Treasury Minutes: April 1716

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30, 1716. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1958.

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April 1716

April 10. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Hewett [is] called in [and] his memorials and reports are read relating to repairs &c. in the several parks and forests: and minutes are taken [and endorsed] thereupon.
My Lords order that in all warrants relating to repairs of lodges [in the royal forests] clauses be inserted to oblige the Keepers to preserve them in repair and that the Surveyor take care that all subsequent Keepers be obliged accordingly. Ibid., p. 258.
April 16. Present: ut supra.
The Directors of the South Sea Company are called in. They present the following proposal: viz.
The Court of Directors having considered the proposal brought them by the [their] Sub-Governor from the Treasury Lords, do humbly propose to their Lordships to buy of them the 170,000l. public South Sea Stock now remaining in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy at 100 per cent. and to pay for the same in manner following: viz.
93,000l. for what is due to the Company for their quarter's annuity at Lady day last past.
77,000l. to be paid at three months deducting thereout of that sum what shall appear to be due to the Company for their quarter ending at Midsummer next.
which, if agreed to, the Court of Directors will forthwith lay the same before a General Court for their approbation.
N.B. The said 170,000l. to be forthwith transferred by the Treasurer of the Navy to such person as the Company shall appoint: for their use.
My Lords are willing to pay the 93,000l. to complete 152,000l. [due to the said Company] for the quarter ended at Lady day 1716, viz.: out of South Sea Stock in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy at par; the remaining 59,000l. [completing the said 152,000l.] having been received by the Company by weekly payments in the last year.
And my Lords will agree that at Midsummer next they will cause to be transferred to the Company's use the 77,000l. stock at the then current price be it more or less and [my Lords undertake] not to dispose of the same in the meantime. Or if the Company desires that this 77,000l. may be forthwith transferred to their use and will give security to their Lordships' satisfaction that the value thereof be paid for at Midsummer next at the current price then my Lords will direct an immediate transfer of the whole. Ibid., p. 259.
April 18. Present: Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Methuen, Mr. Newport.
Issue 10,000l. to Mr. Henning for his Majesty's Privy Purse. Treasury Minute Book XXII, p. 260.
April 20. Present: ut supra.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is called in and] his memorial is read. [Thereupon my Lords] ordered [issues as follows: viz.]
5,000l. for the further paying the wages of [such of] the Officers of his Majesty's Fleet who have passed their accounts.
30,000l. for paying off ships at Chatham and Portsmouth.
The Directors of the South Sea Company attending are called in and acquaint my Lords that having at this time in their hands so great a sum in South Sea Stock and having also great numbers of bonds out against them on which very considerable sums are due and must be paid they cannot accept their quarterly payment due at Lady day last in South Sea Stock as proposed by my Lords in their minute of the 16th inst. Ibid., p. 261.
April 24. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Sloper [for the Paymaster General of the Forces is] called in. His memorial [for money for the Forces] is read [and my Lords] ordered thereupon an issue to Henry, Earl of Lincoln, Paymaster of the Forces, of 79,347l. for the services following: out of loans remaining in the Exchequer on credit of the Land Tax anno 1716: viz.
£ s. d.
in further part of 993,015l. 4s. 5d. for Guards and Garrisons and Forces in Great Britain, Jersey, Guernsey and 28 Companies of Invalids anno 1716.
for one month's subsistence from 25 April inst. to 24 May next to the several Regiments, Troops and Companies in England
44,480 8 10
to complete two months' subsistence from 25 March last to 24 May next to the several Regiments, Troops and Companies in Scotland 8,934 15 8
for subsistence upon account from 25 Dec. 1715 2,195 2 1
in further part of 14,352l. 12s. 11½d. to make good several expenses for the service of the Forces anno 1715.
to answer his Majesty's warrant to Col. Molesworth in consideration of the losses sustained by his Regiment by horses killed and disabled and other extraordinary expenses in the long and continued marches in a very rigorous season in pursuit of the rebels taken prisoners at Preston
600 0 0
in further part of 34,837l. 17s. 10½d. for Forces in America anno 1716.
for one month's subsistence 25 April inst. to 24 May next to the said Forces
2,136 3 2
in further part of 126,033l. 4s. 9d. for the pay of the 6,000 men taken into his Majesty's service from the States General for one year.
to complete two months' pay from 25 March last to 24 May next to the said Forces with their General and Staff Officers
5,113 7 6
in further part of 57,917l. 9s. 6d. for the Forces and Garrison in Minorca anno 1716.
for two months' subsistence 25 April inst. to 24 June next to the said Forces with Contingencies for the same time
6,304 12 1
in further part of 37,294l. 12s. 9d. for the Forces and Garrison in Gibraltar anno 1716.
for the same two months' subsistence to the said Forces and for Contingencies to the same time
4,060 6 3
in further part of 66,012l. 5s. 5d. for Extraordinary Expenses of the Land Forces anno 1716.
to answer his Majesty's warrant to Thomas Missing, Esq., Contractor for Victualling the Garrison of Gibraltar, for one moiety of the value of several parcels of provisions imported for the service of the said Garrison between the 2 Nov. 1715 and 11 Jan. following and for one moiety of the charge of victualling the several numbers of persons of which the said Garrison consisted according to monthly lists thereof signed by the Lieut.-Governor [of Gibraltar] and the Judge Advocate [there] between the 11 Sept. 1715 and the 1 Jan. 1715–16: amounting in all to
5,523 3
£79,347 18
Ibid., pp. 262–3. Disposition Book XXIII, pp. 155–6.