Minute Book: July 1675

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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July 1675

July 1. Letters to be written [to the Receipt] for payment to Sir Stephen Fox of 2,000l. for a quarter on the Duke of Monmouth's pension, 500l. for the Earl of Pl[ymouth], 500l. for Sir J[ohn] D[uncombe] and 75l. to Somerset Fox.
The Bishop of Lincoln to be paid 6l. 13s. 4d. for half a year as Professor at Oxford. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
The Gentlemen of the Bedchamber to be paid a quarter.
Prince Rupert to be paid a quarter. The like marginal note.
Sir Edmund Sawyer to have his warrant of 200l. per an. salary upon the Receiver : as he desires in his petition.
A quarter due at Midsummer last to be paid to Col. Howard and his sisters. The like marginal note.
Mr. Chace to have 300l. in part of an arrear of 5,000l. and upwards upon the law duty. The like marginal note.
The Lord Treasurer, having formerly received His Majesty's directions for the payment of an old Navy bill to [Sir] Richard Ford of 82l. 19s. 6d., has directed a letter to be written to the officers of the Navy to pay same accordingly.
A letter to Mr. Mounteney to countermand the payment of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber. Another letter to Sir Robert Howard [at the Exchequer] to the same purpose.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 23.]
July 2. The Excise complaints.
Mr. Worrall's business.
Mr. Johnson's business. Sir Charles Harbord and Mr. Courtney to be summoned [to attend the Lord Treasurer].
[Day Book, p. 93.]
July 5. Mrs. Fanshaw's quarter ordered on the Customs.
The [King's] private music to have one quarter.
The Earl of Bristol [order for] a quarter : [to be drawn] on the Tenths.
Warrant [ordered] for a dormant privy seal for 1,000l. per an. for the Queen upon removes and progresses.
[Warrant for] the Earl of Mulgrave's pension on the Alum Farm.
Capt. Cook's (Cooke's) interest on his order for 240l., which order has been stopped, is directed [by my Lord on what fund to be paid].
Monsieur d'Artigneau to be paid his salary (allowed by the Earl of Plymouth) by Sir Stephen Fox.
Lady Wyndham : [warrant for] 100l. on her quarter.
Mrs. Hext to be paid 50l. : her quarter.
Mrs. G. [Nell Gwyn] to have 500l. immediately as part of her quarter. In the margin : Letter writ [to the Exchequer].
Secretary Williamson : letter of direction to be despatched forthwith for 300l. to him in part of 600l. for secret intelligence.
Mr. Sandys and Mr. Cary to be assigned on some fund.
Mris. Hamilton's 375l. [for] her quarter is directed on the Tenths.
Mrs. Cooper's [warrant for] 200l. to be assigned upon funds.
The Drummers of Honour : [warrant for] 200l. for one year : to be assigned on funds.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 23-4.]
July 5.
[? afternoon] Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Lord Treasurer [when] next time in the [Privy] Council [is] to move the King for 250l. for half a year's pension due to the Earl of Rochester.
Ambassador Temple's ordinary to be directed to be paid by letter. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter of direction sent to the Exchequer].
The Privy Purse to be paid three weeks [on its allowance : and money [to meet this is] to be sent for up out of the Customs. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn, &c.].
The Farmers of Excise complain of several abuses offered to their Collectors and other their officers in the several counties, and present the particulars [thereof]. (1) The Attorney General to be consulted in the case of Kent (concerning the retailers) and to know what he will advise therein. In this case the Justices declare that (by law) the same allowance is to be made to the retailer as to the brewer. (2) Mr. Finch to be sent for to discourse the Lord Treasurer in the case of Gloucestershire.
The Lord Keeper is desired to give directions concerning the collecting the duty of Excise to the Judges in their respective circuits. Letters to be written to the Judges of the several circuits enclosing the particular complaints of the Excise Farmers in the respective counties.
The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind to write to Mr. Stockdale to-morrow. In the margin : 1,200l. owing.
[Ibid. pp. 24-5.]
Mr. Johnson's business to be heard : Sir Charles Harbord and Mr. Courtney to be summoned [to attend].
[Day Book p. 93.]
July 6. Sir Jo. Otway's 40l. [for] one year of his pension [is ordered] to be paid. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Sir Bainham Throckmorton's 100l. per an. as Supervisor of Dean Forest is to be put into the privy seal for settlement of the Keepers, &c., [of said forest] and to commence from the date of the Lord Treasurer's warrant constituting him in that office.
[Treasury Minute Book, V. p. 25.]
July 7. Mr. Worrall's petition (referred [to the Lord Treasurer] by order of Council) is read. The Chancellor of the Exchequer conceives it very fit that the petitioner be relieved.
Mr. Squib's petition read concerning 218l. 17s. 6d. paid to Sir Jo. Kirk without direction from the Auditor [of the Receipt] in [the sure] confidence [that] it would be directed [by the Lord Treasurer to be so paid] but prevented by stop of the Exchequer, &c. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is of the mind, on reading his petition, that he ought to be relieved.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 25.]
July 7. The Chimney business [relating to the account] for the half year of 1666 [for which the Chimney Farmers were made accomptants to the King] is to be heard. Mr. Fillingham, Mr. Webb and Sir Richard Pigot to attend.
[Day Book, p. 94.]
July 8. [Write] Mr. Mounteney to bring into the Exchequer 700l. for Ambassador Temple. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written].
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 25.]
July 9. The Lord Treasurer directs a letter to be written to Mr. Kent to pay Sir Ste. Fox 4,864l. 11s. 11d. upon his privy seal for Secret Service, whereof 2,864l. 11s. 11d. completes Fox's first order for 10,000l. on the Excise.
A warrant [ordered] for discharge of Griffin's ship.
[Write] a letter to Mr. Mounteney to pay 1,000l. into the Exchequer.
[Ibid. p. 26.]
Sir Ro. Thomas's business to be heard.
[Day Book, p. 94.]
[? same day
afternoon.] Treasury Chambers.
Sir Robert Thomas and Dr. Butler called in. The Doctor's petition is read and [a statement of the] case. A report to be drawn [for His Majesty] that the debt to Mellish and all claiming under him may be discharged and that a proposition was made by Sir Robert and agreed to by the Doctor that the Doctor should be put into possession of 100l. per an. and have Sir Robert's bond till the debt be satisfied.
The Navy [is] ordered [to have] 6,000l. for three weeks at 2,000l. per week from Midsummer last for current service at Bristol, and 2,388l. 17s. 6d. for the Victuallers for five weeks in part of ten weeks' arrear, whereof 1,800l. at Dover and the rest at Cowes. The remainder to be paid out of the 18,000l. to be provided for paying up the Navy for the year ended at Midsummer.
The Creditors of the Navy [who have been] assigned upon the 60,000l. and not yet paid are to be allowed interest at 6 per cent. from six months after the date of their assignments until the money shall be paid.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 26.]
July 10. A warrant to be drawn for a Sunk Island to Col. Gilby and his heirs. Quere : under what service to be held and what rent to be reserved.
A stop of process against Davis [and] Mr. Edward Cornwall and Herbert Aubrey, his sureties.
[Order for] 1,000l. to be paid to Major Watson for the Stables (to complete the 2,500l. due at Midsummer) : this to be directed out of the Coinage money and to be reimbursed [to the Coinage money] the next week out of the Customs.
Process to be stopped against the Adderleys till the end of Michaelmas term next.
Mr. Kent to be spoken to to advance money upon Mr. Griffin's tallies.
A letter to be written to the Commissioners of the tax not to assess the officers of the Mint or any other within the Tower.
[Write] Mr. Mounteney to bring 5,000l. into the Exchequer : out of which the Privy Purse [is] to have 600l. [for] one week's allowance and Mr. Courtney 100l. as the King's gift.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 26-7.]
July 16. Sir Jo. Heath to have 40l. for one year as a King's Counsel. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
[Order for] 1,500l. to be paid to the Duke of York out of such moneys as shall be brought up [into the Exchequer] out of the Customs. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant sent to the Exchequer].
The Earl of Carbery to have 200l. [paid to him] by Sir Stephen Fox. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written to Fox].
The Cofferer [of the Household is] to have 99 years in Ampthill Park under the reserve rent of 40s. per an.
Write to Mr. Maydwell to-morrow concerning the Lord Treasurer's quietus [? on said Lord Treasurer's accompts as formerly Treasurer of the Navy].
The Navy to have 18,000l. to pay them up to Midsummer last out of the Hearthmoney [payable] at September [next] and to be applied to [the payment of] bills of the second book. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
The Navy to have 2,000l. per week to commence the 15th inst., they having had three weeks already out of the Customs to pay [them] from Midsummer [up to the said 15th inst.]. The like marginal note.
The Duke of Buckingham and Lord Arlington [are ordered] to have Lady Day quarter paid them on their pensions out of the Excise. The like marginal note.
A warrant [to the Customs] to deliver Mr. Gervas Pierrepont's pictures Customs free.
A warrant to be drawn for Major Porter's extraordinaries.
A privy seal to pass for the surplusage of Sir Henry Herbert's account, being 1,448l. 3s. 0d.
The Lord Treasurer directs Sir William Temple's extraordinaries to be paid out of such money as shall be brought [into the Exchequer] from the Customs next week.
[Ibid, pp. 27-8.]
July 19. Upon acquainting the Lord Treasurer with Mr. Coling's (Cooling's) pretensions his Lordship commands Mr. Moore's docquets to be delivered.
[Ibid, p. 28.]
July 21. Memorandum : Caveat that none of the Duchy [of Lancaster] rents be for the future granted [or conveyed to purchasers of fee farms] till such time as the officers of the Works be satisfied the 800l. charged [to be paid to them] upon that revenue.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 28.]
July 22. A privy seal to be drawn for Lord John Berkeley's equipage and ordinary for his embassy into France, as Sir William Lockhart's was.
Sir William Temple's and Mr. Bronker's warrants for a lease for 99 years [are ordered] to be despatched.
The new royal foundation [for the King's mathematical boys at Christ's Hospital is ordered] to have 250l. [for] a quarter. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
[Write] a letter to Mr. Mounteney to perfect the East India Company's bonds.
Mr. Killigrew, Page of Honour, is ordered to have half a year of his salary : 60l. The like marginal note as above.
Thursday morning next appointed for the hearing and examination of Sir William Warren's Navy [bills] accompts. Sir Richard Ford, Mr. Banckes, Viscount Brouncker, Mr. Pepys and Mr. Hayter are to attend at the same time.
[Write] the Auditors to give an account of the arrears of the subsidies due from the clergy.
Mr. Lindsay to pay 1,000l. to satisfy Alderman Backwell's order on the 4th quarter of the Subsidy Act. [In addition] the 800l. remaining in Sir Robert Howard's hands on the said Act [is] to be applied towards the satisfaction of [a further part of] the said order.
The Farmers of the Law duty are to attend with their covenants on Thursday morning next.
The Earl of Rochester to be paid 250l.
The Music [boys, &c] of the Chapel [Royal] to be paid half a year : 200l.
[Ibid, pp. 28-9.]
July 26. The Lord Privy Seal to have a quarter of his pension, diet and fee. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
A warrant to the Customs Commissioners and another to the Surveyor [of the Customs, London] that directions be given to all the Custom House officers that they open no mail nor letters ; but if they suspect any prohibited goods to be there they are first to acquaint the Lord Treasurer and the Post Master with it.
[Ibid, p. 29.]
July 27. Sergeant Harsnett to have a quarter of his salary. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn]. Mr. T. Lloyd brings the order.
[Warrant for] 2,000l. to the Wardrobe.
[Warrant for] 500l. to the Robes.
The Farmers of [the revenue of] Ireland are to attend at the Treasury Chambers [? this afternoon].
[Day Book, p. 95.]
[July 27,
afternoon.] Treasury Chamber.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Lord Lieutenant, Viscount Ranelagh.
Mr. Alderman Forth and [his partners] the Farmers of [the Revenue of] Ireland are called in. The Lord Treasurer acquaints them that three sums are demanded by them for defalcations, viz. 20,000l. [for defalcations], 10,000l. for [moneys paid to] the Privy Purse and 3,000l. for repairs. My Lord agrees to the 20,000l. and the 10,000l., the great seal or an attested copy being produced for the [payment to the Privy Purse of said] 10,000l. For the 3,000l. the proofs are to be made out. Alderman Forth prays the discharge of his partners. Friday next is appointed to hear this business : the Lord Keeper to appoint the hour.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 29.]
July 29.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Viscount Ranelagh.
The Farmers of Excise are called in upon a difference concerning the standard measure of a quart. The Farmers present one in a cubical figure which contains the same quantity as the circular one offered by Mr. Falconbridge, the Deputy Chamberlain of the Exchequer. The Farmers say that their figure is more commodious for gauging and that there is no other difference. The Lord Treasurer will move the King herein at the Privy Council next Wednesday and both parties [are ordered] to attend with their quarts of different figures at Hampton Court the same day.
Warrant for a privy seal for settling the Duke of Albemarle's 300l. per an. (formerly charged on the Hearthmoney of Hampshire) upon the Customs [in lieu of such former assignment : and to be] free of charges : and the charges of the privy seal to be comprehended [herein].
The Navy Commissioners are called in. Mr. Pepys, Sir Richard Ford and Mr. Bancks also attend upon Sir William Warren's accompt. To attend again.
[Ibid, p. 30.]
The Law Duty Farmers are to attend with their covenants.
[Day Book p. 95.]
July 30.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Keeper, Lord Treasurer, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Viscount Ranelagh, Sir John Temple.
Alderman Danett Foorth and Mr. Hinton appear in behalf of the Farmers of [Revenue], Ireland, and pray the patent may pass for the discharge of their partners. The Lord Keeper says 'tis a seeming difficulty that the King should lessen his security by discharge of the eleven partners since it appears that the Farmers will have so much money of the King's in their hands. Alderman Forth replies that the King will owe them as much, and that His Majesty has a power of entering on the farm. Viscount Ranelagh says that the receipt is in the Farmers' hands and that 'tis not advisable for several reasons for the King to enter so near the end of the farm. The Lord Keeper acquaints Alderman Foorth that he cannot discharge the rest of his partners without Viscount Ranelagh's consent. Viscount Ranelagh offers to consent if the rest of his partners will concur in it.
Alderman Foorth then prays the despatch of the warrant for allowing the 20,000l. for defalcations. The Lord Treasurer answers that must yet admit of a further consideration in relation to the support of the Government at the end of the farm.
Tuesday morning, Aug. 3 next, is appointed by the Lord Treasurer for meeting the Lord Keeper and the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland at the Treasury Chambers about Viscount Ranelagh's reference. The Lord Lieutenant to have notice.
Upon reading the petition of Nath. Langley [now] in the custody of the Serjeant at Arms for abusing the officers of the Hearthmoney, and upon hearing both parties it was ordered by consent that all actions touching this matter should be released on all sides and thereupon Langley to be discharged without fees.
[Treasury Minute Book, V. pp. 31-2 ; Day Book, p. 95.]
July 31. Order for 6,000l. for the service of the Mint : out of the Coinage money upon any orders drawn in Mr. Slingesby's name.
Order for 500l. to be paid to the Speaker [of the House of Commons] upon the privy seal for 5,000l. lately passed. In the margin : Done [meaning : direction sent to the Receipt].
A letter to be written to the Farmers of the Law Duty to pay 3,000l. towards the Works and likewise to attend the Lord Treasurer themselves before he goes to the Bath.
Mr. Le Gouche to be paid two orders : one for 1,200l. the other [for] 500l. The like marginal note.
Lord Colepeper to have his order satisfied [viz.] of 150l. The like marginal note.
Major General Lahorne [Laughorn, order for] half a year : 250l. The like marginal note.
Lady Sanderson : half a year : 100l.
The Lord Treasurer directs that the 1,500l. for Lady Cleveland's quarter due at Midsummer out of the Excise and also 2,250l. for her three sons be forthwith paid by Mr. Kent. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant sent to said Kent].
A warrant upon the privy seal, dormant, for 100l. to Mr. Wansford. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
A warrant for 199l. to Mr. Progers for repairs, &c., at Hampton Court : upon the privy seal dormant.
The Lord Treasurer entered upon [the consideration of] the account which Sir Ri. Ford and Mr. Bankes had given in concerning Sir William Warren.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 32-3.]