Minute Book: January 1674-5

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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January 1675

1674-5. Jan. 1. The Lord Treasurer directs a privy seal to be drawn for 1,460l. to Capt. Gorge and Mr. Cranfield in order to their voyage to Surinam : whereof 1,000l. to be paid presently and the remainder in a convenient time : to whom [soever] they shall appoint to receive it.
Sir William Temple to have three months' allowance.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 184.]
Jan. 2. The Lord Treasurer orders 200l. for Healing medals.
[Write] Mr. Mounteney to bring into the Exchequer 20,000l. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written].
Jan. 5. The Secretaries of State are to be paid their quarter's salaries due at Christmas [last : to be paid] upon the Customs.
Mr. Heath to be discharged.
Jan. 7. The Duchess of Richmond to have a quarter on her pension.
Jan. 9. The Earl of Oxford to have a quarter on his pension.
Jan. 12. A letter to be written for 800l. to be paid by Sir Stephen Fox for Secret Service ; 500l. whereof is for Mr. Cranfield and 300l. for Mr. Brent, both designed [designing] to go for Surinam.
Jan. 13. The Lord Treasurer orders the arrears of the Robes, which is 5,500l., to be placed upon the new farm of the Chimney money : to be paid one moiety at Michaelmas next and the other moiety at the Christmas following. In the margin : Ordered 3 Feb., 1674-5, the later moiety at Lady Day [following, i.e. 1676].
[Warrant for] two weeks for the Robes : 200l.
Mr. Kent to be written to that he would advance a quarter to the Treasurer of the Chamber upon his tallies already struck.
The Lord Treasurer recommends Mr. Collingwood's concern to the Master of the Ordnance when any moneys are assigned to that office.
The Lord Treasurer directs that Lord Widdrington's accompt be stated as Governor of the town of Berwick.
Friday next appointed for the examination of Mr. Knapton, woodward of the New Forest.
On Monday next the Master of the Wardrobe to attend.
[Ibid. p. 185.]
Jan. 14. Mris. Paston's quarter due at Xmas [is ordered] to be paid. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter to that effect written to the Auditor of the Receipt].
A letter [to be written] to Mr. Brent that the King allows him but 400l. towards his journey to Surinam.
Mr. Elliot's petition is referred to Sir Charles Harbord.
Mr. Newport and Mr. Darcy [are ordered] to have a quarter on their salaries.
Lady Cleveland's paper concerning the Duchy of Cornwall is to be referred [in the] first [place] to Sir Charles Harbord ; afterwards to the Attorney General.
A warrant to stay process against Capt. Edward Cornwall and Herbert Aubry, Esq. [as jointly] security for Davis, Collector of Hearthmoney in Herefordshire.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 185.]
Jan. 15. Mr. Doyley and Mr. Slingsby to be heard this day week. The Attorney and Solicitor General to attend then.
A letter [to be written] to the Lord Lieutenant [of Ireland] that without any failure care may be taken for the payment of Col. Francis Willoughby's pension in the first vacancy that shall happen upon any of the present pensions and without any others intervening and that this pension be placed upon the new establishment for Ireland.
A warrant to be drawn for the reversion of a Teller's place to the Honourable Robert Montagu, son of the Earl of Manchester.
A letter to be written to the Attorney General to frame a project of what he would have granted to Mr. Percivall Brumskell in relation to the small fines and amerciaments assessed in the several courts of record at Westminster.
Mr. Cary called in concerning the woods belonging to the manor of Woodstock, fallen to the King by the death of the Earl of Clarendon, [said woods being] now fit to be cut : said Cary praying the Lord Treasurer's directions concerning them. My Lord orders Carey to attend again on Wednesday next.
The Surveyors of the Forest [North and South Trent] and Mr. Knapton, woodward of New Forest, are called in concerning articles of complaint exhibited against said Knapton by said surveyors. This business is referred to the Attorney General who is to be instructed therein by Mr. Agar and Mr. Strode. A copy of the articles are to be delivered to Mr. Knapton.
The Lord Treasurer directs a warrant to be drawn for a pension of 400l. per an. out of the Exchequer to the Earl of Carbery during pleasure. A warrant also for 200l. to said Earl as royal bounty : [to be paid] upon the privy seal dormant.
Mr. Shale to give the Lord Treasurer an account what has been done by the Solicitor of the Navy and what money he has received for that service.
The Navy to have two weeks' allowance : 12,000l.
[Ibid. pp. 186-7.]
Jan. 18. Mr. Bernard's petition is referred to the Lord Chief Baron and the rest of the Barons of the Exchequer.
The Earl of Bristol's tallies to be struck for his pension. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written to the Auditor of the Receipt for said tallies to be struck].
Col. Roscarrock's petition is to be sent to Mr. William Herbert to give the Lord Treasurer an account thereof.
A report to be drawn upon the Earl of Denbigh's petition.
Col. Stradling's order is, by his Majesty's command, to be directed [i.e. to have a letter or clause of direction as follows, viz.] by striking a tally on Sir Lionell Walden, receiver.
[Ordered] that no grant pass of any Welsh rents without notice to the Auditor [of Wales] or his deputy.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 187.]
Jan. 19. Mrs. Hudson's [pension], a quarter [thereon], viz. 12l. 10s. 0d. [is ordered] to be paid.
The Duke of Buckingham a quarter, 625l. of his pension of 2,500l. per an. [is ordered].
A King's warrant to be drawn for Mr. Twiford for 10,000 reams of paper customs free according to his petition and the opinion of the Judges.
Jan. 21. A letter [to be written] to Sir Stephen Fox to pay Mrs. H. G. [Nell Gwyn] 500l. ; the 500 guineas which she formerly received being intended for hangings.
Sir Stephen Fox is also to pay Sir Thomas Kniveton 25l. for a quarter.
[Ibid. p. 188.]
Jan. 22. An order to be sent to the Commissioners for the Eighteen Months' tax for Westminster to stay proceedings against the officers of the Mint and others in the Tower of London about their [the said officers'] taxes assessed by them [the said Commissioners] until a hearing before the Lord Treasurer. At the same time the Chimney money for the same place is to be considered whether [said officers be liable] to pay or no.
Jan. 22.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Attorney and Solicitor General.
Sir John King, Counsel for Mr. Slingsby, says that all what Mr. Doyley pretends to is already comprised in Mr. Slingesby's grant, excepting only the office of engineer [of the Mint] and 100l. per an. salary.
Query : Whether the 12d. and 3d. is in the King's power to grant without infringing Mr. Slingsby's patent. Sir John King says that this 12d. and 3d. was payable to Blondeau out of what belonged formerly to the Master of the Mint, and that after the expiration of his term it ought to return to the Master : that Mr. Slingesby let Blondeau in by an agreement made betwixt them : Mr. Slingesby pays Blondeau's executors 12d. and 3d. out of the 7s. and 18d. which he receives without accompt in consideration of the coinage of the gold and silver. Sir John King says that at the expiration of Blondeau's term this 12d. and 3d. will fall to the Master of the Mint to defray the charges which will necessarily arise.
The matter being heard on both sides remains under the consideration of the Lord Treasurer.
Sir Robert Howard and the rest of the officers of the Exchequer are called in concerning the regulation of [Exchequer] fees [on payments for] for the garrison of Tangier upon a direction from the Lord Treasurer that no other fees shall be taken for the money received for that garrison than such as are paid by the Treasurer of the Navy [for Exchequer fees on Navy moneys]. Sir Robert Howard says he receives no fee from the [payments in the Exchequer of moneys to the] Navy, neither directly or indirectly. Sir George Downing says (for the Tellers) that they have only 31l. salary per an. and that as Tellers they have only 12s. 6d. for every 100l. for garrisons, but that they have moderated it to 5s. only for Tangier : which they crave leave to represent to the Lord Treasurer. A table of the fees of the several officers of the Exchequer [is ordered] to be sent to the Lord Treasurer.
A warrant to be drawn for Mr. John Cary for the sale of the coppice wood in the manor of Woodstock.
Mr. Gregory to be put in the Lord Treasurer's memorandum ; for an additional salary [viz. for my Lord] to move His Majesty in it : and [so also for] Mr. Shish.
Sir Jo. Baber and Sir Charles Scarborough are to be paid their salaries as physicians in ordinary to His Majesty.
[Write] Mr. Mounteney to send into the Exchequer 20,000l. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written].
A warrant to be drawn for Mr. Philip Hyldyard and Mr. Cha. Cole to be Chamberlains of the Exchequer as Sir Nicolas Steward's patent runs.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 188-90.]
Jan. 25.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
The business of the merchants that have given bond for payment of the 4l. per tun at the Custom House to complete the 310,000l. [Wine] Act is to be [heard and all parties to be] here on Friday morning next. Auditor Birch to attend and the merchants to have notice.
The late Farmers of the London Excise are likewise to attend then about the money due from them[selves] and in the meantime the Lord Treasurer to know the King's final resolution about that matter.
Auditor Birch to bring in at the same time such Excise accounts as he has ready for declaration.
The late Treasurers of Excise are to deliver in an account to Mr. Kent of all such money as they have received upon account of the farm of Excise from June 24 last ; and [are to] give him all such vouchers as they have for that money and such of that cash as remains in their hands : the Lord Treasurer intending that Mr. Kent shall be the accomptant from June 24 last.
The Master of the Wardrobe is to send to the Lord Treasurer an accompt of extraordinaries [in the office of Great Wardrobe] from 1673, Midsummer : with the amount of them and how far they are paid.
The Lord Treasurer orders 2,350l. more to the Wardrobe to make up 22,000l., the present project for one year.
To put the Lord Treasurer in mind of perusing his Lordship's [the Master of the Wardrobe's] note for retrenchments in the ordinary of the Wardrobe.
Write to the Master of the Wardrobe for a particular of what is fit to be done for satisfying the Yeomen of the Guard, Trumpets and Drummers in his Lordship's time.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 190.]
Jan. 27.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
The Lord Treasurer directs the payment of 1,000l. to Mr. Le Gouche, His Majesty's Jeweller, on any late orders assigned by "my Lord Treasurer" [Clifford or Danby].
Sir William Smith to be sent for on Saturday morning early to speak with the Lord Treasurer concerning the tin [affair].
The Customs Commissioners to attend on Friday afternoon next.
Mr. Lindsay to pay into the Exchequer all such moneys as are due from him upon the subsidy tax : and Sir Robert Howard to pay it out upon such orders as are in course. In the margin : Done [meaning : letters written to this effect to Lindsay and Howard].
Sir Phillip Lloyd and Sir Peter Ball to be ready with the Queen Mother's accompts on Friday morning next.
Write Mr. Backwell to give an account of the whole money that he hath now received of the Queen Consort's portion.
The Lord Treasurer directs 100l., on the privy seal dormant, to Mr. Hugh May for the plantations of Hampton Court, Greenwich and St. James's Park.
The Master of the Ordnance and Sir John Banckes are called in concerning a contract for 600 ton of salt petre offered to be supplied by the East India Company at the same rates as others buy. Sir John Banckes says they sell at 58s. per hundred [weight]. The officers of the Ordnance [are ordered] to examine the goodness of the petre and to report to the Lord Treasurer how they find it [in point of fitness] for His Majesty's service.
On Wednesday next the Marquess of Worcester and Mr. Okeden are to be heard concerning the manor of Wondy [Undy].
The Lord Treasurer to speak with Mr. Stevens about the proportion to be paid to the Victualler. A letter to be written to the Navy Board to make constant payment thereof.
Sir Peter Ball called in about the arrear of the Queen Mother's jointure. Sir Peter says there is paid in 11,115l. to Sir Philip Lloyd. The King has discharged 2,740l. Mr. Spite to come to account by the 20th March next out of custody notwithstanding any former order from the Lord Treasurer. Mr. Wade to attend Sir Peter Ball and to pay what Sir Peter shall find reasonable. Sir Peter Ball to attend the King's Counsel in Mr. Hansby's case, and to have their opinion whether the lease made to him by Bodville and Singleton be good in law. A letter to be written to Mr. John Eddesbury to pay in his 455l. or else to appear before the Lord Treasurer within 14 days to shew cause. Time given to Sir Peter Ball, &c., till Easter term to prosecute the Queen Mother's debts that stand out in arrear. Sir Peter to send the Lord Treasurer a state of the Queen Mother's arrears.
[Warrant for] Lord Lockhart's three months' [ambassadorial ordinary] entertainment. [The like for] Mr. Perwich, Mr. Wyndham and Lady Saunderson.
[Warrant for] the Navy [for] 12,000l. for two weeks' [allowance. To be paid] out of any money in the Exchequer.
The Lord Treasurer having paid Mr. Edward Cranfield 500l. and Mr. Marcus Brent 300l. in order to their voyage to Surinam directs that 230l. more shall be provided for Mr. Cranfield and 100l. more to Mr. Brent at Lady Day next to complete 730l. for Cranfield and 400l. to Brent.
The Commissioners of the Wine Licence office are appointed to attend the Lord Treasurer with an account of the value of the said rents.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 191-3.]
Jan. 29. Friday. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Cary will expect the surplusage of 132l. 12s. 0d. (due to him on his accounts of Woodstock) from Lord Lovelace ; and is content to discharge the King thereof.
On Monday afternoon the tin business [is to be heard]. The Lord Warden [of the Stannaries] and Lord Arundell of Trerice are to be present at the debate.
The merchants called in about the 4l. per tun to be raised on wines on the 310,000l. [Wine] Act. Their petition is read and Attorney [General] North's opinion thereon [viz.] that they ought to pay their money upon their bonds entered into to His Majesty. The Lord Treasurer concludes that the money ought to be paid into the Exchequer and he will recommend their case afterwards to Mrs. Colville, who is to receive money [due to her late husband] on orders upon this Act for 310,000l.
The London [Excise] Farmers [Mr. Breedon and the two Foorths] come in about their arrears on the Additional Duty. The Lord Treasurer asks them whether there be any debt they pretend to defalk out of this money [which] they are to pay in to His Majesty. Alderman Breedon answers yes, that they humbly hope His Majesty's favour for payment of an order for 4,000l. on the Customs. The Lord Treasurer and the Chancellor of the Exchequer propose to them the allowance of their order of 4,000l. on the Customs out of the 13,500l. which remains by them to be paid to His Majesty besides the 10,000l. which they have already paid to Sir Stephen Fox according to his desires of Nov. 23 last. They withdraw to consult this proposal [and then come in again]. The Lord Treasurer proposes a further abatement of the odd 500l. out out of the 13,500l. The Farmers accept the proposal, desiring time till Wednesday morning to peruse their accounts to see if they have any other reasonable demands to make. The Farmers are given 14 days from Wednesday next, Feb. 3, to pay Sir Stephen Fox his 9,000l.
The two Aldermen Foorths are called in about their Irish [revenue farm] defalcations. The Lord Treasurer proposes to them an allowance of 20,000l. upon their last quarter in lieu of defalcation of all interest and other accompts, witht any interest for the same until the time of payment. The Farmers accept of it. (On p. 198 this minute is redrawn as follows : "entered by the command of Mr. Secretary." My Lord Treasurer proposes to the two Foorths an allowance of 20,000l. upon the last quarter of their farm of the revenue of Ireland in lieu of all defalcations upon account of the late war with the Dutch without any interest for the same until the time of payment. My Lord also consents that the rest of the [Irish Revenue] Farmers be released but the covenants of the Farm to remain in force [upon said two Foorths].
Major Beckford and Mr. Jones are to attend the Lord Treasurer. [In the margin. Quere : when]. Mr. Jones with his charge and the Major with his defence.
A letter to be written to Mr. Mountney to pay in [to the Exchequer] 20,000l. [of the Customs money].
A warrant to be drawn for Mrs. Cooper.
Write Sir Robert Howard for an account of what orders are next in course to be paid upon the four respective quarters of the late subsidy [Eighteen Months' tax]. In the margin. Query : [ask of] Sir Ph[ilip] L[loyd] which four quarters.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 193-5, 198.]