Minute Book: November 1670

Pages 502-507

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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November 1670

Nov. 2. [Downing's memoranda.]
Alderman Bucknall's privy seal to be made ready.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 138.]
Nov. 4. [Downing's memoranda.]
Earl of Sandwich: a warrant for his creation money with a blank where to place it, and for what number of years.
Warrant for the Earl of Essex's [ambassadorial] extraordinaries, on the Wine Act, and for the remain of his [ordinary ambassadorial] allowance on the loans on the new farm of the Customs. The like warrant for Lord Henry Howard. Query: the bill of extraordinaries in both cases. In the margin. Mr. Floyd will do [prepare] the Earl of Essex's warrant.
Earl of Thanet: warrant for a year of his creation money. [Done.]
Viscount Fauconberg: dormant warrant for his creation money. [Done.]
Mr. Bowman's privy seal. [Done.]
Master of the Robes: warrant for his assignment for this year: on the same fund as last year.
Sir Fr. Goodrick: warrant [for his fee] as of the King's Counsel. Query [to bring] his patent.
Sir Ra. Knight: warrant [for him] with a blank on what to place it.
Earl of Stamford: warrant for his creation money.
Mr. Adderley.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 102.]
Nov. 7. [Downing's memoranda.]
A privy seal for 3,050l. for the Duke of Buckingham for his late voyage into France. [Done.]
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 139.]
? Sir H. De Vic: warrant for 800l.: prepare it.
Mr. Peer Williams: warrant as the others [have had].
The Earl of Roscommon: warrant according to the form of [the Exchequer of] Ireland: not to be done here [in the English Council Treasury]. To carry this up [to the Privy Council].
Remind Sir G. Downing of Mr. Adderley to-morrow.
To get Chambn's [? Chamberlain's] warrant against to-morrow.
Mr. Griffin; Owen; Luellyn; ....
[Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 103.]
Nov. 9. [Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant for a privy seal for Mr. Weld: for 800l. without accompt. Done.
The letter to the Lord Mayor of London about the lands mortgaged to the city is to be dispatched without attending the report from Sir C. Harbord. Done.
Sir Bernard Gascoyne's warrant is to be [for] 600l. on the new farm of the Customs: [a further] 600l. [on the duty of] 5s. per ton on French shipping and the remainder on the fee farms. Done.
Warrant for 3,000l. for the Ordnance for the business of the fort at Tilbury: to be on the new farm of the Customs. Done.
Mr. Bridgman: warrant for 500l. for healing medals: on the new farm of the Customs. Done.
The Somersham privy seal to be sent to the Attorney General for his opinion. Done.
Warrant for Madam Civet, &c.: upon the King's warrant. Done.
[Write] the Commissioners of the Wine Lycences to send a copy of their Commission. Done.
Write the Commissioners of Accounts to send [back] the accompts of the Navy, Ordnance and Victualler as soon as they can. Done.
Sir Robert Holmes called in: moves for the [Crown] rents [appropriated or assigned] for the annual charges of the Isle of Wight [viz.] that they be not sold [among the other fee farm rents of the Crown which are to be sold]. [Ordered] that Mr. Harbord be spoken to to take care of this and all [rents] of this kind [i.e. so subject to a fixed hypothecation or appropriation] in Hampshire and other counties and [he is to prepare an account or report] what the [said] charge [in each county] is and what rents [are] to be set apart [to meet such charge] and particularly for the Isle of Wight. A letter in accordance herewith to be sent to the Trustees for fee farm sales. Done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 139–40.]
Warrant to Mr. Griffin to pay Judith Pamplin and Tho. Dunklin according to their petition.
Sir Jno. Banks and Sir Robt. Viner: warrant to place their orders on the Chimney money according to the former order., Query: where are the orders.
Hyde Park wall: warrant for 5,000l. on the end of the Eleven months' tax.
Ireland, arms: warrant to the Treasurer of Ireland, according to the order of Council to pay for those arms, and return the money to the Office of Ordnance in England.
Col. Somerset Fox: the old warrants to be looked out and a new one drawn. Query: what is in arrear. Query: if a demand warrant. They say so.
John Vernon: commission for [him as] receiver of Hearthmoney for Co. Derby. [The present] party not dead.
Sir P. Wyche: warrant on the King's warrant.
Query: why no minute about Luellyn and Owen?
Sir William Godolphin: warrant for [his ambassadorial] extraordinaries: on the Wine Act.
Earl of Cardigan: dormant warrant.
Memorandum that Mr. Ll[oyd] put down in the book what day for Ireland and then [a note thereof] to be writ on the Irish paper for that day.
Wolstenholm executor: Card[igan]: Pinfold: Wych: Query, Bucknell endorse copy: Grabu: Colladon.
[Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 103.]
Nov. 10. [Downing's memoranda.]
A warrant for Lyme: Done.
[Get] a particular account of the warrants for the Office of the Ordnance from Michaelmas to Xmas, 1669. Done.
Mr. Floyd to give an account of the Customs farm, why the mistake was in the … Done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 140.]
Nov. 11. [Downing's memoranda.]
A warrant for Sir Nicholas Crispe: [in the same way] as for the rest of the officers of the Customs.
Sir Thomas Wolstenholme's petition to be found out. Done.
Nov. 14. [Downing's memoranda.]
Officers of the Works called in and present a paper about the Greenwich [House or Palace] debt [for repairs, &c.] Ordered that the 1,389l. be placed on loans on the new farm of the Customs and so much as to make it up [to] 1,500l. and the rest on the fee farms without interest. Done.
Warrant for 1,000l. for the Works at Hampton Court: on the new farm of the Customs. Done.
Mr. Packer to see the return made by Auditor Phelipps of arrears of assessments in the hands of Collectors of London.
Warrant for Mr. Smith to impale Windsor Park if he will accept the rates imposed by the officers of Works. Done.
[Ibid. p. 141.]
Hyde Park wall: the whole 5,000l. on the Eleven Months' tax to be for Hyde Park wall.
St. James's Park wall: the 500l. to be paid in by Cadwallader Jones is to be applied to St. James's Park wall. Privy seal 21 Oct. last.
Sir E. Griffin: 1,000l. for Mr. G[riffin] on the new farm of the Customs for the King's servants.
Mr. Packer. Query: no minute yet. Warrant for 250l. on the 20,000l. privy seal [for the Works]. Mr. Packer says for building a snow well [? sic for at Snow Well], Dutch dykes at Lindhurst, altering Mrs. Musgrave's house and building the forest prison there.
Mr. Brunkert. Memorandum: to speak with the Treasurer of the Household for a warrant for 1,000l. for repair of Nonsuch; to be paid to Mr. Jephson.
The Alderman of Cripplegate ward need not come. Mr. Brunkert says so.
[Minute Book DCXXIV, p. 104.]
Nov. 16. [Downings memoranda.]
Sir Tho. Clarges and Sir Tho. Stringer [attend] here about the business of His Majesty's timber in Finckley Forest and Chertsey. He says that all great trees are excepted and reserved to His Majesty: that the Duke [of York] desires that an officer be sent down to mark them and a commission to go out to enquire what such trees were and what now remains. Warrant [ordered] to stop felling any more trees. Done.
A list to be made of all warrants charged on the Customs payable by the Farmers which may any ways charge the money of this year of the farm of said Customs, Done.
[Ordered] that no warrants be charged on the new farm of the Customs after Xmas next.
Warrant for a privy seal for registering on the new farm of the Customs by quarters. Done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 141–2.]
[?Nov. 16.] Capt. Titus: warrant on the general dormant for the interest at 6 per cent. on his money on the Hearth money.
Col. Strowd: prays warrant on his account for remission of interest: must make affidavit of what money received.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 104.]
Nov. 18. [Downing's memoranda.]
Capt. Cooke: warrant for him. Get the certificate mended.
Customs new farm: memorandum: no more warrants till after Xmas.
Mr. Meynell: query: the minute, who hath it?
Mr. Tho. Windham: if not a dormant warrant then a warrant on the fee farms.
Mr. Danvers: warrant on the fee farms for his money on the Wardrobe. Would stay a little.
Nov. 21. [Downing's memoranda.]
Prince Rupert's creation money: [warrant for] a year: and a dormant warrant [for said creation money in the future].
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 142.]
[?Nov. 21 to Dec. 9. The six Irish copies were double writ and sent as directed.
Mr. Danvers: warrant on the fee farms.
Commissioners of Trade: [warrant for] 500l. on the Customs.
Mr. Lawrence: warrant to Auditor Beale for him [Lawrence] to be allowed his charges on his swearing to them. Affidavit [made by Lawrence] that his charge for passing several privy seals and for fees [paid] to the officers of the Exchequer on the receipt of the moneys of those privy seals, dated 25 Oct. [amounted to] 77l. 3s. 3d.
The Attorney and Solicitor General: dormant warrants as formerly. Query: if [both names] in one [warrant].
Mr. Newport and Col. Reymes: warrant for what is due on the Exchequer.
Memorandum: Mrs. Pamplyn.
Add the Irish memorial about Corporations.
Mr. Packer: [warrant for] 250l. Query: afternoon.
[Minute Book DCXXIV. pp. 104–5.]
[?Nov. 23] [Downing's memoranda.]
Capt. Cooke: warrant with blank [?for the date or the amount] Ch[arnock to do it]. Query: on what [fund].
Memorandum: Left with Sir Robert Southwell Alderman Hutchinson's papers.
Query: Steward [of] Havering [manor or House].
Nonsuch park: warrant for 1,000l. on the Exchequer.
Mr. Du. Moulin: query: if so much yet due on …
Mr. Green: warrant for three years as Keeper of the Mews, if he have not had warrants as others. Query: a certificate.
Mr. Holford: warrant as others.
E[arl of] Sandwich: Ch[arnock to prepare it].
Mr. Legooche: warrant on the Lord Chamberlain's warrant.
Mr. Rustat: warrant accordingly on the fee farms.
[Ibid. p. 105.]
Nov. 23. Earl of Thanet: warrant for his creation money.
Write Sir C. Harbord about stopping felling of wood in Chertsey. Done.
Mr. Lightfoot and Mr. Blany called in about the fee farms. Write the Trustees to make sale of nothing of the Duchy of Cornwall. Done.
Sir John Banks called in. A privy seal to take in their orders on the Additional Aid and to grant them new orders on the Chimney money with interest at 6 per cent. from Nov. 23 [for] 12 months. The like for Capt. Myller's money.
A privy seal for 900l. to Mr. Lightfoot on accompt for impaling and mending bridges, sluices, &c., in Bushey park: to be grounded on a certificate of the Surveyors of Woods. A letter to the Surveyors of the Woods first to certify the value of the old pale. Done.
Warrant for the Treasurers of the Navy as desired.
Warrant according to the draft brought in by Sir G. Sawyer about the fee farms. Done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 142–3.]
Nov. 25. [Downing's memoranda.]
Treasurers of the Navy: to be considered when the advance money of the Customs is to be disposed. Done.
Alderman Backwell to [? lend to my Lords again] for the King's use what he hath on the Eleven months' tax above the 4 per cent., and to have elsewhere a fund for his 4 per cent., because it can't be paid on that act. This to be done according to Sir R. Long's certificate, and to be paid on the advance of the present farm of the Customs. Done.
Warrant to split Mr. Colvill's tally and to alter the order, after advice [has been taken] with Sir R. Long, how to do it, The Warrant to be drawn accordingly as [advised] by Sir R. Long. Done.
Warrant to stop the sale of timber in Dean Forest. The King informed of some sale there.
Earl of Sandwich: his Money to be 1,000l. out of the money to be paid to his [Great Wardrobe] office out of the advance [on the new farm] of the Customs, and the remain of the 1,900l. on the fee farms. So the warrant to be sent for. This is the same business was ordered the other day.
Capt. Wyngate makes report about the wines in the Tower. Write Sir John Robinson to pay the money. Done.
Earl of Denbigh: warrant for his creation money. A dormant warrant. Done.
Treasurers of the Navy: a warrant. Done.
[Minute Book DCXXV. pp. 143–4.]
Sir Jno. Robinson: his warrant to be put on the loans. Memorandum. Afterwards it was added to the minute "from this day for his present warrant and assignment." His warrant and order to be brought, and direction made accordingly upon it.
Sergt. Midleton. Query: Mr. Massam.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 105.]
Nov. 29. [Downing's memoranda.]
Warrant for 800l. for Mr. Griffith for the players on their privy seal, and to be in full of their debt. To be on the advance of the new farm of the Customs.
The present Earl of Thanet to have a warrant for 3 years' creation money, if his new year's gifts, Poll money and Benevolence money be paid. Done.
A grant to Sir William Bucknall of the French tonnage for 10 years, to commence from 1671, Oct. 24, at 1,200l. per an., for all England, Wales, and Berwick-on-Tweed, with the like covenants as before. Done.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 144.]
[?] [Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Smith: Commission [for him as ? receiver] for Sussex Hearth money.
Serjeant Scroggs: a warrant on his patent.
Sir Dennis Gawden: warrant on the Wine Act for his tally money. Query: Ll[oyd to do it].
Delivered to Sir H. O'Neile's man his petition and a report.
Delivered to Mr. Swadell the papers of Athlone. Brought again. Delivered again to him 29 Nov. with those of Corporations.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 105.]