Treasury Minutes: September 1716

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30, 1716. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1958.

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September 1716

Sept. 3. Present: Mr. Chancellor [of the Exchequer], Sir William St. Quintin, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
My Lords upon reading a letter from Secretary Methuen signifying his Royal Highness's pleasure that the late Lord Duffus should have an allowance for subsistence (he being a prisoner in the Tower) order him 3l. a week: to be paid by the hands of Mr. Cracherode. Ibid., p. 26.
Sept. 4. Present: ut supra.
Write to the several public officers that contributed for Bank Annuities [1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 12, to ask] for certificates of what sums they respectively [subscribed or] wrote in and what has been respectively transferred by them to other public officers for public services; what remained in their own hands; how much thereof hath been issued or applied; and what still remains in their own hands; and from what times the several assignments carried interest.
Direct the Treasurer of the Navy to raise the sum of 23,970l. by an absolute sale of tallies and orders on the Land Tax anno 1716 at par: the orders to carry interest at the rate of 4 per cent. per an. from the day the sale shall be made. Direct him to apply the moneys arising thereby to the services following:
to the head of Wages.
for paying off the ship Monk
for pilots and bounties to widows to the end of March last 1,500
to the head of Victualling.
for bills of exchange to Mr. John Gore in part of a credit of 12,000l. for victualling [his Majesty's] ships in the Baltic
for short allowance money 3,000
Ordered that the Earl of Lincoln [Paymaster General of the Forces] do raise the sum of — by an absolute sale of tallies and orders on Malt Duties anno 1716 at par: and the orders to carry interest at the rate of 4 per cent. per an. from the day the sale shall be made. Direct the said Earl to apply the moneys arising thereby to the services following: viz.
£ s. d.
for two months' subsistence to 24 Oct. next for the Forces in Minorca [anno 1716] 6,304 12 1
for the like for the Forces in Gibraltar anno 1716 4,060 6 3
on the head of Guards and Garrisons anno 1716: for Major Gen. Whiteman in full satisfaction of the extraordinary expenses he has been at during the time he commanded his Majesty's Forces in North Britain 888 11 6
for Brigadier Honywood in satisfaction of the sum disbursed by him in the marches and quarters of his Regiment between 22 July 1715 and 25 March 1716 79 15 6
£11,333 5 4
Ibid., p. 27.
Sept. 5. Present: Mr. Chancellor [of the Exchequer], Sir William St. Quintin, Lord Torrington.
My Lords will read Mr. Pulteney's papers on Monday next:
and Mr. Papillon's papers on Tuesday next.
Enquire for the Return from the Cashier of the Bank about the balance of the Contribution money for the 5 per cent. Annuities [1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 19 and c. 21].
Direct Mr. Clayton to have ready on the 30th Sept. an account of the produce of the Aggregate Fund [1 Geo. I. St. 2, c. 12].
Continue the Civil List account from 29 June to this day. Ibid., p. 28.
Sept. 10. Present: Mr. Chancellor [of the Exchequer], Sir William St. Quintin, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
Write to the Commissioners for Taxes to attend my Lords on Wednesday next with abstracts of all reports upon the several petitions of the Receivers of the Land Tax and new and old House Duties who are within the [meaning of the] clause [of the Act 1 George I., Stat. 2, c. 31, requiring them] to account by Michaelmas next or be charged with 10 per cent. [interest on the moneys in their hands]. Ibid., p. 29.
Sept. 11. Present: ut supra.
[Write] Mr. Hawes and Mr. Papillon to be here on Tuesday next.
[Write] Mr. Mostyn to attend the same day.
Repeat the orders for Sir R. Mostyn to compute the Marine Muster Rolls.
Write to the Auditor to know in what state Mr. Moor's accounts are.
[Write] to the Auditors of Imprests to send a state of all the accounts before them as they stand now.
The like order to Auditor Godolphin [for the accounts of the Receivers of Crown rents in Wales] and to Mr. Jett [for the like of Crown rents in England]. Ibid., p. 30.
Sept. 17. Present: Mr. Chancellor [of the Exchequer], Sir William St. Quintin, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
My Lords upon reading a demand of Mr. Mackenzie for [payment of his] extraordinary disbursements when he was Resident in Poland as likewise a warrant signed by the [late] Queen and countersigned by the Earl of Oxford in full satisfaction of his expenses and disbursements, are pleased to answer that this matter having been determined in the [said] Queen's time they cannot create a new debt upon the [said] Queen's [Civil List] arrears to the prejudice of her servants and tradesmen.
My Lords upon a second application of Mr. Vernon in behalf of Mr. Taverner for his salary as Surveyor of Newfoundland are pleased to answer that they see no reason for making him any allowance, a former Treasury [letter, viz. of 5 Aug. 1713, ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXVII, p. 308] having opposed both that commission and the charge of it. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, p. 31.
Sept. 18. Present: ut supra.
Prepare a warrant for 2,000l. to Mr. Cracherode for law charges and towards the expense of the trials [of the prisoners] at Carlisle and Preston.
A memorial is read from Philip Papillon, late Cashier of the Victualling under the Earl of Orford, for an allowance of 524l. 11s. 6d. in five bills. My Lords are pleased to allow the first three amounting to 124l. 11s. 6d. for brokerage and loss of exchange; but do not agree to the last two bills amounting to 400l. for bread and beer delivered into the Victualling Office at Portsmouth. Ibid., p. 32.
Sept. 19. Present: ut supra.
Issue 500l. to the Cofferer of the Household: to be paid to Mr. [Tregonell] Frampton for his salary [for keeping his Majesty's running horses at Newmarket].
My Lords upon reading a report of the Excise Commissioners upon the petition of Samuel Hughes (late a clerk to Col. Elwell, Comptroller of the Excise) dated 18 Sept. 1716 are pleased to approve of Mr. Jacobs to be Deputy Comptroller and to restore Mr. Hughes to his late post as a clerk and at the present salary: and Mr. Elwell (being present) promises to comply therewith. Ibid., p. 33.
Sept. 24. Present: ut supra.
Several papers are read and minutes [are] taken thereupon [and are endorsed thereon].
Prepare a letter to the Commissioners of Wine Licences to appoint John Astell to be Housekeeper to their Office in the room of Thomas Needham, deceased. Ibid., p. 34.
Sept. 25. Present: ut supra.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners to inform my Lords upon what grounds the distinction of the Old and New Course of the Navy arises and why the New Course hath a preference to the Old; and what the contracts are that are still subsisting upon the Old Course, with the difference of the price upon such contracts and the [contracts on the] New; and what the sums are that may yet become payable upon the said Old [Course] contracts. Ibid., p. 35.
Sept. 26. Present: ut supra.
My Lords agree that the Earl of Lincoln [Paymaster of the Forces] do raise the sum of 137,703l. 17s.d. on the Malt tallies in his hands by disposing the same to the Bank of England at par in manner following, that is to say 74,598l. 2s.d. part thereof on this day or at any time hereafter and 63,105l. 15s. 3d. on the 24th October next or any time after: [all upon] interest at 4 per cent. per an., to commence from the respective days the money shall be advanced.
[The sums as follows] out of the [abovesaid] money so raised [are] ordered to be applied to the underwritten services:
£ s. d.
for two months' subsistence to Guards and Garrisons to 24 Nov. 1716 119,982 7 7
the like for the Forces in America 4,254 5 8
the like for the Forces in Minorca including 334l. 4s. 7d. for Contingencies 6,658 8 1
the like for the Forces at Gibraltar including 167l. 2s. 3d. for Contingencies 4,321 4 3
to Mr. Missing for victualling the Garrison of Gibraltar 2,287 12
to answer a bill drawn by Lieut. Gen. Carpenter dated the 18th Sept. 1716 from Edinburgh upon account of the Contingent expenses in North Britain 200 0 0
£137,703 17
Ordered that the Treasurer of the Navy do raise the sum of 33,454l. by an absolute sale of tallies and orders for that sum on the Land Tax for the year 1716 at par with an interest of 4 per cent. per an. from the day the sale shall be made. Ibid., p. 36.
Sept. 27. Present: ut supra.
Sir Bibye Lake [attends] with his counsel Mr. Cowper and Mr. Ayloff (about offreckonings assigned to Mr. Peeters).
General Wills with Mr. Bambridge are called in.
Cowper says that Peters was employed by Wills and others to cloathe [their Regiments]: that the method was for the Colonels (who in the first instance were entitled to the offreckonings) to assign them to the clothiers, upon the credit of which they treated with others to furnish the clothing: that [General] Wills assigned absolutely under his hand his offreckonings to Peters; but there might be a private trust between them as to part; that Peters would not pay his clothiers [sub-contractors] without converting them [the offreckonings] into money and therefore applied to Lehupe and Turnor and borrows of them considerable sums on credit of those assignments [and deponent] knows he (struck through) he had South Sea Stock instead of money and mortgaged these assignments to them [Lehupe and Turnor]: if Wills had a dormant trust between him and Peters, that secret trust in a Court of Equity would not prevail against the mortgagees who had no notice of that trust. Then came Lake, who by money paid on security given, paid off Lehupe and Turnor, took assignments from them and stood in their steads: that Wills cannot in any Court of Equity have remedy against Lake for the principal and interest due: that if Wills pay off to Lake his principal and interest then Wills may have the overplus, if there be any: that Lake made a proposal to pay the debt due to the Crown from Peters as Receiver of Land Tax for Co. [Herts]: that the Attorney and Solicitor General advised the acceptance of that proposal and that the proposal was accepted on the 15th Dec. 1714: that in compliance with that proposal Lake immediately paid into the Exchequer 2,257l. 4s. 10¼d. in specie and deposited assignments with Mr. James Taylor for the rest: that Wills entered a caveat to be heard for his interest at the Treasury. Now he is here. If he has any interest in these assignments it is a dormant trust; Lehupe and Turnor had no notice thereof. His case is reduced to this point: if there be more due to Lake than will satisfy the principal and interest then Wills can have nothing. And concludes with praying that the agreement may be executed with a dismission of this caveat: and says that if my Lords think there will be an overplus Lake has no objection against Wills having it when such shall appear: and says that as to such overplus Wills will have preference before other creditors.
Ayloff argued to the same effect, adding that this matter has already received a determination in Chancery: that Wills signed the assignment and delivered it to Peters, who was the visible owner: but if there was any subsisting interest in Wills the overplus would be coming to Peters, and Wills might have it.
Then the Minute Book of 15 Dec. 1714 is read [see supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXIX, p. 37].
Mr. Walpole takes notice that the minute differs with [from] Lake's present proposal.
The Attorney General says the Chancery decreed [that] the mortgagees shall be paid principal and interest and if there be an overplus it may go to Wills: and if Wills should pay the debt to the Crown and have an assignment of Peeters's estates the Attorney General thinks that the creditors, upon the commission of bankruptcy against Peters, will be let in [admitted as claimants].
Cowper says that Lake has paid part of the King's debt. If my Lords will order the assignments to be delivered to the Master in Chancery he [? Lake] will turn them into money and the King will be paid all; and the rest (if any) may be answered to Wills.
General Wills says he'll pay the King's debt if the estate of Peters may be assigned to him: that he has something to offer that may entitle him to a preference for the whole [estate] before the creditors.
He [General Wills] is desired to reduce his proposition into writing and to express therein whether he is willing (upon an assignment of Peters' extended estate and of [the estates of] his securities) to pay off as well the debt resting due to the Crown [from Peters as a Receiver General] as the money which was advanced by Lake into the Exchequer.
Mr. Cowper insists that Lake have interest for that money.
General Wills [tells my Lords that he] will bring his proposition [in writing] on Monday morning next.
The Attorney General says the assignments must be re-delivered to Lake who delivered them: for he must be in statu quo.
Bambridge says he was clerk to Mr. Huggins when Solicitor for the Taxes and that he was possessed of these assignments, or some of them, for the Crown; and speaks of an inquisition [the finding of] which may give a preference: upon which the General [Wills] says he will [take] advice. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, pp. 37–8.