Minute Book: April 1670

Pages 399-422

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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April 1670

April 2.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
Mrs. Yorkney to have a year on her petition; to be in Sir Edward Griffen's next warrant on Alderman Backwell's money.
Write Col. Strowd to know whether one Talbot be now collecting the Chimney arrears by his authority or direction.
Ordered that the paper concerning Ireland, brought in by Sir Ellis Layton, be copied to-night, and the copy sent to Lord Aungier.
Warrant for three months for Sir John French, on the customs.
[Ibid. III. p. 294.]
[Downing's memoranda. ?April 2–12.]
When the receiver of Hearth money for London is settled, Mr. Perenant is to be remembered for employment under him.
Paul Adams' privy seal: done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 97.]
April 12.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
Write Mr. Newcomb, the King's printer, to hasten the printing of such acts in the first place as relate to the King's revenue passed yesterday: to be very careful that they be true printed and to send a score of copies to the Treasury.
Baron Turner, Baron Littleton, Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord called in about the appointing Receivers for the Chimney money. The list of Receivers is read and approved. [Ordered] that the warrants for collecting the Chimney money be made in the names of the gentlemen who are to have the benefit of them. Lord Ashley to speak with Sir Francis Cobb to see if he will quit his collecting the Chimey money in the West and North Ridings of Yorkshire. If he will quit them he shall have Lincolnshire. "Two men's names in any one commission but where [there are several] parties only one to be in the commission; none but he that hath the principal profit to be in the commission and no profit to go out to any that [is] not employed." No accomptant or surety to be put in [the Commission] if he owes any money to the King or the Farmers.
The Irish establishments to be considered to-morrow morning. Notice to be given to all the Lords of Ireland.
Sir G. Downing to speak with about Sir Thomas Bond's docquet. Know if he will justify what he said: else the docquet to pass.
The seven auditors of the revenue, the Solicitor General, Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Sherwyn are to attend on Monday afternoon about bringing in a particular of all the fee farm rents: and then two or three of them to be appointed to examine it.
Warrant for the Earl of Essex for three months. Also for Mr. Montague in France.
The privy seal of Lord Arundell of Trerice is to be on the Exchequer in general.
Half a year ordered for Mrs. Boynton and Lady Sayres.
A new warrant for the Earl of Norwich for 2,500l. on his great seal for Mrs. Tindall and Sir Philip Warwick to be by him assigned to them with interest. Care to be taken that the said moneys be not again paid on the privy seal to that effect.
Write the Customs Farmers notifying them that Alderman Backwell's letters are lately listed.
Sir Charles Wheeler et al. called in about their articles for the Barbados [four and a half per cent. duty] contract. They say they cannot advance rent before hand. Ordered that Lord Ashley speak with Mr. Spencer and Sir Charles Wheeler and then the matter to be resolved what to do.
George Viscount Grandison called in. Sir G. Downing and Sir R. Long to consider where his 3,000l. may be placed.
Alderman Backwell to attend to-morrow about lending money on the Wine Act.
Write the Earl of Craven to attend to-morrow about the 4½ per cent. duty in the Leeward Islands.
The Alum [Farm] discharge is referred to the Solicitor General for his opinion of the legality of it.
The business of the complaints about the Excise in Chester is to be heard the second Tuesday in Easter term.
Write Sir Edm. Sawyer, the auditor [of co. Oxford], to certify what allowances the Earl of Clarendon or any former keeper of Woodstock Park had for hay for keeping His Majesty's deer there.
Mr. Willoughby's petition referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Mr. Catesby's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord to consider and report what is fit to be done.
An information read from the Marquess of Worcester about some abuses in Dean Forest. The matter to be represented in the Privy Council.
Mr. Levet's 22l. 5s. 9d. is to be paid out of the first money.
The Prince [Rupert's] docquet about the Hudson's bay is to be offered to-morrow.
The Lloyds' [Vaughan's] petition is to be considered to-morrow and Sir Ph. Warwick, Mr. Sherwin and Sir W. Doyly are to attend then.
Sir Courtney Poole called in and Mr. Thomas Tompkin's petition is read. [Order for] 200l. on the Chimneys: the whole [that out of the Wardrobe] to be hereafter considered.
Mr. Goodman, woodward of Whittlewood Forest, is to attend to-morrow. Mr. Hall to have notice.
Capt. Brabant called in. Ordered that he pay in 200l. presently, 300l. at Michaelmas and 500l. at Lady Day next, and the bonds to be delivered up when the money is paid.
Consideration to be had of [getting] 1,000l. for Sherness.
[Minute Book III. pp. 294–6.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
The Earl of Norwich's order delivered to Mr. Smith. A copy of the Earl's privy seal delivered to Mrs. Tindale.
Mr. Sayer's warrant sent away unpaid.
Warrants for Mr. Field, Mr. Osbalston, falconers.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 75.]
April 13
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
[Ordered] that no proceedings be upon the Great Seal for appointing Chimney Collectors till the quorum [is] made agreeable with the Commissioners' commission, viz. leaving out the Chancellor of the Exchequer to be of the quorum.
Warrant for 200l. for Dr. Chamberlain.
Ordered that the warrant in the Earl of Norwich's case be brought to the Treasury.
Sir Thomas Bond, Sir Henry Wood and Auditor Beale to attend on Friday about Sir T. Bond's privy seal for passing his accompt.
Write Mr. Colvile to come to Sir G. Downing to-morrow about lending money on the Wine Act.
Sir R. Long and Sir G. Downing to consider where to get money for Mr. Vines, Usher of the Exchequer.
Warrant for the Earl of Oxford for half a year of his fees of 100l. and 100 marks per an. as justice in eyre.
Mr. Brewer, Deputy Auditor, called in with an account of the Earl of St. Albans as Governor of Jersey: which account is declared.
Mr. Levet's money to be paid out of any loan money on the Wine Act. A direction [to this effect to be given] on his warrant or order.
Sir Cha. Wheeler et al. called in about their security for their Barbados farm [of the 4½ per cent. duty]. They say still they can neither give security nor advance of rent but desire my Lords to set their rule and then they will give their answer, but pray that, if they can't comply with my Lords' demand, they may be considered for what they have done in advancing [or promoting] the rent. [Ordered] that they advance 1,500l. They take time to consider of it and thereupon return their answer that they will advance the 1,500l. and the draft [agreement of farm is] referred to the former referees or any two to fill up all the blanks and to hear such further propositions as the Farmers have to offer and to give their opinion thereupon. Write Lord Willoughby and Mr. Marsh to attend on Friday when my Lords intend to conclude the letting the farm of this 4½ per cent. duty in the Leeward Islands.
Warrant for a year's creation money to the Earl of Burlington.
The Chimney Farmers called in: say they have no money of the King's in their hands and pray that process may be stopped against them. The Solicitor General, Mr. North, Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, Mr. Sherwin and the Chimney Farmers are to attend on Monday afternoon about the difficulties and obstructions they pretend [to experience] at the Exchequer. Process against them to stay till this be heard. If Monday be not a sealing day for the great seal Sir Robert Viner is to be here then. But if it be a sealing day then Tuesday to be appointed. Mr. Lawrence to let Sir G. Downing know as to this.
Lord Aungier's instructions to be perused on Friday.
Sir Richard Piggot: [order for] 142l. to be paid [to him] out of the first [available] moneys.
The petition from the sub-farmers of the Chimney money is to be also heard on Monday or Tuesday when the Chimney Farmers are heard.
The business between Benjamin Waller and Peter Salmon is to be heard on Tuesday on reference from the Privy Council. Write them to attend then.
[Minute Book III. pp. 297–8.]
April 15.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
Charles Fanshaw to be appointed in the place of Col. Moore as a Commissioner [under the Farmers of the revenue] for Ireland. Warrant ordered.
Ordered that it be considered on Monday next when the Solicitor General is here whether the new Commissioners to be appointed for the retrospect of the Wine Act are also to have the power of the former act and to supersede their [the former] commission. Write Mr. Bodurda and the rest of the Commissioners for the Wine Act to send to Sir G. Downing a copy of their commission.
Mr. Poole's warrant for England and Ireland is to be made ready against Monday.
Col. Birch reports about the Norfolk Excise about imported beer in that county. Agreed to. Warrant ordered accordingly.
Warrant for half a year to Sir Edward Walker as Garter King at Arms.
The Earl of St. Albans, Sir Henry Wood, Sir Thomas Bond and Auditor Beale are called in about Sir Thomas Bond's docquet. The docquet is signed.
Warrant for Mr. Maugridge.
Query if the Earl of Oxford owe anything to the King [for Poll or New Year's gifts, &c.] else [i.e. if not, then] his warrant [? for creation money is to be] signed. Charnock to enquire of his lordship's secretary when he comes about his warrant.
Send to Mr. Mead for Lord Chandos' impost bill.
Mr. Booth called in about the arrears of Chester and Cheshire and declares that they are willing to raise the money on my Lords' desire. Letters [to be written] according to the former order.
Sir Jo. Robinson called in [on behalf of himself et al., Receivers of Hearth money for London and Middlesex], about their Chimney account and the report of Sir Robert Long et al. is read. Warrant ordered accordingly. Sir John Robinson's petition is referred to Sir G. Downing and Sir R. Long and if as suggested then to be paid out of the 190l. payable on the above Chimney account.
Sir Robt. Viner called in. My Lords to consider on Thursday next about placing his interest account of 26,000l. He says he'll consider what he can [lend] for the Navy.
Warrant ordered for Sir Peter Wich. The letter in favour of the Alum Farm as sent from the Solicitor General is to be written fair for my Lords' hands.
The King to be moved about the sale of the fee farm rents in the Queen Consort's and the Queen Mother's jointures and in the Duchy of Lancaster.
Sir R. Long and Sir G. Downing to consider where to fix [assign] the 13,200l. for More Park to be paid half at six months, half at twelve months.
Mr. Goodman called in concerning the complaint of abuses in Whittlewood and Salcey forests. Ordered that he, Mr. Hall and Mr. Harbord attend on Tuesday next with Mr. Marriot and Mr. Mountague, [of] the Queen's Council; and Mr. Hall, of the Exchequer, is to bring the return of the commission against Mr. Goodman and the depositions made in the business.
Mr. Bennet called in with his Auditor about his accounts which are declared.
Warrant for the Duke of Buckingham for 500l. for horses.
Warrant for the King's signature for the Earl of St. Albans for timber as desired: also to the Auditor to take the account of the expending of the 105l.
Sir W. Doyly's report about Sir Walter Moyle is read. Ordered that he have only 10s. per cent. allowed of the 16,000l.
The petition from the Lloyds and Sir Philip Warwick's letter is referred to Sir W. Doyly.
The bill about the Cofferer's docquet is to be brought to the Treasury to be considered before the docquet pass.
Mrs. Lesly, Mrs. Harding and the rest of them [in the list of pensioners] that were paid last year [and who yet want as appears by the list, are to have] half a year in ready money [which is] to be borrowed. Warrants to be prepared.
As to the Auditor's certificate about money for hay at Woodstock the Auditor is to certify if there are not revenues belonging to Woodstock for that use, or [if it is usual or absolutely necessary] that it must be paid out of the Exchequer.
Write Sir R. Long to certify on Monday what Receivers of the Revenue have not paid the full of what is due from them for this last year, that so they may be brought to quicken in what remains yet behind. Write the Auditors to certify what Receivers of the Crown revenue have not yet passed their accompts. My Lords to speak with Sir R. Long about paying the interest on the loans on the land revenue. Write Sir R. Long to find out some fund to offer to my Lords for payment of interest and over interest of such moneys as have been already lent and for what further shall be lent to supply what yet is wanting, that so the bankers and others who have so lent may be sure thereof upon demand as due.
The Steward of Portland having made considerable advantage to His Majesty out of the profits of those courts since 1660 is to have 10l. and 2l per an. for the future out of the profits of the manor. Warrant ordered.
Mr. Bennet says he'll pay within a month the 600l. in super on him.
As to Sergeant Norfolk ordered that his wages be paid. Warrant for this. His bills referred to Sir R. Long.
The petition from Mr. Gilby et al., about the Chimney money is referred to Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord.
The paper about Hyde Park is referred to Sir G. Downing, Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord to consider those leases and to report the case.
What is now due to Eton College is to be paid out of the first money.
Sir G. Downing to examine if the office desired by Mr. Reynolds be a usual office and by whom it was wont to be appointed. Query who was in Earl Holland's time. The Attorney General to certify [as to this]. Mr. Lawrence to attend him in it.
Lord Aungier's instructions to be perused by Lord Ashley: and to that end they were delivered to him.
Mr. Marsh is called in and asked what he'll give for [the farm of the 4½ per cent. duty in] all the Leeward Islands. He says that for them all he'll give 600l. per an., but not for Nevis alone. Col. Strode called in. [Ordered] that he have the farm of the [said duty of 4½ per cent. in the] Leeward Islands, and that he be tied to take the same duty from each island. Warrant for articles as on the Barbados farm [of the same duty] the farmer to pay half a year's rent in advance.
[Warrant for] 2,000l. for the Earl of Oxford as justice in eyre: on his privy seal which is brought to my Lords.
Write Mr. Colvile to attend Sir John Duncomb to-morrow at his house.
Sir Dennys Gauden called in presents a paper of what is due to him. Ordered to attend on Tuesday with Mr. Pepys and some others [of the principal officers] of the Navy about said Gauden's interest account. Mr. Pepys to attend also about money for Tangier and Alderman Backwell to be then here.
[Minute Book III. pp. 298–301.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Wetherhead's business [to be considered] when next money [is warranted] for the Works.
Query: for Mr. Rotherham for order for over interest.
Cha. Wentworth to be on the pension list.
To be on the next money [warranted]: Mr. Wetherhead, Serj. Harsnet, Duke of Buckingham, Eton College, Major Langhorn, Duke of Albemarle's funeral, Windsor Chapel, Sir Walter Moyle's 400l., pages of the Bedchamber, Sir D. Gawden's loans, Sir Ro. Viner's 26,000l., the Earl of Oxford, Levett.
Delivered to Mr. Alport all the papers about clerks of the peace.
[Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 76.]
The order of Council about the mote at Tangier. Done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 98.]
April 18.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncomb.
Warrant for 500l. for the Duke of Buckingham for horses: out of the first [available] money.
Major General Langhorne to be paid out of the first of the money to be borrowed.
Write Mr. Wadlow for the Vintners Company for a copy of their agreement with the King for their grant of the Wine Act in order that my Lords may be satisfied how far the King is obliged to the 4l. per ton on French wines. The Solicitor General, Sir Robert Long, Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Sherwin called in about the Commissioners for the retrospect of the Wine Act. Ordered and declared that [on the] passing [of] the great seal for the new Commissioners the present commission to the present Commissioners ceaseth. Warrant to the Solicitor General to draw a commission to such Commissioners as His Majesty shall appoint to execute the new Wine Act so far as relates to the retrospect. Also instructions to be made ready to the said Commissioners but not to be put into the commission. A draft [of such instructions] is brought in by Col. Birch, read and referred to the Solicitor General, Mr. North, Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing and Sir Charles Harbord.
The Solicitor General to draw a form of a commission to . . . . . . to make sale of the fee farm rents: also a form of instructions to the said Commissioners and a form of the sale so far as may be. The Auditors of the Revenue are called in. [Ordered] that they bring in particulars of all the fee farm rents and of the present tenants of them all, and that the Auditors of the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancashire bring in what they have in charge. Write the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancashire to direct the Auditors of that Duchy to send in their particulars. Instructions are to be drawn up to the Auditors for what is to be sold. Ordered that they meet with Sir R. Long, Mr. Sherwin, [Sir G. Downing] and Sir C. Harbord to draw up those instructions and consideration to be had what charges are set on any particular fee farm of any county or on the fee farm of any county in general; whereby rents may be reserved to pay them.
Warrant for 5l. to Mrs. Pinckney on the old general dormant.
The state of the Alum Farmers account 1667, June 24, to 1668, Xmas, is brought in. Ordered that they attend on Wednesday and that they then give in a reason why they have not given in a state of their account for this last year to the present day.
The Commissioners for Dean Forest are to give an account of what they have done and what money they have expended.
The Sub-Farmers of the Chimney money are called in and their petition read and they are heard by their counsel in the presence of the Grand Farmers. Their counsel move that it's necessary they have the King's process else they can do no good. The Solicitor General says either there must be a bill or a process on a schedule on oath and an assignment of the debt. The Solicitor General and Mr. North to go to the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer to induce him to this and to report. But to be understood that this is not to delay the Sub-Farmers paying in to the Grand Farmers what they owe to them without respect to this, and the Grand Farmers are presently to pay the 26,000l. which they owe the King on the last agreement by the order of Council. They [both the Grand Farmers and the Sub-Farmers] are acquainted with this. The petition from the Sub-Farmers of Dorset is considered about their charge in prosecuting for a man of theirs murdered. Ordered that the money be allowed on the Farmers' account when that account comes to be declared. Process to be stopped against the Farmers [said SubFarmers of Hearth money for Dorset] till the end of this term, they promising by that time to pay what is in arrear of their farm rent. The Solicitor General declares that where the bonds from the SubFarmers to the King are within the statute of 33 Hen. VIII. they may have an extent; otherwise only a scire facias.
Ordered that my Lords speak with Sir R. Long about paying the interest and over interest of the bankers [who have lent money] in the Exchequer. Ordered that whatever fails money be appointed to pay this. Sir G. Downing to meet with Sir R. Long to find out ready money to pay this.
Process ordered against the receivers of the revenue that have not yet accounted.
The instructions for the Chimney Collectors are to be printed. Col. Webb to take care of it, and the instructions are delivered to him to that end.
Sir Robert Southwell's signet to be agreed to, and the 30l. fees to be left out.
A list of the Chimney Collectors is to be made ready for His Majesty's signature: also a royal warrant to the Treasury to grant warrants for commissions for these collectors under the Exchequer seal.
[Minute Book III. pp. 301–3.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
[The] Progress charge: warrant.
Mr. Barker's petition.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 76.]
Dean of Christchurch [warrant for fees to] as Dean, three years but as Vice Chancellor two years.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 98.]
April 19.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Sir Maurice Eustace's signet is referred to the Solicitor General to report why [it need] a great seal and what is fit for my Lords to do in the case.
Mr. Newport called in. Warrant ordered for 528l. 15s. 8d. to complete the first estimate [viz. 5,528l. 15s. 8d.] of the charge of the Duke of Albemarle's funeral. To be paid out of the first [available] moneys. As also for 100l. for Windsor Chapel out of the first moneys [that come in from the loans on the wines]. Floyd to take care for this.
Sir Thomas Bond called in with Auditor Beale with his privy seal and his account. [Ordered] that in said Bond's warrant mention be made that on payment of his money the plate [in the late Queen Mother's chapel at Somerset House] and Ambassador Montague's securities be delivered to such person as the King shall appoint. A certificate to be made of the delivery. Warrant [ordered] for the moneys mentioned in this account accordingly out of the Queen Mother's revenue: also a warrant to [for] Sir Henry Wood to deliver up [i.e. for the delivery to him of] his bonds.
Sir G. Downing to send to the Privy Council for the petition of a man for liberty to export 2,000 salted hides untanned and to examine the reason [set out in the petition].
Ordered that Auditor Beale hasten his report to my Lords of the business of Mr. Prettiman's and Mr. Scarlett's pretences to the place of Receiver of First Fruits and withal that he send to Mr. Kirke, Paymaster of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners, for his information in this business.
Sir Edmund Pooley's docquet is offered. Sir G. Downing is to tender to my Lords an account of what has passed in the Treasury concerning this business. Charnock to give Downing an account to-morrow.
Sir Walter Moyle called in. Warrant to abate the 12 per cent. charge; on his affidavit which is with his petition on which another order [was] made. His surplusage of 400l. on the Poll is to be placed [for payment] on the first moneys that come in.
The paper about what establishment for Barbados is to be made ready for the Treasurer of the Household's view.
This day come four weeks my Lords resolve to receive propositions for farming the retrospect of the late Wine Act. Write the Solicitor General to draft a warrant from my Lords to himself for his drafting a royal warrant to such persons as his Majesty shall appoint to execute that part of the late Wine Act which relates to the retrospect, and desire him to send it to-morrow as it requires extraordinary haste. Write Col. Birch not to go out of town or not to proceed further on his journey but to return to attend my Lords to-morrow about said Act. Col. Birch, Sir John Talbot, Mr. Wingate, Mr. Wareing and a fifth to be thought on tomorrow [for Commissioners]. Write Capt. Wingate to attend my Lords to-morrow.
Warrant for the Pages of the Bedchamber for their livery money: to be paid out of the ready money. [Postea. To be registered in course on the Wines.]
Warrant for Dr. Jones's bills. To be registered in course [on the Wines].
Warrant to the Solicitor General to prepare the draft of the articles for [the lease of the 4½ per cent. duty in] Barbados for the King's signature, according to the draft and additional report of Sir Robert Long.
Mr. Goodman called in, together with Mr. Hall of the Queen's Council and Mr. Marriot and Mr. Hall of the Exchequer, about the abuses in Whittlewood and Salcey Forests. Mr. Hall says the Queen's Council are very careful of those woods, says the underwoods belong to the Queen, confesses that the care of the timber belongs to the Treasury. Mr. Hall of the Exchequer brings in the Exchequer depositions about the abuses. Mr. Marriot says there are great abuses in the forests in the underwoods and coppice trees, and that as woodward he is answerable for them. Mr. Goodman called in says he can clear himself. My Lords tell him that their work [jurisdiction] is properly about the timber, and those depositions mainly concern the coppice woods. Therefore my Lords dismissed him to the Queen's Council.
Write the Solicitor General to draw up the form of a warrant for my Lords to sign for a commission to such persons as His Majesty shall appoint for the sale of the fee farms according to the tenor of the Act.
Sir G. Downing to see where the stop [occurs in the warrant] for the 5,000l. for the Queen out of the late farm of the Customs.
Petition and report from Sir C. Harbord read about Sir Amias Pollard. Warrant ordered to Sir C. Harbord.
Write the late Farmers of the Customs to pay in the 200l. for my Lords and to give answer with regard to this to my Lords to-morrow.
Sir Dennys Gauden called in. Warrant ordered on his letter for what is due to him to this day: to be on the loans on the Wine Act. [Postea. Only one warrant signed.]
Mr. Sherwin and Mr. Web called in and the instructions for the Chimney money Collectors are passed and signed by my Lords and ordered to be printed. Mr. Webb to take care of it and Lord Ashley's hand to be put to it. Also they [Sherwin and Webb] offer [their opinion] what security they think necessary for each Chimney money Receiver. Also they present a paper of the charge of their management of this business. Ordered that the commissions for the Chimney money Collectors be to pay the moneys as they receive them, and the bonds to correspond to that: not for them to pay quarterly.
Sir Dennis Gauden, Mr. Pepis and Sir Jeremy Smith called in about Gauden's interest account, and they present a paper in justification of his interest account. Mr. Pcyys and Smith to come to Sir G. Downing and Sir R. Long to see that this paper is so [i.e. true] and then a warrant [to pass] for his [Gauden's] money or a report to the Privy Council: [which is] to meet Thursday.
Write Alderman Backwell to attend to-morrow.
The Commissioners of the Navy desire that Mr. Agar's warrant for timber in Dean Forest be stopped till the Commissioners of the Navy be heard, which Mr. Pepys says will be as soon as the King comes to town. Also Mr. Pepys moves for money to build a kitchen yaucht. Ordered that this be considered. My Lords are moved by the Commissioners of the Navy on behalf of the Earl of Anglesey that his imprest roll is not yet sent out. Write Sir R. Long to send it out in order to the passing his accounts.
Write Col. Legg that my Lords understand that his accompts are delivered back to him by the Commissioners of Accompts and that he hasten the passing thereof. Write Auditor Beale to call on him for the said accounts and to hasten the state thereof.
Lord Aungier's instruction is to be considered to-morrow.
Sir Robert Viner called in: moves for his account, which is about 26,000l. A warrant to place him on the fee farm rents [next to or] after what is already charged [thereon]. [Postea no privy seal yet passed]. He says he'll lend 10,000l. to the Navy, and more as he can. Give Sir Thomas Littleton notice of this. Sir R. Viner to be paid the 2,500l. which he lately advanced for Madame out of the remain of the Queen's portion [which is] to come from Portugal.
Sir G. Downing to draw a letter to the officers of the Exchequer to take care of paying interest and over interest.
Mr. Brock of Chester is called in and told that the business is to be heard the 3rd of May.
Viscount Dillon's petition read. [Answer given] that my Lords have an order of Council not to pay pensions.
Mr. Woolley's petition read. Money to be speedily provided.
Sir Thomas Littleton called in. Sir G. Downing to write to Mr. Williamson that as my Lords are at this distance from His Majesty and as the settling the Receivers of the Chimney money is a thing which requires all possible expedition, and as by the letter of the law they are to be nominated by His Majesty, that he move Lord Arlington to procure the King's signature to the warrant for the King's nominating them. Also write Mr. Williamson that my Lords are pressed on behalf of the Duke of York for the despatch of the warrant relating to Mr. Best's composition and desire him to request Lord Arlington to get the King's signature to it likewise.
Mr. Waller called in about the business of Benjamin Waller about seizure of some spices. Ordered that he and Mr. Dicconson (Dickenson) attend to-morrow.
Warrant for 2,000l. for the Earl of Oxford: to be on the loans on the Wine Act.
The Earl of Kinnoul's case to be reported in the Barbados report.
[Petition from] George Wilmer read. [Ordered] that my Lords do consent to put in his son's name if he will take it during pleasure.
Petition read from Henry Seymour. [Ordered] that he have liberty to purchase the increased rents giving the rates set down by my Lords: also that he have liberty to drown the one life and put in three others. Referred to Sir C. Harbord to certify what fine is fit to be taken.
Petition read from Mr. Jones. [Ordered] that he and Mr. Harris attend on Friday and then make their propositions to my Lords.
The Treasurer of the Household writes on the margin of Mr. Sherwin's and Mr. Webb's paper what allowances my Lords think fit to make to them for carrying on the management of the Chimney revenue. Also my Lords declare that they will recommend to them their clerks.
Jo. Walker's petition read: to be again considered. Ordered that he be recommended to the persons [appointed] to treat about the union [with Scotland] to be employed as their clerk.
[Minute Book III. pp. 303–6.]
April 20.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
Mr. Killigrew called in: Sir G. Downing to certify whether the money of Pritchard's bond be not already engaged [or assigned].
Sir Thomas Strickland called in and his petition read. Report to be made [to the King in Council] that at 1,400l. per an. [if such a rental be demanded] he will quit his patent [of the farm of the salt duty] by reason of the interruption of the trade with Scotland: that if His Majesty please to grant it at 1,000l. per an. he is willing to give it.
The Duke of York's warrant on Sir Henry Wood is to be prepared.
The Earl of Bristol called in. Sir R. Long and Sir G. Downing to consider where to place his pensions, viz. on the ten months [of the Eleven months' tax] or where else.
Floyd to bring in to-morrow morning the papers belonging to Sir Rob. Viner's accounts of his 26,000l. and the minute for placing [assigning] it on the fee farms.
Alderman Backwell called in: says he's content that anyone else lend on the Customs as well as he [and promises] also that he will speak with Mr. Pepys about furnishing him with money for Tangier.
Process to be stopped against Anthony Gilby, as surety for Mr. Broxholme, late receiver of assessments in Lincolnshire, on his 10,638l. 15s. 5d. not perfectly accounted for as by warrant of February 15 last.
The letter to the city and county of Chester is to be signed when Lord Ashley comes to town.
Lord Aungier called in and his instructions read with Lord Ashley's paper of amendments. [Ordered] that they be written fair, with the alterations made by Lord Ashley, and then shewn to the Duke of Ormonde and then returned to Lord Arlington to be passed.
Floyd to be with me [Downing] to-morrow at seven in the morning about the establishment for Barbados, Lord Willoughby having promised to be then with me.
Also ask Charnock (Sherwyn) for the paper about the allowances to be made to the Chimney receivers of the several counties; and directions to be given to the several Chimney collectors to repair to Mr. Sherwin and Mr. Webb about their sureties.
Warrant for a year to Col. Fairfax: on the Customs at Hull. Query if the suspension is not now to be taken off.
Jo. Evett's petition considered and referred to Sir C. Harbord to inform himself of the values of the cottages and report his opinion what is fit to be done.
Petition read from the Excise Farmers of Wales. Alderman Dashwood called in. The petition to be carried up to the Privy Council.
Same from Tho. Bishop. Warrant ordered for 40l.
Col. Birch called in says that the Solicitor General says there must be as many Commissions [for the retrospect of the Wine Act] as in the former Wine Act, that is to say Commissions for the outports as well as for London as was done in the former Wine Bill. My Lords tell him they intend to employ him as one of the Commissioners for the retrospect, and a proposition is read about advancing in gross the money by the merchants and retailers.
Sir Jo. Bennet called in. Consideration to be had of his assignments on his account which he then brought in for his defalcations on the Post Office.
Mr. Colvile and Mr. Wadlow to attend on Tuesday about the 4l. per tun on wines payable from 24th of June next at the Customs House and about names for the Commission for putting in execution the retrospect on the late Wine Act in the out ports and London. A direction [to be given] to the Solicitor to draft a warrant from my Lords to him to draft the Commissions [as well] for the outports [as for London] for the retrospect of the late Wine Act.
Write Alderman Backwell to attend the Treasurer of the Household to-morrow at his lodgings.
Sir G. Downing to go to the Solicitor General to hasten the warrants for the fee farms and for the retrospect of the Wine Act. Consideration to be had to-morrow about Commissioners and powers for sale of the fee farms and retrospecting former pretended laws. Sir C. Harbord and Sir R. Long to meet [for this].
Sir G. Downing to inform my Lords what privy seal the Earl of Carbery hath about his establishment for the Welsh Court [at Ludlow as President of the Marches of Wales].
The Treasurer of the Household brings in a certificate for John Heyter. Ordered that he be recommended to Mr. Sherwyn and Mr. Webb to be employed under them as a clerk in the office of the Hearth money.
The letters from Mr. Milward and Sir Timothy Turnor about Widow Oliver are to be sent to the Earl of Carbery to make answer thereupon.
Petition read from Barth Coaster. Referred to Lord Ashley for his care therein.
Mr. Levett's 200l. &c. is to be placed on the loans on the Wine Act.
Petition read from Mr. Waller about spices. Mr. Dickenson is called in, and the Attorney General's report is read. Dickenson says that the other goods of like nature may have escaped, yet that they found these on the way to London with a false certificate and therefore seized them and have a verdict for them. Sir G. Downing to enquire from the King's officers at London and Yarmouth what was the practice during the late war as to importing spices. Also Mr. Crispe's officer to be enquired of. Mr. Crispe's spice patent to be considered on Friday next.
Petition read from William Tabrett and he called in. Ordered that he draw a petition to acknowledge his fault and gave security, not wittingly to carry or conceal prohibited or uncustomed goods: and then to be dismissed.
The Earl of Oxford's warrant is to be for 1,000l. on the loans on the Wine Act and 1,000l. on orders registered on the Act.
[Warrant for] 500l. to Mr. Young on the loans on the Wine Act: on his privy seal.
Sir G. Downing reports from Sir R. Long that if money be from time to time provided and set apart to pay over interest and [the legal 6 per cent.] interest on moneys lent into the Exchequer and if my Lords will lodge in Sir R. Long's hands [such a number of] blank orders for payment of over interest, he will see men despatched with satisfaction, he from time to time giving Sir G. Downing receipts for such blank orders and injecting in his weekly certificates how they are disposed and made use of and so to have up [or receive back from Downing] his notes. Write Sir R. Long that my Lords desire that he and Mr. Wardour, Clerk of the Pells, do take care that when any loans are made in the Exchequer the tallies be presently despatched and given out to the lenders, and that Long himself do take care that the orders for repayment be sent to the Treasury the next day to be signed by my Lords and to see to the return thereof to himself, and that on return they be presently registered and delivered out, so that such an expedition be used as that the lender may have them from Long's office the next day [after the loan is made]. Also that Long and Wardour take care that from time to time as interest or over interest grows due the same be punctually paid; and for facilitating the work my Lords desire Long from time to time to apply to them for a sum of money to be ready in cash. Also they are content that Long draw from time to time a number of blank orders for payment of over interest which my Lords are contented to sign and trust to his hands, he giving Downing a note of the receipt of them and inserting in his weekly certificates [of payments, issues and cash in the Exchequer] how the said orders are made use of, and when a certain number is made use of then Long to have back from Downing the receipt given him for same.
[Minute Book III. p. 306–9.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
A box to be made for the fee farm rents [that is for] all papers relating thereto: [a similar one for] the wines is done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 99–100.]
April 22.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
Lord Willoughby having informed my Lords that he may offer somewhat of consequence to His Majesty's service as to the article for farming the 4½ per cent. on sugars at Barbados, write the Solicitor General to let Lord Willoughby have a sight of the said articles.
[Warrant for] 500l. to Mr. Darcy as Master of the Studds: to be registered in course on the Wine Act.
Mr. Morrice called in and his order of Council read. The King to be moved that he have the 350l. remitted which he owes and a gratuity of 500l. on arrears in Ireland and to be recommended to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland for an employment.
Order for 2,000l. for the Wardrobe for provisions for the King's Progress: to be registered on the Wine Act. Warrant ordered [query on what certificate or estimate. Memorandum the order to be returned and an estimate made of the 100l.].
Mr. North's letter and Mr. Sherwin's note read. My Lords approve of the alterations made by the Solicitor General and that they be inserted accordingly.
Petition read from Mris. Argoll (Argall) together with Sir W. Doyly's report. Warrant ordered for 150l. for her.
The bankers to be spoken to to lend Mr. Worden money.
Mr. Mead to bring impost bills for the two Auditors and the Receiver of the Duchy of Lancaster.
Warrant for Sir Hugh Bethell on Sir C. Harbord's particular.
Mr. Finch called in. Ordered that this day fortnight he and Mr. Rookes [Rooke] be heard as to said Rooke's pretences to the place of Searcher of Kent, lately granted by my Lords to Mr. Haworth. And in the meantime write the Attorney General for the scire jacias to be stopped and notice given to Mr. Rookes.
[Warrant for] a year's creation money to the Earl of Dorset.
The Earl of Bristol called in: declares his satisfaction that his 2,000l. per an. and the 1,000l. per an. to his lady Ann [be] during his life and hers, after which to be in trustees and after her decease to his son Francis till he [Francis] have Sir Robert Long's place [as Auditor of the Receipt. Ordered] that the patent be drawn up by Sir G. Downing and then the Secretaries of State to get the King's hand to it.
Mr. Colvile called in. My Lords tell him they are appointing Commissioners for the retrospect of the Wine Act, and [as to] the agreement with him they would willingly have it declared that the 4l. per tun at the Custom House shall not be collected from midsummer, when the new Act begins, and [ask him] whether he and the persons [concerned with him in the loans thereon as being] to be paid [out of that fund] would not be willing to take my Lords' engagement to make good what the retrospect shall fall short. He takes time to consider that proposition. He says it would be better as to the retrospect to take but half the duty on Wine. [Ordered] that he and the [others his partner] creditors meet and draw a petition. Write Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Sherwyn to attend the Treasury on Wednesday morning, when my Lords are to consider of nominating fit persons to be Commissioners for the retrospect. Ordered that Mr. Wadlow and Mr. Colvile nominate persons for the outports [for the said retrospect] and attend Sir G. Downing to-morrow, and to bring to the Treasury with them a list of the several districts and the names of the persons employed in each of them and what allowance they have. The Customs Farmers also to be there and to bring with them a list of the King's officers of the Customs in each port. The Commissioners of Excise and the Farmers of the London Excise to be also there, the former to bring with them a list of the several farmers and the latter to bring a list of their officers. Mr. Wadlow is spoken to and is requested to speak to Mr. Colvile.
Also Mr. Colvile moves for his money lent on the 1,250,000l. act. [Ordered] that it and the interest thereon be placed [assigned] on the Wine Act. Warrant [or letter of direction to this effect] on his orders to Sir R. Long.
The Earl of Bath called in: moves for money for what is due to him. Similar warrant to the last is ordered for his fee, &c., as Governor of Plymouth. Consideration to be had for the rest. Sir G. Downing to consider of it against Tuesday.
Mr. Colvile promises to lend 5,000l. to Sir Thomas Littleton.
Mr. Broxholme to have up his bonds of the Royal and Additional Aids on his quietus.
[Ordered] that Col. Birch, Mr. Wingate and Mr. Wareing be the Commissioners for the retrospect of the Wine Act: that their names be sent to be inserted when the King signs the warrant.
Mr. Charles Bennet, Sir C. Harbord, Lord Hawley and Mr. Steward to be trustees for sale of fee farm rents. Write the Solicitor General for the despatch by Monday of the warrant for the King's signature for their appointment as Trustees.
Write the late Farmers of the Customs to attend on Tuesday next.
Process stayed against Mr. Foley till the end of Easter term.
Mr. Tabret's second petition read. Ordered that he be dismissed.
Write the Auditors of the Exchequer Court to attend on Wednesday next with all the land accounts [i.e. the accompts of the receivers general of the Crown lands].
Auditor Beale and Mr. Crispe to attend on Friday about said Crispe's spice account. Write Crispe to certify my Lords whether the Customs Farmers did suffer him or any others to his knowledge to import any spices from the Low Countries between the 6th of March, 1664–5, and the 13th of August, 1667, or within six months after. Write the King's officers in the port of London to certify as to same.
Edward Hopgood's petition read, and Mr. Holford, the merchant, is called in and Mr. Duy [Dewey] concerning a seizure made by Mr. Founds of 15 bags of nutmegs. Ordered that they and Mr. Fownes attend on Tuesday next.
Major Andros called in, and delivers an account of the tin delivered to Alderman Backwell's correspondent. Also says that the fishers find the tin yet too deep in the sand to fish for. Ordered that as the sands are now very high the fishers have liberty till the end of June [to prosecute their agreement with my Lords for the recovery of the tin] and if they do not get it up by that time then my Lords will be at liberty to appoint others. Write Mr. Andros accordingly to suspend till June the person employed by him in attending that business, and also to give the Governor of Ostend notice that he do not permit any fishing to be made till that time.
Warrant for orders for 1,000l. for Sheerness to be registered in course on the Wine Act.
Capt. Brabant called in with Auditor Aldworth who says there is nothing in super on said Brabant's accounts of the Royal and Additional Aids but the 530l. for the 12d. on sea coals. [Ordered] that he have process stopped till the beginning of Trinity term, and that in the meantime he send word whether the town will raise that money or not.
Warrant for a year for the poor of Westminster and St. Martins.
Mr. Cadwallader Jones called in. My Lords ask him what proposition he can make to pay the King's money. Ordered that he make his proposition on Tuesday next.
Petition read from Hen. Thomas. Referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Same from Sir Edward Scot with Sir R. Long's report thereon. [Ordered] that my Lords do pay the interest to Sir Ste. Fox for him.
Sir G. Downing to look over the St. Georges' extraordinaries to see wherein they differ from the rules set and to make report accordingly.
Ordered that all businesses appointed for Monday be put for Tuesday. "Floyd to bring me [Downing] all the petitions on Monday to my house that I may overlook them."
[Minute Book III. pp. 309–11.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. King.
Geo. Gipps.
How it stands about the bonds of John Green's security, whether sued on that bond or Judge Goddard's.
A petition from Lady Carr on Monday next.
Earl of Bath another warrant.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 77.]
April 26.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
A warrant to renew the late patent of the appointing Chimney Collectors so far as relates to the powers [conferred upon them], leaving out the Chancellor of the Exchequer as of the quorum. Charnock to come to me [Downing] to-morrow with the present patent about it.
Write Sir W. Doyly to bring to my Lords on Friday the state of the accompt of the Royal Aid and Additional Aid, which Sir Robert Long delivered to him this morning.
[Warrant for] Mr. Langhorne [for a quarter on] an [unpaid] arrear on his late warrant: to be on Alderman Backwell's 10,000l. loan, what of it is in the Exchequer.
The late Farmers of the Customs called in. My Lords tell them they must make up the 35,000l., of which there wants 840l.
Sir R. Long, Sir R. Crooke and Mr. Warder to consider of the paper about baronets, and [as to] what is to be done to get them to strike tallies.
Sir R. Long to certify on Monday next how stands the state of the 15,000l. old tallies struck upon the Farmers of the Customs towards payment of the debt due to the old Farmers of the Customs and registered on the 8,000l. per mensem of the Customs and what is the remain of the said old tallies, that is, what of them is paid and what not. Sir Edmd. Turner and Sir Edwd. Walker to attend tomorrow about the business of the 15,000l. old tallies on the Customs.
The Earl of Bath called in. Ordered that by to-morrow my Lords will consider where to place the Earl of Bath for one moiety of what he's in arrear.
Lady Jennings: her 100l. is to be placed on Alderman Backwell's 10,000l. [loan].
Warrant for 10,000l. for the Privy Purse: to be paid out of the money arising by the sale of fee farms.
Mr. Lawrence to ask the Solicitor General whether it be necessary the schedules be annexed to the warrant for sale of fee farms and whether the whole powers of the Act may not at once be vested in the Trustees and then the King's warrant to direct such and such particulars, on the books, to be sold. As to the report from Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord about the sale of the fee farms [ordered] that there be a surrender of them in mortgage to the Trustees to sell them. The second proposal agreed on. The third and fourth agreed unto and so for the rest. [Ordered] that Mr. Lawrence carry the paper to the Solicitor General for his opinion on it and to attend the Treasury with him what time he can to-morrow morning. The paper was given to Mr. Lawrence accordingly.
Mr. Scarlet, Mr. Prettiman and Auditor Beale are to attend on Friday, and Beale is to bring his report about the business between Prettiman and Scarlet.
Mr. Sherwin and Mr. Webb called in and offer a paper about the allowance to them [for managing the Chimney money receipt]. My Lords declare that the intent is that their 250l. each per an. shall be to them clear and to commence from Lady Day last. [Order for] a privy seal [for this] inserting therein the clerks' salaries, and not more than 300l. per an. for contingencies. Also my Lords speak to them about Mr. Hayter to be employed as a clerk. Ordered that he be employed as a clerk and that Jo. Lyme be the other. Also a commission to Mr. Sherwin and Mr. Webb: and Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord and Sir G. Downing to meet about hastening the instructions which said Sherwyn and Webb are to receive about the revenue of Hearth money, and also about hastening the draft of their commission.
Sir Tho. Morgan called in: moves for his 350l. [Ordered] that if not paid in six weeks my Lords will order it on another fund. Also [he moves] for a warrant for 600 chaldron of coals [to be imported customs free] for Jersey [for the use of the garrison. Ordered] that he write a letter [petition] and my Lords will give a warrant.
Warrant for a year on the Exchequer for the poor armourers of the Tower.
Hen. Killegrew called in about the pension due to his father. Sir R. Long to be spoken to about it when he comes hither.
Warrant for 13,000l. on the Wine Act in course, for the Ordnance in full of the 25,000l. for this year: to be by virtue of any privy seal for the office of the Ordnance which will bear it.
Mr. Brouncker's name to be offered to the King to be one of the Trustees for the sale of fee farms.
Ordered that as to providing all things for the King's Chapel which are wanting, Sir G. Downing attend the Bishop of Oxford about a list of the particulars and the charge.
Warrants to be prepared for half a year to each of the pensioners: to be paid out of the loan or other money coming in by the sale of the fee farm rents.
Mr. Pritchard called in about the 500l. yet remaining due of his 1,500l. My Lords tell him they can give him no more time, the money being assigned for St. James's Park wall. Ordered that he pay in the money, viz. 250l. next week, 250l. the week after: otherwise an extent to issue.
Warrant for Mr. Ellesden on his privy seal.
Paper about the Works read and several directions are writ in the margin, which are to be done accordingly. Warrant for 8,000l. for the year 1670.
The King to be moved about putting in Col. Sands his brother to be Collector of the Chimneys for Worcestershire, and [my Lords] to have an answer on Monday.
Lady Saunderson's [Sir William Saunderson's] petition and Sir C. Harbord's report are read. [Order for] a commission as proposed by Sir C. Harbord.
Mr. Meynell to attend to-morrow and also Alderman Backwell about lending money for the Navy.
Sir Dennys Gawden's orders for his ordinary are to be placed on the Customs.
Warrant for three years for Mr. Lewellin when any money is paid to the Treasurer of the Chamber.
Cadwallader Jones's proposition is read, and he is heard by his counsel, who says his office cannot be suspended for a debt but for misdemeanor. The Solicitor General to be advised with on this matter when he next comes.
Mr. Dewey informs my Lords that they [the parties concerned and the King's officers] are agreed about the business of the spices of Hopgood.
Consideration to be had on Friday about placing the 13,200l. for the purchase of Moor Park, bought of the Duke of Ormonde for the Duke of Monmouth, viz. 2,700l. present money and the remainder on the Excise as [in part of the charge on the Excise for] the Duke of Monmouth. Write Sir Ste. Fox to attend my Lords then.
Lord Buckhurst called in. Warrant for 500l. of his pension: on whatever month of the 3,000l. per mensem on the Customs will bear it.
The Cofferer of the Household called in about Mr. Meynell's money. [Ordered] that what is overcharged on the Customs in Sir R. Long's paper for February be charged on the money [arising] by loan or sale of the fee farms.
Ordered that Widow Oliver have her letter or warrant grounded on the letters of Judge Milward and Sir Tim. Turner.
Warrant for 1,000l. for healing medals: to be on the loans or money coming in by sale of the fee farm rents.
Ordered that Sir R. Long take care there be a distinct book of what fee farms belong to the Queen Mother and what to the Queen Consort.
Sir G. Downing to inform the Treasurer of the Household where Mr. Tankerd is to pay his 100l. per an. every St. James's Day besides his service of carrying up the first dish of meat [to the King's table] and what he's in arrear of it. Write Mr. Greenvile to come to Sir G. Downing to-morrow to inform him as to this duty of Mr. Souch [sic ? erratum for Tankerd].
Memorandum: if the Solicitor General come not to-morrow morning that he be sent to by Mr. Lawrence to come in the afternoon or when he can.
[Minute Book III. pp. 311–4.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Delivered to Sir Tho. Cl. in the name of Lluellins.
Delivered to Mr. Ll. the petitions of sea captains: clerks' privy seal: Halilee: Barker: Navy creditors.
Mr. Skelton at Surgeon Armitage's house near York House.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. pp. 77, 78.]
Mr. Fairfax: warrant for a year on the Customs at Hull: to be prepared to-morrow. Done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 101.]
April 27.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
Sir Tho. Littleton called in. Warrant for 50,000l. for the Treasurers of the Navy on the Wine Act by order in course, and for 50,000l. on the fee farms: and that the said Treasurers have liberty to borrow their money themselves.
Alderman Backwell to attend on Monday about lending money.
Ordered that Mr. Lawrence carry to the King's Bench the account of Mr. Fitch, late receiver of the Hearth money for Essex, to show why Dorrington was committed: and that he [Lawrence] prosecute all the deputies of Fitch that were or are in custody by order of my Lords and that have supers set upon them.
Mr. Lawrence presents the Solicitor General's opinion about the report from Sir Charles Harbord et al about the sale of the fee farms. It is read and ordered that those directions of the Solicitor General be prosecuted. Sir C. Harbord to make particulars of the mortgage of any of the King's lands.
Write Mr. Stuart to go to the Farmers of the Customs.
The Farmers of the Customs and the Farmers of the London Excise called in about advising my Lords as to the nominating of persons for Commissioners for the out-districts for the retrospect of the Wine Act. Mr. Bostock to prepare a list of the present Commissioners for the Wine Act for each district, i.e. London and the counties or outports. [Ordered] that the Commissioners of Excise and Mr. Wadlow attend the Treasury then and that Mr. Bostock bring a copy of the present instructions to the Commissioners of the Wine Act [for the district of London]. Write Mr. Wadlow to take care to see this done. The Farmers of the London Excise present a list of their sub-commissioners in the respective counties which they farm. Also [ordered] that the Farmers of the Customs and the Farmers of the London Excise, Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord attend then. Mr. Dashwood moves that they may have liberty from the Privy Council to have all the persons sent for that he complains against in Monmouth. The Privy Council to be acquainted with his letter, Sir G. Downing to speak with Sir Robt. Southwell that warrants from the Council for custodies be directed to the Sergeant attending the Treasury, according to the order of Council. In the presence of the Customs Farmers, Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord my Lords debate about the collecting the prospect of the Wine Act [viz. as to its being done] by the King's officers of the Customs. Write the Customs Farmers enpowering them hereto, stating the grounds of it to be their covenant that they shall be collectors of any new duties. Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord and Sir G. Downing to meet to-morrow morning to consider the clause for the Farmers of the Customs, their collecting all new impositions on the Customs.
Sir R. Long to be spoken to to give an account on Friday how Thos. Killigrew's pension is paid. Henry Killigrew to attend then.
Sir Edwd. Sawyer called in about the amounts of receivers, and Mr. Trott's account is considered. To be brought again on Friday, and Mr. Cottle's account to be [then] considered.
The Earl of Bath called in. Ordered that he have a moiety of what is in arrear to him on the sale of the fee farms. The other moiety to be considered a week hence.
The warrants for half a year to the pensioners are to be hastened, but the King to be moved in this matter ere they be signed.
Mr. Pollard called in about the account of Mr. Smith, which is to be brought this day week.
The King to be moved about the petition of Sir Amias Pollard about a lease in Devon.
Bevys Lloyd's account declared. Write him that my Lords find there are several persons within his receipt in arrear for rent due from them to the King, and that there are several fees and other payments to be made to him out of the King's revenue by the hands of said Lloyd. Desire him for the future to take care not to pay any money to any persons whatsoever who are anything indebted to the King until they shall have discharged the same.
Mr. Young to be placed for his whole money in course on the Wine Act [next] after what is already directed for the Navy.
The warrants which are directed for the Navy are to bear date the 25th of April [and are to be] upon the Wine Act.
Sir G. Downing to draw out a list of the public warrants ordered yesterday and to-day upon the Wine Act and fee farms and to place the Navy and the rest in. . . . . . Downing to go to the Bishop of Oxford to know what parts of the supplies for the Chapel [Royal] are most pressing, and what money shall be provided.
[Minute Book III. pp. 314–6.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Darcy: a certificate.
Query: if Edm. Ashpall should have a warrant. To enquire of Sir G. Lane or Lord Aungier who delivered in the establishment.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 78.]
April 29.
Present: Sir John Duncomb.
Memorandum: Care to be taken that the warrant for the surrender and the surrender itself bear date before the present session of Parliament.
Write William Andrews, Receiver of the Eleven months' tax for co. Herts (who belongs to the bishop of Canterbury) to attend my Lords on Monday about the arrear of 2,873l. 18s. 7½d., which Sir W. Doyly informs my Lords remains due from said county for said tax.
Write the Lord Mayor of London to know what is done by the city about the getting in the arrears of the Aids and that otherwise process must follow. Write Mr. Bennet, High Collector of the Aids for co. Middlesex, to attend on Monday about the considerable arrear yet unanswered upon the accompt of the assessments.
Write Bevis Lloyd to attend then also about the unpaid arrears of 653l. of the Additional Aids and 2,933l. 12s. 11¼d. of the Eleven months' tax resting on co. Monmouth, of which he is Receiver.
Write Mr. Brewster to attend Sir G. Downing on Monday about the business of said Brewster's deputation of Mr. Aram to be Receiver of the profits of Greenwax.
Warrant to take Mr. George Hosier into custody ad computandum.
Sir G. Downing to make a certificate how every branch of the revenue was charged at Xmas and how since. And thenceforward every Monday a weekly certificate to be made to my Lords what warrants are charged the week before and on what branch of the revenue each warrant is charged.
As to the 300l. money paid in Sir Samuell Barnardeston's name, Sir R. Long is to draw a warrant to raze the records relating to it. Sir G. Downing to find where Sir S. Barnardeston's tally is.
Ordered that Sir G. Downing do speak with the Solicitor General to hasten all things relating to the selling the fee farms, and [ask him] whether he may not make use of the parchments in the late mortgages and to set all clerks possible at work. Mr. Lawrence to follow these businesses to quicken them.
Mr. Sherwin and Mr. Webb called in about the form of the securities for the Chimney Farmers. Ordered that the Receivers give their bond apart for the whole and their sureties respectively again for the whole, a year and to report what each security is reputed worth.
The reference about Hyde Park is to be altered and made as desired by Mr. Hamilton.
A copy of the Solicitor General's report on the report from Sir R. Long et al. about the fee farms is to be sent to the auditors [of the Exchequer] with my Lord's warrant thereupon.
Ordered that Edmund Ashpoole be messenger to the Chimney money agents.
Warrants for the Navy, Ordnance, &c., to be drawn and to bear date according to Mr. Lloyd's paper.
Auditor Beale called in with his report about the business between Mr. Prettyman and Mr. Scarlet. Copies hereof to be sent to Mr. Prettyman.
Alderman Backwell called in about lending money for the Navy. He says he'll do what he can. He says he'll clear the Custom rent for Michaelmas to-morrow.
Write Sir R. Long to take order that no fees be paid [i.e. charged] for over interest at the Exchequer and that my Lords will pay that one per cent.
Warrant for Sir Robert Southwell's whole [account due] for his ordinary to be borrowed: the extraordinaries to be registered in course.
Alderman Backwell to have liberty to coin so much silver as amounts to the proportion of gold which he's yet to coin. [He offers] that he'll make halfpence and pence in sterling silver [to the value of] 100,000l. [Ordered] that he bring his proposition in writing.
The Chimney Receivers' list is to be sent up for the King's hand.
The King to be moved that Mr. Stewart be one of the Trustees for sale of fee farms.
The auditor called in with Maurice Wynn's account as receiver of Crown revenues for Cornwall, Anglesey, Merioneth, &c., which is declared. Write Mr. Packer that in this account there appears 264l. 2s. 6½d. paid into the Receipt in part of the arrears of the manor of Ruthin, on which said Packer has a warrant for 700l. for the Works: so that Packer may receive this sum out of the Exchequer.
Sir Ste. Fox and Sir Geo. Lane to be called in about the 13,200l. for Moor Park, and are told that it's to be placed on the Excise, except 2,700l. which is to be paid in ready money. Sir Ste. Fox says he'll speak with Alderman Backwell about it.
Write the Customs Farmers that no more money be paid to Mr. Crispe on the spice account till his account be passed.
The report concerning Sir Dennis Gauden, the Victualler, is to be carried up to the Privy Council. Charnock to bring the papers to draw the report by to-morrow morning.
Write Mr. Trethewy (Treduy) to attend on Monday concerning his accompts of the aids.
The Solicitor General to be moved when next here about the Bishop of Exeter's letter.
Warrant for three quarters of a year to Mr. Killegrew on his pension on the Exchequer.
Sir W. Doily to attend my Lords on Monday about his certificate of the arrears of the Aids. Floyd to bring to Sir G. Downing to-morrow the certificate. Write Doyly to attend Downing hereon to-morrow so as to know what is already done thereupon and whether any other persons are to be sent for to attend my Lords on Monday next.
Sir Dennys Gauden's two warrants on the fee farms are to have written on them that they are to be paid out of the moneys coming in by the sale of those rents.
The Customs Farmers, the Commissioners of Excise, the Farmers of the London Excise, Mr. Wadlow, Mr. Bostock, Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord are to attend my Lords about naming Commissioners for the prospect and retrospect of the Wine Act. The messenger to give them notice. Mr. Bostock to bring the names of those now in commission in each district.
[Minute Book III. pp. 316–9.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Viscount Dillon's patent delivered the 29th April, 1670, to his man.
[Minute BookDCXXIV. p. 78.]
[In the case of] all accounts [which are] to be declared, the state of the [said] accounts is to be [previously] left [at the Treasury].
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 101.]