Treasury Minutes: May 1716

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30, 1716. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1958.

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May 1716

May 1. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Boscawen and Mr. Foot being called in they presented to my Lords a representation from the Agents for Tin in Cornwall setting forth the distressed case of the tinners there for want of their being paid their coinages, whereof there remains about 6,000l. [due to them] to complete Michaelmas [quarter's coinages] “and all Xmas and Lady day coinages” the last of which and the incidents attending it amounts to 20,598l. 17s. 6d. My Lords say they will take a little time to consider how to accommodate this service.
Sir Theo[dore] Jansen is called in and acquainted with the occasions my Lords have to raise money to discharge the [tinners'] coinages; and discoursing him thereupon my Lords are of opinion, since the loans on tin are so near paid off, that the readiest way will be to raise a further loan at the Exchequer upon tin at 5 per cent. and [my Lords therefore] desire Sir Theodore to discourse his friends about it that they [my Lords] may have his sentiments before any warrant be signed for the said loan.
Write to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to attend to-morrow about 12 [of the clock] prepared with an account of the tin now in hand both in town and country and what may possibly arise by the sale thereof weekly within a year to come.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is] called in and [his memorial of this day's date for money for the Navy is read and my Lords] ordered 23,241l. 16s. 0d. to be issued to him at the Exchequer: out of Supplies anno 1716: [to the services] on the following heads according to his said memorial: viz.
£ s. d.
on the head of Wages, as per particulars [in the said memorial] 20,947 15 0
on the head of Victualling, as per particulars 2,294 1 0
£23,241 16 0
Treasury Minute Book XXII, p. 264.
May 2. Present: Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Methuen, Mr. Newport.
[My Lords order] copies to be made for the Board of Trade of two reports from the Customs Commissioners relating to the Duties on linens of Bremen and Hanover.
Prepare a warrant for 1,000l. to be imprested to Mr. Cracherode for [Crown] Law charges.
Send to the Attorney and Solicitor General to acquaint my Lords what progress they have made in the prosecution against the Auditors of Imprests for taking illegal fees.
See when the Duke of Kingston's salary was paid.
A letter is read from Mr. Colby, Commissioner for Transports, praying 2,000l. for defraying the charges of transporting part of the Dutch Troops to Leith, which landed at Harwich &c. Ibid., p. 265.
May 4. Present: ut supra.
Write Sir Roger Mostyn to transmit to my Lords an account of what is due to the Marine Regiments “upon their muster rolls which are computed.” Ibid., p. 266.
May 7. Present: ut supra.
Issue to the Earl of Lincoln [Paymaster of the Forces], upon the unsatisfied order in his name for the service of the Forces, the sum of 301,564l. 8s.d. out of loans to be made by himself on credit of the Act [1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 36] for the Duties on Malt [the Bill for which Act is] now passing: for which loans [so to be made by him, the repayment] orders are to be drawn without [the] interest [clause].
Issue also to Harry Mordaunt, Esq., Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance, on the unsatisfied order in his name as such, the sum of 30,000l. out of loans to be made by him on credit of the said Malt Act now passing; the orders for the said loans are to be drawn without [the] interest [clause].
Upon reading a memorial of Mr. Sloper dated the 28th April last for the Earl of Lincoln [Paymaster of the Forces] representing that the sums granted by Parliament for the subsistence and other expenses of the rebels taken at Preston are not sufficient to carry on the said service, as appears by the accounts of the Com[missary], Col. Rapin, and muster lists duly attested, and the said Colonel having drawn a bill upon the Earl of Lincoln for 400l. towards the expense of the month of April, which [bill] is not yet accepted, my Lords order Mr. Sloper to accept the said bill. Ibid., p. 267.
May 8. Present: ut supra.
Write to the Bank for some of the Directors to be here [at the Treasury Chambers] to-morrow at 12 o'clock in the forenoon about a loan on tin for 12 months certain at 5 per cent.
My Lords being informed that the Fleet now sailing to the Baltic may have occasion for a credit when [it arrives] there to supply them with provisions and other necessaries my Lords order that the Victualling Commissioners take care that their agent who goes with this Fleet have a credit for a sum not exceeding 12,000l.; and the bills which he draws on them for the sums he shall take up upon the said credit shall be punctually paid by the said Treasurer of the Navy in ready money upon the [Victualling] Commissioners giving in an account to my Lords of the said bills and the times when they become payable.
Issue to the Treasurer of the Navy, out of loans on Malt, the sum of 93,000l.: to be paid over to the South Sea Company to complete 152,000l. for the quarter due at Lady day last on their fund. Ibid., p. 268.
May 9. Present: ut supra.
The Directors of the Bank are called in. My Lords acquaint them that they design to make [take in] a loan upon a deposit of tin [as security] to be put into the hands of the lenders, and [do] desire that some of them [the said Directors] as private persons will let their names be made use of as Trustees [for the custody of said security so as] to give a credit to the said loan. Ibid., p. 269.
May 11.
Present: ut supra.
The Customs Commissioners attend with Mr. Scott [Surveyor of the Navigation Act] and Mr. Elton.
The said Commissioners' report is read concerning the ship Constantine seized by Mr. Scott for want of [being duly manned by] her complement of English.
Mr. Elton offers an affidavit wherein Tho. George and John Davison, two of Scott's witnesses, swore (with others) that there was no ill usage of the men.
Mr. Scott says it will be made appear that the men [the ship's crew] were forct to swear against the master.
Mr. Elton produces an affidavit of Bartlett Smith, Captain of the Betty galley (who was at Venice), that the men were insolent to Fudger, the master of the Constantine, being encouraged by the Venetians &c.
Affidavits [are read] of Mr. Forber, Dr., Richard Collins, boatswain, and Hugh Isaac, mariner, that the men were seduced by the Venetians, who made them promises, and he believes there was no ill usage of them.
And [likewise is read an affidavit] of James Smyth, chief mate, to the same purpose &c.
And [likewise is produced] a certificate under the hand and seal of E. Broughton, Consul [at Venice], in favour of the master and that none of the men had any uncivil usage.
Mr. [Christian] Cole, Resident at Venice (now present), says the Venetians decoy Englishmen into their galleys; that some of these men pretended ill usage from their Captain; that he presented several memorials in general [to the Venetians] that the Queen's subjects might be released [from the galleys].
Capt. Smith says he secured the Constantine's stores on board his ship to prevent their being seized by the Venetians.
Elton says he can prove the men never wanted [went short of food &c.].
Mr. Scott produces the affidavit of Davison and Chr[istopher] Dodson that the men deserted for want of provisions and that there were enow British seamen at Venice but for the master's ill character.
And Dodson says the Captain refused to let them have money.
Mr. Earl takes notice [that] money is never given the men abroad because it makes them run away.
An affidavit of Richard Adams and Robert Ball [is read].
Capt. Fudger says it was impossible to get any English at Venice for any money.
Mr. Heysham says we often lose men in the river of Thames who go away before the ships sail.
Joseph Leprie and other Italians and a Zeelander make oath that they suffered from want of provisions.
Capt. Smith says he wanted one Englishman at Venice and there was none to be had.
For the petitioners the affidavit of Fudger, the master, and John Berkley, gunner, is read that the Venetians used illegal methods; that 14 mariners deserted and several of them took service in the Venetian Fleet and that the mariners never complained of ill treatment.
Mr. James Smith, ch[ief] mate, says Robert Ball said he had 10s. a week and 500l. bond to indempnifie him.
John Bartlet, gunner, says Robert Ball said he had a bond of 500l. from the King's Attorney to indempnify him for what he had sworn and 10s. a week and that they wanted provisions and none of us complained but this Ball. He [deponent Bartlet] has been three years in the ship.
Capt. Earl says there is a scoundrel assassinating letter come to his brother this day which is read and despised.
Mr. Brathwait, Secretary to the [British] Envoy [in Venice], says he saw an English gentleman who served the Venetians as a Lieutenant and was employed to seduce English seamen. “He told me he had the Republic's commission.” The men told him they wanted nothing.
The Envoy [Christian Cole] says the Venetians wanted a quarter of the [Naval] complement.
Mr. Earl says the [British] Secretary of State has told him that he has sent a complaint of these doings to Venice and demanded satisfaction.
All withdraw except the Customs Commissioners.
Mr. Scott [the Surveyor of the Navigation Act, is] called in again. He submits the case to my Lords. He says his charges have been above 100l. My Lords and the Customs Commissioners think it a hard case [unreasonable on Scott's part].
Mr. Earl, Elton and Fudger are called in again and [are] told my Lords' opinion.
Prepare a warrant to enter a noli prosequi [on the ship's master] giving reasonable satisfaction to [Scott] the seizer for his charge and trouble. Treasury Minute Book XXII, pp. 270–71.
May 14 Present: Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Methuen, Mr. Newport.
[My Lords order] 500l. to be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy out of South Sea Stock to be sold: [and is to be paid over] for the use of Sir John Norris to answer the Contingencies of the Squadron going to the Baltic: and [further that] a credit of 500l. [be arranged] to be lodged in the hands of the Navy Treasurer for the use aforesaid. Ibid., p. 272.
May 17. Present: Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Newport.
The following proposal of Mr. John Gore is read and agreed unto by my Lords, being transmitted to them by the Victualling Commissioners: viz.
In obedience to your desire I make the following tender towards supplying the Fleet intended for the Baltic under the command of Sir John Norris with a credit for 12,000l., provided the [repayment value for] the same be lodged in money or Exchequer Notes [Bills] in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy for satisfying the bills [of exchange which by way of refund or repayment shall be] drawn for this service.
(1) That a sum not exceeding 12,000l. drawn from any port in the Baltic by the Agent Victualler on John Hanbury and Charles Gore in Hamburg shall be punctually paid:
(2) That whatever bills [of exchange] that house [shall draw after] having so discharged and re-valued upon your Honours [the Victualling Commissioners in London] at the current course of exchange payable 30 days after date shall be duly accepted and paid:
(3) That a commission of half per cent. be allowed in Hamburg for paying and re-drawing the said bills: and a consideration of 1 per cent. for my negotiating the whole affair which is attended with the charges of brokerage, postage &c.
John Gore.
My Lords (as to the first article of this proposal) agree that the Treasurer of the Navy do make demands on the Treasury for satisfying the bills drawn for this service. Ibid., p. 273.
May 18. Present: Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Methuen, Mr. Newport.
[My Lords direct the] Earl of Lincoln [Paymaster of the Forces] to dispose of so many tallies and orders on the Land Tax anno 1716 as will amount to 88,421l. 19s.d.: and my Lords (upon his transmitting the orders hither) will [endorse thereon or will] sign warrants to the Exchequer for allowing interest thereupon after the rate of 4 per cent. per an. from this day.
A letter from Patrick Haldane, Esq., one of the Commissioners for Stating the Equivalent due in Scotland, is read: copy whereof is as followeth:
My Lords: according to the permission granted me by his Majesty to resign my office as one of the Commissioners for Stating the Equivalent due to Scotland [which permission was] signified to your Lordships by Mr. Secretary Stanhope's letter, I do hereby resign the said office and all other offices possessed by me by virtue of a grant from his Majesty, that they may be disposed of at his Majesty's pleasure.
16 May 1716. Pat. Haldane.
Memorandum: the abovementioned letter from Mr. Stanhope signifying his Majesty's pleasure that their Lordships accept the said resignation was read at the same time. Ibid., p. 274.
May 31. Present: Mr. Walpole, Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Methuen, Mr. Newport.
Mr. Cæsar [former Treasurer of the Navy, is] called in. His memorial of the 31st inst. is read and agreed to. My Lords order him to pay the bills of exchange assigned upon him by the Navy Board to the amount of 1,000l. upon [condition of the said Cæsar's] bringing a list of the said bills.
The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance [are] called in. Their memorial of the 30th inst. is read. My Lords order [an issue to the Treasurer of the Ordnance of] 25,000l. in [5 per cent.] Annuities; as also 10,000l. [in] Land Tax tallies at 4 per cent., [the total 35,000l. being intended] for the payment of artificers' bills for Dec. [25] and March [25] quarters last: [the said Annuity orders and Land Tax tallies being hereby directed] to be disposed of [by the said Treasurer at par if possible]. The dividend [accrued on the orders] of the 25,000l. Annuities to Lady day last inclusive is to be surcharged [on the said Treasurer in his accounts] to the use of the public.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is] called in. His memorial is read for 40,000l. for wages to pay off three ships, viz. the Rippon, the Tyger and the Dolphin, and the Tryal sloop [and the said sum is] ordered [to be issued] out of the money arising by sale of South Sea Stock in the hands of said Treasurer.
Prepare a King's warrant for 193l. 13s. 0d. to Mr. Beranger. [My Lords order] Mr. Lowther to pay the fees [thereon at the Exchequer &c.]. Treasury Minute Book XXII, p. 275.