Treasury Minutes: Corrigenda

Page vi

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30, 1716. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1958.

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Page vi


Page 39, line 38, for c. 31 read c. 36.

Page 67, line 11 from foot, for Sir W. read Sir N.

Page 109, line 24, after Same to same insert for a same.

Page 118, line 27, after Commissioners insert Scotland.

Page 130, line 6, for Warrant Book IX read Warrant Book XXVII.

Page 142, line 20 from foot, for salaries incidents bill read salaries and incidents bills.

Page 165, line 10 from foot, for interset read interest.

Page 166, line 1, for (fifth 2s. Aid) read [sixteenth 4s. Aid].

Page 168, line 18 from foot, for three read Threo.

Page 183, line 25, for Willaim read William.

Page 198, line 36, for Beckshire read Berkshire.

Page 249, line 18, for Imports read Imposts.

Page 268, line 23, for Offingen read Ottingen.

Page 319, line 29, for Coffee read Coffer.

Page 349, lines 38 and 39, for Reath Swaffham, Prior Swaffham, Bulbeck read Reath, Swaffham Prior, Swaffham Bulbeck.

Page 350, line 10, for Goldham read Coldham.

Page 350, line 21, for Sloake read Stoake.

Page 350, line 26, for Sleckford read Steckford.

Page 351, line 12 from foot, delete whole line.

Page 353, line 19, for Sheffield read Strafford.

Page 435, line 10 from foot, for c. 9 read c. 12.

Page 458, line 3 from foot, for Manduit read Mauduit.

Page 459, line 1, for Gibson read Gibbon.

Page 474, line 28, for Venice read Vienna.

Page 482, line 6, for Sixth read Fifth.

Page 539, line 18, for Geo. II read Geo. I.

Page 565, line 2 from foot, for London read Londonderry.

Page 577, line 30, for Carolina read Pennsylvania.

Page 587, line 7 from foot, for Francis read Samuel.

Page 601, line 29, for Sir Geo. read Sir G.