Minute Book: July 1673

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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July 1673

July 1. [Present] the Lord Treasurer.
Send to Mr. Stephens to come to Sir R. Howard and bring with him an accompt of such money as was paid to the Treasurer of the Navy [out] of the French money.
The dormant warrants of the Earl of Bath and the Earl of Manchester and of the rest of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber are to be continued.
Warrant for a privy seal for the discharge of William Chiffinch of the French money received by him. (In the margin : Floyd to show it me [Sir Ro. Howard]).
Warrant for a privy seal for empowering Sir Peter Ball to recover moneys in arrear due out of lands in the [late] Queen Mother's jointure.
The Lord Privy Seal is to be settled on the hereditary Excise for his 3,000l. per an. : to commence from Midsummer last. As for the 1,500l. in arrear to him [thereupon] the Treasurer of the Navy is to pay it and to have money assigned for it.
A letter to be despatched to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Mr. Reeves' warrant is to be tendered when the Customs Commissioners are present with the Lord Treasurer. (In the margin : denied.)
Write the Treasurer's Remembrancer's office that they give the Lord Treasurer an accompt before any respite be granted to the city of [any] issues set upon them.
The Lord Treasurer orders Major Huntingdon to be sent to to speak with him to-morrow morning.
Send to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to come to the Treasury Chambers this afternoon ; the Customs Commissioners being appointed to be here then.
[Ibid. pp. 4-5.]
July 1.
In the afternoon.
Present : the Lord Treasurer.
The Customs Commissioners called in : deliver two papers : offer divers papers.
A letter to be written fair for the King's hand to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland verbatim [as proposed by said Customs Commissioners].
A paper [delivered in] of several orders and directions to the [Customs] Commissioners [concerning rules, payments, &c., and which said Commissioners desire] to be confirmed. Ordered as formerly to be shewn to the Lord Treasurer first ; except [those concerning the] wood farm and exported coals [which] are to be confirmed. A particular of [money] warrants [is offered]. The Lord Treasurer will consider this and give directions further therein.
A paper delivered in by Secretary Coventry about pictures and frames imported for his own use [praying for them] to be delivered [on his] paying the duty ad valorem.
Memorandum : the Plantations letters and [Foreign Plantation Office] Commission and the last instructions [to said office or to the Plantation Governors] are to be shown to the Lord Treasurer.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 5.]
July 3. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Lord Treasurer will have a statement of the whole matter of fee farm rents before he signs any contract. To be reported by the Trustees for Fee Farms. Send to Lord Widdrington for a copy of his grant of fee farm rents ; or the grant itself to be brought to the Lord Treasurer. (In the margin : out of town.)
Put the Lord Treasurer in mind for the Master of the Robes to have a quarter. (In the margin : Aram to remember me [Sir Ro. Howard] of it.)
The Lord Treasurer directs a state [of the tin revenue] to be sent in together with the lease of the Coinage and Preemption of tin in Cornwall and Devon. Sir C. Harbord and Mr. William Harbord to send it and then my Lords will appoint a day.
The officers of the Works [called in]. The Lord Treasurer hears the case about their alterating from 8,000l. to 12,000l. [per an.] for ordinary [of the Works] and they to keep an account what are ordinary and [what] extraordinaries ; and so from time to time to present it. They desire they may have their money from month to month : which my Lord consents to.
Sir Anthony Cope's petition read [concerning the land on which the Custom House stands]. The Lord Treasurer hears the report of Sir C. Harbord and asks Sir Anthony Coope if he consents : which he submits to. My Lord will take care for the settlement of 274l. (viz. 184l., 80l., and 10l.) per an. : to be settled on the Customs, and this payment to commence from Midsummer last : the [first] payment to be at Michaelmas last [sic for next]. My Lord will please also to refer to Sir C. Harbord (who is to confer with the rest of the officers as he shall think fit) about the arrears claimed by Sir Anthony Cope. Sir C. Harbord, with the Attorney General, is to take care about the King's title and his security and Mr. Laurence is to assist in the following of it.
The Lord Chief Baron and the Attorney and Solicitor General are to attend on Saturday morning about the arrears of taxes. The Agents for Hearthmoney are to bring in the state [of said arrears].
The Lord Treasurer directs that some of Trinity House attend him on Saturday morning about Lady Falmouth's grant of the chains in the river.
The Lord Treasurer directs enquiry to be made of the Lord Chancellor when the time is [which is] appointed for hearing the Queen's business, which he thinks to be Saturday afternoon. (In the margin : Wolseley go and enquire.)
Sir Robert Viner to have [produce] a certificate that the matter of fact for splitting of tallies be true as recited in the warrant.
Mr. Aston's security is accepted by the Lord Treasurer. Warrant to be prepared accordingly for his being receiver.
Sir Stephen Fox to have all things done according to his paper delivered in.
Warrant for the delivery of goods seized, which are for the use of some of the French Fleet.
Ordered that the Commissioners of the Customs when they present any bills of charges to the Lord Treasurer do sign them themselves.
The Lord Treasurer orders that the goldsmiths have their interest on loan orders.
Lady Newburgh's petition is referred to Mr. Seamour to report upon.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 6-8.]
July 5. [Present] : the Lord Treasurer.
Prince Rupert to have 500l.
The Lord Treasurer asks [those of] the Trinity House concerning the grant to the Countess of Falmouth of the chains in the river which was formerly granted by the Duke of York [as the Lord High Admiral] to the Countess [and is granted] now by the King. They answer that they know no inconveniency in it ; so my Lord will pass it.
Sir C. Harbord and Sir Peter Ball [are called in] about the Queen's arrears. Sir Peter Ball objects against the warrants as not sufficient. He desires to have a privy seal to [empower the] discharge [of the accompts of] any Receiver, for there is a necessity to discharge ; and that there may be a power as formerly to the [Queen's] Trustees to call the Receivers to an account. All this to be put into a privy seal with every power legally inserted. When the foul draft is made show it to Sir C. Harbord and Sir Peter Ball. (In the margin : Floyd [is to] draw this privy seal but let it so run that Sir Peter Ball should have so much for attending the courts and giving his counsel and aid ; and a power for the Lord Treasurer to give him for any other [services herein] such satisfaction as he shall see necessary for the King's service and to discharge the accomptants and receivers, &c.)
On Thursday morning the city will be with my Lord. The Receiver and Solicitor [? for the Eighteen Months' tax] for London and Middlesex are to attend then.
A letter to be drawn according to an order of Council for orders to the sheriff to restore any money levied upon conventicles. (In the margin : Floyd [to draw it and to] keep it within the words of the Council order strictly.)
A warrant [ordered for payment] for the copper blanks according to the certificate of the Comptroller of the Mint.
The complaint of the Portugal Ambassador is to be sent to the Customs Commissioners to report the matter [of fact].
An order to the Auditor [concerned] that he pass the account of Kemp Harwood, High Collector of Parslow [Pershore Hundred], co. Worcester, without [imposing the 12 per cent.] damage of interest, said Harwood having made payment of all moneys in due time.
The Lord Treasurer proceeded on [the matter of] arrears remaining in counties on accounts declared ; and upon the particulars [did make order] to refer it to Mr. Web, Mr. Filingham and others to report county by county, according to the following methods : (1) where anything concerns the want of the [Assessment] Commissioners doing what they ought, &c. [then to report] whether they are to be required to issue further warrants ; (2) what collectors are gone or dead and what remain in being ; (3) what money will then remain (where there is no person, collector or other, in being) to be charged on the county. And if there be any particulars that concern the [Assessment] Commissioners or gentlemen of any counties in the Lord Chief Baron's circuit that they [said referees] should send him [said Lord Chief Baron] the particulars [thereof]. At the return of the Lord Chief Baron the Lord Treasurer will speak with him about the settling of all the arrears.
Put the Lord Treasurer in mind concerning the duty of a Law Solicitor to the Lord Treasurer.
The Agents of the Hearthmoney are to attend every morning in the term and the Lord Chief Baron or one of the Barons will be present at apposals.
Write the gentlemen [who are] behind [in their payment] of the subsidy that process is going out according to the list of arrears given in by the Agents of the Hearthmoney. (In the margin : Floyd [to] look upon [up] the note and prepare letters.)
The Lord Treasurer will upon Tuesday morning consider the report about orders. Mr. Sherwin to have a copy of it and Sir R[obert] H[oward] to acquaint my Lord with it in the morning. (In the margin : Abbot [to] copy this this afternoon.)
The Earl of Bath [is] to attend on Thursday morning next about the [Cornwall Duchy tin] coinage : as also Mr. Harbord, Mr. Ward, Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Napper.
On Tuesday morning Mr. Alderman Backwell's accompt is to be considered. Alderman Backwell hath notice.
Warrant for 21,163l. 6s. 8d. to be paid to the Victualler [of the Navy] for the provision for the land soldiers : out of the fourth quarter of the [present Eighteen Months'] tax. No interest to be allowed.
Remember the Lord Treasurer of 800l. for Sir Tho. Littleton in lieu of 800l. of Mr. Battellie's [wine] bonds, who broke.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 9-11.]
July 5. Saturday. Present : Lord Treasurer, Lord Privy Seal.
The Queen's Trustees present. The business debated about the additional power granted to the Queen for making leases for 31 years and for making up her grant for a longer term. The Trustees desire an addition of 56 years but it is agreed that only 43 shall be granted, which will make up the longest term in being to 99 years. (In the margin : Floyd [to] draw a certificate of this for me [Sir Ro. Howard] to sign.)
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 12.]
July 10. Thursday. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Chiffinch is to have half a year of his salary.
A new privy seal (erased). When Sir Robert Southwell brings in the state of the [remainder of the] Queen's portion in Portugal, proceed to draw a letter for the Lord Treasurer to draw the money from thence.
The officers of the Works are to attend on Thursday morning of next week.
The city to attend on Tuesday morning and the Receiver and Solicitor for the [? coal duty or the present Eighteen Months'] tax are to attend then also.
The Trustees for Fee Farms are to attend on Monday morning next about their report concerning the state of the fee farm rents.
Mr. Doddington's paper of goods, being part of his household goods, to be delivered Customs free [is read and so ordered], His Majesty having directed the same to be so done.
In the afternoon.
This night the Lord Treasurer will write to the Duke of Newcastle about the cuttings of wood in the Forest of Sherwood, and in pursuance of the business will send a messenger to said Duke that if he has stopped the cutting of any more wood [well and good], if not the messenger to have a warrant ready to forbid and stop all further cutting.
Mr. Slingsby to attend the Lord Treasurer on Thursday morning about settling the coining of small money.
Sir John James to be repaid the 500l. he has lent for the Prince [Rupert].
[Ibid. pp. 12-13.]
July 14. Monday. Present : the Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Chace (Chase) his petition is referred to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farms, who are to call Sir Edm. Saw[y]er before them, examine the matter of fact and report.
The Bishop of Winchester's petition [read]. Ordered that a grant be prepared accordingly.
The Lord Treasurer would have a report from the Customs Commissioners about the Riding Surveyors.
When any grant relating to the Customs is passing, the Customs Commissioners are to be acquainted with it before the docquets be presented to the Lord Treasurer, and particularly Mr. Culliford's patent.
When Sir Ch. Harbord's report concerning Sir Anthony Cope's case is returned show the Lord Treasurer the papers presented to the Customs Commissioners about the rebuilding the Customs House.
John Davis and Brinsden are to have the next vacancies of landwaiters in Bristol port.
The copy of Mr. Jervis's petition and the Lord Lieutenant's letter are referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Two papers delivered in by the Customs Commissioners [are] margined [with my Lord's instructions thereon.]
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 14-15.]
July 15. On Saturday morning the Lord Mayor and the city are to be heard with Viscount Grandison about the issues and the collecting the coal duty.
Sir Tho. Littleton et al., the Victuallers, come in with a bill for transporting of provisions Customs free. A warrant for it.
When the late Lord Treasurer [Clifford] comes home my Lord Treasurer will speak with him about interest which is demanded by Sir Thomas Littleton for the money for the victualling of the land forces.
Mr. Mountney to give an account of bonds to the value of 1,000l. which may be [realised as] money in a month or six weeks.
[Warrant for] 2,000l. to Sir Edw. Griffin out of the Customs bonds : to be part of the 8,000l. which is the remainder of 30,000l. due to him.
My Lady Peterborough to be sent to [to tell her] that the Earl of Peterborough must give a letter of attorney before any money can be ordered to him.
[Ibid. pp. 15-16.]
July 17. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Attorney and Solicitor General are to attend to-morrow morning about business relating to the fee farms.
Warrant [ordered] for a quarter's pension to Lady Portland.
The Earl of Bath, Mr. Ward, Mr. William Harbord and the Chancellor of the Exchequer are to attend on Monday morning about the tin business.
Mr. Lindsey to bring in on Monday morning an account of what money he has paid the city in part of discharge of their debt of 60,000l. and to bring his grants concerning the fee farms in order to his proceeding.
A warrant [ordered] to confirm the report of the officers of the Mint concerning the allowances to be made to the inferior officers [of the Mint] about the coinage.
Mrs. Pinckney to have 5l.
The Commissioners of the Wine Licences are allowed to go to York and Newcastle in the North and to be allowed 4l. a day for two Commissioners and their attendants : and to Exeter, Bristol, Plymouth and Launceston in the West at the same allowance for two Commissioners.
Sir John Onby agrees to change his life and to put in one Nathan Wright, and in the place that is now void (and which he purchased of Mr. Egleston) to put in one John King. The two Bemboes to stand as they are.
The Lord Treasurer to speak with the Attorney and Solicitor General to-morrow morning about the business of New Park.
Send to Mr. Agar concerning the business of Mr. Maddin's petition.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 16-17.]
July 18. Friday. Warrants to Mr. Mountney to give Sir Robert Viner bonds for 3,000l. due to him.
Speak with Mr. Floyd about the drawing of the privy seal to restore His Majesty's part of all fines levied on conventiclers.
[Ibid. p. 17.]
July 19. Saturday. Present : the Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Offley opens the case of the city about the collection of the coal duty for Viscount Grandison, [who is] present. Mr. Pemberton and Mr. , of counsel for the city, says Mr. Bridges hath a deputation under the common seal and hath given good security. Mr. Harrison is the person recommended by His Majesty to the place. The city are not unwilling, but doubt they cannot do it safely, to accept him upon a salary by the second Act, which begins in May, 1670. They say they can allow no more for this collection than 10s. in the hundred [? ]. Mr. Offley prayed that if they would not revoke their deputation the King would not allow the pardon of their issues.
A warrant upon Mr. Brisban's privy seal : for 400l.
[Ibid. pp. 17-18.]