Entry Book: February 1673, 1-15

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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February 1673, 1-15

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Feb. 1 Treasurer Clifford's allowance of the 1672, Michaelmas quarter's incidents' bill, detailed, of the Excise office, London, for the receipt of the Country Excise (total 33l. 5s. 0d.) : and of the salary bill, detailed, of same for the 1672, Xmas quarter (total 272l. 10s. 0d. certified by Ri. Kingdon, Sir Jo. James, Robt. Huntingdon and including 150l. for their salary). Money Book (Excise), pp. 29-30.
Money warrant for 264l. 13s. 4d. to Sir Charles Cottrell, Kt., in full of arrears on his fees as Master of the Ceremonies including 148l. on his fee of 6s. 8d. a day as late assistant to the Master of the Ceremonies, deceased, viz. for one year and 64 days to 1672, May 28, being the day of said [late] Master's decease. Warrants Early XIX. p. 276.
Treasurer Clifford's fiat for letters patent to constitute Matthias Miller, gent., Controller of Customs of Carlisle port loco George Williamson, gent., deceased. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 266.
Report to the King from Treasurer Clifford on the reference of Aug. 23 last, directing the Treasury Lords to examine the allegations in the petition of Lady Wingfield, wherein she pretends that the late Queen Mother forgave a fine of 620l. [sic for 320l.] set on a lease to her late husband Sir Edward Wingfield. By report of Dec. 11 last the Earl of St. Albans and Sir Robert Long, two of the Trustees of said late Queen Mother, report that said Queen forgave the said fine of 320l. in consideration of said Sir Edward's long and faithful services, and the Earl of St. Albans particularly remembers "and affirms the same to be so in regard that Her Majesty was pleased to declare her express pleasure to him therein," and that said fine would have been discharged by warrant under her hand if her constant indisposition sometime before her death had not hindered it. Ibid, pp. 276-7.
[?] Same to same from same on the petition of Robert Wyvill praying remission of an arrear on his account as Receiver of Crown revenues in Durham, Northumberland and the Archdeaconry of Richmond in respect that the profits of said office are gone by the sale of fee farm rents. The Surveyor General of Crown Lands has hereon reported that said office of Receiver was granted by Charles I. to Major Norton for life, who assigned same to petitioner from whom there is due at 1670, Michaelmas 8,011l. 3s. 5d., besides 307l. 11s. 4d. for 12l. per cent. as by the Act. By the patent there is granted 50l. per an. with other profits, which in all might be 100l. per an. Mr. Norton for whose life petitioner holds is an old man. By reason of the sale of fee farm rents said office is become little worth. Cannot advise remission of the debt as petitioner will be considered with the other receivers for their said offices lessened by the sale of fee farm rents "when your Majesty shall be graciously pleased to take the same into consideration." Ibid, p. 277.
Feb. 3 Treasurer Clifford to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to Mr. Randue, one of the Pages of the Backstairs to His Majesty a ballot arrived from France, containing 4 beavers [hats], 3 doz. gloves, and 15 pair of sizers [scissors] with cases, for His Majesty's use, and some other particulars of no value for some of His Majesty's servants. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 270.
[?] Same to [same]. The King has given permission for shipping to trade in this time of war not only from port to port here at home but also from the several ports in the Western parts to trade for Ireland, and any parts in France not within the Mediteranean, with intention that the men going in the said ships upon such short voyages only might return timely enough to be entertained into His Majesty's service on any occasion. In order to oblige the masters of all such ships as trade by virtue of this licence as above not to go upon any longer voyages, you are to send orders by the opportunity of the post this night to the officers of the Customs in several ports to take sufficient bonds from the masters of all such ships as above not to proceed upon any longer voyage nor to go to any other places than are specified in such bonds, but that they shall directly return as wind and weather permit to some designed port in England and Wales. Ibid, p. 271.
1671-2 [sic for 1672-3.] Feb. 3 1672-3. Sir Robert Howard to Mr. Mountney to pay a tally in the hands of Mr. Porter for 150l., which is part of the 300l. you were lately directed to pay him. Out Letters General III p. 237.
Feb. 3 Same to Mr. Watts. Mr. Lloyd complains of the delay in the examination of his rent within your receipt, particularly of those of London. Give him despatch and let him know the good from the bad, together with the names of the present tenants, and how each sum by then paid is applicable to the auditor's charge. Ibid, p. 238.
[?] Same to Mr. Mountney to pay 500l. to Mr. Battailhe in further part of his impost money. Ibid.
Feb. 3 Entry of the reference from Treasurer Clifford to the Agents of Taxes of Charles Goodwyn's petition for allowance for charges, &c. for getting in the Subsidy of co. Sussex : the previous reference of Nov. 27 last being alleged to be lost. Ibid, p. 192.
Feb. 4 Sir Ro. Howard to Mr. Mountney for an account how much money the Navy has received from you upon their tallies lately struck by way of anticipation. Ibid, p. 240.
[? Feb. 4] [Declaration of or abstract of] the account of Bevis Lloyd as Receiver General of [Crown Revenues] of South Wales, viz. Pembroke, Carmarthen, Brecon, Radnor, Glamorgan and Monmouth for the year ended 1670, Sept. 29. (Charge, 6,656l. 9s. 10d. Discharge, allowances and payments, 3,934l. 7s. 5 11/24., supers 836l. 6s 0d. [leaving an] ipsum upon the accomptant 1,891l. 11s. 3d., of which he paid by tally, dated 1671, April 8. 1,450l. 0s. 0d., leaving a remain [still due from him on said ipsum] of 441l. 11s. 3d.). Out Letters General III. p. 240.
Feb. 4 Royal sign manual for 200l. to Humphry Pendrell as royal bounty. (Money warrant dated Feb. 14.) King's Warrant Book III. p. 225 ; Warrants Early XIX. p. 277.
Feb. 5 Privy seal for 6,320l. to Thomas Elliot, one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber, in satisfaction and compensation for a surrender of the letters patent of 1662, July 1, granting the reversion of the office of Chief Clerk of the Pleas in the King's Bench to Silius Titus on the petition of said Elliot : to be received without account. (Undated royal sign manual for said privy seal. Treasurer Clifford's subscription, dated Feb. 5, of docquet hereof.) Ibid. pp. 219, 254 ; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 132.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners. The King has commanded directions to be given that the several collectors in the outports should furnish the Vice-Admirals of the respective counties of England and Wales, with such sums as shall be necessary for bounty to seamen voluntarily coming in to serve in first, second and third-rate ships. You are to take especial care to send such directions by the conveniency of the next post. The said Collectors to take receipts and send up accounts of such moneys. Warrants Not Relating to Money III p. 273.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Samuell Lang of the messuages, lands, woodland and underwoods in the parish of Boyton, Cornwall, now or late in the tenure of John Rowe, parcel of the manor of Boyton and Duchy of Cornwall : all as demised to Henry Randall, gent., by Charles I, 1627, May 7, for 99 years or for the lives of Margaret Randall, Grace Randall and Wilmot Randall, daughters of said Henry : this said former lease to be surrendered and the new lease to be for 99 years or the lives of said Margaret Randall and two others.
Prefixing :Auditor's particular and Surveyor General's ratal of the premises.
Ibid, pp 274-5.
Feb. 6 Royal sign manual for 200l. to Justin Macarty, Esq., as royal bounty for putting himself into a fit and complete equipage. (Money warrant, dated Feb. 7). King's Warrant Book III. p. 221. Warrants Early XIX. p. 275.
Same for 5,000l. to the Rt. Hon. Ralph Montagu, Master of the Wardrobe, for the extraordinaries of the Wardrobe for the year ended Michaelmas last. Ibid, p. 275.
Feb. 7 Treasurer Clifford's approval of proposals as follows, submitted by the Commissioners of the Wine Office et al., in their report dated 1672-3. Jan. 31, as referees appointed to consider the previous report of the 28th ult. from the said Wine Commissioners, viz. as to the means of speedily getting in moneys standing out upon the two Wine Acts either in London or in the outdistricts.
1. As to the bonds lately, by order of the Treasury Lords, delivered to Auditor Aldworth we advise they be forthwith returned to [us] the Commissioners so that such as are for decayed wines may be delivered up where the persons shall submit to the Treasury order of May 5 last, and pay what is charged on them by the gauge ; and that those refusing may be prosecuted.
2. As to the debts of Giles Dunstar and Jacob Croane, merchants, the Lord Chancellor (being made acquainted with his own order, made as late Chancellor of the Exchequer, for stay of proceedings against them) leaves this wholly to the Lord Treasurer. We therefore pray extents against them.
3. As to George Staresmore, vintner, we think that Abbot should pay to the Wine Commissioners the 10l. which Staresmore paid to him in part of his debt, and that Staresmore's bond be similarly delivered up to said Commissioners by the King's Remembrancer or Mr. Hall, attorney, that it may be put in suit.
4. As to Thomas Burton, merchant, prisoner in the Poultry Compter for a debt of 48l. 11s. 7d., before the composition of 25l. offered by his friends be accepted they should make an affidavit that they have relieved him in prison, and Burton should make like affidavit of his mean condition.
5. As to other merchants and retailers of wine, who stand similarly debtors and pretend inability to pay or to give such an account as the law directeth, their cases should be individually examined and reported on by the Commissioners in the presence of Auditor Aldworth, Capt. Kingdon and Mr. Green.
6. As to the bonds given at the Custom House for 4l. per tun on wines advise an order to Sir John Shaw and the rest of the [late] Customs Farmers to speedily make up their account of same and to bring in their vouchers and unpaid bonds : also orders to the Customer and Controller of every port to send a like account of their receipts, &c., of said duty to Auditor Aldworth at his house in Suffolk Street : Aldworth to deliver the bonds to the Wine Commissioners by inventory, that they may be put in suit.
7. The [Customs] Commissioners have given in accounts to July 27 last of their receipts under the Wine Acts : said account ought to be made up to Feb. 3 next and sent to Auditor Aldworth, and in future advise that said Farmers give an account every Monday of their weekly receipts thereon to Aldworth, Kingdon or Green.
Warrants Not Relating to Money III pp. 266-9.
Feb. 8 Treasurer Clifford to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to the Duke of Lauderdale a box of tea which came by hand from Scotland for him, and which is lately seized. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 273.
Sir Ro. Howard to [Mr. Mountney] to pay to Sir Peter Wich what is due to him upon his last order with what conveniency possible. Out Letters General III. p. 244.
Treasurer Clifford's letter of direction on an order No. 6,333 for 5,000l. on the Country Excise. "Let tallies be levied upon His Majesty's revenue of Country Excise for the sum of 5,000l., and let issue be made of the same to Mr. Cofferer upon this order." Money Book (Excise), p. 30.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Receipt for tallies to be struck for 20,000l. (10,000l. thereof on the farm of the Country Excise, 10,000l. on the farm of the London Excise) upon such orders as are yet unexecuted or such as shall be drawn in the name of Sir Stephen Fox as Paymaster of the Guards and Garrisons. Ibid, p. 31.
Money warrant for 460l. to Ralph Montagu. Master of the Great Wardrobe, as imprest for such provisions as by His Majesty's especial command are forthwith to be made in the said office. Warrants Early XIX. p. 272.
Money warrant for the following sums, amounting in all to 46,334l. 15s. 10d., to Sir Ste. Fox as imprest for two months' pay to the Guards and Garrisons from March 8 next to May 3 next, viz. :
28,462l. 14s. 6d. by the general establishment as by the privy seal of 1668, Nov. 30.
167l. 8s. 0d. to a foot company in the Isle of Wight, as by the privy seal of 1669, Dec. 18.
2,287l. 12s. 0d. for several services as in the privy seal of 1670, Sept. 30.
1,881l. 12s. 0d. for several services as in the privy seal of 1671, Aug. 11.
56l. 0s. 0d. to the Lieut. Gov. of Windsor by the privy seal of 1671, Nov. 7.
9,398l. 6s. 8d. for several services as in the privy seal of 1672, May 25.
4,100l. 2s. 8d. for the particular uses and services as in the privy seal of 1672, Sept. 30.
Warrants Early XIX. p. 273.
Royal sign manual directed to John Somerscales. We have let to farm to Peter Calvard, Samuel Vincent and Edward Bostock for three years from Oct. 22 last, the duties on proceedings at law as by the late Act of Parliament, and have appointed them to be Receivers General of same. Said Farmers have appointed you, Somerscales, to be the supervisor touching all things relating thereto in the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster. and the several offices belonging to the same. You are hereby empowered to resort to, search, view and peruse the records and entries [in said Court] and to take notes and abstracts of the same according to the purport of the Act. King's Warrant Book III. p. 223.
The like respectively to Henry Wyn for the King's Bench ; Henry Dodd for the Marshalsea ; and Frances Scott for the Courts in London. Ibid.
Feb. 10 Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Mr. Mountney, Cashier of the Customs, to pay 3,000l. into the Receipt for the pay of the judges this last term and 500l. for payment of a quarter's salary to the Judges of Wales and Masters of Chancery. Money Book (Customs), p. 92.
Money warrant, dormant, for the annuity or yearly pension of 300l. to Somerset Fox from time to time as it shall grow due. To be paid by tallies on the Country Excise. Money Book (Excise), p. 31.
Feb. 11 Sir Robt. Howard to Sir R. Long to pay 2,593l. 12s. 7d. to Sir Robert Viner with what conveniency you can, it being for six months' interest due to him for moneys owing upon orders whereon interest is payable. Out Letters General III p. 254.
Entry of the reference to Sir R. Long et al. of the petition of Bevis Lloyd praying that in regard of his bond to the Crown for his debt of 1,550l. 11s. 1d. as Receiver General of Crown revenues of South Wales and other branches of the revenue the Crown may join with him in the sale of some part of his lands. Ibid, pp. 242-3
Same of same to the Grand Commissioners of Excise of the petition of the coffee sellers for a non pros to the indictment against them for not having taken licences for selling coffee and for security to be given by the informers to answer costs to the petitioner, the said coffee sellers "having given security according to the Act though not taken such licences by reason of the length of time between the taking of security and meeting of sessions in many counties." Ibid, p. 245.
Entry of the reference to Mr. Newport of the petition of Mary Jervis, relict and executrix of John Jervis, shoemaker to Charles I., praying payment of 100l. due to him for shoes delivered into the Great Wardrobe for his said late Majesty. Out Letters General III. p. 246.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to Mr. Eaglesfield a hogshead containing 30 gammons of bacon imported in the "St. John" of Dantzic. Mathias Marquard, master. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 274.
Money warrant for 250l. to Sir Edward Thurland for the present Hilary Term as one of the Barons of the Exchequer : to be paid out of the Customs as the rest of the Judges are : together with dormant warrant for said fee in future. Warrants Early XIX. p. 274.
Same for 500l. to Philip Packer. Paymaster of the Works, as imprest for the extraordinaries of the Works : to be for paving the streets before the palace of Whitehall and other His Majesty's houses and places about Westminster and St. James's. Ibid, p. 275.
Same for 520l. to Sir Thomas Osborne, Treasurer of the Navy, for the service thereof : on such orders in his name as remain in the office of the Auditor of the Receipt : to be paid out of money which shall be lent into the Exchequer. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Simon Smith, Receiver General of Crown Revenues, co. Southampton. By the privy seal of 1672, May 31, several rents contained in a schedule annexed thereto, amounting in all to 387l. 5s. 6d., were ordered to be set apart and reserved from sale and to be received by Sir Robert Holmes, as Governor and Captain of the Isle of Wight, to be employed for the repairs of fortifications in said island. In lieu of the said rents such sums were annually paid by you and your predecessors out of the Crown revenues for co. Southampton, but by reason of the sale of fee farm rents, said sums have not been paid since 1671, Sept. 29, "although the said rents can only be received by the said Sir Robert Holmes for the half year ended at Michaelmas last, some of them having as I am informed been received by you for the half year due at Lady Day last." You are forthwith to pay to Holmes all moneys received by you for the half year's rent on the abovesaid lands to Lady Day last. Ibid, pp. 279-80.
Feb. 12 Sir Ro. Howard to the Commissioners of the Privy Seal. You make some scruple of passing the lease of the Law Duty because there is a clause in it that the Farmers shall have 30 days' time for payment of the last proportion of their rent after the expiry of their farm, which is a thing unusual. This was granted in respect of the times at which that duty is collectable and that by reason of the advance money, which will remain due to the Farmers at the end of their farm, there can be little hazard to the King. Treasurer Clifford therefore desires you to pass the lease. Out Letters General III. p. 245.
Entry of the reference to the Customs Commissioners of Mrs. Leleis Couror's petition for delivery of a trunk containing her wearing clothes, stockings, serge, some Scotch linen cloth and stuff for herself and the Lady Couror. Ibid.
Same of same to the Agents for Taxes of Sir Chr. Musgrave's second petition for a better allowance as Solicitor and Receiver of the subsidy in the city and county of York. Ibid, p. 246.
Feb. 13 Treasurer Clifford to the Customs Commissioners to employ Charles Brinsden as a landwaiter, Bristol port, loco Richard Tunstall, who has left his employment. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 272.
Treasurer Clifford's subscription of a docquet, dated 1672-3, Jan., of a warrant to the Exchequer to discharge Elias Ashmole and other the Commissioners for discovering and getting in the goods and household stuffs of the late King embezzled in the late usurpation, and also the executrix of Thomas Chiffinch, deceased, one of the said Commissioners and Treasurer thereby appointed, of the sum of 1,007l. 17s. 7d. by him disbursed by His Majesty's order according to an account thereof annexed, for which he could have no discharge from the Privy Purse, where by the commission he was to account, by reason of the death of the Earl of Falmouth. And His Majesty doth further discharge every of the said Commissioners from all demands touching their actings by virtue of that commission. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 133b.
Warrant under the royal sign manual to Henry. Earl of St. Albans, Sir Robert Long, Sir John Wintour, Sir C. Harbord and Sir Peter Ball, surviving Trustees of the lands late in jointure to the late Queen Mother, to convey and assign to Lawrence Hyde or his nominee the lordship and manor of Killingworth, co. Warwick, and the manor of Killingworth, parcel of the late monastery of Killingworth for the remainder of the term of 99 years therein as granted by James I., 1623-4, Feb. 13, to Sir Henry Hobart, Thomas Murray, Esq., Sir John Walter, Sir James Fullerton and Sir Thomas Trevor : His Majesty having by patent under the Great Seal, dated 1665, July 15, granted to said Hyde, second son to the Earl of Clarendon, and his heirs for ever in fee simple the said lordship and manor, together with the castle or Mansion house, and the park or chase of Killingworth, with all reversions, remainders, &c., &c. King's Warrant Book III pp. 227-8
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Auditor Sir Edmd. Sawyer, Kt., to allow 70l. 10s. 1d. in account to Thomas Browne, as Receiver and Solicitor for the Subsidy, co. Oxford, for his pains and charges therein. Warrants Early XIX. p. 275.
Feb. 14 Entry of the reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of William Hart for an allowance for his waiting and attendance on the Commissioners for the Subsidy in co. Middlesex, wherein he alleges he was at near 30l. charges. Out Letters General III. p. 247.
Same of same to Mr. Fillingham of the petition of Edward Bushell. William Bird and Anthony Earning, of London, merchants, for payment of 1,100l. for two ships imprested in the service of the late Lord Willoughby, Governor of Barbados, viz. the "Bryiell," frigate, Captain Thomas Heath, commander, and the ship "Concord," Anthony Earning, master. Ibid, p 256
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Customs Commissioners to restore to Leleis Courer, her goods, of small value, ignorantly taken up by her without intention of fraud : on payment of the usual duties except for such parts of said goods as are of woollen manufacture, for which ad valorem duty only is to be paid "the said goods being very inconsiderable and in no wise able to bear the duty laid by the Book of Rates." Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 275.
Treasurer Clifford to the Justices of the town and County of Chester. The Sub-Farmers of Excise of co. Chester complain of the maladministration of Excise matters in Chester city by reason of most of the Justices in said city being brewers. The late Treasury Lords wrote to you hereon joining the County Justices to those of the city for the better admistration of justice herein. On behalf of said Sub-Farmers Sir John Booth represents that they have yet received no redress from the said Commission of adjuncts and the Treasury Lords' letter and instructions thereupon. I write to you to give on all occasions all due encouragement to the said Sub-Farmers, and in case of difference to do as the law requires, that no further complaints may come to His Majesty herein which may occasion a further prejudice to your city. Ibid, p. 276.
Treasurer Clifford to the Customs Commissioners to have opened at Somerset House 38 doz. of gloves and some essence now in the Custom House of London directed to Her Majesty and brought from beyond the seas for her own use: and to deliver same on payment of Custom. Warrants Not Relating to Money III p. 278.
Same to same to employ Richard Netheway as a landwaiter, Bristol port, loco John Burges who has left his employment. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's approval of Ambrose Beaton, Edward Lestredge and John Sheirfield, gent., as Commissioners for arrears of Excise, co. Herts : at the request of the Farmers of Excise thereof. Ibid, p. 279
Treasurer Clifford to Viscount Fanshaw to forbear process against Lawrence Hyde on his accounts as Master of the Robes, "in which he is obstructed by reason of some assignments which were formerly given him, upon which he hath not been able to raise any money, and I being now putting that whole matter into a method whereby those obstructions to accountants from passing their accounts will be removed." Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to deliver certain parcels of gilt leather lately imported from beyond the seas for the proper use of the Duchess of Richmond. Ibid, p. 280.
Treasurer Clifford's signature of a docquet of a sign manual, dated 1672-3, Feb., for a pension of 1,000l. per an. to John Earl of Mulgrave, a Gentleman of the Bedchamber, to be paid yearly out of the alum farm. The first payment to be made at Midsummer next. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, pp. 134, 138.
Same of same, dated 1672-3, Feb., for a like pension to the Duke of Albemarle, as a same : payable quarterly out of the Customs. Ibid, p. 135.
Same of same, dated 1672-3, Feb., of a grant of the office of Customer of Newcastle port to Henry Brabant, son of Henry Brabant, in reversion after his said father. Ibid.
Same of same, dated 1672-3, Feb., of a grant to Philip Warwicke, Esq., and Matthew Johnson, Esq., of the office of Clerk of the Parliament in reversion after John Browne and Robert Packer, all on the surrender of a like reversionary grant of same to Sir Philip Warwicke and Sir Christopher Turner. Ibid, p. 136.
Same of same, dated 1672-3, Jan., of a grant to Arthur Magennis of the office of Yeoman Tailor and Portitor of the Great Wardrobe loco Robert Ferrez, deceased, with the allowance of 6d. a day as yeoman tailor and 8d. a day as portitor and the several liveries thereto belonging, payable by the Master of the Great Wardrobe. Ibid.
Money warrant for 73l. to Hobart Coleby and John Hall, two of the Grooms of Her Majesty's chamber, for 1 year each on their fee or salary of 36l. 10s. 0d. Warrants Early XIX. p. 276.
Money warrant for 222l. 13s. 4d. to Peter Massonet for one year on his annuity or pension. Warrants Early XIX. p. 278.
Same for 450l. to Sir Bernard Gascon for 90 days on his ordinary of 5l. a day as Envoy Extraordinary to the Emperor of Germany, as by the privy seal of 1671-2, Feb. 17. Ibid.
[?] Letter of direction on the 91l. 11s. 6d. remaining unpaid on the order of 1671, June 22. for, 1,041l. 11s. 6d. [to the Duke of Buckingham] for provision of horses. Ibid.
Feb. 14 Money warrant for 100l. to Mrs. Anne Windham for Xmas quarter last of her pension. Ibid, p. 279.
Treasurer Clifford's dormant warrant to the Receipt for the payment from time to time of the salary of Sir William Ellis, Kt., now a Justice of the Common Pleas : in the like manner as the other Judges are paid. Ibid p. 275.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Cashier of the Customs to pay 425l. 16s. 8d. to John Lord Bellasyse as Governor and Captain of Kingston-upon-Hull for one year on his fee of 10s. a day for himself and 8d. a day each for 20 able men or soldiers. Money Book (Customs). p. 92.
Feb. 15 Entry of the reference to Sir Ro. Long et al. of the petition of Mrs. Jane Blake as to money advanced by her late husband on the late intended farm of the Customs. Out Letters General III p. 248.
Same of same to Mr. Sherwyn of the petition of the four messengers attending the Lord Treasurer praying that their bills and their allowance of 40l. per an. each, formerly payable out of the Hanaper may be paid out of the Exchequer in such manner as all other their bills are. Sherwyn is to enquire into the Hanaper revenue and see whether it is fit petitioners be paid out of same from time to time as formerly, Treasurer Clifford conceiving it fit for them to be there paid. Ibid, pp. 248-9.
Sir Ro. Howard to Mr. Levett, Receiver of Wilts, to perfect his accompt and pay in his money by Lady Day next ; Mr. Richard Levett having petitioned for this as he desires to be discharged from being security to you. Ibid, p. 249.
Same to Sir C. Harbord. The commission with instructions annexed for the enclosing of Dean Forest is not fully perfected. You are to prepare further and fit instructions suitable to those already given out, to be annexed to a new commission to be directed to such persons as Treasurer Clifford shall think fit for finishing and perfecting what remains to be done of the said enclosure. Ibid.
Entry of the reference to auditor Sir Edmund Sawyer of a petition and papers annexed and to advise therein with Mr. Roberts, the present Receiver of His Majesty's revenue of Windsor, and to examine the accounts of Mr. Taylor and make a state of the whole matter. Ibid, p. 261.
Treasurer Clifford to the Customs Commissioners to restore Arthur Upton to his place of Collector of Falmouth from which he was suspended for misbehaving himself in discountenancing the impresting of seamen, he being very sorry for his offence. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 280.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the King's Remembrancer and the Auditor of Crown Revenues in Wales. Bevis Lloyd, late Receiver General [for co. Monmouth] of the Royal Aid, Additional Aid, One Month's and Eleven Months' Assessments, has lately passed two accounts for same. Said accounts contain supers set on several sub-collectors, and have been entered in the King's Remembrancer's office, and process thereon has issued against sub-collectors. Said accounts are irregular in regard that said supers should have been set on the high-collectors and not on the sub-collectors. The Auditor for Wales is therefore to make up new accounts charging the Receiver with his receipts, and discharging him of all moneys paid by tallies or otherwise since the declaration of the said former accounts, and of all [12 per cent.] interest charge [incurred] since such declaration, and giving him such further allowance for moneys by him received and paid since said former declaration as he should have done if the same had been paid before the first accounts were passed : and further to allow all payments made in the Exchequer by any high-collector or sub-collector of the above of any sums set in super on them in said former accounts as if same had been actually paid in by said Lloyd and [as if] it were so expressed by the particular tallies. And let all the sums which shall remain in super on said accounts be set upon the Receiver himself, or upon head-collectors and not upon sub-collectors. And let the said accounts be declared and entered in the several offices, and process made forth on said supers ; and all former process on the two prior accounts be respited and forborn. Warrants Not Relating to Money p. 281.
Treasurer Clifford to the Commissioners of the Wine duty. Giles Dunstar in his petition sets forth that he is bound to His Majesty for 565l. 18s. 2d. on account of Wine duties, whereof he has paid 188l. 12s. 2d. and that there are several sums of money due to him from His Majesty, and prays stay of proceedings till a full hearing thereof before me. You are to stay proceedings till further order. Ibid, p. 282.
Royal sign manual to Sir Robert Long as Treasurer of the late Queen Mother's jointure, to pay 60l. to Frances Eaton in full satisfaction of a debt of 103l. 8s. 6d. for pins delivered into the office of the Robes of the Queen Mother, in the years 1640, 1641 and 1642, by William Ardington, deceased, pinmaker, whose grandchild and administratrix said Eaton is. King's Warrant Book III. p. 236.
Treasurer Clifford's subscription of a docquet, dated 1671, Aug., of a grant to Thomas Bignell of the office of one of the yeoman prickers of the King's privy harriers, on the surrender of John Richardson : with the fee of 3l. 6s. 8d. a month. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 137.
Report to the King from Treasurer Clifford on the petition of Thomas Viscount Dillon. Concerning the arrear of 6 000l. due on a pension of 1,000l. per an., said Dillon has acquitted and discharged your Majesty of said arrear upon an agreement of settling said pension for the remainder of the future time to his satisfaction, and hath since disposed of it to Sir Robert Viner. As to Dillon's pretence to 5,000l. for arrears of his grant of 2 000l. per an. out of the custodium rents in Ireland I am of opinion that the said grant settling same upon the custodium rents only and on no other foundation, the said rents are only liable to make good the same, and if they fall short your Majesty is no further liable. As to Viscount Dillon's pretence to 2,007l. for an arrear of 10s. a day as Governor of Dillonfort, if the same had been contained in the establishment of the military list I presume it would have been paid as the rest of the establishment has been. If it be not contained therein it seems to me not reasonable that it should be demanded of your Majesty. As to Dillon's request that in satisfaction of the above named pretences your Majesty would remit to him a debt of 2,000l. owing from him to the Exchequer in Ireland, said debt arises from quit rents which, with other your Majesty's revenue of Ireland, have been granted to Viscount Ranelagh and partners who will demand defalcations of said sum if so remitted ; besides the evil consequences of such an example to your Majesty's service. Cannot advise the grant of such request. Warrants Early XIX. p. 280.