Minute Book: March 1674-5

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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March 1675

Mar. 1. The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind to speak with Viscount Ranelagh in [the matter of] Major Baily's concern.
[Write for] the account of Newfoundland trade from the [Customs] Commissioners and [request] two of their body to attend with their report.
"Mr. Secretary Coventry with the passports and sea briefs to be attended."
[Order for] 500l. per an. to be established for Audley End : 200l. to be now advanced, the remaining 300l. to be paid between this and August. A privy seal to be drawn accordingly. In the margin : Done.
A warrant [to be prepared, directed] to the officers of the Works to take Newmarket House into their charge. In the margin : Done.
[Order for] 100l. every fortnight to be applied to the old debt of the Works : [to be paid] out of any disposable money.
Sir Robert Carr's warrant with a schedule of the Duchy rent, and also Sir Allan Apsly's [warrant are] to be presented to the Lord Treasurer to-morrow morning.
Write Mr. Stapleton, auditor to the Bishop of Durham, to return a particular of the several branches of the revenue of that Bishopric : to be directed thus, "To Miles Stapleton, Esq., at his house in Durham." [Write] to Mr. Arden that my Lord expects that he should clear the accompt [of the receipts and expenditure of the Bishopric of Durham] during the vacancy of the see. [Write] Sir Gilbert Gerard and Auditor Stapelton to examine and state the certain and casual charges that have been upon the revenue of the Bishopric for the three years ending at Martinmas last.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 207-8.]
March 3. Wednesday. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Attorney General, Solicitor General.
[Order for] 400l. to be allowed to Christopher Musgrave for bringing in the Eighteen Months' tax in Yorkshire. In the margin : Done.
[Order for] 200l. to be paid to the Master of the Robes for two weeks. In the margin : Done.
The persons concerned in the Excise business of Hertfordshire are called in. The order of Council referring the matter to the Lord Treasurer is read. The Attorney and Solicitor General, counsel for the King, [appear] on behalf of Ambrose Beaton and Sherfield, late sub-commissioners of Excise, John Wells, late Collector, Thomas Collett, Th. Wells and William Beistney, officers of Excise there. The substance of their complaint was that one Audely of Hitchin, brewer, was for non-payment of Excise, and according to the Act, condemned by the sub-commissioners to pay double duty, 31l. 0s. 9d., which was accordingly levied : that the Justices of Peace, at their second Sessions after judgments so given against Audley and after the expiration of the time limited in such cases for appeals, admitted of the appeal and proceeded to reverse the said judgment, where [by] 40l. costs were given against the petitioner, Jo. Wells, who is since sued for the same, and he, with the other petitioners, is sued by Audley in an action of 300l. for pretended damages.
The Attorney and Solicitor General enlarged upon it. Sir John King, Counsel for Audley and the Justices, endeavoured to defend and excuse. Mr. Wingate says Mr. Wells would not acquaint them with the matter of the complaint against Audley at the Sessions, &c. They all withdraw. The Attorney General says there is no action lies against the Justices of the Peace, who are final judges by Act of Parliament. All parties are called in. Mr. Wingate and Mr. Stanley, two of the Justices, receive a reprimand. The Lord Treasurer will make a report to the King in Council upon this matter.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 208-9.]
Mar. 4. La[dy] Falmouth to have a quarter [of a year] on her pension. In the margin : Done [meaning only : warrant drawn].
[Ibid. p. 209.]
Mar. 5.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Sir John Duncomb.
The Lord Treasurer orders, upon hearing Mr. Okeden's Counsel, that what was in his former lease of Wondy [Undy] shall be confirmed and no more, and that the Marquess of Worcester's grant pass.
Mr. Hildeyard [is] sworn into the office of one of the Chamberlains of the Exchequer and all oaths [are accordingly] administered [to] him.
The Lord Keeper, Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Sir. R. Howard are to meet at the Treasury Chamber on Sunday next, after the Committee for Foreign Affairs is up. In the margin : Done [meaning notice hereof given to all concerned].
The Lord Treasurer directs 200l. for Healing medals. In the margin : Done [meaning warrant drawn].
Mr. Slingsby, Mr. Hoar and Mr. are called in concerning milreis of Portugal and other foreign coins going [current] in Ireland. Mr. Slingsby [is ordered] to give the Lord Treasurer an account of the intrisic value of the crusados and to report to the Lord Treasurer what he thinks fit to propose to the Lord Lieutenant in that matter.
Alderman Backwell to give the Lord Treasurer, in writing, an account of the exportation of our new coin. The Tellers of the Exchequer are to attend the Lord Treasurer on Monday afternoon next to inform his Lordship of the quantity of new coined money they receive. Mr. Kent, Mr. Mountney and the late Treasurers of the Excise are to inform his Lordship with their observations in this matter also. Mr. Bertie is to enquire of Sir William Thompson and Sir Nathaniell Herne in this affair.
The Lord Treasurer to speak with Viscount Ranelagh about the Irish farthings.
[Order for] 2,500l. to be paid upon the 6,000l. order to Mr. Slingsby out of the Coinage money. In the margin : Done [meaning order sent to the Auditor of the Receipt].
The Works [are ordered] to have 297l. 0s. 4d. for work done in the Maske : [to be] upon their extraordinaries. In the margin : Done [meaning warrant drawn].
The Lord Treasurer orders [that] Capt. Macgraph, Bernard Phillips, Humphry [altered to Thomas] Gerald and Philip Barry, the Irish officers that came from Holland, have 20l. each. Letter to be written to Sir Stephen Fox [to pay them]. [In the margin : Done [meaning letter written].
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 209-10.]
March 6. The Lord Treasurer directs 2,000l. for the Great Wardrobe. In the margin : Done [meaning warrant drawn].
Mr. Mountney to bring into the Exchequer 20,000l. In the margin : Done [meaning letter written to Mounteney accordingly].
[Ibid, p. 211.]
March 8. The Lord Treasurer directs Mr. Skelton's 614l. for Plymouth to be placed on the Chimney money [rent] payable this month.
March 8.
[? afternoon.] Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Young called in about the charges of the Wine Licences for two years. He presents a paper of the Duchess of Cleveland's demands of allowances to be made her on this revenue, upon reading which the Lord Treasurer orders (1) that for the quarter from Sept. 29, 1674, to Dec. 25, 1674, being 631, 16s. 3d., that sum be allowed by His Majesty to her Grace : (2) to be allowed her 80l. [charges] for passing two accompts for one year [167]3-4 : (3) to be allowed her further 169l. 2s. 0d. and 300l. for money paid into the Exchequer according to the retrospect of her Grace's patent from 1672, Michaelmas and Jan. following : (4) the remainder being 2,330l. 14s. 0d. for the year Sept., 1672, to Sept., 1673 ; and 2,626l. 10s. 8d. for the year Sept., 1673, to Sept., 1674, as also the Commissioners' charges into the North and West during that time being 622l., and in the whole amounting to 5,589l. 0s. 11d. is to be referred to the King's determination.
The 26th of March is appointed for hearing the difference betwixt the University of Oxford and the Commissioners of Wine Licences concerning the licencing of taverns in that city. A letter to be written to the Vice-Chancellor to appoint some persons to attend on that day in behalf of the University.
On Wednesday morning the Lord Treasurer and the Chancellor of the Exchequer are to meet at the Treasury Chambers about the business of the Goldsmiths, who are to attend at the same time.
Sir John Berry to be paid by tally on the contractors for receiving the Hearth duty [viz.] on their payment [of rent] due on the 19th of Sept. next.
[Ibid, pp. 211-2.]
Mar. 9. [Order for] Lord Chandos to have 100l. [as] half a year on his pension. In the margin : Done [meaning order drawn].
Mr. Steevens to pay Mris. Tillford (Tillfford) 200l. more.
Mrs. [altered to my Lady] Fettiplace [is ordered] to be considered at the King's return from Newmarket. Mr. Fillingham is to give the Lord Treasurer an accompt of her pretentions.
The goldsmiths are called in and the Lord Treasurer promises them to give them an answer immediately upon the King's return from Newmarket.
The "Ann" yacht is to be paid to 24 June, 1674. The "Cleveland" to be paid to 24 June, 1673.
A bill of credit for 1,000l. to be provided for Sir William Lockhart for his following the [French King's] camp this spring.
Put the Lord Treasurer in mind of the Earl of Inchiquin's demands for Tangier, viz. 1,865l. to be advanced to him for his pay as Governor of Tangier ; 1,744l. 19s. 0d. to be advanced for the garrison's pay due at 1675, Lady Day : total 6,609l. 19s. 0d. [sic] whereof 1,100l. [is] promised to be paid by Lord Belasyse on his accompt.
The officers of the Ordnance attend the Lord Treasurer with the books of the debts of that office.
The Earl of Bath to be paid [1,475l. 10s. 0d., being] a quarter on his several pensions, viz. 500l. on his pension on the Customs for 1674, Xmas quarter, 750l. for same quarter on the Exchequer [as first Gentleman of the Bedchamber] and 225l. 10s. 0d. for same quarter as Governor of Plymouth.
Abraham Smyth called in and informs the Lord Treasurer of the manner of procuring sea briefs, viz. first affidavit is made before some Justice of the propriety [ownership] of the ship and then the Lords of the Admiralty's hands are procured. Mr. Pepys [is ordered] to attend the Lord Treasurer about sea briefs, and that Mr. Bertie call to him for the business of the passports for the Lord Treasurer's perusal and directions [therein].
Due to several castles following to Lady Day, 1673.
s. d.
Motes Bulwark (3 years, 1669, Mich., to 1673, Lady Day) 532 5 10
Dover Castle (2 years, 1670, Mich., to 1673, Lady Day) 486 13 4
Sandown Castle (same) 501 17 6
Arcliff Bulwark (same) 136 17 6
Deal Castle (1 years, 1671, Mich., to 1673, Lady Day) 328 10 0
Sandgate Castle (same) 301 2 6
Walmer Castle (same) 301 2 6
The fee of one assistant (1672, Mich., to 1673, Lady Day) 18 5 0
2,606 14 2
The Lord Treasurer directs payment of the several castles as above to 1673, Lady Day, amounting to 2,606l. 14s. 2d. or thereabouts.
Mr. Chudleigh's order of 46l. [is ordered] to be paid. In the margin : Done [meaning letter to that effect written to the Auditor of the Receipt].
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 212-4.]
March 11. Sir Stephen Fox and the Excise Commissioners [are ordered] to bring in a state of the Excise and how far it was charged [up to] the 30th of September last and to continue the said accompt to the 1st of January.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is ordered] to have 4,000l. for payment of the "Bristoll" and "Quaker" ketch : and 12,000l. more for two weeks' [allowance] to the Navy. In the margin : Done [meaning letters written accordingly to the Auditor of the Receipt].
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 214.]
[Mar. 15.] [The Lord Treasurer orders] Mr. Strode to sign this [the following] order : "Whereas His Majesty hath been graciously pleased to grant unto me the reversion of the office of Customer of Plymouth upon the death, surrender, forfeiture or other avoidance of Christopher Warren, the present Customer there, I do hereby promise and engage to surrender my present employment of Surveyor General of His Majesty's Woods, Trent southwards, immediately upon my admission and enjoyment of the said place of Customer. Witness my hand this Eleventh day of March, 1674-5." [See infra under date 1675, June 23.]
[Ibid. p. 215.]
March 15.
Treasury Chambers.
Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Kent and the Excise Commissioners are called in. They both attend the Lord Treasurer with the present state of the Excise and the anticipations thereon till the end of the present farm. The money remaining to be disposed of is estimated at 207,000l.
The Lord Treasurer directs 2,000l. per week to be paid out of the Customs for the use of the Forces : to commence from Lady Day, 1675.
A warrant also to be drawn for striking tallies on the Excise for 50,000l. to the Forces, which carries them from 1674-5, Jan. 1, to 1675, July 1.
Lord Gorges to be paid 250l. as one of the Council of Foreign Plantations.
Sir Anthony Cope's warrant to be drawn for 274l. per an. on the Customs in lieu of his interest for the ground on which the Custom House is now built, as the Lord Treasurer has allowed on the 23 Aug., 1673.
Sir William St. Ravy to have 200l. upon his pension.
[Ibid. pp. 215-6.]
Mar. 16. Mr. Evelyn to be paid as far as Mr. Waller [is paid].
The business of the [Cornwall Duchy] tin is to be considered to-morrow. Sir William Jones, Mr. Tregeagle, Sir William Smyth and the Earl of Bath are to attend at such time as the Attorney General shall appoint.
A warrant to be drawn for Mr. Bridgman granting him 400l. per an. as Mr. Cooke had ; and to commence from the time Mr. Cook's grant shall take place or prove effectual, viz. [the said payment to be] for 5 years on the Customs and in case of failure [of such payment out of the Custom then to be charged] on the Exchequer.
[Ibid. p. 216.]
Mar. 17.
Wallingford House.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Earl of Bath, Attorney General, Sir William Smith, Mr. Tregegle, Mr. Courtney.
Mr. Courtney and Mr. Tregeagle [are ordered] to propose to the Lord Treasurer some expedient to prevent the exporting of tin in bars. Mr. Tregeagle to be allowed his charges in the prosecution of this business and the overplus of the reward, which is 96l.
Write to the Trustees [for sale of Fee Farm rents] to stop the passing of the Burrough fee farm rents of [the Duchy of] Cornwall. [Order is also given] to stop the renewing of Mr. Johnson's lease of the manor of Liskeard in said Duchy.
Mr. Papillon and Mr. Harrison are to inform the Lord Treasurer whether the goods were sold according to the true value and when. Mr. Hooke is to give an account thereof.
On Friday morning Sir William Smith is to attend the Lord Treasurer about the tin affair. Mr. Burnett, Mr. Bernard (the Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer's deputy) and Sir Robert Croke are to attend at the same time.
The Attorney General advises a seizure to be made of a parcel of tin and [so for it] to come to trial in the Exchequer to be legally determined : the [tin] officers [of the Duchy] to single out some particular person upon whom to fix this seizure.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 217.]
Mar. 18. [Ordered that] 300l. be immediately provided for the pale [paling] at Hampton Court. Consider [into] whose hand it is most proper to put the money.
[Ibid. p. 218.]
Mar. 19. [Order for] payment of 7,500l. to the Ordnance for one quarter to Lady Day next : [to be paid] upon the Customs.
Write to the Commissioners for Sussex that the Lord Treasurer has viewed the original estreats delivered into the office of the Pipe and of the Treasurer's Remembrancer. They [the said estreats] inform my Lord that the error lies in the Clerks of the Peace and the Clerks of Assize. [Ordered] that the [county] Justices [of the peace] advertise and enquire of the Clerk of the Peace there as my Lord will [do] here to the Clerks of the Assize My Lord will take care to inform the Lord Keeper.
The Lord Treasurer orders 100l. immediately to Signior Taffaletto.
The Attorney General advises [the Lord Treasurer] to cause a new copy to be taken of the original record in the Exchequer of the names and additions [conditions] of the Recusants in co. Sussex, which is to be carefully examined and attested. This to be sent down to the Commissioners and they [are to be] desired to compare it with the schedule which now they have [among the records of Quarter Sessions] and if they find them to agree they are to take notice that the fault is committed by the officers below [them]. If [on the contrary] there should be any considerable variance then they [are to] return the schedule and Commission to the Lord Treasurer, who will examine whose the fault is here and return the same rectified to them again. The Commissioners are to take notice that if there be any literal mistakes in the names of the parties and yet, notwithstanding, the sound [of the various differently spelled names] be the same such mistakes will not be material. Also if the names of the places of their abode be mistaken, if the Commissioners can be satisfied 'tis the same person [as was] intended they may safely proceed, notwithstanding such mistakes.
The officers of the port of Southampton are to [continue to] act till the Lord Treasurer's further orders ; being lately suspended by the [Customs] Commissioners.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 218-9.]
Mar. 22. Carter, Elton and Maxwell, three of the Queen's Grooms of the Great Chamber, their orders for 36l. 10s. 0d. each, dated 1673, June 30, [are ordered] to be paid.
The Queen's servants payable by the Treasurer of the Chamber are to be put into the same condition [as far as payment of their arrears of salaries is concerned] as the King's [servants] of the same degree. Directions to be given accordingly. In the margin : Done.
Put the Lord Treasurer in mind of the Duke of Monmouth's 5,000l. [due to him] in consideration of his expenses into France.
Mr. Fripp to bring in his Book of Rates which is to be perused by the Customs Commissioners [who are to make] report hereon to the Lord Treasurer this day week.
Sir Edmund Turner, Surveyor [of the outports], and Alderman Backwell, Comptoller [of London port], are to attend Mr. Hen. Fanshaw about the examination of the port bonds.
The reason [is ordered] to be given [stated] in Mr. Verney's warrant [viz. that] because it was brought to Marseilles in time of the war [it is therefore] to be admitted to an entry [on his] giving the officer [concerned in the seizure] some reasonable satisfaction.
The Lord Treasurer to be minded to move the Lords of the Admiralty that no more passes [beyond sea] be granted till the King returns.
A warrant directed to Sir Nicholas Crispe to number the bonds progressively.
Enquire what Custom bonds are standing out : and the Lord Treasurer to speak with Alderman Backwell about Sir Jo. Bankes's interest.
The Earl of Inchiquin's pay for Tangier [is ordered] out of the establishment of the Customs.
[Ibid. pp. 219-20.]
Mar. 23. A King's warrant to be drawn for Dr. Arris and his son to be Comptroller of Exeter port upon the determination of Scipio Stukeley['s interest therein].
A warrant to be drawn for 1,180l. 18s. 3d. upon the Wine Licences ; allowed to Lady Cleveland.
[A letter to the Auditor of the Receipt for] 300l. is ordered to be writ for ; to [be paid to] the Master of the Robes.
The Lord Treasurer directs the payment of 300l. for Healing medals.
[Order for] 1,000l. to be paid to Monsieur le Gouche, the King's Jeweller.
The Lord Treasurer likewise directs 533l. 15s. 0d. to be paid, on Mr. Slingesby's contingencies, for the clerks attending the Council of Plantations.
[Ibid. p. 220.]
Mar. 24. An order to be drawn and set upon the door [of the Treasury Chambers] that Thursdays [in each week] are appointed [by the Lord Treasurer for him] to give answers to petitions ; and that all that deliver petitions to the Secretary [of the Treasury] shall have answer the Thursday following.
To give the Lord Treasurer an account of the small branches [of the Customs and revenue how they are farmed and charged, &c.].
Viscount Ranelagh to be spoken with in [the matter of] Sir William Carr's petition as also the Earl of Inchiquin's.
Without the King's directions the Lord Treasurer cannot pay the remainder of Hen. Progers' debt (60l.).
The Lord Treasurer willingly consents to grant the petition of Mr. Ross for his board wages if it be His Majesty's pleasure "and his Lordship did not to take it off."
[Order for] Maj. Gen. Laugharne to have half a year of his pension.
The petitions of Sir Jo. Bunce and Sir Thomas Williamson are to be put into the Lord Treasurer's papers for the next Council [meeting] and [also] Mr. Thyn's about a jewel.
The Lord Treasurer agrees to Sir Cha. Harbord's limitations as to Mr. Fox's petition for Decoy Pond in New Forest and [the] Slaughterhouse at Westminster. [My Lord] allows no fee-deer. As to the form [of the grant] His Majesty's pleasure must be further known.
Mr. Thyn's petition for a lease is referred to Sir Cha. Harbord.
Some way to be considered of for placing [upon a reliable fund] Lord Widdrington's arrears.
Sir John Oneby's petition is referred to Sir Robt. Howard.
Mr. Sturt to be paid for [the period of] my Lord's time [? as Lord Treasurer].
Mr. Slingsby to attend at the Treasury to-morrow morning.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 221.]
1675. Mar. 25. On Wednesday next, Mar. 31, the pewterers are to attend with their proposals concerning the tin.
Mr. Levett is to have 300l. for 1 years of his pension.
A letter [to be written] to the Commissioners [? of Customs] to continue Mr. Clement in his office till further order.
The Lord Treasurer orders 12,000l. to the Navy for two weeks' [allowance].
[Ibid. p. 222.]
Mar. 26. Mr. Charnock to be paid a quarter due to him as one of the Serjeants at Arms.
Mr. Rastall's petition is to be read when the Customs Commissioners next attend the Lord Treasurer.
A privy seal to be drawn for 4,810l. 7s. 11d. to pay the castles and forts nt supra p. 293, which will bring them to Jan. 1 last, and then [from that date] they are to come into Sir Stephen Fox's establishment [in general for the Forces].
A warrant [is ordered] to Commissary Baynes to take care that the [moneys due for] quarters in Southwark due from the Barbados regiment [quartered there] be carefully discharged.
A letter to be written to the Mayor and Justices of Tiverton (and [care to be taken] that the judgment of the said Mayor and Aldermen be produced to the Lord Treasurer when the letter is written) about abuses offered to the officers of the Farmers of Excise in that town.
A letter to be written to Francis Bell, a Justice of Peace in Norfolk, on the like occasion. The same to Sir John Corbett in co. Salop. The same to the city of Bristol. A letter to be written by Mr. Bertie to Mr. Aldworth, the town clerk, [? of Bristol] on the same occasion. A letter likewise to be written to the Mayor and Aldermen of Shrewsbury.
A letter [to be written to the Auditor of the Receipt] for [payment of] a quarter to the Lord Keeper. In the margin : Done.
Mr. Le Gouche to have a year of his salary.
The difference betwixt the University of Oxford and the Commissioners of Wine Licenses is heard concerning the licensing of taverns in that University. Oxford pretends to have the sole licensing of taverns there. The Attorney General says the King has power to grant licenses, the University has no right. Before the statute of 7 Edw. VI. it was lawful for every man to sell wine. Then no need of licenses. That statute appoints the taverns in each place, particularly three in Oxford, to be regulated by the chief officer of the Corporation. There is in it a saving to the rights of the University, which [rights] could not be for letting licenses (there being no need) but by that saving he conceives was only meant to punish misdemeanours, &c. The statute of 13 Car. II. gives power to the King to make Commissioners and they to let licences all over England. The question will not be whether the University or the town have the right of the three licences but whether either can hinder the King from letting more. The Act has a saving but gives no power. They [the University] must shew a preceding privilege [dating from] before the Act of Parliament [of Edw. VI.].
Mr. Pemberton [Counsel on behalf of the University] says the University do not anything upon account of profit ; take no fines for licences, &c. : all they stand upon is the number of taverns, [the University] being entrusted with the government of the place ; and three have been accounted sufficient. The University had a power to licence taverns before the [Act of] 7 Edw. VI.
Dr. Wallis [witness for the University] says the records speak of acts of the University for punishment of offenders that sold without leave, &c.
Sir Walter Rawleigh's and Lord Goring's cases are mentioned and how they were defeated by Cambridge and Oxford. The difference with the latter was compromised that those two which he had licensed should continue during the time of their licenses but no more [to be licensed]. Thereupon King Charles I., 1636, makes a new patent to the University that from that time there should be but three taverns, and those let by the University.
The Attorney General says that [the pretended right of] granting licences before Edw. VI. is but talk : they [the University] make use of the saving in the Act to be a proof of the right. The usage before the Act appears not. Sir W. Rawleigh's and Lord Goring's cases [he says are] no way material, the one being a precarious thing and always overruled and the other much like it. To say they could do no good by patents argues not that the [Licence] Commissioners cannot, who have the authority of an Act of Parliament. A new Act cannot be concluded by an old grant. When one Act says there shall be but three and another that the King shall have power to let as many as he pleases, saving to the University, &c., what is that of hindering?
Mr. Pem[berton replies] by the first they are restrained to three, and if the King might dispense with that yet he gives away the power of more from him and his successors. Then comes the Act with a proviso to our privileges and liberties, part whereof is that there shall be but three.
Dr. Wallis says he has proofs that they did licence and prohibit before the 7 of Ed. VI., but Mr. Pemerton says he is not provided fully [therewith and therefore] desires another day, which the Lord Treasurer consents to, and appoints April 28 to hear this matter again. In the meantime the Lord Treasurer orders, and Dr. Wallis promises, that Sturt, the tenant to the King, shall receive no more disturbance than the rest of the Vintners, but enjoy the same freedom.
The Lord Treasurer directs Matthew Perkin to be the next tidesman at Bristol.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 222-5.]
Mar. 27. [Write to Mr. Mountney for] 10,000l. to be sent for from the Customs into the Exchequer.
A quarter on both his pensions [is ordered] to be paid to Lord Gerard. In the margin : Done [meaning warrant accordingly sent to the Auditor of the Receipt].
The Band of Pensioners to be paid a quarter out of any money in the Exchequer (like marginal note as above).
Mr. Percivall to be put into the next vacancy of a tidewaiter in London port. A letter to be written to that purpose.
[Ibid. pp. 225-6.]
Mar. 29. [Order for] 1,000l. for the Wardrobe.
Mr. Long's petition is referred to the Customs Commissioners and the patent officers or any three of them.
Mr. Rodney's petition is referred to Mr. Strode.
The petition from Bideford and Barnstaple is referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Mr. Hilton's business concerning the Excise men in Lancashire is to be heard on Wednesday.
Mr. Wren to have a warrant upon Mr. Arden for 42l. for looking after the Bishop's house at Durham, &c.
Sir Ed. Bysh to have a warrant for 300l. upon the privy seal dormant in consideration of his book printing, &c.
"Directions to be given to the Commissioners of the Customs [sic] to secure an Ostend man-of-war who in a hostile manner has boarded many of our ships : by order of Council referred to my Lord."
Mr. [sic. for Mrs.] H. G. [Nell Gwyn] to have 1,000l. for a quarter due at Lady Day. A letter [to that effect] to be written to Sir Stephen Fox. In the margin : Done [meaning letter written].
[Tallies ordered to be struck for the following :] the Duke of Monmouth 2,000l., Sir Stephen Fox's two privy seals 1,000l., Som[erset] Fox 75l., [being severally] for a quarter each. A letter to be [sent to the Receipt] to strike [these] tallies.
Mr. Skelton's 614l. due upon account of the fortifications at Plymouth [is ordered] to be paid upon Capt. Wharton's privy seal for the Ordnance. In the margin : Done [meaning letter of direction sent to the Auditor of the Receipt].
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 226-7.]
Mar. 30. A letter to be written [to the Auditor of the Receipt] for payment to Fitz Simonds, Serjeant at Arms, of half a year due upon the Lord Treasurer's warrant, dated , 1673.
[Ibid. p. 227.]
Mar. 30. Sir Ja. Norfolk's petition read. Ordered that the Lord Chief Baron, the Master of the Rolls and the Speaker [of the House of Commons] be consulted about the allowances usual for fuel, &c., in the House of Commons.
Mr. Wisely's [petition read] : to be put into the papers for [carrying up to the Privy] Council.
Mr. Whinyard's [petition read]. The Lord Treasurer can give no answer to it as yet.
Mr. Hookes' [petition read] : The Lord Treasurer will allow no more reversions upon the [places of the] undersearchers, those places being clogged too much already.
Mr. Bridgman's warrant to be for seven years, but to commence [only] when Mr. Cooke's [grant] does prove effectual.
Mr. Moore's [petition read] for a reversion of a king's waiter's place at Bristol. Denied.
Mr. Etheridge's petition read, praying an arrear of [due to] Mris. Rattray, as [he being] executor to her. Denied.
[Petition read from] Dorny, Segar and Gregory and Ned, praying an allowance for charges at Windsor last summer. "Mr. Secretary" [probably the Secretary to the Treasury] to consider what is fit for them.
Lady Pooley's [petition read] petitioning the King for a long time upon her pension upon the coal farm [and having been by the King] referred to the Lord Treasurer. To be considered when her present grant determines.
Copping's [petition read] for interest upon an assignment of Colvile's. Denied : Colvile [or Colvile's executrix] receives interest [thereon].
Mr. Fripp's scheme and letter are to be transmitted to the Customs Commissioners.
[Petition read from] Mr. Jo. Ball for 400l. per an. [he] having been Treasurer of the Excise and turned out, &c. [on the reduction of the Excise Office : said petition having been] referred from the King. To be respited till Col. Birch can be spoken with.
Mris Fowler's [petition read] for an annuity upon the merits of her father the Judge Advocate. Mr. Bates to be spoken with in it.
Mr. Johnson's [petition read]. My Lord to know the value of the thing desired.
A warrant to be drawn for Lord Duras [for] 500l. per an. pension [the warrant to be left] blank [as to the date of] commencement and term. In the margin : Done.
[Order for] the Prince [Rupert's] quarter [on his pension] to be paid. In the margin : Done [meaning order sent to that effect to the Auditor of the Receipt].
[? Order for a quarter on] Sir Ed. Dering's [? pension]. (The like marginal note.)
[? The like order for] the officers of the Garter. (The like marginal note.)
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 229.]
Mar. 31.
Treasury Chambers.
[Order for] 500l. to be paid this day to the Privy Purse for Healing medals. In the margin : Done [meaning order sent to the Receipt].
Lady Fisher to have 500l. (The like marginal note.)
Tallies to be stricken for Sir Edward Deering for a quarter of his pension. (The like marginal note.)
Monsieur du Puis to be paid for my Lord Treasurer's time, as keeper of the Maile [Mall].
The [Poor] Knights of Windsor to be paid [for] this quarter. (The like marginal note.)
Mr. Bernard Turnor, goldsmith, being security for Crawley, His Majesty's Receiver of Hearthmoney, Essex, detains 1,000l. of said Crawley's [moneys] in his hands upon that accompt. Agreed by the Lord Treasurer that Turnor pay 500l. of the said 1,000l. upon the tallies to be struck for him for the year's interest due to him at Xmas, 1673, and the other 500l. upon any tallies that shall be struck for payment of his interest due at Xmas, 1674, and that said Turner shall pay said sums within two months after said tallies shall be struck.
The Earl of Oxford's tallies for his pension are to be struck on the First Fruits.
The petition of Richard Hilton is read complaining of several oppressions received from the sub-Commissioners of Excise in co. Lanes. A letter [is ordered] to be written to Thomas Chadwick to make Hilton some satisfaction for the injustice done to him and to recommend it particularly to Sir Ralph Knight to procure the same [to be done].
Monday forenoon next the Lord Keeper, Lord Treasurer, Sir John Duncomb and Sir Robert Howard are to meet at the Treasury Chamber about the business of the Goldsmiths.
A warrant to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farm Rents to make up the whole accompt of that affair.
Mr. Shales is appointed to have access to the accompts that are yet to pass the Auditor for the office of the Navy, Victuallers and Ordnance, and to certify to the Lord Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer how he finds the state of those accounts. A letter to be written to the Auditors [concerned in the stating of said accounts, viz. the Auditors of Imprests], and another to Mr. Shales to this purpose.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, 227-8.]