Minute Book: June 1669

Pages 77-98

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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June 1669

June 7.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Warrant for 1,200l. on the order of Council for two fireships. To be out of the loans on the [Crown] land revenue.
Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, Sir G. Downing, and Sir Edm. Sawyer are to make a particular of such quit rents and leaseholds [belonging to the Crown] as are to be proposed as a security for borrowing money upon.
Other Lords Councillors with my Lords come in about the Irish [revenue, civil and military] affairs, viz. the Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Orrery, Lord Arlington, Sir G. Carteret, Secretary Trevor, Sir John Temple. A letter is read from the Judges of Ireland [informing my Lords] that judgment is given for the King in a certain case that the innocent papists are to pay their quit rents. Reasons are to be offered to the Privy Council why the puisne Judges and Barons of the Exchequer in Ireland should not be retrenched in their salaries: in order to some preferment to them as occasion [serve]. The [Irish] military establishment or list for the year 1639 is to be procured against the next meeting. Write Sir George Lane to search among his papers for it, and to Sir R. Long to search for it in the Exchequer, also to Sir Edward Walker and Mr. Williamson to search for a copy of it. My Lords are to consider what the revenue of Ireland will be this year and the next, allowing a proportionable deduction of the 15,000l. per an. Letter read from the Lord Deputy about the commission for the Irish defalcations on the Customs [farm]. Mr. Morice called in. My Lords tell him they will report to the King that it's best that that business be left to the Government of Ireland, and that Mr. Morice go on with that commission on his [own expense or] charge, and in case he bring it to any good effect that he be recommended to the Lord Lieutenant for reward. Mr. Archer's petition read. To be considered on Thursday next, at which time his other petition and the order of Council are to be in readiness. The Treasury Lords and those of Ireland are to meet again on Thursday morning.
A letter of the 18th inst. is read from the Commissioners of Dean Forest about the sale of some coppice wood. Ordered that they sell it to those that will give the most for it and who will advance money to pay Mr. Maynard's 1,500l. and [be willing] to carry on the enclosure.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 108–9.]
June 8.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household.
Sir George Benyon called in about the surplus on his accounts. He is to attend on Tuesday with his auditor and Sir Philip Warwick.
Warrant for stay of process against the commoners in Ringmer manor.
Sir Jonathan Trelawney called in with his warrant about the tin in Cornwall and prays that since the thing was otherwise he may have 500l. per an. out of the King's benefit of it. The King to be moved in it and the rest of the warrant to be vacated.
Sir Henry Capell called in. Ordered that the same directions as last year be now given for payment of his brother's pension.
Mr. Newport called in. Warrant to repay Sir Philip Honywood 200l. lent upon the Tenths and a warrant to issue that money to the Works for the repair of Godshouse [at Portsmouth].
Sir Francis Vincent called in. Ordered that care be taken when money comes in that he be considered.
Sir R. Long to be spoken to about 2s. taken at the Tally Court for Sir Philip Honywood's 200l. tally of loan: that it be repaid.
Warrant for the arrest of the Collectors named in Mr. Woodcock's certificate if they pay not the money to the Receiver.
The Lord Chamberlain, the Earl of Bridgewater, both the Lords Chief Justices, the Lord Chief Baron and Baron Turner, the Attorney and Solicitor General and Mr. Thursby, the Duke of Richmond's Counsel, attend concerning the alnage. The judges are of opinion that no attachments can be served upon any persons but such as are parties in the offence. Ordered that there can be no general decree in it if the law will not bear it. They must address for a new one.
Sir George Benyon called in with Mr. Chislet, in the presence of the Attorney and Solicitor General. He says he lent several sums to the late King. As to the 1,500l. my Lords say he can have no discharge without a privy seal which he must procure. As for the 12,500l. he says he paid it all to Sir Francis Crane by warrant of Lord Treasurer Juxon.
Mr. Lawrence informs my Lords that Sir John Robinson et al. have put a bill into the Exchequer by [way of] defence to their right to defalcations as collectors of the Chimney money for London, &c., in 1665. Mr. Lawrence to look over the witnesses they have, examine them in the Exchequer and shew them [their depositions] to the Attorney and Solicitor General.
The Earl of Sandwich moves for the money payable to him by his privy seal, viz. 6,300l. Sir G. Downing to speak with Alderman Backwell to advance it on such months [of the rent of the Customs] as will bear it. Alderman Backwell to attend on Thursday.
Sir Richard Oatly and Col. Scriven called in with their Auditor with their chimney account. Ordered that as to all discoveries above what was in the sheriffs' time [when the sheriffs received the Hearth money] the Auditor allow them a moiety of what they have discovered. As for charges of surveys they are to have the same allowance as others. Meanwhile they must pay in 500l., and then be further considered.
Sir G. Downing, Sir R. Long, and Mr. Sherwyn are to hear the matter in dispute between Mr. Lawrence Squibbe and Mr. Hugh May about the 300l. disbursed by May, but which Squib claims, and to consider how May can be discharged on his proving by what direction it was expended.
The 405l. remain of Paul Adams's money is to be applied to the Queen's lodgings. Memorandum. Secretary Trevor had the rest of this money.
Warrant for Mr. Meynell on his interest privy seal on the Chimney money.
Warrant for Sir Robert Viner for his 9,400l. on Sir R. Long's certificate. To be on the Chimney money now in his [Viner's] hands.
Warrant to repay Sir William Fleetwood 21l. 19s. 6d. due on his account. To be on the 10,000l. dormant.
Sir Thomas Player called in with Auditor Beale about money by him [Player] procured [to be lent] to His Majesty. The account is read with an order of Council. Sir G. Downing to draw a report of what Player has procured and what he has received as recompense and of what was paid to purchase for him the place of Receiver of the Aids of London.
Mrs. Crane offers to pay the money in six months and as security to resign her interest in the land. My Lords say they cannot take off the extent till the King's money is secured, which is about 900l., but they will let the King's extent be managed by the King's officers and the money to be paid still in part. Must attend again to propose the best security possible.
Consideration to be had on Friday for the provision of money to pay 5,000l. for the bills due in the Treasurer of the Chamber's office and 5,000l. for salaries for the King's servants paid in the Exchequer and 3,000l. for pensions.
Warrant for Sir Ste. Fox for Jersey [garrison].
Write Prince Rupert about the Chimney money at Windsor.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 109–11.]
June 9.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Mr. Finch called in with Col. Birch. Ordered that the late Commissioners of Excise presently pay in 1,500l. of the 2,000l. remaining in their hands, and then to be considered out of the remainder as to the 2d. [per £ poundage] which they claim. Warrant to Mr. Ball, late Cashier of Excise, to pay the 1,500l. into the Exchequer. The question of the poundage to be considered this day week.
Sir Bernard Gascoyn called in. Alderman Bucknell to attend on Friday concerning said Gascoyn's complaint that he is not yet paid his pension on the French tunnage.
Mr. Lightfoot called in, and a paper is read about some repairs in Bushey Park. He is to bring an estimate.
Lord St. John is to have 300l. of Sir Richard Oatley's money for [repair, &c., of] Lyndhurst.
Mr. Shepheard to have time till the 21st to appear before my Lords.
Mr. Meynell's paper read about the 2,000l. Sir R. Long to certify the state of the matter.
Warrant for a privy seal for 1,000l. for the Duke of Buckingham, Master of the Horse. Sir G. Downing to see if the Master of the Horse formerly got the King's hand [or signature to his warrants] himself.
Warrant for Sir Ste. Fox on his privy seal for secret service.
Mr. Lawrence to ask the Attorney General whether [the lands in] the Queen Mother's jointure being to be made a collateral security to borrow money on, the particulars must be mentioned.
Mr. Northcot, Receiver of Aids for Devon, is called in with his Auditor and the state of his account. Ordered that he procure a more particular certificate of the times when he paid in the money so as to avoid the 12 per cent. [charge on Receivers who detain their moneys].
Sir R. Long to send on Friday a list of all such warrants as have been signed by my Lords for wages for the King's and Queen's servants and which are not assigned on a particular fund, but payable out of the Exchequer in General, and which remain unpaid in part or whole.
Col. Nicholls called in about the business of New York. My Lords will move the King what is to be allowed for it.
Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Ward called in about the order of Council concerning the improved rents in Cornwall. Ordered that on Monday they bring some rules to proceed by.
Warrant for Peter Lely's interest money on his 500l. loan.
Warrant for the Cofferer on his paper. Also a warrant for a privy seal for 20,000l. on account for interest and to supply the establishment for this current year.
Mr. Wadlow moves for 3,720l. interest money. To be considered when Auditor Aldworth comes next about Mr. Wadlow's business. Warrant to Aldworth to state the account for the gratuity of 4 per cent. for the 62,219l. 0s. 6¾d. paid in by Wadlow and his partners of the money levied on the late Act for a new imposition on wines. Ordered that Wadlow and his partners shall have their 13,000l. on [the wine revenue or ? on the Customs for] January and February come twelvemonth and their interest every six months.
Sir Erasmus Harvy to return answer in writing this day week to Mr. Norton's petition.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 112–3.]
June 10.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe: and of the Lords of Ireland, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Orrery, Lord Arlington, Lord John Berkeley, Vice-Chamberlain, Sir John Temple.
The Earl of Orrery presents a paper of the charge and revenue of Ireland, as by degrees it will come in. As to the Civil List and the reducement of seven troops and 13 companies, seeing that it is settled in Council, ordered that it be carried back thither to consider if His Majesty will alter anything of what was there determined. Ordered that the Earl of Orrery add to his paper 20,000l. for defalcations. In order to the better enabling His Majesty to judge what is fit to be done as to reducing [the forces in Ireland], the Lords of the Council of Ireland are to consider what garrisons are fit to be kept, and what number of men in each garrison before this business be reported. As to Capt. Rosse's petition: search is to be made as to what has formerly been done in it, and that then he be added to the Civil List for his 300l. per an. Ordered that la Fountaine be considered as a chirurgeon in the list of general officers in Ireland. These things to be reported in Council next Wednesday.
Letter read from the Customs Farmers concerning the breaking open of two warehouses wherein some pepper was seized for the King's use. Write Tho. Fownes, Tho. Allen, Arthur Art, Joseph Hilton, and Henry Hall to attend on Monday to give my Lords information hereupon.
Warrant for 500l. to Viscount Andover: to come out of the moneys paid by Lady Fanshaw.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 113–4.]
June 11.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Mr. Garell called in. Ordered that Mr. Brattle, Assaymaster of the Mint, attend on Monday about said Garill's informations.
Sir John Bennet called in. Warrant for the arrest of Edward Billing.
Warrant to vacate one of the tallies for 29l. 6s. 8d. on the tin [revenue] there being two for that sum. The draft of the warrant and certificate is to be sent to Sir R. Long to peruse and amend and then the warrant to be made.
Mr. Lawrence reports from the Attorney General that they can draw the security [for loans on the Crown lands] so as not to mention the particulars of the [lands in the] Queen Mother's jointure but knows not whether it will be so satisfactory to lenders. Ordered that the particulars [of the lands in said Queen Mother's jointure] be mentioned and all vested in trustees among which some of the great ones together with Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing, Sir C. Harbord and such others as my Lords shall resolve upon.
Sir Herbert Perrot called in with Mr. Simonds and Mr. Smith and Col. Birch who says that Smith and Simonds proffered to Sir Herbert his tallies on delivery of their bonds to them. So the parties are dismissed.
Mr. Progers prays that he may have 300l. assigned him.
Warrant for Mr. Elliot on his privy seal as Keeper of Newmarket House.
The whole 381l. 17s. 0d. for the [King's] Watermen's bills is to be inserted in Sir Edw. Griffin's 5,000l. for bills [due in the office of the Treasurer of the Chamber].
Warrant for Mr. Spencer on his privy seal.
Mrs. Crane called in: desires that the business of the disposal of the manor of Ruthin be stayed till Michaelmes term, in which time they [are] to clear their title and provide the money, and then have the benefit of the King's extent.
The Commissioners of the Navy are called in about Mr. Pley's business. Sir G. Downing to go to the Commissioners of Accounts with a letter from my Lords to desire them to send to the Treasury Sir George Carteret's accounts, for that my Lords have occasion to make use of them, and [my Lords] will return them speedily.
Warrant for 5,000l. for the Navy. To be on the loans on [Crown] lands. Sir John Duncombe will write to Mr. Colvill to lend 5,000l. more on that security. Ordered that 15,000l. more be provided against Midsummer for the Navy. The Customs Farmers to be spoken to on Monday [to see if they will lend the money]. Also my Lords will then speak to them to lend 5,678l. on Mr. Pepys's orders and 15,000l. against the Earl of Middleton going over. Write Sir R. Viner and the rest of the said farmers to attend on Monday.
Mr. Spencer moves for an answer to their Barbados proposition.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 114–5.]
June 14.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir John Duncombe.
Write the Auditors of Wales to bring Sir Robert Long both privy seals about payment of the Welsh Judges in order that the former may be vacated.
The Attorney General, Sir C. Harbord and Sir R. Long called in concerning the security for borrowing money on the [Crown] land revenue. Sir R. Long proposes that the particulars [of the various fee farms, Crown rents and leases, &c.] be upon schedules. The Attorney General thinks it may be either way but that it will be best the particulars be inserted in the body of the patent. [Ordered] that a conveyance be prepared to blank persons with conditions declaring the trust in the deed to pass the great seal for [pledging Crown lands to the value of] 11,000l. per an. and that if the money be not paid by Michaelmas come 12 month the land to be sold and the business to be prepared by the Attorney General by way of schedule. And the tenure, &c., must be granted because the trustees cannot distrain. The Attorney General says that in every rent there should be reference to the letters patent but that [would be] too tedious to be procured but that as to the additional security of the Queen Mother's jointure that there all will be particular. As to the Cornwall [Duchy] rents the Attorney General will consider the business. As to the rules to proceed by in the matter of the improved rents in Cornwall Sir C. Harbord says that he's not ready. To be considered on Friday next. Sir R. Long says there is but 8,600l. clear rent on the Receivers.
The Customs Farmers cannot furnish 6,500l. for the Earl of Sandwich and 15,000l. for the Navy. Write Alderman Backwell, Mr. Meynell, and Mr. Colville to attend to-morrow for some offer to be made about lending money on certain months of the rents of the Customs.
Write the late Customs Farmers to pay 2,000l. into the Exchequer on their late Farm.
Mr. Brattle to attend on Wednesday about the information from Garill.
"A like warrant to the Farmers of the Customs as was sent to them when the tallies were listed, [viz. for them] to send money to the Exchequer to pay the tallies."
Warrant on Mr. Wadlow's interest account as brought in April 19 last.
Warrant for delivering up Lady Fanshaw's bonds.
[Ibid. pp. 115–6.]
June 15. Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
The Earl of Sandwich called in. Warrant for [sic ? for on] his privy seal for the 6,300l. on the months of the Customs appointed for it. To be paid out of such moneys as are or shall be lent on those months.
A new privy seal for 1,000l. imprest on account, to the Duke of Buckingham as Master of the Horse.
Mr. Northcot called in with Mr. Pollard about his account of the Aids. On Sir W. Doyly's certificate warrant to strike off the 12 per cent. [charge on Receivers for not accounting]. Process to issue against Thomas Pollard for money in his hands.
The Excise Commissioners' report read about Sir John Talbot. Write them to pay him his quarter's interest.
The Earl of Mulgrave's papers with the propositions about the alum business are to be considered to-morrow and Sir Hugh Cholmely to attend then but first to attend Lord Ashley.
Consideration to be had to pay the Earl of Bristol 450l., the remainder of his warrant. Sir G. Downing to have this minute on next Thursday morning. (It was sent.)
Warrant on the Exchequer for Mr. Gunter.
Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing, and Mr. Sherwyn to speak with Sir R. Howard, and to consider what may be the best way to take in the Greenwax patent.
Mr. Broxholme's affidavit read. Referred to Sir W. Doyly to report the matter of fact and of what consequence the remitting this money may be.
William Stucky's petition read. Nothing done in it.
Letter read from the Navy Commissioners about waste made to the King's woods in Whittlewood Forest. Ordered that Mr. John Morehouse attend the Attorney General with the informations, but first write Morehouse to send to my Lords an information with the names of the offenders, and in what walks these abuses have been committed.
Mr. Fisher, a verderer in New Forest, called in, says that one John Lewin has made great wastes in said forest. He is a keeper under Sir Robert Howard. This to be sworn. Mr. Lawrence to prosecute the business.
Lord Gerard moves about Mr. Dobson's lodge. Hodges to attend to-morrow about the arrear prayed for by Dobson.
Dormant warrant to stay process against Mr. Francis Dormer, late Receiver of Hearth money for co. Warwick, on his firehearth account for the 41l. 2s. 7d., he having paid in the other 100l.: my Lords intending for the residue to make report to the King that it may be allowed here for his charges in the collection.
Alderman Backwell's 342l. 10s. 0d. warrant is to be on the Customs for January next.
Capt. Kingston called in with his Counsel. Write Mr. Stedman to attend this day month about the business between Capt. Kingston and him relating to the lease. Otherwise Kingston shall be admitted. Write Sir C. Harbord to attend.
Write Mr. King to attend to-morrow about the complaint made against him by the Chimney Farmers of his detaining the King's money in his hands.
Letter read from Mr. Horne. Write him to seize the wood and sell it, and my Lords will cause information to be given against those that offend.
Dormant warrant for Eton College.
Petition read from the Scotch importers of cattle [sic for importers of Scotch cattle]. My Lords to send the order of Council to the King's officers at Berwick and Carlisle.
Sir C. Harbord's report read upon Mr. Hamond's petition about Somersham. Report to be made that if the King think fit to do it a fine be taken, the thing being of a great value.
John Neale's petition read. My Lords can do nothing on this account but will do something for him hereafter; having taken away his place of clerk of the Impost bills. He is to attend Lord Ashley.
My Lords [have received His Majesty's pleasure that he] will allow Alderman Backwell six per cent. for Mr. Warren's money towards the advancing of it on condition he stop not 1,500l. thereof. Write Backwell to attend my Lords hereon on Friday.
Directions to be given to the Customs Farmers to pay Weymouth 100l. for one year out of August next.
Write the Customs Farmers to lend 6,300l. for the Earl of Sandwich: but the money is Alderman Backwell's: which is to be made out by a certificate of the Customs Farmers. Warrant for the issue of this to the Earl of Sandwich.
Alderman Backwell called in. [Concluded] that he furnish 5,678l. for Tangier on August next [of the Customs]; 2,000l. on September; 2,000l. [on October] and the remainder on November. Write the Customs Farmers to advance it. Warrant for its issue. Also write the said Farmers for 15,000l. for the Navy to be paid out at Midsummer, viz. 7,000l. [thereof] on [the Customs of] November next, 3,078l. on February and the remainder on March next. Warrant for its issue.
Write again to Sir Richard Oatley and Col. Scriven to hasten in the 500l., which they are to pay into the Exchequer on account of their collection of the Hearth money.
The articles with Alderman Backwell about fishing the tin [at Ostend] not signed, because Custis offers better. Sir G. Downing to write to him about it, and to write to Mr. Williamson for an extract of what Sir William Temple has lately written concerning that business.
Mr. May to attend Auditor Beale about Alderman Backwell's interest demanded for 1,000l. borrowed of him in the late Lord Treasurer's time.
Sir Bernard Gascoyne and Alderman Bucknall called in. There is already 2,400l. paid in, which is as much as is due, considering what is to be paid in Ireland, and what detayned by the Governor of Jersey. Send a letter from my Lords to Sir R. Long that seeing Sir James Bunce has received money and Sir Ber. Gascoyne none, that he pay up Sir Bernard equal to him ere Sir James hath any more.
Ordered that Alderman Bucknall give an account on Friday next of what they [the Excise Farmers] have paid into the Exchequer.
Mr. Skelton's petition to be carried by Mr. Lawrence to the Attorney or Solicitor General for their opinion what is fit to be done.
Petition read from Hen. Howard and Bev. Greenvill. They are to set down the value and the rent paid to the King.
Capt. Brabant's petition referred to Sir W. Doyly to state and report what is fit to be allowed.
Thomas Philips to have liberty on bail for two months to go into the country to raise money.
Petition read from Francis Smethwick. Nothing more can be done in it at present.
Mr. Newport's report on Capt. Cooke's petition is read. Ordered that the Wardrobe pay him the money they think fit to be allowed him except the charge of the privy seal. A letter to be sent to the Earl of Sandwich.
Petition read from the Coal Farmers. Ordered that the King be desired to naturalize no more ships. But first, ordered that Mr. Blake attend my Lords on Friday for my Lords to speak to him about this petition concerning these naturalized ships.
Petition read from the Customs officers at Poole. They have their salaries.
Sir R. Long's report read on Col. Tho. Howard's petition. Warrant ordered "till the 180l. raised out of such moneys as Sir R. Long reports."
Petition read from Littlemen [sic, erratum for Littermen]. They are to be provided for with some others of the King's servants. Mr. Gohory likewise.
Same from John Paul, late Consul at Elsinore. His account to be cast up at 4s. 9d. per Rix dollar and then a warrant to issue on the Customs of January.
Capt. Ivye's petition to be considered when Lord Ashley is here.
George Ravenscroft to be inserted in the Treasurer of the Chamber bills.
Warrant ordered for interest to the Lord Keeper for 4,000l. before it was paid into the Exchequer.
The Earl of Newburgh to be heard next Tuesday about his defalcations. Give Mr. Sherwyn notice hereof.
Petitions read from St. Margaret's, Westminster. Report to be made to the King that my Lords think their request reasonable and fit.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 116–9.]
June 16.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Order for a year's creation money to the Earl of Carlisle.
The Duke of York's docquet referred to Mr. Lawrence to examine and report the value of the debt and things granted by the warrant to which the docquet refers, and whether there be no general warrants therein.
Mr. Pepys called in, says that the small chips are the carpenters' fees in the King's yards. For preventing frauds my Lords will have the Navy Office sell the offal [wood] and chips in New Forest, and the carpenters shall see what is made of the small chips and shall have it.
Mr. Progers, of the Bedchamber, called in, and Sir Robert Crooke's certificate as Clerk of the Pipe is read as to what of Mr. Roger's estate is seized by the Sheriff of Surrey towards discharge of the debt on his firehearth account. Before any further proceedings are had in this business Mr. Progers is to set down in his petition the value to which he desires to be gratified.
Mr. Brattle and Mr. Garill called in. Ordered that Brattle make an assay for Garill.
The Earl of Nottingham called in. My Lords say nothing more can be done till towards the end of this year.
Lord Ashley makes report on Kirke's petition. Ordered that a certificate be brought from Mr. Ball that the money is paid. Also a copy of the recognizance to see that it concerns only this business, and if so, that it be delivered up.
Report read about the Castle Garth at Newcastle. Lord Ashley to peruse it. Memorandum. There are general words in Lord Gerard's Exchequer lease which may comprise 3 or 4,000l. per an.
Col. Birch called in about the money of the Poll in 1660. He says the creditors who are to have it signed a paper, a copy whereof [was] left at the Treasury, by which they obliged themselves to share equally. A petition of divers of those creditors is read, Referred to Col. Birch and the rest of the Commissioners.
Sir G. Downing to make a scheme of all money that has been charged by my Lords since their first commission. Charnock to do it. Sir R. Long to give an account of what has been paid till Michaelmas.
The King to be moved that the Commissioners of Accounts may be directed by order of Council at Michaelmas next to give him an account of their proceedings.
Petition from Tho. Sands, Receiver of Aids for Westmorland, &c., is referred to Sir W. Doyly.
Mr. Hodges called in: says he thinks the 350l. desired by Mr. Dobson will be good money: at the end of the term he will give a further account of it and will then also give an account of the 1,000l. for Sir John Wolstenholme placed on the last of these old Custom debts.
Letter read from Lord Arlington about lops and tops in New Forest. Ordered that Sir Robert Holmes have the benefit of the money therefrom to repair those castles and houses when what was ordered by Lord Ashley has been paid. The value of the chips to be for the carpenters [of the King's yards]. Sir Robert Holmes to bring Lord Ashley's warrant and he is to be joined with the Woodward [of New Forest] to see the best made of it.
Sir William Temple's letter about the fishing for the tin at Ostend is read. Sir G. Downing to send to Custis to go on according to his proposition. My Lords to speak with Lord Arlington about a passage in Sir W. Temple's letter concerning Sir G. Downing.
Write Mr. Bucknall that Sir R. Long says he has paid only 900l. [to Sir Bernard Gascoyne] and request him to pay what is due [to Sir Bernard] and to attend my Lords with him on Friday.
Mr. Alford's petition read. The Lord Chamberlain to be moved in it.
Thomas Norton's petition read and Lady Harbye's answer. Ordered that Norton reply in writing. Norton prays that no more may be paid to Lady Harby on Customs tallies till his 1,500l. is paid which was part of the old Customs debt. Sir Erasmus Harby promises to pay him 200l.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 119–21.]
June 18.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
The Auditors [of the Exchequer Court] are told to attend the Attorney General this afternoon and every day with [an account of] what progress they make in the particulars [of the Crown lands and fee farm rents, &c., which are to be scheduled] to make up the security for the [loans on the Crown] land revenue.
Mr. Slingsby is called in about [John, Joseph, and Philip Roetiers] the gravers of the Mint, who insist to have their patent for life because they may be [come] blind. Write the said gravers to attend on Monday and bring somebody with them who can speak English to explain their desires to-my Lords.
Report to be made on the petition from Mr. Progers concerning Mr. Rogers' debt.
Order for a privy seal in the case of Sir Robert Viner's 9,400l. to enable Sir George Carteret to pay it to Viner out of the Hearth money for Lady Day, 1666, notwithstanding the privy seal for paying no more money to him [Carteret] or his assigns.
The King's officers [of the Customs, London port], are called in about the late Customs Farmers' demands of defalcations. Write Sir John Shaw, Collector of Customs inwards, to send an account of all debentures on the said late Farmers for the years 1666 and 1667 ending at Michaelmas, and also a separate account of the [like] debentures for the first three years of the said farm.
Write Sir William Temple that in regard the summer [term or quarter day] is near expired my Lords leave it to him to make an agreement with Mr. Edmond Custis, of Zealand [concerning his fishing for the tin at Antwerp], on the said Custis's proposition sent to my Lords, [said propositions] making the tin to be delivered to such person or persons as shall be appointed by my Lords, and the 1,100l. to be paid into the Exchequer, with security given in London for performance, and a person to be maintained on board the vessel at the charge of said Custis. Write said Custis, referring him to Sir W. Temple to treat with him.
Sir C. Harbord makes report about the improved rent in the Duchy of Cornwall. Lord Ashley took the report away to consider.
Mr. Blake et al. called in. Write the Governors of Jersey and Guernsey to certify what proportion of coal is necessary for those islands and from what ports [available]. This business to be further considered on Monday.
The King to be moved that my Lords cannot issue their warrant to seize the profits of the Greenwax until a report be made to them how it is to be done. Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing and Mr. Sherwyn to meet about it on Monday next to consider of calling in the patent of the Greenwax vested in Sir Robert Howard's father. Write Sir Robert Howard to attend them then.
Sir John Bennet called in with Mr. Billing. Confesses he was his clerk and received all the money for the post farm for him.
Warrant for 5,000l. more for the Treasurer of the Navy: to be out of the loans on the [Crown] lands revenue.
Warrant for the Earl of Anglesey's creation money.
[The following of the Lords of the Council of Ireland] came in: Duke of Ormonde, Lord Arlington, Lord John Berkeley, ViceTreasurer, Sir John Temple. The warrant for the Irish [revenue] farm is read. Sir G. Downing is to see that the particulars of the rent make up the total. When the sums and notes of Abbot [have been] examined the warrant is to be sent to the Lord Privy Seal to be returned on Monday at which time my Lords intend to sign it unless the Lord Privy Seal object anything against it.
An assignment to be made for Mr. Viner as he desires payment of his warrant.
Petition read from Mr. Thomas. Nothing to be done in it.
Same from the Earl of Fingall. Report to be made to the King that the estate be settled on those in remainder to the honor: provided the remainder be in the King.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 121–3.]
June 21.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Write again, by an Exchequer messenger, to the late Farmers of the Customs, to pay forthwith 2,000l. into the Exchequer.
Sir Henry Wood moves for a warrant for 2,200l. for the Queen Mother for Wardships and Liveries up to Lady Day last. Warrant ordered on the loans on the [Crown] land revenue.
Sir W. Doyly presents Sir C. Harbord's report about a house bought of an alien. Report to be made to the King that it be granted for 31 years at a [rent of a] mark per annum.
Warrant for the Master of the Rolls: on the Butlerage.
Sir W. Doyly makes report on Mr. Herlackenden's account of the Aids, and Mr. Polhill is called in. Write Herlackenden to attend on Wednesday. Sir W. Doyly presents a state of what is in arrear in Kent of the Eleven Months' tax. To be reported to the Privy Council. He also reports the case of Mr. Sands, Receiver of Aids in Cumberland. Warrant to take off the 12 per cent. [interest charges set upon him]. He also reports about said Sands' bringing the money to York. Ordered that Auditor Chislet attend on Wednesday, and that this matter of Mr. Sands's account and in super be considered then.
Lord Ashley reports that this day at his desire the Exchequer Court put off their hearing the case of Major Reeve et al. till Monday next to see if my Lords will not hear it. Ordered that Mr. Lawrence bring the written order of the Exchequer Court to-morrow, and then my Lords will consider what they will do in it. Petition read from [Sir John Robinson], Major Reeve [et al.] for defalcations in their late collection of the London Hearth money. Ordered to attend on Wednesday and bring the order of the Exchequer Court with them.
Mr. Ralph Sanders, of Oxford, to pass his accounts for the Hearth money, [and the Auditors to accept his vouchers] by Sir Thomas Player's acquittances without tallies.
Sir Francis Vincent called in: says he has a pension of 200l. per an.: also loses 350l. per an. by the King's deer at Windsor. Prays he may have a privy seal for 2,000l., but the business of the deer not to be mentioned, but only the quitting his pension. Warrant ordered for such a privy seal.
Lord Richardson called in: prays that prosecution may be stopped against Mr. Dacket. Nothing done in it.
The warrant for farming the revenue of Ireland is returned from the Lord Privy Seal without any alteration. Ordered that it be prepared for the King's hand.
Warrant for Mr. Montague for a quarter's [ordinary] at 100l. a week: to be on the Customs of January.
Mr. King and the Farmers of the Chimney money are called in about Mr. King's account for Suffolk for 1666, Lady Day. Mr. King says he paid what he received and as he received it. Mr. Smith, his security, says he has received much more than he paid in. King desires that acquittances may be produced. Smith et al. say that acquittances were not given for much of it. Mr. King says that Kerre seized his papers. Kerre says he returned them back. Ordered that Mr. Kerre bring a charge against Mr. King, seeing he took his papers, and that Kerre deliver back his papers to the Auditor. A commission to issue out of the Exchequer to examine such persons as are mentioned in Mr. Ker's paper. Mr. Lawrence to draw it.
Sir Baynham Throckmorton, Col. Cooke, and Mr. Foley called in about the bargain with Mr. Foley for the decayed wood in Dean Forest. My Lords say that if the Commissioners have agreed with him they must certify it. According to my Lords' late letter that money must be advanced to pay Mr. Maynard, &c.
The remain of the Earl of Bristol's warrant is to be paid out of the loans on the [Crown] land revenue after the warrant for 5,000l. for the Navy has been paid.
Write the Customs Farmers to advance 1,000l. on [their Customs rent of] August come twelvemonth: to be for re-building the Custom House.
The Roetiers, engravers to the Mint, are called in. Ordered that they have a patent [for their office] for their lives, and to be paid at the Mint.
Warrant, on the King's warrant, for 100l. for Mrs. Leonard.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 123–5.]
June 22.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Write the Commissioners of the Navy, Sir George Carteret, and the Earl of Anglesey, to hasten in the Navy accounts. Similarly to the Wardrobe, Treasurer of the Chamber, Ordnance, Cofferer, and Mr. Pepys for Tangier: and for them to attend my Lords on Friday.
Write Sir Edmund Sawyer and Mr. Payn to attend on Monday next about issuing process against [delinquent] constables and [others] receivers, &c., of the Chimney money.
Sir Robert Viner's privy seal is to be sent to Lord Ashley to peruse.
Sir Philip Warwick called in with Sir George Benyon about the supers which are set in his [Benyon's] account [riz. supers of] about 13,000l. for which process has been stopped from time to time. He [Warwick] says it was stopped till Sir George Benyon should get a privy seal to pay him [Benyon] what the King owed him. Sir Philip Warwick is to consider the matter with Benyon's auditor and report to my Lords. Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Chislet to be there.
Warrant for Mr. Packer to have the arrear of the Archbishop of York's Tenths for 1667 to pay his liberates.
Process stayed against Mr. May till Michaelmas term.
The Earl of Lauderdale called in. Ordered that amongst the first there shall be 1,000l. assigned to pay his 1,000l. warrant.
Write Secretary Trevor enclosing the warrant for Mr. Hamilton and repeating that it's contrary to the order of Council of 1667–8, Jan. 31.
The Earl of Sandwich called in: moves that my Lords will take up the money on his Chimney orders for 5,000l. Ordered that he put his desires in writing.
Mr. Lawrence's report about the Duke of York's docquet is read. The docquet is passed.
Alderman Backwell to attend to-morrow to advance 4,000l. for Sheerness on the Customs, viz. 1,000l. the last of June, 1,000l. July 15, 1,000l. July 31, and 1,000l. August 31. He says he will do it. To be repaid 3,000l. on the [Customs of] November come twelvemonth, and 1,000l. on [same of] December come twelvemonth. Write the Customs Farmers to advance this money. Warrant for the issue of it to Col. Leg for Sheerness.
Petition read from John Seymour et al. Referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Sir Bernard Gascoyne and Alderman Bucknall called in. Ordered that Bucknall presently pay in 600l. into the Exchequer, to be issued out to Sir Bernard, and then [i.e. after that] he [Gascoyne] and Alderman Bunce to be equally paid. Write Sir R. Long to that effect.
The Earl of Ancrum called in, and his petition read. A report to be drawn how long a treaty has been with Alderman Backwell.
Write Sir William Temple to agree with Custis [as to the fishing for the tin at Ostend]. As my Lords are informed that it may prove of considerable value, ordered that if the King please he may give him [Custis] 1,000l. out of it. Write Sir George Carteret to certify how much of the tin is yet unrecovered.
Alderman Backwell presents a paper of defalcations demanded by the present Farmers of the Customs.
The Privy Council to be moved concerning Joas Everson's refusing to give bond according to the order of Council, now his corn is landed.
Mr. Montague must have [payment for] 14 weeks [on his ordinary] because he had but 12 weeks last time. Warrant for this out of the loans on [the Customs for] January. Write the Customs Farmers to advance the money.
Warrant for 350l. for Mr. Moulin for the Council of Trade: to be on the Customs of March come twelvemonth. Write the Customs Farmers to advance the money.
Sir Herbert Perrot called in: says that Mr. Shepheard is not yet come. Referred to Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing, and Mr. Sherwyn what may be done in the case, and see if all his receipt of the Eighteen Months' tax was for the Ordnance.
Write Sir R. Long that in case the imprest roll to charge Mr. Slingsby by, for the Mint, be not yet made out, he make it out with all speed.
Write Mr. Slingsby, the officers of the Mint, and Sir C. Harbord to attend on Friday morning, my Lords having set that time apart to make a progress in the indenture of the Mint.
Write Sir R. Long not to issue out the 3,500l. now [promised this morning to be] paid into the Exchequer by Alderman Backwell [as a loan] on the [Crown] land revenue without particular warrant from my Lords, i.e. such warrant "making mention of this 3,500l. in particular and not upon any general warrant upon the loans on the land revenue."
Letter read from Lord Arlington about a proposition about a copper mine in Jamaica. The proposition is read: "offers to go to work and give a tenth to the King: says he has seen the mountain where the mine is, as he was informed by a Jew." [Having spoken with one Jacob Buon Henriques, the Jew, that came to my Lords this day about it, my Lords order] that he and Mr. Modiford attend on Monday and bring a merchant with them who knows Jamaica.
My Lords will consider Sir Baynham Throckmorton's petition.
Petition from Mary Whittaker. My Lords will consider it hereafter.
The order of Council about the Earl of Kinnoul is read. The said order referring it to the Treasury Lords to examine what part of the revenue of the Caribbee Islands has been applied to the satisfaction of the pretensions of the Earl of Marlborough and the Earl of Kinnoul to those islands. Write Auditor Beale to make inquiry into that matter and return an accompt thereof to my Lords who will thereupon make report to the Council.
Mrs. Tindale's petition read. A copy to be sent to the Earl of Norwich and the matter to be heard this day fortnight.
Process stayed against Sir Francis Clarke till Michaelmas term.
Warrant for Mr. Lightfoot to have 300l. of Sir Richard Oatlye's money.
Sir William Doyly's certificate read about Mr. Bathurst. Referred to Sir G. Downing and Sir R. Long.
Warrant for Col. Norton on the Chimney money.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 125–7.]
June 23.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Ordered that if Sir John Robinson bring 2,500l. into the Exchequer by way of loan on the [Crown] land revenue, he have it in part upon his account [for the Tower] and on the order of Council. Write Sir R. Long that my Lords having promised this to Sir John Robinson, and he having thereupon given direction to Mr. Ward to pay in such a sum, Sir R. Long is therefore to take care that it be not issued out to anyone except Sir J. Robinson.
Warrant for 1,000l. for the Master of the Horse.
Petition read from Capt. Tinker. Report to be made [to the King in Council] that this be left to be paid in its place, else it will draw on all the Navy debts.
Same from Mrs. Mell. To be considered hereafter.
Mr. Coats to have liberty on bail to go into the country till Michaelmas in order to sell his estate.
The Earl of Suffolk called in. Warrant on the Exchequer for him for a year as [a Gentleman] of the Bedchamber.
Petition read from Tho. Flood et al. To be considered hereafter: and meanwhile referred to the Commissioners of the Poll in 1660.
Same from Francis Mancell. Warrant for 200l. for him on the loans on [Crown] land revenue.
Same from Richard Sherburn. Quere about the exact value whether 10l. each or 10l. all.
Sir R. Long to certify what Receivers of Tenths are in arrear. Letters to be sent to each bishop that their collectors give security in the Exchequer before they enter on their receipt. Sir R. Long to certify on what ground these letters may be founded.
Petition from Edward Tear. Warrant for 10l. for him.
Same from the rockers. To be considered hereafter.
Same from Ann Cant. To be considered hereafter.
Same from John Cooper. Nothing to be done in it.
Same from Tim. Colles. To be read when Lord Ashley is here.
Same from John Howland. Alderman Bucknall to attend about it on Wednesday.
[Same from] Widow Pinkny. Warrant for 10l. for her.
Same from John Olbiston. To be again considered.
Same from Tho. Fitz and Hen. Brockwell. Warrant read from the King for their payment.
Same from Major Babington. Referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Same from Thomas Terrye with an affidavit and complaint against Mr. Tresham of detaining a considerable sum of money, some hundreds of pounds, returned by Terry to Tresham for the purpose of being paid to Sir Thomas Player. Write Tresham to attend my Lords on Monday week.
Same from Lionell Emps. To be considered hereafter.
Same from several of the Yeomen of the Guard. Write Viscount Grandison to report on their cases.
Same from Edw. Lloyd. Referred to some Justices in Glamorganshire to examine and report.
Same from Mr. Townshend, Clerk of the Great Wardrobe, concerning his fees. Townshend to attend on Wednesday about this business.
The order of Council about Capt. Tho. Morly is read. My Lords will take care of it when [they have] money.
Sir William Wray's docquet read. It has been procured out of [due] course. It ought to have come to my Lords on reference from the King.
Petition read from Mr. Stepnye. My Lords can do nothing in it.
Same from Mr. Hoskins. [My Lords have] no money.
Same from Mr. Howard and Mr. Grenville. Referred to Sir C. Harbord to report the value and what is to be done in it.
Same from the Earl of Newburgh. To be considered on Wednesday next. Send notice by Mr. Sherwyn for the Earl to attend then.
Letter read from the Commissioners for the Aids for Suffolk. Write them to continue their diligence, and that no prejudice shall come to the county.
Order of Council read about proposals concerning coals for the Caribbee Islands. Write the farmers of the duty on exported coals to certify my Lords what quantity of coals have been sent to the Caribbee Islands and what the Customs on same amounted to.
Petition read from Tho. Preston and John Charnock. To be considered at a full board.
Same from Sir Amias Pollard. Referred to Sir C. Harbord to see who is the present tenant and at what value.
Report read from the Excise Commissioners about Capt. Beaumont's case. Report to be made to the King about Leicester and Byam whether he will think fit to remit the money. Warrant to stay process till further order.
Report from Mr. Lawrence read on the case of Mr. Simms. Simms never had Bromlye's place, and my Lords will do nothing in the case.
Petition read from Sir James Bunce. Nothing can be done in it; 4,000l. having been ordered in full of his demands and on good funds: and nothing can be charged on the Excise.
An affidavit is read about arrears of the 18 months' tax in the Isle of Ely. Ordered that they specify the names of the collectors.
Sir W. Doyly called in with Mr. Herlackenden and Mr. Polhill. Ordered that Pepper pay interest for so much of the 500l. as [was] overpaid to Alderman Backwell above his tally. As for Waterman Mr. Herlackenden says he will own his hand and his man's for [sums] which they can shew [as received] of them which is alleged to be about 200l. and paid above a year since. Ordered that he do it speedily. As for Gilbert, ordered that Mr. Herackenden and he acquit their accounts together. Ordered that these parties meet Mr. Herlackenden at Rochester at the Assizes and that Mr. Polhill and [Mr. Powell] the Solicitor [of Aids for Kent] be there. Col. Herlackenden is to hasten the state of his accounts, and then my Lords will stay process. Sir W. Doyly to assist. Doyly to draw a letter to the Mayor and Jurats of Dover about the arrears of the Royal and Additional Aids.
Sir John Bennet called in with Mr. Billing. Ordered that he find sureties to pay Sir John Bennet.
Warrants to the [Exchequer Court] Auditors to make out the particulars for the [Crown] land [to be proposed as] security to borrow money upon: to bear date the 16th inst.
Alderman Backwell promises to make up the 3,500l. to 4,231l. 6s. 8d. [as loan] on the [Crown] land revenue. Write Sir R. Long not to issue this sum out of the Exchequer save by special warrant particularly mentioning that sum.
Sir R. Long makes report in the case of Mr. Pley. Ordered that the report be made in writing from Sir R. Long, Sir G. Downing, and the Navy Commissioners.
The coal farmers are called in. Ordered that where ships naturalized by the King's warrant are navigated by foreigners the coal farmers are to make them pay foreign customs duty.
Capt. Hanby called in, Ordered that he have time till the beginning of next term to pay in the money. Warrant to stay process till then.
Write Sir Robert Southwell that he has left no acquittance or letter of attorney to any person to receive the bill of exchange for 600l. for which my Lords gave him credit, that the money lies in the Exchequer and cannot be taken out, and that the King is paying interest on it: and that therefore Sir Robert send a blank acquittance for it by the first opportunity.
Sir John Robinson and the late collectors of the Chimney money for London are called in and their petition is read, with the state of their account. [Ordered] that as to seamen they have allowance. They say that the late Lord Treasurer allowed them 2s. in every 100s. for their pains, over and above 2d. in the £ to the officers under them. My Lords say they can't allow them above 12d. in the £, but they produce an agreement by the King's privy seal but my Lords say that must be out of the 12d. per £. Also my Lords say they cannot relieve them as to such bonds as they took of any under officers. Ordered that they attend on Friday morning with their Auditor and that the Auditor distinguish the arrears [showing] what in each sheriff's time.
Warrant to the Excise Commissioners to pay Sir James Smith his quarter's interest seeing he paid his money but five days too late.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 127–30.]
June 25. Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
The Lord Keeper to be asked about the 10,000l. out of Ireland for the Navy.
The Chimney Farmers are to send in their [Chimney money] surveys (fair books of entry of their accounts) by Aug. 24 next, as they ought to have done by the 24th of this month in accordance with the order of Council of Feb. 10 last.
The [late] Collectors of the Chimney money for London are called in with their Auditor. Empty houses and poor to be allowed them [as a defalcation] since oath made of it. As for constables it's yet good. Charges to be allowed them as agreed with the late Lord Treasurer and Lord Ashley, viz. 2s. and 4s. per 100s., and they to pay the remainder into the Exchequer. But as to the increase [in the yield of the tax and due to the exertions of the collectors, &c.], it is to be allowed only as to what is collected, not as to what is in the survey [books merely]. Also they are to be allowed their house [or office] rent. Warrant accordingly to the Auditor, and process to stay for a month. Also a warrant to the Auditor not to charge 12 per cent. on them. When the account is declared a warrant is to issue to the Pipe Office to issue process against the constables for the supers set upon them amounting to about 1,800l.
Warrant for the arrest of Mr. Jay.
Petition read from Mr. Trevanion. Ordered that Mr. Lawrence attend the Barons of the Exchequer with Col. Trevanion's affidavit.
Mr. Coats and Mr. Hill called in. Ordered that they have liberty [of their person] for three months to sell land [of their own] to pay the King's debt.
Write Auditor Wood and Beale to quicken Sir Edward Griffin's account at present before them: and that for such of his accounts as are not yet before them they quicken the bringing of them in in order to their despatch.
Warrant for a quarter to Sir William Godolphin.
The King to be acquainted about Sir Heneage Finch's letter about escheats in Ireland.
Ordered that 1,000l. be provided to pay the Earl of Lauderdale's warrant.
Mr. Slingsby called in about the indenture of the Mint. The business adjourned till Tuesday morning. Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord and the Mint Officers to attend then.
[Treasury Minute Book III. p. 131.]
June 28.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Warrant for the King's signature for a privy seal for Sir R. Viner.
[Of the Lords of the Council of Ireland] the Duke of Ormonde and Sir George Carteret came in; about the proportioning the Irish establishment to the revenue of that kingdom. A report to be made in Council this afternoon to be sent up with all the Irish papers: and Sir George Carteret's papers of retrenchments of the Civil List [of Ireland] are to be sent up.
Sir G. Downing to be examined [at the King's Bench Bar] about Mr. Finch's business on Thursday next [at the hearing of Mr. Hanning's traverse upon an inquisition taken in April last]. Write Mr. John Stephens, of Rochester, to attend then to be examined.
The business of the Mint [Indenture] to be considered on Friday. Give notice to the officers of the Mint, Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord to attend then.
[Ibid. p. 132.]
June 30.
Present: ut supra.
Sir Baynham Throckmorton's petition to be considered next Tuesday. Ordered that he annex his proposition to the petition.
Mr. Finch says that the Lord Keeper stops his great seal upon Chocqueux's account. My Lords will speak with the Lord Keeper as to the necessity of [putting] an officer in Hanning's place.
Warrant for a year for Mrs. Wyndham: to be on the loans on [Crown] lands.
Warrant for two years to Mr. Markham, as an officer of the Customs.
Sir Herbert Perrot called in. Warrant to the Auditor to remit the 18l. 13s. 10d., and the supers to be set upon the collectors. Warrant for stay of process.
The Excise Commissioners called in, present a report about the money due from Mrs. Woulnaugh (Wolnaugh). Ordered "that the Commissioners of Excise see what money they can get besides the Customs debentures, where is 500l. debentures within the Act, which my Lords offer to take, so they can have 100l."
Warrant for 16,526l. 19s. 0d. to Sir Ste. Fox for the Guards: to be on the London and Country Excise.
Warrant to stay process against Mr. Goodwin. The like for Mr. Sands.
Warrant to the Attorney General on Sir C. Harbord's constat about the purchase of Audley End.
Affidavit read from Col. Chamberlain, Excise Farmer for Bristol, concerning abuses [against the Excise revenue in Bristol]. Ordered to be carried up to the Privy Council and that he bring more affidavits. His petition about his not having paid his rents in time is referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Petition read from Mr. Willoughby, Excise Farmer of co. Lincoln. To be represented to the Privy Council.
The Excise Commissioners represent that the Excise Farm of Wilts and Huntingdon will fall into the King's hand this quarter. Write Mr. Walden, Farmer of the Excise of Huntingdon to attend my Lords, he not having paid in his rent for the last quarter.
The Excise Commissioners to grant a commission as desired by Sir James Smith but he is to express [the names of] the men in arrear or some of them and for what.
Alderman Bucknall called in about the place of Register of the Excise which Mr. Howland claims. He says the present Register is not yet going to Ireland.
Petition read from Mr. Champante. Mr. Bucknall says that they have no such officer but one whom themselves pay, and the [Excise] Commissioners say they have no such officer.
Write Sir John Wolstenholme and the rest of the late Farmers of the Customs and Auditor Beale to attend on Friday morning about their accounts.
The King to be moved about Mr. Champante, Mr. Dugdale, and Mr. Howland having a moiety of their salaries as late officers of the Excise.
Mr. Warcup called in. My Lords tell him his farm is ready to fall, and ask him why the money is not paid. He says the money is not yet collected. My Lords will stop the taking in the farm till next quarter day. A new commission to Capt. Hughs and John Cooke, [Sub-] Commissioners of Excise for Wilts. Warrant for Mr. Warcup for 500l. on Mr. Prichard's bond with interest.
Petition read from Mr. Kirbye. My Lords can stop process no longer unless his accounts be stated.
The Excise Commissioners' account about Mr. Stockton is read. Stockton is called in. Ordered that he have a copy of the account.
Letter read from the Commissioners of Accounts. Warrant for 1,000l. for them. Write Alderman Backwell to attend my Lords about lending this sum on the Customs.
Mr. Modiford called in with the Jew about a copper mine in Jamaica. Ordered that the Jew have the mine for 31 years giving the King a tenth and to have two miles round. He will give his answer on Friday.
Warrant for 10l. to Sir William Armorer as brigantier.
Mr. Lawrence to attend on Friday with the draft of the grant for borrowing money on the security of the [Crown] land revenue.
Mr. Shaw called in with his Auditor about his Chester Castle account. Ordered that he bring hither an account to whom he paid the money, viz. 70l. in 1662 for passing a privy seal.
The Earl of Sandwich called in about the remainder of his money. My Lords say that all they can do is to pay the interest of his two assignments on the Chimneys, for which they will give him orders every six months on the Chimney money. A state to be made of interest due on two sums of money already paid and a warrant for payment of interest at 10 per cent for what is charged on the Chimneys and is unpaid, making it a fictitious loan by assignment.
Mr. Cowly is called in and spoken to about Mr. Alford. He hath given a judgment. The Lord Chamberlain cannot protect him against it.
The Earl of Mulgrave's proposition about the alum is read. The King to be acquainted with it.
Warrant for 20,000l. for the Cofferer: on the Excise.
Warrant for Sir William Bowles for his whole debt on his old privy seal on the Chimneys.
Mr. Townsend's order of Council is to be considered when the Earl of Sandwich is here.
Petition read from Peter Mead. Write the Lord Keeper that nothing pass the Great Seal on Mr. Foly's behalf without my Lords' knowledge. Sir Clement Clarke to state the case in writing.
Warrant to discharge Mr. White from custody on payment of his 1,000l. according to his articles.
Mr. Billing to be discharged upon security to the sergeant to appear when summoned, and to pay no fees.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 132–5.]