Declared Accounts: First Fruits and Tenths

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 31, 1717. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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First Fruits and Tenths


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1229, ROLL 194 [A.O.1/1229/194].

Job Hanmer, Remembrancer of First Fruits and Tenths and Frances Glanville, Administratrix (with will annexed) of William Glanville, late Receiver of the same.

1 January 1716–17 to 31 December 1717.

Charge. £ s. d.
Arrears: remaining in the hands of several persons as at the foot of the last Account 61,757 5 11
Receipts: money arising within the time of this Account from the issues of First Fruits of divers Bishoprics, Archbishoprics, Deaneries, Arch-deaconries, Dignities, Rectories, Vicarages and other Benefices and Ecclesiastical Promotions in South Britain, detailed by monthly totals 5,413 2 77/8
total charge and receipts £67,170 8 67/8
Surplusage on the last Account 0 0 07/8
arrears of First Fruits discharged by judgments of the Barons of the Exchequer (due from Lionel Gatford, S.T.P., late Treasurer of St. Paul's, London, who died 16 Sept. 1715) 37 12 0
payments made by the Receiver of First Fruits: for Exchequer fees etc. (20l.); for the fees of the two Auditors (18l. 6s. 8d.); to the Remembrancer (40l.); for his own fee and for a clerk (120l.) and to John Baber, Comptroller of First Fruits (150l.) 348 6 8
money paid into the Exchequer, by dates 6,057 14
£6,443 13 43/8
and so remains 60,726 15
whereof depending on divers Incumbents for arrears:
for three years to 31 Dec. 1660
320 4 7
ditto for 25 years to 31 Dec. 1685 3,600 5 10
ditto for the several years to 31 Dec. 1710 detailed as in preceding Accounts 4,716 7
ditto for the year to 31 Dec. 1711 (besides 96l. paid this year) 276 11 0
ditto for the year to 31 Dec. 1712 (besides 25l. 4s.d. paid this year) 19 10 0
ditto for the year to 31 Dec. 1713 703 14
ditto for the year to 31 Dec. 1714 (besides 871l. 17s. paid this year) 1,097 19 0
ditto for the year to 31 Dec. 1715 (besides 1,968l. 3s.d. paid this year) 1,534 16
ditto for the year to 31 Dec. 1716 (besides 2,485l. 7s.d. paid this year) 3,702 13 11¼
and for part of the issues of this year to 31 Dec. 1717 (besides 958l. 18s. 9d. paid this year) 4,416 1
20,388 4
and on Laurence Steele, deceased, late Receiver 9,424 7 1
and on Sir John Prettyman, bt., late Receiver, before his suspension 19,864 9 9
and on William Prettyman, deceased, late Remembrancer 10,549 0 35/8
and on Robert Squibb, deceased, late Receiver 447 10
and on Sir Charles Porter, deceased, late Remembrancer 52 16 77/8
and on John Fenn, deceased, late Remembrancer 0 6
total of the supers aforesaid 60,726 15
and so Job Hanmer, Remembrancer, is even and Quit.
and Frances Granville, Administratrix of William Glanville, late Receiver, is even and Quit.
Declared (at the Exchequer) 22 June 1719.