Entry Book: January 1669

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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January 1669

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Jan. 2 Treasury order for 275l. to the Masters in Chancery Order Book XXXVI. p. 37.
Same registered on the imposition of coinage for 150l. to Dame Barbara Villers. Ibid, p. 139.
Same on the Exchequer in General for 2,000l. to Sir Ste. Fox for secret service. Ibid. p. 61.
Jan. 4 Same registered on the Receivers of Crown revenues for 10,000l. to Edward Backwell in repayment of loan. Ibid. p. 123.
Money warrant for 231l. 12s. 0d. to John Page being assigned and allowed to him by the present Commissioners for Accompts by way of reward as a fourth part of 926l. in prize goods in the late war by him discovered and certified into the Exchequer by said Commissioners to have been embezzled by John Crabb, late Captain of H.M.S. "Eagle." Warrants Early XVIII. pp. 126–7.
Same (crossed through) for 1.500l. to Ralph Montague for equipage and 1,200l. for advance of a quarter's ordinary as Ambassador to France: he not having as yet departed from His Majesty's presence. Ibid, pp. 116–7; Order Book XXXVI. p. 37.
Treasury fiat for letters patent for the appointment of Sir Hugh Windham as Customer of Bridgwater port in place of John Norris, lately deceased. Out Letters Customs I. p. 140.
Treasury order for 2,500l. to Sir Thomas Muddiford, Governor of Jamaica, for expenses of the Island. Order Book XXXVI p. 37.
Same on the Exchequer in General for 3,000l. to the Master of the Robes. Ibid, p. 61.
Jan. 4 Memorandum. Warrant for Dr. Clarke: a certificate to be brought. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 18.
Memorandum. Warrant for one year for Mr. Le Febure, Mr. Chase, Serjeant Gide and Serjant Thorne. Ibid.
Jan. 5 Sixty-one Treasury orders of the 24th ult. registered on the Wine Act for, in all, 100,000l. to John Wadlow and John Sayers in [part] repayment of loan on the Wine Act. Order Book XXXVI. pp. 90–2.
Twelve same of the 24th ult. on same for, in all, 20,955l. 15s. 4d. to Sir Dennis Gauden, Victualler of the Navy. Ibid, p. 92.
Four same of the 18th ult, for, in all, 18,613l. 3s. 10d. to the Lieutenant of the Ordnance. Ibid, p. 92.
Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long to have ready for Friday the certificate of what is paid by each county of the Additional Aids and Eleven Months' tax. Out Letters General I. p. 369.
Money warrant, dormant, for 10l. per an. to William Parkes, porter of the Exchequer, and to keep the gates and open and shut same at due hours: together with a gown every year and fire and candle, to be inserted in the liberate of the Usher of the Receipt as formerly. Warrants Early XVIII. p. 116.
Same for 40l, 6s. 10d. to Anthony Seager for necessaries for the Treasury Chamber for six months to Xmas last. Ibid, p. 117; Order Book XXXVI. p. 62.
Same for 530l. to Sir Edw. Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, to be assigned to John Woolley, gent., Keeper of the Records of the Council Chamber, for so much laid out by him in provision of Council books, standishes, paper, ink, and other necessaries. Warrants Early XVIII. pp. 117–18, 118.
The Treasury Lords to the Commissioners of Assessments for Middlesex and Westminster concerning the difference still continuing between them as to the proportioning the assessments between Middlesex and Westminster. Threaten proceedings against the county if the money is not levied. Ibid, XXXIV. p. 136.
Memorandum. The order of Council of the 23rd Nov. last is to be sent to Sir R. Long. Minute Book Vol. DCXXV. p. 17.
Signature of a Treasury order of the 22nd ult. for 920l. for Sir William Godolphin, Envoy to Spain. Order Book XXXVI. p. 38.
Jan. 6 Treasury order for 736l. to Lord Robartes, Lord Privy Seal, in lieu of diet. Ibid.
Jan. 8 Money warrant for 1,613l. 12s. 5½d. to Lord Colepeper, Captain of the Isle of Wight, &c., for seven years for himself and other officers on certain sums, detailed. Warrants Early XX. pp. 154–5.
Same (crosssed through) for 1 000l. to George, Duke of Buckingham for one year as a Gentleman of the Bedchamber. (Fresh warrant for same, Jan. 12.) Warrants Early XVIII. pp. 119. 122; Order Book XXXVI. p. 62.
Money warrant for 190l. to Nicholas le Febure for one year of his several fees as Apothecary in Ordinary to the Household and in part of 526l. arrears thereon. Warrants Early XVIII. p. 119.
Jan. 8 Money warrant for 1,000l. each to the Duke of Richmond and the Earl of Suffolk for one year's annuity as Gentlemen of the Bedchamber (clause of direction hereon dated 1669, August 2). Warrants Early XVIII. p. 120.
Same for 115l. to John Chase for one year's fee as one of His Majesty's apothecaries: in part of 230l. arrears thereon. Ibid.
Same, dormant, crossed through, for 40l. per an. to Sir John Heath, one of the King's Counsel at law. Ibid, p. 121.
Money warrant, dormant for the perpetuity of 10l. per an. to the University of Oxford, as by the order of Council of Nov. 23 last for payment of said perpetuity: there being 65l. arrears thereon to Xmas last. Ibid, pp. 121–2.
Royal sign manual for 100l. to Lady Harvy and Col. Thomas Panton for hay for deer in New Park during the extremity of this season. (Money warrant hereon Jan. 11.) Ibid, XV. p. 207; XVIII. p. 123.
Sir G. Downing to the Cofferer of the Household to attend the Treasury on Wednesday about the 20 000l. borrowed by him at Oxford of Alderman Backwell. Out Letters General. I. p. 372.
Memorandum. Sir Solomon Swale's deeds to be sent to Sir G. Downing. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 17.
Treasury order made upon hearing the matter in difference between the King's officers of the Customs and George Blake and partners, sub-farmers of the duty of exported coals in grant to Lord Townsend and of the other part of the Custom of coals exported: said difference touching bonds entered into for the true delivery of coals laden from port to port. It was by the free consent of all the parties agreed and [is hereby] ordered: (1) that no bonds of the nature aforesaid shall be taken by any of His Majesty's officers of the Customs without the approbation of the deputies of the said George Blake and George Robinson, sub-farmers of the said duty of exported coals And no certificates to be accepted in discharge of any of the said bonds without the allowance of the said deputies; (2) that all the certified bonds taken for the delivery of coals within England and Wales be returned by number every month to the said Blake and Robinson in London, and a note of the number of them to be then sent to the King's Remembrancer. And that all such bonds forfeited be returned by inventory every month to Blake and Robinson and to the King's Remembrancer. All which bonds as well those certified as those uncertified Blake and Robinson are to examine and then return into the Exchequer within eight days of their receipt of same, taking a receipt or discharge for same from the Exchequer. All forfeited bonds to be prosecuted by said Blake and Robinson and they to give security in 5,000l. to the King to return all said bonds into the King's Remembrancer's office without compounding, making void or delivering up any of them. All the King's officers in the ports of England and Wales to take notice hereof. Out Letters Customs I. pp. 142–3.
Jan. 11 Money warrant for one year to Sir Godfrey Lloyd, His Majesty's chief engineer, on his fee of 240l. per an. and in part of 300l. arrears thereon. Warrants Early XVIII. p. 123.
Same for same to Sir John Baber, Kt., one of the King's Physicians, on his fee of 100l. per an. Ibid. p. 124.
Jan. 11 Money warrant for one year to Tymothy Clarke, Dr. in Physic, Second Physician in Ordinary to the King, on his fee of 100l. per an., and in part of 175l. arrears thereon. Warrants Early XVIII. p. 124.
Jan. 12 The Treasury Lords to Ralph Montague, Master of the Horse to the Queen. We have signed a quarter's ordinary for your embassy to France to commence from the day of your departure from the King's presence "upon confidence that in order to His Majesty's service you will give your acquittance for any claim before that time upon accompt of your privy seal commencing the 1st inst." Out Letters Customs. I. p. 141.
Same to the Attorney and Solicitor General and the rest of the King's Counsel learned in the law. Are informed by the Customs Farmers that they did some time since obtain a verdict in the Exchequer Court against the East India Company that calicoes ought to pay as linens: but that notwithstanding same the said Company is endeavouring to obtain a new trial. Desire them to give the said Farmers their best assistance herein. Ibid.
Sir G. Downing to Sir Philip Frowd to attend the Treasury on Friday about the claim of 730l. on Mr. O'Neile's accounts. being for expresses to the fleet in the Straits, &c. Out Letters General I. p. 372.
Same to Sir Robert Paston to speedily pay in his rent of the wood farm. Ibid, p. 372.
Same to Alderman Bucknell et al., farmers of the French tonnage, forwarding a letter written by the Lord Lieutenant to the Lord Deputy and Council of Ireland about the French tonnage. Ibid.
Privy seal to discharge the Duke of Buckingham. Master of the Horse, of the privy seal of July 17 last for 1,500l., and to further pay him 216l. 6s. 0d. to make up his account of 1,716l. 6s. 0d. for horses bought for the King from May 26 last to Oct. 26 last. Warrants Early XV. p. 208.
Memorandum. Warrant for Noell Warner, on the privy seal and order of Council of 1668, Oct. 23, pursuant to the order of reference from the King. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 19.
Jan. 13 Sir G. Downing to Secretary Trevor and Lord Arlington. The farmers of the duty on unwrought wood have paid their Michaelmas rent into the Exchequer, so you may send for your money when you please. Out Letters General I. p. 374.
Same to Sir John Bennett. The moneys out of which you are to be paid are come into the Exchequer. Ibid.
Same to Sir C. Harbord to attend the Treasury on Friday about the lease to Mr. Clerke, of East Moulsey. Ibid.
Same to Col. Reymes forwarding a letter of Mr. Williamson's about what allowance was made to the French prisoners and whether perfectly upon the King's charge. Ibid, p. 375.
Jan. 13 & 27 Money warrant for 50l. to the Pages of the Bedchamber as royal gift and yearly reward of their pains and attendance on the King. Warrants Early XVIII. pp. 125, 137.
Jan. 13 Declaration of account of Penniston Whalley, late Receiver General of Hearth money for the city of Lincoln and division of Kesteven and Holland for 1½ years, 1664, Lady Day, to 1665, Sept. 25. Ibid, XXXVI. p. 116.
Jan. 13 Money warrant for 1,254l. to Nowell Warner for the purchase of several messuages. Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XX. p. 156.
Jan. 15 Treasury order for 37l. 10s. 0d. to Charles Gifford Order Book XXXVI. p. 62.
Sir G. Downing to Sir C. Harbord concerning the petition from Frances Jacobson, widow, for renewal of lease of lands in Bradon Forest what are now in jointure to the Queen Consort. Out Letters General I. p. 375.
Privy seal to authoriss Col. Legg to transfer to Bartholomew Fillingham 1,200l. out of the 10,000l. registered in said Legg's name on the Additional Aids: same to be as imprest for the Office of Exchanges: and similarly for Col. Legg to transfer to the Customs Farmers 5,000l. out of the orders for 22.991l. 15s. 0d. registered in his name on the 65.667l. remaining uncharged in the Exchequer of the Eleven months' tax: same to be to reimburse the said Farmers for a loan to that amount. Warrants Early XV. pp. 242–3. 262–3.
[Warrant of allowance of] Richard Gregory's bill as a Messenger of the Chamber in Ordinary for attending the Treasury for Xmas quarter last. Ibid, XVIII. p. 125.
Money warrant, dormant for 149l. 0s. 10d. per an. to Humfry Welde, Governor of Portland Castle, for his own and his servants' wages. Ibid, p. 126.
Treasury Commission to William Polhill to be Receiver General of Arrears of the Poll, Royal Aid and Additional Aid for co. Kent, in place of Thomas Harlackenden, superseded for having considerable sums in his hands unanswered to the King. Ibid, XXXIV. pp. 148–9.
The Treasury Lords to the King's Remembrancer, to deliver up the bonds of Charles Goodwyn, Receiver of Aids for co. Sussex, he having passed his account. Ibid, p. 150.
The Treasury Lords to Sir R. Long to use 2,000l. of the first month of the Eleven months' tax for payment of the 4 per cent. gratuity to persons furnishing money to the King. Ibid, XXIII. p. 20.
Jan. 16 Treasury orders for 10,000l. for Sir Edw. Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, and 450l. for Thomas Thynn, Envoy Extraordinary to Sweden. Order Book XXXVI. p. 38.
Jan. 18 Sir G. Downing to Alderman Bucknall. Col. Stroud having been spoken to about the business of Dover Castle answering the duty of Excise [on brewings done in the garrison] alleged that Landguard Fort paid not and therefore that Dover ought likewise to be exempted. Please attend the Treasury hereon next Wednesday. Out Letters General I. p. 376.
Memorandum. Warrant to the Auditor to state Mr. Kirby's account for Hearth money, with allowances of 1,211l. 16s. 4d. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 19.
Treasury warrant to the Receiver and Auditor of Crown revennes in co. York to continue payment of the pension of 102l. 13s. 4d., granted by Charles I to Robert, son of Nathaniel Tomkins, who for his loyalty to the Crown was murdered in the time of the late usurpation: payment thereof having been allowed by the order of Council of Nov. 13 last. Warrants Early XXII. p. 100.
The Treasury Lords to the Lords Commissioners for Prizes for a particular of the several sums paid out of His Majesty's prizes to Hugh May, late Paymaster of the Works: in order that same may be charged upon him in his accounts which are now depending. Ibid, XXXIII. p. 86
The like letter to Sir Thomas Ingram, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Ibid.
Jan. 19 Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown lands to rate a particular of the tithes of Darley. near Derby town, in order to a grant thereof to Henry Thomas, Peter Cary, and John Norton for the relief of their wants. Warrants Early XXXVII p. 195.
Privy seal for 12,000l. to Baptist May for the Privy Purse Ibid, XV. p. 240.
Jan. 20 Treasury order on the Country Excise for 88l. 14s. 9d. to Sir William Swan, Resident at Hamburg on his entertainment. Order Book XXXVI. p. 63.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Williamson. Have received directions for passing the grant of the Darley tithes to Mr. Thomas, Mr. Carey, et al ut supra. Out Letters General I. p. 378.
Treasury order for 75l. to Dame Rebecca Williams for the use of her house [for ambassadors]. Order Book XXXVI. p. 62.
Memorandum. Mr. Samuel's privy seal to be writ over [again] and the last sum to be left out. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 19.
Treasury order for 97l. to Sir William Swan, Resident at Hamburg. Order Book XXXVI. p. 38.
Jan. 21 Same registered on the First Fruits for 3,000l. for John Kirke for the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners in part of 5,999l. 19s. 6½d. for one year to Xmas, 1667. Ibid, p. 143.
Jan. 22 Sir G. Downing to the Customs Farmers for an account of what money they have paid into the Exchequer for each month upon the 16,000l. per mensem reserved to be paid there: and also of how much they have brought into the Exchequer on the 8,000l. per mensem reserved for paying off old tallies: and how much is paid off of their 200,000l. loan: also of how much they have paid of their rent of their farm and of how much has been lent again into the Exchequer of the 8,000l. per mensem detained in their hands for repayment of their 200,000l. loan: and of what other moneys they have lent upon any other score. Out Letters General I. p. 380.
Same to Alderman Backwell desiring information as to the whereabouts of a tally for 2,400l., struck upon Mr. Price upon the Royal Aid of co. Hereford for the Office of Works: also for an account of the interest on a loan of 1,000l. advanced by Backwell to the Works on the tally for 1,000l. struck on the Customs of date 1666–7, Jan. 25. Ibid. p. 381.
Same to Sir R. Long to certify the Treasury "Whether there stands 200l. for extraordinaries upon the ordinary account of the officers of the Works for the year 1664 laid out upon the Queen's closet." Ibid.
Same to Mr. Lawrence for an account of what course is taken for prosecuting Sir Henry Palmer et al. for money concealed upon their accounts. Ibid.
Same to the Earl of Oxford for his opinion on the royal warrant for felling 1,000 trees for the Navy in Whittlewood Forest. Ibid, p. 382.
The Treasury Lords to the Duke of Ormonde acquainting him with Sir William Cony's petition for the forfeited estate of John Fien, who has lately killed a man in Ireland. Warrants Early XXXVII p. 195.
Followed by:—Reference, dated Jan. 22, of said petition to the Surveyor General of Crown lands.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to discharge the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir Thomas Tankred, of Boroughbridge, co. York. Ibid, XVIII. p. 125.
Jan. 22 Memorandum. Warrants for the arrest of Proctor May and Booke Booker. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 19.
Memorandum. Warrant for the Cofferer Ibid.
Money warrant for 4,570l. 17s. 2d. to Sir John Robinson, Lieutenant of the Tower, for his bills for safe keeping prisoners and for moneys due to him, the Gentleman Porter, and 40 yeomen waiters for 1666, Xmas, to 1668, Sept. 29: the said bills being allowed of and signed by divers of the Lords of the Privy Council, Dec. 16 last. Warrants Early XVIII. p. 127.
Memorandum. The order of Council to be got from the Privy Council Chamber to bring the number of Commissioners of Appeals [in Excise] to 5 as they die off. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 19.
Jan. 25 Treasury order for 60l. to John Rose, the King's gardener Order Book XXXVI. p. 62
Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long. Sir John Duncombe positively affirms that he had but 8 per cent. upon the orders for his friends. Please search your books and return my Lords an answer on Wednesday. Out Letters General I. p. 383.
Money warrant (vacated) for 500l. to the Duke of Buckingham for certain provision of horses of for their Majesties. Warrants Early XXII. pp. 100–1.
The Treasury Lords to the Commissioners for assessing the [Eleven] monthly tax for co. Gloucester. As the time for assessing the [Eleven] monthly tax is now expiring, have ordered the several Receivers of that money to pass their accounts before April 30 next. The consequence will be that all such money as shall not be paid into the Receiver General before that date must by him be set in super upon the Collector or division of the county from whence they should have been paid: upon which process will issue out of the Exchequer. To avoid this trouble advise them to press for a speedy payment of all arrears. Ibid, XXXIV. p. 151.
The like letter to the Commissioners for same of the several counties of England and Wales. Ibid
Treasury warrant to Sir Edmond Sawyer for a particular of the office of steward of the two manors of Petersham and Ham, co. Surrey, now void by the death of Sir Lionel Tolmash. Ibid, XXXVII. p. 196.
Six Treasury orders for, in all. 33,600l. to the Treasurers of the Navy for this year. Order Book XXXVI. p. 38.
Jan. 26 Sir G. Downing to Sir W. Doily to attend the Treasury tomorrow about Mr. White's agreement as to the moneys he owes the King. Out Letters General I. p. 384.
Same to Mr. Fisher to attend the Treasurer of the Household to-morrow at his lodgings at Whitehall about removing the goods out of his [said Treasurer's] house at Exeter. And when you have done with him I would speak with you about Widow Jacobson. Ibid.
Same to Sir John Lenthall to bring to the Treasury on Friday the body of Frances Dackett, King's waiter in London port. Ibid, p. 385.
The Treasury Lords to Sir Anthony Cope to take care that all sheds and other buildings which were set up on the ground of the Custom House be pulled down, as the model for re-building said Custom House is now agreed on and the season draws on for preparing the ground. Out Letters Customs I. p. 143.
Jan. 26 The Treasury Lords to the Commissioners for the Poll and Aids for co. Northumberland desiring them to return into the Remembrancer's Office in the Exchequer several duplicates, still unreturned, of said taxes for said county: as their absence hinders the Receiver from passing his accounts. Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 152.
Jan. 27 Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long to draft a privy seal for transferring the 35,000l. of the London Farmers of Excise, for their advance quarter, from their late to their present farm. Out Letters General I. p. 386.
Same to Mr. Lawrence for an account on Monday how the business of Mr. Pritchard's bonds and the 150l. to be paid in by him stands. Ibid.
Privy seal for 200l. to Sir Peter Wyche for his equipage and extraordinaries as Envoy Extraordinary to the Emperor of Russia. Warrants Early XV. p. 237.
Privy seal for 100l. for the poor of St. Martin's [in the Fields]. Ibid, p. 286.
Memorandum. The product of the Customs on the outports from Michaelmas, 1667, and Michaelmas, 1668, is to be entered in the book: also [the product of same] for the port of London is to be likewise entered. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 20.
Jan. 29 Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long for the accounts of what of Capt. Cock's orders are unpaid. Out Letters General I. p. 387.
Same to the Earl of Bath, the Solicitor General, Sir C. Harbord, Mr. Ward. Mr. Napper, and Mr. William Harbord to attend next Monday about the pre-emption and sole transportation of tin. Ibid.
Memorandum. The Earl of Carlisle to be reserved 500l. on June on the Customs, and then three months for Sir William Temple on June [of the Customs]. Warrant for same. Write Sir R. Long to reserve a place for the Earl of Carlisle before him [Temple]. Write Sir John Trevor to pass the privy seal for the said Earl's 500l. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 21.
Memorandum. To be noted in the margent of each warrant or docquet to whose use anything passes [if the grant is made out] in other names. Ibid.
Money warrant for 6,000l. to Baptist May for the Privy Purse in part of 12,000l. ordered by the privy seal of the 19th inst. Warrants Early XXII p. 3; Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 20.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Thomas Tylson in obedience to the order of reference of Nov. 21 last. It appears by certificates from William Sandes, an officer of the Irish Exchequer, that Tylson was employed with John Lake in bringing in certain bonds, and in the year 1664 delivered into the Remembrancer's Office [in Ireland] bonds to the value of 25,000l., in recompense for which Tylson received by concordatum 300l. There has been received on bonds prosecuted 2,946l. 15s. 10d., but until it appears that this was on bonds brought in by Tylson there is no ground for further recompense. In 1667 Tylson brought more bonds to the value of 564l. 10s. 1d. The reward for this should be referred to the Council in Ireland. Warrants Early XXXIII. p. 90.
Jan. 30 Privy seal for the several pensions of 250l. each, granted by the privy seal of July 28 last, to Sir Denny Ashburnham, Sir George Benyon, Francis Finch and Edward Wingate, late Commissioners of Excise, and the pension of 200l. granted by privy seal of Sept. 30 last to John Ball, late Cashier of Excise, to be accompted as part of the charge of the Excise Office and paid out of Excise moneys in general as they come into the Exchequer: without having to be registered in course. (Warrant for the privy seal dated Jan. 22.) Warrants Early XV. pp. 241–2, 232.
Jan. 31 Same for all payments due but remaining unpaid to Hugh May as late Paymaster of the Works, to be paid to Philip Packer as present same. (Warrant for said privy seal, dated 1668, Dec. 9.) Ibid, pp. 271–2, 227.
Jan.— Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take the securities, detailed of William Taylor, of St. Clements Danes, as Receiver General of Crown revenues for Beds. and Bucks. Ibid, XXXVII. pp. 198–9
[?] Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer Seal of a messuage, &c., in Thornton and Stanton subter Bardon in co. Leicester, to Elizabeth Decoee (Deacoe), part of the lands of John Cane. outlaw. Ibid, p. 199.
Jan. — Treasury Commission to Humfry Fairecliffe to be searcher and waiter for uncustomed and prohibited goods in London port and all outports with power to enter any boat or vessel, &c., in accordance with the Act of Navigation and the Act for preventing frauds in the Customs: the East India Company having petitioned for the appointment of such an office in order to the better discovery of prohibited goods imported to the prejudice of their charter. Out Letters Customs I. p. 136.