Minute Book: June 1670, 1-14

Pages 437-452

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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June 1670, 1-14

June 1.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir J. Duncomb.
Col. Birch et al. [his fellow Commissioners for the Retrospect of the Wine Act] called in with the Attorney General concerning the settling the business of that Retrospect. The Attorney General offers that as to the search on the 24th of June there be one Commission under the Great Seal to a great number of persons and each of them to have a warrant under the King's sign manual. The further debate of settling this business is put off till to-morrow when Col. Birch is to attend and then it is to be particularly considered how many districts to be for the outports.
Mr. Lawrence reads the draft of a conveyance to the Trustees to sell the fee farms. The draft is approved. Also that in order to the easy finding out the particulars as to the 10,000l. per an. there be written in the margin the names of the counties in which each rent is. Also that the patents be printed and that there be a covenant in each grant that a printed copy of each grant, printed by the King's printer, shall be evidence in any court whereby to avoid endless searches and directions given to the Attorney General accordingly.
The officers of the Mint called in about the business of eager [aeger = worn or underweight] silver and Alderman Backwell is called in about it. Ordered, as to the 1,400 1b. weight of eager silver which is brought in, that it be coined but no more to be received. On Friday week the business of the indenture of the Mint is to be considered.
Ordered that as to the Prospect of the Wine Act from the 24th inst. there be a commission under the Great Seal to the officers of the respective ports. The Attorney General to prepare it and Mr. Lawrence to attend him in it and bring the draft to my Lords.
The Chimney Farmers called in: say they have paid in the 10,000l. My Lords ask when they will pay the remain. They say they will pay it by 3,000l. a month. Ordered that they pay 4,000l. a month and be referred to Auditor Beale to state their accounts and process to be stopped till Michaelmas term. Warrant of direction concerning the 10,000l. thus lately paid by them.
Mr. Beane's Excise business is to be heard the first Wednesday after term.
Mr. Bevis Lloyd, sub-farmer of Excise, is to be heard to-morrow about the business of process. The Attorney General to attend then.
Warrant for an Exchequer Commission at Sir Edmd. Windham's desire: but that Sir John Robinson, Sir Tho. Littleton, Sir Thomas Osborne, Sir C. Harbord be also ordered as Commissioners.
[Minute Book III. pp. 330–1.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Treasurers of the Navy: warrant to take up money at interest.
Widow Gunter: to have half a year as other pensioners had.
Sir William Bowls: his warrant to be on some new book of the fee farm.
Sir Jo. Banks: warrant for his 4 per cent. on his 4,055l. 11s. 1½d. loan order now signed on the wine registry and dated 27 May.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 86.]
A form of a letter to the Customs Farmers about the outports [is adopted and] ordered to be written fair.
Also a draft of a letter to each of those who are to [make the] search the 24th June [as to Retrospect of the Wine Act] is brought in and approved and to be written accordingly, said letter being to notify their being appointed to that work. Col. Birch to get them ready when the forme is prepared.
Warrant for Alderman Backwell's Custom tally to be registered. Charnock to give an account where it may be placed.
The Treasurers of the Navy 100,000l. and 10,000l. [for interest] to be on the Wine Act.
Alderman Backwell's account of tin is to be ready to-morrow morning.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 109–10.]
June 2.
[Ordered that the fee farms to be granted to trustees for sale in] the second book of the fee farms be [made liable as to one] half [thereof] to pay what is charged already on the fee farms [if that charge shall prove to be in excess of the credits raised by the first trust deed for sale of said fee farms]. Warrant ordered for this in the following terms. "Whereas we have been necessitated for His Majesty's service to charge more, &c., on the fee farms than the first [Trust] deed will bear, we desire you to take notice and observe that the second deed to be passed thereof is to be equally liable thereunto, &c."
Ordered that the Auditors of the Exchequer be directed for the future to make out such particulars as they are to return in English because many clerks understand not the Latin.
Col. Birch and Mr. Wingate called in and consideration is had of the districts and names for the Wine Acts. Ordered that a place of meeting be appointed at some great port in each district and [the Commissioners for the various districts] to be sworn there and then to disperse themselves.
Mr. Christian and several Commissioners of the out-districts are called in who say they can't say what to demand for their service but refer themselves to my Lords for it. Therefore ordered that they have 12d. in the £ certain and for their further and full encouragement to be afterwards considered according to their desert. Ordered that they do as money arises take their 12d. per £ and that this be inserted in their instructions. Where any of them are in want Mr. Wadlow is spoken to let them have 20l. or 30l. a man to be disbursed out of the 12d. per £. Ordered that the names of the Commissioners of each district be inserted in the commission [along] with the names of the searchers. The Attorney General to draw a commission to pass the Exchequer [Seal] to settle the Commissioners and searchers.
Ordered that the Attorney General draft a great seal to enable my Lords to appoint persons to collect the growing duty [or prospect] of the Wine Act.
Sir Hen. Wood to bring on Friday a signed list of the several Receivers and what they owe to the Queen Mother and then process ad computandum to issue against them.
The sub-farmers of the Chimney money are called in and heard by Mr. Winnington, their Counsel, as to process against the country [for unpaid arrears owing to them]. My Lords say that the King is to give all assistance to the sub-farmers but that they are not to give their bad debts in payment. And my Lords offer all possible assistance. "So say they, wee will assign our debts to the King and demand aid thereupon." The Attorney General says that the scruple as to giving Exchequer process is only as to the point of convenience. Also they say [they] have but till Michaelmas to collect another half year's arrears, viz. what was due at Michaelmas 12 months [past]. But Mr. Winnington says that if a scire facias be begun then they shall have time to collect the money. Ordered that the Lord Chief Baron attend on Monday afternoon about considering of the material part of the issuing Chimney money process against such as are behind: and that the Attorney and Solicitor General attend then.
[Minute Book III. pp. 331–2.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mrs. Stepny to have half a year as other pensioners.
Warrant for Mr. Trevanion: on Sir W. Doyly's report.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 86.]
To see when Alderman Backwell is to pay the tin money at Ostend.
To remind Sir G. Downing of going to the Lord Chief Baron to-morrow sometime in the afternoon.
[Minute Book DCXXV. p. 110.]
June 3.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
Col. Birch called in and Mr. Lawrence. Ordered that Lawrence take out the particulars of each book for the sale of the fee farms and carry them to the printer to be printed with speed.
Another letter to be written to the Pipe Office and the Chancellor of the Duchy to return their particulars.
Lord Willoughby's accompts to be considered next Thursday.
Mr. Trevanion called in: prays a further allowance than in Sir W. Doyley's report.
Mr. Gibbs called in. Warrant for stay of process against him till further order upon the super of 1,278l. 2s. 9d. which he paid to Sir Dennys Gauden for his present occasions for the King's service. Referred to Sir R. Long, Mr. Sherwyn, Sir C. Harbord and Sir G. Downing to consider how this money may be supplied by Sir D. Gauden and so the matter set to rights.
Lady Herbert's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord to report what may be done within his instructions.
Mr. Sherwyn and Mr. Webb to take additional security of Mr. Gwynn in regard he is bond for Bevis Lloyd.
Petition from Sir Roger Cuttance: referred to the Customs Farmers to report of what port Bridport is a member and of what consequence to the Customs the doing of what is desired may be.
Warrant for the arrest of Mr. Wade on Sir R. Long's certificate.
[Ibid. III. pp. 333.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
The Farmers of the London Excise to strike tallies on their late privy seal for their defalcations.
Warrant for Alderman Bucknell to strike a tally on the country Excise for his 2,000l. on his privy seal.
Capt. Cock's copy.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 86.]
Warrant for a year for Berwick Bridge: on the Customs of Berwick.
Report to be made on Mr. Morgan's petition that the precedent of such a case would be very dangerous in the consequence as to others.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 110.]
June 6.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Write the Commissioners of the privy seal not to pass Humphries' docquet till that case is heard: which is appointed to be on Wednesday next.
Mr. Richardson's and Mr. Bird's docquets to be made during pleasure and then to pass.
The King to be moved for a compensation for the Speaker [of the Commons]; he by reason of the Parliament being wholly put by his practice.
Mr. Edward Seymour not to be troubled till Michaelmas about the 1,400l. he's in arrear: according to the King's pleasure. Write him that my Lords have instructed Sir W. Doily to this effect.
The 37l. 10s. 0d. for the Bishop of Lichfield's vicars is to be placed on the fee farms.
Lord St. John called in about Mr. Swinburne's account of the Aids. Mr. Swinborne also called in. The Solicitor General says that those who recommended him are liable to pay the money. Ordered that the account be made up by Auditor Aldworth, and Sir W. Doyly to hasten it. He [Lord St. John] also acquaints my Lords that he finds by a patent of the Duke of Albemarle that the soil of Finckley Forest is granted to him but the timber is excepted [out of the grant] yet that he finds much timber has been felled there and more will, Sir Thomas Clarges to attend on Wednesday that my Lords may speak with him as to this. A copy of the patent to be then brought. Ordered that Sir G. Downing advise with Sir R. Long how Lord St. John may be discharged from such money as he shall pay in for Swinborne.
Col. Birch called in about the retrospect of the Wine Act together with Mr. Wingate and Mr. Wadlow. " Also the list agreed of the names for the out-districts of the Wine Act." Each district to be made up seven out of the former names, which Col. Birch is to do. Col. Birch moves on behalf of Mr. Wadlow that he desires to keep the bonds as well as the money. [Ordered] that Mr. Wadlow have the bonds upon [condition of] the inserting into Mr. Wadlow's letter a clause that they [the Vintners] be answerable for the bonds as well as the money.
Sir Ste. Fox presents a paper about repayment of certain loans for secret service to him.
The Lord Chief Baron called in and the sub-farmers of the Chimney money are heard by Mr. Winnington, their Counsel, about their covenant for the King's aid in processes. The Lord Chief Baron says the schedules are not a sufficient warrant for process: but it must be either by supers on an account declared or by distress. My Lords say the Chimney money was in farm and so no account of it, and so no account declared and so no supers. The Lord Chief Baron says that though in farm yet they might have had commissions as Collectors and so an account. Also he says that where a certificate is given them false yet that the King is not obliged to aid them in this case: because by law there is no appeal for due [properly or duly made] certificates but where the certificate is not according to the Act that there is remedy [i.e.] where the certificates have not all the [legal] qualifications. [Ordered] "that the [Chimney Farmers give in a statement of their] sub-farmers' rents under several heads all those arrears and then that consideration be had in the first place of levying what [is] most clear: and that they also attend the Lord Chief Baron with the sub-farmers' patent. The Lord Chief Baron proposes Commissions out of the Exchequer into the counties to examine what of the schedules is behind and to be collected, examining the fact and so to ground process on the return of those commissions; but confesses that in regard of the shortness of the time this will not do. So [it is] ordered that they [the Hearth money Farmers] bring the [sub] Farmers' patent to the Lord Chief Baron and their orders ranged in schedules. Also the Lord Chief Baron says its necessary that all the Chimney Collectors take an oath. Mr. Sherwyn to take care to issue a commission into the country to swear them [in the country] and the rest [those for London and Middlesex] to be sworn here [in the Treasury]. Write Sherwyn to take care hereof and to let Downing know what he does therein. The Attorney General says that Sir R. Pigot et al. are by their grant appointed His Majesty's officers to collect the Chimney money and so that they may make an account. Mr. Winnington says its true yet they can't be made accomptants because they are to have the money for their own use. My Lords say let the sub-farmers propose what can be done [just as] if the money were [collectable or demandable] for the King, and my Lords will do it. They are to put in writing what they would have done. They are to hasten this and in order hereto are to attend my Lords as above.
Lord Bellasis called in: proposes that the Band of Pensioners may receive again their full allowance according to the last order of Council.
Mr. Sherwyn's [and Mr. Webb's] certificate about [the security propounded by Mr. Edward] Smith [nominated Head Collector of Hearth money for Suffolk] is read. My Lords do not approve of the same and do not think fit that he shall be commissioner. Write Sir George Reeves informing him of this. Warrants to be prepared for the rest according to the certificates from Sherwyn and Webb.
Mr. Lawrence to give order for the printing of 800 of the books of the particulars of the fee farms which are to be sold.
[Minute Book III. pp. 334–6.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Col. Legg: warrant for 3,000l. for Sheerness: on the loans on the fee farms.
Mr. Brattle.
Mr. Darcy's … entered 26 May next after the Earl of Sandwich. H [is] p[ension] paid to about 2 June.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 86.]
Sir Ste. Fox: a privy seal for 10,000l. for secret service upon accompt.
Mr. Blany and Mr. Lightfoot's letter to be written fair.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 111.]
June 7.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
The King to be moved that William Harbord be added as a trustee for the sale of fee farms.
[Ordered] " that when assignments shall be given to the Victualler for his [? victualling ordinary] account, foreign account, interest account, Lent account, and [account of] reward money when passed" Mrs. Davis have a tenth of them. Sir G. Downing to keep the tenth of the Aids for her and to acquaint Sir Dennys Gawden with it.
Warrant for the King's hand for 200 tons of timber for Lord St. John instead of the 100 tons he moved for Sir Robert Holmes for the forts at Yarmouth in the Isle of Wight. Know of Lord St. John if it must be for that use only.
Lord St. John to pay in what moneys he has in his hands of Swynborne's and he shall be discharged by a privy seal.
Lord Willoughby called in with Mr. Brewer about his [Barbados] account which is considered. Ordered that in his account his Lordship account as well for the sugar as for the whole. A copy of what, in his account, relates to the victualling of ships is ordered to be sent to the Navy Office for them to view and take notice of. Write Sir Charles Wheeler to attend to-morrow about the farm of the 4½ per cent. duty on sugars at Barbados.
Sir W. Doyly's report in the case of Mr. Trevanian is to be returned to him to report what others have had who carried their money [arising from the collection of assessments] as far [by means of land carriage towards London].
Mr. King, of Harwich, called in with his counsel about his pretences of money upon the accompt of the [advancement of the] Herring fishery. King's petition to be referred to Sir W. Doyly, particularly as to his being [made a] solicitor [of taxes]. Sir G. Downing, Sir C. Harbord, Sir R. Long, Mr. Sherwyn are to view Mr. King's papers and to make a state of the case for my Lords. They are also to enquire what became of the money received by the Earl of Pembroke in the late Parliament for the advance of that business.
Warrant to the officers of the Works to repair Mr. Brattle's house [as assay-master in the Mint] out of the moneys of the Wine Act. Warrant for 300l. [for this to replace the 300l. formerly imprested to the Paymaster of the Works for this service but diverted to another source].
Lord Willoughby's account to be further considered.
Write the Attorney General to certify the surrender by Turbervile Morgan of the office of searcher of Sandwich port, and whether such a surrender can be made without the King's consent, and meanwhile to forbear signing the scire facias in the case: my Lords being moved hereto by Mr. Finch.
Write Auditor Meynell as formerly to inspect Sir G. Downing's books and to adjust his interest account upon them on his oath.
[Minute Book III. pp. 337–8.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant for Prince Rupert on his 2,000l. patent: to be placed on the nearest month of the Customs that will bear it.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 111.]
June 8.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncombe.
Write Mr. Snell at the great seal that in case a grant for a lease of several lands and rents in Yorkshire to Sir Hugh Bethell be brought to the seal to pass he do move the Lord Keeper to stop it until he shall first hear from my Lords about it, there being something material in it about which my Lords desire to be informed in before it passes. Mr. Fisher and Mr. Brounckart to be at Sir G. Downing's to-morrow about the warrant passed in this case.
Referred to Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing and Col. Birch to consider of rates fitting to be taken upon wine licences for the King from Michaelmas next and what to be inserted in the Gazette about notifying that the Duke of York's wine licences are to end at Michaelmas next and new ones to be granted from that date, my Lords having moved the King and the Duke of York about taking in the said Duke's licences from that date. Write Sir Allen Apsly and Mr. Wren to attend on Friday about this business.
Sir G. Downing to see if Mr. Cooper and Mr. Walden have performed their agreements with my Lords.
Sir D. Gauden and Mr. White to meet about his [White's] delivering the beer [to the Navy as agreed upon by him for the liquidating his debt to the Crown] and that Sir W. Doyly do see it done and report on Friday week, and if not settled by that time my Lords will take White into custody.
Lord St. John to attend on Friday with Mr. Swynborne and his auditor [Auditor Aldworth] and account. Write Sir W. Doyly to attend then.
Col. Kirby to attend on Friday about his [brother's] account of the Aids.
Mr. Laurence to attend Lord Ashley about process to be issued against Meanell Langley for about 8l. in super on him in Mr. Bennet's account of the Royal Aid.
Warrant to allow Mr. Stubbing (Stebbing) 18l. 1s. 8d. for charges of a suit in law on His Majesty's account. Query in what account this appears. Query Mr. Bennet's account.
Mr. Treduy called in. Ordered that he have 400l. allowed him on Sir W. Doily's report for carrying up 91,000l. of the moneys of the Aids, &c., out of his county and for passing his account.
Write Sir W. Doyly to make a book of the state of accompt of each receiver of the Royal and Additional Aid, Eleven Months' Tax and Poll, specifying which have passed their accounts and which not, what supers are set on those who have passed them and what is in arrear on those who have not passed them or on the collectors of the county, and specifying further what may be done to get in said arrears. The auditors of the revenue to attend him in order thereunto and to give him states of all the accounts.
Sir Charles Wheeler and Mr. Spencer called in about their lease of the 4½ per cent. duty at Barbados. My Lords yielded that they pay their rent here but as to the point of appeals from Judges in Barbados it is referred to the Attorney General to consider the covenants between the Farmers of the said duty and the King and to report to my Lords how far the King may according to law enter into such a covenant with them, viz. for their having the benefit of Exchequer process.
Lord Widdrington called in and his and Sir Ralph Delavall's petitions are read and referred to Sir C. Harbord as to the land, and to the Farmers of the Customs as to whether it is fit to make it a port and what privilege is fit to be granted to them.
Mr. Preston's petition is read and Preston called in. Sir Jo. Shaw to be spoken to on Friday not to employ Cole at Southampton in regard of his compliance with Mr. Jones. Write Mr. Breames, at Dover, to send an account on Monday week of what moneys he has received on the suspension of Cadwallader Jones. Mr. Preston to be paid what he shall show he is out of purse. Mr. Lawrence to examine the accounts.
Sir Ste. Fox and Alderman Bucknell called in. My Lords declare they will move the King about the renewing their lease on their covenant. And Sir Ste. Fox's 140,000l. debt [is] ordered [to be charged] on the fee farms. The Auditor to state Alderman Bucknell's account to Midsummer for the London Excise.
As to the Clerks of the Peace the warrants to be made for them all for the penny in the £ and for the second penny for every year they have done the full duty required by the law.
Mr. Pight called [in and] the draft of a commission brought in by him [is read and ordered] to be referred to the Attorney General to report the legality of it.
Sir C. Harbord's report on Mr. Seymour's petition is considered. [Ordered] that this business be done as desired.
Sir Rob. Vyner and Sir Jo. Bancks called in about their orders registered in the Exchequer. My Lords tell them they will order them on the Wine Act but not yet. Sir Jo. Bancks moves for his 2,000l. privy seal granted in Mr. Lewis's name, in the late Treasurer Southampton's time, for goods exported before 1660. [Ordered] that he bring the judgment of the judges that it's payable, being before 1660. The Attorney General and Sir Philip Warwick to attend hereon on Wednesday fortnight.
Mr. Tymothy Wade called in: says he has no money of the Hearth money of Norfolk in his hands. Ordered that he and John Lloyd be heard on Friday. Also Wade is spoken to about the money he owes as Receiver to the Queen Mother. Ordered that Mr. Wade pay 500l. this week, 500l. next week and that he account before Midsummer for his receipt of the Queen Mother's rent and pay the foot of the account and that he have his liberty on security to the Sergeant.
Mrs. Blague: warrant for 250l. more: she being dead: on the loans on the fee farms.
Sir G. Downing to search for what time the arrear to Sir Bernard Gascoigne did incur.
[Minute Book III. pp. 338–40.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant for 500l. and 2,500l. for Sir Ste. Fox on the loans on the fee farms.
Warrant for 9l. for Sir Dennys Gauden: on his privy seal.
Warrant to Sir W. Doyly to deliver up Mr. Polhill's bonds. Query: Why? What bonds?
Works 2,000l.
To take Mr. Bendish his petition.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 87.]
Mr. Ogilby: a warrant for a privy seal.
Sir Edward Turner: 4,000l.: a privy seal.
Mr. Cooper's agreements: to see where they are.
" Sir G. Downing to speak with Mr. Williamson about [what] Lord Arlington and Mr. Jenkins is to have."
Mr. Griffith [Griffin] called in: a privy seal [for the Chamber] for 50,000l.
[Minute Book DCXXV. p. 112.]
June 10.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
Mr. Sherwyn and Col. Webb to enquire about the fitness of the persons nominated by the King to be Chimney collectors for certain counties, their names having been brought in by Mr. Brouncker this day to my Lords in a paper from the King.
Auditor Philips called in with a book of the particulars [of the fee farms] to be sold on the 10,000l. [trust] deed.
Warrant for the splitting of a tally according to Auditor Philip's note.
Warrant for the London Excise farmers to strike tallies according to their privy seal for their defalcations.
Sir Allen Apsley and Mr. Wren called in and are desired to acquaint the Duke of York that the King has declared he is willing to give him 20,000l. per an. for his Wine licences on the Excise.
Ordered that it be referred to Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, Mr. Sherwyn and Sir G. Downing to consider whether any general rules may be fit to be given for the years' purchase [rate] to be insisted upon in the sale of His Majesty's fee farms, that is to say whether the same rate be to be insisted on for all counties and whether the same rate be to be insisted on for a greater or smaller rent.
The late Farmers of the Customs are called in. My Lords tell them they must pay the 5,000l. for the Queen, also 2,000l. at Midsummer for my Lords. As to the 2,000l. Sir John Shaw is to give an answer this day week.
Write Sir R. Long to pay the over interest for the money lent to pay Sir Robert Southwell. Sir R. Southwell will bring the name of the lender and the sum and the tally to prove it.
A privy seal brought in for 1,000l. for the Duke of Buckingham. Search to be made what money he has had this year.
Mr. Lawrence produces a draft commission to be signed by my Lords to the Customs Farmers to take care of the collection of the prospect of the Wine Act from June 24 [next] till further order. Warrant ordered. To be sent to the said farmers, together with 100 copies of the Act.
Sir John Shaw spoken to to send for Cole.
Sir Edwd. Turnor to bring on Monday an account of what moneys have been received by him on the late Customs Farmers' 35,000l. tallies and what remains.
Write Mr. Crisp to attend on Monday about his alum account.
Sir John Shaw to send someone to-morrow to Sir G. Downing to see what [stands registered] before their [the Customs Farmers'] 5,000l. loan on the Eleven Months' tax for that they will lend it again.
Sir Robert Howard called in: acquaints my Lords that they have ended with Brewster: that they have attended the Lord Chief Baron to consider the compositions made in the Exchequer Chamber, that now matters are to be settled in relation to their rent and new grant [of the Greenwax]. Write the Clerk of the Pipe to certify what defalcations are due to the Farmers of the Greenwax according to their covenants and what rent they owe.
Capt. Talbot's petition read. Referred to Sir C. Harbord to certify if it be not within the Earl of Berkshire's grant of the Greenwax.
Mr. Montague called in as from the Queen's Council. My Lords propose that there be a settlement on the Excise for so much as shall be taken from the Queen of fee farm rents: same to be settled by a great seal to be confirmed by Act of Parliament. And [the Queen's total settlement] to be made up [to] 40,000l. per an.: and that if they [the Queen's Council] think fit to quit their land rent [then] also to have the whole [of the said settlement of 40,000l. per an. as a charge] on the Excise. The state of the Queen's debt is referred to Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord to examine and report.
Mr. Strickland and Auditor Aldworth called in about said Strickland's account. Ordered that he have the 2d. in the £ for the poll, having brought in his receipts [only] a few days after the time [legally allowed].
The officers of the Works called in: present a paper. Warrant [ordered] for 50 loads of timber out of the [Windsor] forest for Windsor House. The timber to be felled where it may do no prejudice, and to that end an officer of the Works and Mr. Baron to be present [at the selection of the timber]. Warrant for 1,000l. on the fee farms for Windsor: the privy seal to be first passed. Warrant to cover with slate the Chancellor's tower and the Garter Tower at Windsor on a certificate of the conveniency thereof [which certificate is] to be brought in by Mr. Marriot. Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord to advise with Sir Edwd. Sayer (Sawyer) about making a rental [of the honor of Windsor] for Mr. Marriott.
Another letter similar to that of Nov. 1 last [to be written] to Mr. Wynn for an account of the moneys received by him from the tenants of the manor of Ruthin, and to pay or dispose of no more moneys thereof till said account be rendered: my Lords being informed that about 200l. of this money is paid into the Exchequer without it being mentioned what money it was: whereby the said money is [being or liable to be] issued otherwise than my Lords directed.
When Sir Robert Howard's Greenwax patent comes hither [to the Treasury] the officers of the Works are to see it before it pass.
Mr. Walker to be arrested: Mr. Packer first bringing a certificate of what he owes.
The officers of the Works are to consider what allowance is fit to be made for riding charges about the business of Windsor. 'Twas told them to do it [i.e. verbally hereupon by Sir G. Downing to avoid the trouble of writing].
A lease [ordered] to Mr. Lawrence of Mr. [Cadwallader] Jones's estate. [Lawrence] to draw it himself.
Write Mr. Bickenham and Mr. Langley to attend my Lords on Monday to shew cause why they have not yet assigned their order according to my Lords' former direction.
Mr. Price and Mr. Griffith [Griffin] called in. Mr. Griffith says he'll pay him as the money comes in.
Mr. Fillingham called in about his account and Sir W. Doyly's report is read. Warrant for 150l. for him and 20l. allowed for Auditor Aldworth's making up of the account.
As to the report from Sir W. Doyly on Mr. Randall's [account, ordered] that Sir Ste. Fox certify if the money be put to account for the company for the King's use.
The state of Mr. Swinborne's account is to be considered on Monday when he, Sir W. Doyly and Lord St. John are to attend.
Letter read from Lord Arlington about Sir Maurice Eustace. A letter to be drawn up in answer that my Lords did deliver their opinions that it should be in the establishment but that the King thought fit to put off that business.
Sir W. Doyly's report read about Mr. Bendish's allowances. Warrant for 150l. for him and for the 12 per cent. interest charge to be taken off him.
Mrs. Jones called in. My Lords tell her her husband is at law with Mr. Preston employed by my Lords and therefore till that business is done my Lords can do nothing for her husband but that the law must take place: also that she make a proposition what she will do to raise the debt owing to the King.
Mr. Harbord to have the like allowance as the old [or first nominated] trustees for sale of the fee farms.
Mr. Bowman's prizes to be examined by Mr. Packer.
[Minute Book III. pp. 340–3.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Master of the Robes: warrant for 1,000l. on the loans on the fee farms in part [of the imprest for the Robes] for the present year.
Sir William Armorer. Warrant for another year on the fee farms. Add it to the first warrant if [that is] not yet delivered.
Lady Lloyd: warrant for the remainder of what is due to her: to be on the fee farms.
Mr. Benet: warrant to allow him the 104l. 1s. 4½d. on Sir W. D[oyly's] certificate.
St. Ja[mes's] P[ark] wall. Warrant for 300l. for this out of the 14,000l. lent some time since by Alderman Backwell and now in the Exchequer.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 87.]
Letter to the Mayor of London, &c., to be written fair to be signed.
Sir Gabriel Sylvius and Mr. St. George: warrants for them.
Mr. Whittaker to have a warrant as Foreign Apposer.
Treasurers of the Navy: warrant to take up money at interest. To know wherein it differs from Sir Ste. Fox's or the Cofferer's, or from the Earl of Anglesey's in the late Treasurer Southampton's time.
Prince Rupert: 500l. for a quarter on [the Customs of] August next: for to be signed to-morrow.
A letter to the late Farmers of the Customs.
Look out Sir W. Doyly's and Mr. Lovein's petition against noon.
[Minute Book DCXXV. pp. 112–3.]
June 13.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir J. Duncombe.
Write the several persons in Swinborne's certificate that the King's Counsel having been advised with have declared that they [the said Swinborne's sureties] are all liable jointly and severally to pay his debt to the King and therefore they had better consider of the speediest way of raising money for the King.
Sir Allen Apsley called in. My Lords declare that the King on the Duke of York's application to him has declared that the Duke shall have 24,000l. per an. [in lieu of or] for the wine licences. Sir Allen says the Duke has accepted of it to be settled on him on the Excise, by a great seal and confirmed by Act of Parliament, with the same limitations as when the wine licences were settled on him.
Mr. Crispe called in. Ordered that he, Sir C. Harbord and Sir G. Downing meet next Thursday about the privy seal for settling the Alum Farmers' rent and defalcations.
Sir Francis Cobb says that the King commanded him to acquaint my Lords that it is his pleasure that Mr. Cooper be Collector of the North and East Riding of Yorkshire and Richmond in the place of said Cobb. The King to be moved in it.
Warrant for 18,000l. for the Privy Purse. My Lords say His Majesty hath said he'll have in full of 28,000l. for the Privy Purse for this year on the loans on the fee farms. Memorandum: No privy seal yet passed.
Sir C. Harbord to hasten a draft of instructions for sale of the fee farms and in them to insert an instruction for or relating to the form or forms to be observed for conveyances and also a regulation of the charge of passing each conveyance.
Sir Allen Apsley and Mr. Porter, of Counsel [for the Duke] called in about the Duke of York's docquet for the 5,000l. for him on the Excise arrears in Mr. Best's name. [Ordered] that the debt be recited [and] the composition made by the Commissioners [of Excise or for arrears of Excise?]: that the late Treasurer Southampton did not confirm it, and that this privy seal passeth to confirm it and assigns the security as shall be desired. My Lords will pass the docquet. Mr. Porter to prepare a draft of the privy seal and send it to Sir G. Downing.
The Earl of Bristol called in: says he will apply to the King that his and his lady's pensions do not pass the Exchequer [seal but pass by the Great Seal].
Mr. Lawrence produces a draft of a commission to be signed by my Lords to the Customs Farmers to collect the prospect of the new Wine Act. Same is read and to be made ready for my Lords to sign and [then] to be sent [to the said Farmers together] with 100 copies of the said Act.
Col. Birch reports that the Attorney General has left out the word vinegar in the instructions for the retrospect [of the Wine Act] which is approved accordingly and two [copies] of them [the said instructions] were [now] signed [by my Lords] and Col. Birch is ordered to get other copies ready for the other districts.
Write the Attorney General to give his opinion whether, in case of any warehouses or cellars [being] kept shut wherein any wines are supposed to be concealed on the 24th of June, [and] nobody [among the wine retailers] be to be found to open their cellars on that day, the officers, the Customs Commissioners or their agents, may not force open the doors.
[Minute Book III. pp. 346–7.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Lady Wentworth: warrant for 300l. more of her pension.
Viscount Grandison: warrant for 1,000l. on the fee farms.
Mr. Izard, huntsman: [warrant for] a year [along] with the rest of the King's servants: on the fee farms.
Mr. Walker, &c., two warrants.
Sir P. Pett's warrant.
[Lieutenant of the] Tower bills [for prisoners' diets &c.] warrant.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 88.]
June 14.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
On Sir R. Long's report a warrant is ordered for the splitting of a tally of 3,877l. 6s. 0d. of Mr. Veale. Write Mr. Colvile to attend Sir G. Downing with regard to the splitting the said tally between Mr. Veale and Mr. Bathurst.
Mr. Bowman's privy seal to be for 3,400l. in full.
The Receiver of Aids for Hereford called in: says he'll pay 1,000l., the 15th of next month and 100l. more five months from this time, and will bring a state of his account.
Petition read from Bevis Lloyd. Write Mr. Sherwyn and Mr. Web that on Lloyd's giving double security for the Chimney money collection he be admitted a Receiver for same.
The King came in. Also the Duke of York, the Earl of Anglesey, and the officers of the Navy are called in. The King commands them to reduce the debt of the Navy to as narrow an account as may be, that it may be registered on the Wine Act. Viscount Brouncker says that the debt of the sea books can't be examined in less than three months but for the Navy bills that it may be done in a short time. Ordered that with all speed they make a state of it and bring a general state in a list of the sums [paid or due for wages on ships books] as far as they can from 1660, June 24, and in the mean time let a particular care also be taken of those who were placed at [or assigned for payment on the] Guildhall and are yet unpaid. Also the estimate is read about the charge of repairing the hulls of the Navy, which [estimate] is 5,000l. and 35,000l. for ground tackle. Ordered that the preparations of the Navy be gone in hand with all speed: also that in building the shipwrights never go beyond their dimensions on paper and have their timber in readiness in the yard and that the contrary be made penal. This His Majesty gave in charge to the Duke of York. Ordered that 800l. be provided for Mr. Castle for building the "Kitchen" yacht. [Warrant on the Wine Act, see the order of Council: none found.] Also that provision be made of hemp, there being left but 100 tons in store and hemp now plenty in town and to be bought at 28l. the ton, whereas they paid 57l. per ton in the last Dutch war. Also money must be provided to pay the yards constantly. Ordered that the Commissioners of the Navy attend on Friday next with their general account both of debt and of what is necessary now to be expended and for what.
Against that time a state is also to be made by Sir G. Downing of what is already charged on the fee farms and the Wine Act.
Sir C. Harbord and Col. Birch called in. Harbord produces a draft of instructions to the Trustees for sale of the fee farms, which draft is considered. Harbord is to show them to the Attorney General and then to be passed and signed.
The King to be spoken to here on Friday about cellars in Whitehall and in other noblemen's and gentlemen's houses [viz. as to the question] in case nobody be present to open cellars on the 24th June how they shall be opened. Col. Birch to be here then.
Warrant ordered on Sir C. Harbord's particular for Mr. Hornigold.
Petition read from Mr. Bathurst, Receiver of Aids for Gloucester. The 12 per cent. interest charge is ordered to be abated. As to a warrant for passing his account it is referred to Sir W. Doyly and as to the tallies of money struck it is to be considered where those tallies are before a warrant be ordered for his repayment. Write Auditor Parsons for a brief state of Bathurst's accompt.
Col. Whitley's petition read and referred to Sir W. Doyly to certify what is fit to be done, but withal to bring also the state of his account.
The petition of several Navy creditors is read. To be considered with others, that business being under consideration.
Petition read from Mr. Cotes. His Counsel, Mr. Ayliffe, desires he may have time this vacation to go into the country about raising money. Ordered that Mr. Hill be heard before any order be made in the case. They are both to attend next Monday.
Report made of Sir R. Long's certificate that Sir Bernard Gascoigne has had three years paid him since my Lords sat [as Treasury Commissioners].
Report made of the certificate of the late Queen's Council as to the fee farm to be paid by the Bishop of Durham. Ordered that consideration be had of clearing Mr. Swinborne's account before any further progress be made in this business.
[Minute Book III. pp. 347–9.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Petition of Robert Wright, [of] Yorkshire.
Mr. Levett: 100l. for passing his account and for all pretences: on Sir W. Doyly's report.
Mr. Sands to be allowed as in Sir W. Doyly's report. Warrant ordered.
Mr. Trevanion: the like on Doyly's report. To stay. (Mr. Trevanion's papers delivered June 15, and Mr. Broxholm's papers delivered to Mr. Bradshaw.)
Mr. Bathurst: warrant to abate the 12 per cent. No report yet.
Mr. Squib: warrant for 100l. as the others had.
Mr. Packer: 2,000l. and 3,000l. warrant.
The 1,000l. for Windsor: when passed.
[Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 88.]