. 6. Present: ut supra.
My Lord Halifax [Auditor of the Receipt] comes in. The Governor and Deputy Governor of the Bank are called in. My Lord Treasurer desires them to promote the Contributions for the Lottery; [13 Anne, c. 18] and orders letters to be sent to the East India Company, South Sea Company and the Bank and to the Customs Cashier, Excise Cashier and all public Offices that my Lord Treasurer expects they will do their utmost to promote the Contributions to the said Lottery, his Grace [the Duke of Shrewsbury, Lord Treasurer] and several of the nobility intending to be at Mercers’ Chapel on Monday next at 12 of the clock to encourage the same by their example.
My Lord is pleased to give leave to Mr. Brereton, one of the Commissioners for the Salt Duties, to go into the country for six weeks or two months according to his memorial in that behalf.
[Write a] letter to Mr. Howe [Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons] to lay a demand before his Grace for a month's pay to 100 [Chelsea] outpensioners [who are] ordered to be drafted; and for an account of the money given for Chelsea Hospital and how the same has been applied.
[Write a] letter to Mr. Moore to bring hither a memorial for what will clear so many Half Pay Officers as are sufficient for a Battalion, to the 1st of August instant. Ibid., p. 5.
Aug. 9.
At Mercers’
Hall in
Present: the Lord Treasurer and several Lords and others of the Privy Council.
The following advertisements were agreed, approved and ordered to be published:
Whereas the sum of 250,000l. or thereabouts is due to several persons, being the remainder of 500,000l. which was lent in the name of Sir William Fazakerly and others on the credit of repayment with interest at six per cent. upon stock in the South Sea Company, his Grace the Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain is pleased to direct that if any person entitled to any sum or sums part of the said 250,000l. or thereabouts will contribute towards the present Lottery [13 Anne, c. 18] of 1,400,000l. the Receivers of the said Lottery shall accept one moiety or half part of such Contribution in principal and interest due to him, her or them upon the said loan and that a discount for such contribution shall be made as if the Contribution had been entirely paid in money.
His Grace the Lord High Treasurer of England is pleased to declare that in case the whole sum of 1,400,000l. should not be advanced upon the Lottery Act lately passed in Parliament so that there should be a remainder of tickets to be brought as money into the Exchequer a Resolution is taken that such remaining tickets shall not be issued from thence until the said Lottery shall have been fully drawn.
Ibid., p. 6.
Aug. 10.
Present: Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Cæsar [Treasurer of the Navy is] called in. He acquaints my Lord that the Bank have advanced the 60,000l. upon a deposit of tallies according to his Grace's minute of the 3rd inst.; and [Mr. Cæsar] desires that 50,000l. of it may be applied to the new Course of the Victualling. My Lord Treasurer thinks 30,000l. [is] sufficient for that service at present and directs so much of the 60,000l. to be applied accordingly.
And also 5,000l. out of South Sea Stock remaining in his [Charles Cæsar's] hands for the service of the public [is by my Lord directed] to be applied to the payment of bills numbered on the old Course of the Victualling, as was desired by letter from the Victualling Commissioners dated the 2nd inst.
[Write a] letter to the Commissioners for bringing in Arrears of Taxes to attend my Lord here to-morrow morning precisely at ten of the clock and bring with them a list of the Receivers of the Land Tax and Duties on Houses and an account of their payments [of their collection moneys into the Exchequer] and arrears.
[My Lord Treasurer orders] a warrant for putting the Officers of the Disbanded Regiments in Ireland upon half pay.
[Send word to] Mr. Gwyn and Mr. Merryll to attend my Lord Treasurer next Thursday morning at ten of the clock in relation to the affairs of Chelsea Hospital.
[Write to] Mr. Brydges to send my Lord an account as perfect as he can make it of the debts and demands in his Office of late Paymaster of the Forces Abroad on account of the late War.
[Write] the like to Mr. Moore [present Paymaster of the Forces Abroad]; Mr. Howe [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons]; the Navy Commissioners; the Victualling Commissioners; the Commissioners for Transports; the Board of Ordnance; the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded. Ibid., p. 7.
Aug. 10. Papers &c. Read.
Address of the House of Commons of the 8 July 1714 (fn. 1) relating to the debts of the Army, to be examined and stated. Send to Mr. Brydges to prepare an account of the debts in the most perfect form he can. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury T 4/19;, p. 147.
Aug. 11.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Send word to the] Customs Commissioners to attend to-morrow at six of the clock in the afternoon.
The Commissioners for Taxes [are] called in. My Lord Treasurer considers the states of the accounts of the Receivers of Taxes and Window Duties and several directions are given by his Grace: the minutes whereof are taken [and endorsed] on the said states.
[My Lord] ordered [the issue as follows] out of the [1714] Lottery money [under the Act 13 Anne, c. 18] in the Exchequer to Mr. Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, viz. 558l. 15s. 2d. to complete the allowance in money for the subsistence of the Garrison of Placentia (exclusive of provisions) from 25 April last to 24 Dec. next, according to a memorial of this day's date signed by Mr. Merryll, his [Howe's] deputy. Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 8.
Aug. 11. Papers Read.
Colonel Moody. Mr. Howe's report is read upon the papers of Col. Moody, the Governor of Placentia, about provisions and the fortifications [and thereupon] 558l. 15s. 2d. [is by my Lord] directed for clearing that Garrison to 24 Dec. next &c. An extract to be made of what relates to the Victualling and Ordnance [? relating to the said Garrison of Placentia and is] to be sent to the [said] respective [Victualling and Ordnance] Offices.
[The paper from] the Navy Commissioners [is read asking] for repayment for two years’ taxes [on the salaries] of their officers. Agreed. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury, T 4/19, p. 147.
Aug. 12.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Write] to the Commissioners for bringing in Arrears of Taxes that they hasten to my Lord their reports on the [Tax] Receivers’ petitions [so] that their commissions may be expedited and that no delay in the receipt of the Land Tax and House Duty may be made for want thereof.
[Send a] letter to Lord Coningsby (in answer to his written to the Lord Treasurer concerning the Receiver [for his County] not having his commission) that the said commissions are now despatching as fast as may be but that none of them should have any directions in the country to receive [Taxes] till they produce their commissions.
[Send] a signification to the Keeper of the Privy Seal in Scotland that a stop be put to the passing any privy seals in Scotland by virtue of warrants signed by her late Majesty.
Mr. Moore [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] is called in. His memorial is read praying a month's subsistence from 25 August inst. to 24 Sept. next for the following Regiments: viz.
£ s. d.
Earl of Orkney's Regiment 1,525 4 0
[Archibald, Earl of] Forfar's, [John Richmond] Webb's, [Richard] Sutton's, [Charles, Earl of] Orrery's Regiments each 749l. 8s. 6d. 2,997 14 0
[John] Hill's Regiment 792 16 6
£5,315 14 6
[My Lord] ordered 20,000l. [to be issued to the Treasurer of the Ordnance], half thereof for land service and half for sea service of the Office of Ordnance. Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 9.
Eodem die.
Present: Lord Treasurer.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Their presentments are read and minutes are taken [and are endorsed] thereupon.
The Commissioners for Arrears of Taxes [are] called in. A copy of their letter to the Commissioners for the Land Tax [for each respective county and place] in the country is read not to permit the late Receivers of the Land Tax to receive any money till they produce their commissions. Write to Lord Coningsby that the Receivers are now appointing but that in no case are any of them to be allowed to receive any of the Land Tax moneys till they can produce their commissions for so doing. Ibid.
Aug. 12. Papers Read.
Representations [read] of the Commissioners for Determining the rights of the Proprietors of lands to be purchased for the fortifications of Chatham &c. with the Resolutions [taken thereon on] 3 July 1714. The Attorney General will bring a list of lawyers proper for this Commission. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury, T 4/19 p. 148.
Aug. 13.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord Treasurer directs the issue of] 2,500l. to the Cofferer [of the Household] upon a memorial read this day, upon account for provisions to be put on board the yachts that are appointed to receive his Majesty and his retinue.
[Write a] letter to the Auditor of the Receipt to confirm a former letter dated 21 July for issuing 25,000l. to Mr. Moore for Half Pay Officers. Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 10.
Aug. 16. Present: Lord Treasurer.
A memorial is read from Auditor Harley praying leave to go into the country for recovery of his health. My Lord Treasurer consents thereto for a month.
[Write a] letter to Mr. Moore to pay up so many Half Pay Officers to the 1st of August inst. as are sufficient to command 500 of the Outpensioners of Chelsea Hospital now ordered to be drafted and sent to Portsmouth: [to be paid by him] out of the money imprested to him on account of Half Pay.
[Write] Mr. Howe to make a demand for the said 500 Outpensioners [for sufficient money] to pay them up to the 1st of August as the last draft of 600 [such] have been already paid. Ibid., p. 11.
Aug. 17. Present: ut supra.
Ordered that letters be sent to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Halifax [the Auditor of the Receipt], the [Principal] Officers of the Mint, Mr. Scobell and Mr. Anstis to be here to-morrow morning at nine of the clock about the tin affair.
[Send word to] the Navy Commissioners and the Navy Treasurer to be here between nine and ten of the clock to-morrow morning about the affair of paying off ships. Ibid., p. 12.
Aug. 18. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Boscawen, Warden of the Stannaries, and the [Principal] Officers of the Mint [are] called in together with Mr. Scobell. An abstract of the tin contracts is read and [also] the Indenture under the great seal which puts the tin, which is to be bought in pursuance of the said contracts, into the hands of Sir James Bateman and others in trust for repayment of loans on the said tin with interest &c.
[My Lord Treasurer directs] Mr. Lowndes to consult the Attorney General whether the contracts are binding on the King and whether the Pre-emption [of Tin] as well as the Coinage Duty [of Tin] do not belong to the Duke of Cornwall.
[Write a] letter to Mr. Scobell to exhibit his accounts [of the tin affair] to the 1st [August] inst.: and [write] to the Auditor of Imprests to make a state of the said accounts as soon as possible [so] that what is owing on account of tin bought for her late Majesty's use pursuant to the contracts in that behalf may be forthwith satisfied out of the moneys in the Exchequer arisen for arrears of the revenue granted for the Civil List during her late Majesty's life. Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 13.
Aug. 20. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Decker [is] called in. His proposal relating to 10,000 tickets [in the 1714 Lottery as by 13 Anne, c. 18] is considered and agreed to.
[My Lord directs the following issues, viz.]
to Mr. Cæsar, Treasurer of the Navy, out of Lottery money: for seamen's wages 30,000
to same: out of ditto: to clear the first loan of the 300,000l. on South Sea Stock 50,000
The [gentlemen of the] Bank [are] called in. The Governor represents their cashiers’ desire to know whether they can go on by virtue of their old commissions in receiving the Lottery money because of the alteration made by the new Act [13 Anne, c. 18, clauses 26 and 29]. My Lord Treasurer is of opinion they may, unless his Grace [my Lord Treasurer] should think fit to appoint other Receivers. [The cashiers also desire to know] whether they can receive from the [Lottery] Contributors a quarter now and another [quarter] before the 10 September, in regard the Act says they shall pay a moiety by the said 10 Sept. [13 Anne, c. 18, clause 33, says a quarter by Aug. 10 and a quarter by Sept. 10]. My Lord conceives that by this new Act they must receive the moiety at once.
Upon Mr. Merrill's memorial [my Lord Treasurer] ordered [an issue to Mr. Howe of] 26,968l. for the service of the Guards and Garrisons anno 1714: out of [the 1714] Lottery money.
The following propositions of Mr. Matthew Decker to Mr. Lowndes were read and considered: viz.
Sir: I have considered the proposal you did me the honour to make and I find by my calculation that if I am to take the 40,000l. South Sea Stock at par and to be allowed to subscribe 10,000 tickets in the present Lottery it will be an equal share for each, being in hopes that I may be able to sell the tickets at 4s. advance which makes the loss to the other just equal. If you'll judge it proper to lay this proposal before my Lord Treasurer with my humble duty I leave it to your judgment.
Treasury Chambers 20 Aug. 1714. Matthew Decker.
Sir: Instead of 10,000l.[sic? for 40,000l.] South Sea Stock I am ready to take 50,000l. at par and pay for the same in money by the 29th of Sept. next or sooner: and I am contented that the 100,000l. contribution [to the Lottery] shall be in Mr. Caesar's name, in receipts of ten [£] for each receipt: and I will advance to him 20,000l. in money at least presently towards the first half: and I will complete the remainder of the 50,000l. by the 10th of September next or sooner and make good the second last quarterly payments on or before the times limited in the Act of Parliament [13 Anne, c. 18, for the 1714 Lottery]: and that all the receipts from the Receivers of the Lottery upon this Contribution shall remain in Mr. Caesar's hands till I shall have performed all the parts of this proposition as well in relation to the Contributions as to the purchase of the South Sea Stock. I am to have the advantage of the discount proportionably as I pay the money to Mr. Cæsar.
20 August 1714. Matthew Decker.
My Lord Treasurer agrees to the last proposition upon Mr. Decker's taking 50,000l. of [from] Mr. Caesar in South Sea Stock at par. Ibid., p. 14.
Aug. 23. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[My Lord Treasurer directs] 50,000l. to be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy out of the Lottery money in the Exchequer: on the head of Wages: as in part of 300,000l. towards putting ships out of pay and to be sent to Portsmouth and Plymouth for that purpose.
Likewise 26,730l. to same: for half a year's wages to the Yards at Portsmouth and Plymouth, to wit for Xmas quarter 1712 and Lady day quarter 1713.
Mr. Brydges [is] called in. Several memorials or demands of [army] arrears on account of the late war are read. My Lord Treasurer says he must first see a state of all those demands (in regard of the small sum granted by Parliament towards satisfying them) before he can think it proper to give direction upon any particular craving.
The Commissioners for Disbanding the late Marine Regiments are called in. Their report is read on a petition of the Subaltern Officers of those Regiments. [Thereupon my Lord Treasurer] ordered that Sir Roger Mostyn do lay before my Lord a state of what is due to the Subaltern Officers and to the Staff Officers of the said late Regiments.
A petition [is read] of the Churchwardens, overseers of the poor and other ancient inhabitants of Westminster for and in behalf of the poor of that parish, praying that the cloth, boards and rails used at the funeral of her late Majesty Queen Anne may be granted to the said poor. His Grace agrees to the said request and directs Mr. Lowndes to acquaint them therewith. Ibid., p. 15.
Aug. 25. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Moore [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad is] called in. Upon [reading] his memorial of the 24th inst. [my Lord Treasurer directed the issue of 2,738l. 17s. 0d. as follows: viz.]
£ s. d.
for 31 days’ subsistence from Aug. 25 inst. to Sept. 24 next for the Regiments of Hartford [Algernon, Earl of Hertford], [William, Lord] North and Grey and Sterne [Richard Stearne] 2,291 13 6
for the like subsistence of the General and Staff Officers serving with the Forces in Flanders and in the Garrison of Dunkirk 447 3 6
£2,738 17 0
[My Lord directs an issue of] 500l. to Mr. Borret upon the order in his name for [Crown] law charges. Direct him to pay thereout 10l. to James Ball for his charges and service in seizing one Monsieur Le Grand and keeping him four days in custody and assisting the messengers in bringing him from Hythe to London.
Send to Sir John Lambert and other remitters [of exchange] to attend [my Lord Treasurer] next Friday at 9 of the clock about remittances for Minorca and Gibraltar. In the margin: Sir John Lambert, Sir Theodore Janssen, Mr. Milner and Mr. Beranger sent to and desired to bring their proposals.
Upon reading a letter from the Postmaster General dated the 18th inst. with an account enclosed of the arrears standing out on the Post Office revenue at the time of her late Majesty's demise, and of 2,025l. remaining due out of the same to clear the pensions payable by Act of Parliament [9 Anne, c. 11, cl. 38] to midsummer 1714, my Lord Treasurer says he has no objection to Mr. Lilly's paying the pensions provided for by Act of Parliament, [that is to say] what remains unsatisfied to Midsummer last. Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 16.
Aug. 27. Present: Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Cæsar [Treasurer of the Navy] is called in. His memorial is read. [Thereupon my Lord Treasurer directed issues as follows: viz.]
£ s. d.
to pay off the 200,000l. remaining unsatisfied of the 500,000l. loan on the South Sea Stock: out of Lottery money in the Exchequer 200,000 0 0
to the Paymaster of the Classes [Lottery 10 Anne, c. 19] Orders anno 1712 towards making good the Deficiency provided for by Parliament [by cl. 125 of said Act]: out of which the principal [is] to be paid which was due at Michaelmas last 40,000 0 0
to the Paymaster of the Classes [Lottery 9 Anne, c. 16] Orders anno 1711 in like manner 40,000 0 0
for making good the Deficiency of the Two Thirds Subsidy [6 Anne, c. 50] pursuant to the Act of Parliament [7 Anne, c. 30, clause 33] in that behalf 88,741 13 10
My Lord Treasurer considers the proposals of Sir John Lambert, Sir Theodore Janssen and Mr. Milner for remitting about 6,000l. to Minorca and 4,000l. to Gibraltar; and it appearing that Sir John Lambert's proposal made July 23 last (to which he now refers) is more for the public advantage than either of the others his Grace is pleased to agree thereunto: viz.
4,600l. for Port Mahon by bills payable at eight days’ sight at 54½ [pence sterling] per piece of Eight.
3,200l. for Gibraltar by bills payable at 15 days’ sight at 53½ [pence sterling] per piece of Eight.
And Mr. Moore is directed to bring to my Lord an account of how much of the two months’ subsistence and pay now demanded for the Troops in Minorca and Gibraltar to 24 Oct. next is for such Officers belonging thereunto as are now in England: to whom his Grace is pleased to order only one month's pay.
[My Lord directs an issue of] 300l. to be imprested to Lord Delawar upon the order in his name as Treasurer of the Chamber: to be issued out of Civil List money granted since 1 August inst.: and is to be applied towards payment of messengers’ bills for service performed since her late Majesty's demise.
Mr. Moore coming again with a memorial and an account made according to the above direction my Lord Treasurer orders thereupon [issues as follows: viz.]
£ s. d.
in further part of 54,645l. 1s. 3½d. for the Forces and Garrison in Minorca anno 1714
to be remitted upon account of 61 days’ subsistence from Aug. 25 inst. to Oct. 24 next for the Regiments at Minorca (including 333l. 16s. 0d. for Contingencies for the same time) 4,600 0 0
upon account of one month's pay to the Governor of Minorca and other Officers of the Forces in that place who are now in England 1,269 8 7
£5,869 8 7
In further part of 34,856l. 14s. 9½d. for the Forces and Garrison at Gibraltar anno 1714
£ s. d.
to be remitted upon account of the same 61 days’ subsistence to the Regiments of Thomas Pearce, [John] Newton and Barrimore [James, Earl of Barrymore] (including 167l. 2s. 3d. for Contingencies for the same time) 3,200 0 0
upon account for one month's pay to Sept. 24 next to the Governor of Gibraltar and such other Officers of the Forces there as are now in England 666 16 11½
£3,866 16 11½
Ibid., pp. 17–18.
Aug. 30. Present: ut supra.
[My Lord Treasurer] ordered 179l. 15s. 0d. to the Treasurer of the Chamber out of the arrears of the revenues for the Civil Government incurred before the death of her late Majesty: [and is intended] to be paid over to the Lord Almoner for a quarter to Midsummer 1714 on the allowance of 719l. per an. for the Daily Alms and Poor at the Gate. Ibid., p. 19.
Aug. 31. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Moore [is] called in. His memorials [praying issue of moneys] for Half Pay are read. [Thereupon my Lord Treasurer] ordered [issues as follows: viz.]
£ s. d.
to complete 57,877l. 11s. 6½d. for arrears due to Officers of the Land Forces and Marines for Half-Pay to Xmas 1713 1,700 2 11½
in further part of 123,293l. 19s. 2d. for Half Pay to the Officers of the Land Forces and Marines for the year 1714: to wit towards satisfying the Half Pay to the Land Forces to Midsummer 1714 40,139 2 6
£41,839 5
Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 20.


  • 1. Commons Journals XVII, p. 722, 8 July 1714: Agreed on a, division by 70 yeas against 67 noes that an humble Address be presented to her Majesty that she will be pleased to order the proper officers to examine and state the debts of the Army in order to their being laid before this House in the next Session of Parliament.