Minute Book: May 1670

Pages 422-437

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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May 1670

May 2.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncomb.
Sir R. Long comes in and presents a form of a warrant for vacating the records about Sir Samuell Barnardeston's 300l. The form is agreed to.
Mr. Slingsby's letter is communicated to my Lords by Sir G. Downing. Ordered that Slingsby be heard on Wednesday next week about the business of the Mint, with such other officers of the Mint as are requisite for that business.
Warrant for a year's creation money to the Earl of Strafford.
Sir Robt. Howard, Mr. Aram and Mr. Brewster promised to attend the Treasury on Wednesday about making Mr. Aram's deputation.
My Lords to be reminded to-morrow of Mr. Elliott's warrant or order which is not yet assigned.
Sir Thomas Strickland's new lease for the salt farm is to be drawn according to the King's late direction. [Ordered] that he attend to-morrow morning and then directions to be given in it.
The Bishop of Chichester called in. Ordered that his First Fruits be paid in four years. Warrant for a privy seal as in such cases.
The Lords of Ireland came in, viz. Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Burlington, Lord Aungier, Secretary Trevor, Sir Edwd. Deering, Sir Geo. Lane. Also the King came in and the Duke of York, also the Earl of Ossory, and the Earl of Anglesey.
Several petitions are read and several directions given thereupon. Ordered that the [Irish] establishments be made ready against Wednesday.
Then the Lords of Ireland went out and the Commissioners of the Navy and Ordnance are called in, who press for money. My Lords inform the King that they cannot borrow money for the Navy as necessary [as it is]: that they have offered to the Treasurers of the Navy to let them borrow money if they can, so as [i.e. on condition that] the money be paid into the Exchequer, whereby it may appear how and when the money is borrowed. Warrant ordered for 100,000l. more for the Navy on the moneys [to arise] by the sale of fee farms. Ordered that this day week the Commissioners of the Navy present the King with the charge of the present fleet at sea and the charge of the repairs to the ships in harbour. And the Ordnance to bring a state of the charge of the fortifications.
The Duke of York moves that he may not be put upon the last [year] of the [new] Wine Act [in order to compensate him for his losses by the said Act arising to his wine licences, such compensation having been recommended by the House of Commons to be paid out of the last year of the eight years of the said new Wine duty] but that he may have a proportion every year.
[Minute BookIII. p. 319–20.]
? May 1 or 2. [Downing's memoranda.]
To speak of Mr. Davis his petition by the Earl of Bath.
To rectify Mrs. Windebank's warrant.
Mrs. Chiffinch her papers: to give them to Sir G. Downing: to give her notice.
Mr. Bowdler: no allowance.
Mrs. Luellyn's years [arrears to be] on Sir Edw. Gr[iffin's] next money, and so Mr. Royer.
Earl of Thomond: letter.
Earl of Bath.
Poor of St. Margaret's and Westminster.
Pages of the Bedchamber.
To abstract the two Irish papers for my Lords with Sir G. C[arteret] when the Irish references [come to hand]. These against Monday, May 9.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 79.]
May 2. The King to be moved in the petition of Robert Bird. The King will give him a pension of 30l. per an. for life.
The King to be moved on the petition of Sir Amias Pollard.
[The King] grants the request and remits the fine of 150l.
Mr. Lawrence to receive the bills.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 102.]
May 3.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Chamber, Sir John Duncombe.
Capt. Watson to be put among the list of pensioners. Warrant for 100l.
Mr. Griffin called in. Sir G. Downing to draw out the charge of the Treasury of the Chamber.
Mrs. Clement's lease to be made in her own or her husband's name as she shall desire. Mr. Fisher to know this.
Warrant for Lord Howard on the fee farms: with the Ambassadors [i.e. on the same fund on which or at the same time as the Ambassadors are paid.]
Lord Arlington's letter read with Sir Thomas Bond's paper. [Ordered] that the Queen Mother's [last] will [and testament] be put with her debts, and in the first place Sir Thomas Littleton to pay 105l. to Sir Thomas Bond for transportation of the Queen [Mother's] goods.
Lord Aungier called in, and agrees that his instructions be drawn up, leaving out the business of collectors and adding the instruction which the King commanded yesterday about the Duke of Ormonde.
Warrant for 200l. to Sir Edm. Bowyer as the King's gift and royal bounty.
The lease of the manor of Shaw to be amended as Sir Edm. Sawyer reports.
Sir W. Doyly's report read about the Welsh receivers. Ordered that he certify to what rate the allowance to each will come which he mentions.
The opinion of the King's Counsel about the suspension of Cadwallader Jones's office is to be considered.
The Earl of Sandwich's 845l. for interest is to be placed on the loans on the land revenue [fee farms].
[Minute Book III. pp. 320–1.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant for 170l. for the singing boys: on the loans on the Wine Act. Warrant for money for the Wardrobe for surplices for the Gentlemen and Children of the Chapel: to be on the fee farms, but first Mr. Haines to bring a certificate.
Mr. Ellesdon: dormant warrant on the Exchequer.
Armourers, Westminster: get their certificate to-morrow.
Query: to-morrow about the notes on the lists.
[Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 79.]
Mr. Bowman called in and a letter from Lord Arlington on his behalf is read. Sir G. Downing to inform my Lords how this is to pass and to remind them of it to-morrow. To see how the last warrant passed.
That part of the Solicitor General's answers on Sir Robert Long's report about the fee farms is to be sent to the Auditors: leaving out the first part.
Sir George Chudleigh's petition read and Mr. Lawrence's report. Agreed to that it be pursued accordingly.
Warrant for a privy seal for 200,000l. for the Treasurers of the Navy on account.
Earl of Midd[lesex].
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 102–3.]
May 4.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
The charge against Mr. Martin, searcher at Plymouth, is to be heard on the first Tuesday in Michaelmas term.
Bevis Lloyd undertakes to pay 833l. 16s. 8d. in two six months. His security to remain as now and Lloyd to pass his-accounts and to be allowed out of the remain in his hands. Warrant for stay of process.
[Ordered] that all receivers of the aids pass their accounts presently. When the accounts are passed my Lords will consider what allowances to make to them all as Mr. Tredui (Trethewey), &c. Doyly to attend my Lords hereon and the auditors to give him states of all the Receivers' accounts. Warrant ordered on Mr. Tredui's affidavit for the auditor to take the 12 per cent. interest charge from his account. As to Mr. Trethewy, ordered that Sir W. Doyly make report for him as for others and then my Lords will allow it. Doyly to certify why he makes these extraordinary allowances in Trethewey's case.
The King to be moved that the fee farms in the Queen Consort's and Queen Mother's jointure may be sold.
Warrant to Sir R. Long to pay 4 per cent. [as reward in addition to the legal 6 per cent. interest] for all loans into the Exchequer. [This warrant to have force] from Xmas last to Michaelmas next.
Warrant for suspending Mr. Crispe from receiving the spice money and for the Farmers of the Customs to receive it.
Sir Edmd. Pooley's account declared. Warrant for his bonds to be delivered up.
Warrant to the King's Remembrancer for stay of process against Capt. Brabant until he should fail of his undertaking.
Mr. Wadlow offers to pay off the debt of the Wine Act on condition that they [the Vintners Company] may have the power [of managing] the retrospect.
Warrant for the arrest of Mr. Baldwyn on Mr. Reus's affidavit.
Mr. Scarlet and Mr. Prettiman called in. Prettiman's Counsel [sic? erratum for Scarlet's Counsel] say that the acquittances for the money [the 1,000l. alleged to have been paid by Prettiman for the office of Receiver of First Fruits] were ante-dated, but were made after the suspension and offers to prove that he paid the money in collusion with Sir John Prettyman out of the King's 1,800l. in cash. Ordered that the case be referred back to Auditor Beale and that Mr. Scarlet make his proofs before Beale and that Prettiman be there present. Ordered that Sir Philip Warwick be joined with Auditor Beale herein.
[Minute Book III. pp. 321–2.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Griffith called in. Ordered that the 900l. odd money, being the remain of a half year last summer, be placed on the moneys arising by sale of fee farm rents. But first Sir Robert Long to send a certificate of the sum.
Sir William Armorer. Warrant for a year as Brigandeer. Query: on what [fund].
Warrant for the Wardrobe on the three estimates brought in now, viz. for the Queen's Tilt, for Madame and for surplices. To be on the loans on the Wine Act. Query: loans or orders.
Warrant for Sir Stephen Fox for the Guards and Garrisons: to be on the sale of the fee farm rents.
To find out what that 200l. [is] which [was warranted] for Mr. Ellyott above the 500l. and 200l. for him. Look at Sir R. Long's certificate and prepare the warrant on the sale of the fee farms.
Lady Sayer's warrant. To be placed on the pensioners.
Mr. Royer his warrant signed by Sir J. Trevor in Feb., 1668–9, for 10l.
Mr. Lilly [to be remembered] when Sir Ed. Griffin [is] next [voted] money.
Query: Peere Williams' warrant.
The Earl of Salisbury's creation money.
What Lord Aungier prayed as to Mr. Williamson having notice of some Irish minutes. The Irish references. To abstract the two references and call on Lord Aungier to-morrow by seven [in the morning].
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 80.]
No warrants or orders on the fee farms or Wine Act to be delivered out till my Lords have made a list of them and ranged their registry [the registry of them].
Privy seal for Mr. Bowman.
The reference paper about Somersham is to be found.
[Minute Book DCXXV. p. 103.]
May 6.
All the money charged on the Wine Act [is ordered] to be paid in course and to be placed on [the funds arising therefrom in the successive] years, but so that if it be not paid out of such year then to be paid out of the first money of the next year (" to be paid out of such money as shall be lent and paid into the Receipt of the Exchequer on the credit of the late Wine Act within the year commencing 24 June, 1670. And in case the money of that year shall fall [short] thereof then to be paid out of the first money uncharged that shall be so lent and paid into the Exchequer within the year next ensuing.") Also all the warrants already passed [charged on the loans] on the fee farms [are ordered] to be placed on the 10,000l. per an. [of fee farms granted to trustees in the grant for sale] now passing and for the future the warrants to be placed particularly upon each grant to be made to the Trustees.
Petition read from Mr. Villers. Warrant ordered for a year.
The officers of the Alienation Office present their accounts for a year.
No more warrants for creation money to be signed in [the next] three months.
The Duke of York to have 20,000l. on the Wine Act for his damage arising from the grant of wine licences [to the King in the present Wine Act]. My Lords propose a compensation to the Duke in lieu of the Wine Licences.
The falconers to be considered three months hence.
Sir Robert Crooke called in: says only 12d. is demanded for joining tallies which he [as the Clerk of the Pipe] takes. There is about 2d. [? 2s.] more taken, but he knows nothing of that. He says he joins the tallies of all accountants that come to them [i.e. to the Pipe Office], but many accounts are not brought to them. Ordered to attend again on Tuesday.
The King to be moved for a compensation to Abbot Montague for the plate and furniture in the [late Queen's Somerset House] chapel. Sir Thomas Bond says the plate is worth 1,200l. and the furniture worth 300l.
[Ordered that] 50l. be inserted in the Civil List [of Ireland] for Henry Brouncker, gamekeeper in Ireland.
Sir Joseph Jordan's son to be preferred to the next landwaiter's place in London.
Mr. Rooke and Mr. Finch called in about the searcher's place in Kent. Finch says he's willing to go to a trial at law. My Lords will consider of the business.
Sir William Poultney is to have 350l. for his house near St. James's upon his conveying the title to the King.
[Ibid. III. pp. 322–3.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Money to be borrowed for Mr. Griffith for half a year for the messengers [of the Chamber], harbingers and Yeoman of the Guard. Warrant on the loans on the Wine Act. And for the rest [warrant ordered] for half a year on the fee farms. The 2,303l. 16s. 7d. [is ordered to be charged] on the sale of the fee farms on the 10,000l. per an. [trust deed for sale of said fee farms].
Warrant for half a year for the Queen's dressers: on the loans on the Wine Act on the present year from June 24 next.
Warrant for the Duke of Buckingham for horses: on the Wine Act on this year (afterwards altered and made on the fee farms).
Warrant for one year's creation money for the Earl of Rivers. What other orders are already warranted for creation money are to be signed and then no more such orders to be made for the next three months.
Dr. Chamberlain's warrant [is] to be placed on the sales of fee farms. The warrant or order to be returned again.
Sir Peter Pett: warrant for 100l. for him on the sales of the fee farms. Warrant to be prepared for the King's hand.
Sir William Temple: warrant for three months [of his ordinary]: on the loans on the Wine Act on the revenue of this year.
Duke of Buckingham: warrant for a year's creation money if [he has already had] none this year.
Mr. Vaughan: warrant on Sir W. Doyly's report on their behalf, which is approved. (Stay till Sir W. Doyly have been with my Lords.)
Sir Jo. Robinson's Tower bills to be fixed on the sale of the fee farms. (Query: to stay. Where are the bills.)
To take the state of wine assignments.
Sir William Poltny: query what now for him.
The Earl of Sandwich 352l. 11s. 0d. for provisions for Madame on an estimate dated May, 1667, [to be paid by warrant charged] on so much lent by, 7 May, 1670. To enter this order and the warrant signed 7 May, 1670.
Capt. Cook for liveries for the singing boys. A certificate first [to be had] from the Wardrobe.
Mr. Darcy's warrant to be registered on the Wine Act: was directed without a minute.
[Minute BookDCXXIV. p. 81.]
An account of all warrants signed upon the Wine Act and fee farms, what upon loans and what registered. Done.
Mr. Barker's petition to be looked out and to see what contract was made by him formerly and what money he formerly received upon this business.
Mr. Alderman Backwell's first of all . . . .
A privy seal for Woodstock to be as formerly on the land revenue.
To see that in the 200,000l. interest warrant [there] be inserted the certificates on what they are grounded. Charnock to take it to Sir G. [Downing] to-morrow morning.
The tally for 300l. to be found out. Done.
Order for half a year on the Earl of Nottingham's pension. Done.
Lord Widdrington's privy seal. Done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 103–4.]
May 9.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Warrant for the King's hand to list the Queen Mother's legacies after the debts.
The Customs Farmers are called in about [the persons who continue to offend in] planting tobacco. The Attorney General to certify what can be done to the utmost against them by law.
Mr. Williams, recorder of Chester, et al., called in about the abuses of the Excise by Bunnell and Warrington. Entry was denied: they carried away the beer without paying the duty. As for what's past, ordered that the Excise Farmers be paid, and that the Recorder assist them. The like letter to be sent to the Justices of Chester as was sent to Worcester.
Sir C. Harbord to be told that it's not inconsistent with his being a trustee [for the sale of fee farms, for him] to rate the particulars [of said fee farms]. But auditor Philips to have [that] employment, and my Lords will in all things hear Sir C. Harbord.
[Minute Book III. p. 323.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Oudart, Mason, Bowman, Lord Aungier, Earl of Salisbury, P[eere] W[illiams].
Sir Rich. Pigott's order to be on the sale of the fee farms.
Madame: warrant for 1,313l. 7s. 6d. for the Wardrobe on Mr. Newport's estimate: to be on the loans on the Wine Act.
Mr. Walker: two warrants to be placed on the moneys for sale of fee farms.
Sir Jo. Robinson's 200l. of the Chimney money is to be paid as in Sir R. Long's certificate and as is formerly directed, which is written on the paper on which the report is.
[Orders for] half a year to Mr. Newport et al. [in the same way as warranted to] the pensioners: being [on] a dormant warrant.
Mr. Mansell: the same.
Mr. Luellin: a warrant.
Sir Edm. Bowyer when he brings the King's hand.
Capt. Watson [his petition read]. Query: if Mr. Griffin must not have a warrant for the remainder of the 15,000l. Col. Whitley [to have] his himself.
Mr. Lluellin: warrant. Query: Mr. Clerk for certificate. Mr. Royer warrant to find.
Sir Edw. Griffin: two warrants new. Query yet for orders for the same. One done now.
Sewers [Commissioners]: warrant ordered.
To examine the Earl of Thomond's letter.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. pp. 81, 82.]
Sir Henry Wood to be here to-morrow morning.
Warrant to stay process against Mr. Morice for his 340l. on the Hearth money until Michaelmas term next.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 105.]
May 10.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Sir Robert Townshend called in with Sir Phil. Warwick about a lease desired by said Towneshend. Sir C. Harbord to certify the value and whether 'tis within the Act and what was done in it by the late Lord Treasurer, and whether the thing desired is within my Lord's power to grant.
[Minute Book III. p. 323.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Delivered to Mr. Williamson. Lady Eustace [her] petition and the Earl of Anglesey's petition and papers and orders of Council, with my Lord's minutes and the Countess of Portland's [papers].
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 82.]
May 11.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Mr. Agar, being called in to the Marquess of Worcester, undertakes to build the Speech House in Dean Forest for 40 tons of timber and 200l. in money. Ordered that he bring his promise in writing. Warrant to him to pass his accounts for the moneys received and disbursed by him for His Majesty's service in Dean Forest. Write auditor Parsons to call on Agar for said account and to state same.
The Commissioners for the retrospect of the Wine Act are called in with Mr. Wadlow. Ordered that they advise together about the names of those [collectors] for the outdistricts and the allowances to them. A salary to be allowed in London and poundage in other places.
The King came in, also the Duke of Ormonde, Earls of Ossory, Anglesey and Burlington, Lord Aungier, Sir G. Carteret, Sir G. Lane and Sir Edward Deering: and took the Irish Civil List into consideration. [Ordered] that before it be concluded His Majesty have an account from Ireland of the state of his revenue.
[Ibid. III. p. 324.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant for Mr. Pepys on the Customs and the Queen Mother's revenue.
Warrant for three months for Viscount Fauconberg on Lord Arlington's certificate.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 105.]
May 13.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir J. Duncombe.
Sir John Bennet called in. Write the Mayor and Recorder of Dublin to give all lawful assistance to His Majesty's Post Master: the letter to make reference to Sir John Bennet's present paper.
The King's Remembrancer, &c., called in about the security to be given by the Receivers of Chimney money. Ordered that they [the officers of the King's Remembrancer's Office] take but single fees and but once though bond be given for the sum twice. Ordered that they take only a noble for every hundred of the first thousand pounds and ten groats in the hundred for the next.
Sir Charles Wheeler called in about Lord Willoughby's remarks upon the Barbados patent. They say they cannot pay in Barbados, for that by bringing their sugar hither they better their farm 2,000l. per an. [Ordered that] in case of a war then that they pay there at the current rate [of exchange].
Auditor Beale to view the accounts of the Wardrobe how they stand for each year.
The report from the Hearthmoney Farmers about Mr. Applegarth is read. Ordered that he have assistance against his subcollectors. Mr. Lawrence to be advised with whether extents may not go out against them.
The report of the East India Company about Mrs. Hardy is read. My Lords can do no more in this business.
Petition read from Thomas Staples concerning the stewardship of the Seven Manors, representing that Sir Philip Palmer is only named in trust. Ordered that this doth not appear to my Lords, and he being much in debt to the King my Lords cannot pass it in his name. But if another be named they will pass it.
Same read from William Orton about changing a name in his patent for the place of a King's waiter in London port. Granted.
[Minute Book III. pp. 324–5.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant for 55,000l. for the Cofferer of the Household: on the fee farms.
Sir Fr. Leeke: warrant.
Mr. Clayton: warrant.
Mr. Gyps: warrant for splitting [his orders or tallies.] Singing boys.
Col. Whitley paid till the 4th May. Mr. Royston's letter and certificate to be annexed to his petition.
Clerks of the Peace.
Labourers: their warrant to be examined.
Mr. Maugridge: his warrant to be for half a year on the fee farm rents.
Pensioners' warrants: to be made on the loans on the fee farms.
Sir Ch. Windham: warrant for his annuity.
Fee Farms 10,000l.: warrant to Sir R. Long to keep a distinct registry for the orders already drawn on the 10,000l. fee farm and like distinct registry for all other orders on future grants of fee farm rents.
Mr. Clark to be here at 2 about Mrs. Luellin.
Mr. Townsend: copy of a privy seal of 5 Oct., 1663.
Mrs. Marg. Price: warrant.
Sir G. Downing about remainder of 15,000l.
Fanshaw, Wentworth, Sir E. Griffith, Chamber [Treasurer], Applegarth, Slaughter, Sir H. P.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 82.]
Sir Edmund Pooley's bond to be delivered up.
Sir Edw. Bowyer's docquet to be brought from the Signet Office.
Mr. Nipho's business considered. Ordered that a caveat be entered accordingly.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 105.]
May 16.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
The Commissioners for the Retrospect of the Wine Act are called in, together with Sir C. Harbord and the Commissioners of Excise, about names [of collectors] for the out-districts. They bring a list of them. As to the salary my Lords [decide] to consider them when the work is done, and that according to the nature of their district and their [individual] industry.
Petition read from the Bishop of Winchester. Report to be made to the King that it will be for the good of the church that these arrears be discharged by privy seal, and that thereby the rent will be the better paid for the future.
The late Chimney Farmers called in. Ordered that process be stopped against them [till next term on condition] that they pay in 10,000l. this term. They are to attend this day fortnight.
The Attorney General called in and is asked about the second penny in the £ to the clerks of the peace for returning the Chimney rolls. Ordered that each whom the King's Remembrancer certifies to have done their duty have the second penny.
Extent to go out against Mr. Swinburne's security and estate, in whose hands soever.
Sir W. Doyly's report about Mr. Polhill is considered. The money to be allowed accordingly.
The King to be moved to grant to Mr. Ogilby what the custom of his paper comes to for printing his Atlas.
Mr. Harding's petition referred to Sir W. Doyley. Extent to be stayed till Monday week till report [can] be made to the King.
Mr.Hollingshead to be repaid what he has overpaid and to be allowed as in Sir W. Doyly's report.
When the docquet comes for the Commissioners for selling the fee farms [ordered] that it be stopped till His Majesty be moved about inserting Mr. William Harbord's name: though [to be] without allowance [of salary] because he has the reversion of his father's place.
[Minute Book III. p. 325.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Write the Chancellor of the Duchy to direct the Auditors within the Duchy that they forthwith deliver to Auditor Phelips the schedules of the particulars of the fee farm rents in order to his making out the rates [ratals] thereof.
To alter the entry of a former warrant of Mr. Vaughan et al.
To move about Mr. Phillips.
The certificates to be considered to-morrow for Mr. Lloyd, &c.
To get Mrs. Luellin recommended to Mr. Clarke.
Ingram. Gypps. Griffin. Fee farms.
Tho. Windham: warrant for half a year on the sale of the fee farms.
Col. Windham's lady: also half a year on loans on the fee farms.
Sir Ste. Fox: warrant to repay him on his tally for 300l. or [else an order for the] money on the sale of the fee farms with interest.
Warrant for the remainder of Mr. Sidney's privy seal on the Chimney money.
Warrant for the arrears of Sir B. Gascoigne's pension: on the sale of the fee farms.
[Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 83.]
Sir Dennis Gawden. Done.
Duke of York. Done.
Mr. Cooper: articles to be produced to-morrow.
Warrant on Lord Arundell's privy seal on the revenue of Cornwall.
The instructions about the Restrospect on the Wine Act are to be looked out against to-morrow.
Sir Ste. Fox: a privy seal [ordered] on his paper.
Warrant on Sir Dennis Gawden's ordinary on the Customs and a warrant to place the money for as much on the Wine Act and to take in their warrant and orders, if any, on the Customs for that sum.
Mr. Sherwyn brings in a return about several securities [for the Collectors of the Hearthmoney]. Ordered that warrants issue accordingly to take their securities, but that there be a clause in them that if any of them [the sureties] be [concerned as bondsmen] in any [other] bonds in the King's Remembrancer's office he [the King's Remembrancer] certify their cases before he deliver their commissions.
Warrant for Sir Dennis Gawden for the victualling for the month of May for 5,000 men.
Mr. Crispe's papers about the alum are to be carried on Wednesday to Sir G. Downing.
Warrant for three months to Sir William Godolphin.
Alderman Backwell and Mr. Parry's instructions are to be returned to Mr. Williamson. But first copies are to be taken.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 106–7.]
May 17.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir J. Duncomb.
Petition read from the Marquess of Worcester. Report to be made to the King that as to the Poll he cannot have it: but [to have] a warrant for so much money to him; and for the rest that he be quitted from the account on condition that he keep the castle in repair for the future.
Warrant for Sir Algernoon May on his patent on the fee farms.
Mr. Hutchinson called in and the state of his account read. Ordered that he be referred back to Auditor Morice who is to attend my Lords to-morrow to receive their instructions.
A commission [ordered] for Thomas Wade (Brade) to be a seizer of goods as at the recommendation of the Earl of Devon and others of the Bermudas Company.
Mr. Walker and the Earl of Carlisle called in Warrant for Walker's money: to be on the fee farms.
The Earl of Berkshire called in. The King to be moved in the matter of his docquet.
Mr. Crispe called in. [Ordered] that they clear their account of the Alum farm to Xmas and Sir G. Downing to pass their privy seal.
Warrant for the Duke of Monmouth for his 13,200l.: to be on the London Excise.
Petition from Mr.Newsham: referred to Sir W. Doyly.
Mr. Staples to bring a note from Sir Philip Palmer of his [Palmer's] consent and then the bailiwick to be granted to Mr. Staples.
Sir R. Long to pay to Mr. Packer out of the sale of fee farms the money he should have had out of [the manor of] Ruthin. 'Tis about 260l. [264l. 2s. 6½d.] and appears upon Receiver Wynn's last account to have been paid in. [The warrant for this is] to be on the privy seal of 12 March last for 10,000l. for extraordinaries [and the money is to be payable] next after the interest money payable out of it to Mr. Warcup.
Mr. Strickland called in: presents a paper of several orders made in it. [Ordered] that the business be done accordingly.
The Duke of York to be placed in Sir Henry Wood's warrant next after what is already placed.
The Customs Farmers called in about the business of planting tobacco. Complaint to be made in the Privy Council against Mr. Carter for knowingly suffering tobacco to be planted in his garden. Mr. Lawrence to attend the Attorney General to know if he may not be prosecuted in the King's Bench.
Mr. Browne to be recommended to any Chimney Collectors as having been recommended to my Lords by the Bishop of Peterborough.
Petition from Nich. Carker et al.: referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Warrant for 50l. to Andrew Lawrence: on the sale of fee farms. (On his privy seal of June 15 last for 300l. on which 200l. remains unpaid.)
Petition from Newark referred to Sir C. Harbord to report as far as concerns His Majesty's revenue.
Warrant for 5l. to Henry Thomas: on the loans on fee farms.
Petition from Thomas Meriball. Granted. Warrant ordered.
Same from Sir John Robinson. Referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Warrant for 100l. each to Sir W. Doyley and Mr. Loven: on the sale of fee farms.
[Minute Book III. pp. 326–7.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
B. Lloyd: warrant to stay process; reciting his obligation.
Mr. Kirk now Ch.:
Lady Wentworth and Mr. Griffin. La[dy] Fanshaw.
Chapel boys: warrant for 85l. 16s. 0d. for summer liveries according to the estimate.
Lord Arundell: warrant on the revenue of [the Duchy of] Cornwall: on his privy seal.
Sir G. Talbot: his business to be according to his privy seal. A warrant.
Sir Job. Charleton: warrant for half a year on the fee farms.
Mr. Griffith: warrant for 30,000l. [for the Chamber] for this year, half on the Wine Act half on the fee farm sales.
Mr. Newport: warrant on an estimate: to be on the sale of fee farms.
Sir Ste. Fox: warrant for 3,000l. on one of his papers on his privy seal on the fee farms. And a privy seal on his other papers.
The Cofferer of the Household: warrant on the London Excise: on his paper and privy seal.
Mr. Prichard (surety for Harris, late receiver of Hearthmoney for Devon) to be arrested if the 500l. be not paid. Write Mr. Laurence to give an account if he has paid in the 250l. part thereof.
Warrant for 2,000l. for the Works for Extraordinaries: to be on the fee farms.
La. Lloyd: [warrant for] half a year on her husband's pension: on the fee farms. Query: [ask] Charnock for the certificate.
Mr. Fillingham; warrant for 40l. on the sale of fee farms.
Extent to issue against John Salkeld et al. about Mr. Applegarth.
Mrs. Kirke: warrant for half [a year on] her pension.
Earl of Leicester: warrant for what arrears are due to him on the Hearthmoney.
Query: Sir G. Downing about Mr. Griffin and Sir Ste. Fox overcharge.
[Minute Book DCXXIV. pp. 83, 84.]
A list to be made of such of the king's servants as are payable in the Exchequer and have been paid last year, or are in actual service, in order to preparing warrants for them for a year's salary. Charnock to make it and bring it to Sir G. Downing to view.
Lord Arlington to be acquainted that Consul Tucker is not at Algiers.
Sir Edward Bish called in. Sir G. Downing to see what others of his quality have had since this [Treasury] Commission sat and what he hath had: and to report it.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 107.]
May 18.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
Viscount Brouncker called in and his petition read. [Ordered] that as for looking back for defalcations when his rent [for the farm of the issues of jurors] is already paid, my Lords do not think that reasonable, but for the future to have this taken in and a reasonable recompense to him as to Sir William Howard. Ordered that it be referred to Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, Sir G. Downing and Mr. Sherwyn to consider what it yielded before the act for jurors and what since.
Mr. Waller's business about spices is considered. My Lords think not fit to meddle further in it.
Mr. Boothe's desire [read] about an additional allowance for collecting the Chimney money in Cheshire: to be made equal with [the allowance for] Lancashire.
Sir Thomas Daniel and Auditor Beale called in about said Daniel's account of money [imprested to him] to pay his company. The auditor and Mr. Sherwyn are to consider what can be done in the case and report.
Sir Edward Bish to be paid equal with others since the [present Treasury] commission sat, viz. for a year on the Chimney money and as many years more as others have had. Warrant ordered. [Serjeant Norfolk and some others have had two years since the Hearthmoney warrants: the rest but one year, viz. in January, 1668.]
Mr. Hutchinson called in with his auditor about his account. Ordered that the 60l. be suspended and that he have his allowance proportionable to what he paid, and that he pay the remain, being about 80l., viz. 20l. thereof presently and 20l. yearly thereafter, and then to be discharged.
The order of Council about Sir Denys Gauden read. A privy seal [ordered] for his 6 per cent., and that he be referred to Auditor Beale for [the account of] his over interest.
Sir W. Doyley's report read about Mr. Bowdler. Allowed. Warrant ordered.
The officers of the Works deliver a paper of allowances [proposed to be continued to the officers of the Works] in Windsor Castle. Ordered that these officers only be paid or kept [on the establishment]: Mr. May will give the commencement [of their employment]. [Ordered] that Mr. Marriot impress money from time to time by imprest warrant according to the rules of the office of Works for the service of Windsor. For the rest directions are written on the paper delivered by them. The report of the said officers is also read about Mr.Packer's house. Warrant for 200l. for it: on the extraordinaries of the Works.
Write Sir John Bennet and Sir William Poultney that complaints have been made to my Lords of the extraordinary badness of the Pall Mall Street, being the great road from Charing Cross or Whitehall to St. James's, and considering how great a thoroughfare it is and to people of the greatest quality my Lords desire them to speak with the rest of the Justices and to take order the law be put in execution to speedily purge and mend the Pall Mall Street.
[Minute Book III. pp. 327–8.]
The letters for Sir Samuel Sterling et al for them to appear this day fortnight, are to be made ready.
The Clerks of the Peace, their warrants each of them to be made ready excepting the 12 [? the second penny].
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 85.]
A certificate from Mr. Staples that Sir Philip Palmer is content that the grant of the bailiwick be in the name of said Staples. [Ordered] that it be done accordingly.
Warrant for Mr. Dyke to be bailiff in Lincolnshire.
Mr. Wyngate and Mr. Wareing called in with names [of Collectors] for the out-districts for the retrospect of the Wine Act. Ordered that the warrants for the Commissions be accordingly despatched, but that of Devon not to be filled up till the Treasurer of the Household comes to town.
Write Mr. Humfryes to deliver the Chimney rolls, &c., according to Mr. Sherwyn's draft.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 108.]
May 25.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir J. Duncomb.
Sir Robert Townesend called in and Sir C. Harbord's report is brought in which [is ordered] to be reported to the King.
The Chimney Farmers to be heard next Wednesday by their Counsel as to bringing in the arrears of that duty. The Attorney General to attend then.
Sir Charles [Harbord's] report is read about Mr. Kirke's petition about the 800 acres of fen. [Ordered] that nothing can be done without an Act of Parliament or a commission to treat with the Commoners.
Col. Birch and Mr. Wareing called in about the business of the retrospect of the Wine Act. As to their commission my Lords say they will speak with the Lord Keeper about the passing of it.
Mr. Wadlow makes it his desire in behalf of himself and his partners that the moneys raised by the retrospect of the Wine Act be paid to their respective cashiers [in the various outdistricts] which they will take as paid to them and [will] discharge the King.
Mr. Harbord called in. Ordered that he prosecute Mr. Madden. Write him and that he advise with Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Pepys.
Mr. Baker called in and Sir C. Harbord's paper is considered. Write the Attorney General that my Lords are inclinable that a prosecution be made in the case, having heard Sir C. Harbord: and that, therefore, he receive information from the prosecutor and report what ground he finds for it.
Mr. Newsham to have his commission, notwithstanding the super of 93l. 13s. 0d. on him, that being under reference to Sir W. Doyly. Warrant to the King's Remembrancer for this.
[Minute Book III. pp. 328–9.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant for the Earl of Suffolk for a year; as of the Bedchamber: on the sale of the fee farms. The like for the Earl of Lauderdale.
The Earl of Bath: warrant for his 2,625l. to be charged as the last, but not to be offered till Wednesday next.
Paul Adams: warrant on his privy seal.
Mr. Littleton: warrant.
Newman, Carpenter: Mr. Windham's warrant.
Chimney Farmers: warrant for extents on the three affidavits for them.
Sir John Banks: warrant for his 4 per cent. leaving out that about fees.
Sir William Bowls: warrant for 4,000l. on his last privy seal: on the fee farms after the 100,000l. for the Navy.
John Goddard and Francis Godfry to have warrants for the [office of] seizing of all prohibited goods in London and the outports.
The report from the Commissioners of the Navy about Sir Dennis Gauden is to be shewn to Lord Ashley.
Warrants for taking the securities of Mr. Whetham, Mr. Rydly and Mr. Sands.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 85; DCXXV. p. 108.]
May 26.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
Mr. Wadlow presents a draft of such a letter as he and his partners [in the farm of the wine duty] intend to write to my Lords to desire that Col. Birch [and the other Commissioners for the retrospect of the Wine Act] should pay the money to their [Wadlow's] Cashiers [in the various out-districts]. Said letter is amended and approved.
Write Sir Henry Wood to hasten to my Lords the list of the late Queen Mother's debts and legacies so that the great seal for that affair may be speedily despatched.
Write the Queen's Council to quicken their Receivers to pay in their moneys.
Write the officers of the Works to survey the house of Mr. Brattle, Assaymaster of the Mint, and to estimate for the repair thereof.
The King to be moved about Sir Francis Cobbe's desire to resign his collection of the Chimney money to Major Cooper.
Auditor Phelips to hasten the books in order to the quickening of the second [trust deed of] grant of the fee farms.
Lord Ashley takes away the report of the Commissioners of the Navy about Sir Dennys Gauden's interest accounts.
[Minute Book III. p. 329.]
May 30. [Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant for 3,700l. for the Works on the second privy seal for rebuilding the Custom House.
Sergt. Harsnett: two years' warrant on his dormant.
[Write] Mr. Bowdler for a copy of the report of the Barons about setting supers on the Receivers of the assessments.
Mrs. Tindall [her letter] to be left with Mr. Boweter at Chelmsey House in Essex.
Mr. Adams: Bish: Hearth extents.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 85; DCXXV. p. 109.]
[May 30.] Sir Job Charleton and Mr. Mylward: half a year on the fee farms: to be registered.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 109.]