Minute Book: September 1714

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 29, 1714-1715. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1957.

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September 1714

Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 20.
Sept. 1. Present:Lord Treasurer.
[Write] to the late Commissioners of Disbanding to know how far the Commissary of the Musters or his deputies or clerks have proceeded in making up the rolls of the Marine Regiments and in what time they are likely to be finished and what may be further done to hasten the same.
Herbert Jenning's memorial [is read and ordered] to be referred to the Secretary at War.
[My Lord orders] Col. Salusbury's [Charles Salisbury's] allowance to be paid up to Midsummer last: out of Contingents for the Guards and Garrisons.Ibid., p. 21.
Papers Read.
Account of the Tin Contract from the commencement of Mr. Scobell's constitution to 1 Aug. 1714; with a letter from the Attorney General upon queries put to him about the pre-emption. [[Thereupon my Lord Treasurer orders Mr. Lowndes to]prepare a warrant for7,317l. 14s. 11½d.out of the[late]Queen's[Civil List]arrears.
Prepare a s. m. [a sign manual]against the K[ing]comes.
Mr. Anstis's paper about the [tin] Contract, &c. [is read].Referred to the Attorney and Solicitor General and Mr. Anstis is to attend them.
[The memorial from the] Navy Commissioners is read about Col. Dudley's bills from New England.
A letter from Mr. Burchett [is read] for repayment of taxes [on salaries of the clerks, &c.] in the Admiralty [and the refund is accordingly]ordered.
Memorial [read] from the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded for repayment of Taxes. “This cannot be done.”Register of Papers Read at the Treasury, T4/19, p. 149.
Sept. 3.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present:Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Cæsar [Treasurer of the Navy] is called in. [My Lord upon discoursing him] ordered 50,000l. [to be issued to him] for wages: out of Lottery money in the Exchequer: to be applied to put ships out of pay at Portsmouth and Plymouth, to wit 25,000l. for each place; and to be accounted as in further part of the 300,000l. appropriated towards paying off arrears of wages to the seamen.
My Lord orders that an account of the South Sea Stock remaining in the hands of any Paymaster for the use of the public be adjusted and that an Instrument be prepared for vesting the same in trustees. Mr. Blunt to come to Mr. Lowndes.
Mr. Brydges is called in. He presents an account of South Sea Stock in his hands.
[My Lord orders the] trustees for the Genoese loan of 180,000l. to come to Mr. L[owndes].Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 22.
Sept. 6. Papers Read.
A memorial of Mrs. Chetwynd and Lady Clarges about fees [taken or deducted] in Viscount Fitz Hardinge's Office [as late Treasurer of the Chamber is readand referred]to Mr. Holbech to state the facts.
A letter from the Secretary at War [is read] upon Major Hubert Jening's memorial about paying what is proposed for him in his report. [My Lord orders this to be brought up again]when the King comes.
Memorial [read] from several creditors of the Officers of the eight Invalid Companies, with the memorial of the said Officers.Referred to Mr. Howe. Report read 15 Sept.Referred[again]to the[previous]referees.
Memorial [read] from Mr. Geo. Montgomery for a place in the Stamp Office: together with a certificate from the Com[missioners] of Accounts. [My Lord Treasurer orders Mr. Lowndes to write to] “recommend him to the Stamp Office”.
A letter [read] from the [Board of] Ordnance for 20,000l. for the current service [of the Ordnance]. “My Lord will consider this.”
Petition [read] from John le Normand &c. about abuses in Chelsea Hospital.Send this to Mr. Gwyn[Secretary at War]and direct the petitioners to attend[the said Gwyn].
A letter [is read] signed George King complaining of abuses in the Navy Office by usurers &c. [Referred]to the Navy Commissioners. Report read 13 Sept. 1714.
Memorial [read from Mr.] Hallungius relating to arrears due to the Saxe Gotha Troops, with a state [of the account] thereof. [My Lord orders Mr. Lowndes]to write to Mr. Brydges about the first article as before. [My Lord thereupon]to consider out of what money the month's pay[to the said Troops]may be satisfied. Dec. 16: [My Lord]ordered9,300l. [to be issued to Hallungius]for the month's pay. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury,T4/19, pp. 150–1.
Sept. 8.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
My Lord orders the sum of 60,095l. 9s. 2d. due on Mr. Chetwynd's bills [to be issued] in manner following: viz., 30,000l. thereof out of loans to be made on this year's Land Tax and 30,095l. 9s. 2d. out of like loans on Malt for the service of this year.
[My Lord] ordered 200l. to Mr. Moore [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] to be paid over to Col. [Andrew] Monro on account of his clearings, he being directed forthwith to go to Scotland by direction of the Lords Justices [of England].
[My Lord directed] 20,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy out of this year's funds to make up the 30,000l. ordered on 20 August last [into the full sum of] 50,000l. [which is] to be applied to the head of Wages [and is to be] for putting ships out of pay.
[Write a] letter to the Navy Commissioners and the Victualling Commissioners for an account against to-morrow morning of what contracts are subsisting with them for stores or provisions [which are agreed] to be paid out of South Sea Stock, with the dates thereof; and direct them to put an end to the said contracts.
[My Lord] ordered 19,247l. 6s. 8¾d. to the Treasurer of the Navy: on the head of Victualling: to be issued out of this year's funds; being intended to bring up the course of that Office to the 1st of August last, being the time to which the Navy Course is paid up.Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 23.
Sept. 8. Papers Read.
A memorial [read] from the Commissioners for ascertaining the Interests of the Proprietors of the lands [to be purchased for the fortifications] at Portsmouth, Chatham and Harwich. [Referred by my Lord Treasurer]to the Attorney and Solicitor General to consider what is reasonable to be allowed to the Commissioners[for their labour and charge]as also to their Secretary for himself and clerks. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury,T4/19, p. 151.
Sept. 10. Papers Read.
[A statement is read from the] Victualling Commissioners about contracts to be discharged in South Sea Stock. [Write]to the Navy Commissioners to attend on Monday morning to consider whether greater despatch may not be made in payment of ships, [so]to obviate the complaints of seamen. Ibid.
Sept. 13.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Navy Commissioners [are] called in and several of their reports are read and minutes [are] taken [and endorsed] thereon: and also several papers [are read] relating to the clearings and offreckonings &c. of the late Marine Regiments.
Mr. Micklethwayte [is] called in. His memorial [is read] praying to have 30,000l. put into his hands for the Transports in lieu of the like sum which had been imprested to him in South Sea Stock and was transferred (pursuant to a warrant of the late Lord Treasurer) to the Treasurer of the Navy for especial service of the Navy. My Lord will consider this memorial when the Treasurer of the Navy attends next (seebelow).
[My Lord directs] 600l. to be imprested to Mr. Borret to satisfy two warrants signed this day.Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 24.
Sept. 13. Papers Read.
Memorial of Mr. Micklethwayte for 30,000l. to be replaced to him out of Deficient Tallies on Maltanno1713 in the Navy Treasurer's hands for the Transport service.My Lord will speak with the Treasurer of the Navy about this(seeabove).
[A statement is read from the] Navy Commissioners about the old contracts [payable out of South Sea Stock], with a list of them.Register of Papers Read at the Treasury T4/19, p. 152.
Sept. 15. Minutes.
Present: Lord Treasurer.
The Customs Commissioners and Mr. Horace Walpole [are] called in. Several letters [are read] and a certificate that Mr. Negus (who is recommended by Lord Townsend to be Surveyor of Yarmouth) is no inhabitant or merchant of that town; also an affidavit proving that he is an inhabitant and Common Councilman and a trader [there].
Several reports and presentments of the said Commissioners are read and minutes [are] taken [and endorsed] thereupon.
[Write to] Mr. Moore to make a demand for a month's full pay for the Half Pay Officers of Lord Hyndford's late Regiment who are ordered to go for Scotland; who are [ordered by my Lord Treasurer] to have the said full pay reckoned to them from the time of their arrival in Scotland pursuant to a warrant from the Lords Justices in this behalf.Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 25.
Sept. 15. Papers Read.
The report from the Taxes Commissioners [is read] upon Mr. Le Bas's petition relating to [an] assignment of the offreckonings of Gen. Hills's [John Hill's] Regiment [which assignment was] purchased by him from Mr. Peters.Referred to the Attorney and Solicitor General.
Petition [read] from Eliza. and Sarah Swanton, executors of Edward Pyle, deceased, for 231l. 14s. 4d. surplusage on his account as Chief Woodward of New Forest. [Referred]to Mr. Wilcox[Surveyor General of Woods, Trent South]to know how this may be satisfied. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury T4/19, p. 152.
Sept. 16.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Mr. Cæsar, the] Treasurer of the Navy is called in with Mr. Micklethwayte in relation to 30,000l. to be paid over by the said Treasurer to the said Micklethwayte (for transport service) in Malt talliesanno1713. [My Lord Treasurer directs] Mr. Caesar to attend tomorrow morning with an exact account of all the effects in his hands for the service of the Navy.
[My Lord directed issues as follows] to the said Navy Treasurer, out of the money in the Exchequer for this year's service:
on the head of Wages £ s. d.
for Flag pay, chirurgeon's necessaries, bounties to widows &c. 10,196 16 2
for the pay-officers of ships already paid off 10,000 0 0
for the further carrying on the pay of ships at Portsmouth and Plymouth 50,000 0 0
for beginning the payment of ships at Chatham 25,000 0 0
on the head of Victualling
for half a year's pay to the Victualling [Office] labourers from Xmas [sic,? Michaelmas] quarter 1712 to Lady day 1713, being the time the Navy Yards are paid to 5,666 12 6
for paying off discharged bakers &c. arrived from Port Mahon 300 0 0
£101,163 8 8
[My Lord] ordered an issue of 9,300l. 12s. 6d. to Mr. Brydges [as late Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad]: out of the 25l. per ton on French wines [7–8 Wm. III, c. 20] and several other funds in the Exchequer applicable to making good the Deficiencies of former years’ supplies: and is to be applied and paid over for the ordinary pay of the Saxe Gotha Troops from the 22 Dec. 1712 to the day of their dismission, [together with] one month's pay for their return home [which is] included according to the vote of the House of Commons on the 3 June 1713. (fn. 1)
Upon reading a report from the Attorney and Solicitor General in relation to the Tin Contract my Lord Treasurer thinks the Contract must go on and directs a warrant to be prepared for his Majesty's royal sign manual for a privy seal to be passed for that purpose.
[My Lord directs the issue of] 10,000l. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance for Land and Sea services [of the Office of Ordnance].Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 26.
Sept. 16. Papers Read.
Petition [read] from Mr. Tho. Herbert for the place of Comptroller of the Great Customs on wool and leather exported, now vacant by the decease of Mr. John Needler, petitioner having been serviceable in the Duty on soap.My Lord is engaged for this but will consider him for some other place upon a vacancy.
A state [is read] of the Robes account for three years to Lady day 1714 with Auditor Foley's report thereupon.The state is agreed [by my Lord Treasurer] and the warrant [for preparing the same for Declaration is] to be prepared and the Chancellor [of the Exchequer] will declare anew the account of the Robes for the Duchess of Marlborough's time.
A representation [is read] from John Stone, late distributor of stamped paper in Yorkshire, with the recommendation of the Earls of Carlisle and Wharton. [Referred by my Lord Treasurer]to the Stamps Commissioners.
A report [is read] from the Commissioners for Disbanding Marines on the petition of the Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council of Canterbury relating to the debts of three Serjeants of General [Charles] Wills’ Regiment of Marines who were imprisoned there and [who were] therefore not paid with the Regiment, praying payment of their arrears for satisfying their creditors. [My Lord Treasurer]ordered[payment thereof].Register of Papers Read at the Treasury,T4/19, p. 153.
Sept. 17.
Present: Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Moore [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, is] called in. His memorial is read for one month's full pay to the Half Pay Officers of the late Regiments of Col. [William] Kerr, the Earl of Hyndford, Brigadier [Alexander] Grant, Col. [John] Pocock, Col. [James] Leigh and Lord Mark Ker, who are directed forthwith to repair to Scotland: [which month's pay is] directed by a warrant to the said Mr. Moore from the Lords Justices of England to be reckoned to them from the 11th inst., amounting to 2,206l. 10s. 0d. My Lord Treasurer directs the said sum to be issued to the said Mr. Moore out of the money in the Exchequer appropriated in aid of the funds granted for the service of this year.
Mr. Garden, Secretary to the Duke of Buckingham, is called in. He acquaints my Lord Treasurer that his Grace doth not insist on the recommendation he made of Mr. Rogers to be Receiver of the Land Tax for Co. Bucks. Whereupon my Lord Treasurer orders Mr. Turney's commission for that receipt to be delivered out, the Commissioners for bringing in arrears of Taxes having made a report as to his qualifications and the security proposed by him.
Upon a memorial from Mr. Lyn my Lord Treasurer directs a letter to Mr. Burchet to move the Admiralty Lords that Mr. Richard Carter, purser of theTorbaylaid up at Chatham, may have leave to attend the making up of the muster rolls of the Marine Regiments.
[Write to the] Auditors of Imprests to send my Lord a state of all accounts depending before them and to let my Lord know whether the accountants do prosecute the same according to their duty; and that the said Auditors do make such observations therein in relation to each accountant as they shall think proper for his Grace's full information in each particular [case].Treasury Minute Book XXI, p. 27.
Sept. 17. Papers Read.
Memorial [read] from Craven Peyton, Esq., praying that the Auditor and the Receiver of the Duchy of Cornwall may be directed to pay 1,500l. in arrear of the pension of the late Earl of Bath.Referred [by my Lord Treasurer]to the[said]Auditor and Receiver to state this: and their report, when it comes, [is hereby to be referred]to the Attorney General. The Auditor's report referred to the Attorney General the 30 Sept.Register of Papers Read at the Treasury,T4/19, p. 154.


  • 1. Commons Journals XVII, p. 390: 3 June 1713. Mr. Conyers reported from the Grand Committee of Supply a series of seven Resolutions for grant of Supply. The fifth of these Resolutions was as followsResolvedthat it is the opinion of this Committee that a sum not exceeding 9,300l. 12s. 6d. be granted to her Majesty to defray her part of the charge of the pay of the Saxe-Gotha Troops from the 22 of December 1712 to the time of their dismission, with one month's pay from that time according to the Treaty in that behalf.