Minute Book: November 1673

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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November 1673

Nov. 3. The Vintners' and Wine Coopers' business is to be heard on Thursday morning next.
Capt. Carter's business to be heard on Thursday morning next. All parties concerned to be summoned then to the Treasury.
Nov. 6. The business of the Vintners and that of Col. Holles et al. are to be heard on the morning of Nov. 8.
Nov. 8.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
A letter to be written to the Customs Commissioners to suffer no saltpetre to be exported till such time as His Majesty's stores shall be first supplied.
Sir Frescheville Holles's creditors and Capt. Carter called in. Mr. Vere Bertie says that Capt. Carter hath an indisputable right to 300l. by Sir Frescheville Holles's will. Mr. Thursby, counsel for the father, widow and creditors of Sir Frescheville Holles says that Capt. Carter was formerly heard by Treasurer Clifford and his pretensions laid aside. The Lord Treasurer will inform His Majesty of the matter of fact and receive his directions therein as to the distribution of the 1,500l.
On Thursday afternoon, the 13th inst., the business of the Vintners is to be heard : the Lord Chief Baron to attend.
Capt. Foster's business [to be also then heard] concerning Mr. Weldon's reversion of his place as Comptroller of the Customs at Newcastle.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 43-4.]
Nov. 10. The Commissioners of the Navy to attend the Lords of the Admiralty on Wednesday next.
The officers of the Works to receive 250l. per week on the Hearthmoney. The payment to begin from this instant 10th of Nov.
A warrant for Sir John Otway of the same nature with Sir Francis Goodrick's for charges in passing his patent as temporal [temporary] Chancellor of the County Palatine of Durham.
John Wells, deputy steward of the Dean and Chapter's court of Peterborough, and William Palmer, bailiff of the said court, are to be sent for in custody for granting a replevin upon goods seized by the aulnagers at Peterborough.
[Ibid. p. 44.]
Nov. 13. The business of the Vintners [is] appointed to be heard on Saturday afternoon next. As also Mr. Weldon's business and Capt. Foster's. The Lord Chief Baron and all other parties formerly summoned are to have notice. The Customs Commissioners to have notice not to attend on this day.
The sum of about 3,600l. due to Sir Robert Viner for plate is to be placed on the new list [of payments charged] upon the Customs.
Viscount Yarmouth's business is to be heard on Saturday the 15th inst. The Lord Chief Baron to attend and another Baron of the Exchequer whom he pleases.
[Order for] 200l. to be paid to Sir Tho. Slingsby for money disbursed for the fortifications of Scarborough : and 300l. to be placed upon some other fund for the same use.
Nov. 15.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Lord Chief Baron, Baron Thurland.
The Attorney General is to attend the Lord Treasurer on Monday morning, the 17th inst. Mr. Truman also to attend then.
The petition of John Thompson, vintner, and Charles Gregory, wine cooper, was read. Mr. Vere Bertie, counsel for the wine coopers, says that the oath of the importer is a conviction upon the retailers. He complains of the gaugers and their abuses and also of the several informers, setting forth that these gaugers and informers have got 60,000l. when the King has only received 500l. Col. Birch says these allegations no way concern the [Wine Act Retrospect] Commissioners and that he is as much against the informers as the [opposing] council [counsel]. Mr. Muloy, counsel for the petitioners, says that the Vintners did apply themselves to the Commissioners and compounded ; instancing in one Bennett that paid money, notwithstanding which an information was exhibited against him. Mr. White says the gaugers came to visit his cellars, gauging first his wine and then afterwards suing him for an increase of new stores. Daniell Bates, vintner, gives the same evidence. Col. Birch acquaints the Lord Treasurer that the salary allowed was 500l. per an. to each [Wine Act Retrospect] Commissioner and that they brought in to His Majesty the first and second year near 70,000l. Mr. Muloy says the prospect of the arrears to be recovered being so inconsiderable and the vexation likely to prove so great to the subject [he] desires a stop may be put to all further informations against the vintners and wine coopers in this matter. The Lord Treasurer directs a state of the charge with all reasonable defalcations to be drawn up by the end of the term and that each person concerned appear before the Commissioners when sent for unless such as have verdicts, judgments, executions or debts ascertained by notes under their hands or otherwise except the indictments against Allen, Templeman and Woolhouse, which are only stayed till such time as the cases are laid before the Lord Treasurer, and that the execution against White and Clifton be stopped till Thursday next.
The Lord Treasurer directs that the Lord Chief Baron be attended with Viscount Yarmouth's patent for his opinion as to the matter of defalcation of his rent on the wood farm, &c., and that letters be written to the Customs Commissioners to certify what has been the receipt of the said farm the last two years ending at Michaelmas last.
[Ordered] that the wine coopers, viz. Allen, Templeman and Woolhouse attend the Commissioners of the Retrospect [of the Wine Act] and endeavour to agree the case on both sides and in case they cannot agree that [then] Col. Birch [and his fellow Commissioners] deliver a copy of their [the individual coopers'] case in particulars to the said three persons for them to make their answer to it : both which [the particular and the answer] are to be produced before the Lord Treasurer.
The Lord Treasurer appoints Monday afternoon next for hearing Capt. Foster's and Mr. Weldon's business.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 45-6.]
Nov. 17. Sir William Turner to mind the Attorney General from time to time of [the business of the Duke of Newcastle's cutting wood in and title to] Lindhurst and Noman's woods [in Sherwood Forest].
The Lord Treasurer directs that the 3,000l. due to Sir Robert Vyner on his pension at Michaelmas last be paid out of Custom House bonds or out of any other money arising out of the Customs.
[Ibid. p. 47.]
Nov. 19. Major Beckford and Mr. Maddocks to attend the Lord Treasurer to-morrow morning about Beckford's petition.
The Lord Treasurer will speak with the Chancellor of the Exchequer about Mr. Robert Smith's petition and also the petition of Thomas King, Esq.
Mr. Say's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Mr. Huddleston's petition referred to the Customs Commissioners.
The Lord Treasurer suspends his answer for the present to Mr. Dugdale's petition.
The Lord Treasurer will move the King in Council for calling in the patent of George Bridge and discharging him from all pretensions [arising] by it.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 47.]
Nov. 22. The petition of Mr. Gallot, Mr. Doughty, Mrs. Anne Bird and Mrs. Elizabeth Price are to be shewed to the King.
The times appointed by the Lord Treasurer for business relating to the Treasury are Mondays (afternoon), Tuesdays (forenoon) and Thursdays (forenoon) and no other.
Sir Charles Windham to have one year's pension.
The Lord Treasurer appoints the business of the Ordnance [to be considered] on Tuesday, at which time the Chancellor of the Exchequer is desired to attend.
Write Mr. Mountney to know what sum of money is now in his hands.
Remind the Lord Treasurer that he move the King in the Earl of Bristol's concerns.
[Ibid. pp. 47-8.]
Nov. 24. Monday. The Lord Treasurer orders that Sir John Duncomb, Sir Thomas Chicheley, Sir Charles Harbord, Mr. Sherwin, Mr. Laurence, Auditor Beal and Auditor Bridges attend him to-morrow morning. Charged on the new list of [payments ordered on] the Customs.
To the Navy :
1st sum 10,000l. after 10,000l. [charged thereon].
2nd " 10,000l. " 30,000l. "
3rd " 10,000l. " 60,000l. "
4th " 10,000l. " 90,000l. "
To the Ordnance :
1st sum 5,000l. after 35,000l. [charged thereon].
2nd " 10,000l. " 70,000l. "
3rd " 5,000l. " 105,000l. "
[Ibid. p. 48.]
Nov. 25.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Charles Harbord.
Sir Tho. Chicheley's petition is read for a grant of several houses, &c. and waste ground in the Minories ; with Sir C. Harbord's report thereon and a state of this matter presented by Sir Thomas together with an estimate of the dimensions thereof. Sir Jonas Moore called in and the report of Edward Sherborne [and] Sir Jonas is read. A clause of re-assumption proposed by the petitioner, giving what satisfaction to the owners the Lord Treasurer shall think fit. The Lieutenant of the Ordnance to be first heard. [It is] offered that the King would please to send three or four of the [Privy] Council to view the place and make their report to His Majesty of the fitness of this grant. The Lord Treasurer will only report to the King as the officers of the Ordnance shall lay the matter before him. A reference to the said officers hereupon accordingly.
A [proposed] method of regulating and passing accounts in the Ordnance is read : [viz. that they are to be] signed by Sir Jonas Moore and Mr. Sherborne (by them or any three of them in the paper) and this is approved to be a standing order.
The petition of Sir George Probert is read for staying Nicholas his pardon till a clause of execution may be therein inserted for the petitioner's lease to take effect. The opinions of His Majesty's Counsel [the Attorney and Solicitor General and the King's Counsel] therein [are] read for the petitioner.
Mr. Nicholas called in and desires the Lord Treasurer would report to the King the state of his case. This his Lordship will do and that His Majesty may please to gratify him some other way for this [way petitioner proposes] cannot be done.
Alderman Backwell called in with his auditor and Sir Stephen Fox. A state of the Alderman's interest account is approved and this method [herein adopted] is approved for all interest accounts in future, viz. to compare the money borrowed on orders with the bankers' accounts [so as to see the actual dates of the loans.] "My Lord Treasurer will have the auditor certify what has been issued to him and appears in any one's account, declared or otherwise, since his Lordship's time" [of acting as Lord Treasurer].
Sir Stephen Fox's account is stated and produced now.
The paper of minutes about orders is to be transcribed and sent to the several auditors for them to pursue the same in all accounts before them.
A paper containing proposals for fees for passing accounts in the Exchequer is approved and to be made extant in the offices there. [It is] delivered back to Mr. Fillingham to be put into the form of an order.
Write Auditor Beale about Sir Robert Southwell that he ascertain the value of the Milreis.
The Lord Treasurer directs that Lady Cleveland's concern of Greens-Norton be referred to Sir C. Harbord to certify the value of it.
Sir Robert Howard [is] ordered to give in the half year's declarations as formerly [of receipts and issues as Auditor of the Receipt] and Mr. Wardour to do the same [as Clerk of the Pells], viz. to make up and present them to the Lord Treasurer every Michaelmas and Easter term.
Sir William Paull and Mr. Waller are called in. Their petition and the order of Council [thereon] are read, concerning the Prizage and Butlerage. Their counsel called in and say they pay 500l. per an. rent and receive not a farthing of the duty. A copy of the order of Council and of the petition to be sent to the Customs Commissioners. Tuesday next appointed by my Lord for hearing this business again. The Attorney or Solicitor General, or both, are to attend. The Lord Keeper to be desired to suspend the passing the patent for Prizage and Butlerage of wines in case it be not already despatched.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 48-50.]
Nov. 28. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Jo. Otway and Sir Philip Monkton are to attend at the Treasury Chambers on Tuesday morning next.
At the same time Sir Anthony Cope's business is to be heard. Sir C. Harbord to be there.
The business about Prizage and Butlerage is put off till Thursday morning next when the Customs Commissioners are to attend.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 50.]