Minute Book: May 1675

Pages 307-310

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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May 1675

May 1. [The business between the University of Oxford and the Wine Licence Commissioners is] put off till Monday afternoon the 3rd inst.
Sir William Strode's [business] also to be then heard. Sir Ch. Harbord to attend then.
[Day Book, p. 91.]
May 4. The new Royal Foundation [of the King's mathematical boys at Christ's Hospital] to have a quarter : 250l. Like marginal note as above.
The Lord Privy Seal to have half a year of his allowance of 20s. a day.
"A state of the revenue of all the branches to be forthwith prepared."
A copy to be taken out of the [Privy] Council books of the establishment of the revenue in July, 1668.
Sir Robert Howard to be written to not to pay any more money without particular directions from the Lord Treasurer and that for the future he add in the certificate [a note of] the day when each payment was made. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written].
Mr. Mounteney to pay into the Exchequer 10,000l. Like marginal note.
The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind of moving the King as to the Alienations Commissioners next Council day.
[Order for] 9,750l. to be paid to Mr. Pepys for the mole at Tangier out of the 10,000l. lately borrowed.
[Treasury Minute Book Vol. V. p. 7.]
May 10. The [remain of the Queen's dowry or] Portugal money brought [over] in the [ship] "Soudades" is to be forthwith paid into the Exchequer for the service of Windsor. A letter to be written to Alderman Backwell for that purpose.
Lady Windham's pension to be paid. A warrant to be drawn.
Lord Crofts : [warrant for] a quarter on his pension. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Lady Pooley to be paid half a year, 500l. : upon the Coal farm : tallies to be struck.
Stop [ordered] of process against the merchants at Bristol concerning the corn.
The Duke [of York's] children's allowance [is ordered] to be paid. Like marginal note as above.
The Greenwax money to be paid to Mr. [William] Roberts : 400l. 7s. 2d. Like marginal note.
[Ibid, p. 8.]
May 12. The Countess of Falmouth to have a quarter of her pension. Like marginal note as above.
May 13. Speak with Mr. Strowd to know if in the New Forest 1,100l. worth of timber may be set out.
To know of the [Custom] Commissionere why Mr. Mounteney may not give in his certificate the same day with Sir Robert Howard.
A copy of the [Customs] Commissioners' Plantation report is to be sent to the Lords of the Council for Foreign Plantations.
Mr. Legouch to have 300l. of his 1,000l. Like marginal note as above.
The [Trial of the] Pix dinner [is ordered] to be paid [for]. Like marginal note.
May 14. Lord Alington's late warrant for 375l. [is ordered] to be satisfied. Like marginal note.
[Treasury Minute Book Vol. V. p. 8.]
May 15. Mr. Whitgrave's pension is ordered on the First Fruits. Like marginal note.
Mr. Mounteney to pay in what money he has in cash into the Exchequer. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written].
Order for 12,000l. for the service of the Navy ; whereof 6,000l. to be paid to the "Phoenix," and the other 6,000l. towards the weekly payments. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Lord Frescheville [to be] paid half a year : 76l. The like note.
May 17. Col. Thomas Howard and [his] sister are to be paid a quarter : 125l. Like marginal note.
Col. Rumsey's tally for 200l. upon the Portugal money is to be paid by Alderman Backwell. A letter [to Backwell accordingly] to be written.
A warrant to be drawn for 1,000l. per an. to Sir Ste. Fox, with blanks for the commencement and the term, [and] with these words "to be paid to Sir Tho. Williams for the King's service."
A warrant for 100l. [to on the] privy seal dormant.
[Ibid. p. 9.]
May 18. The Lord Treasurer directs 100l. for repair of the fences of Bushey Park.
May 19. The Robes to have two weeks' [allowance]. Like marginal note as above.
The Works to have 1,100l. upon their ordinary allowance. The like note.
A year and a half to be paid on the Prince's [Rupert's] 10s. a day as Governor of Windsor. The like note.
Lord Colepeper to have 150l. upon the privy seal dormant : as royal bounty.
Mr. Derham, the Court Post Master, is to be paid what is in arrear.
May 20. The Earl of Mulgrave to have 500l. : for half a vear of his pension.
May 27. Sir Stephen Fox to pay Sir Tho. Kniveton a quarter on his allowance.
Mr. Sayers, the King's cook, is to have a quarter : 75l.
A warrant for a privy seal for Sir Ant. Cope for his Custom House rent from 1671, Lady Day, to 1675, Lady Day [viz. at] 274l. per an. pursuant to an agreement entered in the minutes 4 Dec., 1673.
May 28. Capt. Read's widow to be paid 37l. 10s. 0d. for three quarters on her pension. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Mr. Le Gouche to have 400l. to complete an order of his for 2,900l. The like marginal note.
A warrant to be drawn upon the general letters patent dormant for 56l. to Sir Jo. Howell, Recorder of London, for 21 days spent in the circuit as one of the Justices of Assize. The like marginal note.
[Treasury Minute Book Vol. V. p. 10.]
May 31. Mr. Mounteney to pay into the Exchequer what moneys remain in his hands. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written to Mounteney].
The Navy to have two weeks' [allowance, viz.] 12,000l. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Tho. Cadman carried over soldiers for France the 26th of May. The same day Boreman's yacht returned from Calais, having carried over officers. Several other vessels are hired for that purpose.