Treasury Warrants: January 1716, 6-10

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30, 1716. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1958.

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January 1716, 6–10

Jan. 6. Letter of direction for 30,000l. to the Earl of Lincoln, Paymaster of the Forces: out of Contributions for 5 per cent. Annuities: and is intended to be applied to the services following: viz.
£ s. d.
in further part of 425,900l. 14s. 6d. for Guards and Garrisons anno 1715.
upon account of their pay
7,029 17 9
for the pay of the General and Staff Officers from 25 June 1715 to Dec. 24 following 1,669 17 6
for Contingencies 1,288 10 0
in further part of 265,754l. 7s. 6d. granted for Additional Forces anno 1715.
upon account of their pay
17,511 14 9
in further part of 123,698l. 10s. 0d. granted for Half Pay Officers anno 1715.
for Half Pay Officers upon account
2,500 0 0
£30,000 0 0
Disposition Book XXIII, p. 122.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners. In your presentment of Dec. 19 last you propose an exchange of places between John Foster, Surveyor of Dover port, and Joseph Ryland, Surveyor of Boston. My Lords direct you to let them know why you propose the removal of said Ryland from Boston. Has any crime or misbehaviour been laid to his charge? Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 34.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the case of Benjamin Joules desiring to be paid for such clay as has been or shall be taken from a piece of land called Stamsha lying near Portsmouth, between high and low water mark. We agree with the opinion of the Attorney General and the late Solicitor General that the right and property of the said Joules to the said clay is fit to be tried by a jury.
Appending: opinion by Sir Edward Northey [Attorney General] and Sir W. Lechmere [late Solicitor General] on the petition of said Joules. He claims to be possessed of a piece of land called Stamshaw near Portsmouth, from whence the Office of Ordnance (where the Gun Wharf at Portsmouth was built) did fetch a considerable quantity of clay for that work and paid him 12d. a ton for what they digged up by their own men and 18d. a ton for what petitioner caused to be dug up for them (as is certified by William Meades and William Edge, two agents of the Office of Ordnance): and he further states that the Commissioners of Portsmouth Dock Yard have from time to time sent labourers and taken away considerable quantities of clay from the same land as well for the service of the late Queen as of your Majesty for repairing said Dock Yard and have lately taken 100 tons for repair of Plymouth Dock Yard and intended to fetch more without paying petitioner for same.
Petitioner has produced to us his purchase deed dated 24 May 1703 of said land from Henry Prior, being several closes of 49 acres in all at or near Stamshaw in the parish of Stamshaw in the parish of Portsea: but it does not appear thereby that the land between high and low water mark (from whence such clay was fetched) is included in the conveyance, but petitioner insists that without such land he hath not near the 49 acres.
Petitioner has produced a certificate from John Marett, gent., a purser of one of your Majesty's ships, and of Jo[h]n Joules Dyer, a ballast master of your Majesty's ships at Portsmouth, and of Susan Arnold; likewise a lease from Robert Mason, Esq., of ballast and gravel lying on the shore at Portsea at a yearly rent of 3l., shewing that such persons as are proprietors of land lying at the mouth of Portsmouth harbour have been all along paid for such ballast as has been taken from their land between high and low water mark for the men of war by the Treasurer of the Navy and for what was taken for merchant ships by the masters of the said ships.
The Navy Commissioners in a letter of April 25 last informed us that they had inquired into that matter and could not find that any clay had been taken for the service of the Yard from the land called Stamshaw: but they own that considerable quantities of clay have been taken from under the oaze 60 foot distance from petitioner's land and six feet perpendicular between high and low water mark, petitioner's ground being fenced with a gravelly beach between the green sod and where the clay is dug. Petitioner's ground has received no damage. They think therefore that he may as well claim a right to all the oaze 1,000 feet off to the edge of Portsea lake; “and if his Majesty has a right, as they always thought he had, to what is between high and low water mark the petitioner cannot be entitled to any allowance for such clay, and there have been several other reports to the same purpose on petitioner's demand.”
We are of opinion that land between high and low water mark prima facie appears to belong to the Crown, but by prescription may be claimed and be the property of a private subject. But it does not appear to us that the land in question between high and low water is the property and inheritance of the said Joules as part of his purchase and it is reasonable that the right to the same should be determined by a jury. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIII, pp. 313–15.
Jan. 7. William Lowndes to Tho. Wibergh [Serjeant at Arms attending the House of Commons]. The Treasury Lords direct you to insert in your next incidents bill to be presented to them 105l. 10s. 0d. for the charge of yourself and the rest of the officers of the House of Commons for committing and keeping in custody Thomas Harley, Esq. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 34.
Same to Fra. Wyvill, Esq., Receiver of Taxes for Co. Yorks. My Lords notice the great balance of Land Tax and House Duty moneys in your hands. On receipt hereof you are to certify the amount thereof because my Lords intend to cause forthwith the value thereof to be paid into the Exchequer by the Earl of Lincoln, Paymaster of the Forces, who will draw bills on you for the same which you must be sure to answer upon sight.
My Lords also direct you to certify them every week how much money comes in upon your growing receipts upon which they will cause the like payments to be made into the Exchequer and bills to be drawn upon you payable at sight. You must be very punctual in answering the said bills in regard the money must be sent to Scotland, where his Majesty's service may exceedingly suffer by any failure of yourself in this affair. Ibid.
Jan. 8. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Savery and Richard Carter praying to be released from prison, where they have lain for more than two years, their goods having been seized upon an extent, and they are now starving with their wives and families. Reference Book IX, p. 262.
Jan. 9. Money warrant for 50l. to Frances Wyndham, daughter of Dame Ann Wyndham: for 1715 June 24 quarter on her pension.
150l. to Sir Francis Wyndham, bart., for same time on his same. Money Book XXIV, p. 245.
Same for 10l. to Charles Killigrew, Master of the Revels; for same time on his fee or salary.
12l. 13s. 4d. to L'Estrange Symes, Comptroller of the Revels; for same time on his same. Ibid., p. 246.
Same for 50l. to Richard Harcourt, Clerk of the Crown in the Court of King's Bench, for same time on his allowance for his extraordinary labour and pains in managing criminal prosecutions in that Office and other matters for the immediate service of the Crown. Ibid.
Same for 48l. 19s. 2d. to Richard Wright for 1715 June 24 quarter on his fees of 20 marks per an. and 10s. a day as Knight Harbinger to his Majesty. Ibid., pp. 246, 356.
Same for 98l. 6s. 8d. to the Kings at Arms et al. for same time on their respective fees and salaries as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
the executors of Sir Henry St. George, late Principal King at Arms 25 0 0
Sir John Vanbrugh, Clarencieux King at Arms 10 0 0
Peter Le Neve, Norroy King at Arms 10 0 0
John Hesket, Lancaster Herald 6 13 4
Charles Mawson, Chester Herald 6 13 4
Peers Mauduit, Windsor Herald 6 13 4
Samuel Stebbing, Somerset Herald 6 13 4
John Hare, Richmond Herald 6 13 4
John Gibbon, Bluemantle Pursuivant 5 0 0
Dudley Down, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant 5 0 0
John Bownd, Rouge Croix Pursuivant 5 0 0
Thomas Whitwick, Portcullis Pursuivant 5 0 0
Ibid., pp. 247, 376.
Same for 107l. 10s. 0d. to Sir Edward Northey [Attorney General] for one year to 1715 June 24 for his service and attendance on the Commissioners for Trade and in making reports on several matters referred by them: on the usual allowance of 100 guineas a year:
and 10l. 15s. 0d. to Capell Billingsly, clerk to said Northey, for same time on the usual allowance of 10 guineas for that service, (Money order dated Feb. 3 hereon.) Money Book XXIV, p. 355. Order Book IX, p. 203.
Jan. 9. William Lowndes to the Taxes Commissioners to certify them what moneys of several taxes remain in the hands of Mr. Wyvill, Receiver General for Co. Yorks, and what he has sent up to his correspondent in London, and when same will become due to be paid into the Exchequer. My Lords have directed Wyvill to certify them from time to time of his receipts as they intend the Earl of Lincoln to pay the value into the Exchequer, drawing bills on Wyvill for same. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 35.
Same to Mr. James Taylour. My Lords have seen your letter to the Taxes Commissioners and do think it necessary forthwith to have a Receiver General for Whitehall and St. James's that will act. They therefore desire you to give security and take out your commissions for the years 1714 and 1715, otherwise they will immediately appoint another Receiver General. Ibid.
Same to the Assessment Commissioners for Whitehall and St. James's. My Lords observe that there is no assessment made of the Land Tax for the palaces of Whitehall and St. James's for the year 1715. You are forthwith to make such assessment so that the Act of Parliament [1 Geo. I., c. 1] may be complied with. Ibid.
Jan. 10. Same to the Auditor of the Receipt. By the Act of last Session, 1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 21, for enlarging the Stock of the South Sea Company an estimate is to be made yearly by the Treasury Lords within 20 days after Xmas 1715 of the produce of the revenues settled for the yearly fund of 600,000l. and 8,000l., to wit for the year ending on the said Dec. 25. In pursuance thereof you are within 10 days after 1715 Dec. 25 to make up an exact account of all the moneys which within the year ended 1715 Dec. 25 have been received by the South Sea Company upon the Duties on salt, rock salt and candles and apprentice moneys and to send same to my Lords in order to their being laid before the House of Commons according to the direction of said Act. Ibid., p. 36.
Treasury reference to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of Caleb Powell, Esq., late Receiver General of Taxes for Radnor, Brecon and Montgomery, praying payment of the money already reported due to him for extraordinary allowances; and also stay of process till the same is paid. Reference Book IX, p. 259.
Same to the Board of Works of the letter from the [Commissioners for the Office of] Master of the Horse [to the Treasury Lords to the effect following]. The King has commanded us to make provision in the Great Mews for the Prince of Wales, his horses and the servants belonging to them and that we should place some of his own horses and servants in the Stables at St. James's. Several repairs are wanting both in the Stables and lodgings and the greatest part of the Mews is become in a ruinous condition and some new conveniences are immediately wanting at St. James's Stables. Ibid., p. 263.