Minute Book: January 1670

Pages 341-356

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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January 1670

Jan. 3.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
My Lords met about the moneys averred by the Commissioners of Accounts to be diverted from the war. [Ordered that Sir Robert Long and Sir Philip Warwick meet at four o'clock this aftenoon at Sir Philip Warwick's house to consider of an answer to be made on behalf of His Majesty to the exceptions taken by the Commissioners of Accounts about the moneys which they allege to be so diverted. Write Mr. Pepys to meet them there with such papers as he thinks fit in order to the giving them further light into this matter so far as relates to the Navy and to bring with him any of his brethren, the Commissioners of the Navy, as he thinks necessary. And then Pepys and the said Navy Commissioners to attend my Lords hereon to-morrow morning.
[Minute Book III. p. 225; Out Letters General II. p. 191.]
Jan. 10.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing, the Solicitor General and Mr. North, or any two of them, are to draw a draft of articles about farming the 4½ per cent. duty in the Barbados.
Mr. Swynburne, receiver for Durham, to have 20 days to state his account without the sergeants troubling him: upon Lord St. John's engagement that he shall then appear if it be not stated.
Write Sir Tho. Geery, auditor of the late Queen mother's revenue, to state the account of Sir Thomas Bond of his receipts and disbursements for the said Queen up to the time of her death, and write Auditor Beale to take the said Bond's accounts from the said time of the Queen's death.
The King to be moved in Mr. Brounker's petition.
The King to be moved that the Earl of Suffolk have 30,000l. on the 50,000l. in Ireland and 20,000l. on the Chimney money, for [the purchase price of] Audley End.
[Warrant for] 100l. to Mr. Calendrin (Callendine) for reward for service.
In the present year, 1670, the substance of Downing's Memoranda Books (Treasury Minute Books 624 and 625, see supra, p. 323) is incorporated in the text. In compiling the Treasury Minute Book text out of these three parallel but different texts, the Minute Book proper has of course been taken as the main basis. Where the Memoranda Books duplicate exactly with the Minute Book no notice has been taken of them. Where the variation is slight the variant has been adopted in the text generally in square brackets. In these cases I have not thought it necessary to print the reference to the page of the Memoranda Books, as it can be easily found by turning to the particular date. Where the Memoranda Books contain the substance of a minute or a deliberation which is not noticed in the Minute Book proper, then it is entered here separately at the conclusion of each day's minutes, and under the heading of Downing's Memoranda. In the case of such entries the page reference is given as a matter of course.
Mr. Breedin called in: presents an order of Council for exporting 40,000l. into Ireland. Report to be made in Council that they cannot carry over the money in less than two months, therefore that they have three months' time to pay what they were to pay the 12th of this month.
Lord St. John called in. He says he is to lay out 600l. more to carry deer to New Forest. My Lords will take care of him.
Sir Baynham Throckmorton called in and Mr. May. Move for 40 tons of timber to build a speech house in Dean Forest. The King to be moved in it.
[Minute Book III. pp. 225–6.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Lord Arundell. Warrant for a year and a half on the Chimney money as Governor of Pendennis.
The Receivers of the Aids that appeared not on the 5th inst. are to appear this day fortnight.
The Receivers of taxes mentioned in Sir W. Doyly's note are to be ordered into custody.
Warrant for Mr. Seager's extraordinaries.
Memorandum: to get the rest of the papers for the Privy Council, and to copy at Sir P[eter] W[ych] the rest. Query what notice to Col. Kerby. Query Sir Tho. Daniell. Memorandum: Col. Fairfax, Sir Jno. Berkeley, Mr. Danvers, Mrs. Walnaugh's debtors.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 66.]
The Earl of Kinnoul's patent to be entered for remitting his 240l. per an.
The Earl of Carlisle: warrant for his extraordinaries on the first month for Ambassadors.
Warrant for Tangier for a quarter ending Nov. 4 last past: on the Customs on the months reserved for Tangier.
To get Sir Robert Howard's order of Council about Greenwax.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 78.]
Jan. 11.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
Alderman Backwell's interest account referred to Auditor Aldworth.
Mr. [Lawrence] Hyde to have a liberty to borrow money on the Chimney orders which he has for the Robes.
The late Farmers of the Customs called in about the two last years of their farm. Ordered that on oath they deliver in their charges ordinary and incident, and that it be compared with the charges of former years. Then their debentures to be allowed and [their] allowances to merchants, except gratuities, which are to be sworn in gross. As to debentures which were burned or lost [in the great fire] ordered that their oath be taken. That they particularise debts standing out. Write the King's officers [of the Customs, abovestairs, London port] to send to the Treasury certificates of the receipts of the Customs during those two years attested under their hands. Memorandum. The debentures to be allowed are to be for goods brought in in those years.
Warrant for half a year for the Roetiers, gravers to the Mint: to be on the Coinage money.
Warrant for what is allowed on Sir William Temple's extraordinaries.
[Minute Book III. p. 226.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant on Sir Ste. Fox's privy seal for the Duke of Monmouth, according to the several heads, viz., he on the loans on imported salt, &c.
Capt. Cook: process stay till Michaelmas term.
[The Exchequer] Tellers' clerks: warrant for 80l. on the old dormant [privy seal].
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 66.]
To get the project from Mr. Floy[d] against Sir Dennis Gauden's coming to-morrow morning and see what was signed of this year.
To get the order of Council about the remain of the Queen's portion and Col. Rumsey and [others] their business to be settled according to their petitions and order of Council.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 78–9.]
Jan. 12.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
Mr. Hyde to have his fifth 1,000l. for the Robes on the arrears of the late Farmers of the Customs.
Write Mr. Webb of the Hearth money office to bring on Friday a copy of the Hearth money Farmers' covenants from their underfarmers binding the said sub-farmers to deliver in duplicates of the surveys of that revenue.
Sir Thomas Bond's accounts referred to Auditor Beale. [Charnock to change that direction which referred those parts of the accounts prior to the late Queen Mother's death to Sir Thomas Geery, the said late Queen Mother's Auditor.]
Warrant for 40l. more for pales for Bushey Park: [to be charged] on the tin at Ostend.
Mr. Raife's petition referred to the officers of the Ordnance to consider whether the ground be necessary for the fort, and of what value.
Secretary Trevor to be moved that for the future Sir William Swan have notice that if any publique ministers address any letters under [cover of] his packets that they pay for them, or else [i.e. otherwise the result is] that the king pays for their ordinary postage: which ought not to be.
Warrant for Sir William Swan's extraordinaries on the Customs.
Mr. Mellish to be taken into custody on Auditor Beale's certificate.
Warrant for 746l. 13s. 4d. to Sir D. Gawden: on the Customs: as the remain of 11,200l. due to him for [his victualling ordinary] for last year.
The King to be moved, and the Secretaries of State, that [in] passes for [transporting] horses, &c., there be no mares inserted because of the great [or high] custom [duty thereon].
The Customs Farmers called in with the account of the first year of their farm: together with Auditor Beale, and directions are given him for drawing their account; which directions are written on the account. Also the business of their interest money [is ordered] to be settled this day week.
Mr. Slingsby, Mr. Sherwyn and Mr. Backwell called in about the remain of the Dunkirk money, and present a draft of a warrant. Ordered that it pass accordingly. [Memorandum. Mr. Sherwyn would not have it done yet].
Warrant for a year's creation money for Earl Rivers.
[Minute Book III. p. 227.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Memorandum. All Hearth papers left with Sir G. Downing to-day.
My Lords have not yet delivered the memorandum for papers to me [Downing].
To strike out of the memorandums at [the Privy] Council the petition of Lord Arundell.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 67.]
To search what months are appointed for interest money of the loans on the Customs.
Memorandum. Warrants for Duteil, Portugal Secretary, &c.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 79.]
Jan. 14.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir J. Duncombe.
Mr. Whittingham to be no more troubled: as in Mr. Lawrence's report.
Write the Chimney Farmers that they and their sub-farmers send their ledger books as in the covenant from them to the King and that they direct their sub-farmers to make like return as in their covenant and that they send them to the Treasury or copies of them.
The Privy Council to be moved to write to the Commissioners [for Aids] for Kent that process will issue against them if the arrears of the taxes be not paid by the end of next term.
The King to be moved that before the yearly books for Justices of the Peace be passed they be sent to the Treasury in regard of the King's great concern in them as to the Excise and Chimney money.
Write the Marquess of Worcester that whereas there is so much money of the assessments yet uncollected in co. Monmouth [viz. 3,767l. 2s. 4d.] unless it be paid this term process will issue against his Lordship and the rest of the Commissioners.
Warrant for Mr. Beane on his particular of a Collector's place in Yorkshire.
Write Auditor Wood to send to Alderman Bucknall and the rest of the farmers of the 5s. a ton on French shipping for their accompts of that duty to Xmas last, and to make a state thereof with all speed.
[Ibid. III. pp. 227–8.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Arrears of taxes: warrants and letters according to Sir W. Doily's certificate.
Write the Barons of the Exchequer, Sir W. Doyly, Sir R. Long and Mr. Sherwyn, to attend on Friday, when my Lords intend to take into consideration the getting in the arrears of the aids standing out in the several counties, and also in the Collectors' hands, and that my Lords desire them to be here exactly at eight in the morning by reason that my Lords are to go to the Privy Council at 10 o'clock.
Mr. Kirkby [ordered] into custody.
Two memorials more sent [to the Privy Council] and were returned.
Mrs. Maning to-morrow.
Next Term, Commissioners [of Aids for] Kent: process.
Query. Next week warrant about Mr. Broxholm's arrears.
Memorandum: about Treasury orders of 190,000l.
Mr. Smith, about Suffolk Excise.
Mr. Fillingham: Query what particular tax.
Mr. Whittingham's note.
Query: about Mr. Dugdale. Mr. Maynell.
[Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 67.]
Jan. 17.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Widow Pinkney: [warrant for] 5l. more.
Mr. Stanny: a warrant on the certificate.
Sir John Bankes called in about 3,300l. of the East India Company. [Ordered] that the money be borrowed to pay them.
The answer of the Customs Farmers about the dust of pepper is to be sent to the East India Company.
Warrant for 1,000l. on the [3,000l. per mensem of the] Customs of this month for the Earl of Ossory.
His Royal Highness [the Duke of York] came in with the Treasurers of the Navy and Mr. Pepys and deliver a paper [of demands for the Navy] amounting to about 71,000l. [Ordered] that they distinguish how much thereof is for their ordinary and my Lords will endeavour to get it as fast as they can and that they [the Principal Officers and Commissioners of the Navy] employ it for the most necessary expenses.
[Ibid, III. p. 228.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Dugdale: warrant for a year.
Mr. Maynard at Bedford backgate in Charles Street, Covent Garden.
Memorandum: Sir Jo. Shelden, Mr. Kirkby, Mr. Walker, Apsley, May, Russell, Sir J. Bennet.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 67.]
Speech house in Dean Forest. Sir Baynham Throckmorton called in and Mr. May: moves for 40 tons of timber towards building a speech house in Dean Forest, the inhabitants having engaged them [selves] to build it [if the wood is given them]. The King to be moved in it.
Earl of Middelsex, Mr. Smyth, Duteile, &c.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 80.]
Jan. 19.
Present: Lady Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncom.
Col. and Mr. Kirbye's petitions referred to Sir W. Doyly.
Capt. Challoner: a warrant [ordered] on the King's warrant.
London Farmers of Excise: all the accounts for interest for money lent to be stated by Auditor Aldworth. Alderman Bucknall saith that upon settling their defalcations they will lend the 26,000l. for the Navy on [the security of] the Customs so as they may have the Excise for a collateral security, which [my Lords] agree unto.
Sir Tho. Littleton called in: says the Earl of Anglesey cannot have his allowances for his fees till the passing his accounts.
The King to be moved that Mr. Simons be paid what's laid out for England and Ireland but not for Scotland, and to be placed on the late farm of the Customs.
The King to be moved that Jamaica pay its own ministers [of the gospel] for the future.
Sir Robert Howard called in about the Greenwax with Counsel [on behalf of him and the Earl of Berkshire, the Farmers of Greenwax]: also the Solicitor General and Mr. North, the King's Counsel. The order of Council is read. My Lords offer an assignment for the 1,000l. per an. on any branch of the King's revenue if it fail on the Greenwax, but that the money be paid into and received out of the Exchequer. They [the Farmers] insist to have the placing a person to receive the Greenwax and pay them, else they will not deal, and they will not have Brewster. My Lords grant their desire, that, their patent being surrendered, they be paid by the person for the time being employed for receiving the Greenwax after the 500l. already charged for the Lady Villers [has been yearly deducted] and for [or in case of] failure [then to be paid] on the Exchequer. They desire that all former arrears in sheriff's hands, while they pay the King's rent, may be theirs. Ordered that they draw their whole proposition in writing.
Warrant for the arrest of Anthony Walker, the Archbishop of York's sub-collector: on Auditor Beale's certificate.
Alderman Backwell and Sir Edm. Turner called in [for the Customs Farmers]. Ordered that the remainder of their interest money be settled on the Customs.
Earl of Ancrum: warrant on his privy seal.
Mr. Lawrence to attend Mr. Maynard about settling the conveyances of said Maynard's land in Dean Forest.
[Minute Book III. pp. 228–9.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
The four King's warrants. Warrant on them. Query: Mr. Ch [arnock].
Windsor: 1,000l. warrant on the revenue of Windsor.
A memorandum given: not yet answered.
Memorandum: Mr. Cooke about B. Bynan's query.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 67.]
Jan. 21.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
The King to be moved about the manner of collecting the Chimney money.
The King to be moved in the matter of Lord Arundell's petition.
Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Sherwyn to state Sir Tobias Bridge's accounts.
Warrant for Sir Hen. Wood to take into his custody the church ornaments at Somerset House: and a warrant to deliver them and the plate to Abbot Montague or his assigns.
Upon the order of Council about the remain of the King's subscription to the Royal [Africa] Company, report to be made that there is no money.
Duke of Buckingham: warrant for 500l. for horses.
Mr. Lovelace's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Warrant for the Earl of Chesterfield's money: on his privy seal according to the place [or turn of payment] formerly appointed on the arrears of the late form of the Customs.
Auditor Beale's certificate of the arrears of Tenths is to be sent to Sir R. Long to certify if any money is since paid in.
The report from the Excise Commissioners about Mr. Weedon's pretensions to defalcations on his farm of the Excise of co. Bucks is read. The said Commissioners to attend on Monday about it as said report is not so clear as my Lords wish.
Sir C. Harbord's report on the business of the tenants of [the manor of] Ruthin is read. To be further considered when Mrs. Crane is here.
The Chimney Farmers' affidavits are read. To be reported in Council.
[Minute Book III. pp. 229–30.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Three papers sent up [to the Privy Council].
Hardy: Monmouth: Bushy Park.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 67.]
Instructions to be prepared by Sir G. Downing for Mr. Parry. Charnock to come to me [Downing] about this business on Monday morning.
Alderman Backwell to be here on Monday about the money of the Customs kept back, by reason whereof Sergeant Waller is not paid. Charnock to bring me the order on Monday morning and the return of the Customs Farmers of money paid by them on that month.
A memorandum to be sent up [to the Privy Council] for my Lords to speak with the Secretaries of State about the presents to foreign ministers going hence and the rules about extraordinaries. Sir G. Downing first to adjust these matters with Mr. Williamson. Charnock to remind him next Tuesday morning.
Sir G. Downing to see if Mr. St. George's account, who went with Sir Tho. Higgins, be as [or similar to the account of the Secretary] who went with the Earl of Carlisle. Charnock to bring me [Downing] both accounts on Monday morning.
Warrant for the Earl of Chesterfield's money on the privy seal.
The Earl of Bristol's paper to be given in to-morrow morning.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 80–1.]
Jan. 24.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncomb.
Mrs. Simonds: if her business [be] granted by the King then a warrant for a privy seal reciting the particulars: to be without account.
The Excise Commissioners called in about the report concerning Mr. Weedon. Ordered that they make it certain and not dubious.
Warrant for the Earl of Bath for 2,000l. on the Customs and 3,000l. on such other branch as will bear it.
Mr. Ashmole and Mr. Brewer called in about the account of the late Farmers of the London Excise from 1666, Dec. 25, to 1667, Dec. 25, and the late Farmers and Commissioners of Excise are called in. As to the Essex farm their charges were not inserted. As to the 4d. per gallon on the imported strong waters they will pay the money with interest at 6 per cent. if they recover it but that at present they have only bonds. For the coast cocquets ordered that Sir Edmond Turner must account for them. The 9,192l. in the Comptroller's account consists of two heads the brandy and the counties. The 2,000l. for debts on brewers allowed. As to exported beer they demand 3,500l. or not to meddle in that business. For the brandy, to stand as above. [As to] the 4,000l. for Surrey, Middlesex, &c., for charges: my Lords ask Mr. Ashmole what he estimates the charge at. Mr. Forth and Bucknall are asked what the management cost their sub-farmers. They say they believe about 3,500l. They also say it costs them now about 2,600l. but that those Farmers took on them about 1,100l. in old debts by which they had a great loss. [Ordered] that they be allowed 1,500l. less than their demand: that nothing be allowed for their charges: that they be allowed 2,000l. for the exported beer: the 8,000l. for their charges not to be allowed: the brandy money to be suspended as desired. The King to be acquainted herewith. So there will be 15,743l. 4s. 10d. allowed them and 10,500l. to be paid by them into the Exchequer. They say they let Middlesex, &c., to the best advantage as for themselves and will swear they made no more of it. Also they say Major Reeves made but 8,300l. of those counties.
Sir Denys Gauden: warrant on the Customs for what is due to him by his contract.
The Chimney Farmers called in: say their sub-farmers owe them about 70,000l.: that they are in debt of their monthly payments but about 30,000l. Ordered that they presently pay what they owe according to the settlement by the order of Council by the end of this term, or to be prosecuted. The Chief Baron of the Exchequer to be moved why he will not issue process against their sub-farmers.
Earl of Ailesbury: warrant for him about Ampthill.
Warrant on the Customs for 3,700l. for rebuilding the Custom House.
Capt. Brabant's petition read and he called in. Ordered that my Lords can do no more in the business, but that he pay in the money.
Petition read from the Clerks of the Peace. Ordered that such of them as do yearly make returns shall have the allowance of the additional penny in the £ on the certificate of the King's Remembrancer, and to have also the auditor's certificate of the validity of their returns when the account of such a year be passed. But first the last petition is to be referred to the Attorney or Solicitor General to see if my Lords can allow this second penny in the £.
Warrant for 350l. to Mr. Legous according to the Lord Chamberlain's letter: to be on the Customs of May, 1671.
[Minute Book III. pp. 230–2.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Letter to Sir T[revor] Wms. [Williams], Bart., that he return 451l. of the Monmouthshire assessments mentioned in B. Loyd's affidavit, which should have been formerly returned to Sir W. D [oyly].
Wilts and Dorset: warrant for new sub-commissioners of Excise.
Duke of Buckingham: warrant for 500l. for horses: on his privy seal.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 68.]
Letter from Lady Castlemayne read. [Advised] that her commission for Oatlands be accordingly changed. Warrant ordered.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 81.]
Jan. 25.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
The Privy Council to be moved to retrench the Earl of Sandwich's deputy in the Wardrobe to 200l.per an.
Sergeant Harsnet: a warrant for a year [of his salary].
Duke of Newcastle: a warrant for a year of his creation money.
Mr. Bagnoll and Mr. Lisle called in about the manor of Shaw.
Mr. Bagnoll's petition was read in June last, Mr. Lisle's in January last and Mr. Baron came on in September last. Mr. Ayliff, counsel for Mr. Lisle, offers that in regard Mr. Bagnoll was first here and so great proceedings [have been had] in his business that they may pay a fine and have the land and Mr. Bagnoll to have the fine. Mr. Darnell's petition about the same business read, whose equity lies as having married the daughter of Sir Richard Braham, so as it were a tenant right, they having had it 100 years. Also they say Sir Richard Braham hath conveyed to him all his right. Mr. Ayliffe says Mr. Darnell hath no tenant right because he comes in as a purchaser. My Lords offer to Capt. Baron and Mr. Lisle and Mr. Darnell to see if they can agree with Mr. Bagnoll, else Mr. Bagnoll must have the thing, his warrant being first.
The Earl of Bridgewater: warrant as bailiff [of Tring]: on the auditor's particular.
Alderman Bucknell called in. My Lords desire him to pay into the Exchequer 600l., on account of the French tunnage, for Sir Bernard Gascoigne upon account of his pension. Write Sir R. Long to issue it to said Gascoigne.
Alderman Bucknell to attend to-morrow about paying in the 26,000l. for the navy.
Mr. Tippet's letter to be considered to-morrow.
The order of Council about Windsor artists is to be considered to-morrow.
The King to be acquainted with Sir C. Harbord's report about Walsingham House and the report to be minuted on the back.
The report from the Lord Keeper et al. about the Earl of Bristol is to be considered to-morrow.
Warrant for process against the alum farmers.
Secretary Trevor to be acquainted by Sir G. Downing that the warrant for Smethwick for a waiter's place is contrary to the order of Council.
Dr. Gibbon's petition read. Ordered that he tell the nature of the discovery and then [shall have] a warrant: a third to the discoverer, a third to the Doctor, a third to the King.
Mr. Lawrence: petition read. [My Lords have] no money at present.
Mrs.      petition read. [Ordered] that she be paid with the first when any money [is paid] to any pensioners.
James Mesmin's petition read. [Ordered] that he be denized. Report to be made accordingly.
William Christian: petition read: granted: a warrant.
Dame Mary Harrison: petition read and delivered to Lord Ashley to be further considered.
Sir George Carteret's privy seal and the warrant for pales [for Bushey Park] to be sent up for the King's signature.
Anthony Cogan's petition read. Sir R. Long to pay it as he can.
Lord Hawley to be put in possession of the Mulberry Garden: a warrant.
Jerome Nipho (Nypho): petition read about the place of Comptroller of Chester port. Mr. Smith at Southampton House, the late Lord Treasurer Southampton's steward, and Nipho are to be heard on Tuesday next, said Smith making pretence thereto also.
Mr. Chislett to attend my Lords to-morrow to show cause why he brought not the state of Hill's and Cotes's accounts.
Jon. Hill: petition read: a warrant.
Jo. Hodgkinson: petition read: [to have] patience till the Parliament brings more money.
Write Mr. Sherwin and Mr. Webb to hasten their report of a state of the way of collecting the Chimney money, and what the value of it is, in each county, and how much they judge fit to allow in every county for the collecting of it.
William Lloyd: petition read: to be put among the Barbados debts.
Major Hamilton's business heard about a debt to be forgiven him by the King: order of the Privy Council read. To be heard this day week.
John Ward's petition read: referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Sir William Swan: petition read, with Secretary Trevor's reference. Warrant for the money on [the month of the Customs reserved for] ambassadors.
Fra. Mansell: petition read: a warrant.
The Earl of Sandwich called in: moves to have his docquet signed. My Lords say they wholly dislike the present draft, but will draw one according to the order of the Council and the King's direction. But first [ordered] that the Earl of Sandwich bring in a state of his fees and the perquisites of his office as they now are, and his former patent and Mr. Lawrence to attend the Solicitor General for a copy of the charter for the incorporating of the Wardrobe and the Acts of Parliament for the Wardrobe. When my Lords have perused these things they will give order for a warrant for the King's hand for his Lordship's 2,000l. per an. as Master of the Wardrobe and 200l. per an. for his clerk [or deputy]. Sir G. Downing to speak to Sir R. Long to pay the Earl of Sandwich his interest money.
The Lord Keeper to be spoken to that my Lords may see the books or rolls [containing the names or nominations] of the Justices of the Peace before [they be] passed in order to [my Lord's forming an idea of the fidelity of the said justices and how likely they would be to assist the king's revenue by passing decisions on the Bench which should tend to] the preserving the Chimney money and Excise.
The Lord Chamberlain to be moved for liberty to sue Mr. Cooper for the King's debt.
The [Privy] Council to be moved about Sir Joseph Sheldon's paying the Jamaica ministers [of the Gospel] no longer: and a letter [to be written] to that effect.
[Minute Book III. pp. 232–4.]
[Downing's memoranda, Jan. 25 and 26.]
Mr. Le Gouche: the King's warrant for 350l. for a jewel.
St. Magnus [parish] poor: a warrant.
Mr. Cooper process to be issued.
Mr. Lightfoot: warrant for 40l.
Query: letter Jamaica [ministers].
Query: about Cogan: last minute.
About Wardrobe: Mr. Sawyer.
Memorandum: to give account that Mr. Davis was here yesterday.
Mrs. Chiffinch.
Mrs. Loop's petition.
Letter to-morrow from Mr. Mason.
Query: what letter about a year since to ? Sir William Godolphin about Scilly and bring it to-morrow morning.
John Lloyd's letter and Sir Trevor Williams' letter.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 68.]
Jan. 25.
Tuesday afternoon.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncomb.
The Lord Chief Baron says that process of extent may go against the bishops' deputy receivers of Tenths. Baron Turnor concurs.
Sir R. Long, Sir W. Doyly, Mr. Sherwin called in about the arrears of the taxes. Ordered that Doyly attend the Chief Baron with the states of these accounts, for they are to be declared before him, and shew him who have accounted and who not. Write Mr. Montague, of the Queen's Council, and Mr. North to assist Sir W. Doyly with advice what may be fit to be moved before the Lord Chief Baron in order to the getting in the arrears. And write Mr. John Lawrence to attend then to take care that the King's Counsel do move that what they desire should be done when the accounts come to the King's Remembrancer's office. First, process against the Commissioners [of Aids in the several counties] for not doing their duty; then warrant for an assessment against the county.
Also the Lord Chief Baron is moved why he gives not assistance to the Chimney sub-farmers against such as pay not. He says it would be vexatious to issue an Exchequer process against a man in Cornwall for 12d. But Lord Ashley says if no other remedy the revenue will fall if not done, for that its made [up] much of these twelve pences. The Lord Chief Baron says the law has provided distress and commitment: besides the rolls should be returned and then [there would be] a better ground to issue process upon. Lord Ashley says where no distress and the party wont pay then process must issue. Lord Chief Baron says it cannot appear whether a distress or not till 5l. spent in a process but who [ever] is set in super [as a defaulter] on oath there a process to go. Lord Ashley says there are dubious cases as by chimney forges and how shall they on oath put that in super: but the great fault is not making returns. Lord Chief Baron says that though he's unwilling to issue process against a multitude yet is willing to issue process against any [one] or two in any [particular] case as in the case of smiths' forges, &c.: and as to preventing elapse of time that they make a distress then 'twill come to trial in two or three months. Lord Chief Baron says that though the Chimneys be in farm yet the Collectors should be commissioned by the Treasury and then these would be accountants on oath and then defaulters would be set in super and so [distress] be levied and returns would then be made into the Exchequer always and no need of subpœnas. Besides the [Chimney] Farmers' Collectors not having commission from the King and so not capacitated to an Exchequer accountant and so [the auditors] can set nothing in super on any and so [such collectors] can only be sued on their bonds: nor any who pay not to them be sued but by subpœna. The Farmers acknowledge this, but say they have a covenant that their sub-farmers may assign their debts to the King not as his rent but to have the benefit of the King's process. The Lord Chief Baron says also that as the law now stands in the Exchequer 'twill be hard to judge against the Justices' certificates. But if they [the Farmers] will try this by a few [test cases] they may and thereupon the Court will declare their opinion in this case.
[Minute Book III. pp. 234–5.]
Jan. 26.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncomb.
Together with: the Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Burlington, Earl of Ossory, and Lord John Berkeley about the business of the 4,000l. of Sir James Sheane. The order of Council is read. The Duke of Ormonde says that Sir James Sheane acknowledged he had the money and offered some security to pay it. The Earl of Bristol's business to be considered on Friday and his lordship to bring his privy seal or a copy of it. To be offered to the King that it is for His Majesty's service that the Customs of Ulster be bought in by him and the 14,000l. paid to the city and then His Majesty to secure himself the best he can from Sir James Sheane for the money. Sir John Lawrence et al. for the Ulster [Plantation Company or] Corporation called in and acquainted herewith. Sir G. Downing to write to the Attorney General to forthwith perfect the conveyances of the Customs in Londonderry and Coleraine to His Majesty from the Corporation in London of the new Plantation in Ulster.
So the Irish Lords went away.
Warrant for 26,000l. for the Navy in full of what is assigned them for last year.
Sir G. Downing, Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Sherwyn to consider about the settling a method for discharging seizures and to send for Mr Culliford and to be assisted by Mr. Hodges and Mr. Lawrence.
Sir James Sheane called in: says he will make good any of his propositions and that the surety he offered will enter into recognizances for the debt and that he be here on Friday next.
Warrant to Sir R. Long by His Majesty's command to stop payment of the last 15,000l. of the late Customs tallies till further order.
Write Sir R. Long not to issue any of the 14,669l. 4s. 4d. on the old [Customs] tallies without particular order from my Lords: the said sum being made up of the particulars of the tallies in the list that have not been paid since Jan. and Feb., 1666–7, viz. as follows:—
£ s. d.
No. 28. Sir Philip Musgrave 987 7 0
No. 37. The Queen Mother 7,500 0 0
Nos. 48, 49. Sir Ste. Fox 6,181 17 4
Mr. Tippet's letter read about certain timber trees [from Sherwood Forest for the proposed construction of Navy ships at Hull]. Write the Woodward of Sherwood Forest and the Duke of Newcastle. A privy seal for the timber. Sir Thomas Littleton to pay the money out of the ordinary of the Navy.
Warrant for the Ordnance for what is assigned them on the Customs for this half year.
Warrant for the Grooms of the Bedchamber for half a year on the 3,000l. a month out of the Customs. Charnock to take care that these warrants have priority according to their seniority.
Warrant for Mr. Walpole as steward of Crowland, &c. [to continue to act] for two years from the late Queen's death as done to others.
The 275l. for the Masters in Chancery for Xmas quarter is to be placed on the 3,000l. a month of the Customs. Write Sir R. Long, reciting their warrant.
Humphry Pearcehouse (Persehouse): warrant to take off the 12 per cent. [interest charge on delinquent receivers].
Mr. Chislet called in about the fire hearth account of Mr. Cotes and Mr. Hill for Cambridgeshire. Ordered that the account be engrossed to be declared.
Sir W. Doyly and Mr. Lawrence called in and report from the Lord Chief Baron about the business of getting in the arrears of the taxes. Ordered to make report on Friday when Lord Ashley is here.
Mr. Morrice's order of Council to be considered on Friday: he to attend then.
Sir G. Downing to take in Mr. Seymour's bond for collecting the Sixpenny Writs and appoint a box for keeping bonds.
Alderman Backwell called in with Auditor Aldworth about an interest account. [Ordered] that what relates to his loans on the land revenue be expunged because he has orders of repayment with interest.
Mr. Lawrence's certificate to be considered on Friday.
The 14,669l. 4s. 4d. on old tallies [is ordered] to be disposed [as follows, viz.] 4,000l. for the Navy for this year: so much as Alderman Backwell's interest account comes to to pay it: then about 1,400l. to complete the East India Company's order: then for Mr. Seymour his late order on Sir Edw. Griffith: then for Mr. [Mrs.] Chiffinch: 40l. to the carpenter for pales for Hampton Court on the King's late warrant.
A letter [to be written] according to Col. Cooke's letter.
Consideration [to be had] where to assign a place for payment of 3,109l. 5s. 3½d. remaining of the interest account of the present Custom Farmers for their 200,000l. loan.
[Minute Book III. pp. 236–7: DCXXV. pp. 82–3.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Victualler of the Navy. Done.
Treasurer of the Navy. Done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 83.]
Jan. 28.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
The Earl of Bristol called in. Sir G. Downing to send to the Privy Seal Office for a copy of his privy seal of the 18th of May.
The order of the Privy Council read about Lord G. Berkeley's petition concerning a three-decked ship and the allowance of 10 per cent. deduction on customs of goods imported and exported in her. Referred to the Customs Farmers, to report by Monday, and write Lord Berkeley and Mr. North, a King's Counsel, to be here then.
Mr. Tregunnell called in: says that the King's lease of the Phisick Garden, which Lord Hawley is to have possession of, is out at Lady Day next: and desires to know my Lord's pleasure in it. The King to be moved in it.
Dr. Williams (Williamson) to be heard on Tuesday, and Dr. Clarke. Charnock to lay them [the papers concerning them] on the table.
Alderman Backwell called in about his interest account. A privy seal ordered.
Sir Robert Vyner's privy seal to be sent up for an order of Council.
Sir G. Downing to speak with Sir Hen. Wood about the warrant offered by Sir R. Long about the several salaries payable to the late Queen Mother's servants, and to see the establishment lists.
Mr. Parrye's instructions [about the receiving in Lisbon the arrears of the Queen's dowry] to be prepared and sent to Lord Arlington as amended.
Sir G. Downing to consider where the 3,009l. 5s. 3½d. [interest] on the [Customs] Farmers' 200,000l. loans may be placed in full over and above what [has been] already directed.
Mr. Greathead's account declared.
[? Petition read from Mr.] Floyd. See if the letter which my Lords did write to Sir Walter Moyle to pay some money to Sir William Godolphin in Cornwall be discharged. Write Sir W. Moyle to meet Sir G. Downing hereon to-morrow.
Warrant to Sir R. Long to apply money of the land revenue to discharge interest on the loans on that revenue.
Warrant for what is due to the auditors [of the revenue]: to be on the 3,000l. per mensem out of the Customs.
[Warrant for] 5,000l. for the Duke of York: on the late Queen Mother's revenue before what [is warranted] to the Navy.
Warrant to stay process against Col. Legg for his accounts because [they are] lodged with the Commissioners of Accounts.
London Excise Farmers: a privy seal for their defalcations.
Sir William Temple to be allowed in his extraordinaries the charge of the ship "Abraham's Sacrifice." The warrant to be made accordingly.
Mrs. Crane and Mr. Tiack called in [about the manor of Ruthin] and a letter is read from several of the county about the abuses done to the King's officers and that they [the tenants of the said manor] will pay what is due to the King from them. [Ordered] that the King take his due from the tenants. Sir G. Downing to advise with the Auditor (Mr. Godolphin's deputy), Mr. Sherwin and Sir C. Harbord how this is to be done and that Mr. Tiack and Mrs. Crane each [to] appoint some one to assist in it and that the proceeding [suggested] in Sir C. Harbord's report [to] be followed. And as to the possession of the land and the title my Lords leave all parties to the law. As to the misdemeanours of the tenants my Lords will for this time pass them by.
Sir John Robinson and the late Farmers of the Hearth money for London, &c., called in with Deputy Auditor Jefferyes with a state of their accounts. Their petition is read about the 893l. in surplus on their account. Also a paper of the sub-collectors of that money is read. This paper and Sir John Robinson's petition is referred to Sir G. Downing, Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Sherwin. Write them to meet to-morrow at Sir R. Long's house.
Mr. Newport and Col. Reymes called in with a state of the charge of the Duke of Albemarle's burial. A privy seal ordered. Sir R. Long to pay the money.
Mr. Silvius: a warrant on the Customs.
The Queen's Council called in. Sir G. Downing to state against Wednesday next what auditors have returned particulars of the late Queen's lands to make up the Queen Consort's jointure. Also Sir G. Downing to despatch the privy seal for what is due to her [Majesty].
The officers of the Works to attend on Wednesday.
Sir Dennys Gauden's interest account to be considered next Wednesday. Write his auditor [Auditor Beale] to attend then.
Sir R. Long and Mr. Sherwyn to attend my Lords this day week. The two Secretaries and the Irish Lords and Sir James Sheane to be here then about the 4,000l. in said Sheane's hands.
Warrant for Mr. Montague, ambassador in France: on the loans on the Customs.
Mr. Cary called in with an account with his auditor. Sir Jo. Reeve to be set in super in the next account for the rent ever since 1660.
The petition from the Lord Mayor of London is referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Report to be made in Council that my Lords do approve of Mr. Morrice's letter.
Mr. Lawrence's certificate to be considered next Tuesday.
Warrant for 1,000l. for Windsor: not out of the revenue of Windsor but on the late Customs farm: repeating [reciting in the warrant] the privy seal and the order of Council.
Mr. Sherwin and Mr. Webb called in about the project [or model prepared by them] for collecting the Chimney money. Sir G. Downing, Sir R. Long, Mr. Sherwin, Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Webb to meet to-morrow at Sir R. Long's house to consider it.
Sir W. Doily called in about the report from the Lord Chief Baron about getting in the arrears of the taxes.
Mr. Johnson's petition considered. Sir G. Downing to examine if he petitions for the same office for which a warrant is prepared for Mr. Walpole.
[Minute Book III. pp. 238–40; DCXXV. pp. 83–4.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
East India Company.
Earl of Bath: warrant for him.
Mr. Woolnough.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 84.]