Treasury Warrants: February 1717, 1-10

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 31, 1717. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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February 1717, 1–10

Feb. 1. Money order for 13,250l. to the Bank of England for one quarter to Jan. 31 last in the yearly sums of 45,000l. and 8,000l. as by the Acts of 7 Anne [c. 30] and 12 Anne [c. 11] in consideration of their exchanging Exchequer Bills for ready money. Order Book IX, p. 358.
William Lowndes to the Commissioners for Forfeited Estates. In yours of the 31st ult. you desire my Lords' orders about return of the money of forfeitures now at Newcastle in the hands of Mr. Elstob. My Lords direct you to let Mr. Elstob know that he must get returns for the said money at as little charge as may be and pay the same into the Exchequer as the law directs; the charge of which returns must be put to [his] account of incidents. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 160.
Treasury reference to Mr. [Edmund] Williamson [late one of the Commissioners for stating the debts of King William] of the petition of Alexander Chocke praying payment of 330l. for 2¾ years' salary from midsummer 1708 to Michaelmas 1711 as chief clerk to the said Commissioners. Reference Book IX, p. 309.
Jan. 1
an erratum
Feb. 1].
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Henry Paul shewing that he bought a parcel of East India goods to the value of 148l. [whereupon] William Miller and John Frombter entered into the usual bond that they should not be re-landed and the goods [were] put on board the Eliz., Capt. Munt master, but the ship lying in the river a long time the goods were upon search found to be relanded: therefore prays that the prosecution against “them” (actually begun), for the forfeiture, may be stopped. Ibid., p. 310.
Feb. 1. Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Jane Duncombe and Anne Hampden, widow, shewing that the late Queen Dowager demised by indenture dated 10 April 1700 to Antho. Duncombe, Jane his wife and Anne Hampden the farm of a Grainge called Fewson's Grange, parcel of the demesne lands of the late monastery of Melsa alias Meux, Co. Yorks., for 12 years from 18 Feb. 1718–19 at 34l. 10s. 2d. per an.: therefore praying to fill up this term to 31 years under the same rent. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of Eliza[beth] Hutchinson, widow, for extension of lease to a building term of 50 years of a messuage called the Blackhorse Inn in Piccadilly. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of Francis Taylour, gent., for a new lease of a farm called Colstable and Chesworth Lodge in Co. Sussex under the old rent of 10l. 10s. 0d. per an. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of Edmond Lamb for a new lease of the scite of the manor of Wiscot in Barrow, Co. Lincoln, demised to petitioner's father, Edmond Lamb, by the late Queen Dowager 19 Feb. 1696–7 at the rent of 43l. 2s. 8d. per an.; and one moiety of a meadow there called Somercrofts at 1l. 3s. 4d. per an. for 13 years from 5 July 1714. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of Gerard Smith for a new lease of a piece of ground called the Stable Yard near the Wilderness by St. James's Park, the building whereon was lately destroyed by the fire in Spring Garden. Ibid.
Feb. 1. William Lowndes to Sir Hew Dalrymple. My Lords have received yours of Jan. 1 in reply to theirs of Dec. 20 last to the Lords of Council and Session desiring them to acquaint my Lords with all the proceedings in their Court relating to the late Act of Parliament [1 Geo. I, St. 2, c. 20] for encouraging superiours, vassals, lords and tenants in Scotland continuing in their duty to his Majesty and for discouraging all superiours, &c., who should be guilty of rebellious practices there and for making void [all] fraudulent conveyances for barring the effect of forfeitures and for calling suspected persons to find bail for good behaviour: and also desiring an account what estates real and personal in Scotland have been forfeited for high treason and the produce thereof and who hath received the same; and likewise desiring an account what applications were made by the King's advocate or his deputies or by his Majesty's Solicitor in Scotland between 1 Sept. 1715 and 23 Jan. 1715–16 for [r]equiring persons to appear according to the said Act and [an account of the persons] who for contempt or disobedience have forfeited to his Majesty the penalty of single and life rent escheat and the fine of 500l. sterling [see supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXX, pp. 604–5].
In answer thereto the Lords of Session were pleased to signify by you that by the constitution of their Court they were not to receive any application by letter relating to matters depending before them. But as you likewise inform my Lords that the proceedings of that Court as well as the Court of Justiciary are all upon record and that copies thereof may be obtained from the Clerks of the Session, my Lords desire that you will either direct the said clerks to transmit hither copies of the several records and papers desired or that you will please to send a list of the names of the said Clerks of Session and Justiciary so that my Lords may cause application to be made to them for the said copies. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, p. 23.
Feb. 2. Same to Mr. Cholmley, Surveyor General [of Crown Lands], enclosing a paper [missing] signed by Edmund Willis and John Hammersley offering to make appear his Majesty's right to several manors, lands and tenements therein mentioned, of the yearly value of 40,000l. “by producing the letters patent whereby the same were granted by James II and the book of the surveys which were then made thereof”. The Treasury Lords desire you to inquire into the Crown's title to the premises and to report a particular state and value thereof. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 152.
Henry Kelsall (in the absence of the Treasury Secretaries) to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts enclosing a certificate [missing] of several quantities of provisions delivered to Thomas Missing, Esq., for the service of the Garrison of Gibraltar by John Conduit on the 18th July 1715. My Lords direct you to consider same with other certificates and papers relating to this affair now under your consideration. Ibid., p. 160.
Feb. 4. Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Auditors of Imprests to allow in the account of James, Earl of Carnarvon, as late Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, the sum of 2,776l. paid by him to the Marquis de Montandre for levy money for the new raising of his Regiment of Foot in 1707. King's Warrant Book XXVIII, p. 180.
Feb. 4. Money warrant for 129l. 6s. 3d. to Sir James [Samuel] Smith, for an overpayment in his account as Sheriff of Sussex for the year ended 1715 Sept. 29. (Money order dated Feb. 11 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Feb. 6 hereon.) Money Book XXV, p. 199. Order Book IX, p. 360. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 257.
Same for 34,307l. 13s. 9d. to the Bank of England for the 3 per cent. allowance from 29 Sept. 1716 to Dec. 25 following for circulating Exchequer Bills to the amount of 4,561,025l. which remained undischarged or uncancelled during said quarter: to be paid out of moneys of the Aggregate Fund as follows: it being provided by the Act 1 Geo. I, c. 12, that the said allowance of 3 per cent. for circulating as also the interest allowance of 2 pence per 100l. per an. should in the first place be paid and satisfied out of the General or Aggregate Fund.
Prefixing: certificate by the Auditor of the Receipt of the said sum as due to Bank for circulating said sum in Bills and further that on the 25th Dec. 1716 there remained in the Receipt of the Exchequer upon the General or Aggregate Fund the sum of 100,433l. 10s.d. as follows: [for the description of each of the following Funds, see supra, p. 81].
£ s. d.
on Two Thirds Tonnage since 8 March 1711–12 5,864 2
Duty on Coffee since 23 June 1714 17,002 17 4
Additional Duty on Coffee since 23 June 1714 26,689 13
15 per cent. on wrought silks, &c., continued since 23 June 1714 22,479 5
Half Subsidies since 31 July 1714 6,028 3 10
Duty on hops since 1 August 1715 461 5 2
Duty on foreign sail cloth 151 0 4
25l. per tun on French wines imported 1,097 16 8
Plantation Duty 1,018 13
Prize Duty from the Plantations 182 2 9
brewers' forfeitures 101 9 1
25l. per tun on French prize wines 7 11 1
surplus of Half Subsidies for 80,000l. Annuities anno 1708 [to wit surplus] at Xmas 1716 19,349 9 11½
£100,433 10
(Money order dated Feb. 6 hereon.) Money Book XXV, p. 201. Order Book IX, p. 358.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashiers to pay 45l. 12s. 0d. to Samuel, Lord Masham, King's Remembrancer of the Exchequer Court, for the fees due to him and his clerks heretofore usually paid by the Customers of the several ports of England and Wales; and is for passing their accounts for the year ended 1716 Xmas. Money Book XXV, p. 202.
Same to same to pay 54l. 2s. 4d. and 437l. 8s. 10d. to same for blank parchment books supplied by him for the Surveyor General of Customs in London port and for the Customers, Comptrollers and Searchers of all the [out] ports of England and Wales. Ibid., pp. 202, 203.
Feb. 4. Money warrant for 4,000l. to Anthony Cracherode, as imprest and upon account for Crown law charges and expenses. (Money order dated Feb. 6 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Feb. 6 hereon.) Ibid., p. 203. Order Book IX, p. 357. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 257.
William Lowndes to the Board of Greencloth. It is desired that 941l. 7s. 11d. be issued to the Cofferer towards the late Queen's [Civil List] arrears due to Lord Paulet, Lord Lansdown, Thomas Cook, Charles Scarburgh, Sir John Walter and Sir John Stonehouse, the better to enable them to pay for wines which they have had from Mr. Heymans. Please inform my Lords how said sum is to be apportioned among the said persons. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 155.
Treasury warrant to the Commissioners for the Duties on Hides to employ George Webster as porter attending at the door of your Office loco John Blanckley, deceased.
and Ann [? Jane] Blanckley to perform that part of the said John Blanckley's business which related to cleaning the Office and making the fires there.
Webster and the said Ann are to divide between them the 40l. per an. formerly paid to said John Blanckley. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIV, p. 78.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of a piece of ground adjoining the New Way or passage from the Old Spring Gardens into St. James's Park, in order to extension of lease thereof to Samuel Lynn, Esq.
Prefixing: report by Hugh Cholmley, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, on said Lynn's petition for same. The said piece was granted by Wm. III to George London 2 June 1701 at 6s. 9d. per an. rent. The house built on part thereof was burnt down by the late fire that happened in the Spring Garden. It has 33 foot front to the Park and is bounded towards the west by the Wilderness; the north east adjoins the wall of the stable yard in the possession of Mr. Davis and south east is limited by the wall dividing this piece from the said way into the Park. It is worth 40l. per an. at a rack rent. For an additional 15½ years to make petitioner's term 50 years I advise a fine of 20l. at the old rent. Ibid., p. 79.
Same to Thomas Onslow, Out Ranger of Windsor Forest, lying within the Bailiwick of Surrey, to cut at the proper season so much of the underwood and in such part as you think fit of the three coppice woods called Fangrove, Stubbridge and Knowlegrove in that part of Windsor Forest which lies within the said Bailiwick of which you are Outranger: it being represented to the Treasury Lords that the yearly cutting of some part of the said coppices will tend to the improvement thereof, regard being had at the same time to the preservation of the game “so as when his Majesty shall please to hunt in those parts he may find his diversion and not be disappointed therein for want of having sufficient harbour left in the said coppices for the deer”. Such cutting is not to exceed 20 acres in any one year. Where necessary the said coppices are to be fenced in order to the better preservation thereof, and the charge of such fencing is to be defrayed out of the sale of such underwood. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIV, p. 80.
Feb. 4. Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to William, Lord Cheyne, Viscount of Newhaven, of a messuage or tenement standing in the Privy Garden within the Palace of Whitehall 39 feet in front to the said Privy Garden and 50 feet in depth with a small yard and buildings to the south adjoining thereto and now in the possession of Frances, late Countess of Mar: for whom this grant is to be in trust, ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXX, p. 604.
Prefixing: particular of the premises and memorandum by Auditor Thomas Jett and ratal by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Followed by: undated entry of the docquet of this lease. Ibid., pp. 80–2, 83.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of several messuages, lands and tenements in Willoughby and Hogsthorpe and other places in Co. Lincoln in order to a lease thereof to Esther Lampriere, widow, on a fine of 200l. and at the old rent of 47l. 15s. 0d. per an.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report on said Esther Lampriere's petition. The premises were granted by Katherine, late Queen Dowager, to John Clark 28 Aug. 1686 for 15 years from 1711 March 25. Ibid., p. 87.
Treasury approval of the schedule of prices of stamped vellum, parchment and paper as proposed by the Stamps Commissioners, “it being provided and enacted by several Acts of Parliament that the Lord High Treasurer or Lords Commissioners of the Treasury shall once a year at least set the prices” thereof.
Appending: said schedule: Parchment: skins untext, skins text, skins for Bills, Answers, affidavits, writs, &c.
Paper (copy paper, fine Horn paper, Dutch Fools-cap paper, Dutch Demy paper, ditto text, Dutch medium paper, ditto text, Dutch Royal paper, ditto text, Dutch Super Royal paper, ditto text); Bonds, bills of sale, affidavits, &c.
Paper for printing (Pott ordinary, second and fine; Fools-cap ordinary, second and fine; Crown ordinary, second and fine; Demy; Lombard or Medium). Ibid., pp. 88–9.
Feb. 5. Royal warrant dated St. James's to Edward Harley and Thomas Foley, Auditors of Imprests, to allow to James, Earl of Carnarvon, in his accounts as late Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, the sum of 1,500l. which he has paid to Arthur Moor, then one of the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army, for three years on 500l. per an. which the late Treasurer Godolphin did on the late Queen's behalf agree that said Moor should be paid by way of addition to his salary as such Comptroller, for his extraordinary pains and service therein. By reason of the late Queen's demise before her warrant for same was obtained, the said payment cannot be allowed without the King's warrant. King's Warrant Book XXVIII, p. 161.
Same to Sir Roger Mostyn, late Paymaster of Marines, to pay 722l. 10s. 0d. to Lieut.-Gen. Wills in full of all demands for his service in attending the mustering and disbanding the late Marine Regiments at the respective headquarters of Southampton, Chichester and Canterbury: being to wit for the entertainment of himself, servants and horses, providing equipage, journeying to the said several quarters, maintaining clerks to settle accounts between the Officers and the men; wherein he was at considerable expense and hath not hitherto received any satisfaction for same. Ibid., p. 163.
Feb. 5. Royal sign manual for 3,000l. to Susannah Yelverton, a Maid of Honour to the late Queen Anne: without account: as royal bounty as her marriage portion. (Money warrant dated Feb. 7 hereon.) (Money order dated Feb. 8 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Feb. 6 hereon.) Ibid., p. 163. Money Book XXV, p. 204. Order Book IX, p. 358. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 257.
Royal warrant dated St. James's to William Clayton, [Paymaster of the King's private pensions] to pay a pension of 200l. per an. to Luke Schaub in consideration of many good and faithful services performed to the King: as from 17 Nov. 1716: during pleasure. King's Warrant Book XXVIII, p. 171.
William Lowndes to Mr. Cracherode to report on the enclosed memorial and other papers [all missing] of Capt. Michael Ayon praying to be recompensed as well for his expenses in coming from the Leeward Islands to be evidence for the Crown upon the murder of Capt. Daniel Park, late Governor there, as for his service and attendance here in that matter. How far has he been serviceable therein? Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 156.
Same to the Attorney General enclosing the petition [missing] of Capt. Thomas Steward and Mary his wife offering to make a discovery of an estate of 4,000l. per an. in South Britain which is reverted to the Crown by the death of the petitioner Mary's ancestors. You are to hear the petitioners and report if any possible title may accrue to the Crown by their discovery. Ibid., p. 161.
[? clerical
slip for
March] 5.
H. Walpole to the Customs Commissioners in Scotland. My Lords have granted leave of absence to Humphrey Brent, one of your number, in order to some business which requires his presence. Ibid., p. 168.
Feb. 5, 8,
11, 12, 13,
15, 20, 23,
Treasury warrant to same to employ John Spurrior as a tidesman in the superior list, London port, loco Leonard Coats, deceased, [the said Spurrior being] removed from the inferior list.
William Cooper to succeed said Spurrior in the inferior list.
William Griffin as deputy searcher and to attend the coast business in the port of Liverpool loco George Tarvin, dismissed.
John Carter as tidesurveyor at Topsham in Exeter port loco William Roberts, dismissed: dated Feb. 8.
William Culliford as a tidesman in Minehead port loco John Richards, deceased.
Eden Wright as waiter and searcher at Hartlepool in Stockton port loco John Consett, dismissed: dated Feb. 11.
Walter Jackeman as a tidesman in the inferior list, London port, loco William Cockain, preferred. In the margin: cancelled: a new warrant Feb. 20 below.
Nicholas Baildon as a same, ibid., loco Francis North, dismissed. John Mottarshed as a tidesman in the inferior list, London Port loco John Viscount, dismissed.
John Newnham as waiter and searcher at Fareham in Portsmouth port loco Samuel Blanchard, whose deputation is to be superseded: dated Feb. 12.
Thomas Tanner as a watchman in London port loco Thomas Robbarts, deceased: dated Feb. 15.
Richard Vavasor as waiter and searcher at Totnes in Dartmouth port loco Roger Berriman, whose deputation is to be superseded.
John Swanton as Commander of the Weymouth smack [the Customs House smack at Weymouth] loco Thomas Knight, whose deputation is to be superseded.
Swindall Whittingham (one of the tidesmen in the inferior list in London port) to be removed to the superior list loco William Cockain, preferred: dated Feb. 20.
William Jackman to succeed said Whittingham in the inferior list, ibid.
Joseph Lindale to be mate of the Custom House smack at Hull loco Thomas Gream, who hath surrendered that employment: dated Feb. 13.
James Giles as waiter and searcher at Lynn Regis loco Thomas Bagg, deceased: dated Feb. 27.
William Pyewell as a weighing porter in Bristol port and to superintend the rest of the weighing porters there loco John Watts, deceased: dated Feb. 19.
Daniel Webb to succeed said Pyewell as a tidesman in Bristol port.
Mark Sargent as boatman at Hastings in Rye port loco Robert Fellows, deceased: dated Feb. 27.
John Hale as mate of the Dartmouth smack [the Custom House smack at Dartmouth] loco Thomas Clotworthy, superannuated: dated Feb. 23.
Edward Leigh as Comptroller of the Warehouse for pepper and coffee in the room of Nicholas Bourne, whose deputation is to be superseded: dated Feb. 12, but probably an erratum for March 12. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, pp. 423, 425, 426, 427, 431, 431b.
Feb. 5. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners in Scotland to pay 300l. to William Edgar for writing the book called ‘Vectigalium Systema: and to place same to the head of incidents.
Prefixing: report dated Jan. 24 last from said Commissioners advising said sum as a reasonable gratification, as the said Edgar (after deducting the amount of all the books sold) remains a loser [to the amount of] 200l. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 24.
Treasury allowance of the salary bill, detailed, of the Excise Office in Scotland (Edinburgh and precincts) for 1716 Dec. 25 quarter: total 1,659l. 10s. 10¼d. Ibid. IV, pp. 64–5.
The like of the incidents bill, detailed, of said Office for said quarter: total 131l. 11s.d. Ibid., p. 66.
Feb. 6. Royal warrant dated St. James's to Henry, Earl of Lincoln, Paymaster of the Forces, to pay 6,000l. to Sir Mathew Decker, for and towards the charge of attending the Treaty dated 23 Dec. 1715 with the Bishop of Munster for four Battalions of his Troops taken into the British King's service: the said Decker being invested by the said Bishop with full powers to receive all sums due from the said King on account of the said Battalion.
In the margin: a note initialled by the King “G.R. Let this be paid without any deduction of poundage or [deduction] for the Hospital.” King's Warrant Book XXVIII, p. 162.
Feb. 6. Royal sign manual for 2,500l. to William Lowndes: for secret service: out of Civil List moneys. (Money warrant dated Feb. 6 hereon.) (Money order dated Feb. 6 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Feb. 6 hereon.) Ibid., p. 171. Order Book IX, p. 357. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 257.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of the Mayor, Jurats, Common Councillors and chief inhabitants of the Corporation of Gravesend and Milton, Co. Kent, complaining of the searchers there for clearing merchant ships and other trading vessels outward bound on the Lord's day. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 161.
Treasury reference to the Board of Works of the petition of Walter Chetwynd, Ranger of St. James's Park, setting forth that all the walks in the said Park want new gravelling and drains to carry the water from 'em, as [also] doth the Parade, that all the Lodges in the said Park are very much out of repair and not habitable and that benches and seats are wanting in the several walks. The Board of Works is to estimate the charge thereof. Reference Book IX, p. 321.
Treasury warrant to Edward Harley and Thomas Foley, Auditors of Imprests, to give allowance of several sums amounting in all to 4,426l. 5s.d. to James, Earl of Carnarvon, in his account as late Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad, to wit by setting the same in super upon the respective persons following who received the said sums.
Prefixing: report by said Auditors on the said Earl of Carnarvon's memorial. By the vouchers produced by him it appears that he or his deputies have paid to persons as follows the several sums named, [as] for public services, of which an account ought to be rendered to his Majesty:
£ s. d.
629 0 0 to Edward Dowglas as late Commissary of Stores in Spain.
623 18 to Vincent Chaban as late Commissary of Provisions in Spain.
14 7 6 to Frederick Marx as late Director of the Hospitals in Spain.
3,158 19 11 to Henry Vincent as late Commissary of Stores &c. in Spain.
£4,426 5
These persons were officers appointed by her late Majesty or by her Generals, and by the nature of their employments they became accountable for public moneys issued to them. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIV, pp. 82–3.
[? Feb. 6.] Entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of the docquet of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Henry Vaughan of several lands and tenements in Co. Brecon, being parcel of the lands &c. of John Lewis, outlaw. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIV, p. 83.
Feb. 6. William Lowndes to the Excise Commissioners in Scotland to report on the petition of Robert Douglas, junr., of Leith, soap boiler.
Appending: said petition shewing that the Parliament in Scotland declared that his father, [petitioner] himself and their heirs, successors and partners should be exempted from paying Duty for 19 years from 1 Aug. 1695; but that in 1712 notwithstanding his pleading his exemption the Barons of the Exchequer [in Scotland] gave judgment against him not only for the Duty but also the penalty in the Act of that year [13 Anne, c. 18] in Great Britain; that an execution was sued upon that judgment of 240l. 15s. 10d. as the Duty and penalty for soap made by him from 10 June 1712 to 20 August following; which was levied accordingly; and petitioner is informed that an extent is now taken out against him for the Duty and penalty for soap made by him from 20 Aug. 1712 to 1 Aug. 1714, at which time his grant and exemption expired: therefore praying that in regard he hath hitherto had no opportunity of applying for a saving clause of his right (as hath been done by the proprietors of the sugar houses in Scotland) process may be stopped and he may be at freedom to revive and carry on with vigour a manufactory so useful and advantageous to the Crown. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, p. 25.
Feb. 7. Royal warrant dated St. James's to William Clayton [Paymaster of the King's private pensions] to pay a pension of 1,000l. per an. to Francois Louis de Pesme, Seigneur de St. Saphorin: during pleasure: as from Michaelmas 1716. King's Warrant Book XXVIII, p. 172.
Royal letters patent appointing John Fortescue Aland, a Serjeant at Law, to be a Baron of the Exchequer. Ibid., pp. 181–2.
Money warrant for 50l. to John Francis Fauquier: without account: to be by him paid over for the use of Justus Brandshagen and James Hamilton, who were lately sent to Scotland to try the silver mine said to be discovered there. (Money order dated Feb. 9 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Feb. 18 hereon.) Money Book XXV, p. 204. Order Book IX, p. 360. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 260.
William Lowndes to Mr. Hancock. It is my Lords' pleasure that you or your deputy do attend the Auditors of Imprests in order to the passing the account of the Wine Licences now lying before said Auditors. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 162.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ William Spry, junr., as Collector of Exeter port and William Yeo as Deputy Comptroller there. Out Letters (Customs) XVII, p. 3.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of a messuage or tenement with a small yard in Charles Street in the Bailiwick of St. James's in order to a lease to William Clarkson.
Prefixing. said Surveyor General's report on said Clarkson's petition for same. The premises formed part of the grant to the Earl of St. Albans by Charles II. They contain 21 feet fronting to Charles Street and 40 foot depth and the yard is 14 feet by 23: they are worth at a rack rent 35l. per an. I rate a fine of 25l. for an additionalbuilding lease for 26 years at a rent of 2s. 6d. in the pound, or 4l. 7s. 6d., on the additional term. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIV, p. 84.
Feb. 7. Same to same for a same of 21 very mean poor tenements and an inn and stable yard thereto in Glass-house Street, Great Swallow Street and Vine Street, parcel of the bailiwick of St. James's, in order to a new lease thereof to Peter Gavell to fill up his term to 50 years at a fine of 88l. and 2s. 6d. in the pound on the rated yearly value of the premises which [increase of rent] amounts to 16l. 10s. 0d. per an.
Prefixing: report, ut supra, on the petition of said Gavell. The premises formed part of the Earl of St. Albans' grant as above. Twelve of the houses on the west side of Swallow Street contain 280 foot front by 53 depth towards Little Swallow Street; three more front Little Swallow Street and seven more and a lumber house in Great Vine Street contain 149 foot front adjoining Mr. Chamberlain's brewhouse and westwards adjoining the Meeting House in Glass-house Street: and in all are worth at a rack rent 132l. per an. Ibid., p. 85.
Same to same for a same of several parcels of land within the bailiwick of St. James's in order to a reversionary lease thereof to John Knowles, at a fine of 95l. and rent of 18l. 7s. 6d., being 2s. 6d. in the pound on the rated value.
Prefixing: report, ut supra, on the petition of said John Knowles. The petitioner and John Tyson and John Ryley are entitled to said several parcels, part of said Earl of St. Albans' grant, ut supra. One part lies on the west side of Market Street and has two tenements thereon and contains 36 feet by 70 feet. Another piece lies on the north side of St. James's Market Place and has one house on it 18 foot by 72 foot. The above three houses are assigned to petitioner and are worth 64l. per an. at a rack rent.
Another piece abuts on Bury Street east and has one tenement on it 16 foot by 55 foot.
Another parcel lies on the south side of Jermyn Street and has one tenement standing on it 18 foot by 39, including the yard or garden. The above two houses are assigned to John Tyson and are worth 33l. per an. at a rack rent.
Another parcel at the north side of Jermyn Street has one tenement standing thereon 20 foot by 109 foot, including the yard and garden.
Another parcel lies on the south side of Piccadilly and has one tenement now standing on it 19 foot by 48 foot. The above two houses are assigned to John Ryley and are worth 50l. per an. at a rack rent. Tyson and Ryley have consented to Knowles having a reversionary lease of the premises which are assigned to them. Ibid., pp. 86–7.
Feb. 8. Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 57l. per an. to Nathaniel Stephens as Customer Inwards in Bristol port. Money Book XXV, p. 4.
Royal letters patent appointing Sir William Thompson to be Solicitor General. King's Warrant Book XXVIII, p. 175.
Royal sign manual for 500l. to Thomas Lowther: without account: “to be by him paid and applied to such uses as we have directed.” (Money warrant dated Feb. 11 hereon.) (Money order dated Feb. 11 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Feb. 18 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXVIII, p. 172. Order Book IX, p. 359. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 260.
Feb. 8. Treasury warrant to John Lowndes, one of the Receivers of Crown Land Revenues, to pay 30l. to Thomas Newton, woodward of Whittlewood and Salcey Forests in Cos. Northampton and Rutland, for three years to 1716 Sept. 29 on his patent fee of 100s. per an. for each of the said counties.
Appending: certificate by Auditor Thomas Jett that the said office was granted to said Newton by patent of Charles II. dated 30 June 1675 for life with said fees. Money Book XXV, p. 205.
Money warrant for 2,919l. 8s.. 3d. to John Baskett, gent., for so much due to his Majesty's printers for paper and printing of Acts, Proclamations, Forms of Prayer, speeches &c. delivered as follows between Midsummer 1715 and Midsummer 1716: viz.
£ s. d.
to the late Archbishop of Canterbury [Thomas Tenison] 100 17 2
to the present Archbishop of Canterbury [William Wake] 287 16 8
to the Treasury Lords 312 5 10
to the Privy Council 180 17 6
to the Clerk of the House of Peers 651 19 6
to the Speaker of the House of Commons 87 2 0
to the Clerk of the House of Commons 754 4 6
to the Serjeant at Arms of the House of Commons 435 0 6
to the Crown Office 86 19 7
to the Hanaper Office 22 5 0
£2,919 8 3
(Money order dated Feb. 9 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Feb. 11 hereon.) Ibid., p. 206. Order Book IX, p. 359. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 257.
Money order for 3,000l. to James Stanhope, one of the Principal Secretaries of State: without account: for his Majesty's secret service. In the margin: a later Treasury order dated 1717 May 7. “Let the sum of 197l. 5s.d. be satisfied on the aforegoing order, in full of all demands thereupon to or at any time before 1717 April 15 when the said Stanhope delivered up the seals of his said office.” Order Book IX, p. 359.
William Lowndes to the Master of the Jewel Office to send to my Lords a copy of the indenture executed by Lord Bingley for his plate [delivered to him out of your Office] upon his being nominated Ambassador to the King of Spain by her late Majesty. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 162.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Henry Coulthurst proposing to prevent the abuses in making snuff of tobacco leaves and stalks and thereby exporting all the pure Havanna and other snuffs for the benefit of the drawback which is 3s. per pound weight: he estimates the consumption [of snuff] to be 180,000 pound weight, greatest part of which is made snuff in England, the pure [snuff] being [re-]exported: that by an Act of 1 Geo. I. [St. 2, c. 46], there are several penalties on persons exporting snuff made of leaves resembling tobacco, and power is given to the Treasury Lords to appoint a person to prevent the same: petitioner conceives himself qualified for that employment and is recommended thereto by several Aldermen of the city of London. Reference Book IX, p. 312.
Feb. 8. Treasury warrant to the Stamps Commissioners to give allowance of 17l. 15s. 10d. in the accounts of Thomas Moncrieff, Distributor of Stamps in Perthshire, and 6l. 15s. 0d. in the account of Richard Baines, head Distributor [of Stamps] in Westmorland, being money forced from them by the Rebels during the Rebellion as follows namely from said Moncrieff and from [the Mayor of] Kirby Kendal, late underdistributor of stamps for Co. Westmorland.
Prefixing: memorial from said Commissioners. Thomas Moncrieff craves allowances as follows:
£ s. d.
money forced by the Rebels from his wife in his absence after he escaped from the imprisonment they had imposed upon him for refusing to pay them what moneys he had collected for stamp Duties: and for which he produces a receipt from one of the Rebels 10 0 0
for 10 Highland Rebels quartered at his house in Perth for three days because he and his wife refused to pay to them the Duties he had collected 1 0 0
for stamped parchment and paper taken and embezzled by the Rebels 6 15 10
£17 15 10
Thomas Rowlandson, Esq., late Mayor of Kirby Kendal, in Westmorland, and an under Distributor of Stamps there, craves allowance as follows:
£ s. d.
forced from him by the Rebels, of the money he had collected for the stamps revenue 6 15 0
Warrants not Relating to Money XXIV, pp. 89–90.
Same to Edward Young, Surveyor General of Woods, to fell two pieces of coppice wood in New Forest, the one about 90 acres called King's Wood, the other about seven acres called Barkley, being both upwards of 20 years' growth; and to apply the proceeds arising by the sale of such wood towards defraying the expense of sundry works and repairs in several of his Majesty's forests and parks, which [works] by Treasury warrants you the said Young are required to perform. You are to account for your doings herein before the Auditor for Co. Southampton. Ibid., p. 93.
Royal warrant dated St. James's for a letter to be passed under the privy seal of Scotland appointing Archibald Murray, brother to Alexander Murray of Craigletie, for the year 1716 and for the time coming, during pleasure, to be sole and general Collector of all rents, revenues and other Duties formerly belonging to the Archbishops, Bishops and Deans within the archbishopric of St. Andrews, bishoprics of Edinburgh, Galloway, Brechin, Dunkeld, Dunblane, Aberdeen, Moray and Caithness excepting the rents of the Deanery of the Chapel Royal now payable to Mr. William Mitchell, one of his Majesty's chaplains: he to give sufficient security that he and his sub-collectors shall pay out of the first rents thereof to the Universities of St. Andrews, Aberdeen and Edinburgh the sum of 300l. sterling each yearly formerly mortified to them, and also that he shall be accountable for his further intromissions provided he have retention of 200l. for his own pains and 200l. more for his sub-collectors and his and their charges of collecting.
In the margin: this cancelled and another entered, see infra, under date 20 June 1717. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, pp. 26–8.
Feb 9. Money warrant for three years' interest to 1714 Dec. 25 on Debentures for the sufferers in St. Christopher and Nevis: all ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXIX, pp. 463–86, under date 1715 April 12: the present payment being for 2,625l. 4s. 4d. for interest on 14 Debentures [which are not detailed]. Money Book XXIII, p. 546.
Money order for 50l. to Philip Horneck, gent., one of the solicitors for negotiating and looking after the affairs of the Treasury; and is for 1716 Xmas quarter. (Letter of direction dated Feb. 6 hereon.) Order Book IX, p. 360. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 257.
Treasury fiat for royal letters patent to constitute Henry Waterland as Collector of the Customs of Cloth and Petty Customs Outwards in London port loco Richard Miller, whose patent is hereby to be revoked and determined: during pleasure: with the annual fee of 5l. and with all other fees &c. thereto except a certain annual fee of 277l. 6s. 8d. lately payable. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 422.