Minute Book: December 1673

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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December 1673

Dec. 2.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir C. Harbord.
A privy seal to discharge the Duke of York of 3,165l. 17s. 4d. received by Capt. Cornelius by authority from the Duke of York under his hand and seal [is directed to be passed] in regard that Capt. Cornelius is dead and cannot account for it.
The Commission of the Lords Commissioners of Tangiers does not empower them to take account or give discharges, as it was found upon reading their commission this morning. Mr. Povey [is] directed to acquaint the Lord Commissioners of Tangiers with the objections of the Lord Treasurer and the Chancellor of the Exchequer against the said commission.
The Lord Treasurer directs that Sir Stephen Fox be paid 4,500l. upon the contengencies of the 4th quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax] and that 1,500l. be placed on the list of [payments charged on] the Customs.
Mr. Arden and Sir Phillip Monckton called in about a lease in Holdenshire. The Lord Treasurer directs that order be given to Sir John Otway (Chancellor of Durham) to see the Hayes repaired in the seigniory of Holdenshire. The money that remains in John Dun's hand [is] to be forthwith employed for the reparation of the said hayes.
Mr. Wharton to be heard this day week on the business about lead ore.
Sir Anthony Cope's business [is] to be heard on Thursday morning next. Sir C. Harbord to attend them.
[Ibid. p. 51.]
Dec. 4. Mr. Young's 1,425l. 5s. 5d. for repairs at Hampton Court is to be put on the list [of payments ordered on the] Customs next after 160,000l.
Desire the Lord Treasurer to consider the business [the pension] of Sir John Bunce and to make some provision for it out of the 600l. per an. payable out of the [French] Tunnage farm by Sir William Bucknall.
[Ibid. p. 52.]
Dec. 4.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir C. Harbord.
Mr. Francis Pointz to be paid 1,000l. upon Mr. Bevis Floyd after the Queen Mother is satisfied and [after] that Mr. Laurence gives in the state of that [Pointz's] debt.
The Lord Treasurer appoints Saturday morning for hearing Viscount Yarmouth upon [the subject of] his defalcations. The Lord Chief Baron to be summoned to attend at the same time and also the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
An [order of] reference [to] and report from Sir C. Harbord are read about the Custom House in Sir Anthony Cope's case. Agreed that Sir Anthony's rent shall commence from Lady Day, 1671, which, for 2 1/2 years to Michaelmas last, amounts to 685l., and shall be paid out of the Customs. Mr. Lawrence to take care that the King's title be made good to him [the King from Cope].
A letter read from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland about the defalcations demanded by the Farmers of the Irish Customs. A letter to be written to the Lord Lieutenant to visit the books and accompts of the Commissioners of Cork House and to take into consideration whether it be not convenient to send riding surveyors to the several ports to view the books, with power to administer an oath to the collectors and other officers of the Farmers [so as] to discover whether they have received any more money for the Customs than they have certified to the Commissioners at Cork House and whether the said books be fairly kept without interlineations. Proofs to be taken of the Farmers' losses for the half year ended at Xmas next, as well as the half year ended at Midsummer last.
On Tuesday morning Lady Doddington's business is to be heard. Lord Hawley, Sir Edward Walker, Sir Edmund Wyndham and Sir Richard Temple to attend [then]. Mr. William Coward, of Lincoln's Inn, to be summoned also in the same cause. The Earl of Carbery also to be desired to attend.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 52-3.]
Dec. 6.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Chief Baron, Sir C. Harbord.
There will be due at Xmas next to the Master of the Robes 1,250l., which the Lord Treasurer promises to pay as soon as conveniently he can.
The Lord Treasurer directs that Mr. Jenkins, giving his own security to appear the first day of the next term, be forthwith discharged.
Viscount Yarmouth's counsel called in and Mr. Thursby opens the case and says Viscount Yarmouth must have such defalcations as his covenants in his patent do allow : and alleges (1) that there hath been a general war which hath detrimented the profits of his wood farm, (2) that His Majesty's suspending the Act of Navigation by taking off the aliens' duty does very much prejudice this farm. Viscount Yarmouth [sub] farms out the Custom of oranges at 350l. per an. The Counsel urges the expense Viscount Yarmouth must needs be at in officers for the management of this farm : which [expense] hath been above 2,000l. per an. The receipt in two years of this farm amounts to 13,770l., upon which they demand defalcations for what is paid out of it. [The Lord Treasurer orders that] the first three heads in the Wood Farm account be referred to an auditor : the three next [heads to be referred] to the Comptroller of the Customs and the Customer [? of London port].
[Ibid. pp. 53-4.]
Dec. 8. Mr. Frip and Mr. Newcomb are to attend the Lord Treasurer on Friday morning.
Some of the [Assessment] Commissioners for Middlesex of the Eighteen Months' tax and some for the city of Westminster are to attend the Lord Treasurer on Thursday morning next about some things in dispute concerning the [said] tax.
A note of the Navy warrants, in what course they are and when delivered out to the officers of the Navy [is ordered to be prepared for the Lord Treasurer, showing] the warrants, sums and dates.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 54.]
Dec. 9.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir C. Harbord.
To remind the Lord Treasurer of the funds to be given [assigned to] the Victuallers.
Lady Doddington and all parties [concerned] are called in and the petition of each party is read. Mr. Vere Bertie, Counsel for Jno. Doddington for the office of Commissioner of Appeals relating to the Excise, says this is a grant during pleasure, and that his client is an object of greater compassion than the other, upon which account Mr. Jno. Doddington begs His Majesty's favour. Sir Edmd. Windham objects that this grant was obtained by a mistake of Lord Arlington's letter for Jno. Doddington, but that the Earl of Berkshire assured them that the King was graciously pleased to promise to settle it upon Mr. James Doddington : and that Sir Francis Doddington in his last will disposed of the benefit of the said place accordingly, viz. to the use of Mr. James Doddington. Sir Richard Temple alleges that the benefit of the said office was received by Sir Francis Doddington during his life, but so soon as he died the same pretensions with those now on foot were started and the business referred to Lord Keeper Bridgman, whose report was produced, and a letter from the Earl of Carbery, which was read.
A warrant to be drawn for 3,000l. to Mr. Griffin upon the Excise ; to be paid after Michaelmas next : [to be by him paid over] for the Yeomen of the Guard.
Sir William Turner to attend with the exemplification of Bridge's patent on Thursday morning next at the Treasury Chambers, and in the meantime to wait on the Attorney General with the order of Council concerning said patent, "who [the Attorney General] are likewise desired to attend the Lord Treasurer at the same place and time."
Mr. Wharton's business about lead ore in the bishopric of Durham is to be heard on Tuesday next, the 16th inst.
[Ibid. pp. 54-5.]
Dec. 11.
Treasury Chambers. Thursday morning.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir C. Harbord.
The [Assessment] Commissioners of the [present Eighteen Months'] tax for Middlesex and for Westminster [respectively] are to attend the Lord Treasurer on Monday afternoon next.
Mr. Bridge called in and his Counsel concerning his patent for seizing prohibited goods. The Lord Treasurer orders that Bridge and his deputies be carried in custody before the Lord Chief Justice or some other of the Judges of the King's Bench to the intent they may be proceeded against according to justice : and that the Attorney General be directed to repeat the exemplification.
Upon Abraham Chapman's petition it is referred to the Customs Commissioners to examine and report [as to] the truth of what he suggests, and particularly whether he came over upon the account he mentions.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 55-6.]
Dec. 11. The Lord Treasurer orders Auditor Aldworth to bring in the accompts of the Four and a Half per cent. [duty in Barbados], as also Sir C. Wheeler's particular accompts, by Wednesday next without fail.
Mr. Robert Spencer, Sir Charles Wheeler and Col. Strode are to be summoned to attend the Lord Treasurer on Thursday morning, and the Auditor also.
[Ibid. p. 56.]
Dec. 12. Write Mr. Mounteney to pay to Mr. Griffin 400l. for the use of His Majesty's watermen and that the 400l. formerly designed for them out of Mr. Griffin's 6,700l. be reserved for contingencies.
The Chamberlain of London and the Trustees for sale of Fee Farm Rents are to attend at the Treasury Chamber on Tuesday morning next.
Dec. 13. The Lord Treasurer intends to charge the sixth quarter of the [present Eighteen Months'] tax with 60,000l. for the Navy.
Dec. 15. Mr. Ridley's petition to be read when the Chancellor of the Exchequer is at the Treasury Chamber.
Mr. Thornton's petition referred to the Surveyor [General of Crown Lands].
Mr. Progers's petition granted.
Col. Gifford, Mr. Mathew Kellet and Mr. Ward are to attend at Wallingford House on Tuesday morning, the 23rd inst.
Thursday morning next is appointed for the business of Middlesex and Westminster in relation to the [relative assessment of the present Eighteen Months'] tax.
The King has been pleased to grant to Mr. May the office of Comptroller of the Works of the Castle of Windsor and that a warrant be prepared for the Lord Treasurer to get the King's hand thereunto.
The Lord Treasurer will consider of the best way to examine the Book of Rates.
The Lord Treasurer directs that the King's Counsel [the Attorney and Solicitor General and the King's Counsel] be first advised with in the case of Mr. Chapman, of Amsterdam.
John Donne, landwaiter at Cowes : his petition denied.
Edward Salby approved as a tidesman in fee, loco Luke Hayes, dismissed for fraud.
The two parcels of hats for which tallies have been struck in the Exchequer : an order for repayment of the money and [for] burning them.
The King's pleasure to be known in the business of De Havy.
Mr. Culliford's salary to be paid.
[Ibid. pp. 56-7.]
Dec. 17. Mr. Lloyd to give the Lord Treasurer an account of the remains of the [present Eighteen Months'] tax ; and how far has been paid of every quarter [thereof].
Mr. Madox to examine Sir Geo. Cartwright's accompts and the observations of the Chancellor of the Exchequer upon them are to be given to the Lord Treasurer.
Enquire whether the rents in Lord Chandos' paper be not included in the contracts made to Mr. Lyndsay or Alderman Bence, &c.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 57.]
Dec. 18.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Trustees of the Fee Farm Rents are called in. The schedule of the nomine decimae rents is to be sent to the Auditors from the Trustees.
Speak to Mr. Ryves to know whether other persons are in the same condition with himself in relation to his security on the fee farms.
The King to be spoken with about the Duchy [of Lancaster] rents and also in [the matter of] Mr. Lyndesay's paper to-morrow.
On Tuesday morning the [Assessment] Commissioners for Middlesex and Westminster respectively of the [present] Eighteen Months' tax are to be summoned. Sir John Robinson to attend at the same time.
The petitions and complaint against the aulnagers are read and the affidavits of Taylor and Williams against Brooks, and also the same affidavit against Allen, an upholsterer. The prisoners taken into custody are to be discharged.
Remind my Lord to adjust Sir Bernard Gascoigne's orders with Mr. Lyndesey.
Mr. Ridley's petition dismissed.
Send to Sir Robert Howard to give an accompt of what arrears are due to His Majesty from the Grand Farmers of the Chimney money upon their accompt.
Sir Thomas Clarges to have a lease in reversion.
Ordered that Sir Robert Holmes's case concerning the fee farms in the Isle of White be stated and adjusted with the Trustees for Fee Farms and then transmitted to the King's Counsel [the Attorney and Solicitor General, &c.] for their opinion.
Write Sir Robert Howard to observe the Lord Treasurer's former orders concerning the constant weekly payments upon the Chimney money : that he need not reserve anything for the Treasurer of the Chamber but to pay others according to discretion, with preference to the King's servants.
[Ibid. pp. 58-9.]
Dec. 19.
Treasury Chambers.
The Lord Treasurer directs that the warrants be made out upon all the funds listed for the use of the Ordnance.
Sir Charles Wheeler, Col. Strode and Auditor Aldworth called in. Sir C. Wheeler desires that his particular debt may be first stated. The public accompt [of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados] is brought in : 6,000l. [is] pretended by Sir C. Wheeler to be misapplied and no other exceptions taken by him against the said accompt. Auditor Aldworth says the Farmers [of the said Duty] pretend to defalcations without bringing in their vouchers. Col. Strode alleges three reasons why they may justly pretend to defalcations : (1) because the islanders refused to give the Farmers fair possession of their farm, (2) because the sugar is reckoned at 17s. per cent. [hundred weight], (3) by reason of the goods taken in time of war. Sir C. Wheeler and Col. Strode propose to name each of them one referee and desire the Lord Treasurer would nominate a third as umpire ; all three to be present at the debate. Col. Strode names Mr. William Garway ; Sir C. Wheeler names Mr. John Buckworth ; the Lord Treasurer names Sir William Thompson. Agreed that both parties enter into bonds of 5,000l. each to stand to the award of those three or any two of them for all reckonings, accompts, &c., that are not already balanced, but whereas there is an accompt already balanced at . . . as to that accompt Col. Strode does agree to bring in the particulars of the said accompt and to submit the errors of the same, if any such appear, to the aforesaid arbitration.
Memorandum : Look into Sir Robert Howard's Minute Book to see what Lord Treasurer Clifford ordered about Sir Charles Wheeler's satisfaction in the West Indies.
Enquire of the Cofferer of the Household for his paper : to adjust his business with Sir Stephen Fox.
Speak to Mr. Chiffinch about hay for the deer.
A warrant for the clothworkers.
Sir John Robinson and the Warders [of the Tower] are ordered to be transferred [and assigned for payment] on the fifth quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax].
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 59-60.]
Dec. 20. Mr. Garway declining the arbitration in the business of Sir Charles Wheeler and Col. Strode proposes Mr. James Hubland and Mr. John Prestwood, Alderman William Warren, of Lyme Street, and Edward Hopegood or any two of them in the room of himself and Mr. John Buckworth as referees in that business.
[Ibid, p. 60.]
Dec. 23.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer ; Lord Chief Baron ; Surveyor General [of Crown Lands].
A warrant for Mr. Lawrence Hide to strike tallies for 500l. in part of an order for 3,000l., dated 1670, Dec. 16, on the First Fruits, to discharge Mr. William Prettiman, Remembrancer of First Fruits.
Counsel for Sir John Clayton and Viscount Yarmouth called in about the defalcations on the wood farm. The report from the officers of the Customs is read in relation to the three last heads in the wood farm accompt which had been referred to them by the Lord Treasurer. And also the report from Auditor Beale is read relating to the first three heads. Agreed that the sum of 1,135l. 19s. 7d. be allowed to Viscount Yarmouth for defalcations on his wood farm and that the sum of 2,030l. for two years demanded for management be reported to His Majesty and left to his [Majesty's] favour.
A privy seal to be drawn for allowance of all such sums as were ordered by the Lord High Admiral on extraordinary occasions. Referred to Sir Robert Howard, Mr. Bertie, Sir Charles Harbord, Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Sherwin [to consider of and draw same].
Warrant for a privy seal for payment of 706l. 15s. 0d. to the Treasurer of the Office of Ordnance : to be disbursed for the Works at Tynemouth Castle in pursuance of the order of Council of 1673, Dec. 19.
The Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. duty [in Barbados] are to bring in their vouchers for defalcations pretended to.
Upon Mr. Garway's declining the arbitration in the business of Col. Strode and Sir Ch. Wheeler and proposing four worthy gentlemen or any two of them in the room of himself and Mr. Jo. Duckworth as referees in that business, Sir Charles Wheeler desires Mr. Garway to leave him to take care of his own business and to propose which of the four he pleases or any other in England for Col. Strode but that he's very well satisfied with the choice which he has made of Mr. John Buckworth and doth totally refuse Mr. Garway's proposition and doth still refer the matter to the Lord Treasurer's consideration.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 60-1.]