Minute Book: August 1669

Pages 126-138

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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August 1669

Aug. 2.
Present: Lord Ashley, and the Treasurer of the Household, together with the Lord Keeper, Duke of Buckingham, Earl of Orrery, Lord Arlington, and Secretary Trevor.
The Earl of Carlingford called in with his order of Council about his right to the wine licences in Ireland. Ordered that he clear his right to December last, and from that time my Lords will take care that he have a recompence.
The King, the Duke of York, and Prince Rupert came in about the warrant about farming the arrears of Ireland. The particulars demanded by Alderman Bucknall are read by the Lord Keeper and debated and proceeded on, each particular after the other, and the further debate is adjourned to to-morrow at nine in the morning, when the King, the Lords [of the Council] of Ireland, Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, and the Attorney and Solicitor General to be here.
[Ibid. p. 167.]
Aug. 2.
Monday afternoon.
Present: Lord Ashley, and the Treasurer of the Household.
Sir John Robinson called in: moves for the remainder of the money for his bill [for keeping prisoners, &c., in the Tower]. A direction made that it be paid after what is directed in the present list to be paid on the loans on [Crown] land revenue.
The King to be moved about appointing the 11th of October to receive propositions about farming or collecting the Chimney Money in whole or by particular counties and places.
The King to be moved about appointing a time to hear the business of the moneys detained in the hands of the London Excise Farmers upon account of defalcations.
Sir Thomas Higgens called in: presents a paper of his extraordinaries demanded by him. Warrant for same on the Customs of January as also for the remaining days due to him on his ordinary.
Lord Wotton and Lord Alington called in and move about their Post [Office] defalcations. Lord Arlington to be spoken to about the way [of preparation of] a warrant for them.
Warrant for three months for Sir W. Temple: on the loans on the January Customs.
Sir G. Downing to sign a certificate that Sir George Lane is to stand as Secretary at War in Ireland.
Enquire if the Earl of Sandwich's paper of Customs tallies be for himself or the Wardrobe, or [whether they are merely speculatively] bought tallies.
Sir W. Doily called in about the arrears of the Aids. The Chester arrears to be postponed till that matter is heard and considered. Write Mr. Seymour that on the Royal Aid [there is an arrear of] 1,346l. 18s. 0d. on Exeter alone: and of the Additional Aid there is an arrear of 255l. 0s. 5d. on Devon and Exeter: and ask him where the money is. Write Lewis Harding, of Bedford, to give an account forthwith to Sir W. Doily of the arrears of the Aids, else his bonds will be prosecuted, and he taken into custody. Write . . . Sykes, of Reading, to know in whose hands are the arrears, and that he give an accompt to Sir W. Doily, else he will be sent for. The like letter to Sir Walter Moile, to Norcott, and to Newman. The like letter for Dorset. The like letter to Swinburne for Durham and Northumberland; to Mr. Strickland for York and to Lionel Walter for co. Huntingdon. Mr. Bowdler called in. Write the Commissioners of [Aids for] Herefordshire setting out what is in arrear of the taxes and to quicken them to get them in. If the Kentish arrears be not speedily paid in, process to go out against the county. Quere, if the Privy Council is not to be moved to-morrow to send for some of the Commissioners [of Aids for co. Kent]. Quere, how there should happen to be in Mr. Snow's receipt of the Aids [of London] so great an arrear (viz. 58,904l. 4s. 6d.) of the additional Aid and so small an arrear (viz. 241l. 9s. 0d.) of the Royal Aid. Write Mr. Snow to be here about it on Wednesday morning. Write Sir W. Doily to bring on Friday morning a state of Mr. [Beavis Lloyd's] receipt of the Aids. A sharp letter to be sent to Mr. Cooper, receiver of Nottingham. Process of extent to go out against Dudley Reuse and his securities on his account as Receiver of co. Oxford. Mr. Browne, the solicitor, to speak to him to be here to-morrow. Write Sir W. Doily to deliver to the King's Remembrancer the bonds for process of extent to go out against Mr. Wheeden for Bucks. A quickening letter to be sent to Mr. Hosier, of Salop, and a like letter to Mr. Treday for co. Somerset. The Privy Council to be moved to send for some of the Commissioners [of Aids] of Suffolk concerning the arrears of that county, which they voted to levy but have not done. Sir W. Doily to bring a state of the case on Wednesday. The Auditor to certify the state of Mr. Knipe's account: or Charnock to find it out to see what arrear is set in super upon him. A quickening letter to be sent to Mr. Folie, Receiver of Worcester. Col. Whitley, the Receiver of Anglesey, called in. Ordered to hasten his accounts for North Wales. Mr. Vaughan, Receiver of Cardigan and Carnarvon, called in. Says he will answer all, but prays an allowance for bringing the money to the waggons. Capt. Gwynne, Receiver of Glamorgan, called in: says he has cleared the account of that county for all the taxes. John Lloyd, Receiver of Brecon and Radnor, called in, and a warrant is ordered for the arrest of Philips when Lloyd brings an affidavit. The drafts of letters to the city and county of Chester are brought in by Sir W. Doily. Ordered that they be prepared for my Lords' signature, and be sent to Sir W. Doily along with the Chester petition. John Lloyd also called in with his Auditor about his firehearth accompt for co. Glamorgan. Ordered that the 72l. 5s. 0d. for his attendance on the Committee of Parliament be allowed him; and that the 13l. 6s. 8d. charged on him for 12 per cent. be taken off, as he kept the money only in expectance of an allowance, and that his account be declared.
Sir R. Long to certify when Mr. Grabu's augmentation began.
The Pixe to be tried on Wednesday. Notice to be given to Sir R. Long.
Petition read from Sir William Doily, Junr. Referred to Mr. May to consider what has been expended on his house and how useful it is to His Majesty's house.
Sir W. Doily presents a list of such officers as have salaries at [the Office of Exchanges at Great] St. Helens with remarks written in the margin showing which are to stand. The rest to be dismissed at Michaelmas.
Sir Denys Gawden called in: presents a letter from the Commissioners of the Navy. Warrant for process against him to stop till Michaelmas. Also a warrant on his other letter for 746l. 13s. 4d. on the Customs.
Mr. Jays called in about his accompt as Receiver of the firehearths for Norfolk. John Lloyd called in says he is willing to show Mr. Jaye what he has received. Ordered that Jaye set at rights first his accompt for Lady Day, 1666, and that the books of receipts of Hearth money on both sides be produced before Auditor Philips, and that the Auditor adjust the matter between them. The King to be moved that Mr. Folie may have Mr. Jaye's arrears [in return or exchange] for his Exchequer orders so as he bring as many bills as will amount to the whole.
Warrant for Mr. Dering to collect some arrears and to have a moiety. Mr. Jeoffrys to bring in the draft of the warrant.
The Excise officers' report on Mr. Coppinger is read and Coppinger is called in. Ordered that Plowman be sent for in custody, and then the business to be considered further.
Mr. Packer to have on his liberates the remain of the 7,500l. custom tally, and the rest on the arrears of the Tenths.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 167–9.]
Aug. 3.
Present: Lord Ashley, and Treasurer of the Household.
My Lords will consider at Michaelmas how to pay Mrs. Rumbold's children the arrears of their salary in [sic for pension on] the Custom house.
Privy seal for 9,000l. to be paid in full to the Earl of Chesterfield et al., on their surrender of [Dan O'Neale's gunpowder patent]: same to be placed [or assigned] on the arrears of rents of the last [or late] Farmers of the Customs and to be placed next after the 35,000l. payable by the said Farmers: in case of failure on that fund it is to be assigned on the 8,000l. per mensem. [payable out of the Customs] for meeting old tallies [on the Customs].
Wardrobe tallies to the value of 1,800l. are to be listed on the Customs and the remainder of them when the dates are brought. But the Earl of Carbery waives having anything to do in the business.
Commissions to issue for the Earl of Strafford et al., on their discoveries.
The King to be moved about the Earl of Sandwich's paper of the value of his Wardrobe office.
Write two letters to the Customs Farmers; each [letter being to request them to lend or] to bring in 1,000l. towards re-building the Custom House. Both [said sums to be assigned for re-payment] on the [Customs of] August, 1670.
Mr. Booth [Receiver of co. Chester] to have the allowance [suggested] in Sir W. Doily's report.
My Lords' report [to the Privy Council] on the business concerning the coinage of farthings is to be only that my Lords have heard the parties, and present the papers [to the King in Council] as being a matter of too great import to be decided here [in the Treasury].
Sir G. Downing to acquaint the late Farmers of the Customs that [of the 35,000l. which they are to pay in] they presently pay 20,000l., a further 7,500l. on Sept. 1 next, and the remaining 7,500l. on Oct. 1 next.
The Earl of Crawford's petition read. Referred to Sir C. Harbord to report whether an inquisition be found, and what the value of the manor and what fit to be done.
Sir G. Downing to speak with the Customs Farmers about paying the [King's] officers of the Customs [of London port] their year's salaries.
Dormant warrant for Mr. Hall, Lady Northumberland's servant, for his office in the Customs, as George Porter had.
Warrant for Mr. Kirke for another half-year on the Customs.
Privy seal for 1,000l. for repairs at Windsor.
Sir W. Doily to report on Friday what Solicitors [of the Aids in the respective counties] may be retrenched at Michaelmas. Write Mr. Powell, the Solicitor for Kent, to give an account what arrears of the Aids he conceives are standing out in that county, and what is in the hands of Receivers besides what is in Mr. Harlackenden's hands.
Sir Jonathan Trelawney's letter on behalf of Mr. Seymour is to be sent to Mr. Napier to reply what is to be done in it.
A certificate to be brought of what is due to the poor of St. Michael's, Cornhill, and when [last] paid, and then my Lords will consider it.
Mr. Morice to be told that it's referred to the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland to make an end of the business of the Customs [Farmers'] defalcations in Ireland.
His Majesty comes in about the warrant for farming the arrears of Ireland: also Prince Rupert, Duke of Ormonde, Lord Arlington, Lord Keeper, Earl of Orrery, and Secretary Trevor together with Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord and the Solicitor General.
Ordered that a letter be written to Alderman Bucknall that he forthwith pay into the Exchequer in London the 70,000l. which was to be sent into Ireland.
The King declares to my Lords that Mr. Killegrew's privy seal for the 1,090l. [sic for 1,095l. baronet fee due from Sir Thomas Stanly] do not pass, but that my Lords sign no discharge to Sir Thomas Stanley [releasing him from payment of the said baronet fee]. When the money is paid into the Exchequer then Sir Thomas to be discharged.
Then they fell upon the debate about the [farm of the Irish] arrears, and a petition of the innocent Papists in Ireland is read. Also a paper is brought in by the Duke of Ormonde and read, about the quit rents. The Lord Keeper moves that this proposition [of Bucknall et al.] of farming the arrears of Ireland be waived as most dangerous and impracticable, but that the new Farmers [of the revenue of Ireland] be made collectors of the arrears, and have —per £ [allowance or poundage for charge of collection] under such covenants as shall be adjusted here [at the Treasury in London], and subject to the regulation of the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland: and that the said Farmers collect the arrears of such revenues as they are Farmers of, and the rest to be left to the Exchequer to collect.
The Earl of Orrery and the Solicitor General to speak with Alderman Bucknall about this business of collecting the arrears of Ireland, what rents they shall collect and at what allowances. His Majesty and the Lords [of the Council] of Ireland to be here on Thursday morning to consider what shall be prepared.
Ordered that the petition of the [Irish] innocent [Papists] be by His Majesty referred to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report the grounds proceeded on by them and the Barons of the Exchequer [in Ireland] in that business. Meantime ordered that the Collectors have directions to collect no arrears of quit rents on them for any longer time than they were possessed of their lands.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 170–1.]
Aug. 6.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
Warrant to stay process against Mr. Kirby on his firehearth account on his producing a tally to show that the 18l. super upon him is paid.
Write Mr. Dudley Reuse to attend my Lords presently about giving Mr. Squibb his acquittances, my Lords being informed that a considerable sum of money is now lying [unusable] in Mr. Squibb's office, as one of the Tellers of the Exchequer, by reason that Reuse does not bring in the notes under his hand for the said money in order to the right placing of it [that is in order to its being properly credited to the particular collection or account concerned and so being made available for assignments or credits to be drawn thereupon; by the delay in all which] His Majesty is very much prejudiced.
Privy seal for the discharge of the remainder of Mrs. Woolnough's money.
Warrant for 2 years' salary to Mr. Goldsbrough. Also his bill shall be paid at Michaelmas.
The late Farmers of the Customs are called in about the account of their late farms. Warrant to the Auditor to allow a tally of 250l. dated 1664, March 27, upon a constat. Warrant to Sir R. Long, Mr. Wardour, and the present Farmers of the Customs that this constat is allowed and therefore if any tally or several tallies of that date and sum come to be registered [they are] not to pay it or any of them till it be examined which is the tally for which this tally is allowed. Wherever the said late Farmers had warrant from the late Lord Treasurer Southampon with directions to advance money [by way of prepayment or loan] interest at the rate of 6 per cent. is to be allowed them. Where they had no such warrant the cases are to be further considered.
Warrant for the fee payable at the Custom House to the Ushers of the Exchequer [for making up the Customs accounts].
The petition from Bevis Lloyd et al. is referred to Sir W. Doyly.
Sir John Wolstenholme's bond is to be paid among the first out of the moneys that shall be recovered upon old bonds [still standing] on the Commission account of the Customs.
Warrant for Sir John Shaw.
With regard to the Earl of Newburgh's business [of the Sixpenny Writs] nothing is to be done as to farming or otherwise till Lord Ashley be heard.
Warrant for a privy seal for 450l. to Sir W. Doily.
The Mint indenture to be considered the first Wednesday after the next sitting.
[Treasury Minute Book III. p. 172.]
Aug. 7.
Present: Lord Ashley and the Treasurer of the Household.
[Lord Ashley] reports from the King [His Majesty's decision on matters as follows].
Charnock to advise with Mr. Fisher about Vaughan's business.
Warrant for 2,000l. per an. to the Earl of Sandwich [as Master of the Great Wardrobe, same to be as a fixed salary in lieu of all fees and perquisites hitherto appertaining to the said office] and 200l. for a clerk and [his Lordship] not to have the houses.
The 11th of October to be appointed for receiving propositions for farming the Chimney money.
That the London Excise Farmers be heard about their defalcations in His Majesty's presence after my Lord's next meeting [after their recess].
Leave granted by His Majesty to my Lords to adjourn for 5 or 6 weeks.
Warrant for a privy seal for Mr. Foly [Folie]. The like for Mr. Bowdler.
Warrant for the King's signature for Mr. Challoner.
Warrant for 500l. for the Works for enlarging St. James's Park: to be paid out of the 35,000l. due from the late Farmers of the Customs. Same to be on the privy seal for the ordinary of the Works, and 500l. to be added in their next privy seal.
His Majesty came in together with the Duke of York, the Lord Keeper, Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Buckingham, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Orrery, Lord Arlington, Secretary Trevor, the Solicitor General and Sir C. Harbord. The Earl of Orrery's report is read upon his and the Solicitor General's conference with Alderman Bucknall about his collecting the arrears of Ireland.
[Treasury Minute Book III. p. 173.]
Aug. 9.
Present: Lord Ashley and the Treasurer of the Household.
Lord St. John's proposals about New Forest are to be considered the first Tuesday after my Lords come together again [after their recess].
Warrant on Sir Richard Oatlye's commission to search for treasure trove [he and his partners] referring themselves to the King for their reward [in case of success]. Sir C. Harbord, senr., and Sir W. Doily, senr., or Sir C. Harbord, junr., and Sir W. Doily, junr., or any of them to be joined with them in the search.
The Earl of Marlborough called in and his petition read. Write Mr. Burgess for a certificate of what is due to the said Earl on his pension of 100l. per an.
Mr. Coppinger called in with Mr. Plowman and Mr. Ophley, his counsel. Mr. Plowman offers to refer the matter to any in the country and to pay where his signature can be proved. Ordered that Plowman pay the money which Coppinger can by acquittance show he received; also that when Coppinger shall give in a paper of what further he can charge him with, Plowman answer it and in the meantime that he have his liberty. Also Coppinger to show what Plowman gave in as arrear, and then Plowman to answer what became of it.
The Privy Council to be moved about the business of Mr. Keen, of Suffolk.
The Earl of Bath called in. Ordered that the 1,500l. arrear on his 2,000l. per an. on the Customs, for which he has a warrant, be paid, 500l. thereof out of the [late Customs Farmers'] 35,000l. and 1,000l. out of the loans [on the Customs]. At Michaelmas consideration to be had by my Lords of a new patent for 3,000l. per an. for him.
Mr. Crooke to come to Sir G. Downing about drawing the warrant for his place.
Serjeant Gyde to have another half-year after Michaelmas.
Sir W. Doyley's report about Mr. Lloyd read.
The Earl of Manchester moves that Mr. Jones, the apothecary, may be paid as Mr. Chace [was] and be inserted in the list of the bills on the Treasury of the Chamber.
Warrant for a year to the Roetiers, gravers to the Mint: to be on the coinage money.
Col. Whitley's petition referred to Sir W. Doyley.
Process against Mr. Booth to be stayed till Hilary term, he being on his accounts and hindered in the passing them by a dispute between the county and city of Chester.
Ordered that one per cent. for carriage be allowed to the Receivers of Wales and Mr. Sands according to Sir W. Doily's certificate.
Report read about John Coquus (Choques or Coquuis, who petitions for payment for a twelve-branched silver candlestick which hangs in the Queen's withdrawingroom). Ordered that Sir Richard Belling (Beeling) certify what price the Queen contracted to pay him for the candlestick, as it does not appear to my Lords that any agreement was made with Coquus for it, and then a warrant to issue for it on the 10,000l. dormant.
Mr. Prettiman's petition considered. Warrant ordered for his place.
The 2,000l. per an. to the Earl of Sandwich [for his office as Keeper of the Great Wardrobe] is to commence from the time the order of Council stopped his fees, upon a certificate from the Wardrobe that no fees have been taken from that time. Write Mr. Newport, Mr. Reymes, and the rest of the Wardrobe officers from what time the Earl of Sandwich and Mr. Townsend have had no fees or perquisites for their places in the Wardrobe.
Mr. Kirke's petition read. Referred to Mr. Lawrence.
If the Treasurers of the Navy pay Jo. Savage and Ge. Peirce 261l. 5s. 3d. and Ge. Peirce 23l. 15s. 0d., which is the proper debt of Peircy Goring, my Lords will reimburse them a like sum.
Warrant for the officers of the Works for a year on their fees payable in the Exchequer.
The Earl of Bristol's paper [read]. The King to be moved in it.
Warrant to take off from Capt. Brabant the 12 per cent. [charged on delinquent Receivers].
Sir Edward Griffin's paper about interest is to be considered when Sir John Duncom is here.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 174–5.]
Aug. 10.
Present: Lord Ashley and the Treasurer of the Household.
Mr. May called in. My Lords bid him do to Sir G. Downing's house what is wanting, viz. to [the value of] about 80l.
The Custom officers' petition to be considered at [my Lords'] return [from the recess]. The like for Mr. Mearne's petition.
Write Mr. Whittington to pay the Piedmont money in his hands into the Exchequer or he shall be troubled, and to give an account by the 28 Sept. what he shall do in this matter.
Viscount Grandison called in about the reducement to be made in Halberdiers. Ordered that he bring a state of the present charge on them and of the new model as its intended to be. This to be considered among the first business when my Lords reassemble after their recess. Meanwhile 1,000l. ordered for Viscount Grandison on what is due to him; [to be] on the loans on the land revenue and to be issued to Sir Edw. Griffin to be by him assigned over to Viscount Grandison.
Order for a lease of the house to Mr. Ogar in accordance with Sir C. Harbord's report.
Lord Willoughby's petition is to be considered at my Lords' return from their recess.
Sir Robert Long's report read about Lady Dryden. Warrant ordered on the loans on the land revenue.
Report read about the first Poll [of the year 1660]. To be considered when my Lords sit again [after their recess] and then to be examined whether my Lords may meddle with this business.
Petition read from Sir William Bowles. Resolved that the precedent of allowing interest [on unpaid salaries] will be ruinous, but a warrant ordered for a privy seal for his new disbursements, and my Lords will consider him in his payments thereupon.
The business of sending Mr. Ward to the manors in [the Duchy of] Cornwall [to negotiate with them for their buying in their improved rents] is to be made ready for my Lord's signature. A commission with the rules is to be prepared.
Petition read from Mr. Spicer. His 40l. to be inserted in the list of [payments assigned on the late Customs Farmers'] 35,000l.
Report read about payments to be made to the Receiver of the Duchy of Cornwall on process. Warrant ordered accordingly.
Petition read from the Farmers of the Customs in Ireland. Ordered that they have a copy [of some paper not specified] and as to the other letter from the Lord Deputy of Ireland, that as to the charges and expenses, it is referred to the Lord Lieutenant and Council [Privy Council, England] when the said Lord Lieutenant shall come over.
Report read about Mr. Lancaster's business, concerning the Poll. Write the Commissioners to put the Acts in execution. The letter to be sent by Lancaster and he shall be encouraged for what he shall bring in.
Warrant for Mr. Ward for the wood in accordance with Sir C. Harbord's report.
Warrant for 10l. for Elizabeth Burges.
Petition read from the Pages of the Presence. To be again considered.
The Excise Farmers of Wales to be heard before any direction be given for Col. Whitly. Charnock to enter this in the Caveat Book.
Sir Philip Warwicke's report read about Sir G. Benyon. Warrant to the Auditor in accordance with said report. The rest of the report to be considered when my Lords meet again [after their recess].
Petition read from Jane Stuart. Ordered that Sir G. Downing, Sir C. Harbord, and Mr. Sherwyn examine the allegations and report.
Same from Mr. Hodges. Referred to Auditor Beale to certify if those moneys have been brought in, and no allowance made to him for them.
Petition read from Capt. Beaumont. The arrear of the money is directed to be remitted, but my Lords can allow him no more.
Same from Ri. Bloome. Referred to Sir G. Downing, Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, and Mr. Sherwyn.
Same from William Fellowes. Referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Warrant for the Lichfield perpetuity.
The report about Lord Berkeley is to be considered when my Lords return [from their recess].
Petition read from Tho. Davyes. The Marquess of Worcester's opinion about him is to be [made] known [to my Lords].
Same from Timothy Colles. To be considered hereafter.
Warrant for 5l. for Henry Thomas.
Elizabeth Mell's petition to be considered when my Lords meet again.
Tho. Seagre's petition to be considered hereafter. The like for Mr. Neile's petition.
Mr. Burlace's petition to be considered when Sir John Wintor's is.
Petition read from William Milton. Mr. Harris to be acquainted with it and give his opinion.
Lord Frechville's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Chadwick's children's petition is to be considered the first business when my Lords return [from their recess] as to how to place it for payment.
Hartgill Baron's petition to be considered when my Lords return.
Petition read from Anthony Eyre et al. Warrant to the Excise Commissioners to allow interest if the suggestions are true; otherwise to report.
Mrs. Plat's petition to be considered hereafter.
The Earl of Marlborough called in, and a warrant is ordered for 200l. on his pension and for 50l. a quarter after Xmas [till the arrears thereon are paid], and for two years on his creation money.
John Hubert's petition to be considered hereafter.
Warrant for the discharge of Mr. Dacket: on the Customs Farmers' motion.
Petition read from Gideon Roger. Ordered that he have 10l.
The Pendrells' petition is referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Warrant for 10l. for Mrs. Lanier.
Tho. Rosse's petition to be considered at my Lords' return [from their recess].
Mr. Billing's petition read. Ordered that he be discharged from further attendance.
Richard Piles petition to be considered when my Lords meet again.
Warrant for 100l. for Chester Castle: to be on the [late Customs Farmers'] 35,000l.
His Majesty came in about the business of the Yeomen of the Guard. Viscount Grandison says that he intends 1,000l. per an. to the Captain [of the Guard] and the 100 men to be reduced to have all their privileges and half-pay. To be considered at the first [business transacted] at my Lords' return [from their recess] and then Viscount Grandison to give a state of their present charge and how it will be [under his proposed retrenchment].
His Majesty moved n the matter of the Earl of Bristol's business. Ordered that the Earl have liberty to raise 10,000l. on forfeited goods. Warrant ordered for this.
Alderman Bucknall called in: says he has satisfied the Lord Privy Seal that there is 70,000l. ready to go for Ireland with him and desires carriages. Warrant ordered. Quere to whom to be directed? Also for the other 70,000l. the King desires that he forthwith pay it into the Exchequer or the Tower but [promised Bucknall] that it shall not be stirred till the warrant for collecting the arrears be finished and if it [the negotiation] break off, the money to be returned. If the matter be agreed he [Bucknall] says he will pay in the 70,000l. for which he says he pays 6 per cent. interest for the period July 24 to August 24, and 10 per cent. if he keep it longer. [His Majesty will be here to-morrow morning about putting an end to this business about the collecting the arrears of Ireland. Write the following to attend then and in the meantime to recollect themselves as to what was done in that business at the last meeting: viz. Solicitor General, Lord Keeper, Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Buckingham. Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Orrery, Lord Arlington, Lord John Berkeley, Secretary Trevor, Sir John Temple, Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Sherwyn.]
The business of the Irish retrenchments to be considered tomorrow at the Privy Council.
Mr. Bagnoll's petition read. The King declares upon it that he shall have so many years of the land to make it up [to] 31 years. Warrant ordered in accordance with Sir C. Harbord's report.
The Roetiers, gravers to the Mint, are to have all that is due to them. Warrant ordered on the Coinage money.
Mr. Bradshaw's petition to be considered when the account of the Wardrobe is made up.
The directions written in the margin of Mr. Ward's report on Sir Jonathan's Trelawney's letter are to be observed.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 175–9.]
Aug. 11.
Present: Lord Ashley, and the Treasurer of the Household.
His Majesty came in about collecting the arrears of Ireland. There came also the Duke of York, Duke of Buckingham, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Orrery, Lord Arlington, Secretary Trevor, the Solicitor General, Sir C. Harbord, and Mr. Sherwin.
The Navy Commissioners called in: move for 26,000l. to buy Navy stores for next year. Warrant ordered for 12,000l. for the Navy, in part of the 200,000l. for them for next year: to be placed on the Customs next after the old tallies.
Then His Majesty fell to the debate about the collection of the arrears in Ireland, and Alderman Bucknell and Dr. Gorges were called in. And in fine His Majesty and Alderman Bucknall not coming to an agreement, His Majesty declared that he would not have the 70,000l. on the arrears of Ireland [which said 70,000l. Bucknall had already paid in by way of deposit or instalment on his proposed farm of said arrears], but would allow to Alderman Backwell the interest of 50,000l. [part of the said 70,000l.] from the 24th of June last to the 24th of August instant, with [sic, erratum for which will amount to] about 700l., and as much more as to make it up [to] 1,000l.
Viscount Grandison came in and His Majesty fell into debate about the new modelling the Yeoman of the Guard. [Resolved] that when any of the 100 men [who are agreed upon to be retained on the full establishment or] to remain, do die, some of the men at half pay be put in their places, and if they will not [accept this arrangememt of reduction then] to have their half pay cut off.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 179–80.]
Aug. 13.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
[Warrant for] 5,000l. for the Queen's Consort after the Earl of Chesterfield's 9,000l. on the Customs.
Sir Jonathan Trelawney called in. Ordered that Mr. Ward distrain on the farm at Saltash in Cornwall for the arrear of rent due on it during the former lives. Vide in Mr. Napier's account.
Sir John Bennett called in. Warrant ordered for his defalcations on any money uncharged in the Exchequer.
The Earl of Crawford's petition and Sir C. Harbord's report [thereon are] read. To be considered amongst the first business when my Lords meet again [after their recess], viz. Tuesday, Sept. 28.
Mr. Jaye called in with his Auditor about his accompts, and his petition is read. Process to be stopped and he to be discharged from custody, and the rest of his petition to be considered when my Lords return. But his warrant for stay of process not to be delivered out till Mr. Folie send for it. A [letter of] direction [or assignment] is also given for the [repayment of the] overplus of Mr. Folie's money above Mr. Jaye's debt. This to be inserted in Mr. Folie's privy seal.
Mr. Newport and Col. Reymes called in: move for a warrant for money for liveries for 16 new grooms and 11 coachmen's summer liveries and three new footmen. The King to be moved in it. Consideration to be had when my Lords meet again [after their recess] about 800l. detained in Backwell's hand for securing interest for money lent to the Wardrobe.
Warrant for Sir Robt. Viner on his 9,400l. privy seal.
Warrant for Alderman Backwell on his interest account.
Warrant for stay of process against Mr. Povey.
Process of extent ordered against Mauger Norton and a warrant to suspend him from his place, and to the Auditor to take care that he receive no more money.
The King to be moved about the Duke of Buckingham's letter for 1,200l. for horses for the Duke of Lüneburg.
The letter from the Council of Trade is to be considered at my Lords' return [from their recess].
Lord Wotton's [demands of] defalcations [on the Post Office] are to be placed [or assigned] on the Customs after the Queen's 5,000l.
Mr. Kirkby's (Kirby's) account is declared. Warrant for the delivery of his bonds.
Warrant for 8,220l. 3s. 7d. for Sir Edward Griffin for bills [due in the Treasury of the Chamber]; and a warrant for him to issue it according to a list adjoined.
Adjourned to Monday, September 27.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 180–1.]
Aug. 15. My Lords met, viz. Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Write Sir William Temple that for the preventing of loss he appoint some fitting person to be on board the vessels that shall be employed in fishing for the tin [at Ostend] to take care of His Majesty's part thereof and from time to time to receive same into his possession and lodge it in some convenient warehouse at Ostend and to give my Lords notice thereof and an account what tin is saved for my Lords' further direction, and so to continue his care in this business till someone be appointed from hence [i.e. from London] to take that charge from him.
Warrant for the King's signature for Mr. Coquus, the man that made the Queen's candlestick, at 10s. per ounce.
His Majesty came in: and the following also attended, viz. the Lord Keeper, Duke of Buckingham, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Orrery, Lord Arlington, Secretary Trevor.
His Majesty declares that at present he will continue the retrenchments on the pay of the general officers [Ireland], Governor of Dublin Castle, the Halberdiers, and other governors of obsolete castles and governments as they shall die off having patents for life, as they are all in the 18sh paper; but the 13 companies and troops [are] yet further to be continued until the Lord Lieutenant shall give an account how the revenue and the remainder of the charge may stand together and what the arrears are like to produce towards payment of the debt and then his Majesty will declare his pleasure as to a further retrenchment. In the meantime the military list is to be drawn up and passed according to the retrenchments abovesaid. Also an instruction is made that nothing is to be paid out of the arrears till the arrears of the army and the civil list be paid. The Vice-Treasurer [of Ireland] to have notice hereof.
His Majesty directs the Earl of Orrery to attend the present Lord Lieutenant of Ireland about Col. FitzGerald's business, and if the Lord Lieutenant think it fit to be done, then that it be done.
Write Mr. Lawrence to attend Lord Ashley for his directions for the arrest of Cadwallader Jones: and likewise about his suit with Mr. Preston about money by him [Preston] received for the King [out of the issues] of said Jones's place at Sandwich. Lawrence is then to inform Sir John Duncombe of the Lord Ashley's instructions in these two matters.
[Ibid. pp. 181–2.]
Aug. 17. The affidavits against Hickenbottom and Gromebridge are read before Lord Ashley. His lordship directed that the messenger give them leave to go home upon security to be forthcoming when summoned.
[Ibid. p. 182.]