Minute Book: May 1669

Pages 61-77

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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May 1669

May 3.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Warrant for stay of process against Mr. Bennet to the end of Trinity term.
Sir R. Long to certify on Wednesday next why the officers of the fleet are not paid their interest.
Warrant for Mr. Finch to have Mr. Hanning's place.
Mrs. Gunter's warrant is to pass for 20 years.
Col. Norton called in. The warrant and order are to be made in his name according to the letter of attorney from the proprietors of the land at Portsmouth.
My Lords are acquainted that the Lord General has signed a warrant to pay the Guernsey soldiers' money which is in his hands to Lord Hatton's company.
Mr. Elliot is to be obliged by his privy seal to keep Newmarket house in repair.
Auditor Beale called in with the state of the wood farm account with Sir John Clayton. Ordered that defalcations can be allowed to the farmers thereof for no more time than as in the King's order and that what defalcations they are to have can only be out of their rent, viz. 500l. for the prohibition of imported glass on the quarter ending at Michaelmas, 1671. A warrant for a tally of pro.
Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing, Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Sherwyn are to attend the Attorney or Solicitor General for their opinion upon Sir Edm. Bowyer's petition how the money [in his hands] of the Poll of the year 1660 is to be disposed [the said Poll having been granted for the disbandment of the land and sea forces].
The order of Council is read about the revenue of Tangier. Consideration to be had to-morrow about sending a fit person to collect that revenue.
Warrant for 500l. to the Navy Treasurers for old tickets: to be on the uncharged moneys of the Customs.
The warrant for the 15,000l. odd [representing the unassigned remain] on the Wine Act is to be made [payable] to the Victualler and by him to be assigned to the Treasurer of the Navy.
[Ibid. pp. 85–6.]
May 4.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Mr. Angier to be paid on Sir Edward Griffith's 5,000l. for bills [in the office of the Treasurer of the Chamber].
Col. Atkins called in. My Lords tell him they will report the state of the revenue of Guernsey, but that first he turn it into English money.
Warrant for the perpetuity for Eton College.
The King to be moved concerning Anthony Hammond's petition.
The King to be moved that a year [on their salaries] be paid to the King's officers of the Customs.
Sir G. Downing to speak with the bankers to lend money on the [Crown] land revenue.
Sir William Bowreman et al. called in about the money to be recovered of Sir Roger Palmer, whereof they are to have one-third and the King two-thirds. My Lords say they are to pay all the charges of the suit, else my Lords will take the whole business into their own hands. Their privy seal says they are to prosecute. Mr. Lawrence says that the case is stated and a hearing fixed for Monday next, and the question only is whether it be not pardoned by the Act of Oblivion.
Warrant for a year for Mr. Massonet.
Same for 200l. for Mr. Godolphin. To be on the Customs for January.
Mr. Everson's petition read. Ordered that he apply to the Privy Council.
Ordered that all Mr. Hill's [Hearth money] rolls be delivered by Auditor Phelips to Mr. Chislett, whom my Lords have appointed to take the account of said Hill and Coates.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 86–7.]
May 5.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe, together with the following of the Lords of Ireland, the Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde, Sir G. Carteret, Sir John Temple.
The warrant for letting the Irish revenue is read. Ordered that this warrant be forthwith sent to the Lord Privy Seal to peruse and a copy of it to the Duke of Ormonde to make their remarks upon. [Sir Heneage Finch], Solicitor General [England], to be acquainted with their remarks, and to report to my Lords on Monday. Mr. Bucknall et al. called in and make their exceptions to the warrant. The Lords of Ireland to attend on Monday.
Write to the Commissioners for examining the accounts of the Customs Farmers of Ireland to hasten their proceedings, as Mr. Dean complains of delay: and to know what probability there is of their success and by what time they can conclude the matter. On their return to this letter Mr. Dean's petition is to be considered.
Sir William Flower's petition read. Nothing done in it.
Write to Mr. Slingsby to hasten to bring in his coinage account: and to Auditor Beale to make up the said account.
Report to be made to the Privy Council touching the Guernsey revenue.
[Ibid. p. 87.]
May 7.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
Warrant for the Ushers of the Exchequer to be paid on Sir Denys Gauden's orders and for their warrants on the Exchequer to be vacated.
Sir R. Long to pay the sea officers their interest out of the money on the Eleven months' tax on their orders for their wages though not literally a loan. And my Lords will supply [replace] this money at [or on the credit of] the end of the Act [for the said Eleven Months' tax].
Sir John Robinson called in. My Lords will take care for borrowing money to pay his warrants on the Exchequer.
Lady Fanshaw to pay in 500l. more to make up 1,500l. and then my Lords will consider her petition.
Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, Sir W. Doyly, Sir Edm. Sawyer, Mr. Aldworth and Mr. Sherwyn called in about the way of collecting the Chimney money at Michaelmas. They propose the way of a general farm for three years as best: viz. to persons to be recommended by the counties. My Lords would rather put it in collection by the Justices of the counties. Write the present Hearth money Farmers for their books which they are to deliver before Midsummer and meanwhile to inform Sir W. Doyly, Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Sherwyn [of the names of persons] to whom [the sub-farms of that revenue have been] let and for what [considerations] and what security was taken of each of the said sub-farmers, what each subfarmer did answer in money and what abatements they have made to each of them and that they [the farmers] produce their books to Doyly, Harbord and Sherwyn that so my Lords may have an accompt.
The auditors [of the Exchequer Court] present a paper of the clear rent of the King's revenue [from Crown lands] to borrow upon. The Privy Council to be moved that the Chancellor of the Duchy [of Lancaster] be joined with my Lords to examine what [Crown] land security is fit to borrow money on. In the meantime Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord are to consider of all that may be offered as a security to borrow on. Sir C. Harbord to return a particular of all leases let since 1660; to whom, for what term of years, and at what rent.
Sir George Charnock called in about Dean Forest. [Ordered] that Mr. Agar and Mr. May will be enough to be on the place. Write them to get the Justices of the Peace together and to pursue the Act and the instructions lately sent them, for that there are no more [Commissioners] to come to [assist] them.
Write the Customs Farmers to lend 16,000l. on November next in the way of advance on their rent. Order for a warrant for 16,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy: to be paid out of said advance.
The Customs Farmers are called in, and the order of Council that Scotch cattle are to pay no Custom is communicated to them. Ordered that if the [said] farmers have any demand of defalcations hereupon they apply to the Privy Council.
Warrant for [remission of] the Custom of two tun of French wine for the Capuchins at Somerset House: as was done last year.
Write Col. Whitley that process is stopped for a month, and that he hasten in the money of the Additional Aid. And that process issue against all receivers of the late taxes that shall not have passed their accounts by the end of this Easter term; except such as have warrants for longer time.
Mr. Bathurst's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Thomas Preston's petition read. Mr. Lawrence to speak with the Attorney General to report what is fit to be done.
Ordered that when any Customs tally is not ready the Tellers of the Exchequer pay the next that's ready and the other when it comes. Warrant to them for this.
Some person to be thought on to be sent to Tangier to look after the revenue of that place.
Complaint is made against the Aldermen of the town of Denbigh for commanding the officers of Excise not to search by night, and thereby dissuading the people of that town from yielding obedience to the Excise laws. Warrant for the arrest of Roberts, and write Mr. Mathew Salisbury to attend my Lords this day three weeks to answer his offence. Mr. Bostock will bring other witnesses.
The Earl of Devon [shire]'s docquet is referred to Sir C. Harbord to state and report.
Petition from several of the undertakers for [the collecting the revenue from] the Wine Act is read concerning appointing a Treasurer. Mr. Wadlow is called in and the petition is communicated to him. Ordered to try and accommodate the matter among themselves with the Commissioners [for said Act] and if they cannot that then they and the said Commissioners come to my Lords. Send the petition to Mr. Ryves, Mr. Guy, Mr. Bodorda and Mr. Man [the said Commissioners for the Wine Act] to try and settle the business between petitioners and the rest of the undertakers. Write Mr. Wadlow, Mr. Hargrave and Mr. Hinderson to give a meeting to the petitioners at the office in Leadenhall Street.
Letter read from the late Customs Farmers about the obstructions in their account by reason of the King's officers above stairs [in London port] refusing to sign to the allowance of free warrants and to their book of defalcations. Write the said officers for the reason of their refusal.
Order of Council read about the officers of the Works. Warrant ordered.
Order of Council read about a ship from Algiers. Affidavit to be first made of the truth of the matter suggested, then my Lords will consider of it.
Ordered that only so many orders for [money for] rebuilding the Custom House as Mr. Packer has present occasion for be delivered to him. Write Packer to know what he has occasion for at present.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 88–90.]
May 10. Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe, [and of the Lords of Ireland the following] the Lord Privy Seal, Earl of Orrery, Lord Berkeley, Sir John Temple.
The order of Council is read about abating 15,000l. per an. to the Farmers of the Irish revenue, and Alderman Bucknell is called in and told that for the present only some parts of the farm are in possession. He is asked whether the said farmers think to have 15,000l. per an. from Xmas last or proportionably. He says they expect it from Xmas the whole. My Lords ask whether he ever propounded that abatement but on supposition of 219,000l. per an. rent [viz. for the whole], and that at present there is but 91,000l.
rent [viz. for the part at present in the farmers' possession]. My Lords will have in the grant no general words of Crown rents in general. The King to be moved in Council that it seems not reasonable that the 15,000l. per an. abatement on the Irish farm begin at Xmas last, because several of the branches [of the revenue] come not in their [the farmers'] hands yet.
Warrant for Sir John Griffith.
Warrant for [the lease of] Oatlands (to Lady Castlemaine) at 20l. per an. reserved rent: according to the King's pleasure signified by Lord Ashley.
The letter from those of Norwich concerning the Excise is to be sent to Mr. Bucknell to see if he be satisfied with it.
[Treasury Minute Book III. p. 90.]
May 11.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Warrant for 500l. for Mr. Henry Sydny. To be on the Hearth money.
Petition read from Lady Tint, Roger Osborne et al. To be sent to the Deputy and Council of Ireland to examine and report a valuation.
Warrant for 1,000l. for the present to the Spanish Ambassador and 400l. for that to his lady: to be paid to Legouse by warrant under the King's sign manual: and to be on the loans on the Customs rent for January.
No process to be issued against Mr. Partridge for Cambridgeshire without Lord Ashley being made acquainted therewith: because the money [has been already] levied.
The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster is to send to my Lords a particular of all lands and fee farms of the Duchy with information as to which are engaged [either leased or hypothecated] and which are not.
The King to be moved about Mr. Montague's being paid from the date of his privy seal.
Warrant for a year for John Hill, Keeper of the red deer in Windsor.
George Tutchill's petition to be reported in Council.
Dr. Wren, Mr. Packer, Sir John Shaw, Mr. Dickenson et al., called in about building the Custom House and are asked where the obstructions are. Mr. Dickenson says the alterations are made in the model which he fears will much increase the charge. Dr. Wren to give an account to-morrow of what alterations he would have made.
Mr. Mearne to be told that my Lords have put his petition into a way [for expediting it].
Mr. Packer to pay Lady Harvey out of the money for New Park.
Mr. Packer to be placed [or have assignments] for his liberates not yet made up (when they are perfected) on Sir Den. Gawden's 30,000l. orders on the end of the Additional Aid.
The late Farmers of the Customs and Auditor Beale are called about the obstructions in the said farmers' accounts. Ordered that Auditors Beale and Wood make states of these accounts this day fortnight and of the difficulties in them and the King's officers are to certify whether the King's warrants have been executed. The said farmers are to bring a particular of all their demands of defalcations for the last two years of their farm together with the reason thereof.
Such receivers of the revenue as shall not have passed their accounts by the end of this term are to be arrested.
Alderman Backwell is to advance the Lord General his [fee of] 1,000l. as [a gentleman] of the Bedchamber, and to be [re] paid where [on the same fund as] the 11,000l. is [to be re-] paid. The Lord General's privy seal to pass.
Mr. Tolhurst to have his bonds re-delivered to him, he having paid 50l. in pursuance of a late order of Council.
Sir Denys Gauden's orders for his ordinary [for the Victualling of the Navy] are to be paid out of the loans on the Customs on the months on which his ordinary falls.
Lord Montague et al. called in about the business of Paul Adams. Mr. Ayliff says that this arrear is incurred by Mr. Glyde's falling mad, that there's not a security by which the King can be immediately re-imbursed, that Glyde and not the security touched the money; that Adams has no estate, only some friends are willing to do something for him. The debt is 1,631l. Adams was only nominally in trust from Mr. Walsingam, but Glyde executed. Sir Edm. Sawyer says this money is acknowledged to have been collected. They offer 500l. for the whole debt. Ordered that they pay 630l., and my Lords will represent the case to the King.
Mr. Darcy moves for 500l. for horses [delivered into the Royal Stables] the last year. Warrant for same on production of certificate of delivery of the horses if by his privy seal he is to have it.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 91–2.]
May 12.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Mr. Hyde to have the remaining 2,000l. for the Wardrobe for this year.
Warrant to discharge Mr. Smith of the 12 per cent. [interest charge on delinquent receivers].
Lord Arlington's letter read about Lady Chesterfield's defalcations. Report to be made to the King, and then Lord Arlington to amend the date, being a mere mistake.
Warrant for Mr. Burbury, as for the rest of the King's servants.
Sir G. Downing, Mr. Sherwin, Sir R. Long and Mr. Williamson to speak together about the order of Council for rule [or for defining or delimiting the respective powers, &c., as] between my Lords of the Treasury and the Secretaries of State.
Warrant for a year for Bridget Lamb.
Sir W. Doyly's report read about Mr. Cockshut's petition. Warrant ordered accordingly.
Write Capt. Cock to bring in his accounts as Treasurer for Sick and Wounded, that they may be referred to an Auditor.
Anth. Hammond's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord. Affidavits are read about the ship bought at Algiers. To be reported to the Privy Council.
Petition read from the Mayor of Berwick. Warrant ordered.
Petition read from Lydia Clements with Sir C. Harbord's report. Warrant ordered for a lease for 21 years.
Same from Sir Francis Doddington. Order for a warrant on surrender.
[Same from] Clement Sanky. To be paid with the rest of the officers of the Customs.
[Same from] Lady Fanshaw. The King to be moved in her case she having paid in 1,500l.
All money on the Customs which is to be borrowed my Lords will borrow.
Petition read from Sir Hugh Bethell. Sir C. Harbord in his report [hereon] is to insert the value.
Warrant to the officers of the Works to repair Richmond Park wall, bridges and lodges; so as the walls be first done; and then the bridges and lodges out of the remainder of the money.
Warrant on the Exchequer for 500l. for Mr. Darcy.
Warrant for Mrs. Le Febure.
Petition from Edw. Mear: referred to the Commissioners of Excise.
Warrant on the Exchequer for John Howard: on surrender. The like for John Cary.
Petition from Capt. Cooke. Referred to Mr. Newport and Col. Reymes to examine and see the goods, and to report what is fit to be done to accommodate the matter.
Same from Thomas Lloyd. Sir R. Long, Sir W. Doyly and Sir C. Harbord to examine the acts and report what is fit to be done to get in these moneys.
Mr. Pepys prays that his warrant for the last half-year for Tangier may be signed. Warrant by way of loan on his months. Warrant for the money to be borrowed. Pepys to give an account next Wednesday of all payments charged on his office that my Lords may see which payments they will take up on money [borrowed] at interest. Auditors Aldworth and Chislet to state Pepy's interest account for moneys borrowed for Tangier.
Petition read from Francis Crane. Tyack to attend on Friday next about the matter in dispute between them.
Same read from Col, Egerton against Loxdale. My Lords will send for him in custody if he appear not on the 18th.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 92–4.]
May 12.
Wednesday afternoon
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe [and of the Lords of Ireland the following] Lord Privy Seal, Earl of Orrery, Vice-Treasurer of Ireland, and Sir John Temple. The Solicitor General [for England]. His Majesty came in.
Alderman Bucknell called in. My Lords say that as yet there is but a part of the farm [of the total Irish revenue] in their [Bucknell and his partners' hands], and therefore he ought to have only a proportionable part of the abatement of the 15,000l.; otherwise the King will have 9,000l. less this year than the last for they [the farmers] pay this year but 91,000l. Bucknall says that the things they are to enter upon this year are the worst, that they have kept 50,000l. in money for some time to go on withal. My Lords say the quit rents are paid but once a year, and that it's best the Chimney money should be collected but once a year, and for the quit rents my Lords will take them from them [the farmers] if they will. The King declares that they must have only an abatement proportionable to what they enter upon, which will be about 56,000l. for this year. They advance but 5,000l. on the Chimney money and 1,000l. on the wine licences, and for what they advance on the quit rents it's but casual [or problematical, viz. as appertaining to the King or to the farmers only] in case the suit go for them [the King or the farmers] as to the innocent papists [being liable to pay their quit rents]. Bucknell says they will be content to accept 10,000l. for this year's abatement, but not less.
The King went away.
Bucknall at last says he will be content to submit to a proportionable abatement for two years on condition that for the other last quarter he may have the full abatement. My Lords say they have nothing to do as to the business of the abatement of rent, but he may acquaint the King with what he last offers.
All the debate here came upon an order of Council brought hither for 15,000l. abatement, but how that [order] came my Lords know not.
The warrant is delivered to the Solicitor General to amend according to the present alterations.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 94–5.]
May 14.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Lord Belasyse called in and an order of Council is read about the Band of Pensioners. Moved that either they may be paid as by the order of November 11 or that their arrears be paid and [they] disbanded. The King to be moved in it.
Sir John Bennet to make a certificate what money Ogle of Lancashire has in his hands of the Cavalier money. And then my Lords will send for him. Write Mr. Cooper, of Nottingham, one of his Majesty's carvers, to attend my Lords on Monday next, Sir John Bennet having complained that he has in his hands some of the money which belongs to the indigent Cavalier officers.
Warrant for the Earl of Lincoln's creation money.
The Earl of Anglesey called in about Sir James Shane's 4,000l. William Nevell also called in. The Earl of Anglesey says he has paid the money according to the King's warrant. Sir Edward Walker called in says that the papers and orders concerning Sir James Shane's business and the Corporation of Ulster are in the Privy Council. Ordered that he give them to Sir G. Downing to state the business.
Mr. Warcup called in with Sir Edw. Walker about the order of Council in the Salisbury business. Ordered that he set down what he desires to be in the order of Council which is not in my Lords' former letter and my Lords will consider it.
Warrant on the Treasurer of the Chamber for [payment to] the Earl of Anglesey as Keeper of Waltham Forest. Warrant on the Exchequer for his creation money.
Sir C. Harbord, Sir W. Doyly, Sir Richard Pigot, et al., called in about the business of collecting the Chimney money. They present a paper. The debate to be taken up on Monday afternoon.
The Lord Keeper to be moved for 10,000l. of the Irish money for the Navy. Mr. Meynell to be moved whether he will pay in 10,000l. into the Exchequer for the Navy and have a clause in the letters patent for the [Crown] land security for repayment with 10 per cent. interest and that he be first as being the first lender.
Write Mr. Wadlow et al. to pay in the 13,000l. remain on the Wine Act and that he and his partners shall have security on the Customs.
The Farmers of the Surrey Excise and Capt. Cooke are called in. My Lords say he must encourage the King's officers for the future and that goodwife Baldwyn brew no more.
The officer of the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster is called in and presents accounts of the Duchy rents. Ordered that they be delivered to Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord to consider with the rest of the papers concerning the [Crown] land revenues.
Write Mr. Slingsby [to know his opinion] whether it were not good that the value was impressed on all the coins that he makes, as the old 20s. and other old coins had.
Several of the old officers of the Works being [put] out, [ordered] that the new ones look over the accounts and see if there are any errors in them, and that the accounts be made ready and signed by the present officers.
Warrant for 4,000l. for the Wardrobe: to be on the loans on the months on which the Wardrobe money is assigned. Warrant for 2,000l. more in part of 6,000l. for the Wardrobe on the loans on those months. The Customs Farmers to be spoken to to advance the money.
The late Customs Farmers called in about their defalcations. Referred to the King's officers to consider and report.
Auditor Aldworth called in about Mr. Greathead's account. Directions are written in the margin of the account.
Mr. Palmer called in with his last answer about the farthing business. A short state is to be prepared for the Privy Council.
Mr. Palmer will abbreviate the papers.
Mr. Prettiman to attend on Monday with his accounts to see in what state they are and whether he has paid the Bishop of York's money or not.
Mr. Prettiman is called in and the Treasurer of the Household's papers about Mr. Batshill are delivered to him. Ordered that on Monday he give an account in writing to the Treasurer of the Household what is fit to be done in the case.
Sir Robert Viner's 2,000l. tally for the Wardrobe is to be put into the new list of the Custom tallies and that list is to be made ready.
The King to be moved in the matter of the warrant for Dr. Williams "a chimicall phisitian."
Sir Robert Viner moves for allowance for his part of the 200,000l. he kept dead in his hands: as Alderman Backwell had [such allowance]. Ordered that he bring the papers about it and then have the same allowance that Backwell had.
Mr. Williamson called in about the drawing the warrant for allowance to the Earl of Sandwich for his embassies.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 95–7.]
May 17.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Write Mr. Meynell to attend to-morrow about paying in the 10,000l. on the land revenue as he promised, my Lords having acquainted the King with it.
Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord called in and present a list of [Crown] lands and leases fit to be proposed as securities for loans. The Auditors [of the Exchequer Court] are preparing a list of the fee farm rents for the same purpose.
The Solicitor General's report is read about Sir Edmond Bowyer's demand of the 200l. of the poll in 1660. At Sir Edmond's desire the paper is delivered back to him. Sir Richard Browne, Col. Birch, Mr. Prynne and Sir W. Doyly are to attend on Wednesday about the business of the Poll in 1660, and as to the question whether the King may dispose of it, and how the money may be got in; and whether their power of sitting be at an end, and then a report to be made on Sir Edm. Bowyer's case.
Ordered that if Mr. Tyack be not here the last day of the term, Mrs. Crane be admitted to a lease of the lands.
Sir William Temple's Munster account is brought in by Auditor Beale and declared.
The Earl of Dorset is called in with counsel about the Commission for discoveries. My Lords say they suppose he will move nothing but what is according to law, and whether the Lord Keeper will put the seal to give them power to hear and determine.
The King's surveyor to certify in writing his opinion about repairing Richmond Park before the warrant be signed according to the Privy Seal.
As to any discoveries of treasure trove or other discoveries [ordered] that Mr. Pight may be agreed with for a part which he shall have of these discoveries. Quere if [there is] any such business depending for Prince Rupert for Middlesex. Ordered that Pight have a third of 37l. a discovery by him brought in, also a summons to such persons as he shall inform to have moneys in their hands. My Lords will be willing to give 100l. or 200l. into the hands of a solicitor to prosecute any that Mr. Pight shall inform against.
Sir Edm. Sawyer called in about the fee farm rents [which it is proposed] to be made as security to borrow money on. Ordered that he insert more [of the said fee farms in the list] so as to make the security large.
Mr. Cooper called in about the cavalier money says there was 700l. in his hands: 400l. he has paid and the rest he demands for collecting it. Ordered that Sir John Bennet and he attend on Wednesday.
Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, and Sir Edm. Sawyer to certify whether the Fire Hearth Receivers that paid in their money to Sir Thomas Player may not be discharged by his acquittances without tallies.
The Attorney General is to be spoken to at the Privy Council on Wednesday about removing the Dorsetshire prisoner that killed the Fire Hearth officer.
Mr. Lawrence is to inquire of the Solicitor [of Aids] for Middlesex as to what is done about collecting the money of the taxes from the [various public] offices.
Mr. Lawrence makes report of the Attorney General's opinion about moneys on goods imported and exported again. To be further considered.
Lord Ashley reports from the King [His Majesty's decision] that Mr. Montague have his [ordinary or] entertainment from the date of his privy seal.
Mr. Lawrence is heard in the case of Mr. Cardonnell's docquet. Ordered that Mr. Stanley be heard before this docquet pass, and that Mr. Lawrence be here then.
Warrant for Col. Atkins on his order of Council.
Mr. Madden to bring on Wednesday the instructions by which he sold offal wood that was seized at Chertsey.
Mr. Preston and Mr. Coles are to attend about the judgment against Preston in the business of Cadwallader Jones. Ordered that Mr. Lawrence get Mr. Jones arrested.
Warrant for the issue of 10,000l. of Meynell's [loan] for the Treasurer of the Navy: the said money being to be lent on the land revenue.
Sir John Shaw called in about his 5,000l. tally on the Customs. He says he thought his tally had been registered; confesses he did not bring it in, but finding there was a tally of the same date and sum he thought it had been his. My Lords say Sir Robert Viner must have the money. Sir John Shaw's tally to be entered first in the new list, then Mr. Morice's tally, then Samuel Morice's. Charnock to prepare the list.
Warrant for Sir William Temple: on his privy seal on the January customs.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 97–9.]
May 18.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Warrant for 10l. for Widow Burgesse.
Mr. Progers called in with a petition. Referred to Sir R. Long to certify whether this money may be disposed of by my Lords if recovered or whether it is engaged to pay the orders registered.
Petition read from Richard Minshall. He is to take his relief at law.
Same from Major Babington. Warrant ordered.
Same from Mr. Warner. Warrant ordered.
Same from Tho. Cox. Referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Same from Mr. Charteris. Referred to Mr. Dewy.
Same from Sir Francis Vincent. My Lords will consider how he may have satisfaction out of moneys to be raised by fines on the Cornish lands.
Warrant for Sir Denys Gauden's 11,200l.: to be on such money as shall be borrowed on the [Crown] land revenue and paid into the Exchequer.
Auditor Beale called in with Mr. L. Hyde, Master of the Robes, with the said Hyde's accounts. Warrant for the allowance of his interest money and for 15l. to the Auditors for 1½ years.
Mr. Veale called in with Sir W. Doyly and Mr. Bathurst about said Veale's account. Veale is to take out of the Exchequer his 400l. odd on the Eleven Months' tax, and pay it [in again] on the Additional Aid. The sergeant may give Veale the liberty of the town on security.
Petition read from Mr. Trethewye, and he called in. My Lords cannot grant him more time. Sir G. Downing to speak with Mr. Payne that process do not go out against him.
Petition from the Earl of Strafford et al. Referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Sir Robert Viner called in about the 5,000l. tally. He says he expects his money, for that his tally is one for which the King pays interest. Sir G. Downing to acquaint Sir John Shaw therewith. Sir R. Viner promises to pay 5,000l. into the Exchequer to-morrow on the [Crown] land security.
Petition read from Tho. Bishop. My Lords can do nothing in it.
Same from Tho. Harly. Referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Warrant for a year's arrears to Tho. St. George.
Petition read from Elizab. Neale. [My Lords have] no money.
Same from Elizab. Sims with the report of the Mayor of Lynn. Referred to Mr. Lawrence.
Same from Capt. Jaye. Report to be made to the King that it be entered here [in the Treasury] that when this place falls [vacant] his son may have it; but nothing to be done at present because contrary to the order of Council against reversions and because these places properly are in the gift of the Treasury.
Same from Tho. Loup. [My Lords have] on money.
Same from Col. Dillon. No more can be done in it till the Irish revenue is settled.
Sir Robt. Viner moves for settling 9,400l. on the Chimneys on the King's half year [viz. of the Hearthmoney for the 6 months to Michaelmas, 1666] as ordered in Aug., 1667. Sir R. Long and Sir G. Downing to certify the case and what is fit to be done.
Sir John Talbot moves for some interest money due on his advance quarter on the Excise. His paper is referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Warrant for a year on the perpetuity to Eton College.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 100–1.]
May 19.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Sir Edm. Turner's petition to be sent up to the King.
The articles of Mr. White, late Receiver of Aids for co. Oxford, are read. To be signed on Monday. In the meantime he is to deposit the 1,000l. in Sir William Doyly's office.
Sir W. Doyly is to send to my Lords on Monday the account of the arrears of the Additional Aid.
The Duke of York's children are to have the 500l. which Lady Fanshaw is to pay into the Exchequer for her husband's plate. Warrant for it. Write Lady Fanshaw to attend on Monday about paying same in.
Sir G. Downing to try if he can borrow the remainder of the money on Sir Denys Gauden's 30,000l. orders.
Mr. Lightfoot moves for money for the repair of Bushey Park. Ordered to disburse 100l., and my Lords will give him warrant for repayment. The King to be moved about his docquet.
The King to be moved in the business of Paul Adams, Collector of Hearth money for Sussex.
The alnage business is to be heard on the 8th June. Write Justices Keeling and Vaughan, the chief Baron of the Exchequer and Baron Turner and the Attorney and Solicitor General to attend then, when the Earl of Manchester (Lord Chamberlain) and the Earl of Bridgewater are also to attend.
Warrant for splitting Sir Thos. Player's tallies.
The officers of the Works are heard about alterations in building the Custom House. The Attorney General and Sir C. Harbord to be sent to to hasten the conveyances between the King and Sir Anthony Cope about dividing the ground of the Custom House. The estimate given by the officers of the Works is to be considered on Monday and their accounts on Tuesday.
Lord St. John moves for money for Smith to repair bridges in New Forest. He is inserted in the list of bills on the Treasury [of the] Chamber.
Warrant for the King's signature for [felling] 30 tons of timber for repair of Lyndhurst.
Sir Rich. Browne and Mr. Prinne called in about the money [in arrear] of the poll of 1660. Ordered that the Commissioners bring a list of what debts are yet unsatisfied which were to be paid out of that money and that they give a list of the peers that paid not that poll and offer their opinions to my Lords what encouragement is fit to be given to discoveries of any of those moneys.
Mr. Loxdale's son is called in: says his father has business in the country. Warrant for his arrest if he attend not next Wednesday.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 102–3.]
May 25.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Warrant for 2,000l. to the Secretaries of State in part of 4,000l. for secret service: to be out of the loan money on the land revenue.
Warrant for Butlerage money to the Chief Justices and the Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
Process to issue against the [delinquent] Receivers of the Tenths, [rents of Crown] lands and tin [revenue]; if not already sent out.
Warrant for Sir Ste. Fox for three months for the Guards and Garrisons. The 625l. 16s. 0d. for the Guard House [at Whitehall] is to be placed upon the Country Excise.
Sir Edw. Griffin to pay the four trumpeters and kettle drummer that are to go with Lord Henry Howard, and it shall be allowed him. It is placed among [or assigned upon] the 5,000l. for bills [on the Treasurer of the Chamber].
Mr. Lawrence moves for money to prosecute Madden and Dacket. He shall have it.
Sir John Robinson called in. Ordered that money be provided to pay his bills.
Warrant for 600l. for repair of Godshouse at Portsmouth. The 600l. to be lent by Sir Philip Honywood, and to be repaid out of the fund for the Works for next year.
The late Customs Farmers called in with Auditor Beale and present states of their accounts for five years of their farm.
The officers of the Works called in about the additional charge, amounting to about 3,000l., in building the Custom House. My Lords agree to it. Ordered that it be placed on the Customs rent. Warrant ordered for the re-building of same after Mr. Wren's model.
The officers of the Works are to see if six rooms can be repaired by Lord Lovelace in Woodstock for 200l. Mr. Gorsuch is informed that Dr. Wren will be there in two months.
The King to be moved for 1,000l. warrant for a privy seal for the Duke of Buckingham: and to be informed what the Duke has had this year since Nov. 23 last.
Write Lady Fanshaw that my Lords have acquainted the King with her desire as to the money due from her and that it's the King's pleasure that she pay in 500l. more [for her husband's plate] and she shall have back her bonds.
The Duke of York's children to be fixed [or assigned] for the remainder of their warrant after [they have had] 500l. more [ordered as above] on Lady Fanshaw, and [after— ordered] on Sir Denys Gauden's orders at the end of the Additional Aid.
Mr. Kirke's petition referred to Lord Ashley.
The Coal Farmers' petition read. This business to be again considered on Friday, when a copy is to be brought of the late order of Council for naturalizing several ships, which [is] to extend to [ships carrying] timber only.
Petition read from Sir William Warren et al., and they are called in. Requested to have a little patience and my Lords will consider them out of any money to be given by Parliament.
Warrant for stay of process against Mr. Gyps [George Gipps, Receiver of Aids for Suffolk]: he being upon his account.
Petition read from Mr. Charteris, with Mr. Dewye's report thereon. Report to be made to the King that he be left to the law.
Same from Mr. Gifford. Mr. Kilby to attend on Friday. Money to be borrowed for Mr. Gifford's pension. Write the Warden of the Fleet to produce Kilby on Friday.
The Earl of St. Albans to be heard before Mr. Hammond's grant of Somersham pass. To be entered in the Caveat Book.
Petition read from Richard Taylour. Referred to Sir C. Harbord to report what is to be done and what improvement to be made.
Petition read from Mr. Seikes, together with Sir W. Doyly's report. Ordered that Seikes have that quarter if Brown have not had it. If it has been paid to Browne then both are to be heard.
Mr. Newsham's warrant is to be mended and to be made for 2d. in the £ and not 4d.
Write the Chimney Farmers to pass their account for the Chimney money for the half year ended 1666, Lady Day.
The Commissioners of the Alienation Office move for a dormant warrant; which is signed.
Petition read from the Earl of Newburgh. He must pay his tax.
Same from Arthur Spry. To be considered to-morrow with Mr. Tyack, &c.
Same from Elizab. Lanier. My Lords can do nothing in it.
The Earl of Carbery's petition referred to Lord Ashley.
Warrant for 5l. to Eliz. Burrell.
Petition read from Tho. Norton. A copy of it to be sent to Sir Erasmus Harvy to answer.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 103–4.]
May 26. Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
The Lords of Ireland to attend on Monday week about the military list of Ireland; and about Mr. Archer's business and the Earl of Ossory's letter about Mr. Dean.
Mr. Bland's account is considered.
The King to be moved for his pleasure concerning Dr. Williams's docquet for two lives of the place of Assaymaster in Cornwall.
Warrant to Sir W. Doyly to deliver to Mr. William Levett, Receiver General of Aids for Wilts, his bonds for the Aids and to repay him the 222l. 5s. 9d. he is in surplus. Warrant also for the re-delivery to Mr. Smith (Simon Smyth, Receiver of Poll money for Surrey, and of the Royal and Additional Aids for three quarterly payments ending in Dec., 1667) of his bonds for the Poll money and the Aids: he having passed his accounts.
The Duke of York and the Commissioners and Victuallers of the Navy came in, and a letter is read in which they demand what money is necessary for extraordinaries for this year and for 40,000l. thereof at set times; which my Lords promise to pay. Mr. Wren is to give an account when the ships at sea on convoys are expected in and the monthly charge of Sir Thomas Allin's fleet: in order that money may be provided.
Dormant warrant for Viscount Brouncker.
Mrs. Crane called in and Mr. Sprye. Both proffer to pay the King's money on condition they may have a lease of the land. Tyack appeared not. Mrs. Crane to attend on Friday to say when she will pay in the King's money.
Sir Martin Lumley called in about his firehearth account. The King to be moved what he will abate of the 230l. 10s. 3d. remaining on his account.
Process stayed against Col. John Strode on his account as late Receiver of Hearth money for the Cinque Ports: he being now engaged in stating same.
Mr. Wilkinson, collector in Mr. Bland's receipt [is to pay in] 214l. 9s. 0½d. or to be arrested. He must pay 129l. 9s. 0½d. thereof forthwith.
The Attorney General and Sir C. Harbord to attend next Tuesday week about Sir George Benyon's account on which there is a great sum of money due to the King to the value of 10–12,000l.
The King in Council to be moved about the interest claimed by Sir R. Viner for his part of the 200,000l. which he kept in his hands. The order in Council in Backwell's case is sent up.
The King to be moved concerning Sir Jeremy Smith's docquet.
Sir Ste. Fox to lend 100l. to Sir Edward Griffin to be paid to Lord Howard's four trumpeters and kettle drummer.
Warrant for delivering up Mr. [Nicholas] Mosely's bonds as Receiver of Hearth money for Cheshire, he having passed his accounts.
Sir Herbert Perrot's account as late Receiver of Hearth money for co. Hereford is considered. Warrant for stay of process, and the parties mentioned in his petition are to be summoned to attend my Lords.
Process stayed against Sir Rich. Oatley and Col. Richard Scriven, late Receivers of Hearth money for co. Salop: they being now upon the stating of their accounts.
The King to be moved about the papers about Lindhurst for a new lease of the house during pleasure and of the lands for 31 years.
Memorandum. There is, in the account of the Receiver of Hampshire, about 72l. due from the Marquess of Winchester. Therefore no creation money is to be paid him [till he has paid up same].
Col. Egerton called in with Loxdale et al. Loxdale not to be arrested if he give presently security to pay 30l. to the Excise Farmers.
Mr. Soleby to be heard this day fortnight.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 105–6.]
May 28.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
The 250l. of Excise money [sic, erratum for the 250l. of the Eleven Months' tax due to be paid into the Exchequer on Mr. Coppinger's account but which was assigned by Mr. Warcup to George Benyon and Mr. Finch as late Commissioners of Excise] is to be assigned by Mr. Warcup to the Duke of York's children and the remainder of the money [nearly 2,000l. remaining] in the hands of the late Commissioners of Excise is to be paid into the Exchequer in six days to discharge what remains due to the Duke's children.
Mr. Tinte called in. His business to pass as desired.
The coal farmers called in. Ordered that the 60 foreign ships [which the order of Council of April 23 last permits the King's subjects to purchase for the purpose of the Norwegian and Baltic timber trade with liberty to have them naturalised for the purposes of that trade only] be used [or treated in the same way in the matter of Customs duties] as foreigners as [far as relates] to [the trade of conveying of] coals. Write the Customs Farmers to this effect.
Mr. Kilby offers to pay 200l. down and 200l. per an. till his debt be paid. The King to be moved in it.
Mr. Clarke's articles concerning fishing for the tin at Ostend are to be prepared.
Letter read from Lord Arlington about a copper mine at Jamaica. To be considered on Wednesday week.
Petition from Mr. Spencer et al. to farm the 4½ per cent. duty at Barbados. The petition to be put into Lord Ashley's hands next Thursday.
Process to be stayed against Sir Edm. Pooly till next term. A warrant to the Auditor to let him keep as much money in his hands as will satisfy his salary.
The Farmers of the Westmorland Excise called in. The affidavits and complaints are to be sent to the Justices, because my Lords would not complain till then. In the meantime the farmers are to forbear to prosecute the men complained of. Write Mr. Lloyd, of Wrexham, about servants' concealments of brewings.
The Earl of Lauderdale called in. My Lords to speak with Sir R. Long to see how to make the Earl's 1,000l. warrant effectual.
Warrant for [re-delivery of] Mr. Mosely's Hearth money bonds: after his producing his quietus.
Warrant to stay process against Mr. Foly.
The Earl of Sandwich presents a privy seal for his Spanish embassy. Demands interest till the money is paid. Sir G. Downing to speak with Alderman Backwell to advance his 6,300l. on [the Customs rent of] December and January come twelvemonth: and then consideration is to be had of interest money for his 5,000l. not yet paid.
Mr. Titus and Mr. Finch called in about the place of searcher for Kent. Titus sold the place to Hanning and there is yet 600l. due to him of what Hanning was to give him for it. Finch promises to prosecute Hanning and his [Finch's] docquet [of appointment to the place] is signed.
Warrant for 1,000l. to Col. Titus as a free gift [from the King]. To be on the 10,000l. dormant.
Mr. Progers called in. Sir Edm. Sawyer to certify what is due from Rogers on his account as late Receiver of Hearth money for Surrey.
Warrant for Capt. Pawlet at 6s. a day: as in his former warrant on the Receiver.
Mr. Crane's business to be considered on Tuesday week, and that then they pitch on a day on which they will pay the King's money. They offer in six months to pay the whole, which at Michaelmas will be 1,200l., taxes included.
Sir Martin Lumley moved that the other 100l. may be remitted to him considering his losses and seeing that he has paid in 500l. The minute book to be searched and if it was agreed that on paying the 500l. the 230l. should be remitted him, he shall have it.
Warrant for Mr. Portman. To be on the Exchequer on his interest privy seal.
Mr. Partridge to attend on Wednesday three weeks about the Cambridgeshire affidavit.
Petition read from Mr. Peter Woodcock, Receiver of the Aids for co. Rutland [Lincoln]. Warrant for stay of process. Sir W. Doyly to offer his opinion what is to be done to get in the arrears of 63l. 13s. 11d., which Woodcock says were returned in super, and could not be levied or received before this time.
John Hutchinson, of Lincoln, to have liberty on bail till June 25 to perfect his account. Mr. Spight to attend then, he being concerned therein.
Mr. Eastmond to be prosecuted. His paper sent to Mr. Lawrence.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 106–8.]