Entry Book: February 1669

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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February 1669

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Feb. 1 Treasury warrant to Walter Bremes. Comptroller of Sandwich port, to execute the place of Customer of said port: as Thomas Preston who was appointed to said office during the suspension of Cadwallader Jones, has been appointed a King's waiter, London port. Ibid, pp. 143–4.
Treasury order for 12l. 10s. 0d. to Nicholas Estoll for 1668, Xmas quarter, on his annuity. Order Book XXXVI. p. 62.
Sir G. Downing to Auditor Aldworth to despatch Alderman Bucknall's interest account to Xmas last. Out Letters General I. p. 389.
The Treasury Lords to Sir R. Long to reserve room for an assignment of 500l. to the Earl of Carlisle, Ambassador Extraordinary to Sweden, for the extraordinary expenses of his journey to Stockholm by land: Alderman Backwell having undertaken to advance it on the Customs of June next. Warrants Early XXXIII. p. 87.
Same to Sir John Trevor to procure a warrant for a privy seal for the above sum. Ibid.
Same to Thomas, Earl of Ossory, Lord Deputy of Ireland, at Dublin Castle, to renew the commission as under date 1668, May 31, to examine concerning the defalcations claimed by the Farmers of Customs and Excise in Ireland, which said commission was issued by the said Lord Deputy but is not yet fully executed: Baron Povey, one of the Barons of the Exchequer [Ireland] and Sir Thomas Worsopp to be new Commissioners, but the instructions to be verbatim as under May 31 last. Ibid, p. 88
Feb. 1 Money warrant for 200l. to Baptist May for the Privy Purse, for Healing medals. Warrants Early XXII. p. 38.
Same for 21,068l. 2s. 8d. to Sir Ste. Fox, being 19,649l. 9s. 4d. for the sums, detailed, due to the several garrisons, detailed. for four months' pay from Jan. 16 last to May 8 next exclusive, being for two musters according to the present establishment: and 1,418l. 13l. 4d., being for the like four months' proportion of 4,610l. 13s. 4d. yearly to be disposed of by His Majesty's special direction. Ibid, p. 26.
Same for 30.000l. to William Ashburnham, Cofferer of the Household, for the months of Dec., Jan., Feb., and Mar. in part of 90 000l. per an., as by the privy seal of Nov. 11 last. Ibid p. 78; Order Book XXXVII. p. 60.
Same for 33 053l. 18s. 0d. to Sir Ste. Fox for four months pay to the Guards and marching forces from Jan. 16 last to May 8 next, being for two musters according to the present establishment. Warrants Early XXII. p. 79; Order Book XXXVII. p. 60.
The Treasury Lords to Sir W. Doyly to pay the salaries due to the Solicitors of the monthly taxes for Xmas last: but to forbear payment to them for Lady Day quarter next until the whole taxes for the counties for which they are solicitors are cleared. Warrants Early XXXIV p. 152.
Memorandum. The privy seal for the royal bounty to [the poor of the parishes] of St. Martin's and St. Margaret's is to express the time or year for which the payment is made. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 22.
Feb. 2 Treasury order on the Country Excise for the following sums to Sir Ste. Fox for garrisons. viz.:— Order Book XXXVI. p. 63–4.
£ s. d.
Deal garrison 347 4 0
Chepstow garrison 358 8 0
Pendenn is garrison 398 10 8
Two removable companies 756 0 0
Moneys to be disposed of by the King's special order 1,418 13 4
Tower of London 1,142 8 0
Portsmouth, Upnor, Yarmouth. and St. Mawes garrison 277 4 0
Landguard fort garrison 378 0 0
Hull garrison 2,163 9 4
Tynemouth garrison 744 16 0
York garrison 1,057 9 4
Harwich garrison 694 8 0
Dover Castle garrison 358 8 0
Chester garrison 319 4 0
Windsor Castle garrison 1,082 13 4
Berwick garrison 2,510 13 4
Postsmouth garrison 2,612 8 0
Carlis'e garrison 1,078 18 8
Gravesend garrison 396 13 4
Sheerness garrison 430 5 4
Scarborough garrison 376 2 8
Plymouth garrison 2,166 5 4
Feb. 3 Money warrant for 50l. to Sir John Heath as one of the King's Counsel at law on his fee of 40l. per an.: and dormant warrant for said fee in future. Warrants Early XVIII. p. 128.
Feb. 3 Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Henry Thomas. Peter Cary and John Norton of the tithes of the manor of Darley, part of the lands of the late monastry of Darley in the parish of St. Acomand [Alkmund]. Warrants Early XXXVII. pp. 196, 199.
Prefixing:—Particular and ratal of the premises and entry of demise.
Memorandum. Dormant warrant for the Lancashire ministers [the four King's preachers in the county of Lancashire]. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 20.
Memorandum. To get Mr. Williamson's bill from the Signet Ibid, DCXXV. p. 22.
Sir G. Downing to Francis Tyler, merchant. Edw. Ellen. headborough of Lambeth, Robert Hills, John Davies, Robert Christian and George Holmes to attend the Treasury on Friday. Out Letters General I. p. 390.
Feb. 3 and 6 Same to Mr. Hayes, Dudley Ruse and Sir Edm. Sawyer to attend the Treasury about the payments at Windsor. Ibid, pp. 392, 393.
Feb. 4 Treasury orders for 400l. to Sir Peter Wyche: 10.000l. to the Earl of Sandwich for the Wardrobe; and 644l. to Sir William Temple. Order Book XXXVI. p. 38.
Same registered on the Receivers of Crown Revenues for 500l. to the Duke of Buckingham, Master of the Horse, for the provision of horses for the King and Queen. Ibid, p. 124.
Feb. 5 The Treasury Lords to the Lord Privy Seal to pass the privy seal for transferring orders to the value of 1,200l. in Col. Legg's hands registered on the Eleven months tax unto Bartholomew Fillingham for defraying the charge of the office of Exchanges at Great St. Helens. Warrants Early XV. p. 239.
Treasury warrant to Sir Gilbert Talbott, Master of the Jewel House, to pay into the Receipt of the Exchequer all sums of money paid to him for the King as New Year's gifts by the nobility: to the end same may be regularly issued out of the Exchequer: His Majesty having by order of Council of Jan. 27 last declared that same are most proper to be assigned for the expense of the Privy Purse. Ibid, XXXIII. p. 89.
Feb. 6 Sir G. Downing to Mr. Travanyon, late Receiver of Aids for Cornwall, to attend the Treasury on Monday concerning the difference between him and Col. Trevanyon. Out Letters General I. p. 393.
1669 [? 1668–9]. Same to Mr. Mountney to attend the Treasury on Monday about the Earl of Leicester's creation money payable at the Custom House. Ibid, p. 394.
Feb. 6 Privy seal for 30 tuns of wine (half Spanish, half French) as allowance to the Conde de Molina, Ambassador from Spain. Warrants Early XV. p. 266.
Feb. 8 Treasury order for 175l. to Thomas Turner, gent., for secret service. Order Book XXXVI. p. 62.
Memorandum: [Sir G. Downing] to attend Secretary Trevor about the privy seal for 500l. to the Earl of Carlisle. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 23.
Treasury warrant [to the King's Remembrancer] to stay process against Samuel Pepys on his accounts as Treasurer and Receiver of Tangier, he having now delivered in his accounts for 216,003l. 2s. 1½d. received by him. Warrants Early XXXIII p. 91.
Feb. 9 Treasury orders for 2,000l. to Col. William Legg in part of 120,000l. for Ordnance, sea and land: and for 2,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy. Order Book XXXVI. p. 39
Feb. 9 Treasury orders registered on the Tenths for 3,250l. to Baptist May for the Privy Purse for Healing medals. Order Book XXXVI. p. 141.
Same registered on the imposition of coinage for 1,000l. to Baptist May for the Privy Purse. Ibid, p. 139.
Sir G. Downing to the Farmers of the Irish revenue to hasten the draft of the covenants of their lease of said revenue. Out Letters General I p. 398.
Money warrant for 100l. to Col. Rice Powell for his present subsistence in relief of his necessitous condition by reason of 9,000l. formerly disbursed by him in His Majesty's service in the late war, whereof he has not yet received above 100l: this present payment being ordered by the Privy Council the 3rd inst., notwithstanding no mention is made thereof in the late establishment of this year's expense. Warrants Early XVIII. p. 129.
Memorandum. The Lancashire preachers' certificate now brought for a warrant dormant. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 22.
Memorandum. Mr. Proges's warrant to be amended Ibid.
Feb 10 Treasury order on the Royal Aid for 229l. 7s. 10d. to Francis Hollingshead, Receiver of Aids for co. Stafford, for moneys overpaid on his account. Order Book XXXVI. p. 70.
Five same registered on the Receivers of Crown revenues for in all 1,000l. to John Jervis, steward of the Household, for the President and Council in the Marches of Wales. Ibid, p. 124.
Treasury order on the logwood farm for 100l. to Baptist May for the Privy Purse for Healing medals. Ibid, p. 107.
Same on the alum farm for 1,850l. to same for same Ibid, p. 109.
Sir G. Downing to Sir G. Carteret. My Lords desire to speak with you about a privy seal of Mr. Meynell, which they understand is stopped by the Lord Privy Seal on your account. Out Letters General I. p. 399.
Same to Sir Denys Gawden to give the Treasury an account what alterations he is about in pulling down sheds, &c., in His Majesty's victualling house. Ibid, p. 400.
Same to the Customs Farmers and Mr. Dewy to attend the Treasury on the 26th inst. about the business of preventing abuses as to premier seizures. Ibid.
Same to Sir George Carteret forwarding from the Treasury Lords a draft of such a warrant as is desired by Mr. Deane [and his partners in the Irish Customs farm] for paying in the 15,000l., part of the money in their hands. Ibid, p. 401.
Same to the Earl of Bath altering the appointment for consideration of the pre-emption of tin from the 19th to the 26th inst. The like notification to Sir Robert Viner concerning tallies; the Farmers of the London Excise et al.; Mr. Catcher concerning his letter; Col. Napier concerning his patent; Sir Edm. Sawyer about Windsor account; the Solicitor General about the alum account; Mr. Slingsby about the Mint; the Customs Farmers and Mr. Dewy about abuses in seizures; Mr. Harbord, Napper, Ward et al. concerning the pre-emption of tin. Ibid, p. 402.
Feb. 10 Money warrant for 3,000l. to the Master and Worker of the Mint: out of the Coinage Act (orders hereon dated Feb. 20). Warrants Early XVIII. p. 128; Order Book XXXVI. p. 139.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against Sir Francis Clerke, late Collector of Hearth money, Kent; his case having been reported to the Privy Council in view of his losses and disbursements in the collection and improvement of that revenue. Warrants Early XXXVI. p. 118.
Same to John Trout, Receiver, and—Watts. Auditor of Crown revenues for co. Midd., to continue payment of the several fees, detailed, of, in all, 56l. 16s. 8d. to Edward Progers. Keeper of the King's Middle Park within the honor of Hampton Court: and for one year thereon. Ibid, XXII. pp. 101–2.
Memorandum. Warrant on the order of Council about the tin account. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 22.
Memorandum. The Irish defalcations warrant to be written fair. Ibid.
Memorandum. Warrant for the Earl of Carlisle's creation money. Ibid and DCXXV. p. 24.
Feb. 11 Representation to the King from the Treasury Lords concerning the two papers transmitted by the King's command from Lord Arlington, containing the accounts of the Earl of Sandwich's expenses in his late embassy, together with the declaration of the King's pleasure concerning certain retrenchments of certain parts thereof. The course of your Majesty's Exchequer will not bear any allowance of or proceeding upon the said accounts in regard there is no great seal or privy seal settling the allowances and measures by which the Auditors or Treasury Lords, may be justified in passing same or paying any surplusage to said Earl. There is a necessity for a privy seal before any further proceedings can be had thereupon in the Exchequer. We therefore lay before your Majesty the following objections. Warrants Early XXXIII. pp. 92–3.
(1) That the usual method of allowance of extraordinaries to Ambassadors has been that power has been given in the privy seal to the Lord Treasurer to pay such extraordinaries as a Secretary of State should sign, which not being done in this case, it will require your Majesty's express commands how far it shall be allowed.
(2) We do not remember since our serving in this Commission that any money has been allowed to Ambassadors for interest of moneys. Submit the consequences of such a precedent but cannot deny that the Earl of Sandwich's money was upon remote assignments.
(3) If interest is allowed it ought not to be computed by entire six months but by quarterly payments as your Majesty is used to pay Ambassadors when you have ready money.
(4) The Earl of Sandwich on search in his steward's books finds he has omitted to charge himself with 3,800 pieces of eight received by Capt. Willoughby Hannam which agrees with the accompt we have from the accompt of the Prizes: which at 4s. 6d. per piece of eight amounts to 855l. The Earl assures us he has received no more money from any other receipt but what is on record in the Exchequer. "As to such allowances for equipage or weekly expense to which your Majesty hath been pleased, by advice of the Committee for Foreign affairs. who are most cognizant of those things to signify your pleasure, or to the allowance of the extraordinaries (of which they are also the most proper judges) we shall not presume to say anything to your Majesty."
Feb. 11 or after. Form of warrant for the King's signature, to the following effect:—The Treasury Lords to Joseph Deane, Alderman John Benn and the rest of the present Farmers of the Customs and imported Excise of Ireland and to the Auditor General of that kingdom. Require said Dean et al. to pay into the Receipt of the Exchequer in Ireland 15,000l., part of 27,500l. detained by them in their hands on pretence of defalcations [due to them on their said farm] during the late war: the said farmers' accounts for said defalcations being not yet adjusted or cleared, and His Majesty's occasions for money being very pressing: the said sum to be paid as follows:—5,000l. on March 1 next. 5,000l. on March 15, and 5,000l. on Mar. 31. The King is willing to respite the remaining 12,500l. (which would make up the half-year's rent of their farm due Dec. 25 last) until their defalcations can be ascertained. If it shall appear that the farmers have paid more into the Exchequer than was due, then 10 per cent. interest shall be allowed them. Warrants Early XXXIII. pp. 93–4.
"My Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and the rest of the Lords of the Council of Ireland appointed by His Majesty to join with the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury in the consideration of the revenue of Ireland did together agree upon the form of this order which was intended at first to be signed by them but upon further advice with the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland it hath been thought better that His Majesty should sign such a warrant. Wherefore it is desired that my Lord Arlington will be pleased to get His Majesty's hand to a warrant to this effect."
Feb. 12 Treasury warrant for the observance of a royal warrant of the 9th inst. to permit Ralph Montague, Ambassador to France, to transport 25 horses free of Custom. Out Letters Customs I. p. 145.
Same to Francis Stevens, Serjeant-at-Arms, to repair to all the houses and places commonly called Somerset House or Denmark House and assist the Customs Farmers or their officers, where they shall inform that prohibited goods are lodged: the said Farmers having complained that such goods are brought there, and are now held in the custody of several persons, and that the said place being His Majesty's house, they cannot get them seized by constables or headboroughs by virtue of a writ of assistance under the seal of the Exchequer Court according to the ordinary course of law. Ibid. pp. 145–6.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Lawrence to attend the Privy Council this afternoon about the business of Mr. Eastmond. Out Letters General I. p. 402.
Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a grant to John, Earl of Lauderdale, of the office of steward of the manors of Petersham and Ham. Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 198.
Prefixing:—Constat and ratal of the premises.
Same to the Receiver and Auditor of Crown revenues for co. Midd., &c., to continue payment of the fee of 150l. per an. to John Sayer, the King's master cook. Ibid, XXII. pp. 102–3.
Same to James Lancashire, Receiver, and Sir Joseph Seymour, Auditor of Crown revenues, for co. Lancs, &c., to continue the pensions of 50l. each per an. to Peter Staninough, William Rothwell, Thomas Marsden, and Robert Hunter, the King's four itinerant preachers in the said county. Ibid, p. 103.
Memorandum. To know of Mr. Wadlow what he hath paid in. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 24.
Feb. 15 Treasury order for 30l. to Peter Lely, Esq., for interest on 500l. loan. Order Book XXXVI. p. 66.
Feb. 16 Same on the country excise for 1,902l. 5s. 4d. to Sir John Robinson, Lieutenant of the Tower, for wages, &c., of himself. Gentleman Porter, and Warders, and 2,668l. 11s. 10d. to same for diets and charges of prisoners. Ibid, pp. 62, 64.
Feb. 21 Privy seal for 15,734l. to Sir Denys Gauden for victuals for 860 men for the winter guard for six months on the "Portland," "Desmond," "Dartmouth," "Millford," "Constant Warwick," "Eagle," "Francis," "Roebuck" and "Harp," at 8d. per day per man (amounting to 4,816l.) and of 680 men in from fourthrate and one fifth rate to be left in the West Indies by Sir John Harman for six months at 8d. per day each man (amounting to 3,808l.) and for 1.270 men in the "Monmouth," "Mary," "Princess," "Anthelop," "Mary Rose," "Saphire," "Maire Maid," "Nightingale" and the "Deptford" ketch, to be employed in the Straits for six months at 8d. per day per man amounting to 7,110l. Warrants Early XV. pp. 275–6.
Feb. 22 Treasury warrant for the execution of a royal warrant of the 29th ult. to permit James Rochfort to export six geldings, being a present from the King to the Duke of Créqui. Out Letters Customs I. p. 146.
Sir G. Downing to the Solicitor General for his opinion on some affidavits and judgment about some trespasses against the laws of Excise. Out Letters General I. p. 403.
Same to Sir Tho. Gower to attend the Treasury on Friday concerning the above. Ibid.
Privy seal for 2,800l. for Isaac Le Gouse, King's Jeweller, for a Jewel given by the King to the Queen. Warrants Early XV. pp. 253–4.
Money warrant for the pensions of 250l. a year each to Sir Denny Ashburnham, Sir Geo. Benyon, Francis Finch and Edward Wingate, late Commissioners of Excise, and 200l. per an. to John Ball, late Cashier of Excise. Ibid, XXIV. p. 27.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to deliver up the bonds of John Trethowy, Receiver General of Aids for Bristol and Somerset, he having passed his accounts for same. Ibid, XXXIV. pp. 153–4.
Same to Edward Nicholas, Esq., Receiver General of the Alienation Office, to pay the charges of said office for Trinity and Hilary terms, 1668, and the incident charges for same for the latter term, prefixed in detail. Ibid, XLI. pp. 6–7.
Memorandum. Warrant (on Mr. Bennet's certificate to repay the money on the general dormant) about the fee farm rent at Doncaster, payable to the Queen Consort: and to the Pipe to pass the account. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 23.
Memorandum. Mr. Seymour's discharge warrant for the Sixpenny writ to be prepared Ibid.
Memorandum. Process ad computandum against constables, &c., for Hearth money arrears. Ibid.
? Feb. 22 Warrant for the striking of tallies for 200,000l. to Sir John Wolstenholme, Sir John Shaw, Sir Robert Vyner, Sir Edmond Turner, Edward Backwell, and Francis Millington, Farmers of Customs, in repayment of the like advance made as under the indenture of the farm of the Customs to them of date 1667, Mar. 26. Out Letters Customs I. p. 147.
Feb. 23 Sir G. Downing to the Customs Farmers to consult with Sir R. Long about placing [or assigning for repayment] such payments as they have made at the Custom House out of their rent. Out Letters General I. p. 404.
Same to the Grand Commissioners of Excise et al. to attend on Friday concerning the gaugers leaving duplicates of their gauges with the retailers. Ibid. p. 405.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to deliver up the bonds of John Ekins, late Receiver of Hearth money for co. Northampton, he having perfected his acoounts. Warrants Early XXXVI. p. 118.
Feb. 25 Privy seal for 500l. to the Earl of Carlisle, Ambassador Extraordinary to Sweden, for extraordinaries for his voyage to Sweden. Ibid, XV. pp. 245–6.
[?] Warrant for a privy seal for 500l. to Col. Birch, Auditor of the Excise, for himself and 200l. for three clerks, and 500l. to Elias Ashmole, Comptroller of Excise, and 240l. for his clerks, and likewise for warranting or allowing 10,800l. for 7½ years, formerly paid them out of that revenue upon a privy seal, when the patents made it payable at the Exchequer. (Privy seal hereon, dated Mar. 11.) Ibid. pp. 246, 254–7.
Feb. 26. Treasury fiat for letters patent to constitute John Harris Comptroller of Customs in Bridgwater port in place of Henry Pinckney, lately deceased. Out Letters Customs I. p. 148.
Treasury warrant of leave of absence to Adam Cardonell, Customer of Southampton port. Ibid, p. 144.
Sir G. Downing to Serjeant Maynard to attend the Treasury concerning the disposing of His Majesty's tin in Cornwall. Out Letters General I. p. 406.
Same to the Customs Farmers to attend on Monday Ibid.
Warrant for a privy seal for 28,000l. for Sir Dennis Gawden for sea victuals of 5,000 men for six months from 1668–9. Jan. 1. Warrants Early XV p. 243.
Same for 9l. to same upon his Dunkirk account Ibid.
Same for 2,250l. for the Duke of York's children for their arrears. Ibid.
Money warrant for 74l. 13s. 11½d. to John Harvy, Receiver General of the Queen Consort's revenue, being a fee farm rent due for the year to Sept. 29 last from the town of Doncaster, co. York, as part of the said Queen's jointure, but wrongly paid into the Exchequer instead of into the Queen's treasury, as under the decree of the Exchequer Court, signed in Hilary, 1667. Ibid, XVIII. pp. 131–2 pp. 131–2
Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe to pass the accompt of said John Harvy in like manner as if the abovesaid fee farm rent had been originally paid by him into the Queen Consort's treasury. Ibid, p. 132.
Same to John Wood, one of the Auditors of Imprests, to allow in account 32l. 16s. 8d. to William Taylor, paid by him as fees to sundry officers and olerks in passing, cashing and entering a privy seal for 2,000l. for repairs in Windsor Castle. Ibid, XXXIII. p. 95.
Feb. 26 Treasury warrant to the Auditors of Imprests to charge the Earl of Newburgh with whatever profits of the office of Sixpenny Writs have been received by him or his order from the time when by the Treasury order of 1667, June 27. the said Earl. Farmer of the said office, was by reason of a great arrear of rent due from him suspended from the receipt of the moneys arising therefrom and was succeeded in said receipt by Henry Seymour, Clerk of the Hanaper, or his deputy Edward Seymour, that is to say from the said 1667, June 26, to 1667, Oct. 11: and to add the said receipts to the said Earl's former arrear of rent due on said farm, by setting same in super upon him in his account in the Hanaper. And further to take and state the account of the said Henry Seymour and Edward Seymour for the period during which they acted in the receipt thereof, that is from 1667, Oct. 11, to 1668, Sept. 29: and therein to make allowance of 186l. 13s. 4d. paid to the sealer and chafewax and to the several officers of the Seal, 133l. 6s. 8d. thereof being by deoree of the Court of Chancery in the Lord Keeper Coventry's time, and [there being] a covenant in the Earl of Newburghs lease for payment of the same to the sealer and chafewax, the remainder being payable to the other officers of the seal and Court of Chancery, being an ancient allowance. Warrants Early XXXIII. pp. 95–6.
The Treasury Lords to Sir Tho. Carew, bart., and Tho. Bere to enquire as to Edmond Hitchcock, sub-collector for the Hundred of Hayridge and Tiverton, under William Harris, late Receiver of Hearth money for co. Devon: the said Harris being in arrear for several large sums and having made oath that a considerable part of said moneys remain in the hands of his sub-collectors, who refuse to make return to him of the number of chimneys in their respective collections and thereby obstruct the passing his accounts. Desire them to enquire as to Hitchcock's reliability, the money received by him and the moneys remaining unanswered in his hands. Ibid, XXXVI. p. 119.
Seven similar letters [concerning the other sub-collectors under said Harris] sent respectively to:—
Jo. Tuckfield, Tho. Carew and Henry Northleigh.
Sir William Strode, Sir Edm. Fowell, bart., Sir Edw. Wise and Jo. Calmady.
Sir Tho. Carew, Tho. Bere and Francis Drew.
Tho. Carew and Henry Northleigh.
Tho. Carew and Tho. Walker.
Sir Edw. Prideaux, Sir Courtney Poole, Sir Walter Young.
Arthur Bassett and Robt. Fortescue.
Money warrant for 2,000l. to Sir Solomon Swale as loan Warrants Early XX. p. 156.
Memorandum. Warrant on Mr. North's patent Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 23.
Memorandum. On Monday next Sir G. Downing to mind my Lords to summon the Irish Lords to meet at the Treasury Chambers on Tuesday morning next Ibid, DCXXV. p. 25.
Memorandum. Col. Birch's privy seal to be sent up for the King's signature. Ibid, p. 25.
Feb. 27 Treasury order for 120l. to Mr. Arundell, page of honour Order Book XXXVI. p. 62.
Same for 74l. 13s. 11d. to John Hervey, Esq., Receiver General to the Queen Consort. Ibid, p. 66.
Privy seal for 250l. to Peter Du Moulin as royal bounty and 215l. to Edward Backwell, paid by him by the King's particular direction as a present from the King to Sieur Vergius. Envoy from the Prince and Princess of Portugal. Warrants Early XV. pp. 246–7.
Feb. 28 Treasury warrant to the Auditor and Receiver of Crown revenues for co. Lincoln to continue the payment to Abraham Davis (although not returned in the list of Coldstreamers, he being then in present command at Dunkirk) of a fee farm rent of 50l. 4s. 6¾d. per an., heretofore purchased by him of one Peter White under the late pretended powers; he having been confirmed therein by an order of 1661, May 28, by the Commissioners for examination into the sale of Crown and Churoh lands: all notwithstanding the Treasury order directing a suspension of payment of all acts of grace from the King by any Receiver of revenues. Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 200.
? Feb. Same to the King's Remembrancer for the issue of a commission under the seal of the Exchequer Court to Sir John Duncombe and 10 others, detailed, to inquire concerning the spoils of His Majesty's woods and timber in the parks of Ampthill, Brookborough, and Beckering, co. Bedford. Ibid, pp. 201–2.
Prefixing:—Articles of instruction to said Commissioners.