Minute Book: April 1675

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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April 1675

April 1. The Lord Treasurer directs Lady Fisher to have 500l. more : [making] in all 1,000l. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Col. Villiers to have 1 years as Governor of Teignmouth and keeper of His Majesty's house and park at Richmond.
The Earl of Bath and Lord Hawley [are ordered] to have a quarter of their pension due at Lady Day last. (Marginal note as above.)
[Treasury Minute Book, Vol. V. p. 1.]
April 3. The Earl of Strafford to have a quarter of his pension.
[Ibid. p. 1.]
April 5. A note to be subscribed by every goldsmith and partners mentioned in the patent for two years' interest [viz. in the following words]. "I, A. B., do declare that the money received by me in pursuance of an instrument under His Majesty's Great Seal, bearing date , as interest for two years for the sum of , shall not amount unto nor be understood to make a stated accompt for so much principall sum to me and my partners due, but that the accompt whereby I have demanded the said sum as principall due to me and partners shall remain and continue at all times hereafter subject and liable to all exceptions, enquiries and examinations touching the truth of the same as fully and amply as the same should and ought to have been if no such interest had been payed in pursuance of the instrument aforesaid ; any such instrument or payment made to the contrary notwithstanding. In witness whereof I have hereto sett my hand and seal, &c."
[Ibid. p. 1.]
Sir Robert Howard and the goldsmiths to attend.
Sir Ri. Ford, Mr. Gregory and Mr. Banks, with the Auditors [are] to attend.
Sir William Warren to attend also.
[Day Book p. 90.]
April 7. Sir William Killegrew's quarter of his pension to be paid. In the margin : Done [meaning warrant drawn].
Mr. Newport and Mr. Darcy to have a quarter on their fee. The like marginal note.
Capt. Wisely to have a blank warrant for His Majesty's free gift : [postea] to be filled up : 200l. The like marginal note.
Such goldsmiths as have any of the King's Receivers' money in their hands [are] to pay the same or else that it be deducted out of their next payment of interest upon the Excise.
The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind to speak with the King about Mr. Montagu's extraordinaries placed upon the Dutch patacons : and also concerning another 1,000l. for Ambassador Lockhart's equipage.
Sir William Swan's order for his entertainment and extraordinaries (amounting to 1,348l.) is directed to be satisfied by payment of 500l. forthwith out of the Exchequer and the remaining 848l. by tallies on the Hearthmoney Farmers on their rent payable after 1675, Sept. 19.
[As to] the arrears of the armorers being 826l. 4s. 6d. the Lord Treasurer will recommend their case to the Master of the Ordnance upon his next assignments, for which sum they have already a privy seal.
A warrant to be drawn for granting the house where Lady Marshall lives during her life. The butts and bounds to be known from the Surveyor General.
Warrant [ordered] for making four dogger boats free ships of this kingdom, being lately bought in Holland by the undertakers for erecting a fishery in the Holy Island : the same being directed by an order in Council of Mar. 31 last.
Warrant [ordered] for half a year of Viscount Falkland's pension.
Warrants to be made out for those goldsmiths whose accounts are stated [viz.] for the last moiety of their interest.
The Lord Treasurer moving the King for a privy seal for 37,100l. for 700 tons of saltpetre bought of the East India Company, he [the King] was pleased to say he would speak with the Master of the Ordnance in it.
"Mr. Robinson's warrant to be drawn to commence from my Lord's time [as Lord Treasurer] as to his allowance for pulling down the houses which belonged to him as Gentleman Porter in the Tower."
Capt. Wesley's (Wisely's) warrant on the privy seal dormant is to be filled up [for] 200l.
Sir George Carteret's petition [is read] : two pence [is ordered] to be added to the penny per .
Mr. Fanshaw's 618l. 18s. 0d. is to be placed on the Hearthmoney payable in Sept. next.
Mr. Montagu's extraordinaries placed upon the Dutch patacons [are ordered] to be settled as the Earls of Lichfield's and Sussex's shall be.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 2-3.]
The goldsmiths [to attend the Lord Treasurer].
[Day Book, p. 90.]
April 9. Sir Andrew King's petition to be put into the Lord Treasurer's papers for [the Privy] Council.
The 2,000l. returned by Mr. Kirwood to Sir William Lockhart [is] to be placed on the Chimney money payable in Sept. next.
Sir Fra. Chaplaine [is ordered] to have two years' interest, as the bankers have.
Major Baily's (Bayly's) report is to be drawn [as follows, viz.] the 2,500l. petitioned for [is] to be paid in a year or two out of the revenue in Ireland after Xmas next, or such other way as the King please.
Mr. Ward to have answer from the Lords of the Admiralty.
Warrant for 2,000l. for the Wardrobe.
La[dy] Newburgh to have a quarter : 150l.
[Treasury Book V. p. 3.]
April 10. The Duchess Dowager of Richmond [is] to have 250l. [for] Lady day quarter of her pension.
Mr. Tho. Doily : a quarter also.
The Earl of Nottingham : a quarter on his 1,000 marks.
A report to be drawn on Mr. Thynn's petition.
Mr. Lyndsay's 1,000l. to Mr. Puckle [is] to be placed upon the Chimney money [payable] in Sept. next : and also an order for 251l. 4s. 0d. to Don Bernardo de Salinas.
[Warrant for] 3,000l. for the Duke of Monmouth for coaches, &c. : to be placed upon the Chimney money payable in Sept. next.
Mr. Trelawny's petition to be referred.
Viscount Brouncker to have a quarter on his pension.
[Ibid. p. 4.]
Sir Rich. Ford and Sir William Warren's business to be heard in the morning.
[Day Book, p. 91.]
April 12. Sir Edward Carteret's salary to be paid [viz.] a quarter due at Xmas.
Sir James Norfolk to have 100l. for fire, &c., for the service of the House of Commons.
A warrant for Sir Jonathan Atkins' salary on his privy seal : [to be payable] on the Four and a Half per cent.
The Auditors of the Imprests are to have 150l. on the general dormant patent to enable them to go on with the general accompt of the Customs for three years ending 1674, Sept. 29.
[Treasury Minute Book Vol. V. p. 4.]
April 13. A letter [ordered] for 12,000l. for two weeks' [allowance] for the Navy.
April 14. Lady Portsmouth's creation money to be paid. (In the margin : Done meaning letter written to the Receipt.)
April 17. The Robes to have four weeks' [allowance]. Like marginal note as above.
Process to be stopped till further order against Martin Sandys, collector of Hearthmoney in Worcestershire.
Lord Chandos to have 100l. [for] half a year. Like marginal note as above.
Sir Tho. Clutterbuck to have the balance of his account, being 1,000l. or thereabouts, paid him forthwith by the Navy Commissioners, out of the establishment. Like marginal note as above.
The Victuallers to have 5,000l. placed on the Hearthmoney payable in September next.
Mr. Hebdon's own security to be taken for his debt because the King owes him much more [than he owes the King].
Sir Fra. Chaplin's 1,320l. for interest money is to be placed on the Excise, one half at Midsummer [next] the other half at midsummer following.
Sir Henry Osborne to bring the Lord Treasurer an accompt of money received by him on the 500l. a week for the Sick and Wounded and how [same has been] by him distributed to the [Sick and Hurt] Commissioners. Like marginal note as above.
Auditor Aldworth sent the Lord Treasurer an accompt of [speculatively] bought orders in the Goldsmiths' hands, viz. :
s. d.
Sir Robert Vyner 6,638 6 0
Mr. Portman 10,992 0 3
Mr. Rowe 2,072 3 0
19,702 9 3
which he judges reasonable that interest should be paid for at the rate of 6 per cent. from the time the said orders would have been paid in course had not the stop [of the Exchequer] intervened : but submits this to the Lord Treasurer.
[Treasury Minute Book Vol. V. pp. 4-5.]
April 19. Sir Samuel Moreland to have a quarter on his pensions. Like marginal note as above.
Mrs. Mell to be put in the minutes for the King. [The arrear on] her husband Thomas Mell's allowance of 20d. a day and 16l. 2s. 6d. per an. is 34l. 18s. 1d. for three quarters of a year.
Lady Bridgman's also for Bowood Park [is to be put among the minutes for the King].
The Victuallers to have interest at 6 per cent. for the 5,000l. upon the Hearthmoney.
The "Bezan" yacht is to be paid to 1674, June 24.
[Signior] Taffaletta to have another 100l. of Sir Stephen Fox. Like marginal note as above.
Mris. Hudson to have a quarter : 12l. 10s. 0d. The like marginal note.
Lord Alington to have a warrant for 375l. [for] three quarters as one of the Council of Foreign Plantations.
Mr. Culliford to have what was due at Lady Day [last] being 100l. [for] half a year. Like marginal note as above.
Acquaint Sir Stephen Fox that 'tis the King's pleasure that Sir Ro. Holmes's pay as Governor of the Isle of Wight be continued. The like marginal note.
"The effigies of the old King to be brought to Charing Cross and a place made for it."
A warrant for 100l. for Col. Kirkby : upon the privy seal dormant.
Sir Jer. Smith to be put in [among] the Lord Treasurer's minutes [papers] for [to be carried to] the King.
[Ibid. pp. 5-6.]
April 22. Mr. Mounteney to send into the Exchequer 10,000l. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written to him].
Sir Jo. Jorden to have a letter to Mr. Mounteney for payment of his son's fee as King's waiter, according to the directions of the Lord Treasurer's dormant warrant.
Mr. Worth's petition referred to the Customs Commissioners. The Lord Treasurer to speak with Thomas Row, Esq., upon his petition.
The petition of the inhabitants of Gosport about the diet and lodging of the sick and wounded seamen is to be sent to Mr. Knollis, the Commissioner for that district, [for him] to take care in it.
The Lord Treasurer to be minded, when he goes to the King, of an old navy bill of Sir Richard Ford's for 82l. 19s. 6d. : and of the petition of Mr. Rumbold.
[Treasury Minute Book Vol. V. p. 6.]
April 23. Dr. Troutbeck to have a tally for 50l. for one quarter on his pension. A letter to be written [to the Exchequer accordingly.]
April 24. Mr. Strode to be ordered to measure out forthwith 30 acres of land to each of the six lodges in Dean Forest in such places as, by the Lord Treasurer's direction, the Marquess of Worcester hath already appointed.
Sir Ste. Fox to pay 500l. by way of advance to Mr. [sic for Mrs.] H. G. [Nell Gwyn.] In the margin : Done [meaning letter written to Fox].
April 26. The Navy to have two weeks' [allowance] : 12,000l. Like marginal note as above.
[Ibid. p. 7.]
April 27. The business of the University of Oxford is to be heard to-morrow afternoon at 3.
And about 4 p.m. Sir Ri. Ford, Mr. Bankes and Sir William Warren are to attend. Notice given.
April 28. The Vice-Chancellor of Oxford and the Commissioners of the Wine Licences are to attend again. The business between them is put off till Saturday afternoon, May 1.
[Day Book, p. 91.]
April 29. [Order for] 4,000l. to be paid to Sir Stephen Fox for Secret Service. In the margin : Done [warrant drawn] for 2,000l. and 2,000l. more.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 7.]
April 30. The Earl of Bristol to have his quarter. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Lord Byron to have 250l. for half a year of his pension. The like note.