Entry Book: October 1671

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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October 1671

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Oct. 2. Treasury warrant to Sir Ste. Fox, to take up on loan 2,000l.on the credit of an order of June 8 last, for that sum for His Majesty's secret service, at 7 per cent. interest and 3 per cent. reward in pursuance of the order in Council of May 26 last: the Treasury Lords being informed by said Fox that he can borrow said sum on said credit. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 1.
Same to Francis Stevens to arrest Mr. Picks, commander of the ship "John," of London, for delivering 5 bags of tobacco to another vessel in the Downs, and then rescuing the same after seizure: as appears by the affidavit of John Edwards, deputy searcher of the Customs of Kent. Ibid.
Sir Robert Howard to the Auditors of the Revenue, to quicken them in the making up the accounts of the Hearthmoney for the King's half-year ended at Lady Day 1666, my Lords observing that but little is being done therein. Out Letters General III. p. 2.
Oct.4 Treasury subscription of a docquet dated Sept. 1671, of a discharge from the King to the Mayor and Commonalty of London. In consideration of 4,499l. 18s. 5d. paid into the Exchequer by the said Mayor and Commonalty, as also in consideration of the duties of Hearthmoney formerly remitted with His Majesty's declaration of 1666, Sept.13, for the term of 7 years, the King does remit to the said Mayor and Commonalty, and to Sir Thomas Player, Chamberlain of London and Receiver General of Royal and Additional Aids and One Month's assessments [for the city] and to William Avery, Town Clerk of London and High Collector of said duties, the sum of 151,045l. 0s. 4¾d. due to His Majesty upon said duties [and in return herefor the said city] do therefore covenant with His Majesty that they and their successors will submit unto and pay all impositions and assessments of Hearth money which if His Majesty's declaration had never been made should have been assessed, levied and paid according to the several Acts made in that behalf from Lady Day last: and in order to enable the city to reimburse themselves of the said 4,499l. 18s. 5d., His Majesty covenants that it shall be lawful for them to collect the same by a reassessment or by calling the Collectors or Receivers of any former taxes to account; and His Majesty grants the city any arrears of such taxes remaining in the hands of such persons. British Museum, Additional MS. 28,074, p. 1; Warrants Early XLIII. p. 4.
Oct.4 Money warrrant for 50l. to Thomas Jones for reward for service to His Majesty. Warrants Early XIX. p. 2.
Sir Robt. Howard to the Customs Commissioners forwarding to them on reference from my Lords, the letter from Brabant, the customer, and Faster, the computor. Out Letters GeneralIII. p. 4.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take the securities, detailed, of Samuell Lambe, of Mitcham, Surrey, as Receiver of Hearthmoney for co. Kent (said sureties being said Lambe himself, John Keeling, of Mitcham, Tho. Goodwyn, of London, butcher, Francis Weaver, of the Rolls Liberty, co. Midd.). Warrants Early XLIII. p. 2.
Oct. 5 Treasury Commission appointing Thomas Rich Receiver of the subsidy for Gloucester county and city. Also a similar commission appointing him Solicitor for the subsidy in said county. Together with a warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take his sureties (viz. himself, Peter Rich, of the Bankside, timber merchant, and John Cooke, merchant). Ibid, p. 3.
Same to John Ball to attend the audit of the receipt of Richard Marriott, Receiver of His Majesty's revenue of Windsor, said Marriot being now absent in the country and not able to return in time for said audit. Ibid.
[? Oct. 5] Further Treasury instruction to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farm rents By our instructions of Sept. 8 last you were empowered to contract with any persons who have orders charged on the sale of said rents and to account the principal and interest due on said orders as half the purchase money "and wee being informed that some contracts have lately been made by you upon which one moyety of the purchase money was to be paid by principall money due upon orders as aforesaid, and the other moyety in money into the Exchequer, but that interest being due upon the said orders where by the said interest is left to be paid out of the Receipt of His Majesty's Exchequer contrary to the letter of our said instructions," in future if you make any such contracts as above any interest payable upon said orders is to be accounted with the principal money of said orders as one moiety of the purchase money. and to be so discharged in the Exchequer; and the other moiety to be paid in as aforesaid. Ibid, p. 4.
Oct. 6. Money warrant for 500l. to Sir Tho. Osborne, Treasurer of the Navy, to be assigned to Sir Edw. Deering as the remainder of 1,000l. due to him for timber by him sold for the use of the Navy, of which half was paid down and the other half ought to have been paid within a few months: same to be in part of the privy seal of Feb. 28 last for 189,100l. 9s. 7¾d. for old Navy debts. Ibid, XIX. p. 5.
Oct. 7 Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to supersede the process of extent ordered against the bodies and estates of the late Farmers of the Customs, ended 1667, Sept. 29, so far as relates to the body only of Sir John Shaw. Ibid, XLIII. p. 21.
Oct.7 Money warrant for 300l. to Mistress Sophia Stuart, one of the dressers to the late Queen Mother, for one year of her annuity. Warrants Early XIX. p. 2.
Same for 5,000l. to Philip Packer, Paymaster of the Works. for extraordinaries of the Works, and 1,600l. in full of 8,000l. for the ordinary of the Works for this current year. Ibid, pp. 2, 3.
Royal sign manual for 1,742l. to Sir Thomas Bond, due to him from the King for certain jewels bought of him, with interest thereon. Same to be paid to him out of the late Queen Mother's jointure by Sir Robert Long, Receiver of the manors, land, &c. of the said late Queen Mother's jointure. Ibid, p. 3.
Money warrant for 10l. to Elisabeth Pinkney as royal bounty Ibid, p. 5.
Oct. 10 Privy seal for 40s. a day to Thomas Chidley, Esq., for his ordinary as Secretary to the Extraordinary Embassy to Spain; and 200l. for his equipage and transportation. King's Warrant Book III. pp. 1–2.
[?] Incomplete royal warrant for 840l. for Henry Coventry, on his ordinary as Ambassador Extraordinary to Sweden: it appearing by certificate of Secretary Sir John Trevor that said Coventry took leave of His Majesty the 12th July, 1671. (Money warrant dated Oct. 10.) Ibid, p. 2; Money Book (Customs) pp. 7–8.
Oct. 10 Treasury subscription of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant to the Master of the Jewel House, for 5,893 oz. of white plate and 1,066 oz. of gilt plate, to be delivered to Robert, Earl of Sunderland, Ambassador Extraordinary to Spain. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 10.
Oct. 11. Privy seal for the issue of 177,400l. to Lord St. John and his partners in the late intended Farm of the Customs and 1 year's interest thereon at 6 per cent. from 1671, Sept. 29: to be in satisfaction of the money by them advanced on the said intended Farm (for 5 years from Sept. 29 last, at 600,000l. per an. rent including the duty on wines and vinegar and also the wine licences: they having advanced 207,400l. thereon, of which 30,000l. has been separately secured to Sir John Bennet on the Fee Farms): said issue to be settled on the respective months of the Customs by 10,000l. a month. This privy seal to cancel the previous privy seal of Sept. 30 last, directing the securing of 226,000l. to said persons likewise on the Customs. King's Warrant Book III. pp. 22–5.
Oct. 14 Privy seal for 100l. a week to Robert, Earl of Sunderland, for his ordinary as Ambassador Extraordinary to Spain, and 2,500l. for his equipage and transportation. Ibid, p. 1.
Oct. 16 Privy seal to the Treasury Lords to pay 30,000l. to Sir John Bennet with 6 per cent. interest thereon from Michaelmas last till repayment of the principal: the same being the share advanced by him towards the loan of 207,400l. advanced on the late intended Farm of the Customs by Lord St. John, Sir John Bennet. Sir William Bucknall. Sir William Doyley, John Bence, William Roberts, Ralph Bucknall, John Man and George Blake, partners in said intended Farm, who have now agreed to surrender the said Farm: "it appearing by an agreement under the hands and seals of the said persons that the said Sir John Bennet's interest is three shares of the whole, being divided into 20 shares, and it appearing by another writing under their hands, dated the 6th Oct., 1671, that the advance money upon each share is 10,000l.": the said 30,000l. to be paid to Sir John Bennet in orders registered on Fee Farms, which orders being in the hands of the Cofferer of the Household are to be applied by said Bennet to the purchase of fee farms, for the purpose of which purchase they are to be accepted as ready money by the Trustees for Fee Farms and also said Bennet to be admitted to purchase at 16 years' purchase in spite of the instructions lately given to said Trustees to sell at 18 years' purchase for half cash and half [paper] orders. (Treasury subscription of the docquet hereof dated Oct. 27.) Ibid, pp. 14–16; British Museum, Additional MS. 28,074, pp. 3–4.
Oct. 20 Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against William Prettiman and [his sureties], Charles Porter, Esq., and John Fenn, merchant: it appearing by a certificate of Auditor Beale that the several sums mentioned in three of their bonds, viz. 7,032l. 16s. 0d. are paid and that said Porter and Fenn still continue bound to the King in the other bond of 10,000l. for the clearing of said Prettyman's account. Warrants Early XLIII. pp. 4–5.
Treasury subscription of a docquet of June, 1671, of a Royal warrant to the Exchequer for 4l. a day as his ordinary to Sir Robert Southwell, Envoy Extraordinary to the Count de Mounterei, Governor of the Spanish Netherlands: together with 300l. for his equipage. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 3.
Oct. 23 Same of same of Sept., 1671, of a new contract between the King [of the one part] and Sir Thomas Littleton, Sir Dennys Gauden, Sir Denny Ashburnham, Josias Child and Benjamin Gauden for the victualling of the Navy: determining the former contract on the last of Dec. next: to continue until a year's notice be given. Ibid, p. 2.
Entry of the order of reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of John Gubbs, Philip Lanyon, John Allyn and several others whose lands were taken into Plymouth citadel. Out Letters General III. p. 21.
[?] Same of same to same of the petition of Richard May, desiring to renew his lease of 124l. 6s. 8d. issuing out of the Cathedral church of Rochester. Ibid.
Oct. 24 The Treasury Lords to the Lord Mayor and Alderman of London. The King has lately consented to release to you all arrears of the Royal and Additional Aids and the Eleven Months' tax on your agreeing to pay such part of the Hearthmoney remitted by declaration of 1666, Sept. 13, for seven years as bath or shall grow due since Lady Day last. The King has appointed Hugh Holland as officer for collecting said duty in London from Lady Day last. Give him all countenance and assistance and in order hereto publish in the city the abovesaid agreement between the King and you; also appoint some officer of your own to assist said Holland in taking the first survey of the firehearths. Warrant Early XLIII. p. 7.
Oct. 25 Privy seal for 1,100l. to William Ashburnham, Cofferer of the Household, and 200l. per an.from Sept. 29 last: to be paid to Samuel Cooper, the King's Limner, for his annuity in future and for 5½ years' arrears thereon to said date: His Majesty having by warrant under his signed and sign manual, dated 1663, May 26, directed to the officers of the Greencloth, "setting forth that whereas there had been formerly allowed by us a diet to our trusty and well beloved Samuel Cooper. our Limner, in regard of his attendance upon us in that quality, which for the space of 12 months then last past had been surceased by order of our officers of our said Board of Greencloth, we had thought fit to give and grant unto him the yearly allowance of 200l., payable from time to time by the Cofferer of the Household, in lieu of the said diet by way of board wages to commence from the day the said diet was intermitted, willing and requiring the officers of our said Board of Greencloth to pass the said yearly allowance of 200l. unto him accordingly: and whereas the said Samuel Cooper hath humbly represented unto us that notwithstanding our said signification of our pleasure concerning him he hath received no part of the said yearly allowance of 200l. from the Cofferer of our House, but acknowledgeth that he hath received the sum of 600l. upon account of our prize goods. being for three years' allowance of his said entertainment of 200l. per an. and since the intermission mentioned in our said former warrant, so that there now remains due to him upon the said entertainment the sum of 1,100l." This privy seal to render void the privy seal of Sept. 21 last, authorising the payment of the said 200l. per an. and the arrears thereon out of the Exchequer. (Royal warrant for the said privy seal, dated Oct. 23: Treasury subscription of the docquet, dated Oct. 23: money warrant, dated Nov. 13.) King's Warrant Book III. pp. 12–13: Warrants Early XVa. p. 224; XIX. p. 8; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 3
Oct. 26 Treasury warrant to Sir John Norton. Woodward of New Forest, and to the verderer, &c. there, to fell trees to the amount of 85 tons of timber to be employed for building four rooms by way of addition to Burley Lodge and stables there [for Lord St. John]; as by the royal sign manuel of Sept. 10 last. Warrants Early XLIII. pp. 5–6.
The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to appoint Francis Langford, a landwaiter in London port, on the recommendation of the Duke of York. Ibid, p. 7.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer for a patent to Francis Weaver, as Receiver of Hearthmoney for Surrey and Southwark, loco Sir William Doyley, Bart. Same to Same, dated Oct. 28, for taking said Weaver's securities, detailed. Ibid, pp. 8–9.
Same to Sergeant Francis Stevens to bring before the Treasury Lords Roger Browne, now a prisoner for debt in the gaol at Ipswich, but formerly employed by Edward Keene (late Head Collector for the district of Ipswich and Woodbridge), in the receipt of moneys of the Royal and Additional Aids, for detaining in his hands 158l. 7s. 0d. of the moneys thereof. Ibid p. 12.
Treasury subscription of a docquet of June, 1671, containing a confirmation to Lord Frescheville of a grant lately made by the Queen Consort and her Trustees to said Lord Frescheville of manor of Eckington, co. Derby, for 31 years, together with the advowson of the rectory of Eckington and Killamarsh. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 4.
Same of same of June, 1671, of a grant to Lord Frescheville of the sums of 200l. and 20l. illegally bequeathed in the will of George Watkinson, late of Scotton, co. York, to the Quakers of the Country of York and of Scotton respectively. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer for a supersedeas to the distringas against the Commissioners of the first and second subsidy, 1663, for the Hundred of West, co. Cornwall, for naming an insufficient Collector who has not passed his accounts: said Commissioners having undertaken to perfect said account and to pay the money due thereon by Xmas next. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 6.
The like for the like in the case of the Commissioners of the third and fourth subsidy, in the Hundred of Pyder, co. Cornwall. Ibid.
Oct. 27 Treasury warrant to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farms. By the instructions of Sept. 8 last you were to sell at 18 years' purchase for half cash half orders, and at nine years for rents in jointure to the Queen. Notwithstanding this the sale of said rents does not proceed so fast as is desired. You can therefore sell at 17 years and 8 years in place of the above respectively. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 8.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to appoint Edward Freeman as a landwaiter at Pill, near Bristol, the service there requiring two such officers as usual but there being only one at present. Ibid, p. 10.
Warrant under the royal sign manual to the Attorney General to prepare a grant of the office of Havener of the Duchy of Cornwall to Sir William Morice, the elder, for life and after him to Sir William Morice. junr., to enjoy in as ample manner as Benedict Killegrewe, John. Thomas and William Reskener, Henry Killigrew, Joseph Killegrew, William Roscarock, Robert Langdon. Thomas Gewen or any of them: and to be held (together with an acquittance as below from all arrears of Prizage and Butlerage) without any account to be rendered only for the annual rent of 30l. payable by them to the Receiver General of said Duchy: said office having been granted 1660-1, Jan. 12, to said Sir William Morice, the elder, and William Morice, his son. and said Sir William Morice having been lately called upon by the Treasury Lords to account for the profits thereof, whereupon he has alleged that no accounts appear to have been made by the said officer of Prizage and Butlerage of Wines (the only profits by him received as is alleged) since 1641, and therefore he did suppose the Havener was not obliged to make such account and cannot now do it, and has therefore proposed to surrender a grant of a pension of 100l. per an., and to release the arrears of 3¼ years thereon in return for a re-grant of said office coupled with a release for the arrears of said Prizage and Butlerage: further the Surveyor General of Crown Lands having by report dated March 16 last. certified that the annual profits of said office of Havener did for the average of the years 1637 to 1647, amount to 160l. 2s. 6½d., which profits according to Sir William Morice are much abated and for some years have not exceeded 100l. per an., or when collection and salary are deducted 80l. per an. King's Warrant Book III. pp. 6–7.
Oct. 30 Treasury subscription of a docquet of Oct., 1671, of an erection of the Office of General Comptrol of the accompts of the Customs and a grant of said office to Giles Lycott with a salary of 400l. per an.: said Lycott to deliver every six months to the Auditors of the Imprest an account of the debet of every collector and sub-collector in London and the outports (undated royal warrant for same). British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 2;King's Warrant Book III. p. 3
Privy seal for 1,500l. to Sir George Downing for his equipage and 10l. a day for his ordinary as Ambassador to the States General. (Treasury subscription of the docquet dated Oct. 28.) King's Warrant Book III. pp. 11–12; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 5.
Oct. 31 Same for 40s. a day to Sir Martin Westcombe for his ordinary as agent at Cadiz, Port St. Mary and the Districts: to date from Lady Day last. (Treasury subscription of the docquet dated Nov. 4.) King's Warrant Book III. pp. 16–17. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 8.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to discharge James Ennys, lately appointed landwaiter in Newcastle port, Henry Houghton," same at Hull, and William Pooly and Thomas Sherly, coastwaiters in London port: they having neglected to appear. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 15.
Oct. 31 Sir Robt. Howard to Col. Webb [et al. Agents for Taxes] to examine the sufficiency of security proposed by Lamb (lately nominated Receiver of Hearthmoney in Kent) to take the place of Thomas Goodwyn, one of his proposed sureties, deceased: and to similarly examine the proposed change of sureties of Francis Weaver, Receiver of Surrey. Out Letters General III. p. 7.
[?] Sir Robt. Howard to the Customs Commissioners, forwarding on reference from my Lords the petition from Aaron Lawson. Customer of Boston port, who prays payment of the 2¼ years' arrears of his fees. Ibid.
Oct. 31 Warrant, under the royal sign manual, appointing Edward Diggs Agent at Virginia for taking accounts of ladings of tobacco. "Having found it convenient for our service that a true and just accompt be returned us of all tobaccos that shall henceforth at any time be exported from Virginia, as also of all foreign built ships that shall come there, and that all ships arriving there from England, or that shall be built in the Country, or shall come from any other of our Plantations that have not given bond for their coming into our Kingdom of England, &c. or to unlade at our said Plantations should enter into such bonds according to law: we have therefore given direction to our Governor not to permit any of the said ships to be laden until they have given such bonds." You are appointed to see that said bonds be duly entered into, and to take an account of all such ships and also of all other ships that are now arrived or shall arrive with you that have given bond for their return; with the names of the ships and masters and port to which they are bound, with a particular of the number of hogsheads, quantity of bulke or other parcel of tobacco laden on board them and to take an exact accompt of all tobacco laden on board any vessels from the neighbouring Plantations, with the names of the ship and master and to what place bound: and to make diligent enquiry whether or no any foreign ships prohibited to trade in our Plantations shall arrive in Virginia, and if you discover any such that you give intimation to the Governor thereof that they may be effectually proceeded against: and to transmit to the Customs Commissioners, in London, the copy of all bonds and the particular accompts of the lading of all ships as aforesaid: with a salary of 250l. per an. payable by the Receiver General of Customs. King's Warrant Book III. pp. 3–4.
Royal sign manual to the Governor of Virginia. We have put the Customs in the hands of Commissioners whereof the duty on the tobaccos of Virginia are a considerable branch. We are informed of sundry indirect practices for defrauding us of that duty by ships sailing hence without giving bond for their return as by law is enjoined, and foreign vessels which through too much connivance are suffered to lade there yet come not into our Dominions to make their discharge, and by many other small vessels that come from the neighbouring Plantations and take in tobaccos for other parts, but sail not into our Kingdoms to pay the Customs: as also that divers ships which have given bonds to return for England do obscure a great part of their lading and so wrong us of much of their customs. For prevention hereof for the future you are to cause a strict examination to be taken of the commanders and masters of all English ships that henceforth shall arrive in your Government [as to] whether they have given bonds for their return to England. And in case they have not or if any ships are or shall be built in Virginia that intend to come for England you are not to suffer any of them to be laden till they have given bond to come into some part of England to discharge their whole ladings [so] that they may pay us our Customs due by law: and also to take bonds from all vessels that shall come from any other Plantation. The security of such bond to be approved by Edwd. Diggs whom we have appointed to take care of same and to transmit copies of said bonds to the Customs Commissioners in London. And if any foreign ships shall come within your government you are to put our laws in due execution against them. In all which you are to proceed according to the Act for regulating the Plantation trade made in the 12th, 15th and 23rd of our reign. Ibid, pp. 4–5.
Oct. 31. Warrant under the Royal sign manual to the Treasury Lords to sequester the profits belonging to Sir John Shaw and the respective executors of Sir John Wolstenholme, Sir John Harrison, Sir Nicholas Crispe and Sir John Jacob of any their interest in or benefit accruing out of the late Farm of the Customs ended Michaelmas last; also to sequester from the heirs of Sir Nicholas Crispe the benefit of the farm of spice: the said persons having been Farmers of the Customs for five years ended 1667, Sept. 29, and not having rendered any satisfactory account of the rent of said farm for the last two years thereof notwithstanding all endeavours used with great patience and grace towards them; and they appearing after several hearings to be very much indebted to the King on that account. King's Warrant Book III. pp. 9–10.
Royal warrant [for a privy seal] for the Cofferer of the Household for 10,000l. [for the Household] and 10,000l. for interest. Ibid, p. 6.
Same for a dormant privy seal for 10,000l. [for minor and casual payments to be directed by royal warrant as they arise]. (Privy seal hereon, dated Nov. 11.) Ibid, pp. 6, 21.
Letter of direction on an order for 310l. to John Dodington, Resident at Venice. Warrants Early XIX. p.3.
The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to proceed in accordance with the ancient practice as certified as follows in divers cases relating to the applying and accounting for the Customs at the determination of one interest, or farm, or grant therein and the commencement of another. Ibid, XLIII. pp. 13–15
Prefixing:—Reports separately from the Customs Commissioners and several of the King's officers of the Customs certifying what has been the said practice herein.
Oct. — Treasury approval of the following appointments on the recommendation of the Customs Commissioners, viz.:— Ibid, p. 11.
Henry Sclater as Surveyor of Customs, London, loco Benjamin Price.
Henry Dove as coastwaiter, London, loco William Pooly.
Owen Flamingham as tidesman, London, loco Hanibal Vivian.
John Golding. Robt. Bathurst, Thomas Dixin as landcarriagemen, the number of eight formerly proposed not being sufficient.
George Gesling and Richard Wallis as noontenders, the number of 14 formerly proposed not being sufficient.
John Shaw as surveyor at Blackwall.
Tho. Tannat as waiter and searcher at Poole, loco Robt. Smithier, declined.
William Farr as same at Lyme, loco John Walley.
John Garway as landwaiter and warehousekeeper at Bristol, loco Thomas Charnock.
John Vicars as surveyor and waiter at Colchester, loco Richard Bentall, resigned.
Robert Holland as waiter and searcher at Wivenhoe, loco John Silverwood, resigned.
Benjamin Polstead as Collector of Lyme, loco Giles Day.
Thomas Hartley as waiter and searcher at Ravenglass, Workington and Flimby, loco Tho. Tickhill.
"Robert Clegg in the room of Allen Wharton [to be] Collector at Stockton [and . . ], to be a coastwaiter in the port of London in the stead of Tho. Shirly."
[? Oct.] Treasury subscription for a docquet of 1671, May, for a grant to Mrs. Lelis Cranmer, one of the Queen's Dressers, of the yearly pension of 300l. during life. British Museum Additional. MS. 28,074, p. 5.