Minute Book: August 1673

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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August 1673

Aug. 2. Saturday. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The question [is debated] whether the King [who] has the power of pre-emption imposes the price of tin or the country [i.e. the convocation of tinners]. Edward II. failed in the pre-emption. Edward III. carried it through. Afterwards troublesome times till Henry VII. Queen Mary said it was in oppressionem populi, but after grants a patent of pre-emption. Afterwards [sic] Edw. VI. grants a patent of pre-emption. Queen Elizabeth takes it in farm by contract and farms it out. King James damns the grant as a monopoly ; then sets up the pre-emption again. The King shall have pre-emption but not set the price. The King pays tithes of all tin to the Bishop of Exeter. It is conceived the King hath the sole power of transportation of tin. The Queen Elizabeth set a price on all tin exported. My Lord Treasurer advises upon the whole debate that there be a fair accommodation betwixt the King and the country in this affair of the tin for the interest of both.
[Ordered] that the Excise Commissioners send in the money and Sir Robert Howard make an issue accordingly for the Duke [of York's] children.
The Lord Treasurer directs that the Earl of Bath [re]mind them [the tinners] of their former proposals and to endeavour an accommodation. Send to Sir Philip Warwick for the former instructions and papers concerning the tin business in Treasurer Southampton's time. In Treasurer Southampton's time Commissioners [who were] appointed [by the tinners] offered six shillings for the pre-emption above the coinage [duty]. Treasurer Southampton would not take less than 10s. or else [was agreeable] to send a commission into the country but not to be concluded by it. My Lord Treasurer will be pleased to speak to the King for a letter to the Lord Warden of the Stannaries to call a convocation of tinners that there they may choose Commissioners to come up and treat about the pre-emption and for such other affairs as that matter requires. Sir Charles Harbord will prepare the letter. (In the margin. Done.)
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 18-19.]
Aug. 12. Warrant for orders to be drawn for 200,000l. in part of the privy seal for 600,000l. [for the Navy]. They have had 200,000l. already for the Navy.
[Ibid. p. 19.]
Aug. 18. Richard Langford to be set at liberty. A warrant to be prepared.
The Duke of Lauderdale's pictures are to be delivered on payment of Custom ad valorem.
On the petition of Mr. Abraham Lee, the Spanish merchant, about some defective wines, the Lord Treasurer directs that they be delivered Customs free. Warrant ordered accordingly.
[Warrant ordered for] the Duke of Ormond for 250l. for a quarter due at Midsummer last in full of his 6,000l. arrears settled by the privy seal of 24 May last.
[Ibid. pp. 19-20.]
Aug. 19. Tuesday. The Customs Commissioners present a paper about [the 10 per cent. Customs premium allowed as an inducement towards] building three-decked ships, and [about] paying according to the clause in the Act in that behalf. The Lord Treasurer is willing to give such order as they desire.
Memorandum : To send to Sir John Shaw to give an account to my Lord about the business of the Navigation [duty]. (In the margin : Query : what day?)
About the petition from the Corporation of the felt makers my Lords will represent their case to the King. (In the margin : memorial for my Lord with the King.)
[Ibid. p. 20.]
Aug. 20. Wednesday. Warrant directed to be drawn for granting the King's part of one embroidered gown, two laced stomachers, two white laced hoods, one tour or foretop of hair, one paper of powder to Mrs. Eliz. Warwick.
A Greenland ship "Mary," the sailors being foreigners, desires to pay only English duty.
Aug. 21. Thursday. Ordered that Sir Anthony Cope et al. attend the Lord Treasurer at his house and the Chancellor of the Exchequer on Saturday afternoon.
Memorandum : to enquire what is to be done about the Bishop of London's letter.
Lady O'Bryan presented a petition to the Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Floyd to give my Lord an account how the business stands about an order wherein Mr. Warner, master of the King's barge, is concerned, as also the Earl of Mulgrave, &c.
An order on the Chimney money, No. 665, delivered to my Lord by Mr. Warner. It is to be looked out.
Write Mr. Mountney, Cashier of the Customs, to pay the Earl of Arlington 1,000l. upon a tally.
Write said Mountney to pay Col. Kirkby 100l. for a quarter's salary as [a Sub-] Commissioner of Prizes in the port of Hull.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 21.]
Aug. 22. Friday. My Lords to speak with the Commissioners of the Navy about Commissioner Dean's business.
Aug. 23. Saturday. Mr. Lawrence is to take care to get a good title to the King from Sir A. Cope and that Sir A. Cope's title be well assured from the King for the 274l. per an. on the Customs.
Write Mr. Mountney, Cashier of the Customs, to pay in 1,000l. to the Privy Purse.
A warrant to be drawn for the Earl of Nottingham's pension for one year.
Lady Newburgh's petition is referred to the Clerk of the Hanaper to report on Monday fortnight to the Lord Treasurer what the profits have amounted to each year.
Give my Lord an account of the state of the Duke of Richmond's payments [of ordinary, &c.] as ambassador to Denmark.
Sir Stephen Fox his proposal for [payment of] the Guards [is agreed to, viz.] that he shall have 12,000l. on the advance of the Excise and the rest on the Excise in course, only he must let the Cofferer come in for some part with him.
The letter from Durham is referred to the Attorney General to report his opinion with all speed.
Mr. Edward Warner to be Solicitor [of the Eighteen Months' tax] for Gloucestershire, &c.
Warrant [ordered] for 300l. for Lady Fanshaw.
Warrant [ordered] for 100l. upon the dormant privy seal for Mr. Symonds.
Mr. Elliott to have a privy seal for 500l. a year without account. Q[uery].
[Ibid. p. 22.]
Aug. 27. Wednesday. Write to Mr. Mountney, Cashier of the Customs, to pay 300l. for the use of Mr. Jones out of the remaining 1,500l. for Sick and Wounded.
Speak to Mr. Steevens about 2,000l. of the 3,500l. for Sick and Wounded to be paid by Mr. Mountney.
An answer [to be sent] to the gentlemen employed in the Bishopric of Durham according to the Attorney General's opinion.
[Ibid. p. 23.]
Aug. 28. Thursday. Mr. Terret, merchant in Lothbury, is to attend on Saturday morning.
The petition from Robert Tompkins is referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Sir D. Gawden is to be placed on the fourth quarter of the [Eighteen Months'] tax within the first 100,000l.
The warrant about fines upon vintners [is referred to? the Wine License Commissioners] to report their opinion upon the whole matter as to the legality, conveniency, &c.
Write to Mr. Mountney, Cashier of the Customs, to pay 300l. into the Exchequer to meet Mr. Fanshaw's [warrant for] 300l.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 23-4.]
Aug. 30. The Lord Treasurer orders the discharge of 17 hogsheads of tobacco belonging to Benj. du Maresq and Tho. Lamprire according to the order of Council : unless the [Customs] Commissioners can, on report, shew cause to the contrary.
[Ibid. p. 24.]