Entry Book: June 1675, 1-15

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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June 1675, 1-15

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
June 1 Cha. Bertie to Sir Stephen Fox to lend Lady Shannon 200l. "which with 400l. you will find Mr. Kent has advanced to her Ladyship upon a former direction from my Lord Treasurer will make up the sum of 600l.," being the amount due at Midsummer upon her patent. Money Book (General), p. 123.
June 3 Letter of direction on an order dated 1675, May 31, for 3,000l. to Major Francis Watson for the Stables. Money Book (General), p. 123.
Same on an order, No. 1,046, dated 1671, Nov. 16, for 5,000l. to Sir Edw. Griffin for wages and other expenses of the Household ; and on other orders, No. 1,047 of same date, for 4,000l., No. 1,048, of same date, for 4,000l., No. 567, of date 1671, June 15, for 2,000l. [all to same]. All said orders were charged on the third quarter of the subsidy and were transferred by Treasurer Clifford, 1671, Sept. 21, to the Country Excise. They are hereby to be paid by tallies on the Treasurer of Excise. Ibid, p. 124.
Money warrant for 100l. to Col. John Rumsey for half a year on his 200l. per an. Ibid, p. 123.
Same for 273l. 15s. 0d. to Sir Phillip Musgrave for 1 years to Lady Day last on his allowance as Governor of Carlisle Castle. (Charles Bertie to the Auditor of the Receipt repeating the order on June 10. Struck through.) Ibid, pp. 124, 128.
Same for 100l. to Major Edward Trelawney for half a year on his pension. Ibid, p. 124.
Charles Bertie to Sir Stephen Fox to pay Lord Colepeper 150l., which the Lord Treasurer "will take care shall be made good to you again." Ibid, p. 125.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt for a tally for half a year to Xmas last of the Earl of Mulgrave's pension. Ibid.
Same to same to forthwith pay 6,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy upon any late orders drawn in his name. Ibid.
Same to the Cashier of Customs to forthwith pay into the Exchequer what money of the Customs remains in your hands. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay Vere Bertie what is due to him as a King's Counsel at law. Ibid.
[?] Same to [same] to satisfy the orders drawn [in the name of Sir John Kirke] for the Band of Pensioners as the money upon the First Fruits and Tenths shall come into the Exchequer. Ibid.
June 4 Money warrant for 110l. to Sir Herbert Price for a quarter upon his pensions of 400l. per an. and 40l. per an. Ibid, p. 126.
June 7 Treasurer Danby's subscription of a docquet, dated 1675, June, of a grant to Richard Nevill for life of the office of Knight Harbinger with the several fees of 20 marks per an. and 10s. a day, payable out of the Exchequer, and the fee of five marks upon creations of honour and the homage of sheriffs of counties, mayors and other chief officers of cities and towns corporate : all on the surrender of same by Roger Whitley. British Museum Additional MS. 28,075, p. 195.
Charles Bertie to the Auditor of the Receipt to forthwith pay 2,500l. to the Treasurer of the Navy on any orders in his name. Money Book (General), p. 126.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Woodward of New Forest to pay and distribute to the several keepers of said forest such moneys not exceeding 560l. (raised by the sale of offal wood) for one year, as in lieu of browsewood, brecknecks and eyme boughs formerly by them taken in said forest : all as by the privy seal of 1671, Sept. 30. Ibid, p. 127.
Money warrant for 210l. to Viscount Grandison for last Lady Day quarter on the privy seal of 1672, April 30. Money Book (General), p. 127.
Same for 210l. to same for same on the privy seal of 1672, Sept. 21 Ibid.
Report to the King from Treasurer Danby on the petition of the Duke of Ormonde. The difference betwixt said Duke and the Commissioners of the Treasury in Ireland, being what relates only to an account, ought properly to be heard and determined by the Lord Lieutenant there, "who your Majesty may please to empower by a letter forthwith to proceed therein, notwithstanding the order of Council of the 14th of Jan. 1673-4." Pending a settlement it is reasonable the 2,500l. mentioned in the petition be continued in the [Irish Revenue] Farmers' hands. Warrants Not Relating to Money VI. p. 51.
Warrant from Treasurer Darby to the Customs Commissioners to deliver, customs free, two embroidered belts for the Duke of Monmouth and other wearing apparel for Sir Martin Westcombe, which were delivered at Dover to Richard Broncard, carrier, and directed to William Gulston, merchant, at the Kingshead, in Cornhill, but seized between Dover and London by Edward May and Phillip Stones. Ibid.
Same from same to the King's Remembrancer to supersede process against John Arderne and John Ramsey, late Farmers of Excise of cos. Leicester and Rutland : it being shown in the petition of Reginald Pindar that said Farmers subfarmed same to him, who, by the poverty of the people and the hardness of the farm at the price, incurred an arrear of 1,200l., whereon extents have issued against said Farmers and their securities (of which he is one), and that of said debt he has paid 500l. and is doing his best to pay the remaining 700l. Ibid, p. 52.
Treasurer Danby's allowance of the last Lady Day quarter's salary bill, detailed, of the Wine Licence Office. (Total, 561l. 13s. 3d.) Ibid, p. 53.
June 8 Charles Bertie to Cousin [Sir Rob. Howard. Auditor of the Receipt] to pay 1,000l. to Ralph Montague, Master of the Great Wardrobe, on any late orders drawn in his name. Money Book (General), p. 128.
June 9 Money warrant for 100l. to Sir John Baber for one year of his annuity as one of the three physicians that attend His Majesty's body. Ibid.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the King's Remembrancer to forbear further proceedings against Edward Backwell for the debt seized into the King's hands on the extent awarded under the Exchequer seal against Thomas Browne and John Browne upon two bonds to the King : said extent being directed to the Sheriff of Surrey, an inquisition was taken Jan. 27 last before John Appleby, Sheriff of Surrey, whereby it is found that Edward Backwell, by bond dated 1673, Sept. 14, is bound to said Thomas Browne in 2,880l., conditioned for payment of 1,440l. after 14 days' notice, which bond the said Sheriff, by virtue of said writ, seized into the King's hands, whereupon process of scire facias has been awarded against said Backwell to show cause why the King should not have execution against him for said 2,880l. : the present stay to be by reason that said Backwell has advanced several great sums of money for His Majesty's service and that as the same still remain owing to him at the Exchequer he is disabled from the speedy payment of said debt. Warrants Not Relating to Money VI. p. 54.
June 10 Charles Bertie to Sir Ro. Howard to issue 6,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy on any unpaid orders in his name. "To enable you to the said payment the Lord Treasurer has sent to Mr. Mounteney to pay you in about 7,000l." Money Book (General), p. 128.
Mr. Brent desires that no grant pass of the office of Examiner at Ludlow, in Wales, late belonging to John Butts, deceased, without a notice first given him. Caveat Book, p. 14.
June 11 Charles Bertie to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay 400l. to Mr. Hyde for the Robes : on any late orders drawn in his name for the Robes. Money Book (General), p. 129.
Money warrant for 40l. to Mr. Edward Bird for his disbursements and pains in attending the Commissioners in co. Stafford, appointed for enquiring and returning the estates of convict Recusants into the Exchequer. Ibid.
Royal warrant to Treasurer Danby to warrant the officers of New Forest to fell 16 ton of timber there for repair of Ashley Lodge there, with the outhouses and rails thereto belonging and two pounds. (Treasurer Danby's warrant, dated June 12, hereon to the Surveyors General of Woods, Trent South, &c.) King's Warrant Book IV. p. 355 ; Warrants Not Relating to Money VI. p. 58.
Royal warrant for a privy seal for allowing on Sir George Carteret's accounts as Treasurer of the Navy 3d. per for all money by him received and paid for the Navy, and 30s. per 1,000l. for portage. (The privy seal itself is not preserved among the Treasury records, but the docquet of the privy seal runs as follows : Sir George Carteret, late Treasurer of His Majesty's Navy, having received the sum of 267,500l. for the service of the Navy out of the money given to His Majesty by two Acts of Parliament in the 18th and 19th years of his reign for the maintenance of the then wars, and being allowed only by those Acts one penny per which he has received, amounting to 1,114l. 11s. 8d., whereas by His Majesty's grant to him of the office of Treasurer of his Navy he was to have 3d. per . His Majesty is pleased to give warrant to the Exchequer to allow him out of the money by him payable to His Majesty upon his account of the Navy begun 1st Jan., 1665-6, and ended 30th June, 1667, the sum of 2,229l. 3s. 6d., making up what he has already received [to] the full poundage of 3d. : and also 401l. 5s. 0d. for portage of that money, bags, &c., being the full allowance of 30s. for every 1,000l. formerly made to the Treasurer of the Navy for that purpose. King's Warrant Book IV. p. 355 ; British Museum Additional MS. 28,075, p. 193.
Royal sign manual for 50l. to Mris. Elizabeth Middleton as royal bounty. (Money warrant hereon, dated June 12.) King's Warrant Book IV. p. 356 ; Money Book (General), p. 129.
Royal warrant to the Attorney General for a great seal for a grant of the office of searcher of Hull port to Francis Weaver and John Weaver, gent., in reversion after George Moore, gent. (Treasurer Danby's subscription, dated June 21, of docquet hereof.) King's Warrant Book IV. p. 556 ; British Museum Additional MS. 28,075, p. 191.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to Richard Osbaldiston, Customs free, some clothes, shoe buckles, women's pendants, tweezers, chagin cases, quilts, periwigs and essence, lately brought from France, same having been searched at Dover, allowed to pass and delivered to Richard Broncard, carrier, and directed to Richard Thompson, in Woolchurch market, but seized between Dover and London by Edward May and Phillip Stones. Warrants Not Relating to Money VI. p. 55.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to Sir John Osborne, the Treasurer's Remembrancer in the Exchequer, for commissions to the following, ut supra, p. 694, as Commissioners for seizing into His Majesty's hands two thirds of the lands of Recusants for the counties specified, viz. Yorks North Riding and Essex, there being several convictions of Recusants estreated into the Exchequer Court from said places delivered into the Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer's office by schedule of Pipe for Recusants. The Commissioners to be as follows, viz. :
Yorks North Riding : Sir Watkinson Payler, Sir Roger Langley, Sir Jno. Lowther, Sir Henry Stapleton, Sir William Frankland, Sir George Marwood, Sir Christopher Wandsford, Sir William Carter, Barts. ; Sir William Caley, Sir Metcalfe Robinson, Sir Gilbert Gerard, Sir James Penniman, Kts. and Barts. ; Sir William Killegrew, Sir William Wentworth, Sir William Frankland, Sir Phillip Monkton, Sir Tho. Strickland, Sir William Dalton, Sir Joseph Cradock, Kts. ; Marmaduke Darcy, William Palmes, Roger Talbot, William Leveson Gower, Thomas Peniman, Tho. Medcalfe, Hump. Wharton, John Wilkinson, William Robinson de Rookeby, Roger Beckwith, William Caley, Robert Wharton, John Gibson, Tymothy Maleverer, Francis Moreley, Stephen Thompson, Henry Calverly, Francis Dreffield, George Smithson, William Medcalfe, Constable Bradshaw, William Dawson and Edward Trotter, Esqrs.
Co. Essex : Banastre Mainard, Sir Harbottle Grimstone, Master of the Rolls, Sir William Ayloff, Sir William Hycks, Sir Andrew Tenour [sic for Jenour], Sir Thomas Nightingall, Sir Benjamin Wright, Sir Jervas Elwayes, Sir Robert Smith, barts. ; Sir William Wiseman, Sir Capell Luckin, Sir Thomas Abdy, Sir Thomas Allen, Kts. and Barts. ; Sir James Altham, Sir John Bramston, Knights of the Bath ; Sir John Shaw, Sir John Tyrrell, Sir Richard Wiseman, Sir Phillip Tyrrill, Sir Thomas Bowes, Sir Edward Turnor, junr., Sir Edward Farmar, Sir William Glaskocke, Master of Chancery, Sir George Waterman, Sir William Peake, Kts. ; Tho. King, Thomas Cheeke, John Worth, Cutbert Martin, Tristram Conyers, William Maynard, Tho. Luthars, Peter Soames, John Eldred, junr., John Turner of Walden, John Simonds, Henry Wollaston, Francis Mildmay, Tho. Turnor, Nich. Rotheram, Haines Barley, John Marshall, Samll. Hare, Alexander Prescot, William Powell, Tho. Roberts and Richard Silverlock, Esqrs.
Warrants Not Relating to Money VI. pp. 55-7.
June 12 Charles Bertie to the Auditor of the Receipt to forthwith pay 2,000l. to Sir Stephen Fox on any orders in his name for secret service. Money Book (General) p. 129.
Same to same to pay 30l. to Sir Timothy Turner in part of what is due to him on his fee as a Serjeant at law. Ibid.
Treasurer Danby's allowance of a warrant produced this day by Sir William Portman and dated 1671, June 1, directed to Sir Jo. Norton and the overseers of New Forest for raising [by wood sales] 510l. for repair of Rinfield Lodge in said forest. Warrants Not Relating to Money VI. p. 58.
June 14 Charles Bertie to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay Mr. Packer 100l. on any late orders in his name for the extraordinaries of the Works. Money Book (General), p. 129.
Same to same to pay 500l. [to Baptist May] for Healing medals. Ibid, p. 130.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Receipt to issue 765l. 1s. 1d. to Edward Seymour upon any unsatisfied orders in his name as Treasurer of the Navy [to be by him paid to Sir John Banks] for discharging the interest on the 20,000l. advanced by Sir John Banks in regard of the pressing occasions of the Navy, [viz. to meet] the warrant of 1673-4, Mar. 13, for 20,000l. ordered to be paid to said Seymour by tallies on the Dutch patacons in Edward Backwell's hands. The present warrant to be likewise satisfied by tallies on Backwell to be paid out of the first payment of the 800,000 patacons payable by the States General. Money Book (General), p. 130.
June 15 Charles Bertie to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay 60l. to Henry Progers in satisfaction of his order dated 1665, Oct. 31. Ibid.
Same to same to pay 70l. to Sir John Trevor for 1 years on his fee of 40l. per an. as a King's Counsel at law. Ibid.
Money warrant for 250l. to Sir Edward Griffin to be paid over to Sir Edward Carterett for lodging the Queen's maids of honour and other servants last year at Windsor. Ibid, p. 131.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Customs Commissioners to permit John Leonard Mylius to enter and land 15 screens which on his going into Flanders he was commissioned by Visct. Ranelagh, Lord Berkeley, Visct. Conway, Lord Broghill and Edward Progers to bring back with him on their accounts. Warrants Not Relating to Money VI. p. 59.
Same from same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular and ratal of a tenement in the manor of Trevenen. co. Cornwall, with a view to reducing the fine on re-lease thereof to John Polewheele to 120l. for the increased rent and 200l. as the fine for two lives to be added. Ibid.
Same from same to the Customs Commissioners. Application is made by Sir William Waller and Sir William Paul, Kts., and others Farmers of the duty of Prizage and Butlerage complaining that the Receiver of the duty of Coinage refuses to permit the prizage wines to be received without payment of 10s. per tun imposed by the Coinage Act of 18 Car. II., whereto petitioners conceive said prizage wines are not chargeable. The case has been referred to the Attorney and Solicitor General, who reported, Mar. 25 last, that the prizage wines in the hands of the King or his Farmers ought not to be charged with said imposition. Said Farmers are hereby to have said prizage wines discharged of the said imposition for the future and all moneys paid by them hereon are to be repaid. Ibid, p. 60.
Same from same to same. The privy seal of 1673, June 11, permitted William Dugdale, Norroy King at Arms (so soon as the second volume of his historical work should be ready to be published), to import paper, customs free, to the amount of 400l. duty. Said second volume is now ready. You are therefore to permit as above. Ibid.