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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 29, 1714-1715. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1957.

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Pacey, Samuel, Receiver General of Taxes for Suffolk, 540.

-, William, Receiver General of assessments and House Duties, for part of Norfolk, 59, 622, 667, 670.

Pack, Anne, pension for, 676.

-, Samuel, pension for, 213, 676.

Packer, Mary, lease of houses in St. James's Street, 823.

Pacquet Boats. See Post Office.

Paddington. See London and WestminsterStreets, etc., in.

Paddon, George, captain, Plenipotentiary to treat with the Emperor of Fez, Morocco, etc., bills drawn by, 178.

letter from, 46.

ordinary of, 714, 730.

payments to, 762, 803.

voyage to Gibraltar, 770, 798.

Padstow, co. Cornwall, riding officers at, 619, 673; waiter and searcher at, 619.

Pagan, John, tidewaiter at Inverness, dismissed, 503.

Page, Sir Gregory, of Greenwich, baronetcy fee due from, 328.

-, formerly Anguish, Mary, wife of Thomas, salary of Customer of Great Yarmouth port paid to, 799.

-, Robert, tidesman in London port, 673.

-, -, weighing porter's place in London port, 260.

-, Thomas, wife of. See Page, Mary.

-, William, quartermaster in Wharton's regiment, half pay for, 596.

Paget, Henry, 1st Earl of Uxbridge, Baron Burton, creation of, 768.

Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard, allowance, 505.

Longford Mills, purchased from, 439, 491.

Pagez, Peter d', French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 586.

Pain, Paine. See Payne.

Painter, Serjeant. See Highmore, T.

Painters. See Kneller, Sir G.; Thornhill, James.

Paisible, James, pension for, 216.

Paitfield, James, corn, etc., supplied to the garrison at Port Mahon, 209.

Palatines, poor, 551, 647; troops. See Army-Catalonia.

Palfrey, George, ensign in Stewart's regiment, half pay for, 601.

Palie, Susanna, pension for, 680.

Palin, Matthew, ensign in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 597.

Pallet, James, quartermaster, half pay for, 605.

Palmer, , payment to, for services in the Custom House fire, 652.

-, -, royal bounty for, 247.

-, Charles, pension for, 676, 702.

-, Joseph, messenger of the Chamber, payment to, 81.

-, Renatus, deputy King's Waiter, London port, 368, 374.

-, Richard, payment to, for Army clothing, 51.

-, Sir Thomas, Commissioner for taking and stating Army debts, 869.

-, Thomas, Commissioner of Stamps, 194.

-, William, distributor of stamped paper for London, 383.

-, -, surveyor of Duties on Houses for Suffolk, 350.

Palmes, Guy, pension for, 218, 676.

-, William, junior, pension for, 676.

Palsy, 352.

Paltock, Robert, pension for, 217, 676.

Palvin, Elizabeth, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 477.

-, Margaret, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 474.

Pamphlets, Duties on. See Stamp Duties.

Pancaitland. See Hamilton, J.

Pandin, Jasper, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 588.

Pannell, Anna, royal bounty in Scotland for, 428.

Panton, John, and Company, sufferers by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 469.

-, Thomas, regiment of, 86.

Papeen, Peter, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 465.

Paper, pasteboards and stained paper, Duties on (as by 89 Wm. III, c. 7, 9 Anne, c. 12, 9 Anne, c. 16, 10 Anne, c. 18, 10 Anne, c. 19 and 13 Anne, c. 18), 146, 850.

arrears of, issue out of, 136.

clerks employed in, allowances, 654, 843.

Commissioners for, commission, 156, 844; in Scotland, commission, 382.

drawback on paper used in University Presses, 325, 355.

incidents bills, 228, 422.

issue out of, 804.

salary bills, Scotland, 361, 384, 488.

Paper Office. See State Paper Office.

Papillon [Philip], Cashier of the Victualling to the Earl of Orford, accounts of, 23, 130.

Papin, Gabriel, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 470.

-, John, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 471.

-, Lewis, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 588.

Papists, 156, 450.

Papot, John, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 587.

Parc. See Du Parc.

Parchment, Duties on. See Hides, etc.; Stamp Duties.

Pardaillan, Victory, French refugee, pension for, 680.

Pargitor, Edmund, General Inspector of the Outports in North Britain, 75, 88.

Paris, 81, 184, 719, 722, 850.

Paris, Edward, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 480.

-, Elizabeth, assignee of a Banker's annuity, 387.

-, Richard, administrator and nephew of Elizabeth, 387.

Parke (Park, Parkes, Parks), Daniel, colonel, Customs debt of, 162, 740, 798.

murder of, expenses of witnesses in trial for, 276, 452.

surety for. See Perry, M.

-, John, Dempster of the Justiciary in Scotland, 358.

-, -, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 467.

-, -, surveyor of Duties on Houses, co. Stafford, 426.

-, Mary, widow of Richard, 345.

-, Nicholas, son and heir of Richard, tenements purchased by, 345.

-, Richard, lieutenant in Wharton's regiment, half pay for, 596.

-, -, tenements, etc., of, seized for Customs debt, 345.

-, William, tidesman and boatman in Berwick port, 744.

Parker, John, Agent for Prizes at Falmouth, his prosecution, imprisonment, services, etc., 558, 669, 703 .

-, -, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 476.

-, -, tenant of a house in Pall Mall Street, 697.

-, Peter, tidesman at Bristol, 486.

-, Sir Thomas, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, appointment and salary, 162, 225, 348; clerk of, charges of, 451; messages sent to, at Stafford, 81.

-, Thomas, ensign in Chudleigh's regiment, half pay for, 47, 605.

-, -, of Kibworth, lease for the life of, 637, 717.

Parkes. See Parke.

Parks. See Parke.

Parks. See Royal Parks.

Parliament, Acts of, printed copies of, 454, 549, 684, 687, 8023.

Clerk of. See Johnson, M.

Members of, 636.

stationery for, 454.

Parma, Duke of, Envoy Extraordinary from. See Gazola, Comte.

Parmiter, Samuel, landwaiter in Bristol port, 773.

Parr, Thomas, payment to, for Army clothing, 51.

Parrot (Parrott), John, Salt Duty watchmen at Cullercoats, 523.

-, William, importer of brandy and rum, 444, 498, 653.

Parry, Benjamin, Public Register, pension for, on the Irish establishment, 585.

-, David, tidesman in Bristol port, 773.

-, Thomas, lieutenant in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 597.

Parsons, John, Comptroller of Excise and New Imposts in Scotland, 323, 845.

-, Richard, weighing porter in London port, 521.

-, Robert, captain in Chudleigh's regiment, half pay for, 47, 605.

-, -, weighing porter in London port, 487.

Partington, William, surgeon in Morice's regiment, half pay for, 597.

Pascal, Frances, pension for, 681.

Pascall, Benjamin, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 586.

Pascol, Thomas, tidesman and boatman in Falmouth port, 725.

Pasey. See Du Pasey.

Passy, Lewis, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 588.

Pasteboards, Duties on. See Paper.

Paston, Charles, Lord Paston, royal bounty for, 700.

Patillo. See Pattillo.

Patland, Thomas, pretended executor of Sir W. Robinson, prosecution of, 450.

Patonnier, Clement, French refugee, pension for, 681.

Patrick, Andrew, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 470.

Patten, Archibald, major, petition for pension in Ireland, 660, 807.

Patterson, , house of, near to Marylebone Street, 698.

Pattillo, Mary, pension for, 217, 676.

Pattinson, Robert and Company, proposal of, for victualling Gibraltar Garrison, 183.

Pattison, Thomas, surveyor of Duties on Houses, co. Cumberland, 650.

Paul, , prosecuted for seditious words spoken at Norwich, 301.

-, Francis, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 588.

-, Joshua, outlaw, lands of, 756.

-, Mathew, surveyor of Duties on Houses for Devon, 501.

-, Robert, assistant to the Comptroller General of Customs accounts, appointment, salary, etc., 334, 370, 3978.

-, William, master of the Medway galley, 771.

Pauldon, Rebecca, pension for, 676.

Paulen (Paulin), Count de, regiment of, broke, 561; lieutenant in, 329, 561.

Paulet. See Poulett.

Pauncefort (Pauncefoot), Edward, Receiver General (Cashier) of Excise, 179.

allowances, 843.

appointment, 313, 842, 843.

incident charges, 228.

payments to, 4212.

petitions of, 143, 156, 184, 228, 374.

-, -, houses of, in Pall Mall, 574, 673.

Pavillard, Jonas, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 588.

Pawlett. See Poulett.

Paxton, William, adjutant in Chudleigh's regiment, half pay for, 47, 605.

Paye, Thomas, payment to, for stationery, 577.

Payne (Bayne, Pain, Paine, Payn), , pension in Scotland for, 427.

-, -, removed from Cambridge to Newgate, 451.

-, -, sent express to London by the Ambassador in Paris, 720.

-, Charles, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 473.

-, Edwin, of Reading, malster, security for S. Knight, 412.

-, Hannah, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 482.

-, John, Register of Pamphlets, 378.

-, Matthew, house in Bore Street, Abingdon built by, 786.

-, Richard, tenant of a house in Meggot's Court, St. James's, 787.

-, Stephen, colonel, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 479.

-, William, child of the Chapel Royal, clothing for, 322; payment to, 733.

Paynter, James, captain in Chudleigh's regiment, half pay for, 47, 605.

Payzant, Lewis, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 589.

Peace, the late, medals distributed on the occasion of, 87.

Peacock, Lawrence, mate of the Customs smack at Shoreham, 112.

Pearce (Pearse, Peirce, Peirse, Pierce), , Mrs., payment to, 94.

-, Edward, major general, half pay for, 598.

regiment of dragoons of, pay, subsistence and clothing of, 825, 826; reformed officers of, half pay for, 598.

-, Edward Lovet, cornet in Pearce's regiment, half pay for, 598.

-, Rowland, pension for, 212, 676.

-, Stephen, serjeant in Wills' regiment of Marines, imprisoned for mutiny, 90.

-, Thomas, regiment of, at Gibraltar, subsistence and contingencies, 9, 68.

Pearde, Richard, junior, lieutenant in Pearce's regiment, half pay for, 598.

-, -, senior, lieutenant in Pearce's regiment, half pay for, 598.

Pearne, John, Lieutenant Governor of Montserrat, salary, 547.

Pearse. See Pearce.

Pearson (Peirson), John, defective Lottery order of, 611.

-, -, captain in Bowles' regiment, half pay for, 599.

Pechells, Marquise de, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 588.

Pechelves, Mary de, French refugee, pension for, 681.

Peck, Philip, salt works at Flint reopened by, 185.

-, Robert, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 483.

Pedlars. See Hawkers.

Peercyfull. See Perceval.

Peers, Sir Charles, attends on behalf of Trustees for sale of South Sea Stock, 38.

Peers, House of. See Lords, House of.

Peet, John, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 486.

Peirce, Peirse. See Pearce.

Peirson. See Pearson.

Pelham, , captain in Pepper's regiment, half pay for, 603.

-, Henry, Clerk of the Pells, 95, 438, 517, 817; allowances and fees, 127, 319, 366.

-, John, surveyor, waiter and searcher at Shoreham, 521.

-, Thomas, 1st Baron Pelham, creation of, 768.

-, -, 2nd Baron Pelham, created Earl of Clare, 768.

-, -, Commissioner for taking and stating Debts due to the Army, 869.

Pellat, Alexander, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 588.

Pellet, , pension for, 365.

Pellissier, Jane, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 589.

Peltier, James, captain, military pensioner in Ireland, 593.

Pember, Mary, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 465.

Pemberton, Roger, lieutenant in Windsor's regiment, half pay for, 602.

-, -, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 477.

-, Thomas, tidesman in Bristol port, 673.

Pembroke, county of, Justices of. See Beeston, H.; Bridges, E.; Salkeld, W.; Vaughan, R.; Winnington, F.

Receiver General of assessments and House Duties, 523. See also Phillips, J.

surveyor of House Duties.

See Couch, B.; Edwards, F.

Pembroke and Montgomery, Earl of.

See Herbert, Philip; Herbert, Thomas; Herbert, William.

Pembruge, Charles, landwaiter in Bristol port, dismissed, 619.

Pencaitland. See Hamilton, James.

Pence, coining of, 330.

Pendar (Pender), Peter, trader in woollen manufactures, information against, 551, 636.

Pendarves (Pendarvis), Alexander, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, delivery of surveys, books, etc., to his successor, 407.

letter to, 145.

patent revoked, 338.

petition referred to, 147.

reports by, 431, 463, 491, 492, 568, 7567.

salary, 523.

-, -, Surveyor General of Works, 236.

Pendennis Castle, co. Cornwall, Crown's lease of the site of, 492.

Pender. See Pendar.

Pendlebury, James, Master Gunner in the Tower and elsewhere in Great Britain, appointment, fee, etc., 103, 440.

Penhallow, Emanuel, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 464.

Penhiero, Isaac, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 474.

Penman, James, Assay Master of the Mint at Edinburgh, 245.

Pennefather, Matthew, Muster Master General of Ireland, 47, 539.

Pennington, Thomas, King's waiter in London port, 206, 369.

Pennsylvania, Governor of, letter to, 128.

Penny, John, distributor of stamped parchment and paper for co.

Southampton and the Isle of Wight, 410.

-, Mary, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 469.

Penny Post Office. See Post Office.

Penotiere. See La Penotire.

Penotire. See La Penotire.

Penruddock, , et al., prosecuted for a riot at Salisbury, 301.

Penry, Mathew, tidesman at Bristol, 486.

Penryn, co. Cornwall, 800; M. P. for.

See Trefusis, S.; waiter and searcher at, 619.


Army. See Army.

expense of, estimate of, 380.

French. SeeFrench.

in Ireland. See Ireland.

King's private pensions and bounties, establishments of, 67382; mentioned, 294, 711.

issues for, 35, 193, 293, 305, 437, 526, 625, 683, 695, 722, 753, 759, 803, 809, 830, 852, 860.

Paymasters of. See Clayton, W.; Godfrey, E.; Heblethwayte, C.; Lowther, T.

Payment of, warrant for, 682.

lists of, required, 306.

Navy. See NavyChatham Chest.

on: the Duchy of Cornwall, 197, 251, 376; Excise 152, 251, 376, 554; Four and a Half per cent Duty, 186; First Fruits and Tenths, 138, 142, 239, 244; Post Office, 8, 152, 461, 553; Scottish Crown Rents, 208, 231.

out of the Alienation Office, 239.

paid by the Lord Almoner, 291, 293, 678, 702.

paid at the Exchequer Receipt, 30, 344.

Queen Anne's private pensions and bounties, 30, 34, 169, 185, 343, 6789, 725.

arrears of, account of, 21118.

issues for, 28, 30, 160, 187, 188, 192, 202, 211, 255, 36466, 376, 423.

list of, consideration of, 284.

Paymaster of. See Compton, S.; Nicholas, E.

Queen Mary's, 185.

Pensioners and Annuitants , named:

Aberdeen, Bishop of.

Abernathy, Margaret.

Aikman, .

Albenas, C.

Aldebert, J.

Alix, Magdalen.

Alix, Mary.

Allonne, A. T. d'.

Amatis, A.

Andat, J.

Angier, C.

Antrim, S.

Appia, C.

Appia, P.

Argyll, John, Duke of.

Arilliers, Mary d'.

Arlington, Countess Dowager of.

Armand, L.

Armstrong, Katherine.

Armstrong, Mary.

Arnold, J.

Arnold, Susannah.

Ashton, Mary.

Athenry, Lord.

Atkinson, Elizabeth.

Atterbury, T.

Aubert, J.

Auchmoutie, .

Austen, Mary.

Auverquerque, H. de Nassau, Sieur de.

Auverquerque, Lady.

Ayscough, M.

Babell, C.

Babington, colonel, widow of.

Bacalan, Isabella de.

Baggot, R.

Baignoulxe, P.

Balawdrie, P.

Ball, J.

Ballisis, T.

Balmier, P.

Bancons, I.

Bancons, J.

Barbot, Madame.

Barclay, T.

Barnier, Mary.

Barnwall, Sir G.

Barquet, Mary de.

Barricave, Rose.

Barry, J.

Barry, Mary.

Barton, Catherine.

Bartram, T.

Baru, J.

Bascoul, D.

Bastidebarbut, F.

Bastin, Martha.

Bath, John, Earl of.

Batten, Elizabeth.

Battle, Elizabeth.

Bayley, J.

Bayse, J.

Beaubisson, P.

Beauchamp, J.

Beaucours, Elizabeth.

Becone, Judith.

Bedford, Elizabeth.

Begat, C. de.

Belcastle, Brigadier, heirs of.

Belcher, Elizabeth.

Belet, C.

Bell, Jane.

Belland, C. la M.

Belland, L. de.

Bellefons, Henriette de.

Bellegard D.

Bellenden, Lord

Bellew, Lord.

Belloc, I.

Bellomont, Richard, Earl of.

Belorient, J.

Benigne, Judith.

Benson, Susanna.

Berault, Mary.

Berkeley, Isabella, widow.

Berkeley, Jane.

Bernard, A.

Bernard, J.

Bernatre, D.

Bessieres, J.

Bette, Frances de G. de.

Bette, Henrietta de.

Bette, Susanna de.

Beveridge, Mary.

Beverley, T.

Bew, Frances.

Bezut, C. B. de.

Bigos, J.

Bing, Anne.

Birch, Deborah, widow.

Birmingham, J.

Blagny, Mary de.

Blair, A.

Blance, Susanna de.

Blaney, Lord.

Blosset, P. de.

Boaton, P.

Bocock, Mary.

Bodens, W. A.

Boisrond, S. de.

Boisrousseau, Anne de.

Boitout, Mary.

Bonabel, Susan.

Bonnet, Marie.

Bonneval, A.

Bontoux, J.

Booth, G.

Borrett, E.

Bosleroy, C.

Bosoche, P.

Boucher, Elizabeth.

Boucher, Mary.

Boucherie, J.

Bouhereau, .

Bouquet, H.

Bourbon, Catherine de.

Bourdigues, E.

Bourdigues, M.

Boyce, W.

Boyer, J.

Boyle, Henrietta C.

Boyle, Mary.

Bradley, R.

Braguire, J.

Brass, Sarah.

Brassalaye, Isabeau de.

Brasselay, J.

Brassley, , children of.

Briant, G.

Briant, M.

Bridgewater, Scroop, Earl of.

Brisac, Elizabeth.

Brisac, Magdalen.

Brockett, W.

Browne, E.

Browne, Faith.

Browne, G.

Browne, Sarah.

Bruce, Margaret.

Bruges, Rebecca.

Bruggire, Judith de.

Brugiere, Mary.

Brunneval, Mary.

Brunville, M.

Brunyer, J.

Bruse, Mary de.

Buccleuch, Ann, Duchess of.

Buchan, David, Earl of.

Buck, Catherine.

Buckingham, Duchess of.

Bunce, Williamina.

Bureau, P.

Burghill, Grisel.

Bute, James, Earl of.

Butler, W.

Button, J.

Butts, J.

Cabin, Gabrilla M.

Cabroll, F.

Cailhott, J.

Cailland, S.

Caithness, Alexander, Earl of.

Caladon, P.

Calahan, M.

Caldwell, Elizabeth.

Callaghan, F.

Calvairat, D.

Calvert, Elizabeth.

Campbell, J.

Campbell, Margaret.

Camsey, Jane.

Cantiran, Susanna de.

Caries, M.

Carmichael, Sir W.

Carstares, Sarah.

Cassell, N.

Cassilis, Mary, Countess Dowager of.

Castefranc, G.

Catelet, C.

Cathcart, Allen, Lord.

Cathcart, Jane.

Catherine of Brangana, Queen Dowager.

Cavan, Casteliana, Countess of.

Cavan, Earl of.

Cecil, W.

Cercler, M. La M.

Ceville, Hester de.

Chabanne, Mary de.

Chabert, S.

Chabrieres, I.

Chadignac, Mary J. de.

Chaloner, E.

Chamberlain, J.

Chamberlain, T.

Chamier, .

Chamier, Magdalen de.

Champagne, Mary de.

Champlaurier, M.

Champlaurier, Mary de.

Champlaurier, Susanna de.

Champy, J. La M.

Chantrell, Barbara.

Chardeloup, J.

Charmois, Henriette de H.

Charon, Mariane de.

Charrier, I.

Chavernay, Lucrece de.

Chelar, P.

Christian, Anne.

Chudleigh, J.

Church, Ursula.

Churchill, C.

Cigala, Viscomte.

Clancarty, Countess of, children of.

Clarendon, Earl of.

Clark, M.

Clark, Susanna.

Clauson, Elinor.

Claverie, J. A.

Clavier, J.

Clavier, P.

Clealand, Margaret.

Clervault, Esther de.

Cleveland, Duchess of.

Cloffe, Elizabeth.

Clou, Anne de.

Codroy, Catherine.

Colepeper, John, Lord.

College, Edith.

Collins, Alice.

Collins, Anne.

Colt, Sir H. D.

Colvert, Elizabeth.

Combecrose, Margaret.

Coney, .

Constantine, J.

Constantine, P.

Contierr, Judith de.

Conway, E.

Conway, Eleanor.

Conway, M.

Cornelius, R.

Cornet, Mary.

Cornwallis, T.

Coulom, D.

Coulom, J. J.

Courey, Mary Anne de.

Couron, F.

Court, D. L.

Court, Mariane de.

Courteil, A.

Cramache, H. de.

Crawford, John, Earl of.

Crespigny, G.

Cresserons, C. de.

Crocker, I.

Croharre, D.

Croizat, J.

Cromartie, John, Earl of.

Croses, I.

Crow, T.

Culliford, W.

Cuningham, Magdalen.

Curtis, G.

Custice, J.

Cutts, Joanna.

Dabbadie, D.

Dagar, Mary.

Dagneau, Louise.

Dagneau, Mary.

Dagor, J.

Dalby, J.

Dalem, Elizabeth S.

Dalhousie, Mary, Countess Dowager of.

Dallons, A.

Dalon, Frances.

Dalterat, J.

Damboix, F.

Dampier, S.

Dancourt, Mary.

Dandre, T.

Dangeau, Charlotte de.

Danger, J.

Darassus, J.

Darene, F.

Daripe, D.

Darques, L.

Dartmouth, William, Earl of.

Daubussarques, J.

Davenport, S.

Davesnes, C. de.

Davessein, Gidida.

Davessein, Magdalen.

Davessein, Margaret.

Davessein, Mary Anne.

David, M.

Dawson, Hester.

Dawson, T.

Delande, A.

De La Warr, Lord.

Delom, P.

Deloraine, Henry, Earl of.

Denby, H.

Denmark, Prince Charles of.

Dennis, P.

Derby, A.

Dering, D.

Desborow, C.

Desbrisay, T.

Desherbiers, R.

Des Maizeux, P.

Despierres, W.

Des Tourneaux, A.

Deveille, Anne.

Devic, Dame Sarah.

Dick, Sir A., children of.

Dickenson, Jane.

Disney, Anne.

Disney, Elizabeth.

Doffranville, Martha.

Dollon, Katherine de.

Dorchester, Countess of.

Dornand, Magdalen.

Dortoux, J.

Dosseville, Magdalen.

Doudart, Angelique.

Douglas, Duke of.

Douglas, Lady Jane and daughter

Douglas, Mary

Doyley, Elizabeth

Doyley, Mary

Drulhon, H.

Drury, R.

Du Bac, Catherine.

Du Bos, C.

Du Breuil, Mary.

Du Causse, H.

Du Chail, Catherine.

Du Chail, Mary.

Du Chesne, M.

Du Chesne, P.

Du Collombier, D.

Du Cross, J.

Du Fay, S.

Du Homet, J.

Duke, Anne.

Du Lac, B.

Du Marest, C.

Dumas, C.

Dumas, P.

Du Mesnil, F.

Dummer, Jane.

Dumont, Hester.

Dumont, Mary.

Dumont, Silla.

Dunbarton, George, Earl of.

Dunblane, Bishop of.

Duncan, C.

Dundass, J.

Du Parc, F.

Du Pasey, A.

Du Perce, L.

Du Petitbosc, D.

Durand, J. de.

Durand, P.

Durell, Susanna.

Duroches, C.

Du Rosell, Mary.

Du Rouze, F.

Dutoral, A.

Duvall, A.

Dwyre, J.

Eden, Anne.

Edinburgh, Bishop of.

Edmonston, W.

Edmunds, J.

Edwards, J.

Edwards, T.

Elford, R.

Elibank, Alexander, Lord.

Elphinstone, John, Lord.

Errard, Magdalen.

Erskine, C.

Estannie, I.

Eyre, C. N.

Fachin, W.

Falaiseau, .

Falkland, Lucius Henry, Viscount.

Falquerols, Bernardine de.

Falquier, Elizabeth.

Fanning, J.

Fanning, R.

Farinel, B.

Farjon, D.

Farquhar, , children of.

Farrange, G.

Farthing, Elizabeth.

Faure, J.

Favier, T.

Fawne, O.

Fenovillet, J.

Ferrand, N.

Fielder, R.

Fielding, Anne, and her brothers and sisters.

Findlater and Seafield, James, Earl of.

Fisher, R.

Fitzgerald, T.

Fitzharry, Anne.

Fitzharry, Judith.

Fitz Walter, Charles, Lord.

Fleming, Margaret.

Flournois, P.

Flower, Rebecca.

Foissac, Louise de.

Fonjuliane, G.

Fonjuliane, L.

Fontalba, L.

Fontanier, J.

Forbes, John, Lord.

Forrester, George, Lord.

Forteniere, D.

Fos, Catherine de.

Foster, Rebecca.

Foubert, H.

Foucault, Elizabeth.

Fountaine, J.

Fountanier, Diana de.

Fountanier, Esther de.

Fournier, Blanche de.

Foxton, Susanna.

Fraissinet, P.

Francis, Martha.

Franquefort, A.

Franquefort, Mary Benigne de.

Frazer, George, Lord.

Frescheville, Anne Charlotte, Lady.

Frotte, C.

Furton, F.

Gacherie, Mary.

Gallardy, L.

Galliard, J. E.

Gallissian, C.

Galway, Earl of.

Ganbert, S.

Ganme, B.

Garripuy, F.

Garrisson, A.

Gaspar, C.

Gates, B.

Gaujac, P. G. de.

Geneste, L.

Genuini, G.

Germain, B.

Germain, Susanna.

Gervaise, D.

Giberne, J.

Gibson, Elizabeth.

Gibson, Sir J.

Gill, W.

Girard, P.

Giraud, H.

Giraud, J.

Gladstaines, Anna.

Glatigny, A.

Goddard, Eleanor.

Godfrey, E.

Gohin, Hester.

Goisy, Charlotte de.

Goldsborough, Amy.

Goldsborough, Ann.

Goslin, J.

Gossard, Anne G.

Goullin, P.

Gourney, Anne.

Grafton, Charles, Duke of.

Grafton, Henry, Duke of.

Grafton, Isabella, Duchess Dowager of.

Graham, Alice.

Graham, Mary.

Graham, W.

Grance, J.

Grandey, J.

Grangue, Anne D. de.

Grant, Isabel.

Grantham, Henry, Earl of.

Graves, J.

Greni, J.

Grey, John, Lord.

Griffith, , widow.

Griffith, Mary.

Grindor, S. La M.

Groix, Anne B. de.

Grosvenor, Anne.

Grove, Elizabeth.

Guerin, Anne.

Guilhon, S. de.

Guilhermin, P.

Guion, W.

Guirand, F. de.

Guirand, Frances de.

Guirandet, C.

Guizot, J.

Gwillims, Isabella.

Hague, Minister of the English church at.

Haldane, J.

Hall, Elizabeth.

Hamilton, Elizabeth, and her sons.

Hamilton, G.

Hamilton, Dame Isabel.

Handel, G. F.

Hannus, L. d.

Hansard, J.

Hapgood, T.

Harlackenden, Catherine.

Harris, , captain, widow and children of.

Harris, Elizabeth.

Hartlib, Mary, widow.

Haughton, Tabitha.

Hawley, H.

Hawley, Judith, widow.

Hay, Lady Elizabeth.

Head, Anne.

Hencour, Elizabeth de St. de L. d'.

Hencour, Magdalen de St. de L. d'.

Hencour, Varania de St. de L.d'.

Henderson, M.

Henley, A.

Herauld, J.

Herbert, P.

Herman, , children of.

Hewardine, F.

Hildsley, Katherine.

Hill, Mary.

Hill, N.

Hill, R.

Hinton, S.

Holder, G.

Holstein Beck, Princess of.

Houghton, Tabitha.

How, J.

Howard, Henrietta.

Howard, J.

Howard, Lucy.

Howard, P.

Howard, Lord Frederick.

Howard of Effingham, Thomas, Lord.

Hughes, T.

Hume, Alexander, Earl of.

Hunsdon, William, Lord.

Hussey, Sarah.

Hutton, Mary.

Hutton, Penelope.

Hyde, Elizabeth.

Hyde, Mary.

Hyde, T.

Hyndford, James, Earl of.

Hyndford, John, Earl of.

Inchiquin, Lady Mary.

Inwood, R.

Ireland, Frances.

Ireland, Jane.

Irish, D.

Ironmonger, U.

Irons, H.

Jacob, A.

Jalaquier, J.

Jaucourt, Mary.

Jersey, Earl of.

Johnson, S.

Johnston, S.

Johnston, Sarah.

Jolliffe, Margaret.

Jollyvet, E.

Joly, Margaret.

Jones, J.

Journeau, Mary.

Joye, J.

Juigny, Henriette de C. de.

Justell, Charlotte

Kaysers, Emilie.

Keightley, Lady Frances.

Keightley, T.

Kemp, A.

Kennedy, Sir A.

Kennedy, C.

Kennedy, T.

Kensington, afternoon preacher at.

Kensington, minister of.

Kensington School, Treasurer of.

Kerr, Lord Mark.

Kershe, Anne.

Killigrew, Barbara.

Killigrew, Charlotte.

Killigrew, Elizabeth.

Kilmarnock, William Earl of.

Kimnaries, Margery.

Kincardine, Alexander, Earl of.

King, Alice.

Kinkaid, M.

Kinnoull, Thomas, Earl of.

Knight, A.

La Balme, J.

La Barre, Elizabeth de.

La Barthe, J.

La Bastide, A.

Labat, A.

La Beissude, J.

La Boissonade, S.

La Borde, Anne de.

La Boulay, C.

La Brisonniere, P.

La Brouse, J.

La Bruleray, J.

La Cailtire, T.

La Caltire, C.

La Capelle, I.

La Chancellerie, J.

La Chappelle, Mary.

La Cherrois, D.

La Chesnay, Louise Magdalen de.

La Chesnay, Mary de.

La Clide, J.

La Coste, J.

La Coudriere, J. de.

La Coudriere, W.

La Cour, A.

La Court, G. de.

La Crosiette, Margaret de.

La Deverse, Catherine Prat de.

La Faucille, R. de.

La Ferriere, Mary de.

La Fitte, J.

La Font, A.

La Fontaine, B.

La Force, D.

La Force, Duchess de.

La Fort, J.

La Fortelle, C.

La Garde, Martha.

La Grange, W.

Laisn, B.

La Lande, F.

La Lande, H.

La Malquire, L.

La Mangere, M.

Lamaria, A.

La Martinere, Magdalen de.

La Maugre, Louise Aime de.

Lambermont, Mary.

Lambert, Louisele Tresor du Mesnil.

Lambert, M.

Lambert, O.

La Meloniere, Anne de.

La Menardiere, Sieur de.

La Milliere, Anne Guinebaut de.

La Milliere, Florence.

Lammy, J.

La Molliere, S.

La Mongontiere, P.

La Motte, J.

La Motte, O.

La Mottebrocas, G.

La Mouline, Mary.

La Muce, Henriette Mary. de.

La Musse, Samuel Comte.

Lamy, P.

Lancaster, C.

Lane, T.

Lang, J.

Langlade, D.

Langrac, Anne de.

Lansac, Jane de.

Lansac, Mary de.

La Penotire, Susanna.

La Penotire, F.

La Perrine, Anne.

La Pie, Mary.

La Plaigne, Elizabeth.

La Plaigne, J.

La Porte, P.

Larden, J.

Larger, J.

La Rimbliere, J.

La Roche, Jacqueline Godeau de.

Laroche, P.

La Roque, A.

La Roque, J.

La Rousseliere, P.

La Rouvire, J.

Larthe, I. de.

La Salle, J.

La Salle, Jane de.

La Santier, A.

Laspois, Carolina de.

Laspois, Catherine Jane de.

Laspoise, Charlotte de.

La Touche, C.

La Touche, P. de.

Latour, P.

Launce, Joan.

Laval, D.

Lavall, P.

La Verie, Isabella de.

Layng, J.

Le Cercler, Mrs.

Le Circler, Susanna.

Le Conte, Elizabeth.

Le Coursey, J.

Lee, Mary.

Lefever, S.

Le Gendre, Mariane.

Le Goux, Angelique.

Le Grand, Emerauld.

Leighton, Susanna.

Le Mar, Margaret.

Le Mestre, J.

Lenfant, A.

Le Petit, L.

Lesbrille, I.

Lessere, J.

Lestablere, R.

L'Estanquet, . widow.

Le Vassor, .

Le Vassor, M.

Levinge, R.

Leymerie, V.

L Hermitage, R. de S.

Lifford, Earl of.

Liger, S.

Limarest, J.

Lincoln, Henry, Earl of.

Linderot, C.

Lindon, G.

Lindores, David, Lord.

Lisle, Mary de.

L Isle du gast, Marie de.

Livingston, Hannah.

Lloyd, P.

Lloyd, R.

Loche, A. de.

Loches, S. de.

Lockhart, Martha.

Lomaria, Constance de.

Lomaria, Mary de.

Longbotham, R.

Longchamp, P.

Longford, Viscount.

Longuevergue, Hester.

Longuevergue, Lucrece.

Longuevergue, Olympe de.

Lonpre, C. de.

Lorin, Margaret.

Lorrain, Margaret.

Loudoun, Hugh, Earl of.

Lounay, Louise de.

Louvigny, Henriette de.

Louvigny, Jane de Bene de.

Louvigny, Mary de.

Lovelace, Lady Charlotte and her son.

Lower, Josina.

Lowman, Jane.

Lunt, J.

Lutterell, H.

MacCarty, Lady Margaret

MacClean, Ann.

Macdonell, Elizabeth.

McDougall, Janet.

Machinville, A.

Mackenzie, F.

Mackenzie, Frances.

Mackraken, Elizabeth.

Maclean, Sir John.

McNeal, Mary.

Maddox, M.

Magney, A.

Magwire, D.

Maimbre, P.

Mainandue, M.

Majou, J.

Malherbe, F.

Mali, P.

Malleray, I.

Malray, I. de.

Manly, I.

Mansel, Anne.

Mansel, Frances.

Mansel, Rachel.

Mar, John, Earl of.

Mar, Margaret.

Maranein, Helena de.

Marchmont, Patrick, Earl of.

Marconny, S.

Maret, W.

Marioge, Catherine.

Marioge, Frances.

Marioge, John.

Marioge, Margaret.

Marmande, Charlotte Tallemont de.

Marolle, Susanna.

Marshall, Mary.

Martinere, Mrs.

Massee, F.

Massilos, J.

Massot, P.

Massuquier, Charlotte.

Masterton, N.

Matthews, Sarah.

Maturin, .

Mauclere, Anne de.

Maul, T.

Maxwell, W.

May, G.

Mazeres, A.

Meadows, Sir P.

Melon, J.

Menard, J.

Menard, P.

Menivall, F.

Meny, J. de.

Meoles, H.

Mercier, Martha.

Merciere, P.

Meslier, C.

Mezerat, A. de.

Michael, J.

Michell, Mary.

Mildmay, B.

Miller, R.

Miller, Sarah.

Millery, A.

Miln, Sir R.

Mimet, C. de.

Minshall, Elizabeth.

Miremont, Marquis de.

Molein, Susanna de.

Molie, Martha.

Moncal, A.

Moncall, M. A. de.

Moncau, Mary.

Monceau, Mademoiselle de.

Moncornet, D.

Monfort, P.

Mongand, J.

Monguion, Charlotte.

Monledier, J.

Monpinson, J.

Monpinson, M.

Monsegur, M. de.

Montandre, Mary de.

Montant, Anne.

Montant, Sylvia.

Montaut, J.

Montgomery, Marquis des Biars de.

Montigny, J. R. de.

Montigny, P.

Montmeillan, Anne Gabriele de.

Montmeillan, Margaret Barre de.

Montolieu, L.

Montseguer, M. de.

Mordington, Lady Mary.

Morel, P.

Moreland, S.

Morgan, Lady Anne.

Morgan, Ellen.

Morley, Ann.

Morris, D.

Morrison, Margaret.

Mouchard, Jane.

Mount Alexander, Earl of.

Mowat, Dame Antonatta.

Mowatt, Sir W.

Mure, W.

Murry, Mary.

Najac, Margaret.

Napier, John, Lord.

Nappier, W.

Nash, S.

Nassau, Siegen, Prince de.

Neufville, Baron de.

Neufville, C. M. de.

Neuville, F. de.

Nevill, .

New England, minister of.

Newberry, Cecilia.

Newgent, I.

Newman, Elizabeth.

Newport, Susanna, Lady.

Nissole, S.

Normand, E.

North, Judith.

Northumberland, Duke of.

Nottingham, Daniel, Earl of.

Nucilla, .

Oates, Rebecca.

Ofranville, Mrs. de.

O'Hara, Mary.

Okover, Sarah.

Oliphant, Patrick, Lord.

Oliver, M. S. de.

Ormonde, Duke of.

Osborne, C.

Otway, F.

Otway, Frances.

Outing, J.

Owen, H.

Oxford, Diana, Countess Dowager of.

Pack, Anne.

Pack, S.

Paddington, Churchwarden, Collector of Tythes and Surveyor of the Highway of.

Pagez, P. d'.

Paisible, J.

Palie, Susanna.

Palmer, C.

Palmes, G.

Palmes, W.

Paltock, R.

Pandin, J.

Papin, L.

Papot, J.

Pardaillan, V.

Parry, B.

Pascall, B.

Pascall, Frances.

Passy, L.

Patonnier, C.

Pattillo, Mary.

Paul, F.

Pauldon, Rebecca.

Pavillard, J.

Payne, .

Payzant, L.

Pechells, Marquise de.

Pechelves, Mary de.

Peirce, R.

Pellat, A.

Pellet, .

Pellissier, Jane.

Peltier, J.

Pembroke and Montgomery, Thomas, Earl of.

Pepin, J.

Percourt, B. G. de.

Perer, Mary.

Perigoix, Elizabeth.

Perrault, P.

Person, Elizabeth.

Persoode, P.

Petit, Mrs. .

Petit, Susanna.

Petitot, Lewisa.

Phillips, Lady Mary.

Phillips, W.

Piggot, Jane.

Pignot, Louise.

Pignot, Mary.

Pineau, P.

Pinsun, P.

Piozett, G.

Playfay, C.

Plunkett, Frances.

Plymouth, Countess of.

Ponsin, P.

Pontreau, F.

Poole, T.

Portall, P.

Porter, G.

Portneuf, Catherine de.

Portneuf, Susanna de.

Poucet, W.

Powell, W.

Power, B.

Power, H.

Power alias O'Hara, Katherine.

Prades, J. de.

Pratt, J.

Pressac, H. de.

Prestwich, Lady Mary.

Prez, L. de.

Primaudaye, A.

Primaudaye, Henriette.

Primaudaye, P.

Prou, A.

Pugh, Anne.

Purcell, E.

Purdon, Mary.

Puychenin, J.

Queensberry, James, Duke of.

Quin, H.

Quinsac, C. de.

Rabault, Henrietta.

Rabault, Jane.

Rainsford, F.

Ralegh, Frances.

Ramsay, Elizabeth.

Randon, P.

Randue, T.

Ranelagh, Earl of.

Raven, R.

Reader, Alice.

Reay, George, Lord.

Reboul, M. A.

Reeves, Mary.

Renaud, Frances Mary.

Reneval, Susanna.

Reneville, C. de.

Reresby, T.

Revall, P.

Revel, Joanna.

Reynolds, A.

Reynolds, Elizabeth.

Ricard, Judith.

Ricaut, Charlotte.

Richause, P. V.

Richbell, Anne.

Rientor, W.

Rivalls, L.

Rivett, J.

Robertown, A.

Roberts, Katherine.

Robethon, Elizabeth.

Robethon, Susanna.

Robins, Mary.

Roch, Ellen.

Roch, J.

Roch, Lord.

Rochegude, J. de.

Rochegude, Marquis de.

Rochemont, J.

Rolleston, Deborah.

Rollo, Robert, Lord.

Roscommon, Earl of.

Rose, J.

Rosebery, Earl of.

Ross, Anne.

Ross, Magdalen.

Rosset, L. de.

Rossieres, J.

Rossington, Elizabeth.

Rotterdam, minister of the English Church at.

Rouse, Mary de.

Rousele, Elizabeth.

Rousse, J.

Roussey, Lady Charlotte de.

Roux, A.

Roux, Judith de.

Roux, S.

Rowley, J.

Russell, G.

Russell, Lady Letitia.

Russell, Sir William.

Rycaut, C.

Sabatier, Margaret.

Sailly, C. de.

St. Agnan, A.

St. Albans, Charles Duke of.

St. Clair, Mademoiselle de.

St. Germain, G.

St. Hypolite, L.

St. Juliane, A.

St. Laurens, L.

St. Loe, Dorothy.

St. Loe, Jane.

St. Loe, Mary.

St. Maurice, M.

St. Mesme, Susanna Culan de.

St. Mesmim, S.

St. Pan, G.

St. Paul, Mary Frances de.

St. Philibert, J.

St. Pierre, H.

St. Puy, J.

Salenanne, Elizabeth.

Salisbury, C.

Sallinairne, Elizabeth.

Salnave, Elizabeth.

Samasan, Blanche.

Samasan, Henriette de.

Samasan, Mary de.

Sandor, A.

Sandwich, Edward, Earl of.

Sarette, Frances.

Sarrau, Margaret.

Sarrau, Susanna

Sarriere, Susanna de.

Sarter, F.

Sausin, J.

Savery, J. de.

Sayers, G.

Sayers, Sir J.

Schomberg, Frederick, Duke of.

Schomberg, Maynhard, Duke of.

Sempill, Frances, Lord.

Sercler, Susanna de.

Sermant, Marianna.

Sewell, Elizabeth.

Shalcross, Elizabeth.

Shales, , captain, daughters of.

Shales, C.

Sharpe, Dame Margaret.

Shaw, .

Shaw, Elinor.

Shaw, J.

Shelly, Mary.

Shipton, Alice.

Shore, J.

Shrewsbury, Charles, Duke of.

Siegler, Catherine.

Simcock, R.

Simmons, Mary.

Simpson, G.

Simpson, Margaret.

Simpson, Mary.

Simpson, Sarah.

Sisol, P.

Slingsby, Elizabeth.

Slingsby, Victoria.

Smith, R.

Smith, T.

Smith, W.

Smithsby, R.

Soligny, F. de.

Somers, John, Lord.

Sorell, Frances.

Souselles, Mademoiselle de.

Southampton, Duke of,

Stanhope, Katherine.

Stanyan, L.

Steel, Faith.

Strachan, J.

Struther, Anne.

Styrumb, Emilie de.

Styrumb, Mary Urseline de.

Surville, J.

Sutherland, John, Earl of.

Swintoun, Mary.

Sydenham, R.

Tagg, T.

Talbot, Catherine.

Tattersall, Elizabeth.

Tauranac, J.

Teissier, J.

Ternac, J.

Terrott, J.

Terson, T.

Tessin, Katherine.

Teudbeuf, P. J. de.

Tevigar, L.

Thanet, Elizabeth, Countess.

Tharot, G.

Thenie, Susan.

There, Mary de.

Thermin, Ann.

Therond, D.

Thomas, J.

Thomas, Magdalen.

Thonars, Anne.

Thornycroft, Mary.

Thors, Henriette Pons de.

Tippin, Frances.

Titchborne, Elizabeth.

Titchborne, Judith.

Titchborne, Margaret.

Toll, A.

Tomson, C.

Tomson, W.

Torpichen, James, Lord.

Torway, Dorothy.

Tottersell, Elizabeth.

Tourteron, Benigne.

Tourteron, Elizabeth.

Towers, Elizabeth.

Townsend, Margaret.

Townshend, G.

Tugny, Judith de Proisy Debte de.

Turner, D.

Tweeddale, Charles, Marquess of.

Valado, J.

Valentine, Judith.

Valogne, A.

Vander Poel, .

Varangle, J. de.

Vassor, M.

Vaudiere, C.

Vaudois ministers

Vaughan, Alice.

Vaury, J.

Vebron, Elizabeth de.

Veil, Anne de.

Veniere, Mary.

Vennevalle, C. de.

Verboon, Elizabeth.

Vernon, J.

Vernoux, M.


Verron, Elizabeth.

Verveillon, Mary.

Vesnevall, C. de.

Vestren, J.

Vialars, J.

Vicouse, Mary St. Faust.

Vicouse, T. de la Cour.

Vignan, P.

Vigne, F.

Vigneau, B. de.

Vigneul, L.

Vignolles, C.

Ville, P.

Villemisson, J.

Villeneave, Henrietta de.

Villeneave, Margaret.

Villeneuve, J.

Villiers, Anne.

Villiers, H., children of.

Vimar, Josias.

Vincent, J.

Virazel, Baron de.

Virazel, D. de.

Vivans, Joseph, Count of.

Waggot, Elizabeth.

Walkeling, C.

Walker, G., family of.

Walker, J.

Walter, Jane.

Walter, Mary.

Walters, Katherine.

Wandesford, Elizabeth.

Wanley, Dorothy.

Watson, W.

Webb, J.

Wemyss, Earl of.

Werndley, H.

Westley, R.

Westmorland, Thomas, Earl of.

Whaley, Winifred.

Wharton, Thomas, Marquis of.

Whichcoate, G.

Whittle, Anne.

Whittle, J.

Whittle, Margaret.

Wilkinson, Anne.

Wilkinson, Elizabeth.

Williamson, E.

Windram, Helen.

Windsor, Dean and Canons of.

Windsor, Old, Vicar of.

Windsor School, Governors of.

Winstanley, Elizabeth.

Witick, G.

Wright, Sarah.

Wroughton, Teresa.

Wyndham, Sir F.

Wyndham, Frances.

Wynne, Catherine.

Yates, N., heirs of.

Young, Frances.

Young, Mercy.

Pentecost Division, St. Christopher, 134.

Penzance, co. Cornwall, Customs smack at, commander of. See Gideon, S.; Thompson, .

ships seized at, 576, 577.

Pepin, John, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 588.

Pepper, Duties on. See Customs Duties.

Customs warehouse for, 533.

seized, 96.

Pepper, John, major general, half pay for, 48, 603.

regiment of dragoons of (8th Hussars), 437.

disbanded, 48.

officers of, half pay for, 48, 603; petitions of, 417, 566.

on the Irish establishment, 8289.

subsistence of, 200, 418, 566, 828.

Pepys, Roger, sheriff of cos. Cambridge and Huntingdon, account of, 6689.

-, Samuel, executor of. See Hewer, W.

Treasurer for the Tangier Garrison, Clerk of the Acts of the Navy and Secretary of the Admiralty, accounts of, 488.

Perce. See Du Perce.

Percival (Perceval, Peercyfull, Percivall), Cecelia, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 467.

-, John, Baron Perceval of Burton, afterwards Earl of Egmont, lease of houses, etc., in Pall Mall, 446, 525, 555, 651, 799.

-, Josiah, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 471.

-, Valentine, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 467.

Percourt, Bonne Green de, French refugee, pension for, 680.

Perer, Mary, pension for, 681.

Perfedd, co. Cardigan, manor of, stewardship of, 197.

Perigoix, Elizabeth, French refugee, pension for, 680.

Perkes, Benjamin, prosecuted for seditious words spoken at Worcester, 301.

Perkinson, James, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 481.

Perkis, Hatchadura, goods of, seized by Customs, 664.

Perone, Catherine, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 470.

Perpetuities to:

Christ Church, Dublin, Chapter of, 583; Dean and Chapter of, 583.

Dublin, Archbishop of, 583.

Fairfax, Colonel, heirs of, 195, 554.

French Ministers in Ireland, 583.

Meath, Bishop of, 583.

Trinity College, Dublin, 583.

Perrault, Pierre, French refugee, pension for, 681.

Perrin, Thomas, tobacco merchant, debt of, 183, 190, 345, 556; prisoner in the Fleet, 556.

sureties for. See Silk, J.; Wise, R.

surety for T. Coleman, 146.

Perrine. See La Perrine.

Perry, Duties on. See Malt.

Perry, John, assignee of a commission of bankrupt, Bankers Annuities paid to, 74952.

-, -, petition of, 661.

-, -, tidesman at Plymouth, 534.

-, Mervin, chaplain in Chudleigh's regiment, half pay for, 47, 605.

-, Micajah, security for colonel D. Park, petition of, 162, 740, 798.

-, Richard, security for W. Bird, petition of, 418.

-, Thomas, Lottery orders lost by, innovated, 525, 534.

Perse, James, surveyor of landcarriage waiters at the Gates of Edinburgh, 667.

Persian, carpets, 856; silks, 544, 834.

Person, Elizabeth, pension for, 216.

Persoode, Peter, pension for, 213.

Perth, co. Perth, tide waiters at, 416, 513, 666.

Petcairn, George, declines appointment as surveyor, landwaiter and searcher in Shetland, 89.

Peter. See Peters.

Peterborough, Earl of. See Mordaunt, Charles.

Peterhead, Aberdeen, Customs boatman at, 665.

Peterman, Rotheram, King's Waiter, London port, 314, 320, 846, 851.

Peters (Peter), , papers relating to Robert Peters in hands of, 389.

-, John, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 464.

-, Robert, Auditor of the Exchequer Receipt, 106.

-, -, Receiver General of assessments, co. Hertford, Army clothing, etc., supplied by, 413.

creditors and sureties of, 37, 989, 130.

debt of, to the Crown, 37, 989, 130, 370, 4012, 414, 557.

extended estate of, 37, 389.

offreckonings assigned by, 13, 22, 37, 69, 86, 989, 117, 145, 186, 389, 4012, 413.

petition for extraordinary charges, 130.

stock assigned by, 414.

Peterson, Peter, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 469.

-, William, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 473.

Petit (Pettit), , payment to, 313.

-, -, Mrs., pension for, 365.

-, Lewis, Brigadier, attends, 16, 119.

payments by, payments to, etc., relating to the Garrison of Port Mahon, 121, 209, 250, 318, 827, 828, 859, 871.

-, Susanna, French refugee, pension for, 679.

-, See also Le Petit.

Petit bosc. See Du Petit bosc.

Petit Guavos, Petty Gravis, slaves and goods sold at, 111; Indigo bought at, 111.

Petitot, Lewisa, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 588.

Petkum (Pettecum), Hermann van, Minister (Resident) from Holstein Gottorp, gold medal for, 741; present for, 6134; royal bounty for, 316, 871.

Petre, Lady, examination of her goods on her arrival from France, 612.

Petre, Robert, payment to, for Army clothing, 51.

Petree, James, landwaiter and searcher of Montrose, imprisoned on suspicion of murder, 503.

Pettecum. See Petkum.

Petterson, Lodowick, lieutenant in Corbet's regiment, half pay for, 49.

Petticoat maker to Queen Anne, 94.

Pettit. See Petit.

Petty Chapmen. See Hawkers.

Petty Gravis. See Petit Guavos.

Pevensey, co. Sussex, Receiver General of assessments for the Port and Rape of, 60, 182.

Pewter, 856.

Peyraube, Francis, lieutenant, half pay for, 606.

Peyton, Catherine, daughter of Craven, 109.

-, Craven, memorial of, concerning the Earl of Bath's pension, 15, 98, 109; payment to, 109.

-, -, Warden of the Mint, report by, 29; patent revoked, 209.

Pheasant, Thomas, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 467.

Phelips, Phelipps. See Phillips.

Phelp. See Philps.

Philadelphia, collectorship of Customs in, 4434; Governor of, letter to, 128.

Philipstown, Phillips Town [King's County], Barracks in, 607.

Phillips (Phelips, Philipp, Philips), , captain, petition of, ship seized at Holy Island, 822.

-, Ambrose, Paymaster of the Classis Lottery anno 1712, appointment, 349, 363.

issue to, 5323.

salary, 533.

securities, 374, 377.

-, Edward, Comptroller of the Mints, 207.

-, Erasmus, coastwaiter in London port, 823.

-, Evan, surveyorship of Duties on Houses, co. Cardigan, 575.

-, -, surveyor of Duties on Houses, co. Carmarthen, 694.

-, Griffith, messenger of the Chamber, sent to meet the King, 81.

-, James, Receiver General of assessments and Duties on Houses for South Wales (cos. Cardigan, Carmarthen, Glamorgan and Pembroke), appointment, 59, 624, 785.

commission for anno 1715, respited, 755.

money in his hands, account of, required, 755.

petition of, 183, 846.

-, John, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 486.

-, Lady Mary, pension for, 676.

-, Richard, regiment of, at Minorca, subsistence and contingencies, 68.

-, Robert, alderman of Shrewsbury, security for A. Phillips, 374.

-, Rowland, surveyor of Duties on Houses for co. Carmarthen, 350, 694.

-, Samuel, proposal of, for victualling Gibraltar Garrison, 183.

-, Thomas, alderman of Shrewsbury, security for A. Phillips, 374.

-, -, distributor of stamped paper for Shropshire, 326.

-, -, minister for Virginia, passage money for, 669.

-, Vaughan, Clerk of the Coast business, etc., London port, 534, 619.

-, -, King's Waiter in London port, 620, 633.

-, William, General Surveyor of Duties on Houses for South Wales, 493.

-, -, merchant, petition concerning pitch and tar imported, 747.

-, -, pensioner on the Irish establishment, 585.

-, -, waiter and searcher at Padstow, dismissed, 619.

Phillips Town. See Philipstown.

Phillipson (Philipson), Francis, deputy Auditor of Excise in Scotland, 390.

-, John, incumbent and prebendary of the collegiate church of Auckland, 490.

Philp. See Philps.

Philpot (Phillpott, Philpott), Nicholas, ensign in Chudleigh's regiment, half pay for, 47, 605.

-, Nicholas, Paymaster to the Reformed Officers, 650.

-, -, payment to, for Army clothing, 51.

Philps (Phelp, Philp), George, Herald in Scotland, 357, 783.

-, John, Auditor of the Revenues in Scotland, 233, 326, 357.

Phipps, Con., fee of, in a cause before the Lords of Appeals for Prizes, 577.

-, Francis, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 471.

-, William, captain in Stewart's regiment, half pay for, 601.

Phnix Park. See Dublin.

Physic, for Queen Anne, 238.

Physic Garden. See Scotland.

Physicians, College of, 336.

in Ordinary to William III.

See Harell, C.

Principal. See Shadwell, .

See also Army; Ireland; Scotland.

Pickenburg, Countess of. See Bcheb berg.

Pickett, William, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 468.

Pictures, 219, 834, 835.

for the King, 555; frames for, payment for, 508; payment for, 238.

King's Family Pictures from Hanover, 763.

of the King, payment to Kneller for, 508, 734.

of Queen Anne, 238.

Repairer of. See Walton, P.

Pidgeon, , captain, 91; payment to, for bringing Holland mail, 443.

Pie. See La Pie.

Piedmont, 566.

Pierce. See Pearce.

Pierre. See St. Pierre.

Pierrepont (Pierpont), Evelyn, Marquess of Dorchester, creation of, 768; Chief Justice in Eyre, petitions of, 276, 563.

-, Gervase, 1st Baron Pierrepont of Ardglass and Baron Pierrepont of Hanslape, creation of, 767, 768.

-, John, waiter and searcher at Huttoft Bank in Bristol port, 534.

Piers, Sir Charles, Customs Commissioner, appointment, 177, 407.

Pigbourg. See Bchenberg.

Pignot, Louise, French refugee, pension for, 681.

-, Mary, French refugee, pension for, 681.

Pigott (Pigot), Henry, waiter on the Queen's Robes, 94.

-, Jane, pension for, 212, 676.

-, Robert, major in Stanhope's regiment, half pay in Ireland for, 329, 562, 606.

Pigram, Daniel, commander of the Customs sloop at Rye, 320.

Pike, John, Customs warehousekeeper, Plymouth port, 320.

-, Sarah, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 484.

Pilkington, Robert, surveyor of Duties on Houses for Wiltshire, 372.

Pillows, 368, 615, 758, 856.

Pilott, Joseph, lieutenant in Mountjoy's regiment, half pay for, 595.

Pim, Elizabeth, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 468.

Pinckney. See Pinkney.

Pindar, Tobias, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 482.

Pineau (Pinean), Paul, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 587.

Pinfold, Mary, false evidence given by, 728.

Pinkeman, Arthur, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 483.

Pinkney (Pinckney), Leonard, Customer of Newcastle-on-Tyne, 205, 362.

-, William, stamper in the Stamp Office, 377, 383.

Pinney, Azariah, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 473.

-, alias Heline, John, agent for sufferers by the French invasion of Nevis, 471.

-, alias Heline, Mary, agent for sufferers by the French invasion of Nevis, 471.

Pinsun, Peter, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 586.

Piozett, George, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 587.

Pipe staves, imported, 747.

Pirates, 150.

Pistols, presented to the Dey of Algiers, 721; seized, 96.

Pitch and tar, importation of, from Germany and the Netherlands, prohibited by the Act of Frauds, 747.

imported, 747; seized, 698.

making of tar in America, 777.

Pitcher, Noah, surgeon in Wittewronge's regiment, half pay for, 597.

Pitsligoe, Lady, royal bounty in Scotland for, 429.

Pitt (Pitts), John, captain in Pepper's regiment, half pay for, 48, 603.

-, Samuel, Commissioner for Trade, salary, 633.

-, Thomas, colonel of Major General Pepper's regiment of dragoons, petition of, 417, 566.

-, -, lease of a house in Pall Mall, 489, 5312, 6845.

-, -, colonel, regiment of horse of (8th Hussars), from Ireland, levy money, 813; subsistence for, 311, 812.

Placentia, Army in. See Army.

fortifications at, 4, 55.

Governor of. See Moody, John.

Plaigne. See La Plaigne.

Plaistow, Thomas, captain in Wittewronge's regiment, half pay for, 597.


Army in. See Army.

Auditor General of, 22, 30.

See also Blathwaite, W.; Walpole, H.

chaplains (ministers) for, passage money for, 141, 149, 180, 223, 334, 352, 390, 411, 413, 442, 463, 497, 510, 538, 610, 669, 684, 761, 799, 816, 824, 854, 869.

Customs officers in, 1289, 5601; appointments, 367, 487, 619, 620; salary bills, 351, 611.

Duty (as by Act 25 Car. II, c. 7), issues out of, 54, 121, 136, 226, 579.

Governors of, blank ships' passes sent to, 1289.

directions to, 777.

equipage of, 409.

letters from, Treasury clerk dealing with, 31.

salaries, 409, 563; disposal of half during absences, 421.

transportation charges, 409, 421.

halfpence and farthings for, coining of, 229, 230; petition for grant of privilege of, 22831.

Independent Companies in, issue for, 57.

King's Rents and Revenues in, Receivers of, 836;

Lieutenant Governors of, salaries, 453, 5467, 703, 816.

schoolmasters for, passage money for, 440, 442, 5012, 515, 575.

See also Trade and Plantations.

Plasterer, Master. See Lance, D.

Plate. See Jewel House.

Plate, Duties on. See CustomsDuties.

Platen (Platon), Count, goods of, 783; lodgings of, at St. James's, 752, 783; return to Hanover, 783.

Plates, John, captain in Corbet's regiment, half pay for, 49, 603.

Platt, John, tidesman at Bristol, 487.

-, Thomas. See Plott.

Player, , brewer at Portsmouth, prosecuted, 450.

Playfay, Claudius, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 587.

Playing Cards, duties on. See Stamp Duties; seized, 96.

Playle, Thomas, tidesman in Bristol port, 405.

Plott (Platt), Thomas, Deputy to the Treasury Lords and Commissioner in the Alienation Office, 1389, 338, 553, 563.

Plowman,, royal bounty for, 267.

Plucknett, Brook, captain lieutenant in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 596.

-, Hugh, captain lieutenant in Chudleigh's regiment, half pay for, 47, 605.

Plumber, Serjeant. See Roberts, J.

Plumbers, See also Windsor Castle; Works.

Plummer (Plumer), Thomas, stamper in the Stamp Office, 383, 399.

Plumpton, Richard, Commissioner of Wine Licences, appointment, 194, 198.

Plumptre, Dr. Henry, Commissioner for Sick and Wounded, 434.

-, John, Commissioner for taking and stating Debts due to the Army, 869.

Plunkett (Pluncket), Frances, pension for, 213, 676.

Plymouth, co. Devon, 382, 630, 698, 703.

fishing trade in, great increase of, 546.

Navy ships paid off at, 7, 10, 13, 62, 71, 79, 85.

Navy Yard at, officers in, assessments on, 871; wages for, 7, 62, 252, 289, 290, 314, 384, 403, 746, 870.

port, Comptroller of. See Ash, E.

Customer of. See Northcott, C.; Treby, J.

Customs collector of. See Morris, .

Customs ware housekeeper, 320.

searcher in, 369.

surveyor of. See Usticke, R.; Waddon, J.

tidesman in, 534, 773.

prosecution for seditious words spoken at, 450.

ships from, 698, 747.

Plymouth, Countess of. See Windsor, Ursula.

Plympton, co. Devon, hundred of, Receiver General of assessments, for, 59, 623.

Pocock, John, colonel, memorial of, 239, 354.

Invalid Regiment of, at Portsmouth, 239; half pay officers of, full pay for, 14, 86.

Poe, Joseph, adjutant in Backwell's regiment, half pay for, 47, 604.

Poet Laureate. See Tate, N.

Pogson, John, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 465.

-, Mary, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 480.

-, Sarah, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 464.

Point of Aird [Ayr], tidesurveyorat, 503.

Poland, King of. See Frederick Augustus.

Envoy Extraordinary from.

See Nostitz, Count von.

Envoy Extraordinary to. See Scott, J.; Vernon, Sir R.

Resident from. See Elorme, C. P. d'.

Polkinhorn, , captain, commander of the Customs smack at Fowey, 772.

Pollock. See Maxwell, Sir J.

Pollock, Sir Robert, lieutenant colonel of Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 599.

Polluck, Alice, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 482.

Poltoun. See Calderwood, Sir W.

Polwarth, Lord. See Hume-Campbell, Alexander.

Pomerania, campaign in, 642.

Ponsin, Peter, military pensioner in Ireland, 593.

Pontreau (Pontrean), Francis, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 586.

Poole, co. Dorset, Customs collector at, recommendation for place of, 288. See also Chamberlain, T.; Lawson, A.

Comptroller of. See Smyth, N.; Smyth, W.

Customer of. See Swanton, W.

Customs sloop at, 433.

Receiver General of assessments. See Derbie, B.

searchers at, 335, 369.

tidesmen at, 521.

trade of, decrease of, in 1694, 84; increase of, 84.

Poole, Benjamin, security for Sir William, 751.

-, Richard, petition for tidesman's place, 117.

-, Timothy, pension for, 365.

-, Sir William, collector of Bristol port, debt of, 751.

Poollkock. See Pwllcoch.


alms, clause in Queen Anne's will for distribution of 2,000l. as, 336.

Daily alms at the Gate, 9, 69, 188, 210, 293, 400, 440, 732.

King's alms and charities, payments on, 210, 291, 365, 440, 762.

See also:




London and Westminster:

St. James; St. Margaret's, Westminster; St. Martin's in the Fields.


Poor, Mary, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 482.

Popple, William, Secretary to the Commissioners for Trade, letters to, 421, 542, 560, 744, 836.

payments to, 702.

salary, 395, 431, 572, 691.

Porgany, Ann, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 476.

Porland, William, riding surveyor at Cromer, 847.

Port Glasgow, co. Renfrew, landwaiters and searchers at, 88, 416, 666.

tidesmen at, 88.

tidewaiters at, 416, 503, 5123.

weighing porters at, 666.

Port Mahon, 18, 121.

Army at. See Army.

bakers from, discharged, 13, 85.

bills of exchange drawn on, 204.

fortifications at, expense for, 827, 828, 859, 871.

Genoese ships seized and carried into, 20.

Port Patrick, co. Wigtown, Collector of, Duty on Army horses collected by, 744.

Port Royal, Jamaica, negro slaves and goods bought at, 111.

Portall, Peter, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 587.

Portcullis Pursuivant. See Hesket, J.; Whitwick, T.

Porte. See La Porte.

Porter, Aubrey, captain in Windsor's regiment, half pay for, 602.

-, Charles, minister for Jamaica, passage money for, 684.

-, George, captain, witness in the Assassination Plot against William III, pension for, 214, 677.

-, John, porter to the Stamp Office, 383.

-, Richard, watchman in London port, 773.

Porterfield, Barbara, royal bounty in Scotland for, 429.

-, John, underkeeper of Holyrood House, 359.

-, Mary, royal bounty in Scotland for, 429.

Porthathwy [Porth Aethwy], Ferry of, petition for grant of, 412.

Portland, Isle of, co. Dorset, inhabitants of, grant of leave, licence, etc., to dig, raise, etc., Stone, 699; grant of part of Duty on the Stone as compensation for loss of herbage, 699.

King's piers, cranes and wharves in, 2445; grant of, 202; Keeper of. See Tucker, E.; utensils and materials belonging to, 539.

Stone from, duty on, 2445, 699; released for Portsmouth Docks, 420.

Portland manor, co. Dorset, 699.

Portland, Earl of. See Bentinck, William.

Portman, Henry, Keeper of Hyde Park, payment to, 713, 714, 730.

-, John, Bankers annuities assigned by, 387, 750.

Portmore, Earl of. See Colyear, David.

Portneuf, Catherine de, French refugee, pension for, 681.

-, Susanna de, French refugee, pension for, 681.

Portress (Portresse), William, stamper in the Stamp Office, 383.

Portsea, co. Southampton, saltern at, 523; Salt Duty officer at. See Keat, J.

Portsmouth, co. Southampton, 631, 632, 661, 854.

brewers at, prosecuted, 450.

collector of Customs at, 662, 842.

collectors of Taxes at, abuses by, 805.

Fortifications at. See Fortications.

Half Pay Officers at, 51, 104, 354.

hoys hired at, 630.

Invalids at, 5, 239, 354.

Lieutenant-General of. See Gibson, Sir J.

marines at, 100, 640.

merchants of, 298, 412.

mills at, lease of, 755.

Navy Commissioner at. See Townsend, .

Navy ships at, 147; paid off, 7, 10, 13, 62, 71, 79, 85.

Navy Yard at, docks in, stone for repair of, 420; wages for, 7, 62, 252, 314, 384, 870.

prosecutions at, charges of, 451.

Purveyor of the Navy at, 407, 408.

Portugal, 121, 712.

Army in. See Army.

brandy from, 444.

King of, Ambassador Extraordinary to. See Methuen, J.; Methuen, P.

Envoy Extraordinary, from, payment to, 285.

See also Cunha Brochado, J. de.

Envoy Extraordinary to.

See Delaval, G.; Worsley, H.

subsidies for, account of, required, 243; charging Ordnance, Navy and Victualling stores and Transport services to, 243; issues for, 285, 720.

the Emperor's Plenipotentiary to. See Cienfuegos, A.

Portumna [co. Galway], barracks in, 607.

Post Fines, answered by Sheriffs to the Crown direct, 715, 748, 749.

Farmer of. See Strafford, Thomas, Earl of.

rent of, 715, 748, 749.


accounts, auditing of, 7901.

beadle watching, allowance, 569.

business, Treasury clerk dealing with, 31.

candles for, allowance for, 442.

Chichester branch, inspection of, 569.

chimney sweeper to, payment to, 443.

Christmas box money, 569.

clerks, allowances for beer and feasts, 443, 569, 869.

collectors, 778; payment to, 443.

engraving for, payment for, 778.

establishment, copy of, required, 144.

foot posts, allowance for, 719.

Foreign Post Office, bad money taken in, 570.

franking of letters, considered, 18.

frauds and mismanagements in, 541.

General Letter Office establishment, approved, 398.

Governors of, letter to, 18.

grants on, Act 9 Anne, c. 11, restraining, 567.

incidents bills, 4423, 569 70, 7778, 869.

Irish accounts, 443, 569, 778.

Keeper of. See Howard, H.

management charges of, estimate of, required, 144.

Members of Parliament letters, allowance for delivering, 569.

New River water for, 869.

pacquet boats, accounts of, 443, 569, 778.

East India, contractor for. See Dummer, .

Falmouth and Lisbon, 551.

flags for, 443.

Harwich and Lisbon, 443.

to Spain by way of Corunna, two, estimated expense of, 241; warrant for, 241.

woollen manufactures illegally exported in, seized, 636.

Penny, Accomptant. See Golling, N.

Collector. See Green, E.

Comptroller. See Castleton, N.; clerk to. See Baker, J.

establishment, approved, 395, 398.

messengers, payment to, 570; salaries, 395.

salary bill, 396, 569, 784.

sorters, salaries, 395.

sub-sorters, salaries, 395.

post boys, Christmas box money for, 569.

post roads, plans of, 869.

Postmaster, Deputy, in Ireland. See Manly, I.; in Scotland, proposal for a, 612.

postmasters, provincial, allowances, 719.

arrears of, securing the, 569.

debts of, 516, 538, 719.

work of, inspection of, 569.

Postmasters General, 344, 398, 689. See also Cornwallis, Lord; Craggs, J.; Evelyn, Sir J.; Frankland, Sir T.

appointed, 202, 390.

attending the Treasury, 32, 269.

contract with the Postmaster General of France, 82.

letters, etc., from, 8, 549, 570, 612.

letters to, 44, 82, 89, 144, 367, 541, 612.

matters referred to, 516, 538, 689.

warrants to, 61, 144, 223, 241, 549, 553, 570, 719.

proclamations sent to Sheriffs to go post free, 61.

rat catcher in, payments to, 443, 569.

Receiver General (Treasurer) of, 689.

attending the Treasury, 304.

letters to, 2, 760.

See also Lilly, S.; Onslow, A.

rector and lecturer, payment to, 569.

rent of, 778.

revenue, annuities and pensions out of, 8, 152, 223, 268, 461, 553, 5667, 833.

appropriated for the Civil List, accounts of, directions concerning, 40, 760; accounts of, required, 2, 42, 367.

arrears of, 8.

rooms added to, 443, 778.

salaries, assessments on, repaid, 570; bills, 396, 569, 784.

Scotch accounts, 443, 569, 612, 778.

seals for, payment for, 778.

ship letters, payments for, 443, 569, 778, 869.

stamps, payment for, 778.

stone cutter to, payment to, 56970.

Surveyors (General Surveyors), six, for the six main roads, appointment of, proposal for, 269; approved, 5412, 549; salaries, 549.

Treasurer of. See (above) Receiver General.

Trophy money, Collector of. See Kempton, J.

well, payments for pumping, 443, 569, 778.

Pott, Philip, petition for surveyors place, Duties on Houses, 825.

Pottenger (Pottinger), John, Comptroller of the Pipe, 107, 843.

Potter, Peter, agent to Lord Tyrawley's regiment, debt due to, 23, 154.

Pottinger. See Pottenger.

Poucet, William, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 587.

Pouchand, David, Introductor to the Ministers employed in the negotiations for the Peace of Utrecht, present for, 861.

Poulett (Paulet, Pawlett, Powlet, Powlett), Charles, 2nd Duke of Bolton, Bailiff of Burley in the New Forest, 202.

Knight of the Garter, collar, etc., for, 27.

Lord Chamberlain, letters from, 727, 763, 817.

messenger sent to, 81.

plate for, 633.

warrants issued by, 633, 710, 716, 719, 752, 757, 758, 760, 764, 767, 778, 799, 801, 810, 818, 853, 856.

warrant to, 774.

Warden of the New Forest, grant of office, 660.

-, Charles, Marquess of Winchester, grant of several offices in cos. Brecon, Radnor, Glamorgan, Carmarthen and Cardigan (detailed), 20910.

-, John, Earl Poulett, creation of, 768; Lord Steward, letter to, 83.

-, Lord William, Forester of the New Forest, memorial of, 5456.

Teller of the Receipt, 832; appointment, 814; securities, 817, 818.

Poultney. See Pulteney.

Poulton, co. Lanes., Customs collector at. See Chewe, J.; Jennings, W.; landwaiter and coastwaiter at, 773.

Pousland, Francis, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 481.

Povey, John, Clerk of the Privy Council, allowances, payments to his executors on, 702, 711.

-, Richard, Treasurer for Sick and Wounded, accounts of, 19, 131; executor of. See Mead, ; salary of, taxes on, 435.

Powell, , letter to, quarters of the Royal Regiment of Horse, 146.

-, Caleb, Receiver General of assessments, cos. Brecon, Montgomery and Radnor, 60.

-, Charles, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 464.

-, James, ensign in Churchill's regiment, half pay for, 48, 604.

-, -, payment to, for Army clothing, 51.

-, John, tidesman in London port, 70.

-, -, watchman for the Salt Duties at Flint, 185.

-, Jonathan, lieutenant in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 600.

-, Richard, et al., rewarded for apprehending a housebreaker, 715.

-, Thomas, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 480.

-, William, pension for, 676, 702.

-, -, royal bounty for, 38.

-, -, tidesman in Bristol port, 619.

Power, Benjamin, pension for, 214.

-, -, underclerk of the Treasury for keeping accounts, 297.

-, alias O'Hara, Catherine, daughter of Daniel O'Hara, pension in Ireland for, 421, 5612.

-, Harry, pensioner on the Irish establishment, 585.

-, Richard Aland, tidesman at Bristol, 206.

Powis. See Powys.

Powlet, Powlett. See Poulett.

Pownall, Benjamin, minister for Virginia, passage money for, 610.

Powys (Powis), Sir Littleton, a Justice of the King's Bench, 162, 167, 347.

-, Richard, trustee for the Duke of Leeds, lease to, 686.

-, -, an upper clerk of the Treasury, 297; allowances, 627, 769, 867; duties of, 31; report by, 612.

-, Sir Thomas, Justice of the King's Bench, 347, 451; Serjeant at Law, 72, 137.

Prades, John de, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 587.

Pratt (Prat), Sir John, Serjeant at Law, appointed a Justice of the King's Bench, 166; salary, 162, 347.

-, John, pensioner on the Irish establishment, 585.

-, Thomas, King's Waiter in London port, 206, 455, 553.

Prayer Books, 150, 454, 687, 757.

Prentice, Ann, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 479.

-, Edward, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 479.

-, Roger, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 479.

-, Sarah, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 479.

Presgrove, Thomas, watchman in London port, 487.

Press. See Printing Press.

Pressac, Hypolite de, French refugee, pension for, 680.

Presteigne, Presteign, Presthend, Preston, co. Radnor, borough, manor and lands of, stewardship of, 161.

Preston, co. Lancaster, rebels taken prisoner at, 854, 855, 864, 866.

Preston, Scotland, lands and barony of, grant of, 247, 323.

Preston, Elizabeth, relict of Thomas, of Holker, grant of lands, etc., of Furness monastery, 176, 4612, 488.

-, George, Brigadier, in command at Nieuport, 456.

payments to, 864.

petitions of, 186, 456.

regiment of (26th Foot), 86, 456.

at Chester, 29.

in Ireland, 539, 828.

subsistence of, 290, 538 9, 828.

transportation charges from Ireland, 696, 853.

-, -, of Holker, lessee of lands, etc., in co. Lancs., 462.

-, James, undersheriff of Middlesex, security for John Benson, 351.

-, John, agent for sufferers by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 473.

-, -, grandfather of Sir Thomas, lessee of lands, etc., in co. Lancs., 462.

-, Lodowick, lieutenant in Corbett's regiment, half pay for, 603.

-, Robert, Town Major at Nieuport, pay of, 456.

-, Sir Thomas, lessee of lands, etc., in co. Lancs, 462.

-, Thomas, of Furness, lessee of the site, etc., of the monastery of Furness, 462, 500.

-, -, of Holker, lessee of lands, etc., of the monastery of Furness, 4612.

-, -, of Kirklington, lessee of lands, etc., co. Lancs., 462.

-, -, of London, broker, goods of, seized, 112.

-, William, captain in Kerr's regiment of Dragoons, half pay for, 47, 605.

Prestonpans, co. Haddington, 726.

Collector of Duties on Scots Salt at. See Hamilton, John.

Comptroller of Customs at. See Nevette, T.; Ogilvie, C.

Customs officers at, 73.

landsurveyors at, 415.

landwaiters and searchers at, 503.

Salt Duties officers at, 74, 503, 504, 666, 774.

tidewaiters at, 416, 503.

watchmen of the Salt Duties at, 504, 666, 774.

Prestwich, Lady Mary, pension for, 211, 676.

Pretender, the, listing of persons for the service of, arrests for, 68, 451.

observations kept upon, expenses of, 850.

Prez, Lewis de, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 586.

Price (Pryce), , tenant of a house in Meggot's Court, St. James's, 787.

-, Arthur, Customer of Milford Haven port, 196, 329.

-, Catherine, sufferer by the French invasion of St. Christopher, 471.

-, Cromwell, cornet in Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 599.

-, Dennis, billman in the Stamp Duties Office, 8556.

-, Edward, of Churchstoke, lease for the life of, 637, 717.

-, Elizabeth, sufferer by the French invasion of Nevis, 483.

-, Evan, deputy King's Waiter, London port, 399, 404.

-, Jervice, Chief Ranger and Keeper of St. James's Park, 346.

-, John, a Commissioner of Excise, 149; Commissioner for the Duties on Soap, Paper, Starch, etc., 156.

-, -, debt of, 7501; estate of, 751.

-, -, Register of Pamphlets in the Stamp Office, 247, 378, 383.

-, Richard, Register of Pamphlets in the Stamp Office, 383.

-, Sir Robert, Baron of the Exchequer, 162, 167, 348, 539 40.

-, Samuel, goldsmith and banker in Lombard Street, bankruptcy of, 7501.

-, Thomas, ensign in Chudleigh's regiment, half pay for, 47, 605.

-, -, goldsmith and banker in Lombard Street, Bankers' annuities of, 74952; bankruptcy of, 7501; estates of, seized, 750.

-, -, surety for T. Coleman, 146.

-, Uvedale, grant for the life of, 393.

Pride, Rebecca. See Bruges.

Prideaux, Sir Edmund, bart., lease of Exeter Castle, 615.

Primaudaye, Andr, French refugee, pension for, 680.

-, Henriette de lay, French refugee, pension for, 680.

-, Pierre, French refugee, pension for, 680.

Primrose, Archibald, Earl of Rosebery, pension for, 215.

-, Gilbert, major general, petition of, 186.

regiment of (24th Foot), landing Ireland, 539; subsistence, 186, 5389.

Prince, Henry, lease for the life of, 717.

-, John, tenant of a house in Pall Mall, 574.

Prince of Wales. See George Augustus.

Prince Wood. See Rockingham Forest.

Prince, the young. See Frederick Louis.

Princess, the. See Wilhelmina Charlotte Caroline.

Princesses, The young, apartments of, at St. James's, 531, 555, 627, 650, 727; furniture for, 377, 37980, 544, 763, 774; works at, 528.

dressers of, rooms for, 665, 853.

Governess of, furniture for, 544.

wardrobe of, 555, 627, 650, 665.

See also Anne; Caroline.

Pringle, Sophia, royal bounty in Scotland for, 428.

Printers. See King's Printers.

Printing Press, Messenger of. See Atterbury, ; Stephens, R.

Prior, Matthew, Commissioner of Customs, 145.

Envoy Extraordinary to the King of France, extraordinaries of, 18, 191, 378, 514, 7078; ordinary, 191, 378, 514; return of, 514.

Prisoners of War, British, accounts of money issued for, 196, 372; pay and subsistence of, 195, 220, 437.

exchange of, 220; Commissioners for, 631.

See also Sick and Wounded.

Prisons, named:







Pritchard, Aaron, Marshal of the Trained Bands, 443, 569.

PRIVY COUNCIL, 35, 100, 422, 570, 584, 849.

Chamber, 87, 133.

books, etc., for, 507.

furniture in, repairs to, 757.

Joiner of. See Howard, J.

Keepers of, two, 767; fees, allowances and travelling charges, 395, 436, 507, 691; see also Harmsworth, R.; Salter, E.

servant to, salary and travelling charges, 507.

Clerks of, four, allowances for Trade and Plantations business, 395, 691.

letter to, 161.

tables of, carpets for, 767.

See also Blathwaite, W.; Musgrave, Sir C.; Povey, J.; Southwell, E.

Lord President of, letter to, 20; picture of Queen Anne for, 238; see also Nottingham, Earl of.

Lords of, 21, 27, 40, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 56, 161, 507, 734.

Bibles and Prayer Books for, 716.

and the Trial of the Pyx, 627.

Office, 849.

Orders in Council, 35, 42, 123, 128, 133, 272, 294, 330, 567, 570, 627, 779, 825; allowance for circulating in Scotland, 359.

Records, Keeper of. See Gauntlet, J.

underclerks of, payment to, 491.

Privy Purse, payment out of, 196; of Queen Anne, Keeper of, pension for, 218.

Privy Seal, 89, 90, 113, 454, 609.

Lord or Keeper of. See Dartmouth, Earl of; Sunderland, Earl of; Wharton, Earl of.

Commissioners for executing the Office of, commission and salaries, 847. See also Charlton, A.; Musgrave, Sir C.; Southwell, E.

-, Scotland. See Scotland.

Prizage and Butlerage of Wines. See Ireland.


Accomptant of, 703.

Agents for, accounts of, 558, 7034, 857.

in arrear, prosecuted, 558, 7034.

arrested and discharged, 669, 857.

extraordinary charges of, 704.

fees of, 857.

Arrears of, Agents for bringing in. See Baker, T.; Gosselin, W.

Commissioners, 558, 704.

goods, illegal entries as, 111; sale of, 704.

legal expenses, 5767.

Lords of Appeal for, cause before, 577.

money, issue out of, 366; petition for, 724.

officers, payments to, 577.

ships, 111, 576, 577; embezzlements out of, 576; sales of, rent of room for, 577.

Solicitor of, 703.

wines, 800; Duties on. See CustomsDuties.

Proby, Thomas, surgeon in Ashburnham's regiment, half pay for, 47, 604.

-, William, captain in Mount joy's regiment, half pay for, 48, 602.

Proclamations, 1289, 183.

circulation of, in Scotland, allowances for, 234, 359, 360, 458, 784.

printing, payments for, 454, 687.

Procter (Proctor), Nicholas, lessee of Grumball's Ash Hundred, 620.

-, Samuel, payment to, for brokerage on sales of Admiralty perquisites, 576.

-, William, payment to, for Army clothing, 50.

Progers, Edward, grant of offices at Hampton Court in reversion of, 419.

Prou (Pron), Arnold, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 587.

Prowde, James, ensign in Wittewronge's regiment, half pay for, 597.

PRUSSIA, King of. And see Frederick III.

campaign of, in Pomerania, 642.

Envoy Extraordinary to. See Breton, W.; Forfar, Earl of.

Resident from. See Bonet de St. Germain, A.L.F.

-, Queen of, gift from George I to, 854.

Prussian Troops. See Army.

Pryce. See Price.

Pucci, Vicenzo, Secretary from the Grand Duke of Tuscany, gold medal for, 741.

Puckle, James, notary public, payment to, 576.

Puerto Bello (Puerto Velo), Governor of, directions from the King of Spain to, 53; ship licensed to trade to, 53.

Pugh, Anne, pension for, 676.

Pulleine (Pullein, Pulline), Henry, Governor of Bermudas, death of, 769; executors of, payment to, 7689.

-, William, surveyor of Duties on Houses for Newcastle, co.

Northumberland and Berwick, 349, 720.

Pulley, J., captain, member of a Naval court martial, 110.

Pulline. See Pulleine.

Pullman, James, tidesman at Minehead, 321.

Pulteney (Poultney, Pultney), Daniel, Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Denmark, extraordinaries, 328, 514.

ordinary, 163, 165, 514, 735, 869.

-, John, Customs Commissioner, appointment, 145, 177, 407.

-, -, new lease of a house near St. James's Palace, 4878 686, 762, 798, 844.

-, Sir William, leases of ground and houses in St. James's, Westminster, 640, 686, 745, 762, 844.

-, William, Secretary at War, 18, 304.

allowances, 645.

appointed a Referee of Army Debts, 123, 502.

attends the Treasury, 20, 254, 259, 305.

directions to, 314.

house rent for, 644.

letters, etc., from, 259, 549, 710.

letters to, 155, 282, 314, 354, 408, 425, 556, 813.

matters referred to, 160, 351, 352, 375, 456, 457, 516, 621.

printed copies of Articles of War for, 710.

reports by, 220, 354, 355, 671, 692, 819.

warrants to, 200, 219, 538, 6701, 692, 818, 819.

Pumphrill, William, ensign in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 600.

Purcell (Purcel), , room of, at St. James's, 544.

-, Andrew, cornet in O'Carroll's regiment of horse, 113, 276.

-, Barnaby, captain in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 596.

-, Edward, pension for, 214, 676.

-, Martin, lieutenant colonel, his pay as major and captain in O'Carroll's regiment of horse, 21, 94, 113, 208, 276.

-, Richard, son of Toby, petition for a pension, 819.

-, Thomas, watchman in London port, 370.

-, Toby, colonel, petition of, 819.

Purchase, Benjamin, lease of a house, etc., in South Church, St. Andrew, Auckland, 456, 536.

Purdon, George, major in Chudleigh's regiment, half pay for, 47, 605.

-, Mary, pension for, 676.

Purses, 664.

Pursuivants-at-Arms. See Heralds College; Ireland.

Purveyance, John, officer for Duties on Scots Salt at Borrowstounness, 74, 504.

Puychenin, Japhet, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 588.

Pwllcoch (Poollkock) Mill, co. Brecon, 857.

Pwllheli, Pwllhely, co. Carnarvon, 639.

Pye, Richard, appointed a Commissioner of the Stamp and Apprentice Duties, 194, 400, 835.

-, Sir Robert, Auditor of the Exchequer Receipt, 106.

Pyewell, William, tidesman at Bristol, 487.

Pyfinch, William, rewarded for apprehending burglars, 715.

Pyle, Edward, Chief Woodward of the New Forest, executors of. See Swanton, E.; Swanton, S.

surplusage on his account, 13, 114, 321, 634.

Pypon, Phillip, farmer and receiver of the Revenues of the Island of Jersey, 690; discharged from fines, etc., upon penal laws received, 690.

Pyrke, John, lieutenant in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 600.


Quarantine. See Ireland.

Quarrell, Quarrels, the, co. Lancs., pasture grounds on, lease of, 462.

Quarry Coppice. See Shotover Forest.

Quash, Joseph, Receiver General of Taxes for part of Devon, books of, 92; extent against, 169, 522, 687.

Queen Anne's Bounty, Governors of, 460.

payment to, 460.

Treasurer of. See Barker, E.

Queen Dowager. See Catherine of Bragana.

Queen's Almoner. See Almoners.

Queensberry, Duke of. See Douglas, James.

Quilts, 377, 543, 544, 615, 758.

Quinn (Quin), Henry, pension for, 213, 676.

-, Timothy, lieutenant in Corbet's regiment, half pay for, 49, 603.

Quinsac, Charles de, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 587.

Quintie, William, tenant in Gonerby, 717.

Quit rents. See Ireland; Virginia.