Minute Book: October 1673

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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October 1673

Oct. 1. The Lord Treasurer ordered 4,000l., for the Sick and Wounded, to be paid to the Treasurer of the Navy.
[Ibid. p. 32.]
Oct. 2. Upon Sir Richard Bellingham's petition praying a day of hearing the matter in controversy betwixt the Lord Privy Seal and him, the Lord Treasurer appointed Friday afternoon the 3rd inst. for that purpose.
Oct. 3. Present : Lord Treasurer.
The Lord Treasurer orders that no process be issued out of the Exchequer against Sir William Doyley in relation to the revenue of Hearthmoney for Surrey and Southwark till Feb. 1 next.
Mr. Richd. Brett to have a King's warrant drawn for [him as a] Commissioner of Excise, without salary.
Mr. Papillon to be heard at the Council table on Wednesday next about the seizure of 85 bars of tin.
A warrant to be drawn for the delivery, Customs free, of some ornaments come from France for the use of the French ambassador's chapel.
The Lord Treasurer orders that a state of the balance of both the accompts of the Lord Privy Seal and the Vice Chamberlain be brought in as soon as conveniently may be.
On Mr. Boden's petition a non pros to be entered : a discharge to be drawn with [a condition as to some] consideration to the seizer on the petition concerning the Denia ship. Enquire whether it has not been before the King and Council.
My Lord will come upon no [discussion of] defalcations with the Farmers of [the revenue of] Ireland till the end of the next quarter.
Mr. Progers : warrant for 119l. upon [his] producing a certificate from the Exchequer.
The King's actors to have a warrant drawn for 650l. due to them from the King.
Sir William Bowles's petition [is] to be remembered when the Lord Treasurer makes the list of payments.
Put the Lord Treasurer in mind of Mr. Billop's petition and Mr. Peter Astel's petition when the [? Customs] Commissioners come [to the Treasury] next.
Mr. Haesdonk's petition is referred to an auditor.
John Ramsey's petition is referred to the Excise Commissioners.
[Ibid. pp. 32-3.]
Oct. 4. The Attorney General to attend the Lord Treasurer on Monday afternoon next, if he be ready with his report concerning Lyndhurst and Noman's woods, &c. [in Sherwood Forest]. Mr. Truman to attend at the same time.
[Ibid. p. 33.]
Oct. 6. The business between Viscount Grandison and the city is to be heard on Saturday next the 11th inst. [Later] : put off till Tuesday following.
The Lord Treasurer to speak with the Treasurer of the Navy about the moneys paid by the Collector in the outports to the Vice-Admirals [for advance of pay to sailor volunteers].
The Chancellor of the Exchequer to attend the Lord Treasurer on Thursday morning at the Treasury Chambers. Then [I, Charles Bertie, am] to give the Lord Treasurer the petition of the officers and deputies of the Customs.
Put the Lord Treasurer in mind of Dan. Kelway, merchant, bound to His Majesty in a bond of 222l. for payment of 116l. 15s. 5d. the 9th of May, 1673.
Write the Attorney General to despatch the report about Lindhurst and Norman's Wood [in Sherwood Forest] and let the Lord Treasurer know beforehand at what time he will come with it [so] that Mr. Truman may be summoned to appear at the same time.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 33.]
Oct. 8. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor [of the Exchequer].
This day Sir Stephen Fox came to the Lord Treasurer and humbly proposed several particulars concerning the forces which [said demands of his] amount in all to 124,016l. 2s. 9d. The Lord Treasurer being satisfied with the particulars was pleased to settle it in this manner, viz. 65,000l. on the 4th quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax] after 120,000l. or thereabouts [already charged thereupon] : and 59,016l. 2s. 9d. on the Excise. This day the Cofferer came to the Lord Treasurer and desired a settlement of 50,000l. [for the use of the Household] which the Lord Treasurer was pleased to settle as follows, viz. 20,000l. on the fifth quarter of the [present] Eighteen Months' tax ; and 30,000l. on the Excise.
It is the Lord Treasurer's pleasure that Sir Stephen Fox and the Cofferer should adjust the division of the money assigned them upon the London and Country Excise [respectively] and present their proposed adjustment to the Lord Treasurer.
Memorandum : that the Lord Treasurer charges the fourth quarter of the Eighteen Months' tax no further but reserves the remainder to supply the Cofferer who is late [in the course or order of his assignments] on the third quarter. These [above ordered] assignments pay all the forces to the 10th of January next and the Cofferer of the Household to the end of Sept. last.
Speak with the Commissioners of the Customs about some rule for bringing in good pictures.
Memorandum : that when Sir Stephen Fox and the Cofferer agree upon the division [adjustment] of the money assigned them upon the Excise and bring it in to the Lord Treasurer, my Lord reserves the sum of 17,000l. to be interwoven in the payments betwixt them.
Send for Mr. Mountney to attend the Lord Treasurer to-morrow afternoon.
"That his Lordship assign Sir William Bowles 3,000l. upon the fifth quarter of the Eighteen Months' Assessment."
The Lord Treasurer refers it to Sir Robert Howard and myself [? Charnock] to bring him an account how all the branches of the revenue stand.
The Lord Treasurer orders Mr. Mountney to pay Col. Whitley 3,120l. 19s. 3d. preferably to all other payments which were intended upon the second list of [the late] Lord [Treasurer] Clifford.
The officers of the Works called in. Represent that they could not take up money at 6 per cent. The Lord Treasurer allows them to take it up at 10 per cent. and assigns them 734l. 17s. 10d. on the fourth quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax to meet said interest].
The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind to contrive a way that 8,000l. per an. be paid to the officers of the Works out of the Customs by monthly payments and that his Lordship adjust with Mr. Mountney how they may be paid 1,000l. a month upon the same establishment.
Draw warrants for the salary of all the officers of the Works for one year.
Warrant for 300l. to be issued upon the officers of the Works for the service of Hyde Park.
Warrant for 5,500l. for the Duke of Buckingham for the [Royal] Stables.
Direction to Mr. Mountney to pay in 250l. for a quarter of the [Duke of Buckingham's] pension. A warrant also for 216l. due to his Grace upon his fee of 66l. 13s. 4d. per an.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 34-6.]
Oct. 9. A letter [to be written] to Mr. Mountney to pay into the Exchequer 1,950l. for the service of the Duke of York.
[Warrant for] 1,000l. for Sir Robert Vynor upon his patent.
Warrant for Mrs. Jane Berkeley for 100l. for half a year upon her pension.
Same for 250l. for a quarter of a year of the Countess of Portland's pension.
Write Mr. Mounteney that the double payment weekly for Tangier be continued no longer than till the arrears of the place are satisfied.
Write the Customs Commissioners to take care if any copper chests are now or shall come into their custody to keep them till further order and not suffer them to be opened : and to return an answer if any are now in their hands : and also to inform the Lord Treasurer, if they can, how many have been delivered to the Master of the Ordnance.
[Ibid. p. 36.]
Oct. 10. To hear the [Revenue] Farmers of Ireland on Tuesday morning at the Treasury Chambers. The Chancellor of the Exchequer and Sir Robert Howard to be there.
On Tuesday morning next the Lord Treasurer will be at the Treasury Chambers and hear the business about Capt. Cock's account. The Chancellor of the Exchequer to be there then and all the persons that appeared on Mr. Cockshut's pretences.
Consider what shall be the heads of the report concerning Lady Newburgh's petition and that the patents be brought in on Tuesday morning next.
The business about settling the [allowance of] impost [bills] to foreign ministers is to be considered on Tuesday morning next.
Warrants for half a year's pension to [each of] the Queen's Dressers.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 36-7.]
Oct. 11. Warrant for 200l. for the Cockpit building.
Speak with the Customs Commissioners about gratifying Mr. Skinner.
Send for the little balot of Madame Colbert's from Dover to the Custom House, London.
Lady Skelton's petition referred to the Earl of Bath.
Mr. Lawrence's petition referred as he desires.
Lord Widdrington to be considered with the rest of the establishments for garrisons. Call to Sir Robert Howard for them.
Mrs. Jane Porter to bring the copy of her warrant.
Mr. Lloyd, the merchant's, petition is referred to the Customs Commissioners.
To mind the Lord Treasurer of Alexander Poolye's petition when the Customs Commissioners come.
Margarett Hooker must make addresses to the King : it appearing that her husband was never paid.
Mr. Vane [is] to seek his payments of Sir Edward Griffin.
Mr. Tregonnill to bring his two orders.
[Ibid. p. 37.]
Oct. 14. Tuesday. Thomas Preston to have half a year's salary as King's waiter, but first he must bring his and his brother's patents.
Memorandum : That the Lord Treasurer appoints some day for the hearing Viscount Yarmouth about his defalcations on his [Wood] farm.
Lady Newburgh's petition read. Sir Robert Howard is desired to wait on the Lord Chancellor about the Sixpenny Writs.
Mr. [Capt. George] Cock called in. The Lord Treasurer peruses his accounts and directs the Auditor to call for his cash books to see when he borrowed the money and [thereupon] by a certificate from the Exchequer of the [actual] payment [to Cock] of the orders [drawn in his name] to compute the interest [which is to be accounted only from the time he borrowed the said moneys of the bankers and others to the time when he received payments at the Exchequer or elsewhere on his said orders] ; and to prepare a state of the accounts.
The Lord Treasurer directs the payment of 480l. to Capt. Wicherley out of 950l. in arrear upon the balance of Capt. George Cock's accompt. Process is now ordered to be issued against Cock if he do not speedily pay in that sum.
A Receiver to be appointed for the last half year's chimney money in London and Westminster.
[Write] a letter to leave it to Mr. Mountney about the last minute for Col. Whitley.
Enquire of Sir William Darcy who has had the hearing of his business.
Saturday next all private business adjourned till the end of the session of Parliament.
The Lord Treasurer will speak with Sir William Bucknall about Sir John Bruce's petition.
Viscount Grandison and the city called in. Mr. Offley [of counsel for the Viscount] notes three things in the King's letter : the first was the question of law taken as the Act allows, (2) the case of Mr. Nevill, (3) the case of Mr. Bridges. The Act of Parliament was published before the 1st of May. Mr. Bridges', Mr. Offley affirms, was a letter of attorney irrevocable, whether the King's letter in point of suggestion was true, which Mr. Offley says was proved. Mr. Offley says the letter was written 21 Sept., 1672, but not read in the Common Council till the 27th. Then the King writ another letter, which the city answers they were willing to comply with [it] if it could be done in point of law. Then referred to the Attorney General, who was satisfied in the legality, so that from 21 Sept., 1672, the letter remaineth unanswered.
Mr. Pemberton, for the city, says it is most of it new matter and that the only contest was whether the King would exact a compliance from the city considering the Act of Parliament. Mr. Nevill had 5,000l. in his hands of the city's [moneys]. The Serjeant affirms that neither by Common Council or Committee thereof a farthing was paid to Mr. Nevill. The Court of Aldermen make a report, May 2, 1670, of the bargain made with Col. Nevil. That the receipt was established with a great deal of care and the Receiver had given good security of 1,000l. and therefore the city hopes His Majesty will not appoint a new Receiver, since 'tis already in so good a method. Mr. Offley replies there was an address made to Lord Arlington by several of the Common Council. Power was given by the city to Mr. Nevill, 9 Feb. 1669-70. [On the whole matter] the Lord Treasurer will suspend the prosecution against the city for their issues till such time as his Lordship [the Lord Treasurer] makes a report [to the King] about the coal duty.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 37-9.]
Oct. 15. The Chancellor of the Exchequer to meet the Lord Treasurer tomorrow morning at the Treasury Chambers about Alderman Bakewell's accompts.
[Ibid. p. 39.]
Oct. 16. Thursday. The Lord Treasurer will speak to the King on [the matter of] Col. Grey's petition. It is to be put into the papers for that purpose [i.e. which are to be carried to the King by the Lord Treasurer].
Lady Killigrew's petition is referred to the King's surveyor [of Crown Lands].
[Ibid. p. 40.]
Oct. 17. Petition of Peter Astell, clerk to the Collector of Customs at Newcastle : referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Petition from Barnaby Dunch concerning tobacco in the ship "Baltimore" : referred to same.
Petition from Dan Edwards and Edward Bell about some Russia red hides : referred to same.
Petition of Cha. Williams for repayment of the duty of 17 hogsheads of tobacco : referred to same.
Petition of Alexander Pooley, tidesman, for restoration to his place : referred to same.
Write Sir Robert Howard to pay 250l. for a quarter of a year, due at Michaelmas, to the city, for the children of the new royal foundation.
The Lord Treasurer to see the surveyor's report on Lord Wotton's petition.
The Lord Treasurer to speak with the Customs Commissioners about a clause in Sir Hugh Cholmondly's grant.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 40.]
Oct. 20. The Irish business of Sir Richard Bellingham is to be heard on Thursday morning next. All parties to have notice to be then at the Treasury Chambers.
Mr. May to attend at the Treasury Chambers on Thursday morning with his accounts.
Oct. 21. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Chief Baron, Sir Robert Howard.
A letter to be written to the Lord Chief Justice to be further communicated to the rest of the Judges concerning the business of recognizances for ale houses ; desiring their speedy resolution in that matter, in the King's name.
The Irish business, that had been debated April 12, 1673, before the King, was read on which the Lord Treasurer considered how to proceed and thought it expedient to give the Farmers [of the Revenue, Ireland], liberty to examine their proofs in Ireland upon which they might proceed before the King upon their defalcating. They were then called in and their petitions read. Sir William Bucknall insists upon his covenants for defalcations. Write the Lord Lieutenant forthwith to take into consideration the grant of the Farmers upon their petition and to direct them to make such proofs as are necessary touching their defalcations desired and to certify same with his opinion on the whole matter to the Lord Treasurer [for the settlement of the matter] by the most speedy and effectual way and with as much ease to the Farmers as his Lordship in his own judgment shall think fit.
The Lord Treasurer directs a warrant for a year's salary to Sir Jonas Moore.
The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind that Mr. Meynell's 2,000l. be placed somewhere else [charged on some other fund that is more likely to meet the item].
The Lord Treasurer directs that warrants be drawn for half a year's salary to the Grooms of the Bedchamber.
Warrant for 100l. for Mr. Newport : on the general dormant privy seal.
The Excise Commissioners and Mr. Brett are to attend to-morrow morning, viz. Mr. Hunt, Capt. Kingdon and Sir Jno. James.
The Duke of Buckingham's order for 5,500l. is to be placed on the Customs.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 40-2.]
Oct. 22. The interest for the advance money which was paid before the time agreed by the contract of the new Farmers of the Excise is to be allowed by striking tallies or orders of loan, which [ever of those methods] shall be thought fittest, [and to be payable] out of the first quarter that shall grow due [on the Excise].
The King grants only the last half year's arrears of the Wine Licences to Lady Cleveland.
The Lord Treasurer will speak with the Attorney General about the warrant of Greens-Norton in co. Northampton.
Mr. May and Mr. Packer (with Alderman Backwell) were to have had their accounts presented by Auditor Bridges to the Lord Treasurer [to-day]. They are to be at the Treasury Chamber to-morrow morning.
[Ibid. p. 42.]
Oct. 24.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Alderman Backwell's accompts to be examined and compared with his own cash books. Sir Robert Howard, Sir C. Harbord and Charles Bertie, Esq., are to consider what interest is fit to be allowed to Alderman Backwell upon his orders and tallies and to ascertain the respective commencement thereof : and to certify the same to the Lord Treasurer with all convenient speed.
The officers of the Works called in with their accompts, which were perused and signed by the Lord Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Lord Treasurer directs that the officers of the Works keep their account of extraordinaries separate from [that of] the ordinaries and that a letter be written to them to that purpose.
Oct. 30. Captain Carter's business to be heard on Monday afternoon next. He and Col. Holles, Lady Holles and the creditors [of Sir Frescheville Holles] are to be summoned accordingly. [This minute is struck through.]
[Ibid. p. 43.]