Treasury Warrants: March 1717, 1-5

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 31, 1717. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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March 1717, 1–5

March 1. Royal warrant dated St. James's to Henry, Earl of Lincoln, Paymaster General of the Forces, to pay to George, Earl of Orkney or the Officer Commanding in Chief the Castle of Edinburgh, the pay and allowances to Officers and men as follows; all by reason that at the time of the Rebellion in North Britain, Col. James Stewart, late Lieutenant Governor of the said Castle, did, for the better defence and security thereof, take into the King's service there the said Officers and men as additional, which upon representation thereof the King approved and they have since continued to do duty in the said Castle, viz.
per an.
£ s. d.
one Lieutenant, 4s. a day or 73 0 0
one Ensign, 3s. a day or 54 15 0
two Serjeants, each 1s. 6d. per day or 54 15 0
two Corporals, each 1s. 0d. per day or 36 10 0
one Drummer, 1s. per day or 18 5 0
40 private men, each 8d. per day or 486 13 4
£723 18 4
and also the further allowance of 14 days' subsistence for each noncommissioned Officer and private man at the time they shall be dismissed, to enable them to return to their places of abode. King's Warrant Book XXVIII, p. 200.
March 2. Money order for 40l. to Geo. Porter and Richard Poole: for so much overpaid by them in their account as late Sheriffs of the City of Coventry for the year ended 1714 Sept. 29.
In the margin: a later Treasury confirmation dated 1717 May 3 hereof. Order Book IX, p. 380.
H. Walpole to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Thomas Corbin relating to his bond with Sir Robert Dunckley and Thomas Coutts for Duties on tobacco. You are also to report on the former petition referred to you May 15 last supra Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXX, p. 227. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 167.
William Lowndes to Mr. Young [Surveyor General of Woods] enclosing a letter [missing] sent to the Treasury Lords from the Navy Commissioners touching some trees in the Forest of Bere which the said Commissioners and the Navy Purveyor at Portsmouth represent as full grown and fit for the Navy and which will be wanted this season at the said port. You are to inform my Lords what number of trees are now in the said forest which are fit for the Navy and can be conveniently felled this season. Ibid., p. 68.
Treasury reference to the Secretary at War of the petition of the magistrates of Glasgow praying repayment of 694l. 10s. 10d. for subsisting some of the Rebel prisoners, 9l. 15s. 7d. for straw for their bedding and 32l. 7s. 0d. [for — ]; making in all 736l. 13s. 5d. Reference Book IX, p. 316.
March 2. Same to the Auditors of Imprests of the petition of Thomas Madockes shewing that by the Act of Parliament [1 Geo. I, St. 2, c. 19] for raising 910,000l. by 5 per cent. annuities, a sum of 500l. was allowed and by the Act for raising 169,000l. by 5 per cent. annuities [as by 1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 21] a further 100l. is allowed to the first or chief Cashier of the Bank of England for his pains and charges in receiving and accounting for the same: [therefore praying allowance thereof]. Ibid., p. 317.
Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of a piece of ground lying within the circuit of Whitehall Palace 100 foot long east to west and 40 foot broad adjoining upon the Great Street leading from the said Palace to Charing Cross with two houses standing thereon with a court betwixt them: all in order to a lease thereof to Charles Killigrew, Esq., ut supra Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXIX, p. 457.
Prefixing: report dated 27 May 1715 from Hugh Cholmley, the said Surveyor General, on said Killigrew's petition for same. The houses now let for 120l. per an. but are very much out of repair and will require a considerable sum of money to be laid out thereon. I rate a reversionary lease of 24 years at 200l. fine under the old rent of 40s. per an., reserving to his Majesty a power to re-assume. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIV, pp. 96–7.
March 4. Money warrant for 730l. to Horatio Walpole for 146 days on his ordinary of 5l. a day as late Minister and Plenipotentiary to the States General, to wit from 29 Sept. 1716 to Oct. 22 following when the said allowance was to cease.
435l. to same for one bill of extraordinaries in his said service between 25 Aug. 1716 and 22 Feb. following.
Appending: said bill:
for the postage of letters 175
for Intelligence of all sorts 90
for stationery ware 30
for his journey from London to Hanover whither he went by order of the Prince of Wales and for his journey back, being ordered by his Majesty to return to London 140
Together with: Secretary James Stanhope's allowance dated Whitehall 2 March inst. of said bill. “I allow the first three articles of this bill, being within the Regulation; and he having been ordered to perform the journey mentioned in the last article amounting to 140l. I do also allow the same by his Majesty's command.” (Money order dated March 7 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated March 7 hereon.) Money Book XXV, p. 212. Order Book IX, p. 369. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 266.
Letter of direction for 5,088l. 6s. 3d. to John Aislabie, on the unsatisfied order in his name as Treasurer of the Navy: to be issued out of branches of the revenue as follows:
£ s. d.
out of arrears of the first Poll anno 1688 5 1 0
[ditto of] first Quarterly Poll anno 1692 3 2 0
[ditto of] first 4s. Aid anno 1693 218 11 1
[ditto] second Quarterly Poll anno 1694 11 10 0
[ditto of] third 4s. Aid anno 1695 7 0 0
[ditto of] fourth 4s. Aid anno 1696 7 2 0
[ditto of] first 3s. Aid anno 1697 205 0 6
[ditto of] additional 12d. Aid anno 1697 0 4 0
[ditto of] third Quarterly Poll anno 1698 39 0 0
[ditto of] Subsidies and other Duties anno 1699 4 17 7
[ditto of] fifth 4s. Aid and Subsidies anno 1702 32 4 0
[ditto of] Subsidies anno 1703 5 4 0
[ditto of] Duties on Coals anno 1703 83 8
[ditto of] ninth 4s. Aid anno 1706 274 2 10½
[ditto of] tenth 4s. Aid anno 1707 3 12 5
[ditto of] eleventh 4s. Aid anno 1708 4,188 6 5
£5,088 6 3
The said sum is to be paid over to Sir Roger Mostyn, bart., late Paymaster of the Marines, to make good [to the Paymaster of the Forces] the subsistence that was paid in Spain by the Paymaster of the Land Forces to sundry of the Marines that served there according to the particulars following:
£ s. d.
to a Detachment under the command of Col. Lee 2,434 18 8
to Major Bush of the Marines 741 12 4
to Mr. John Smith belonging to the Marine Regiments 105 4 4
to Capt. Pallister of the Marines 1,239 2 10
to him more 567 8 4
£5,088 6 3
H. Walpole to the Navy Commissioners to make out a bill on the Navy Treasurer for paying said sum to said Mostyn accordingly; taking care that said Mostyn be duly charged therewith in the Navy Treasurer's account. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 263.
March 4. Treasury reference to Auditor Harley of the petition of Thomas Edwards, Esq., late Paymaster of the 1,500,000 Lottery anno 1711, praying payment of several incident charges amounting to 73l. 6s. 8d. thereon. Reference Book IX, p. 316.
Same to the Comptrollers of the Class Lottery anno 1711 to report on the petition of Mary Andrews, widow, praying the innovation of a lost order [in her name] No. 1269 for 115l. in the Class Lottery anno 1711 [as by the Act, 9 Anne, c. 16]. Ibid.
Same to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of John Ellis, Esq., Solicitor for the Excise, praying some further allowance in consideration of his great increase of business. Ibid.
March 4. Same to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of William Newsham Receiver General of Taxes for Co. Warwick, praying payment of 229l. 8s. 8d. for his extraordinary charges in returning up to the Exchequer the taxes for the years 1713, 1714 and 1715. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to Edward Harley and Thomas Foley, Auditors of Imprests, to allow the sum of 291l. 4s. 6d. in the accounts of the late Lord Falkland as [formerly] Treasurer of the Navy as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
to make good overpayments and double payments made [by the said Treasurer] in paying seamen's wages during his Treasurership, the nature of the same not being (as seems to us, the Treasury Lords) to be imputed to any omission or want of care in executing his office 147 14 1
to make good overpayments made in paying Defalcations during the said Treasurership which [Treasurership] continued for 7¾ years and is reasonable to be allowed in regard it appears that Slop Books which are to check the said payments were not in those times duly returned to the [Navy Pay] Office 30 11 9
to answer fees paid in passing an account of the said late Lord Falkland's, which [fees] have not been allowed by the Navy Board or the Auditor [of Imprests] 112 18 8
£291 4 6
Prefixing: (1) memorial to the Treasury from John Coupland. The late Lord [Treasurer] Godolphin directed Mr. Richard Burton and myself to make up the accounts of the said Lord Falkland. The said Burton delivered a memorial to the Duke of Shrewsbury on behalf of said Lord's executors praying an allowance of some double payments and overpayments made during his Treasurership. The Duke referred same to the Navy Commissioners who reported as below. On behalf of the said executors I beg allowance of said items in regard to the nature and variety of those [navy] payments and that great part of them were overpaid by the men's being false entered, which could not be rectified by Lord Falkland, [the names] being entered on Muster Books long before he commenced Treasurer; and in those times the Muster Books (by which tickets are set off and examined before they are assigned by the Navy Board) were not duly sent to the Pay Office, for want whereof the Treasurer could not correct or examine into those mistakes.
(2) An account of over [payments] and double payments made in paying of seamen's wages during the Navy Treasurership of Anthony, Viscount Falkland [to wit from 1681 to 1689 in the reigns of Charles II, James II. and Wm. and Mary]:
£ s. d.
(a) Andrew Dew, No. 68 on the books of the Charlott yacht, able [bodied seaman]; on wages from 15 Sept. 1677 to 31 Dec. 1684 14 19 10
(b) William Steele, No. 83 on same books, able [bodied seaman]; for wages for same period 14 19 10
(c) John Thomas, able bodied seaman, No. 388 on the books of the Phenix; on wages from 15 Dec. 1677 to 3 Aug. 1682 12 11 0
(d) Peter Spence, master's mate servant, No. 338 on the books of the Soudadoes; on wages from 1 Oct. 1679 to 31 Dec. 1684 11 14 8
(e) Thomas Wood, No. 68 on the books of the James galley; on wages from 12 Nov. [? 1679] to 24 March 1685 24 8 11
(f) James Cressy, able bodied seaman, No. 347 on the books of the Diamond; on wages from 27 March 1680 to 2 Jan. 1681–2 14 19 10
(g) Antho[ny] Moor, midshipman, No. 275 on the books of the Saphire; on wages from 7 May to 14 Oct. 1685 18 18 1
(h) Ralph Thompson, No. 197 on the books of the Reserve; on wages from 18 Aug. 1681 to 13 May 1683 1 7 11
(i) Edward Meckum, able bodied seaman, No. 297 on the said ship Reserve; on wages in same time 0 18 1
(j) Corn[elius] Sullivant, No. 89 on the books of the Larke; on wages from 22 April 1685 to 24 March 1685–6 13 14 3
(k) John Pagitt, Captain's servant, No. 162 on the books of the Kingfisher; on wages from 3 April 1685 to 24 March 1685–6 10 16 8
Law[rence] Damsell, able bodied seaman on the Greyhound; on wages from 7 Nov. 1679 to 26 May 1680 8 5 0
£147 14 1
The nature of the above over or double payments is as follows:
(a) Andrew Dew. This man is made to enter on the Assigned Ticket 13 July 1680 and is allowed on the Pay Book but [only] from 13 July 1681 whereby it is one year overpaid to [the said] party the 9th Jan. 1684–5.
(b) William Steele. This man is made to enter on the Assigned Ticket 7 Sept. 1681 and is allowed on the Pay Book but [only] from 7 Sept. 1682 whereby 'tis one year overpaid to Capt. Clements the 12 Aug. 1685.
(c) John Thomas. This man was paid by Assigned Ticket to Elizabeth Wood, which is allowed on the Pay Book and paid by another Ticket made out by order of the Navy Board and assigned by them. Paid to Mr. Whitfield.
(d) Peter Spence. This man is made to enter on the Assigned Ticket 27 May 1679 and is allowed in the Pay Book but [only] from 27 May 1680 whereby it is one year overpaid to Michaele Hale. Note: The method of returning Muster and Stop Books to the [Pay] Office was not duly observed till the year 1686. Besides it is to be noted [that] most of these overpayments are for wages due before the Lord Falkland was Treasurer, and for want of Muster Books these payments may have happened in that Office and they being slips in both offices [Navy Office and Pay Office] it is hoped they will be allowed as have been done to the succeeding Treasurer.
(e) Thomas Wood. This man was double paid, viz., first to John Slater per Assigned Ticket 24l. 8s. 11d. wages and 1l. 15s. 3d. short allowance [money], which payment is allowed on the Pay Book the second time [as paid] to Mr. Buckleigh per Assigned Ticket, viz. for the wages only amounting to 24l. 8s. 11d. which is remaining unallowed.
(f) James Cressy. This man is paid per an Assigned Ticket 15l. 17s. 11d. by miscasting, his entry being the 12 Dec. 1681 and discharge 2 Jan. [following] which is but 0l. 18s. 1d.: so he is over assessed and paid one year.
(g) Antho. Moor. This man is made to enter on the Assigned Ticket 27 July 1680 and is allowed on the Pay Book but from 27 July 1681 whereby 'tis one year overpaid [being paid] to party 18 Nov. 1682.
(h) Ralph Thompson. This man is entered by the Assigned Ticket 3 Aug. 1681 and per Pay Book 6 Sept. 1681 and discharged 18 May 1683; his wages amounting to 26l. 13s. 0d. was paid [to] Mr. Nath. Whitfield and there being but 25l. 5s. 1d. allowed there remains to be allowed 1l. 7s. 11d.
(i)Edward Meckum. This man is entered per Assigned Ticket 8 March 1682–3 and discharged 4 June 1683, his wages amounts to 3l. 13s. 0d.; but the ship ending wages 13 May 1683 there is no more allowed than 2l. 14s. 11d. so 'tis overpaid to Michael Hale.
(j) Corn[elius] Sullivant. This man's wages was paid by the Book to Mr. Lyddell amounting to 13l. 14s. 3d. which is allowed and the same sum paid per Assigned Ticket to Eliz. Wood which is unallowed.
(k) John Pagett. This sum was paid by an Assigned Ticket to Nath. Whitfield for Fra. Wyvell 14 June 1688 and paid by the subsequent [Navy] Treasurer on an assigned list of arrears to Jo. Noys per administration 11 Jan. 1694–5.
Note. This was paid by Lord Falkland per Ticket assigned by the Navy Board; but because, about seven years after, another Ticket was paid by the succeeding Treasurer it was allowed him [the successor] and refused to be allowed to the Lord Falkland, though regularly paid by him.
(l) Law Damsell. This sum not appearing upon examination to be an over or double payment ought to be allowed to the Treasurer, being duly [and properly] paid.
(3) An account of overpayments made in paying Defalcations during the Treasurership of Anthony, Viscount Falkland.
Officers' names overpaid or that occasioned the overpayment.
£ s. d.
Den[ni]s Seffray, purser of the Bristol (wages 24 Oct. 1679—20 Oct. 1682); overpayment on account of D.D. [double delivered] clothes 2 14 0
Edward Carew, purser of the Swann (wages 28 Jan. 1677–8 to 12 Sept. 1684); overpayment on account of tobacco 2 17 4
William Caple, purser of the Tyger prize (wages 3 Jan. 1681–2 to 4 Oct.); overpayment on account of tobacco 0 3 0
Geo. Bellamy, purser of the Saphire (wages 7 May 1680 to 14 Oct. 1685); overpayment on account of tobacco 13 7 0
R[ober]t Sumpter, purser of the Mermaid (wages 3 July 1682 to 24 May 1684); overpayment on account of D.D. cloaths 1 11 11
William Williams, purser of the Dragon (wages 6 March 1681–2 to 26); overpayment on account of tobacco 0 2 7
Thomas Berry, purser of the Oxford (wages 4 June 1683 to 20 June); overpayment on account of tobacco 0 14 0
Fra. Barrow, purser of the Mordant (wages 12 June 1684 to 21 Aug. 1685); overpayment on account of tobacco 2 4 6
Ben Walters, purser of the Diamond (wages 22 April 1682 to 19 Nov.); overpayment on account of tobacco 0 3 5
Math[ew] Postley, purser of the Ruby (wages 24 March ? 1685); overpayment on account of tobacco 0 2 4
John Chudleigh, purser of the Bonadventure (wages 14 May 1683 to 24 March ? 1685); overpayment on account of tobacco 0 9 5
the said John Chudleigh, purser of the Reserve (wages 18 March 1681 to 13 May 1683); overpayment on account of d.d. clothes 2 2 9
Allexander Fettiplace [purser] of the Mary Rose (wages 25 March 1686 to 11 Sept. 1688); overpayment on account of d.d. clothes 3 19 6
£30 11 9
Note: in those times Slop Books were not duly returned to the [Pay] Office.
Note also: these mistakes have arisen during the Lord Viscount Falkland's being Treasurer of the Navy which was 7¾ years, viz. from 24 June 1681 to 3 April 1689.
(4) Account of fees paid in passing Lord Falkland's account, which have not been allowed by the Navy Board or Auditor [of Imprests.]
£ s. d.
paid for a privy seal 30 16 6
for a copy of the patent 2 3 0
for entering the patent in the two Auditors [of Imprests] Offices 3 6 8
for the Lady Falkland's swearing to the accounts before a Baron of the Exchequer: viz. 2l. 3s. 0d. to Baron Simpson; 1l. 1s. 6d. to Mr. Moody, the Auditor's deputy; 1l. 1s. 6d. to Mr. Parsons; 10s. 9d. to Mr. Harley, Auditor's clerk; 10s. 9d. to the Baron's clerk 5 7 6
to the Auditor for his ancient fee for [Navy] Ledger 1681–2 25 0 0
ditto for [Navy] Ledger 1683 20 0 0
for the copy of an Imprest Roll and for the examination thereof at the [Office of the] Clerk of the Pells 3 0 0
to Mr. Choke at the Auditor of the [Receipt of the] Exchequer's Office for copies and certificates of all the Lord Falkland's Imprest Rolls 22 10 0
paid to the [Clerks at the] Treasury Chambers for a [Treasury order of] reference about the over and double payments 0 15 0
£112 18 8
(5) Memorial (undated) from Richard Burton to the Duke of Shrewsbury, Lord Treasurer of Great Britain. The late Lord Treasurer Godolphin directed me to make up some part of the Navy Accounts of Lord Falkland, deceased. Upon stating and adjusting the same with the Navy Commissioners there appears the several double [payments] and overpayments hereunto [as above] which the said Commissioners do not think themselves sufficiently empowered to allow. I pray allowance thereof as I did formerly [pray] to the late Lord Treasurer [Godolphin].
(6) Report dated Navy Office 17 Sept. 1714 from the Navy Commissioners on the abovesaid application of Richard Burton. As this Board have never thought themselves sufficiently authorized to allow such payments, so they have always given their opinion that it would be of dangerous consequence to admit thereof, for as much as it is the duty of a Treasurer of the Navy and his officers to take care to make no such payments. By the 6th Article of his Old Instructions he is to suffer no such payment to be made whereby either the King or the party to whom the same is due may be damnified, even though it should be warranted by the Board, much less without any such warrant. And by the 10th Article of his New Instructions he is made accountable for the actions of every paymaster, cashier, clerks and other instruments by him employed in the service of his Office. And indeed should Double and Over Payments be allowed of, or any payments in his Majesty's or the subject's wrong, the care of [Treasurer's] Office could be wholly taken away and such proceedings countenanced; for what necessity would there be for their having any regard thereto if wrong as well as right payments were to be allowed? On the contrary the Treasurer of the Navy has always been esteemed answerable for his payments not only from the economy of the Navy and the reason of the thing but also from his extraordinary salary and other allowances, superior to the rest of the members of the [Navy] Board. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIV, pp.97–102.
March 5. J. Walpole to the [Auditor of the Receipt]. The Treasury Lords desire you to pay 7,812l. 15s. 10d. to Charles Bodville, Earl of Radnor, on the unsatisfied order in his name as Treasurer of the Chamber: as imprest and upon account and to be by him paid over to satisfy all sums payable in that [his] Office at Xmas 1716: that is to say:
£ s. d.
on the certain [or fixed] Established allowance [in the Office of Treasurer of the Chamber] for said Quarter 4,848 17 0
for stationery bills for the Office of the Secretaries [of State] for same quarter 167 3 9
to John Gauntlet, under keeper of the [Privy] Council Records for pens, ink and paper and for necessaries for the Council Chamber and Office: for one year to Xmas 1716 90 0 0
to the Housekeeper at Westminster on his allowance for 1716 Xmas quarter 29 0 0
to him more for looking after the Court erected in Westminster Hall from Michaelmas 1716 to Xmas following 21 15 0
to the Master of the Children of the Chapel for lodgings hired at Kingston for the said children during the Court residing at Hampton Court from 25 July 1716 to 27 Oct. following 16 5 0
to the organ maker for mending and repairing the organs in the Chapels at St. James's, Whitehall and Hampton Court for one year to 1 Aug. 1716 60 0 0
for sweeping the chimneys in his Majesty's palace from 1 Aug. 1714 to 24 March 1715 39 4 2
for mats for his Majesty, their Royal Highnesses' [the Prince and Princess of Wales] and the Young Princesses' apartments at St. James's from 29 Sept. 1714 to 31 Dec. 1715 137 19 11
for table cloths, napkins and psalm books for the use of his Majesty's private chapel at St. James's and for washing of linen for the Communion Table and for making clean the Chapel from 1 Aug. 1714 to Mich. 1716 41 19 0
for a year's rent of the New River water for St. James's Palace and Stables to Xmas 1716 37 16 0
to Mr. John Evans, Clerk in the Lord Chamberlain's Office, for his extraordinary charges and expenses in the service of that Office from 10 July 1715 to 12 July 1716 15 17 0
to Mr. John Loftus, barge builder, for building a new barge, &c., for his Majesty 108 11 0
to Sir William Sanderson, Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter, for travelling charges in Holland in 1716 15 10 0
to the Grooms of the Great Chamber: the like [travelling charges] 7 15 0
to the Earl of Orford, Master of his Majesty's game at Newmarket, for 153 days from 24 Oct. 1715 to 25 March 1716 on 60l. per an. 25 3 0
to clear the Messengers' [of the Chamber's] bills of service from midsummer 1716 to Xmas following 2,150 0 0
£7,812 15 10
Disposition Book XXIII, p. 262.
March 5. H. Walpole to the Stamps Commissioners. Since your report of Feb. 19 last on the petition of John Rogers of Shrewsbury my Lords have received the enclosed memorial [missing] on his behalf. You are to report if you have any objections to stopping the proceedings against him for what is past upon the assurances which he hath given not to be guilty of any the like offences for the future. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 168.