Treasury Minutes: July 1716

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30, 1716. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1958.

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July 1716

July 2. Present: Mr. Walpole, Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Methuen, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcombe.
[Write to] Sir Bibye Lake, Gen. Wills and the Attorney General to attend to-morrow morning. Ibid., p. 3.
July 4.
Present: Mr. Walpole, Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Methuen, Mr. Edgcumbe.
Prepare a warrant for the Earl of Sunderland to be solely and separately Vice Treasurer &c. of Ireland.
[My Lords order] a warrant for Edward Younge, Esq., to be Surveyor of his Majesty's Woods, Trent North and Trent South, in the room of Thomas Hewett, Esq.
[My Lords order] a warrant for a new Commission of Customs in Scotland and the name of John Haldane to be inserted in place of Sir James Campbell.
[My Lords order] a warrant for 800l. bounty to Mr. [John] Dorison.
Likewise for 200l. bounty to James Long, Esq.
Likewise for 50l. bounty to Lady Duffus.
Likewise for 1,000l. bounty to Adam Cockburne, Lord Justice Clerk.
[My Lords order] a warrant for 2,010l. to William Bromley, Esq., late Secretary of State: out of the [late] Queen's [Civil List] arrears.
[My Lords order a] warrant for 1,000l. to the Vaudois: [to be paid] by the hands of Mr. Chetwynd and Mr. Hill.
[My Lords order a] warrant for 3,500l. per an. to the Duke of Devonshire as President of the Council [as] additional salary for the better support of the dignity of his office.
The draft of a privy seal for allowance to the Earl of Carnarvon in his accounts for 1712 and part of 1713 [as late Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad] is read and agreed to except the overpayment of 2,638l. 3s. 0d. made by Mr. Sweet to Baron Walef's Regiment.
[The draft of a] King's warrant for allowance to the Earl of Carnarvon for loss by exchange is read and agreed to.
The draft of a King's warrant for allowances in the [said] Earl of Carnarvon's accounts of money paid to several Regiments upon account of pay, subsistence and clothing is read and agreed to. Ibid., p. 4.
July 5. Present: Mr. Walpole, Sir William St. Quintin, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is] called in. His memorial [for money for the Navy] is read. My Lords order 7,000l. for paying off the ship Success out of money raised by the sale of South Sea Stock in his hands.
Mr. Sloper [for the Paymaster of the Forces is] called in. His memorial for 3,091l. 12s. 11d. (upon the Additional Establishment for a further allowance to the Dutch Forces lately taken into his Majesty's service) to the 24th June 1716 is read. My Lords order the [issue of the] said sum out of Land Tax tallies in his [the Paymaster of the Forces] hands [which said tallies and orders are] to carry interest at the rate of 4 per cent.
Mr. Foley has leave of absence for two months.
Direct the Earl of Lincoln [Paymaster of the Forces] to raise the sum of 23,992l. 5s. 8d. upon tallies and orders remaining in his hands on credit of the Land Tax anno 1716: the said orders to carry interest at the rate of 4 per cent. from this day: and to apply the said sum to the service of his Majesty's Forces from 25 Dec. last upon account: according to Mr. Sloper's memorial dated the 29th June last. Ibid., p. 5.
July 10. Present: Mr. Walpole, Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Methuen, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
Mr. Nicoll, the Receiver and Paymaster for the coinages of tin in Cornwall and Devon, is called in and his memorial about moneys received by Mr. Belhatchet for tin sold in Devon (he being agent there) is read. My Lords thereupon order that Mr. Belhatchet do immediately pay — to Mr. Nicoll the money so received, that for the future he do not presume to receive any money arising by sales, but order it to be paid to the Receiver, as the practice had always been before he came to be agent; and let him know that if these directions be not speedily and duly complied with my Lords will place his business in hands better to be trusted and [will] proceed against him for the recovery of the unpaid money with the utmost severity.
The Treasurer of the Navy, Mr. Aislabie, is called in and on reading his memorial my Lords order [issues to him as follows: viz.]
£ s. d.
towards the new Course: on the head of Wear and Tear 3,100 0 0
toward ditto: on the head of Victualling 3,051 17
both sums to be paid out of Contributions for 5 per cent. Annuities [to wit Contributions to be] made by the [said] Treasurer; and the dividends on the Annuities from Lady day 1716 are to be assigned to the [Navy] creditors; this being (as the [said] Treasurer alleged) to complete the Course in the months formerly ordered in like Annuities.
Also out of 24,581l. 6s. 6d. in the hands of the Navy Treasurer of money arisen by the sale of South Sea Stock the said Treasurer is hereby to pay as follows:
in further part of 96,436l. for Midsummer and Michaelmas quarters to the Yards anno 1715. whereof 13,786l. was ordered before and now [he is further hereby to pay] on the head of Ordinary
9,082 0 0
to answer bills of exchange and imprest [bills] on the head of Wear and Tear 2,000 0 0
for Necessary Money and other Contingencies on the head of Victualling 7,503 10 8
£24,737 7
My Lords order the Treasurer of the Navy to dispose of so many of the tallies [and orders] in his hands on the 2s. Aid anno 1715 to the Bank [of England] as they shall be willing to take at par with the current interest at 4 per cent. from the time they accept the same.
The [Navy] Treasurer acquaints my Lords that the Navy Commissioners, pursuant to an order from the Admiralty, have made a [Navy] bill on him for 367l. payable to Samuel Shute, Esq., for the freight of his goods, horses and equipage to New England, where he is going Governor: but that the Navy and Admiralty both desire, as it is an extra service, that it may be paid out of Navy money.
Col. Shute attending is called in: says he has a letter from the Secretary of State to the Admiralty to provide him with a man of war as is usual for Governors to have and that if he has a ship provided, he seeks no more.
My Lords acquaint him with the repeated rules entered in the Treasury Books against those allowances [of free freight for Governor's equipages] which [rules] have been hitherto kept, and that it will be hard upon them to break through the same vide 18 Mar. 1703–4, 18 April 1711, 4 May 1711 [see supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XIX, p. 17; Vol. XXV, p. 59].
[My Lords order the] Earl of Galway to have his arrears [due] in the [late] Queen's time as Ambassador to Portugal paid out of any money [of the late Queen's Civil List revenues] applicable thereto next after Mr. Coke, the Vice Chamberlain, shall be satisfied his 850l. and when this shall be paid care is to be taken that a warrant be drawn for the Auditor of Imprests to surcharge the Earl of Carnarvon not only with this [sum] which his Lordship [Galway] receives, but also with other moneys of [due and paid to] the Earl of Galway [having been] received by him [Carnarvon] on assignments from the said Earl [of Galway] as is mentioned in a state thereof signed by Mr. Powys: the said assignments being made to reimburse the public so much drawn by his Lordship's [Galway's] warrants to enable him to pay his debts and quit Portugal [the said warrants having been satisfied by Army moneys] out of the Paymaster's [Carnarvon's] hands there [in Portugal] and paid to Ralph Bucknell on the head of [Army] Contingencies.
And my Lords order that the money arising by the sale of tin (more than sufficient to pay loans [thereon] and interest) may be applied to pay these two articles. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, p. 6.
July 11. Present: Mr. Walpole, Sir William St. Quintin, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
The Commissioners for Forfeitures are called in and acquaint my Lords that they have agreed on the sub-division for England and Scotland and do intend to proceed accordingly but desire a supply to carry on their business, the charges of travelling to Preston and Scotland not being to be done without it.
My Lords say that by the Act [1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 50] all charges of executing it [the Commission of Forfeitures] are to be defrayed out of the income by forfeitures: but desire they will come again on Friday when this matter shall be considered: as also the list, given in, of their officers and the salaries to be allowed them.
Write to the Attorney and Solicitor General to hasten their report on the letter last sent them which came from the Commissioners of the Revenue in Ireland about the late Duke of Ormonde's estate there.
Mr. Taverner's demands [in his capacity] as he had a commission from the late Queen and went Surveyor to Newfoundland (attended by Mr. Vernon) is read, as also a letter from the Treasury dated the 5th August 1713 opposing that commission and the charge thereof.
My Lords tell Mr. Vernon it wants great consideration before this demand be paid; but [do] order it to be stated for the [part period, to wit the] time he acted under the [present] King's authority to the day of his return.
State the debt of the late Queen's Civil List to Xmas 1713. Ibid., p. 7.
July 17. Present: ut supra.
The Commissioners for Forfeitures are called in. My Lords acquaint them that they will settle the list which themselves [the said Commissioners] gave in of their under officers and the salaries which my Lords think fit to allow them and will send it to them without loss of time.
And my Lords desire that as anything should occur in the way of their management, proper for my Lords to determine upon, they [the Commissioners] will transmit it to them [my Lords] by way of memorial. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, p. 8.
July 19. Present: Mr. Walpole, Sir William St. Quintin, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is] called in and on reading his memorials my Lords agree to the payment of the following sums:
£ s. d.
on the Ordinary for the Yards in further part of 96,436l. for Midsummer and Michaelmas quarters anno 1715 29,346 0 0
on the head of Wages: to lay up and pay off the Launceston 13,150 0 0
and the Crown 18,000 0 0
Flag pay for the Earl of Berkeley as Vice Admiral of the Red from 9 Aug. 1714 and [sic for to] 12 Oct. following 162 10 0
to the South Sea Company for the deficiency of their fond in the quarter ended at Midsummer 1716 82,400 0 0
£143,058 10 0
Towards the said sum there is to be applied 45,000l., being money received from the Bank for tallies on the Land Tax anno 1715 sold to them at 4 per cent. interest according to the minute of the 10th inst.; and likewise 9,132l. 7s. 1d., being the sum yet remaining in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy (whereof 5,995l. 15s. 10d. arisen by sale of South Sea Stock and 3,136l. 11s. 3d. from the increase which arose upon sale of the said Stock above par according to the Treasurer's account thereof). The residue [required, being 88,926l. 2s. 11d. is to be raised] by sale to the Bank at par of so many tallies and orders in his [the Navy Treasurer's hands] on the Land Tax anno 1716 as shall be sufficient for that purpose: interest at 4 per cent. per an. [on the said orders is hereby] only to commence from the day [on which such sale is] agreed with the Bank.
Prepare a warrant to be signed by the Prince for 1,000l. to be issued to Mr. Lowther: without account: as usual.
Mrs. How's memorial to the Prince [of Wales] about riots and destructions in Holt Forest is to be sent to the Attorney General desiring him to consider it with all other the papers and informations now before him relating to any wastes, destructions or disorders in the said Forest and to make a speedy report thereupon to my Lords to be laid before the Prince.
Write to Mr. Sloper for an account of what is due to the Duke of Argyll on any his appointments on the Establishment of the Forces “to the time his Majesty was pleased to resume the same.”
[My Lords order the Board of] Ordnance to pay a sum not exceeding 29l. 11s. 8d. for freight of that part of the present to the Five Indian Nations which is furnished by that [the Ordnance] Office.
Write to the Auditor of the Receipt to admonish the Tellers [that] since Exchequer Bills are now at a value above par [they are] not to make issues in them but in the current coin so long as there is money sufficient to answer all services: and that he takes care this order be exactly observed.
Mr. Sloane, a patent searcher jointly with Mr. Meeke in the port of London, being now a-travelling, has his leave of absence continued for any time not exceeding 18 months. Ibid., pp. 9–10.
July 20. Present: ut supra.
Sir Thomas Frankland, a Commissioner of Customs, has leave of absence for two months.
Ordered that the Keepers of Windsor Forest within the bailiwick of Surrey, named in Mr. Thomas Onslow's memorial, be paid at the Exchequer the sum of 200l. for one year on their salaries from Midsummer 1714 to Midsummer 1715: the salaries to the same Keepers from that time being to be defrayed and paid by Mr. Onslow himself out of the 600l. per an. which he receives as Out-Ranger and for the charge of executing that office.
Also that the gamekeepers and underkeepers of Windsor Forest be paid their salaries at the Exchequer from Midsummer 1714 to Lady day 1716 for their immediate supply until the state of the woods in his Majesty's forests &c. be considered and the same be settled to be paid out of money arising by the sale “thereof” [of timber therefrom] as they used to be.
Write to Mr. Auditor Jett for an account of all salaries and allowances payable by the Surveyor of the Woods to all Keepers and other Forest and Park officers &c. and to what time they have been paid.
[My Lords order] the Duke of Kingston to be paid his patent salary as Justice of Eyre, Trent North.
Mr. Young [is] to attend when his patent of Surveyor of the Woods is passed and Mr. Hewet's memorial [is ordered] to be then read [containing an account] of the several works begun and unfinished by him [Hewet].
Ordered that 326l. due to Brigadier Stanwix when Governor of Gibraltar on account of contingent disbursements be paid out of the 1,200l. remaining in the Exchequer by sale of Scotch salt.
Send to the Barons of the Exchequer of Scotland my Lord Lovet's memorial about the forfeiture of [Alexander] Mackenzie [of razerdale], with the report of Sir David Dalrymple and Sir James Stuart thereupon; and desire them [the said Barons] to consider it with the present Acts (fn. 1) relating to forfeitures and in case they concur with Dalrymple and Stuart in opinion that [then] they prepare a draft of a signature for the purposes mentioned in the report.
Prepare a warrant for paying 492l. 7s. 0d. to George Bampfeild for the cost and charges of his Majesty's present to the Dey of Tripoli according to the particulars expressed in the bill. [My Lords order] Mr. Lowther to pay the [Exchequer] fees.
My Lords will consider my Lord Cadogan's demand of Trophy money of his Regiment at the next sitting; and [my Lords order] the papers to be looked out. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, p. 11.
July 25. Present: Mr. Walpole, Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Methuen, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
Mr. Sloper on behalf of the Earl of Lincoln [Paymaster of the Forces] is called in and on reading his memorials my Lords order that he treat with the Bank for 102,000l. by an absolute sale of tallies and orders for that sum on the Land Tax anno 1716 and that he negotiate with them at an interest of 3½ per cent. (if they can be brought to accept thereof) from the day the sale shall be made.
[My Lords] also ordered that out of the money so to be raised the sums following be applied to the underwritten services: viz.
£ s. d.
for a month's subsistence to Aug. 24 next to the Guards and Garrisons anno 1716 57,240 7 1
towards clearings, being to be applied to the officers and pensioners on the foundation of Chelsea College for six months on their allowances 2,571 0 0
for a month's subsistence to 24 Aug. next for the Forces in the Plantations anno 1716 2,067 5 0
in part of 87,160l. 11s. 0d. for Reduced Officers to make up their Half pay [into] full pay 29,000 0 0
in part of 100,146l. 15s. 0d. for Reduced Officers: for Half pay anno 1716 4,986 0 0
for the Auxiliary Forces anno 1716 and [is] to be paid over to the Treasurer for Transports upon account of the charges of transporting the said Forces back to Holland 3,951 12 7
in part of 37,294l. 12s. 9d. for Gibraltar anno 1716: being to be paid over to Mr. Missing on his contract for victualling that Garrison: according to a statement from the Comptrollers [of Army Accounts] dated the 23 July inst. 1,839 13 7
£101,655 18 3
The Earl of Lincoln is also [hereby ordered] to transfer to the [Army] clothiers, out of the Bank Annuities [1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 12] in his hands, the sum of 18,250l. 16s. 8d. for the offreckonings of such Regiments, Troops and Companies whose muster rolls are returned into his Office [to wit for the interval] from the 25 Oct. 1715 to the 24th February following: taking care to surcharge himself with all dividends accrued upon the said Annuities to Midsummer 1716.
My Lords order that a bill of exchange for about 540l. drawn from Placentia for provisions alleged to be seized by the Garrison there be paid out of money reserved in the Earl of Lincoln's hands for the pay of the said Garrison.
The Earl of Lincoln [is] to be acquainted with the Deficiency of the Supplies for the year 1716 and the proportional part thereof that should fall on the [Army] services under his care of payment: and desire him to take care that whatever demands may be upon his Office yet that he be cautious to reserve so much in his hands as shall be sufficient to pay the subsistence of the Forces to the end of the year or further as occasion may require.
[My Lords order] General Nicholson to attend my Lords on Friday with an account of the stores sold by him when last in America, for what sum and to whom; with the remains if any: and Mr. Sloper [is] to be here at the same time.
Mr. Sloper is to lay before my Lords a state of what has been paid and applied on account of the charge of maintaining the Auxiliary Forces: and write to the Secretary at War for an account of the demands given in by those [Auxiliary] Forces that are not yet adjusted or paid.
My Lord Cadogan applying to my Lords to order the colours [and] clothing [for the] hautboy and Drum Majors of the Coldstream Regiment to be provided by the Wardrobe pursuant to the Lord Chamberlain's warrants in that behalf, my Lords are of opinion that it is an expense proper for [to be met out of] the Contingencies of the Army: and [they] desire his Lordship to provide them at the best and easiest rates he can; and upon exhibiting his account the Secretary at War is to be directed to prepare a warrant for reimbursing his Lordship out of Contingencies accordingly.
My Lords consider the state of the debt on the Civil List at Xmas 1715 and do thereupon order the following issues to be made in part thereof: viz.
£ s. d.
to the Cofferer [of the Household] 15,278 18
to the Treasurer of the Chamber 7,011 9 5
to the Paymaster of the Works 2,920 16
to the list of pensions payable by William Clayton, Esq. 10,040 13
£35,251 17 8
Prepare warrants for issuing the underwritten sums as of his Majesty's royal bounty: viz.
to — Gill living at the ‘Roebuck’ in Cheapside 200
to Thomas Gibson 50
to Robert Patten 100
[My Lords order] Lord Chief Justice Parker to have a dormant warrant for his pension of 1,200l. per an. payable at the Exchequer, my Lords being acquainted that Sir James Montague had the same favour when he received a pension there.
Prepare a warrant for Mr. Hewet to deliver over all muniments belonging to the Office of Surveyor of the Woods, to wit to Mr. Young who succeeds him in that Office, in like manner as Mr. Wilcox did when succeeded by Mr. Hewet.
Send to the Lords of the Admiralty a copy of the letter from the Commissioners for Trade dated Feb. 3 [last] relating to Mr. Bridger and let their Lordships know that it will be hard to bring his salary on his Majesty's Civil List when [seeing that] the service he does or ought to perform regards the Navy.
The Bank on Mr. Sloper's attending them refusing to negotiate the aforegoing loan [supra, p. 32] at an interest of 3½ per cent. my Lords do agree that the interest to be allowed them [the Bank] be 4 per cent. according to their desire. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, pp. 12–13.
July 26. Present: Mr. Walpole, Sir William St. Quintin, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcombe.
Mr. Wills's paper is to be sent to the late Commissioners for Disbanding the Marines.
Upon reading a memorial of Mr. Hewet, late Surveyor General of the Forests “&c.,” [i.e. Trent North and South] my Lords resolve that Mr. Young, the present Surveyor, shall repair the dog kennel at Windsor.
Where Mr. Hewet has made contracts and has raised money by wood sales to perform the same, he is to finish the works.
In other cases Mr. Young is to finish the works and to make good the contracts of Mr. Hewet.
Mr. Hewet is to proceed in selling the windfalls upon such warrant as he shall receive; but to be accountable for the same. Ibid., p. 14.
July 27. Present: ut supra.
[Write] the Commissioners for Forfeitures to attend my Lords on Monday morning at 12 a'clock.
Prepare a privy seal for his Majesty to accept Lord Cornwallis's surrender of the Alnage Duty in Ireland and the arrears due thereon.
[My Lords order a payment to Joseph] Crisap of 50l. by the hands of Mr. Cracherode: as likewise his bills for arms for his Majesty's service are to be paid by him [Cracherode].
[My Lords order the] Treasurer of the Ordnance to dispose of 25,000l. in tallies and orders on the Duties on Malt anno 1716 at an interest after the rate of 4 per cent.: and upon his transmitting hither the orders my Lords will [endorse thereon an interest clause or will] sign warrants for paying the said interest from this day. Ibid., p. 15.
July 30. Present: ut supra.
Repeat the orders to the Jewel Office to recall Lord Bingley's plate.
The Commissioners of Forfeitures are called in. My Lords acquaint them that they have ordered a draft of a constitution appointing Agents for bringing into the Receipt of the Exchequer all the moneys arising by virtue of the Act lately passed [1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 50, appointing Commissioners to enquire of estates of certain traitors &c.: time extended by 3 Geo. I., cap. 20]: and will send a copy thereof to the Commissioners.
The [said] Commissioners move my Lords for an advance of money to enable their under officers to go upon surveys and other necessary business of their Office. My Lords order them a warrant by virtue of [the King's] letters patent dormant, to wit for 2,000l. to be paid out of any money which shall be brought into the Exchequer arising from any of the forfeited estates.
My Lords order the remainder of the loan on tin [to wit the money thereof remaining] in the Exchequer to be issued to Mr. Elliot, the Paymaster [of tin], towards paying off last Midsummer coinage.
Prepare warrants for issuing the underwritten sums as of his Majesty's royal bounty: viz.
to Nicholas Dixon 100
to Mrs. Margaret Watson 100
to Sir William Gostwick 100
to John Clutterbuck 450
Mr. Lowther is to pay the [Exchequer] fees on the receipt of this last sum. Ibid., p. 16.
July 31. Present: Mr. Chancellor [of the Exchequer], Sir William St. Quintin, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
Several papers are read and minutes [are] taken [and are endorsed] thereupon. Ibid., p. 17.


  • 1. The following Acts of Attainder (styled Acts of Forfeiture in the text here) were passed in the first two years of George's reign:1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 16. Henry, Visct. Bolingbroke.1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 17. James, Duke of Ormonde.1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 32. John, Earl of Mar; William Murray, Esq., commonly called Marquess of Tullibardine; James, Earl of Linlithgow; James Drummond, Esq., commonly called Lord Drummond.1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 42. George, Earl of Marischall; William, Earl of Seaforth; James, Earl of Southesk; James, Earl of Panmure, and others.1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 50, appointing Commissioners to enquire of the estates of certain traitors.1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 53. Thomas Forster, junr., Esq., and William Mackintosh, Esq., commonly called Brigadier Mackintosh.