Minute Book: July 1669, 12-20

Pages 104-112

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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July 1669, 12-20

July 12.
Present: Treasurer of the Hous hold, Sir John Duncombe, and of the Lords of Ireland the following: Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Orrery, Vice-Treasurer, Secretary Trevor.
His Majesty came in about the warrant for the arrears of Ireland. The Earl of Orrery and Mr. Vice-Treasurer make report of several heads for a warrant for the arrears. Also a paper of Alderman Bucknall's reply thereto, which was brought in by his Lordship [Orrery]. Also another proposition [from other proposers] is read about farming or collecting the said arrears, and [it is] proposed that they [these new proposers] might also be treated with about [farming the whole of the said arrears] and to give 300,000l. for the same, but His Majesty did direct that the Earl of Orrery and Mr. Vice-Treasurer do again treat with Alderman Bucknall [and his partners] to endeavour to raise them as high as may be, and for that end to make use of this proposition by letting them see what His Majesty is offered by others.
Also a letter from the Earl of Ossory to Lord Arlington is read. Ordered that search be made whether the letter to which it relates be here [at the Treasury].
[Ibid. p. 142.]
July 12.
Monday afternoon.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Mr. Pepys and Sir D. Gauden called in about Gauden's victualling account for several garrisons. Direction to be given to the Auditor to make allowance to Gauden of what was delivered by him [to garrisons]; and a letter to be sent to the Commissioners of the Navy to set it upon his account: also letters to the several officers to pay the money for the provisions delivered to them, else process is to issue out [against them for same].
An assignment [of a fund is to be made] to Mr. Hyde for 1,000l. on loans on the land revenue instead of his warrant for that sum on the [Crown] land rent.
Write the Commissioners of the Navy to enter the mistakes in the Victualler's contract in their books.
Sir Thomas Strickland and Auditor Beale called in with a state of Strickland's salt account. Write the King's officers of the Customs for London and [Sir Edmond Turner, surveyor of] the outports, to certify what Scotch and foreign salt was entered in London and the outports from Michaelmas, 1667. to Michaelmas, 1668, during Strickland's farm of same. Strickland's petition is read. Report to be made [to the King] of the state [of his account] returned by Auditor Beale, and that they [my Lords] think that the trade will not make 1,800l. per an. rent.
Sir W. Doyly to attend on Wednesday next about Mr. Bathurst's account, and for the future is always to attend on Monday afternoons, which is the time [appointed] for states of accounts of taxes to be brought in.
[Treasury Minute Book III. p. 143.]
July 14.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
The Privy Council to be moved that the warrant for a security to borrow money on the [Crown] land revenue do pass by immediate warrant.
Mr. Bathurst called in about his account. Mr. Payne [for Viscount Fanshaw, the King's Remembrancer] is to deliver up his bonds, and Bathurst to give new bonds to Sir W. Doyly to answer what moneys he shall hereafter receive of the Aids. Warrant for the splitting of his tallies in accordance with Sir R. Long's report.
The business about the disproportion of the taxes [of the Aids] as between the county and the city of Chester is to be heard on the 20th Sept. Sir W. Doyly to take care that such parties as are necessary attend my Lords then.
The Earl of Norwich called in with Mrs. Tindal. They [my Lords] say his lordship promised to pay the money to Mr. Cullam when he received his patent, and tied himself under his hand not to take his patent till she was paid. Also a paper [is read] by which his lordship tied it to be paid out of [his pension for] Lady Day, 1662. The privy seal is read, by which, by his lordship's consent, Mrs. Tindall and others [were] ordered to be paid in the first place out of the money of his pension. His lordship's tallies bear date after the privy seal. A copy of the warrant for striking those tallies is to be brought to my Lords.
Warrant for Mr. Warren on his privy seal.
Mr. Pepys and Alderman Backwell called in about the moneys to be returned to Tangier. My Lords direct that he [Backwell] may have the returning the moneys to Tangier on reasonable terms as others will do in the like case.
Resolved that Backwell furnish 1,000l. for the Commissioners of Accounts [by way of loan] on [the Customs rent of] March come twelvemonth. Write the Customs Farmers to bring in that sum. Warrant to Sir R. Long to issue it.
Backwell undertakes to furnish money to Mr. Pepys on all his assignments on the Customs as Pepys shall desire. Warrants for 15,000l. and 7,072l. for Tangier to complete the half year ended May 4 last.
Lord Arlington to be moved about Mr. Sadlington's docquet.
Write the Treasurers of the Navy that my Lords have not heard from them for several weeks and are glad their affairs have admitted thereof: that in regard the King is shortly to go a progress in which possibly my Lords may attend His Majesty they shall be glad to hear from them what moneys they shall have occasion for between this and Michaelmas and at what times.
[Ibid. pp. 143–4.]
July 16.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
Sir Philip Warwick and Sir C. Harbord called in about Sir George Benyon's debt for moneys paid to Sir Francis Crane. Ordered that they draw the state of the case in writing.
Sir G. Carteret called in: moves about a privy seal for several acquittances for several sums paid to Henry Coventry. Ordered that it be prepared for His Majesty's signature.
Mr. Meynell called in about his 2,000l.; Sir G. Carteret being present. Sir R. Long's report is read. Warrant for Meynell's over-interest for his poll orders [which have been assigned] on the Chimney money.
The late Farmers of the Customs called in concerning the defalcations on their farm ended 1667, Michaelmas. My Lords say they are content they have the gains for their first three years and be made savers [or no losers] for their last two years' [farm], with allowance for management. They say they cannot advance 20,000l., but desire to be heard with their counsel before the King. Ordered that they be heard on Thursday afternoon, and the King to be desired to attend, and also the Lord Keeper, Secretaries of State, Lord Chief Baron, the King's Counsel, [the Attorney and Solicitor General and the rest of His Majesty's learned counsel, who are meanwhile to be instructed by Mr. Lawrence], and also Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, and Mr. Sherwyn.
Alderman Backwell called in: presents an interest account for six months ending June 24 last. Referred to Auditor Aldworth.
The Alum Farmers called in. Ordered that the Earl of Mulgrave and they endeavour to agree among themselves.
Warrant for a quarter on the Duke of Buckingham's pension: 160l. thereof to be paid out of what the sheriff of Middlesex is to pay in on the first two subsidies.
Mr. Lawrence called in. The names of the trustees for the land security [for loans on the Crown lands and fee farm rents] are to be those of the Lords of the Treasury and the Secretaries of State.
Mr. Taylor and Mr. Partridge called in about the arrears of the Eighteen Months tax in the Isle of Ely. The business is referred to the Bishop of Ely; and process is to stop till Michaelmas term.
The Lord Keeper is to be moved about the Greenwax.
Mr. Coppinger's petition is referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Letters are read from Lord Arlington about the Lord Privy Seal's Irish [revenue farm lease] instructions. To be considered on Monday morning and the Lords of Ireland and the Secretary of State to attend then.
On Sir Edm. Sawyer's report warrant ordered for [the lease of] Oatlands [to Lady Castlemaine].
Lord Wotton and Lord Alington to attend on Monday and then consideration to be had about the 9,000l. to buy in the Earl of Chesterfield's patent [of pension on the powder grant] and about their Post [Office] defalcations.
Process against Mr. Kirkby stayed for 21 days, he having promised to be here then to finish his accompt. Process stayed against Col. Trevanion and his petition to be considered on Tuesday.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 145–6.]
July 19.
Monday morning.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
Mr. Lancaster's proposition about bringing in arrears of the late poll is referred to Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing, and Mr. Sherwyn.
His Majesty came in with the Duke of York, Lord Keeper, Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Orrery, and Secretary Trevor, and consideration is had of the instructions for the Lord Privy Seal concerning the revenue of Ireland. The Lord Privy Seal moves for a letter from the King to the Vice-Treasurer [of Ireland for him] not to pay any money till the civil and military list be paid; also that Sir James Ware be written to by His Majesty to appoint a sufficient Deputy Auditor, Mr. Wormington being complained of as much given to drink. The King directs Secretary Trevor to write these two letters. Then procedure was [had] about the retrenchments in [the expenditure of] Ireland; and the Earl of Orrery produces a paper by which he says there shall be no retrenchments but what [have been] already ordered on the Civil List [together with the allowance to the Irish revenue farmers of], 15,000l. for this year for defalcations [on their farm and] 20,000l. per an. after. [Under this scheme the Earl says he would not] make use of the 70,000l. to be borrowed, and yet [calculates] to have about 30,000l. in purse at the end of the [Irish revenue farmers'] farm. Ordered that the Earl of Orrery, Lord Ashley, and the Treasurer of the Household meet and consider what the King's debt [on the ordinary revenue and expenditure of Ireland] is, and what probability that it be paid by the arrears due to the King. Then a paper was read from Alderman Bucknall et al. about their late proposition for advancing 130,000l. [sic ? erratum for 300,000] for the arrears: which [paper] His Majesty disapproved and declared he thought the best way would be to collect the arrears by collectors of his own; and [the proceeds] to be set apart without being to be applied to any other use than to pay the arrears [on the ordinary expenditure or establishment of Ireland], and so [the King would need] to borrow. no more money on them [the said arrears] nor yet the 70,000l. on the [revenue] farm: and this to be speedily declared in Council that so notice may be given thereof to Alderman Bucknall et al.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 146–7.]
July 19.
Monday afternoon.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
Warrant to take off from Mr. Broxholme the 12 per cent. interest charge.
Mr. Napier called in about his account for the Duchy of Cornwall. Sir R. Crooke and Mr. Harbord to attend on this day week about this account: and Mr. Osborne to attend about the Mayor of Liskeard. George Collins to be arrested for the 112l. unless he answer the money by Michaelmas: and write the Auditor and Receiver to suspend said Collins from his receipt. The officers of the Pipe are to be heard about the sheriff of Cornwall accounting with the [Exchequer Court] Auditor [charged with the audit of that county]: and likewise for other counties that receive Duchy money.
Write the King's officers of the Customs of London port to make a return on Friday what salt was entered in said port from Scotland and foreign ports from 1667, Michaelmas, to 1668, Michaelmas.
Warrant for Harding's bonds to be delivered up to him; he having obtained his quietus.
The Earl of St. Albans called in: presents Sir Robert Long's report about the money of his French embassy. There must be a privy seal for allowing the 4,000l. for equipage. The King to be acquainted with Sir R. Long's report.
The Treasurers of the Navy called in and present a paper. To be considered on Wednesday.
Alderman Bucknall moves for the docquet for his defalcation of 15,000l. per an. [on the farm of the Irish revenue]. Ordered that he bring a docquet, and then my Lords will acquaint the King with it in Council. Sir R. Long to certify why Bucknall was not paid his over-interest according to my Lords' warrant. Write Bucknall to know what interest and over-interest money is due to him at the Exchequer so that order may be taken thereupon for his having the money.
Warrant for [the lease of] Lyndhurst to Lord St. John according to Sir Charles Harbord's particular.
Stedman and Kingston called in with their counsel. Stedman's counsel insist they have a plea in law and equity. My Lords say if he is not willing to accommodate the matter they will show what lawful favour they can to Capt. Kingston. Stedman says he is actually admitted in August, 1664. Write the steward to certify whether Stedman be admitted and [as to] any lives on his behalf. Sir C. Harbord to send the name of the said steward.
Lord Wotton and Lord Alington called in. A release to be made of the powder [pension] patent for 9,000l. to be paid in a year.
Mr. Duppa to have the whole 12 per cent. for that year. The warrant to be amended accordingly.
Mr. Tyack called in. Ordered that he and Mrs. Crane attend on Friday about Tyack's proposition concerning the manor of Ruthin.
Mr. Alexander Dawes and Mr. Samuel Hardcastle to attend on Monday on the Customs Farmers' complaint. The Customs Farmers to send the summons to them and to see that their accusers, Mr. Crosse and Mr. Tomlin, also attend.
Write the Customs Farmers that in their weekly certificates they do not mention what payments they make at the Customs, and request them to take order once for all that for the future it be done.
Sir Charles Cotterell to be heard to-morrow about inserting him in the [establishment for the] Treasurer of the Chamber's bills.
Mr. Morice's privy seal to be prepared with the additions marked.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 147–8.]
July 20.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
Write John Bland, merchant, Mayor of Tangier, to attend on Monday next about the Tangier revenue. Send the letter to him at Mr. Jackson's house in Pye Alley, Fanshaw Street.
Petition read from Arthur Bassett. Referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Sir Ste. Fox to be placed [or assigned on particular funds] for his several sums or warrants, viz. those for public ministers [or ambassadors are to be] on the January Customs [rent]; the rest on the loans on the [Crown] land revenue.
Write the Commissioners [of Aids] for co. Norfolk that my Lords wont prosecute as desired. Warrant to stay process against Mr. Bendish as they desire.
Sir R. Viner's 2,000l. to be placed [or assigned] on the 8,000l. per month [allocated to the Customs Farmers] for payment of their 200,000l. loan [to the King for the Civil Government].
Petition read from Christopher Lock. Warrant for him to have the bailiff's place.
Write the Navy Commissioners to return answer this day week why they fell beeches.
Petition read from Mr. Bagnall. Referred to Sir C. Harbord to certify a value.
Same from Lord Hawley. He is to set down the value.
Same from Mrs. Simonds. Referred to Auditor Beale and Mr. Sherwyn.
The Excise Commissioners report read on Walter Amson's petition. Warrant ordered accordingly.
Petition read from Sir John Winter. Referred to Sir C. Harbord, John May, and Mr. Agar to report what is fit [to be done and at the same time] for His Majesty's advantage.
Petition read from Edm. Chamberlain, together with the report [thereon], from the Excise Commissioners. Warrant for allowing his interest.
Same from Capt. Heemskerck. The King to be spoken to in it.
Same from George Ravenscroft. Ordered that he be inserted [for] 250l. in the Treasurer of the Chamber's bills.
Same from Booke Bookey. Ordered that he and the Customs Farmers be heard on Monday next.
Same from Mr. Sowthwell. Report to be made pursuant to the report from Ireland.
Same from Mr. Bill et al. Mr. Day and the printers to be heard on Tuesday next.
Lord Berkeley's certificate read. Sir C. Harbord to examine how this charge falls to the King, while this is in the Queen's jointure.
Petition read from Tho. Addisson. Warrant ordered.
Same from Mr. Hill. Cotes to shew cause next Tuesday why his [Hill's] desire may not be granted.
Same from the King's and Queen's servants above stairs. [Answer is made] that those payable on the Exchequer have had nothing yet.
Warrant for half a year of Lady Wentworth's pension. To be on the loans on the [Crown] land revenue.
Petition read from Sir Rich Oatley. [Ordered] that he have half of what he can discover, but that he must say where it is: my Lords can grant no general warrant.
Same from Coquus. Ordered that he apply to Sir Gilbert Talbot and that he report the value of the thing, what he has received, and what is due to him.
Petition read from the Under Marshal. [Answered] that they are better paid than others. Their arrears to be hereafter considered.
Same from Mr. Bradshaw. Ordered that Cotes have a sight of it and make answer to it.
Same from Mr. Lloyd. He must be left to be paid as others at Barbados.
Same from Mr. Ward is read about the 14 acres of coppice ground, together with Sir C. Harbord's report. To be considered on Tuesday.
Mr. Thynn called in: presents a paper of his extraordinaries. Ordered that 100l. be allowed him for his land journey. Warrant on the January Customs.
Mr. Seymore called in and his petition read. To be considered at Xmas, and to be paid when the first [creditors] of this nature are paid.
Petition read from Mr. Vaughan. Sir G. Downing to see what was done before in this business.
Sir W. Doily's report read on Capt. Brabant's petition. Doily to certify what he thinks fit to be allowed. Same to be allowed out of the coal farm.
Petition read from John Woodhall. [He is to have] patience for a time.
Same from Sir Edw. Graves. Referred to Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, and Mr. Sherwyn to examine the debt, and then he is to show out of what discoveries he desires to be paid.
Same from Mr. Brathwayt read, together with the report of the Excise Commissioners. The King to be moved whether on paying 100l. he will remit the rest.
Same from Sir William Wray. The Attorney General's report to be produced by him this day week, and then my Lords will consider it.
Same from Mrs. Bolton. [Answered] that she has lately received half a year, which few have had.
Same from Sir John Cutler. Warrant to change the lives.
The case of the Yeomen of the Guard is to be considered on Wednesday week.
Petition read from Mr. Folie, and he called in. My Lords ask if he will take Jaye's whole debt in payment of his. He will answer to-morrow, when Jaye is to be here.
Certificate to be made on Monday next what constant or standing salaries and pensions are paid [out of the establishments for the] Navy and Tangier. Write the principal officers of the Navy and Mr. Pepys for same.
Sir Philip Howard called in with Capt. John Howard, and his petition is read. Ordered that he have Mr. Braythwait's 100l. Warrant ordered on the general dormant, and my Lords will endeavour that he be inserted next year among the officers paid by Sir Ste. Fox.
Petition read from Widow Litchfield. To be considered after Xmas.
Same from the King's and Queen's footmen. To be considered at Michaelmas.
The order of Council about Mr. Castell read. To be considered again.
Same about Mr. Baily read. To be considered again.
Warrant for Major Babington, on Sir C. Harbord's report.
Petition read from Col. Trevanyon, and he called in. Process against him to be stopped till Michaelmas term.
Mr. Scowen called in and his petition read. Ordered that on the affidavits that he could not receive the money and on the order of the Court of Exchequer he be discharged on his accompts and his bonds delivered: meanwhile process to be stopped.
Dr. Wrenn, Mr. May, and Mr. Baron called in: warrant for 500l. on the loans on the [Crown] land revenue [to enable them] to go on with the repairs of Windsor.
Write Sir Edm. Sawyer to return to my Lords on Tuesday next under his hand [a certificate of] the fees [payable] to the several patent officers of His Majesty's honor of Windsor.
The Lord Keeper to be spoken to [as to] what fines there are which are not within the Greenwax patent of Sir Robert Howard.
Petition read from Ellen Bird. Referred to Sir C. Harbord to report the value.
Same from Peter Watson. Warrant for 100l. on the 10,000l. dormant.
Same from Mr. Bowdler. Referred to Sir W. Doily.
Same from the orphans of John Chadwyck, together with the order of Council. Referred to Sir C. Harbord to report the value of the house pulled down, and then the money to be paid.
Same from Sackvile Whitle. [Answer to be made that it has been] cut off by order of Council. The Lord Chamberlain to be spoken to in regard of his warrant in the case, and that no more warrants of this nature be granted by his Lordship.
Petition read from the clerks and messengers of the checque. [Reply made] that the King's servants payable in the Exchequer have yet had nothing, and that they must be first considered.
Same from Richard Willson. Enquiry to be made what they have already had for those discoveries.
Same from Miles Temple. Mr. Lawrence to be spoken to in the case.
Same from John Batcheler. Money will be provided and his warrant signed.
Same from Ralph Saunders. The Auditor to certify if all the money be paid, and if so his bonds are to be delivered up.
Same from Richard Sherborn. Warrant for a lease.
Same from the Chimney Farmers of Ireland. Sir G. Downing to extract a short state of it.
Mr. Muddiford's letter read. Ordered that the Jew be denizened without charge. Charnock to pay the charge and my Lords to reimburse him.
Letter read from the Justices of Cumberland. Referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Sir Francis Vincent's privy seal read. Warrant ordered accordingly.
Mr. Walker, Usher of the Exchequer, and the Lord Chamberlain's secretary called in. Ordered that Mr. Walker do not let his house to any because of fear of [accidents to] the records, that when the Lord Chamberlain speaks for him he be discharged. Warrant ordered for Mr. Walker.
Warrant for Prince Rupert on his fee as Governor of Windsor.
Mr. Allport called in. Ordered that the Clerk of the Peace for Northumberland have the allowance other clerks of the peace have had. Warrant ordered.
Petition read from Sir Samuel Sterling. Warrant for it to be allowed according to the order of the Exchequer Court.
The King to be moved in Council about Alderman Bucknall's docquet.
Petition read from Edw. Hamilton. He must petition the King and get it referred to my Lords.
The instructions for [the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, which have been sent for perusal to] the Lord Privy Seal, about the Irish revenue [farm] are returned from the Lord Privy Seal. Write Lord Arlington, enclosing the said instructions and acquainting his lordship that it was considered and agreed yesterday by His Majesty here [in the Treasury Chamber], and the Irish Lords and the Lord Privy Seal, and then sent to the Lord Privy Seal and viewed by his lordship and returned hither without alteration and agreed to by my Lords who direct it to be transmitted to him [Lord Arlington].
The Earl of Orrery came in about the Irish business. [Write him to return to my Lords the original paper of proposals, which offered 300,000l. to the King for the Irish arrears; and which paper my Lords sent to the said Earl so that he might show it to Alderman Bucknell and his partners in order to bring them to better terms. The said paper is required to-morrow, when all the papers relating to the Irish revenue are to be carried up to Council].
Petition read from Thomas Bridges. My Lords cannot dispose of Mr. Dacket's place till he be outed.
Charnock to draw the several directions on Sir Denis Gauden's accompt of garrison provisions.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 148–152.]