Treasury Minutes: November 1716

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30, 1716. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1958.

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November 1716

Nov. 10. Present: ut supra.
Direct the Earl of Lincoln [Paymaster of the Forces] to dispose of 19,799l. 10s. 10¾d. in annuities at 5 per cent. to the best advantage and an account of the produce to be laid before my Lords.
And to raise the sum of 41,331l. 7s.d. by sale of Malt tallies anno 1716 at 4 per cent.: which [two] sums, making together 61,130l. 18s. 0d. is to be applied to the payment of one month's subsistence to the Forces to 24 Dec. 1716. Ibid., p. 41.
Nov. 12. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Henry Gladstains at the recommendation of the Duke of Roxburgh [is] to be tidesurveyor at port Glasgow in the room of John Muirhead, removed to be Collector of the Customs at Anstruther.
Prepare a warrant for 300l. (and 21l. 9s. 0d. for fees thereon) for Thomas Johnson as royal bounty.
Write a letter to the Attorney and Solicitor General (and one of the same tenour to Mr. Cracherode) to inform their Lordships what progress has been made in the prosecution ordered against the Auditors [of Imprests concerning their fees] since my Lords' last directions. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, p. 42.
Nov. 14. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
Issue 5,000l. to Mr. Henning for the Privy Purse: to complete the order for 30,000l. in his name.
Write to the Navy Commissioners for a state of the debt in that Office upon the several heads as it stood at Michaelmas last: also for copies of the several estimates [of Navy debt] that have been delivered in to Parliament since the King's accession.
Write to the Pay Office for an estimate of what the debt of the clearings and offreckonings will amount to at Xmas next.
Prepare a sign manual for 5,000l. to Mr. Lowndes for secret services.
Make up the account of the produce upon the Civil List branches [of the revenue] for the year ending at Michaelmas last.
[Direct] Sir Isaac Newton to write to Dr. Brandshagen and the two Hamiltons (persons sent to inquire into the mine in Scotland in the estate of Sir John Areskine) to draw a bill upon Dr. Fauquiere for 100l. for their joint subsistence: and he is likewise to prepare further instructions for them: to be laid before my Lords.
Make an account of what money has been issued out of the Civil List upon account of the Rebellion.
Write to the Clerks of the Council to send to my Lords a copy of the report made by the Board of Trade to the King and Council relating to the lands in St. Christopher. Ibid., p. 43.
Nov. 15. Present: ut supra.
The several Paymasters of the Lotteries attend, viz. Thomas Jett, Paymaster of the 10l. Lottery anno 1712 [as by 10 Anne, c. 18]; Sir Andrew Chadwick, Paymaster of the 10l. Lottery anno 1711 [as by 9 Anne, c. 6]; John Dutton Colt, Paymaster of the Class Lottery anno 1711 [as by 9 Anne, c. 16]; Ambrose Philips, Paymaster of the Class Lottery anno 1712 [as by 10 Anne, c. 19]; Thomas Burdus, Paymaster of the Queen's [Civil List 500,000l.] Lottery anno 1713 [as by 12 Anne, c. 11] and William [sic for George] Murray, Paymaster of the Lottery anno 1714 [as by 13 Anne, c. 18].
They are ordered by my Lords to assist Mr. Cracherode in supporting the Informations that are to be exhibited against the Auditors of Imprests for taking illegal fees, by giving him an account of such assignees, executors, administrators and letters-of-attorney-men coming to their knowledge as may have paid such illegal fees: and Mr. Cracherode is to call upon them and collect such evidence as they or any of them shall be enabled to give him in this behalf.
Issue 7,500l. for French Protestants.
Direct the Treasurer of the Ordnance to raise the sum of 30,000l. by an absolute sale of tallies and orders for that sum on the Land Tax for the year 1716 at par and to negotiate the said loan at an interest of 4 per cent. per an. from the date the sale shall be made: and to apply the said sum to land services [of the Ordnance].
Mr. Thomas Hawes from the Treasurer of the Navy is called in. His memorial is read. My Lords order that the particular services hereunder specified, amounting to 28,000l., be supplied and paid by the said Treasurer in manner following, viz. by 10,000l. out of money remaining in his hands arisen by sale of Land Tax tallies anno 1715 and 18,000l. out of moneys to be raised on Land Tax tallies anno 1716 at par with an interest at 4 per cent. per an. [The total thereof being 28,000l. is] to be applied to the services following: viz.
to the head of Wages.
for paying off and laying up his Majesty's ship Elizabeth
for paying the Norfolk's Company removed into the Jersey 6,600
to the head of Wear and Tear.
for paying workmen discharged and to be discharged from the Yards to reduce the charge thereof
Ibid., pp. 44–5.
Nov. 16. Present: ut supra.
[My Lords order] Mr. Sloper to make an account of the sums voted for Contingencies and Extraordinaries [of the Forces] for the year 1716 and in the meantime to pay the underwritten contingent [Contingencies] warrants:
£ s. d.
Col. Cholmondley 200 0 0
Thomas Murphey, Marshall &c. 94 7 8
ditto 122 11 4
Brigadier Russel 256 13
Col. Oughton 195 13
Col. Scot 195 13
Ann Savage, relict of a Corporal 9 5 0
Jeffery Saunders 200 0 0
£1,274 4
[Write] Mr. Andrews to attend on Tuesday next. Ibid., p. 46.
Nov. 19. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Floyer is called in and the [Treasury] Board acquainted him with the Prince's consent to make him a Commissioner of Customs in Scotland in consideration of his disappointment of being Attorney General in Barbados and assurances given him to be provided for. But Mr. Floyer refuses to accept this office.
Make an account of all the money issued by warrants signed by his Royal Highness the Prince for [royal] bounties, secret services &c., out of Civil List moneys.
Make an account of what money is in cash in Scotland and upon what heads and for what uses.
Make up the account of the excrescence of the Equivalent.
The Prince refused Major Champagne's warrant.
[Peter] Nichols to be [Comptroller of Accounts in the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office] in Mr. Vanbrugh's place.
Mr. Wills, Decypherer, [is] to be paid his last half year's salary. Ibid., p. 47.
Nov. 21 Present: ut supra.
Write to the Navy Commissioners to transmit an account to my Lords to shew how much of the money granted by Parliament for the Navy Victualling and other naval services of the years 1715 and 1716 respectively hath been applied towards discharging debts of the Navy Victualling or for other naval services incurred before his Majesty's accession.
Prepare a letter for my Lords' hands [to sign] to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland [to request the said Barons] to let my Lords know how far the warrant signed by my Lords and directed to the [said] Barons for payment of six months' interest to the creditors of the public in Scotland is complied with by them.
[My Lords order] Mr. Lynn to pay Capt. Armstrong 300l. upon account of his Company at Annapolis Royal. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, p. 48.
Nov. 23. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
[Write] to [the Principal] Officers of the Mint to know what quantities of tin are in the Tower [or in] Cornwall, Hamburg and Holland: what sums of money have been borrowed upon the tin in Hamburg and Holland and do remain unpaid and what the weekly produce of the tin amounts to for the last two months.
A letter from Mr. Burchett (by order of the Lords of the Admiralty) to Mr. Lowndes relating to Mr. Brydger is read.
My Lords agree with their [Admiralty] Lordships as to his [Brydger's] demand for his salary from the time of his being discontinued as Surveyor of the Woods in New England both by a Vote of the House of Commons and an Order of Council, till the date of his commission signed by his present Majesty [see supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXIX, p. 777, under date 5 Oct. 1715].
My Lords also think it reasonable that as soon as he hath taken a survey of the woods he should send a particular account of the said survey to one of his Majesty's Secretaries of State; as also a yearly account or oftener to the Principal Officers of the Navy of what quantity of Naval Stores and what species shall be sent from the Plantations for the service of the Navy: and that their [the Admiralty or Navy Office] Lordships will please to cause to be prepared such further instructions for the said Surveyor as may be necessary.
My Lords also think that as his salary was stopped by an order of Council the growing salary upon the Navy [Establishment] should be directed by a new one.
[My Lords order] Thomas Shiels, Writer in Edinburgh, to be Comptroller of the Mint in Scotland loco John Brodie, deceased.
[My Lords order] Lancelot Whitehall to be Commissioner of Customs in Scotland in the room of Mr. Cayley, deceased.
[My Lords order] Marmaduke Bealing to be Secretary to the Comptrollers of the Army Accounts loco James Astry, deceased.
My Lords order [the Navy Treasurer to apply] 3,000l. out of Land Tax tallies [and orders] anno 1716 at 4 per cent. in the hands of the [said] Treasurer of the Navy, to pay several bills of exchange drawn from the Baltic &c. on the Navy Commissioners: the interest [on the said tallies and orders] to commence from the day they are disposed of. Ibid., p. 49.
Nov. 26. Present: ut supra.
Several papers are read and minutes [are] taken [thereon and are endorsed] thereupon.
[Write the Customs Commissioners for] the Sicilian Ambassador's goods to be searched [and sealed] at his own house by an officer of the Customs, as is usual in the case of Foreign Ministers.
[Write the] Paymasters of the Forces, the Secretary at War, and the Comptrollers of Army Accounts to attend on Tuesday at 12 o'clock about the state of the Garrison of Annapolis Royal.
[My Lords order the] Commissioners of the Equivalent to have copies of all papers in the [Treasury] Office relating to that affair. Ibid., p. 50.
Nov. 27. Present: ut supra.
The Paymaster of the Forces, the Secretary at War, the Comptrollers of Army Accounts, Mr. Merril and Mr. Mulcaster are called in. Several papers relating to the state of the Garrison of Annapolis and Placentia are read. My Lords desire the [said] Paymaster, the Secretary at War and the [said] Comptrollers to attend with their report on the state of the said garrison on Tuesday next.
Write to Mr. Lynn, Mr. Gordon and Mr. Mulcaster to transmit to my Lords by the 4th of the next month a distinct account of the rates of exchange between England and the Garrisons of Annapolis and Placentia upon the several sums of money remitted or sent thither or drawn [by bills drawn] from thence at any time upon account of the said Garrisons, since they [the said Garrisons] have been in the possession of the late King Wm. III. or Queen Anne. Ibid., p. 51.
Nov. 29. Present: ut supra.
Prepare a warrant for 861l. to Mr. Samuel Buckley: without account: for the like sum disbursed by him for his Majesty's secret service. Mr. Lowther to pay the [Exchequer] fees [on the issue of this sum].
[Order for] 2,000l. to Mr. Lowndes: for secret services. Ibid., p. 52.
Nov. 30. Present: ut supra.
The Comptroller and [the] Paymaster of the Classis Lottery anno 1711 [9 Anne, c. 16] attend and are called in. Mr. [Henry] Harcourt's memorial [as the Comptroller] is read containing a complaint against Mr. [John Dutton] Colt, the Paymaster [of said Lottery], for not observing the Instructions in the 5th and 6th Articles [ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXVII, pp. 160–61, under date 25 March 1713].
Mr. Colt in answer to the 5th Article (which relates to the paying by lists) says that the Comptroller had never prepared nor sent him such lists to pay by: which is owned by Harcourt, because Colt said they were needless and [he] would not mind them.
As to the 6th Article not complied with by Colt, which concerns taking an account of each day's payment and locking up the remainder at one o'clock, Colt says that as no regularity could be observed in payments for want of those pay lists, his Office at times of payment was so crowded with people and all alike clamorous for their money (the orders though directed on different days being all directed as dated on one and the same day) it was impossible for him to comply therewith.
Other matters were urged by the said officers against one another, and upon the whole my Lords do order that each of them for the future do punctually observe what is ordered for each of them to do by the said Instructions. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, p. 53.