Minute Book: February 1670

Pages 356-378

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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February 1670

Feb. 1.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Peter Goodge, underkeeper of Bushey Park, called in [and his complaint is heard against Richard Lightfoot, ranger or keeper of Bushey Park]. Lightfoot and he to attend on Friday.
Sir R. Long to send another list of the tallies on the late farm of the Customs that have not been paid since 1667–8, Jan. and Feb., there being a mistake in the present list sent.
Warrant to Sir W. Doyly to deliver up the bonds of the Receivers of the Eleven months' tax to the King's Remembrancer [for him to issue process thereon].
The warrant for stopping process against Col. Legg is offered to my Lords. My Lords are informed by the Auditors of Imprests that Legg has not brought in to them any accounts since June, 1662. Before my Lords pass such warrant they desire to be satisfied where such accounts now are and why not before brought in to the Auditor.
Petition read from Mr. Bishop for payment for butcher's meat delivered to the late King when he was in the Isle of Wight. [Ordered] that he find money [i.e. some suitable fund not already assigned or appropriated] and then to be considered.
Sir Thomas Bond, Comptroller of the late Queen Mother's Household, called in with Auditor Beale about his [Bond's] account of the Queen Mother's money. Sir Henry Wood to certify what money he has paid to Sir Tho. Bond, whereby to charge him since the last time Sir Thomas accompted with the Queen: which was from 1668, Jan. 1 new style.
Tho. Henley's petition and Sir C. Harbord's report on it read. Sir G. Downing to consider what Parliament men are near Brecon, and what the value of those —. Also care to be taken that the auditor certify whether or not those things are now in charge.
The privy seal for the Wardrobe is to be sent up for the King's hand.
Sir Allen Apsley's warrant for 500l. is to be on the general dormant [privy seal for 10,000l.] because of the surrender [by Apsley of the patent for liveries, &c.]
Sir G. Downing and Sir R. Long to certify if 2,000l. was due to the [late] Lord Treasurer when he died. The said Lord Treasurer's steward to bring the certificate. Then a warrant on the Chimneymoney.
Dormant warrant for Auditor Sir William Godolphin [for such payment of salary] as the other auditors have [had].
In the matter of Dr. Gibbon's discovery ordered that the King have only a fourth part: the remainder to the Dr. and the discoverer, and where he [will] have a lease [then the lease] to be for 31 years at a fourth of the value.
Warrant for 6,000l. for the Ordnance on the year's assignment for the Ordnance on the Customs.
Mr. Parrye's instructions [for his receiving in Lisbon the arrears of the Queen's dowry] to be sent to Lord Arlington, but first a preamble to be put to the instructions reciting the order of Council.
Sir G. Downing to enquire what secretary passed Sir Charles Windham's warrant.
Sir William Swan's ordinary to be on the loans on the Customs.
Alderman Backwell's petition read about Customs tallies. [Ordered] that none be listed at present by reason of the General Order, but that when any are listed his be first.
The Earl of Carlisle, Mr. Villers and Col. Graves called in: pray that my Lords will hear Capt. Brabant again. Ordered that he be heard this day three weeks, and the party that offered to make up his rent is to be summoned and the papers looked out.
Mr. Montague: warrant on the loans on the Customs.
Sir William Temple: warrant on the loans on the Customs.
[Minute Book III. pp. 240–1.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mrs. Owen: warrant for 20l. to Sir Edw. Griffin for her.
Query: warrant Cogan.
Dr. Baber: dormant warrant for him.
Query: petition and perpetuity of the Vicar of Lichfield.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 68.]
[Warrant for] 5,000l. for the Duke of York on the late Queen's revenue before what to the Navy.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 85.]
Feb. 4.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncombe.
Lord Ashley and Lord Berkeley not coming the business of Sir James Sheen and the innocent [papists] in Ireland is put off till Wednesday next. The two Secretaries, the Lords of Ireland and the Earl of Anglesey to be summoned against that time.
When a docquet comes for 3,000l. to Sir Ste. Fox for secret service, it's the King's pleasure that it pass; also for the 9,000l. which the King will pay for the Duke of Monmouth.
A letter read from the Lord Chamberlain about one Owen. Warrant for 20l. to Sir Edward Griffith for her: and a letter to Sir Edward Griffith to pay it.
Dormant warrant for Dr. Baber.
Sir G. Downing to keep [back] the letters to the Commissioners of the Assessments [in the various counties] till Sir W. Doyly bring hither the order of the Exchequer Court about the reassessing the moneys which were not paid in to the Collectors.
Major Andros' account of the tin is read. Sir W. Doyly or Sir G. Downing are to consider which bargain is the best. Andros to have 250l. for his pains and charge.
The warrant for the speech house [in Dean Forest] is to be sent up for the King's hand.
Warrant for 2,000l. to Tho. Corderoy for secret service: to be on the Chimney money and to be for arrears due to the late Lord Treasurer Southampton on his 8,000l. per an.
[Minute Book III. p. 242.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Swynburne's certificate to be copied. Give to Sir G. Downing and Sir W. Doyly certificate of the arrears to be given to Lord St. John.
A book to be kept for the [intending settlement of the arrears of the wedding] portion of the Queen Consort.
[Write Alderman] E [dward] B [ackwell]: for [the name or date of] the month assigned for 3,009l. odd money in full for the interest of 200,000l. [loan from the Customs Farmers] to the 15th Sept., 1669, after the rate of 6 per cent. Also a warrant for the rest due for interest assigned in the project of assignments on [the Customs of] the months of Nov. and Dec., 1670, and Jan., 1670–1: [also] for the rate of the tin in Flanders.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 85.]
Feb. 8.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
[Write] Mr. Mead to send in the impost bills to be signed by my Lords as soon as possible.
Mr. Wilkes called in and his petition considered complaining that the Gentlemen Ushers are paid a quarter more than he. To be again considered.
Mr. Wardour is to certify of what antiquity is the place of drum major which Maugridge desires: also to see if Young and Staggins have no more than Bassano had.
Sir W. Doyly called in says that the gentlemen of Suffolk desire they may be forborne as to the assessments till the next assizes. Warrant for the arrest of Fenn. William Northington to be Receiver of Aids for Essex, the other [late Receiver, Mr. Argall] being dead.
Sir R. Long to certify what the Receiver of the Duchy of Cornwall is in arrear.
Sir Thomas Bond and Auditor Beale called in about two accounts of said Bond's, the states of which they present. The directions in the margin of same to be followed.
Father Patrick called in and delivered a petition. To be considered to-morrow.
Write Mr. Jefferyes to bring Hill's firehearth accounts engrossed.
Warrant, on the King's warrant, for 350l. for Mr. Legouse: to be on the month of the Customs assigned to Ambassadors.
Write the late Farmers of the Customs to pay in the 840l. still remaining unpaid of their balance of 35,000l.
Viscount Mandeville called in. Ordered that he have 5 quarters on the Customs. The Earl of Lauderdale: warrant for a year. The like for the Duke of Richmond and Lord Gerard.
The Earl of Sandwich's patent to be despatched [for his office of Master of the Great Wardrobe]: care to be taken that it agrees with the instructions for regulating his office.
Sir Henry Wood called in. Process ad computandum to go out against the late Queen's receivers. Write Sir Henry Wood first to send their names and what they are in arrear. As to leases in the course of preparation he presents a list of them. The King to be moved in it.
Write Alderman Bucknell [and his partners] to pay their rent for London [Excise farm] and the rent of their country [Excise] farm for Michaelmas.
Sir R. Long and Sir G. Downing are to consider to make out a list of the late Queen Mother's debts, and to that end to attend Lord Arlington for what papers he has in his hands. Also consideration to be had whether to supersede the trustees and administrators or to continue that way.
Alum Farmers: process to be stopped against them till the last process day of this term.
Sir R. Long and Mr. Sherwyn called in and make a report about the Chimney money and present a paper. Several directions [are] given, particularly that they prepare the instructions [for the collectors or receivers of the Chimney money]. Sir G. Downing to make an alphabetical list of the counties against to-morrow, and then consideration to be had of persons to collect. [The following agreed upon to be receivers of Chimney money for the counties severally specified.]
Sir Denny Ashburnham: Sussex and Kent.
Robert Challoner: for Wilts.
Mr. Browne: for Berks and Oxford.
Norfolk: Lord Townsend to be advised with.
Sir Jo. Duncombe will undertake for Suffolk, Beds., Bucks and Huntingdon.
Mr. King: for Cambridge.
Mr. Newsham: for Warwick.
Mr. Smith: for Northampton.
Mr. Ridley: for Shropshire.
Edmund Lawrence: for Dorset.
Treasurer of the Household to be advised with for Devon and Cornwall.
Jo. Bennet, Receiver of the revenue: for Somerset.
Mr. Bowdler: for Hereford.
Col. Whitley and Col. Mitton [for] Merioneth, Carnarvon, Denbigh and Flint. But that Col. Whitley first clear his present accounts. Mr. Mallet to be thought on.
Mr. Bennet, Receiver of Aids: for Derby.
Sir Thomas Overbury: for Gloucestershire.
The Earl of Carlisle to be advised with about the four Northern counties.
Sir Francis Cobb: for the East and North Ridings of Yorkshire.
Bevis Lloyd: for Monmouth, Glamorgan, Brecon.
Jo. Lloyd: for Carmarthen, Radnor, Pembroke and Montgomery.
Mr. Strickland: for the City of York and West Riding of Yorkshire.
Lord St. John called in about Mr. Swinborne, Receiver of the Aids for Durham. The Sergeant to execute his warrant and to take him into custody. Sir W. Doyly to direct no more money to be paid to Swinborne or his agents and to nominate another Receiver. My Lords are informed that Swinborne has remitted to London divers bills of exchange for considerable sums payable to himself in London. Doyly to consult with Lord St. John to see if the persons on whom the bills are drawn can be found out and to take care that the money be stopped in their hands for the King's use. Warrant for an extent against Swinborne and his sureties.
Sir Edward Hungerford to be heard to-morrow. His petition to be looked out.
Sir Dennys Gauden called in: moves for money on his orders. [Ordered] that he himself endeavour to get the money [on loan] and have it paid into the Exchequer. Also that he have his orders for his ordinary for this year for what is due of them. Also [as to] the money to be borrowed on his orders on the land revenue, being 746l. [ordered] that those orders be taken in, and that he have the like sum on the loans on the Customs. Also a warrant for the King's hand for what he is to have of the late Queen Mother's revenue. Also that his interest account be considered on Friday. Write Auditor Beale to attend about it then.
Summons [to be issued] to the people complained of by Alderman Backwell for stealing Custom.
As to the Earl of Suffolk's privy seals, my Lords approve them. But first my Lords desire to know if he have the inheritance of the custody of the house [Audley End] or for what time: the grant of the custody to be brought to my Lords, and also the deeds of conveyance. Write the Attorney General for them.
Mr. Gouge, the underkeeper of Bushey Park, called in: ordered that Mr. Lightfoot and he attend to-morrow.
Constance Walsall's petition recommended to Sir Dennys Gauden.
Sir William Terringham's representation offered. [Ordered] that he and the others (Alderman Backwell, Mr. Hall, of the Queen Consort's Council, and Mr. Harbord) attend on Friday, and then the paper to be considered. Also Mr. Harbord [to be heard] then about abuses in felling of wood in Salcey and Whittle wood Forests.
Warrant for the arrest of Mr. Broxholme. Since [subsequently] to be altered [to an order for him] to account in custody.
The privy seal for [allowance of] the Excise defalcation is to be sent up for the King's hand.
Write the Customs Farmers that as the end of the term is drawing near my Lords desire them to send 3,000l. into the Exchequer on the last day of the term to meet the judge's salaries: and that the person that brings it give notice to Sir R. Long for what use it is that it may not be otherwise issued.
Warrant for stay of process against Col. Legg.
Write Mr. Wardour, Clerk of the Pells, to certify what is in arrear of the Earl of St. Alban's creation money.
Warrant on Sir C. Harbord's report on the petition of Mr. Lovelace and Mr. Howard. Sir C. Harbord to be advised with as to what is to be done in it.
Lord Frescheville: report to be made in his case by my Lords to the King in accordance with Sir C. Harbord's report to my Lords.
Write the Chimney Farmers that unless they pay in the remain of their money, according to the order of Council, process shall issue out [against them] this term.
Earl of Craven: warrant for one year's creation money.
Privy seal for extraordinaries for the Works.
Duke of Monmouth: warrant for a year's creation money.
Warrant for defalcations on the post fines [sic? for Post Office.]
The Serjeant to bring Mr. Mellish to my Lords on Friday.
[Minute Book III. pp. 242–6.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant for Browne's arrest. But since [subsequently] a letter [sent] to give notice to the Commissioners [of Aids for co.] to give notice that so much is in his hands and that they take care to get it according to law.
Mr. Godolphin: warrant on his certificate delivered by Mr. Gregory.
Mr. Hill's warrant.
Mr. Turner's order.
Mr. Gregory: 20s. left.
To settle the business about Scilly.
Mr.— his notes: to send with each warrant.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 69.]
Feb. 9.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
Direction to Auditor Beale to insert in the state of Sir Thomas Bond's account 200l. for interest.
Mr. Lightfoot and Mr. Gouge called in. Lightfoot says the deer have cost him 20 loads of hay since Xmas and [that he] hath no hay ground; says this Gouge killed 40 deer and sold them in a year to the cooks and 20 bucks and for such things he turned him out. Gouge says if he have done anything amiss he is willing to … [Ordered] that on Monday he bring his warrant he had to kill deer.
Write the Attorney not to pass the scire facias which is passing against Henry Haworth, searcher of Kent, in regard this is a case wherein His Majesty is concerned: and that before he pass it he inform himself of the case and report with all speed to my Lords.
Warrant for a year to Lord Gerard: as of the Bedchamber.
There came in: Lord Berkeley, Lord Aungier, Earl of Ossory, Secretary Trevor, Earl of Burlington, Lord Arlington. The Earl of Carlingford is called in and his order of Council read. Report to be made that order be accordingly given to the Lieutenant of Ireland and the Vice-Treasurer and Barons in Ireland to take care that the process be stopped against the Earl of Carlingford according to the King's gracious intentions.
The order of Council read about the innocent [Papists] in Ireland: also their petition and the letter from the Council. [Ordered] that the petitioners bring a copy of the letter into Ireland on their behalf. The [Privy] Council book is brought and a letter of the Council of date 1669, Oct. 15, and another of 1669, Dec. 1. Copies to be made of these two letters before they be returned. Report to be made [to the King in Council] that the King's contract [with the Farmers of the arrears of Ireland] be observed and the arrears of — according to the times therein [in the said contract set out] and not otherwise and as in His Majesty's letters abovesaid. As to the private instructions to the Lord Lieutenant [ordered] that they be considered on Saturday next at nine in the morning.
Sir James Sheane called in and his petition read: also his former propositions for payment of the 4,000l., and the opinion of the Barons of [Exchequer in] Ireland thereupon, and also the Earl of Ossory's letter about the securities offered by Sheane. My Lords ask Sir James Sheane how the money came to him. He says he had it from Sir Peter Harvy, who had it by letter from the King from the Earl of Anglesey, and paid it to Mr. Brome, a goldsmith, and Mr. Brome [paid it] to him [Sheane]: says further Sir Peter Harvy had no authority from the city of London: says that Sir James Sheane made the bargain with the city for the 6,000l.: that he never gave security to the city: my Lords ask for the King's letter to pay the 4,000l. to Sir Peter Harvy. Sir James says he hath it not. My Lords send to Mr. Williamson for the entry of it: he says Sir James got the King's hand to it, brought it only to Lord Arlington's office to be countersigned in haste, but that it's not entered there. Sir James says he had paid 2,000l. of the 6,000l. of this money before he received any of it, and so on that moved the King to have the whole paid to him. Report to be made that Lord Angier pay the city the 4,000l.: that the best course be taken in Ireland to get the money from Sir James Sheane or his sureties, or on whom else it can be fixed. Sir James Sheane says that in order to make over his debts and give security he will go to Ireland so as he have a protection. In the meantime he will write into Ireland to have the bonds delivered to the Lord Chief Baron.
Mr. Williamson to be sent to for copies of the Irish establishments, civil and military, as my Lords have occasion to make use of them on Saturday next: and also copies of any orders that have been made for alteration or addition to those lists since the last establishment: and if there is no time to make copies then to send the original establishments.
To be added to the Earl of Carlingford's report that his goods be restored to him which were taken from him without His Majesty's order.
Mr. Trethewy to attend on Friday about the money of the Aids unaccounted for in his hands.
Write the Commissioners [of the Aids] in Hertfordshire concerning Jos. Browne; giving them notice that this money is in— hands and that they take the best course in law to get it.
[Minute Book III. pp. 246–8.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Memorandum: Sergeant's notes.
The minute on Lloyd's petition.
About Sir James Sheen's [affair] three papers: Monday morning.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 69.]
Feb. 11.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
Lord St. John called in. Ordered that it be referred to the Solicitor General to certify if the Bishop of Durham who recommended Mr. Swinborne be not obliged to pay the money Swinborne owes. Warrant for the King's signature [for Lord St. John] for the offal wood, &c., in New Forest to build the stables at Lindhurst. Also a warrant to change the 100 acres in New Forest on the certificate of the officers.
Sir Denis Gauden called in. His interest account to be considered next Thursday.
Sir R. Long, Mr. Sherwin and the Solicitor General to attend on Monday about settling the business of the Queen Mother's revenue for the two years from her said Majesty's death [during which they are in the hands of trustees for the payment of her late Majesty's debts].
The auditor called in with Paul Adams's firehearth account for Sussex, which is declared.
The warrant for the Collectorship in Lincolnshire is to be in Mr. Smith's name: he and Mr. Walpole being agreed.
Mr. Trethewy's petition referred to Sir W. Doyly.
Sir G. Downing to report on Monday what money Sir Edw. Griffith had since the 8,000l. taken from his office in August last.
Mr. Jefferyes, deputy to Auditor Phelips, to attend on Monday about the account he was last here about, viz. Mr. Keen's accompt of what moneys are in his deputy's hands.
Sir Hen. Devic: warrant for the Poor Knights [of Windsor] for 800l. for a year, according to the establishment.
Mr. Elliot: a warrant for the harriers and [for a year] of his other pretensions as keeper of Newmarket House, &c.
Mr. Mellish called in: says there's not so much money in arrear of his receipt. Ordered that the sergeant carry him to Auditor Beale about his account, and to attend my Lords on Monday.
Mr. Newsham's petition referred to Sir W. Doyly and Sir R. Long who are to consider whether it is fit that the King bear the charge of passing the accounts.
The Earl of Bristol's privy seal considered on which he bases his pretensions to the fines and forfeitures on prohibited goods. Mr. Dewy to attend on Tuesday next and bring his privy seal and make it appear whether the Earl of Bristol's privy seal and the Privy Purse privy seal (granting said fines and forfeitures to the Privy Purse) do not thwart one another: also what is the value of what is in the Earl's said privy seal.
Warrant for 1,300l. for the Privy Purse on the Customs. Mr. Floyd to consider on what month [of the Customs]. Sir R. Long to certify why the 1,000l. is not paid on the tin at Ostend.
Monday appointed for [the consideration of] Lord Willoughby's accounts.
The Earl of Sandwich's great seal [for the office of Master of the Great Wardrobe] is to be pursuant to his instructions [the instructions now laid down for said office]. Write said Earl for the Wardrobe to return weekly certificates every Monday of moneys by him received the preceding week for the Wardrobe out of every branch and how same is issued. Warrant to the Wardrobe to apply the moneys as directed and not otherwise without acquainting the [Treasury] Board.
Sir William Tirringham called in.
The petition of the poor vicars of Lichfield is to be considered the first petition day.
Write the Queen's Council to appoint some person to attend my Lords on Friday about abuses to the woods in Salcey Forest.
Mr. Cooling: warrant for a year of his fee if so much is due.
Dr. Clarke called in: ordered that when others are paid the arrears of their lodging money my Lords will consider him: he is to be remembered in Sir Edw. Griffith's next [Chamber Treasurer] bills.
Charnock to keep a box and books for what relates to the new Chimney money, as now to be in collection.
Sir William Bowles: warrant for the remain of what is due to him on his Morocco privy seal: on the arrears of the late Farm of the Customs, ended at Michaelmas, 1667.
Mr. Lovelace, Thomas Howard of Suffolk, and Sir C. Harbord, or, in case Harbord be indisposed, then Mr. Fisher in his place, to attend on Monday to give my Lords further satisfaction about the value and quantity of the lands claimed by them and of which they desire a grant.
Warrant for Auditor Sir William Godolphin as for the other auditors.
To be inserted in the report concerning Lord Frescheville that the Crown was always very tender of granting out presentations.
Mr. Goodwin called in: warrant for his bonds to be all delivered up.
The Lieutenant of the Tower's bills to be sent up to Council to be signed.
Warrant for the Duke of York as Governor of Portsmouth: the warrant to recite his present warrant and to be on the Country Excise.
[Warrant for] Ambrose Norton in accordance with Sir R. Long's certificate: the former warrant being lost.
Sir Robert Vyner's two interest accounts to be considered when the Treasurer of the Household is here.
"Copy from the clerks of the Council of the last answer from the Commissioners of Accounts."
Sir R. Long and Mr. Sherwin to attend on Monday week about settling an easier way for the payment of over interest.
Sir G. Downing, Sir R. Long and Mr. Nicholas to consider about vacating Mr. Rumbold's privy seal and passing Mr. Nicholas's warrant, so as that the King pay not both.
Mr. Perinant to be recommended for employment to the person who shall receive the Chimney money of London.
Process stopped against Sir Francis Clark, till Michaelmas term.
The order of Council about buying some land for a storehouse for the Ordnance is read. Directions accordingly are to be given to the officers of the Ordnance with the advice of Sir C. Harbord.
Warrant for an immediate extent against Broxholme and his sureties.
Write Sir John Wolstenholme, Mr. Millington and Sir Edmd. Turnor to attend on Monday to shew cause why they gave direction to discharge a seizure of one Mr Stoner's goods at Rochester: without my Lords' warrant.
"In the Queen's privy seal the claim of the debt only to be put on the state of the account of her auditor and the admittance thereof to be put on Sir Robt. Long's certificate and a certificate from the Duchy of Lancaster."
Sir G. Downing to see if Price's estate is extended or not and to what value. Write Mr. Laurence for a certificate of this.
Write Mr. Laurence that the Sergeant require Mr. Randall to render himself prisoner forthwith. The Sergeant to send his deputy with Mr. Reuse to Windsor to perfect his accounts.
Sir Edwd. Hungerford: warrant for 94l. a year for his land.
Sir G. Downing to see on what fund to put the 500l. for the Duke of Buckingham for horses [for the King].
Warrant for stay of process against Mr. Goodwin till Michaelmas term.
[Minute Book III. pp. 248–51.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Query: a certificate when Hill died, and why brought in account all on the Customs.
Mr. Phillip Howard: [warrant] for 400l. on the tin at Ostend.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. pp. 69–70.]
Feb. 12.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncombe. The Lords of Ireland also came in, viz. Earl of Ossory, Lord Berkeley, Lord Arlington, Earl of Burlington, Lord Aungier, the Vice-Chamberlain and Secretary Trevor.
Sir G. Downing to speak with Sir James Sheane to know if any alterations in the writings about the Customs of Ulster and a draft of instructions [is] brought in by Lord Arlington and read. Query: if any person have a grant of the forfeitures of bonds for landing wool out of Ireland into England. Sir Gabriell Silvys called in says that he and Sir Nicholas Armorer have such a grant; [and] that they make not 60l. per an. out of it. My Lords tell him they will move the King for a compensation to them for it [on the condition] that they surrender their patent. Ordered that the certificates from the Custom Houses in England of the landing of wool from Ireland be signed by all the officers of the Customs in each port and a return made from Ireland of all bonds given and how discharged: [such returns to be made] once in every—months: and the officers of the Customs and the Exchequer are to be advised with about settling a method for doing this business. Ordered that the instructions be transcribed fair as altered. This debate adjourned to Tuesday morning as for this matter but for other business to Monday afternoon.
[Minute Book III. p. 251.]
Feb. 14.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Lord Byron called in and his warrant for offal wood read. My Lords say this was only the Lord Treasurer [Southampton's] warrant: that they must have the King's warrant: also that their [Lord Byron's] warrant respects only to the offal which then was on the ground.
Lady Saunderson's petition read: to be again considered.
Mr. Lovelace called in: [ordered] that the warrant pass.
Mr. Philip Howard called in: [ordered] that his 400l. warrant pass and if the tin at Ostend do not make him payment that Sir G. Downing do tell Alderman Backwell that my Lords will make it good on some other fund.
Col. Thomas Howard, of Berks, Sir Robt. Howard et al. called in and press a paper about the Greenwax which is read. [Ordered] that it be further considered and they will except against Brewster and as to what is in arrear for Nichils they refer themselves to my Lords.
The Earl of Suffolk's warrant to be sent up to the King for his signature. [Ordered] that nothing be proffered or placed on the Chimneys before the said Earl.
Lord Arlington to attend on Monday next about settling the Queen Mother's debts.
Alderman Bucknall to attend to-morrow about paying in his [and his partners'] rent of the farm of the London Excise.
Sir G. Downing to see what can be done to borrow money for Sir Dennis Gauden.
Pages of the Backstairs to the Queen to have a year [on their fees]. A warrant.
Warrant for Mr. Thomas Windham for half a year on his pension.
Write Mr. Laurence and the Attorney General to send to my Lords and to the King's Remembrancer, this afternoon, the Earl of Suffolk's conveyances and deeds about Audley End House.
Mr. Scarlett and Mr. Prettiman to attend next Tuesday about the warrant for Scarlet's being receiver of First Fruits.
Mr. Laurence gives an account about the super on Walford: says the Chief Justice, on producing the account, sent him to the Exchequer; that the Lord Chief Baron says that the super ought to have been set on Mr. Fitch, because Walford was appointed by him, yet ordered him to give a recognizance of 500l. to answer the order of the [Exchequer] Court.
The Duke of Richmond called in. Sir G. Downing to place his payment as of the Bedchamber, and to write to the Customs to pay his creation money.
The King to be moved about Sir John Hinton's docquet for that it looks back to the year 1660.
The Excise Commissioners called in about the difference in the Exchequer between the present Lord Mayor of London and Mr. Stockden about transported beer [viz. as to] whether it be strong beer or small beer: and Col. Birch reports the case that if it be small beer the King gains 248l., but if strong the King's loss is almost 300l. for Stockden is worth nothing. Ordered that the Excise Commissioners and Col. Birch meet with Sir Samuel Starling to end the business.
The Excise Commissioners to make a report upon Mr. Beane's petitions.
Write Mr. Mead to bring to my Lords a list of all such as had impost bills signed for them last year ("list of all that are to have impost bills, else not any more signed").
Where the Excise Farmers demand defalcations they are to be made accomptants as Alderman Bucknell [and his partners were] and be made savers [merely, i.e. not losers].
Mr. Beane called in about his petition about defalcations for the plague. [Ordered] that he be an accomptant as Alderman Bucknell [was]: but [he] desires to be heard by his Counsel. To be done when the Excise Commissioners have made their report.
The Earl of Sandwich came in: brings a certificate about the Wardrobe. The king to be moved about settling the establishment for the stables.
Warrant for splitting Sir Robert Viner's tally.
Warrant for 2,500l. for the Earl of Bath in full for this year.
Mr. Offly called in: warrant for 500l. to Sir Edward Griffith for him: on the late farm of the Customs.
The Auditors of the Imprests to attend next Friday with the accounts of the Customs Farmers for the last two years of their farm. Write the King's officers [of the Customs of London port] to know why they return not the account of the receipts of the last two years of the late farm of the Customs: Sir G. Downing having as yet received none but from Mr. Thornebury and Mr. Brewer. For want hereof the Auditors cannot perfect the accounts. The like letter to Sir Edm. Turner.
Mr. Mellish called in: says he [will] clear what he owes in three weeks.
Write the Commissioners for Alienations to bring in forthwith their account for this last term.
[Minute Book III. pp. 252–3.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Query: Windham: Elliott.
Query: Minute about Ordnance orders.
Saturday next afternoon to ask Lord Berkeley for the papers of instructions [for the Irish revenue]: to make a copy.
[Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 70.]
Feb. 15.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
A privy seal for what remains due to Sir William Bowles on imprest.
Imprest bill for Sir Thomas Trevor as Auditor of the Duchy [of Lancaster] for two years.
Auditor Aldworth to state the Cofferer's interest account.
The remain of the revenue order to be prepared.
The Lords of Ireland came in viz. the Earl of Ossory, Lord Berkeley, Secretary Trevor, Lord Arlington, Lord Angier, the Earl of Burlington, the Vice-Treasurer [of Ireland]. A paper of instructions or rather orders is brought in by Lord Berkeley and read, which his lordship is to cause to be written fair as they are in the Council books dated June 21, 1662, and so to be offered to His Majesty and a copy to be lodged at the Treasury.
Then the present military lists [of Ireland] are read and several alterations made and written in the margin and a further debate thereof adjourned till Saturday afternoon.
[Ibid. III. p. 254.]
Feb. 18.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
The Earl of Cardigan called in. Warrant for three years of his creation money, he having paid his New Year's gifts for that time.
The King to be spoken to about the Earl of Bristol's business: the papers to be sent up [to the Privy Council].
The King to be moved what day he will be pleased to appoint to hear Mr. — and the late Farmers of the Excise.
The Duke of Albemarle: a warrant for his rents on his patent.
Mr. Stoner's petition referred to the Customs Farmers.
The Excise petition about West Chester is referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Process against Mr. Beane stopped till the last process day of the term: his account being under consideration.
Sir R. Long to send to my Lords Mr. Corderoy's order to be further considered.
The Treasurers of the Navy to attend on Monday about the fees due to the Earl of Anglesey. A paper from the Lord Keeper is brought in concerning this matter.
Mr. Lovelace's business to be further considered. Charnock to take care to deliver back the warrant to Sir G. Downing.
The King to be heard on Tuesday week.
Warrant on the last quarter of the Customs for Mr. Vernon as Customs officer of Liverpool.
Sir G. Downing to speak with Sir R. Long about charging the 5,000l. for the Duke of Albemarle's funeral on the end of the Eleven months' tax. Floyd to remind Downing of this.
The King to be moved about Sir Maurice Eustace's docquet.
Sergeant Littleton: a warrant [for salary for last term] on his patent.
Sir William Tirringham to attend on Monday about the business of Salcey forest. Write Viscount Brouncker, Chancellor to the Queen, at his house in Covent Garden, a letter to be communicated to the Queen's Council informing them that my Lords expected one of their number to attend to-day about this business, and that one of them fail not to come on Monday. Write Mr. William Harbord to attend also.
The petition of the [copyhold] tenants in [the Duchy of] Cornwall is referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Sir Dennys Gauden's interest accounts to be considered on Monday week.
Consideration to be had on Friday next where to place Sir Robert Vyner's interest money.
[Minute Book III. pp. 254–5.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Brook [to] know what order of Council about Sarum Excise.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 70.]
Feb. 22.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncomb.
The business of Ireland to be considered on Thursday. The Lords of Ireland and the Secretaries of State to be summoned for then.
Mr. Newport and Mr. Rymes to be inserted for their salaries in the Earl of Sandwich's patent for the office of Master of the Great Wardrobe. Charnock to take care of this.
Charnock to examine who in the list brought in by Mr. Mead for impost bills are behind of New Year's gifts or any other money [payable by them] to the King: also which of them on that account are ordered to have no impost bills.
Sir G. Downing to speak with the Solicitor General about the Wine Bill for the new imposition on wines which he is drafting and to bring it to my Lords to-morrow afternoon that they may have the perusal of it: they having appointed that time particularly for this business.
Roger Vaughan called in: desires to be collector of the Chimneys for Herefordshire. [Ordered] that he be placed in the stead of Mr. Bowdler.
[No] more warrants to be put [or charged] on the present farm of the Customs for two months except by consent of all my Lords. Charnock and Floyd to mind this.
Warrant for 2,500l. for the Earl of Bath: on the late farm of the Customs.
Alderman Bucknell called in about his petition about the 8d. per gallon on brandy.
Charles Duncomb to be Collector of the Chimney money for Beds, Bucks and Huntingdon, on Sir Jo. Duncombe's recommendation: Edward Miller [to be same] for Cambridgeshire at Mr. Chichley's recommendation.
Lord Arlington to attend to-morrow afternoon about the settling how to dispose the late Queen Mother's jointure lands how the money shall be paid. Sir R. Long and Sir Henry Wood to attend then.
Sir C. Harbord to certify the yearly value of the manor of Somersham.
The King to be acquainted with my Lords' resolution not to offer the brandy petition: with my Lord's reasons therefor.
Sir Thomas Bond called in about his account, together with Auditor Beale. The King to be acquainted that his account is ready to be declared but stops for want of regular authority in my Lords [to deal with the affairs of the late Queen Mother's accounts]. That there is an obligation of Lord Ambassador [Montague's] owing to him and to redeem the plate. To know if His Majesty think fit his bonds be delivered up, and no more money to be charged on the Queen Mother's lands till he be paid, as promised to him by the King and my Lords.
Write the late Farmers of the Customs that my Lords are not satisfied with their letter of the 17th inst., and have ordered process to issue against them forthwith. Warrant ordered.
Alderman Backwell's correspondent to be employed as receiver of the remains of the Queen's portion at Lisbon. Backwell to give security and to advise with Lord Arlington and Sir Rob. Southwell whether the Consul, Mr. Holbech or Mr. Parry [is] to be Comptroller of the receipt of the remainder of the said portion. "Floyd to mind me [Sir G. Downing] to speak with Lord Arlington to-morrow afternoon about it." Write Sir R. Southwell to attend Sir G. Downing hereon to-morrow afternoon.
Pages of the Bedchamber: warrant for a year [of their salaries].
The King's barbers: warrant for half a year of their salaries and bills.
Mr. Cockshot: warrant on the Chimneys.
The King to be moved concerning Mr. Whitley's docquet for a reversion.
Warrant for Sir Ste. Fox for the Garrisons.
The paper about the Greenwax is to be considered to-morrow morning. Write Mr. Brewster to attend then.
Mr. Prettiman called in with his Counsel about his place of Receiver of First Fruits. Those on behalf of Mr. Scarlet are also called in. Mr. Prettiman urges that he gave 1,000l. for this place. Ordered that they be heard again on Friday morning: meanwhile my Lords to speak with Secretary Trevor about the warrant for Scarlet.
Write the late Farmers of the Customs that my Lords have read this letter of the 19th inst. and are not satisfied with their answer of their having paid in the 35,000l. arrear. The King ordered them to pay in 35,000l. and afterwards my Lords directed them to pay in 2,000l., which is the 2,000l. mentioned by Sir R. Long to be paid to Sir Ste. Fox and is no part of the 35,000l., [a fact] which the said Farmers know very well and therefore there is still due from them the remain which Sir R. Long certifies: and that they forthwith pay it in so that the assignments thereon may be discharged.
Letter [read] from Mr. Brock, Excise Farmer. Referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Letter [read] from Mr. Place that he can't yet be here. Ordered that Capt. Brabant's business be put off till Monday week and that process be stopped till then.
Letter [read] from the Commissioners of the Aids for Derby. Referred to Sir W. Doyly.
To be inserted in Sir William Swan's docquet [the date] when his patent for baronet passed: and so in all such cases [of docquet for discharge of baronet fees]. Charnock to return the docquet to be amended [in this particular].
Sir Henry Wood called in and presents a list of the late Queen Mother's debts. To be considered to-morrow afternoon.
Sir W. Doyly called in: ordered that he bring a certificate against what receivers of the Aids he would have process, and what kind of process, viz. whether of immediate extent or ad computandum.
Warrant for Geo. Johnson to be bailiff of Spalding, &c., during pleasure after the two years [during which the late Queen's lands are still in the hands of trustees].
The Privy Council to be moved about the arrears of the Aids on London. Sir W. Doyly to carry up the paper. Floyd to send the memorandum.
Lord Ashley to speak with Lord Delamer about Mr. Booth's letter, and to quicken in the money. Process to be stopped against Booth till next term.
Lord Ashley declares that the 1,600l. now for Lindhurst stables must be by a privy seal.
A letter to the Benchers of Grays Inn to seize Mr. Swinborne's chamber in that Inn, there being a great arrear due from him to the king as receiver of the One and the Eleven Months' Tax for Durham and Northumberland, which arrear his chamber may in some part answer.
[Ordered] that Lord St. John speak with Lord Ashley about Mr. Pawlet's being a steward of several manors.
Sir Dennys Gauden and Alderman Backwell to attend to-morrow about Backwell's furnishing money to the Victualler of the Navy.
Write Sir James Sheane concerning the deeds between the King and the Corporation of Ulster about the Customs of Londonderry: that he look them over with all speed at Sir G. Downing's office and return answer in writing to my Lords whether he think any alteration necessary in the agreement.
[Minute Book III. pp. 256–8.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Lisle: a warrant.
Ridley and Holman presently.
[Poor of] St. Margaret's Westminster.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 70.]
Sir Jonathan Atkins and Sir Tho. Morgan to have a warrant on the late Farmers of the Customs for what remains unpaid of their former warrants.
Mr. Le Gooce: warrant on the late Farmers of the Customs.
A warrant for Mr. Worden.
A warrant for Sir William Godolphin.
Mr. Wyndham's warrant to be on the Customs.
[Minute Book DCXXV. pp. 88–9.]
Feb. 23.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
Process of extent against the receivers only of the Aids for Bedford.
Mr. Newsham: nothing can be done in his petition.
Sir G. Downing to acquaint the Chimney Collectors that they are appointed. Floyd to remind me [Downing] of this after dinner.
The Earl of Carbery to be acquainted that my Lords have advised with several Parliament men and do think it very unfit to pass his Commission for the Welsh discoveries.
A [clause or letter of] direction for Sir Jonathan Atkins and Sir Thomas Morgan [viz. for them to be assigned] on the last farm of Customs for what is yet unpaid of their late warrants.
Sir Robt. Viner and Mr. Webb called in, and Mr. Lawrence. Ordered that Laurence carry the affidavits to the Attorney General for his opinion whether my Lords can, on them, take the parties into custody or issue process of extent against them and their sureties. Adam Moone's letter to be sent to Judge Rainsford, Justice of that Circuit, with a letter and a warrant to take in custody the party referred to in Mr. Webb's affidavit. Alderman Wade to attend on Friday about moneys in his hands returned to him by Bevis Lloyd, sub-farmer of Hearth money for Somerset. Also a summons to [Mr. Joseph Browne, linen draper in the city of Gloucester], to attend my Lords, he being complained of by Anthony Mawkes, late receiver of Hearth money in co. Gloucester. Mr. Wilkinson to be sent for. He lies at the Greyhound in Holborn. Mr. Whitley to be writ to to send the duplicates of the Chimney rolls for Wales in his farm, and to forthwith clear his account with the Grand Farmers of the Hearthmoney. The like for Bevis Lloyd for Somerset and John Lloyd for North Wales.
Process of extent against Col. Kirby's brother.
Warrant for Mr. Le Gouse: on the late farm of the Customs.
Sir Ste. Fox's interest account referred to Auditor Aldworth.
Mr. Worden: warrant.
Sir William Godolphin: warrant.
Sir John Griffith: warrant.
Alderman Forth called in: moves that their [the London Excise Farmers'] petition for the 8d. per gallon on imported brandy be offered to the House of Commons.
Mr. Tregunnell to be heard on Friday morning.
Mr. Windham's warrant to be on the Customs.
The paper about the Greenwax to be considered next Monday. Write Mr. Brewster to attend then.
The Duke of Ormonde: [warrant for] a year on the Customs.
[Ibid. III. pp. 259–60.]
Feb. 23
Wednesday afternoon.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
The Marquess of Worcester [and] Col. Cooke called in [as to] where the place for the speech house [in Dean Forest] is best [to be placed]. Write Mr. May not to fell the 40 trees nor make any progress about building the speech house. He hath given an account why the old place not best and [is to await] an answer from my Lords. Write the Surveyor of Dean Forest to make a place fit in that forest.
The following sums are to be charged on a 2,500l. [sic, erratum for 7,500l.] tally on the late Customs farm which has not yet been brought in and the money lying dead, viz. Mr. Levet's warrant for what he overpaid of the royal aid; Mr. Worsly's 200l.; Council of Trade their 100l. which has not yet been placed; the overplus charged on the Customs of February; 2,500l. part of the money for the Duke of Albemarle's funeral and Sergeant Waller's money. Write Sir R. Long in drawing these several warrants on this said tally for 7,500l. to send a certificate to Sir G. Downing that there is such a tally listed in the first list of tallies on the Customs and [not] yet brought in to be paid.
The Marquess of Worcester gives an account of the business of the arrears of Monmouth: to be sent to Sir W. Doyly to answer. Write the Commissioners [of Aids] for Caldicot Hundred, co. Monmouth, to know why they do not assess and levy the money and that if not done process will issue against them.
Sir R. Long and Sir Henry Wood called in about disposing the land of the late Queen Mother. Sir R. Long says that [after] providing for the Queen Mother's just debts they who are trustees are ready to resign their trust. Ordered that the King be moved not to grant any leases of the late Queen's lands: and that the profit of the said lands do come into the Exchequer, and that the trust in the trustees and administrators be annulled. Sir Henry Wood's account of the late Queen's debts is to be sent to Sir R. Long to consider.
Warrant to annul the records in the Exchequer about the 300l. brought into the Exchequer by Sir Samuel Barnardiston. Write Long to draw a warrant for this [cancellation] that it may be done in the best and fullest manner.
Write the [Exchequer Court] auditors to call on the several receivers of the King's revenue to hasten their accounts and the paying in of the money, or otherwise process shall issue against them by the 10th of March.
Lord Arlington called in and Sir Robert Southwell about the business of the remain of the Queen's [marriage] portion, and who shall receive it [in Portugal]. Alderman Backwell called in. Ordered that he receive the money by his correspondent [in Lisbon] and that Mr. Parry be comptroller of the said money, and that Alderman Backwell be charged by the Comptroller. Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing and Alderman Backwell to meet together to methodise this business, and Backwell to be answerable for the money according to the [rate of the] exchange. [These three] to meet about it on Saturday at eight in the morning at Sir R. Long's, and an instruction [to be prepared] to Parry to solicit the [free] transportation of the money according to the treaty of marriage. Bishop Russell to be paid out of that money. Sir Robert Southwell to meet [the above referees] on Saturday morning.
Ordered that Alderman Backwell pay 500l. to Sir Stephen Fox for secret service: to be repaid out of the first [moneys] of the Queen's portion or else to be paid in six months out of any other revenue. This money is for Madame in France.
Sir Ste. Fox: a privy seal for [5,000l.] secret service [without accompt].
Alderman Backwell promises to supply the Victualler [with money] on his orders.
Sir W. Doyly to attend on Friday about his certificate about the Receivers.
The [3,028l. being the unassigned] remain [of the warrant] for the Duke of Albemarle's funeral is to be placed on the late farm of the Customs.
[Minute Book III. pp. 260–1.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Barker and Mr. Palmer: warrant for their arrest.
Mr. Ellyot: query, certificate.
Mr. Harding: process of extent against him.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 71.]
See the former warrant and see the form of Alderman Backwell's tallies to the Queen Mother.
To search what warrants were directed to be paid out of the moneys to be saved on the first list of tallies on the late Farmers of the Customs.
The Treasurers of the Navy to have a warrant for 2,000l. for this year's service: [to be on the Customs rent of] May, 1671.
Mr. Paul Adams his draft of a privy seal when brought by Mr. Sherwyn is to be carried on Wednesday to Sir G. Downing.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 89–90.]
Feb. 24.
Present. Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Duke of Ormonde: [warrant for] a year [on his fee] as [a Gentleman] of the Bedchamber: to be on the 7,500l. tally on the late Farmers of the Customs.
Warrant on Sir George Carteret's 1,300l. privy seal.
The Lords of Ireland came in, viz. Duke of Ormonde, Sir George Carteret, Earl of Burlington, Lord Angier, Lord Berkeley, Secretary Trevor.
Abbot to get from the Clerks of the Council an order of Council for 100l. per an. to Edward Fitz Gerard in Ireland: and then [same] to be inserted in the Civil List [of Ireland].
The present Civil List [of Ireland] is read. The salaries of the Commissioners of Excise are to be added to it. Query: if the Earl of Thomond's creation money be in his patent, and if so [ordered] that it be allowed and put into the civil list.
The order of Council about Mr. Archer is read. Ordered that his debt be paid [by instalment of] 1,250l. per an. till his whole debt is paid with interest at 6 per cent.: the first half-yearly payment to be at Lady Day next. The whole debt is 6,394l. Also the order of Council about Col. Lewis's six children is read. Ordered that this be added to the Civil List.
Mr. Marmaduke Darcy's petition read.
Lady Portland's petition read. [Ordered] that she be paid on the arrears in Ireland. A report to be drawn accordingly.
Sir Maurice Eustace's petition read for 7,750l., part of the purchase money of Chapelizod. Report to be made that it be paid, but first to be stated by the auditor that it is in arrear, and he to make over the conveyances. Another petition from Sir Maurice Eustace read for 950l. remainder of his father's allowance as Chancellor. Ordered that it be referred to the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland to see that, if he be not paid already, he be paid his principal and interest at the Irish rate.
Then the Lords [of Ireland and my Lords] enter into consideration what of the military list [of Ireland] may be retrenched. [Ordered] that the Duke of Ormonde and Lord Berkeley consider this matter. Lord Berkeley offers to keep up about the same number of men as now and yet save about 25,000l. per an. by retrenching officers.
Ordered that the Lords of Ireland attend again on Tuesday afternoon.
Sir G. Downing to tell Sir Edw. Hungerford that my Lords will give him other rents instead of his land taken away and that he pitch on [or select] them.
Sir Henry Wood's paper about the Queen's trustees is to be considered on Monday. And the paper from Sir G. Downing and Sir W. Doyly [and Mr. Lawrence] about the administration [of the said late Queen Mother's estate] is to be also then brought in. Write Mr. Lawrence to bring it.
[Minute Book III. pp. 261–3.]
Feb. 25.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
Lord Willoughby called in: ordered that the adjusting his accounts be referred to Mr. Sherwyn, Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing and Auditor Beale. And then report to be made [to the Privy Council].
Affidavits brought in by Alderman Backwell and considered. Ordered that young Mr. Preston, of Lincoln's Inn, be sent for to attend on Monday and then further consideration to be had of these affidavits which complain that said Preston's father has given some discouragement to the officers of the Customs in Norfolk.
The Earl of Anglesey called in: moves for his fees since the late [sic for present] Treasurers [of the Navy] acted. My Lords say they would rather pay him a certainty of 2,000l. per an. [rather than said fees]. Write Viscount Brouncker to certify how much moneys of the Additional Aid, Eleven months tax, and the late Poll Bill have been received and issued by Sir Thomas Osborn and Sir Thomas Littleton, as executing the office of Treasurers of the Navy: also for a certificate of all other moneys which have been received and issued by said Treasurers. "The reason why two certificates are desired is for the adjusting of the Earl of Anglesey's fees, who hath one fee upon the said Aids and Poll and another upon other moneys."
Mr. Fillingham to bring in his accounts on Monday week, with his auditor.
Sir W. Doyly called in about the papers of process against receivers. Ordered that he and Mr. Lawrence do again consider that report, and report on Monday what is done and what to be done.
Sir W. Doyly to examine Mr. Stephen West.
Mr. Prettyman and Mr. Scarlet to be heard on Monday come five weeks.
The order of Council considered about letting the 4½ per cent. duty [in the Leeward Islands] to Col. Strode. Ordered that he bring in his proposition and then to be considered. Write the Earl of Craven to send in what proposition he thinks best for His Majesty's service, that if he knows of any persons who are desirous to take the same he please to give them notice of it that they may put in their proposals in writing: and to let my Lords hear from him hereon next Monday afternoon.
Alderman Wade to attend on Monday afternoon.
Mr. Tregunnell to be heard next Tuesday.
Letter read from the Commissioners of Accounts. Warrant for 1,000l. for them on the tallies on the late farm of the Customs.
Report read from Sir W. Doyly about Sir Walter Moyle. Ordered that Doyly certify how much money Moyle did really and actually carry to Exeter.
Lord Gerard called in, presents a petition. [Ordered] that the Attorney General, Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord and Sir G. Downing examine the case.
Father Patrick called in and his petition read. Ordered that he have 200l. Warrant for the King's signature: on the tin at Ostend.
Letter read from the Mayor of Plymouth. The King in Council to be moved in it.
[Minute Book III. pp. 263–4.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Pages of the Bedchamber: a warrant for a year [on their fees].
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 71.]
Feb. 28.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncomb.
Sir R. Long, Mr. Sherwyn and Mr. Webb called in. The warrant for the Queen's trustees is to be written fair for the King's hand.
Sir G. Downing, Col. Birch, the Solicitor General and Mr. Bucknell to meet to peruse the bill for an imposition on Wine which is in the Solicitor General's hand: and to consider a paper from the Customs Farmers.
Warrant for Sir Edward Sydenham [Wyndham] for [a lease for] 60 years if he so long live: on the King's warrant.
Sir R. Long and Mr. Sherwin called in about settling the business of collecting the Chimney money: the draft of a commission for them is read. Ordered that both the commission and the instructions be perused and then returned hither.
An extent [ordered] against Mr. Pritchard as surety for Mr. Harris.
The King to be moved about Lord Buckhurst's docquet because [it is] made during life.
The paper about the Greenwax is considered and [in the margin is] written what to be done. Sir Robert Howard and Mr. Brewster called in with Mr. Ayliffe, Counsel to Sir Robert, and Mr. Ayliffe confesses that the King may sequester the execution of the office but Mr. Brewster must have his fee of 40l. per an. My Lords will represent it to His Majesty to displace Mr. Brewster. My Lords agree to the six propositions of Sir Robt. Howard. The Attorney General to be attended to draw up the agreement. Floyd to write them in the margin and then a warrant [to be drawn out] to the Attorney General.
Lord Widdrington called in and his petition read. Ordered that he express in his petition to what value he desires to be gratified. Also my Lords do never grant away the whole but two thirds of the last moiety and the last third to be to the King. [Resolved] that Lord Widdrington be gratified not exceeding 10,000l. Warrant for a privy seal accordingly. Write Mr. Williamson that my Lords take notice in Lord Arlington's reference on Lord Widdrington's petition that there is no mention made to what value he would be gratified, which is contrary to the rule provided in the order of Council in such and other cases and desire him to take care that in such references in future the value of the thing petitioned for be expressed that so there may be a limit to His Majesty's bounty.
Mr. Harbord and Mr. Marriot called in about the abuses in Salcey Forest and Whittlewood Forest. Marriot complains of great abuses done by George Goodman, King's woodward of both forests. Write Mr. Hall, Attorney in the Exchequer, to bring the depositions against Goodman this day fortnight. Marriot and Goodman to attend then.
Sir Tho. Littleton called in. Warrant for 2,000l. more on [the Customs of] May, 1671, in part of the [Navy] ordinary for the present year.
Mr. Cockshut to have, if he please, a warrant on Capt. Cock for any part of his money; and the rest on the Chimneys. Abbot to tell him so.
Floyd to let me [Downing] see to-morrow where 800l. may be lent on the Customs.
Sir Dennys Gauden called in with Auditor Beale and his interest account is considered. Also his petition about stopping process is read. Warrant for process to stay all Trinity term.
The warrant for 2,500l. for the Earl of Bath on the late farm of of the Customs is to be dispatched.
[Ordered] that the Commissioners of the Navy be written to and Sir Dennys Gauden's order of Council sent to them and his account and that they make their answer in writing and bring it and that Mr. Pepys come with it: also a paper of Sir Dennys Gauden to be sent to them.
[Minute Book III. pp. 264–5.]
[Downing's memoranda, Feb. 28 or Mar. 1.]
Sir Francis Cobb's letter to be told Sir G. D [owning]. Mr. Cobb: [address at the] Black Raven near against Gray's Inn Gate: Mr. Talbot, next door to the Three Lutes in Comon Yard, Princes Street. Send it to Mr. Coleman in Furnival's Inn.
Mr. Cottle's docquet.
Mrs. Chiffinch her paper again.
Mr. Darcy's petition withdrawn.
Query at the Exchequer when [was] Madame Le Grand's pension paid: and [as to] Mr. Deschamp's certificate.
Mr. Shadwell for what paid by the Receiver of Devonshire.
Irish notes.
Pages [of the Bedchamber].
Fitz Gerald.
[Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 71.]