Minute Book: February 1674-5

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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February 1675

Feb. 1. The Lord Treasurer directs a quarter to the Patent officers of the outports. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written to the Cashier of the Customs authorising such payment].
The interest of Sir William Temple's orders to be paid. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written to this effect to the Auditor of the Receipt].
A warrant for 200l. (upon the privy seal dormant) to Mr. Francis Sandford, Herald, by way of encouragement towards his book, &c.
Two warrants to be drawn for the King's hand for the two Secretaries for secret service : [to be drawn in] blank. In the margin : Done.
Lady Wentworth to have a quarter [viz.] 150l. [on her pension].
Lord Crofts' pension : a quarter to be paid.
[Ibid. p. 195.]
Feb. 3. Mr. Mounteney to pay into the Exchequer 10,000l. [Minute repeated in the afternoon ; but struck through.]
Mr. William Legg, page of honour, to be paid what is due to him.
[Ibid. p. 196.]
Feb. 3.
[? afternoon] Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Mr. George Dashwood, Alderman Breedon and Col. Birch are called in. The two first demand the interest of their 4,000l. order allowed the 29th Jan. last. The Lord Treasurer only allowed the interest and so resolved. Their pretensions about exported beer are not allowed. They move for an allowance of Mr. Snow's interest for the sum of 21,813l. advanced to the King for which the London [Excise] Farmers stand engaged to pay him [the King].
The London [Excise] Farmers likewise desire that the Lord Treasurer would not take the advantage of the forfeiture for nonpayment of rent for the [Excise of the] five counties [the delay thereon being only] for some few days : which so appearing to the Lord Treasurer he is pleased to remit and no advantage to be taken [thereof], but they paying the remainder of their money the interest of their advance is to be allowed them. They further desire a discharge for the Additional Duty under the Great Seal ; because there were no covenants in that case. When the Farmers bring a draft of such a discharge [the Lord Treasurer makes order] to refer it to the King's Counsel to see what objections they have to it.
The Marquess of Worcester and Mr. Okeden's case is considered about the manor of Wondy [Undy], &c. Sir John King moves the Lord Treasurer in behalf of Mr. Okeden for a new lease to be made for the remainder of said Okeden's time in being. This being agreed to, both parties remain satisfied.
The Lord Treasurer directs that the money paid into the Exchequer as part of the rent of the Excise shall be paid to Sir Stephen Fox upon his orders [payable] out of the Excise. In the margin : Done [meaning : instructions to this effect sent to the Auditor of the Receipt].
The lease in dispute between Mr. Carleton and Mrs. Marleborow [is] referred to Sir Cha. Harbord to make an accommodation if he can : if not to report to the Lord Treasurer.
To-morrow afternoon the Customs Commissioners are to attend the Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Bertie to mind the Lord Treasurer this day of the Master of the Ordnance and of the Lord Treasurer's exceptions to the Wardrobe establishment in some particulars.
The Lord Treasurer orders a report to be made upon Mr. Herbert's petition.
The Lord Treasurer directs, upon a memorial given him by the officers of the Works, that the 2,080l., 300l. and 400l. mentioned to be unpaid, be paid in three or four weeks : that there be an establishment [drawn up and brought in for approval] for the 500l. per an. for repair of Audley End : that his Lordship be put in mind to furnish the Works with 100l. per week to run out a debt of 21,000l.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 196-7.]
Feb. 4. The Duchess of Richmond, old [or Dowager Duchess] to be paid 250l. [for] a quarter on her pension. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Sir Samuel Moreland's [pension] : a quarter also ordered. The like marginal note.
Sir Francis Windham to have half a year of his pension : 300l. The like marginal note. His lady : a quarter.
[? Warrant ordered for] Sir Charles Windham.
Mr. Sansom, a clerk to the Secretary of the Customs is to have 100l. gratuity for drawing up the instructions of the [Customs] officers of the Plantations and other extra services [performed] before the augmentation of his salary.
Mr. Phripp to attend the Customs Commissioners with the Book of Rates [which] he offers to [be] print[ed] and Mr. Newcomb, &c., [et al.] are [likewise] to attend the said Commissioners with theirs' [sc. Book of Rates]. The Commissioners are to certify under their hands which [of the two] they approve ; and that only to be printed.
The officers of the Ordnance are to be written to to send the Lord Treasurer a double state of their debt, one before Midsummer, 1673, and the other since : to be done forthwith.
The Office of the Ordnance is to be supplied (upon an estimate of about 34,000l. for extraordinaries), with 10,000l. on the Farmers of the Hearthmoney in March next and 10,000l. more in September following. The remainder, the Lord Treasurer will consider of to be supplied out of arrears payable out of the Exchequer.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 198.]
Feb. 5 Friday. Four weeks to be paid to the Master of the Robes at 100l. per week. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written to this effect to the Auditor of the Receipt].
The Lord Treasurer directs the payment of such money as is due in course to the Treasurer of the Chamber, upon the Eighteen Months' tax. Sir Robert Howard to give his reason why it is not paid already. The like marginal note as above.
The Lord Treasurer will speak with Sir Charles Harbord about the Alienation Office. The officers of said office are to attend this day week.
Sir Robert Howard to bring in whatsoever [papers, &c.] he has received from the Bankers in relation to their accompts delivered by them to him.
Mr. Gawen's order of 1,000l. [which had been] re-assigned to Mr. Man and Mr. Heywood, two of his Royal Highness [the Duke of York's] servants [is] to be paid, by His Majesty's order. Like marginal note as above.
Mr. Higford's proposals are referred to Sir Cha. Herbert.
[Ibid. p. 199.]
Feb. 8 Present : Lord Treasurer, Duke of Lauderdale, Lord Privy Seal, the two Secretaries, the Speaker [of the House of Commons].
The Customs Commissioners are to digest the proper cautions for granting passes or sea-briefs with the form of the oath needful to be given and the form of the pass. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written to this effect to said Commissioners].
Sir Robert Howard to be written to to pay Sir Stephen Fox 3,000l. for Secret Service. The like marginal note as above.
Mr. Kent to pay into the Exchequer 5,000l. in part of Sir Stephen Fox's privy seal for 20,000l. upon the Excise.
The new royal foundation [of the Mathematical boys at the Charterhouse] to have a quarter : 250l.
Mr. Shish to have 100l. upon the privy seal dormant.
[Order for] 1,500l. per quarter to be paid to the Duke of York till 20,000l. be satisfied.
A warrant for the Duke of Albemarle : to be paid out of the Chimney money : [the warrant to be] for Moore Park [and the amount to be] 150l.
[Ibid. pp. 199-200.]
Feb. 9. Sir Richard Ford and Mr. Bankes attend the Lord Treasurer about Sir William Warren's accounts. The Lord Treasurer ordered that Viscount Brouncker be written to that Sir R. Ford and Mr. Bankes [are to] have the perusal of 28 Navy bills, amounting to 26,451l. 2s. 10d., which were left in Viscount Brouncker's hands to balance an imprest set upon Sir William Warren in Sir George Carteret's account ending 1667.
[Ibid. p. 200.]
Feb. 10. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Auditor Birch, Major Huntington and Alderman D. Foorth are called in. Ordered that Birch do not take the advantage of the loss of time of payment of the [Excise] rent of the five counties (Bucks, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex), and of Yorkshire and Surrey, but that the interest on the advance quarter be allowed the Farmers provided the arrears be cleared this day three weeks. The like [order] for [the Excise Farmers of] Derbyshire, Lancashire, Leicester and Rutland and Nottingham.
Mr. John Ball to attend on Friday next to give the Lord Treasurer an accompt of several particulars with which he stands charged by the Excise Commissioners.
The Lord Treasurer orders an establishment for the Great Wardrobe at the rate of 22,000l. per an. and the sum of 3,858l. 3s. 3d., as follows, to be placed upon the Hearthmoney due in March next, viz.
s. d.
To the Yeomen of the Guard and Wardens of the Tower 2,178 0 0
" " Trumpeters 1,362 17 3
" " Drummers 317 6 0
3,858 3 3
Sir John Coppleston and Sir Tho. Daniel with [their] Counsel are called in about Cannington. Lady Clifford's petition is read on a reference from the King. Upon the whole hearing the Lord Treasurer was pleased to leave the matter undetermined, referring the parties to take their course at law.
The Lord Treasurer to direct 2,621l. 1s. 6d. for the [Navy] Victualler upon the [Eighteen Months'] tax. In the margin : Done.
The officers of the Works are to be heard before Mr. Samuell's grant passes.
Mr. Gawen's order for 1,000l. (the concern of Mr. Hayward and Mr. Man) is to be placed upon the first payment of the Chimney money in March next. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter of direction accordingly written to the Auditor of the Receipt].
Charged by the Lord Treasurer on the first payment of the Chimney money in March next.
s. d.
The Speaker [of the House of Commons] 3,000 0 0
Sir William Bowles 1,000 0 0
The Queen 4,000 0 0
Mr. Man 1,000 0 0
The Wardrobe 3,858 3 3
Col. Whitley 1,844 0 0
Advance to be repaid 10,000 0 0
Ordnance 10,000 0 0
Navy 11,000 0 0
Sir Allan Apsley (see under Feb. 26 infra) 762 0 0
61,464 0 0
Part of 25,000l. advance money 11,000 0 0
50,464 0 0
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 200-1.]
Feb. 12. A warrant to be drawn for the Speaker [of the House of Commons'] 3,000l. : [to be charged upon] Sir Stephen Fox's privy seal.
A letter to be written to the Farmers of the Hearthmoney to pay it [sic] into the Exchequer.
The Navy to have 12,000l. for two weeks' [allowance]. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
The Wardrobe : [warrant for] 1,000l. The like marginal note as above.
Lord Inchiquin's pension to be paid : 250l. for half a year due at Xmas. The like marginal note as above.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 202.]
Feb. 15.
Treasury Chambers.
Mr. Perrient Trot's petition read, and the order of Counsel ; [said petition] complaining of the hard usage offered him by the Company of the Bermudas who endeavours to prevent the unlading of his ship here notwithstanding the tender of payment of the King's duty. The Company allege the authority of their bye laws to demand their duty which the Customs Commissioners affirm is not cognizable by them. Mr. Trott insists upon the reparation of damages he has sustained by the said Company before such time as the Company's duty be paid by him. The Company desires the matter in question may be referred. Mr. Trott at present waives it. The business goes off undetermined by the Lord Treasurer.
Col. Birch, Major Huntington and Mr. Ball are called in upon [the business of] lapsed interest and moneys depending [as arrears of rent] from the Commissioners [sic for Excise Farmers]. The Lord Treasurer allows the lapsed interest from Sept. 19 last and no longer.
The [weekly] certificates to be ready from every office for the Lord Treasurer's perusal every Monday.
A warrant to be drawn for renewing the commission for managing the Alienation Office.
Charged upon the half years' rent of the Chimney money payable in Sept., 1675 [no statement follows of the various sums so charged : the remainder of the page being blank].
[Ibid. pp. 202-202a.]
Feb. 15.
[? afternoon.]
The Lord Treasurer directs 4,000l. to be paid in further part of an order of Sir Ro. Vyner's of the 15th of January, 1673, for 12,554l. 18s. 10d. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter sent to the Receipt].
[Ibid. p. 203.]
Feb. 18. A warrant to be drawn for felling coppice wood in Whittlewood [Forest] and for the Queen's service pursuant to a certificate from the Queen's Council that it is necessary, &c.
Feb. 22. A letter [to be sent] to Mr. Kent to pay Mr. Pepys 20,356l. 7s. 0d. to complete the half year due at Xmas [last] for Tangier.
The Lord Treasurer refers the consideration of the trade with Denmark, Swedeland and Norway and all the Baltic to the Customs Commissioners.
The Custom House officers in Ireland [are ordered] to transmit their wool certificates to Dublin once a month. A letter to be written to that purpose in answer to Mr. Godolphin's.
Send to the Clerk of the Crown for a list of the Justices of the Peace in each County and get a list also of all the Parliament men to the end that out of them fit persons may be chosen for Commissioners to put in execution the laws against Recusants. In the margin : Done.
A letter to be written to the King's Remembrancer to prepare commissions to go with the Judges of Assize ; reciting [therein] the motives to a despatch [as] mentioned in Sir William Jones's letter.
Enquire of the Attorney General, his opinion of a fit time yb which to fill up the blank [? left in the abovesaid commissions].
Mr. Le Gouche to have 500l. immediately. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Mr. Pett to be paid by the Navy Board out of the establishment, as Mr. Deane is.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 203-4.]
Feb. 23. The Lord Treasurer directs two years' pay to the [King's] greyhounds. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Upon the [Customs] Commisssioners last presentments [send to] know the [names of] the owners of the prohibited goods : to know [also] the names of the men at Bristol and whom the Customs Commissioners judge fit to be sent for and acquaint the Commissioners that the Lord Treasurer will proceed by a summons to the [Privy] Council Board and an order there for an information in the Exchequer. [Send also to] know the names of the officers that make colourable seizures and cause them to appear before the Lord Treasurer.
[Ibid. p. 204.]
Feb. 25. The Surveyor of the [King's] Ways to have 300l. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
[Write] a letter to the Principal Officers [and Commissioners] of the Navy to send to the Lord Treasurer the 15 leaves cut out of the book which was sent to Sir Richard Ford and Mr. Banks relating to Sir William Warren's accompt. [Send to] know if Viscount Brouncker has any other bills or pretences of Sir William Warren's than what he has already transmitted to Sir Richard Ford and Mr. Banks.
Write to Sir Robert Howard for a copy of the certificate of the Commissioners of the Navy for 44,503l. 4s. 3d. made to Sir William Warren and Capt. Cock for naval stores.
To put the Lord Treasurer in mind of these affairs.
[Write] Mr. Mounteney to bring into the Exchequer 20,000l. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written to Mounteney to that effect].
The Navy to have two weeks' allowance : 12,000l. In the margin : Done [meaning : order drawn].
[Ibid. pp. 204-5.]
Feb. 26. Whereas information was given to the Lord Treasurer by Sir John Coppleston, Mr. Blood and Mr. Josiah Dewy that 9,325l. 14s. 0d. was concealed from the King by George Wharton, Esq., Treasurer for the office of Ordnance, upon account of saltpetre : upon the hearing, as well of the said informers as the answer of the said George Wharton and likewise of the officers of the Ordnance, it did appear, as well by the records of the said office, the certificate of the Auditors of the Imprest this day exhibited to the Lord Treasurer and by other evidence, that the sum of 9,325l. 14s. 0d. was not concealed [from] but answered [to His Majesty] by the said George Wharton upon his accompt [as Treasurer of the Ordnance] and His Majesty no way defrauded or made to pay twice for the said saltpetre as was informed.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 202b.]
Feb. 26.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Order for] 200l. to be paid upon the extraordinaries of the Works for the repair of Somerset House garden. In the margin : Done ; 100l.
Mr. Sherwin and Mr. Fillingham called in as Agents for bringing in of the [Eighteen Months'] tax. The Lord Treasurer directs them to proceed as formerly in this matter.
A state of the debt of Sir William Roberts, Oakes and Owen is produced to the Lord Treasurer. Sir William Roberts undertakes to deposit his 500l. The Lord Treasurer will confer with the Attorney General to-morrow morning in this business. If Sir W. Roberts and Waring will give security for the other 500l. in Owen's hand the Lord Treasurer consents to their discharge.
The Duke of Richmond's executors are to be heard this day week on [the subject of] defalcations in the accompt of Sutton Marsh.
A letter to be written to the Commissioners of [Assessments for] co. Cambridge and Isle of Ely, blaming their assessing of His Majesty's house at Newmarket as a thing for which there is no precedent.
Mr. Geo. Philpott called in concerning his pretensions to Norley Thorns in New Forest. The Lord Treasurer proposes to give him a valuable consideration for his interest therein. Mr. Strode to give the Lord Treasurer an account of this place. The Lord Treasurer grants him [Philpott] leave to make use of the coal wood which consists of top and lop, and to carry it away. This to be understood only of such [wood] as is already felled.
The officers of the Ordnance are called in concerning an information preferred against Capt. Wharton relating to a parcel of salt petre [the value of] which amounted to about 37,000l.
Mr. Atkins and the Farmers of the Law Duty are to appear at the Treasury this day week.
Sir Allen Apsley to be paid 1,524l. whereof one moiety on the Hearthmoney [farm rent] due in March, and the other half on the [same] rent due in Sept. next.
Q[uere] : How the arrears of the Chimney money are to be paid to the Privy Purse.
A tally to be struck upon the First Fruits and Tenths to Dr. Troutbeck for one quarter which is 50l.
The Lord Treasurer to be shewed the list of the arrears of Hearthmoney and Sir John Berry's order of 1,240l. at the same time.
The Lord Treasurer orders [payment of] one quarter ending at Xmas to the Earl of Anglesey [on his yearly pension] of 3,000l.
[Ibid. pp. 205-6.]