Entry Book: April 1673, 1-15

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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April 1673, 1-15

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
April 2 Royal sign manual for 2,400l. (and 6 per cent. interest thereon until time of payment) to be paid to Sir Thomas Bond out of the revenue late in jointure to the Queen Mother, in lieu of two orders registered in the Receipt for that amount out of the Customs, being in repayment of loan, with 6 per cent. interest, from 1671, Oct. 4 : which orders said Bond has assigned to Sir Robert Howard for the King's use. King's Warrant Book III. pp. 247-8.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant, dormant, to the Cashier of the Customs to pay as previously to the mayor, bailiffs and burgesses of Clifton Dartmouth Hardness, the 40l. per an. granted by Henry VII. by letters patent of indenture dated 1485-6, Jan. 16, in consideration that they had begun and would finish a tower and bulwark there and for ever furnish the same with guns and artillery for the defence of the said place and the parts adjacent. Money Book (Customs) p. 96.
April 3 Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Receipt to levy tallies for 500l. on the Farmers of the Four-and-a-half per cent. duty in Barbados : to be for the use of the Sick and Wounded and to be issued upon any orders remaining in the Receipt in the name of Sir Thomas Osborne, Treasurer of the Navy. Warrants Early XIX. p. 306.
Same to the Cashier of the Customs to pay 425l. 16s. 8d to John Lord Belasyse, being for one year in part of 958l. 2s. 6d. arrears due to him for 2 years to Lady Day last on his fee as Governor and Captain of Kingston on Hull. Money Book (Customs) p. 111.
Money warrant for 10l. to Anthony Seagar for Lady Day quarter last as office keeper to attend the Lord Treasurer and 72l in full of his disbursements, Jan. 21 last to March 25 last for necessaries for the Treasury Office. Warrants Early XIX. p. 306.
Allowance by Treasurer Clifford of the 1673 Lady Day quarter's incidents bill for the office of the Agents for Hearthmoney. (Total 31l. 17s. 0d.) Ibid, p. 308.
Treasurer Clifford to the Customs Commissioners to permit Capt. Henry Sturt to import beans taken by him in a ship called the "Riter," of Antwerp, adjudged to him as prize by the Admiralty Court, he paying only 16d. a quarter duty on them, but to demand the whole duty as by the Book of Rates for the Sayes taken in the same ship the latter being but a moderate rate. Warrants Early XIX. p. 310 ; Money Book (Customs), p. 96.
Same to the Receipt for tallies to be levied for 500l. on John Coles, Receiver of Hearthmoney, co. Stafford and Salop : to be issued to the Master of the Great Wardrobe on orders remaining in the Receipt [unsatisfied] for the service of the Wardrobe. Warrants Early XIX. p. 310.
Treasurer Clifford's subscription of a docquet, dated 1672-3, March, of a grant to John Bord, Dr. of Laws, of the office of Professor of Civil Laws. Cambridge : with the fee of 40l. per an. payable out of the Exchequer. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 182.
Same of same, dated 1672-3, Mar, of a pardon to Gawen Birkhead of a felony as accessory in buying five watches stolen by Katherine Heron at the instigation of Mary Carleton who called herself the German Princess. Ibid
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Mr. Agar, Surveyor General of Woods this side Trent, and to the High Woodward, &c., of New Forest, to mark out 1,000 trees of oak in New Forest to contain about 2,000 tons of timber to be employed about building a ship of the second rate by Commissioner Deane at Portsmouth : as by the royal warrant of the 2nd inst. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. pp. 332-3.
[? April 4] Sir Ro. Howard to the Customs Commissioners, forwarding a copy of the address to the King from the Committee of both Houses of Parliament with the King's answer thereto. Same is to be affixed in all the offices and places of the Custom House, "as is usuall to be done in matters of publique concern." Out Letters General III. p. 267.
April 4 Same to Mr. Mountney, Cashier of the Customs, to pay forthwith the Duke of Monmouth's creation money, being 80l. Ibid, p. 268.
Warrant under the royal sign manual to Sir Heneage Finch, Attorney General, and Matthew Pinder, one of the Six Clerks of Chancery. Said Attorney did in Michaelmas term 1671, exhibit an English bill or information in the Exchequer Chamber, setting forth that by a contract made 1627, Dec. 12, between Charles I of the one part and Valentine Saunders, George Evelyn, Paul Dewes, William Pennyman, Robert Henly and James Morley, the then Six Clerks of Chancery, of the other part, they agreed to lend said King 10,000l. on the security of several fee farm rents to be conveyed to them, one of which was a rent of 150l. then and still issuing out of the park of Langley Marish, co. Bucks, reserved upon the grant to Sir John Kidderminster, dated 1626. Dec., with the equity to the King to have same reconveyed on repayment of said 10,000l. Said rents were accordingly so conveyed to said Six Clerks, 1627-8, Mar. 15, who have since sold said fee farm of 150l. per an. to Mathew Pinder or to others in trust for him But the King is willing to redeem said fee farm rents and particularly the said rent of 150l. per an. Said Pinder answered said bill and witnesses were examined and said cause was heard in the Exchequer Chamber, Feb. 15 last, and a decree made that on payment of 1,600l. to said Pinder any time before the first day of next term he should reconvey said rent of 150l. per an. to the King or his nominee. In consideration of the sum of 1,600l. paid to said Pinder by Henry Seymour, one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber, said Pinder is hereby directed to convey said fee farm of 150l. per an. to Sir Joseph Seymour, Bernand Greenvile, one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber, John Lawrence of Clifford's Inn, gent., and Charles Daw, of St. Giles in the Fields, Midd., to their use for ever [in trust to convey same as follows]. This order to be enrolled in the King's Remembrancer's office and a great seal to be prepared for a grant of said fee farm and of the King's right therein or in or to the park of Langley Marish to said Henry Seymour to the use of him and his heirs for ever.
Together with :Copy of the said decree of the Exchequer Court dated 1672-3, Feb. 15 : the recital of the pleadings yielding the following additional information : viz. the said Six Clerks in the eighth year of Charles I. sold two of the said rents, viz. one rent of 120l. per an. issuing out of the manor of Moor, co. Herts., to Christopher Favell, Thomas Young and William Kingscott for 1,500l. and the other of 134l. 14s. 6d. per an. out of the manor of Rickmansworth in Pinchfield [Pynesfield], Herts., to Thomas Fotherly, Philip Progers and John Andrewes and their heirs for 1,684l. 1s. 9d. ; amounting together to 3,184l. 1s. 9d. and therewith discharged so much of the said debt of 10,000l. for which they stood engaged ; and that several of the said Six Clerks dying or surrendering their places others were admitted in their rooms and they so surrendering and the executors of them so dying were discharged of the bonds wherein they stood engaged and their successors became engaged for such part as was not satisfied by sale of the said two rents : which course was successively continued for many years and many changes before defendants were admitted as Six Clerks : that in 1639 the defendant herein [Pindar] was admitted a Six Clerk upon surrender of Mr. Carne and to disengage him in 1640 defendant, with the rest of the then Six Clerks, became bound in several bonds amounting to 6,800l. principal money : that in 1643, upon Mr. Colchester's death, the said contract and letters patent came to defendant's lands : that in the beginning of the troubles some of the tenants out of which the said rents were issuing did not pay the said rents, they being sequestered by order of the Committee for Sequestration, which [order] was afterwards discharged, and the said Six Clerks were permitted to receive them again after great expense and trouble and long interruption : that defendants were forced to make great deductions for taxes, &c. : that defendant claims the rent of 150l. per an. in the bill mentioned as a purchaser under the contract and letters patent dated 1649, Dec. 10, made between Robert Henly, the surviving grantee, and Sir Andrew Henly, his son and heir, and Lawrence Maydwell, Sir John Marsham, Edward Penruddock and the defendant, on the one part, and John Combes and Walter Smith, trustees of the said defendant, of the other part : that defendant believes rest of the said rents were sold about the same time to other purchasers and that the rent of 150l. [in question] was afterwards conveyed to himself by his trustees in satisfaction of that part of the debt which he paid with his own money, &c., which, in the whole, amounted to 2,050l., which was above a year's purchase more than it was sold for to the contractors : that defendant denies all equity of redemption after two years.
King's Warrant Book III. pp. 251-3 ; Warrants Not Relating to Money III. pp. 334-8, 341.
Royal sign manual to Lord Willoughby, Governor of Barbados. By letters patent of 1670, Sept. 9, the King demised to Col. John Strode and others the 4 per cent. duty in Barbados, the officers military and civil thereof being to aid them in the collection &c. of said revenue in said island. Yet notwithstanding the inhabitants and merchants there refused so to do not permitting the officers of said Farmers to weigh their sugars before shipment, which is alleged to be a great damage to them [said Farmers]. You are hereby commanded to cause all sugars to be weighed before shipment, allowing to merchant or planter such reasonable tare for the cask as is just : whereby the full duty of 4 per cent. may be collected : and further to assist said Farmers in collecting and receiving said duty. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. pp. 339-40.
The like letter to Col. Stapleton, Governor of Nevis and Antigua, St. Christopher and Montserrat. Ibid, p. 340.
Money warrant for 100l. to Nathaniel Bradley, Consul at Tripoli, for half a years' ordinary to Xmas. Warrants Early XIX. p. 349.
Same for 2,600l. to Sir Lionel Jenkins and Sir Joseph Williamson (viz. 1,300l. to each of them) for three months' advance of their ordinary as Ambassadors Extraordinary with the Earl of Sunderland to treat with the States of the United Provinces, as by the privy seal of the 31st ult., and also 6,000l. (viz. 2,000l. each) for equipage for said Ambassadors. Ibid, p. 308.
Same for 125l. to Sir Joseph Williamson for half a year on his fee as one of the clerks of the Privy Council. Ibid, p. 310.
April 5 Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Receipt to issue 428l. for the service of the Sick and Wounded on such orders as remain unsatisfied in the name of the Treasurer of the Navy : to be by a tally to be levied on the Country Excise. Ibid.
Money warrant for 50l. to the Earl of Marlborough for half a year on his pension to Lady Day last. Ibid, p. 311.
Same for 3,000l. to Thomas Elliot, one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber, in satisfaction of his surrender of the office of Chief Clerk of the Pleas of the Court of King's Bench, granted to Sylvius Titus on his petition. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Sir Joseph Seymour to allow 60l. in account to George Hosier, Receiver General of the late subsidy for co. Salop, for his pains in soliciting same and charges of bringing up moneys. Ibid. p. 312.
Same to the Receipt for payment of 2,500l. to John Cooke, Esq., Secretary to Henry Coventry, one of the Principal Secretaries of State, as royal bounty for his long and faithful services : to be paid by tallies levied on James Collins, Collector of Hearthmoney for York city and Yorks West Riding. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. In the present contract between the King and Sir Thomas Littleton, Sir Dennis Gauden, Sir Denny Ashburnham, Josias Child and Benjamin Gawden, Victuallers of the Navy, it is provided that if they desire leave to transport beyond sea any of the said provisions on which loss otherwise might arise they should have licence to so transport Custom free. In accordance herewith you are to permit them to so transport 40 tuns of beer, 60 tons of bisket, 60 tons of be f and pork to Barbados Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 340.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Customs Commissioners to permit the Duke of Monmouth to transport 80 horses for France, Custom free, being for his own use and riding. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 341.
Same to Sir C. Harbord, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, to send for and to rate, particulars and constats of His Majesty's manors, lordships, lands, tenements and hereditaments and coppices of underwood within the forest of Whittlewood and Salecy and other royalties, rents, profits, &c., whatsoever belonging to the honor of Grafton : with a view to a grant thereof to Henry, Earl of Arlington, for life, and after his death to Henry Fitz Roy, Earl of Euston, and his heirs male. Ibid, p. 342.
Entry of the reference to the Navy Commissioners of Mr. Canham's case concerning a parcel of hemp to be sent into His Majesty's stores : proof to be made as to whether this parcel of hemp was part of that which was intended to be sent into the stores according to contract ; in order to Canham's satisfaction if it appear reasonable. Out Letters General III. p. 268.
Same of same to Col. Birch, Mr. Wingate and Mr. Waring, late Commissioners of the Wine Act, and to Auditor Aldworth, of the petition of Christopher Tillard, vintner of London, for stay of process against him on his arrear for Wine duty. Ibid
[?] Same of same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of the mayor and burgesses of Truro, praying to have the Custom House restored to them as formerly, the want thereof being a great discouragement to their merchants in their trading, the distance between them and Falmouth being great. Ibid p. 269
April 5 Sir Ro. Howard to Sir Lionell Jenkins to attend Treasurer Clifford with his opinion whether the duty imposed on Appearances by the Act for impositions on proceedings at Law be not payable in Ecclesiastical Courts as well as others. Ibid.
Entry of the reference to the Agents for Taxes of the examination of the securities of the proposed receivers of the Eighteen Months' tax, 1673, viz. as follows :
Bedford and Huntingdon, Charles Duncombe, Receiver.
Berks and Oxford, Thomas Brown, Receiver.
Buckingham, Francis Olive, Receiver ; Thomas Brown, Solicitor.
Cambridge and Isle of Ely, Samuel King, Receiver.
Cornwall, Lewis Trethewy, Receiver.
Chester, Nathaniel Booth, Receiver.
Cumberland and Westmorland, John Lamplugh, Receiver.
Derby, John Atherly, Receiver ; William Burton, Solicitor for Derby and Notts.
Dorset, Robert Lewen, Receiver.
Devon, John Northcote, Receiver ; George Pollard, Solicitor.
Durham and Northumberland, William Christian, Receiver.
York, Sir Christopher Musgrave, Receiver.
Essex, Mr. Norrington, Receiver ; Mr. Coxon, solicitor for Essex and Herts.
Gloucester, Thomas Rich. Receiver ; Mr. Rogers, Solicitor.
Hertford, William Andrews, Receiver ; Mr. Coxon, Solicitor.
Hereford, Herbert Aubrey, Receiver ; William Bowdler, Solicitor.
Kent, William Rooke Receiver.
Lancaster, Mr. Leigh, Receiver.
Leicester, George Faunt, Receiver ; Mr. Duncklyn, Solicitor for Leicester and Northampton.
Lincoln (Kesteven and Holland), William Byfield, Receiver.
(Lindsey), Christopher Pym, Receiver.
London and Middlesex, Richard Reeves, Receiver ; Mr. Thompson, Solicitor.
Northampton, Nathaniel Smyth, Receiver ; Mr. Duncklyn, Solicitor.
Nottingham, Mathew Jennison, Receiver ; Mr. Burton, Solicitor.
Norfolk and Norwich, Robert Bendish, Receiver ; Mr. King, Solicitor.
Rutland, Peter Woodcock, Receiver.
Salop, George Hosier, Receiver.
Stafford, Francis Hollinshead, Receiver.
Somerset, John Tooker, Receiver ; Capt. Littleton, Solicitor.
Southampton, Edward Harris, Receiver ; Thomas Segar, Solicitor.
Suffolk, Colevile, Receiver.
Surrey and Southwark, Mr. Byne, Receiver.
Sussex, Charles Goodwyn, Receiver.
Warwick, John Newsham, Receiver ; Henry Clifford, Solicitor.
Worcester, [? Blank] ; Henry Clifford, Solicitor.
Wilts, Anthony Davies, Receiver.
North Wales, Ralph Whitley, Receiver.
Monmouth and South Wales (blank).
Ibid, pp 270-1.
Sir Robert Howard to the Agents for Taxes, conveying Treasurer Clifford's instructions for them to give notice to such Receivers in whose counties there are no Solicitors appointed that they are to take care also of the soliciting there : and upon conclusion of their accounts the Lord Treasurer will consider [of reward for their extra pains]. Out Letters General III. p. 271.
April 7 Treasurer Clifford's warrant, dormant, to the Cashier of the Customs to pay 32l. 6s. 8d. per an. to John, Earl of Dover for his creation money, viz. 20l. per an. as Earl of Dover and 13l. 6s. 8d. per an. as Viscount Rochford. Money Book (Customs), p. 96.
Treasury allowance of the 1673, Lady Day quarter's salary bill of the Customs. (Total, 7,683l. 2s. 9d.) Ibid, p. 97.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Receipt for 5,745l. 6s. 6d. to Sir Thomas Osborne, Treasurer of the Navy, to be by him assigned to the Victuallers of the Navy : to be paid by tallies levied on the Customs Cashier (one for 604l. 9s. 3d. on the Customs and 5,140l. 17s. 2d. on the wine duty) and to be issued on any orders in the name of said Osborne remaining unsatisfied in the Exchequer. Warrants Early XIX. p. 313.
Same to the Cashier of the Customs to call on Philip Marsh, the officer in whose custody the bonds for the wine duty remain, and to receive from him the bonds in two lists as below, giving him a discharge for same : and thereupon to deliver said bonds to the Victualler of the Navy to a total of 5,745l. 6s. 6d., which bonds the said Victuallers are to receive as in discharge of two tallies levied in accordance with a warrant of this day's date (viz. 604l. 9s. 3d. on the [additional duty on wines] and 5,140l. 17s. 2d. on the new imposition on wines and vinegar). In case any order from His Majesty shall interrupt said Victuallers in recovering moneys due on any of said bonds they shall receive satisfaction for such damage and if any moneys be, after date hereof, received by said Philip Marsh on any said bonds, and be paid by him to you, you are to pay same to said Victuallers. The officers formerly appointed for computing the discount of bonds for merchants are to compute 10 per cent. discount on said bills from date hereof as directed by Act of Parliament, and you are to pay said Victuallers the discount so cast up.
Appending :(a) An account of bonds taken at the Custom House, London, for the New Imposition on Wines from 1671, Sept. 29, to 1673, April 4, standing out and unpaid and in the custody of said Philip Marsh. The names of the merchants being as follows : viz. (Spanish wine bonds) William Warren, John Woolhouse, Tho. Smith, Richard Westcomb, William Draks (Drake), George Lawrence, John Flavell, Christopher Flavell, Thomas Wilson, Edward Castor, William Stile, Michaell Levi (total of Spanish bonds 506l. 10s. 0d.). (French and Rhenish wine bonds) the names of the merchants being (besides some of the above) Richard Staley, John Harris, James Long, Arnold Beake, Samuel Beake, Abraham Beake, George Potts, James Hind, Gerrard Bourne, Richard Eames, Tho. Buttall, Mark Allison, Edward Nelthorp, James Claypoole, John Hackshaw, John Ewing, William Johnson, Richard Packer, Joseph Dulinier, William Annall, William Bishop, Jeffery Bliss, Hugh Surry, Thomas Stevenson, Philip Emes, Richard Heron, Richard Packer, Samuel Salter, Edward Seaman, George Lawrence, Jonah Smith, Mark Allison, Tho. Buttall, William Winsmore, William Bellamy, Gregory Westcomb, Robert Dodd, William Battailhe, Samuel Swynock, Tho. Souch, Nicholas Exton, Prosper Fenton, Samuel Terrell, Henry Collyer, Richard Southell (total 4,634l. 7s. 1d. and total of Spanish and French bonds 5,140l. 17s. 2d.)
Money Book (Customs), pp. 98-100.
(b) Similar account of bonds taken at the Custom House, London port, for the additional duty on wines from Michaelmas, 1671, to 1673, April 4, and resting unpaid as above : The names of the merchants being included in the above (Spanish sweet wines total 40l. 8s. 1d. ; French and Rhenish wines total 564l. 1s. 2d. : total of both Spanish and French 604l. 9s. 3d.).
Warrant under the royal sign manual to Peter Calverd, Samuell Vincent and Edmund Bostock, Receivers of the impositions on Law Proceedings. By the Act for said impositions there is duty of sixpence for every Appearance that shall be entered in any of the Courts at Westminster or any other Court or office thereof. For avoiding doubts as to who shall collect said duty in the office of the Six Clerks in Chancery it is hereby to be received by any of the said Six Clerks in whose office or with whom such Appearances are or ought to be made or entered : they to account for it to the Receiver General of said duty. King's Warrant Book III p. 257.
Same empowering John Hayes (being thereto appointed by Peter Calverd, Samuel Vincent, and Edmund Bostock, Receivers of the Law duties), to inspect the accounts of all officers chargeable with the receipt of the said duties within the Courts of Chancery, King's Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer, the Duchy Chamber of Lancaster and the several offices thereof, the Lord Mayor's and Sheriffs Courts and all other Courts, both Ecclesiastical and Temporal, in London and Middlesex. Ibid. pp. 257-8.
"The like warrant of the same date for James Cunningham, supervisor within His Majesty's High Court of Chancery, to resort to, search, view and peruse the records and entries and to take notes, abstracts, &c." King's Warrant Book III. p. 258.
Sir Ro. Howard to Sir Ro. Long to forthwith pay Sir Tho. Daniel his half years' salary due at Lady Day last, "for which you have a warrant by you, being 48l. 13s. 4d., he being speedily to go to sea." Out Letters General III. p. 271.
[?] Incomplete entry [of reference] concerning the petition of John Knap, of London, salter. Ibid.
April 7 Sir Robert Howard to Auditor Philips. Yours to hand of your not being well. I desire to know when you intend to be here. Treasurer Clifford will be much unsatisfied to see an affair of that consequence you have undertaken now begin to be neglected. Ibid, p. 272.
[?] Same to Auditor Beale to prepare states of the accounts of Mr. Mountney for the two half-years ended at Michaelmas last for the Customs and New Impost. Ibid.
[?] Same to Mr. Pollexfen to attend Treasurer Clifford on Friday morning next. Ibid.
April 7 Same to Fra. Finch to attend Treasurer Clifford on Friday about the complaint made against you by Mr. Perryman. Bring your deputy Mr. Haworth with you. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's fiat for letters patent to constitute Feild Dunn, of Wistow, co. Yorks, gent., Collector of Customs in Berwick port, on the surrender of John Wingfeild. (In the margin :This now written over and dated 23 Sept., 1673.) Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 375.
April 8 Sir Ro. Howard to Sir Rob. Long to pay the remain of an order for 6,000l. (registered on the first quarter of the subsidy in the name of Alderman Backwell and assigned to Sir Ste. Fox) out of such moneys as shall be brought into the Exchequer of the arrears of the said first quarter of the subsidy, notwithstanding any former order to the contrary. Out Letters General III. p. 273.
[?] Entry of the reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Ralph Whitley for an allowance as Receiver General of the subsidy in North Wales. Ibid.
April 9 Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Customs Commissioners to displace Naper Lacy, landwaiter in London port, for misbehaviour and notorious fraud, and to employ Strode in his stead. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 342.
The like for displacing Stephen Wright, a landwaiter also, and employing Charles Crofts in his place. Ibid.
Same to Sir Ro. Long, Auditor of the Receipt, to forthwith remove the suspension of Sir William Doyley from his office of one of the Tellers of the Exchequer, and to restore him to his said office (the warrant of Treasurer Clifford of Jan. 25 last having ordered said Auditor to withdraw from the hands of said Teller all His Majesty's treasure then remaining in said Doyly's office) : said Doyly having made his submission and acknowledgment of his error in buying at a great undervaluation orders registered in the Exchequer. Ibid p. 343.
Treasurer Clifford's allowance of a warrant, dated April 7, by the Earl of St. Albans, Lord Chamberlain, to the Master of the Jewel House for the delivery of 7,400 oz. of white plate to Prince Rupert to be fashioned into such vessels as said Prince shall direct : "for his service at sea." Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 344.
Money warrant for 60l. [to be divided] between Mr. Porter and Mr. Killegrew, pages of honour to the King, for half a year of their salary. Warrants Early XIX. p 318.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Cashier of the Customs to pay 106l. 13s. 4d. to William Culliford, Register of the Seizures in the Customs, for one year on his salary. Money Book (Customs), p. 95.
Same to the Receipt to issue 79l. 16s. 0d. to Ralph Montague. Master of the Great Wardrobe, on any orders drawn in his name for the service of the Wardrobe, to be by him assigned to Mary Jervis, widow of John Jervis, for shoes by him furnished to the Wardrobe. Warrants Early XIX. p. 315.
Money warrant for 300l. to Viscount Falkland for one year on his pension. Ibid. p. 322.
Same for 1,000l. to Baptista May, Keeper of the Privy Purse, as imprest for the provision of crown gold for healing medals for His Majesty's use in healing. Ibid, p. 313.
Same for 100l. to John Relfe, gent., reading clerk in the House of Lords, as royal bounty for his extraordinary pains and service in that employment. Ibid. p. 314.
Same for 225l. to Sir Edward Griffin to be by him paid over to Captain William Houghton and Captain Richard Sadlington, viz. 112l. 10s. 0d. each for of a year of their salaries as corporals of the Guard of Yeomen : being payable in the office of the Chamber. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Auditor Morice to make allowance in the several accounts of Chr. Pym, Austen Cawdren and William Byfield, Receivers of the late subsidy in the several divisions of Lindsey, Kesteven and Holland, co. Lincoln, of 80l., 60l. and 43l. respectively for their services and charges therein. Ibid.
Sir Ro. Howard to Mr. Sherwyn conveying the Lord Treasurer's approval of a paper containing the sureties for each Receiver of the Eighteen Months tax. In the case of old Receivers of good repute you should not disturb their speedy going on in the receipt of this money by obliging them to find more sureties. Out Letters General III. p. 277.
Same to Sir John Oneby, Kt. [messenger of the Receipt], or his deputy, forwarding the number of [copies of] the Act of Parliament [for the Eighteen Months' assessment] alloted to each county, "which you are forthwith to carry to the several under sheriffs, deputy sheriffs or clerks of the peace," taking a dated receipt from them with charge to them to forthwith acquaint the several [Assessment] Commissioners of each county of the day appointed for their meeting as by the Act ; "and likewise at the time and place of their meeting [to] deliver them [said Commissioners] such numbers of Acts as you shall leave with any of them [said undersheriffs, &c.]."
Followed by :A list of the Counties referred to.
Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 344.
[? April 9] Entry of the declaration of account of Bevis Lloyd [? as Receiver for Crown Lands] for South Wales for two separate years ended respectively 1670, Sept. 29 (total charge, 6,656l. 9s. 10d. ; allowances and payments 3,934l. 7s. 5d, supers 836l. 6s. 0d., ipsums 1.891l. 11s. 3d.), and 1671, Sept. 29 (total charge 7,201l. 8s. 1d. ; allowances and payments 4,600l. 12s. 2d., supers 687l. 3s. 5d., ipsums 1,922l. 16s. 1d.). Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 345.
The like of Thomas (corrected to Ralph) Whitley for [? same of] South Wales for the year ended 1670, Sept. 29 (total charge 5,361l. 7s 8d. ; allowances and payments 2,461l. 9s. 3d. ; supers 1,503l. 10s. 9d.), and 1671, Sept. 29 (total charge 6,948l. 0s. 1d. ; allowances and payments 3,905l. 6s. 9d., supers 1,728l. 17s. 7d., ipsums 1,318l. 11s. 9d., charged for damage 4l. 16s. 0d.) Ibid, pp. 345, 346.
April 9 Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the King's remembrancer to take the securities of Austen Cawdern, William Byfield and Christopher Pym, gent., as Receivers General for co. Lincoln and Lincoln city, of the Act for 1,238,750l. for supply : viz. Cawdern for Lincoln city and Kesteven ; Byfield for Holland and Pym for Lindsey. Ibid, p. 346.
Treasurer Clifford's report to the King on the petition of Hugh Buscawen. as by the order of reference of Mar. 31 last. Petitioner has the right of presenting three parsons successively to the rectory of St. Mabyn and the King only the right of the fourth. In view of petitioner's merits his request may be granted, "being but inconsiderable to your Majesty." Ibid, p. 347.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to [the Customs Commissioners] to employ Richard Lamb as a tidesman in fee London port, loco John Billingsley, lately dismissed for misbehaving himself. Ibid.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General to prepare a bill to pass the Great Seal for a grant to Francis Smethwick of the office of one of the five undersearchers of London port that shall next become void by the death or surrender of Daniell Colwall, Thomas Burton, Robert Foster, William Dockwra and John Seymour, or any of them, besides such other estates as are already granted to any others in reversion. Ibid, p. 348.
[?] Treasurer Clifford to Mr. Hayes in Yorks. By royal sign manual of 1672, May 18, the arrears of [Militia] money raised by virtue of the Act for ordering the forces in the several counties, are directed to be paid to George Wharton, Treasurer of the Ordnance. I find by an account that about 700l. is detained by you [arising on this head out of your county]. You are forthwith to pay same to said Wharton, otherwise Exchequer process will issue out against you. Ibid, pp. 348-9.
April 9 Entry of the reference to the Commissioners of Wine Licences of the petition of Mr. Gloyne to be discharged of his farm of the Wine Licences for the city and county of Exeter. Out Letters General III. p. 273.
Entry of Treasurer Clifford's approval of the report from the Agents for Taxes on the petition of Margaret Williamson, late wife and executrix of George Williamson, deceased, late Receiver of Hearthmoney, co. Cumberland and Westmorland, praying to be allowed to accompt (for the two years unaccompted for) by the [hearthmoney] view [surveys] or duplicates returned for the year 1671. Ibid.
Apr.[? 9] Treasurer Clifford's allowance of the last Xmas quarter's incidents bill, and last Lady Day quarter's salary bill, detailed, of the Excise Office, London. (Totals respectively, 62l. 2s. 8d. and 324l. 12s. 8d.) Money Book (Excise), pp. 35-6.
[?] Sir Robert Howard to Auditor Aldworth to state the Cofferer's accompt with all speed. Out Letters General III. p. 273.
April 10 Royal warrant for 200l. to Capt. Thomas Howard as royal bounty. (Money warrant, dated April 11.) King's Warrant Book III. p. 261 ; Warrants Early XIX. p. 315.
Treasurer Clifford's subscription of a docquet, dated 1673. April, for a grant to the Duke of Monmouth (on the surrender of John Lord Belasyse). of the several offices of Governor and Captain of the town of Kingston upon Hull, and of the fort, blockhouse and fortifications thereof ; and also of Captain of 20 sufficient men or soldiers to be from time to time placed there : with the allowance of 10s. a day for himself and 8d. a day for every of said soldiers. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 184.
Sir Ro. Howard to Mr. Sherwyn. The Lord Treasurer has been informed and is satisfied that it was the intention of the Parliament to allow the Receivers General of each County for Eighteen Months' tax twopence in the for himself and a penny in the for his deputy, for whom he is to be answerable. But the said penny in the is not passed in the Act. You are to write to the respective collectors and assure them that the Lord Treasurer will allow them this penny for their deputies upon the concluding and discharging of their accounts. Out Letters General III. p. 278.
April 11 Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Customs Commissioners to permit the shipment, free of customs, of several boxes containing goods as per schedule annexed [wanting] for the use and service of the Duke of Monmouth, and now ready to be transported to Calais. Warrants Not Relating to Money, p. 351.
Same to the Receipt for orders of repayment of 10,000l. to Philip Lloyd, lent by him into the Receipt for His Majesty's service ; and for 5,000l. of the said sum to be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy and 4,800l. to Sir Lyonell Jenkins and Sir Joseph Williamson, His Majesty's Plenipotentiaries to treat a peace with the States of Holland, to be equally divided between them, and 200l. to the Wardrobe. Warrants Early XIX. p. 315.
April 12 Same to the Cashier of the Customs to pay 500l. to the Earl of Carlisle, for half a year to 1672, June 24. on the annuity of 1,000l. granted to him by letters patent of 1666-7, Mar. 21 for 20 years out of the duty on exported coals (except out of the Customs of 4s per chalder on imported sea coals, Newcastle measure, granted or intended to be granted to Lord Townsend). Money Book (Customs), p. 101.
Entry of reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of William Wood and Mathew Andrews, et al. owners and builders of the ships "Phnix" and "East India Merchant," of London, praying the twentieth [sic for tenth] part of the custom of goods imported in such ships on their respective voyages already made. Out Letters General III. p. 274.
Money warrant for 210l. to Viscount Grandison for one quarter on the 840l. per an., as by the privy seal of 1672, April 30, to be disbursed for His Majesty's service according to such directions as His Majesty shall give him. Warrants Early XIX. p. 316.
The like for 210l. to same on the like privy seal of 1672, Sept. 21, to be similarly disbursed. Ibid.
Money warrant for 1,000l. each to the Earl of Rochester and the Earl of Ogle for one year as Gentlemen of the Bedchamber. Warrants Early XIX. p. 316.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Viscount Fanshaw to take the securities of George Hosyer, of Shrewsbury, Salop, as Collector of the 18 Months' Assessment, granted by a late Act of Parliament : viz. said Hosyer himself, Edmund Waring of Oldbury, co. Salop, Thomas Thomes of Shelwick, Salop, and Francis Smith of Burton. Salop, gent. Ibid, p. 317.
Same to the Receipt to issue 169l. 7s. 6d. to Sir Edward Griffin on such orders as remain in his hands that will bear that sum : to be issued to Anthony Segar, one of His Majesty's messengers, for wages. Ibid.
Royal warrant for a privy seal to pardon Isaack Croane a debt of 349l. 15s. 3d. on the Wine duty, and of two judgements against him for same. (Treasurer Clifford's subscription, dated April 22. of docquet hereof.) King's Warrant Book III. p. 261 ; British Museum Additional MS 28,074, p. 188.
April 12 (new signed and dated April 7) Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General to prepare a bill for a great seal for a grant to Henry Savile and his heirs of all the King's interest in the manor of Prescot in the parish of Cropredy. co. Oxford, and the messuage lying in Shorthampton, in the parish of Charlbury. co. Oxford, now or late in the tenure of Rich. Harris, or late in the occupation of Richard Browne, and a messuage in Shorthampton now or late in the occupation of Richard Browne, and a messuage in Chilson in the parishes of Charlbury and Ascot, co. Oxford, now or late in the occupation of Thomas Bland : all in reversion after the interest therein of Dame Grace Danvers, and John, son of Sir John Danvers and said Grace. King's Warrant Book III. p 262.
April 12 Treasurer Clifford's warrant [to the King's Remembrancer] to take the securities of John Tooker, of Midsomer Norton, as Receiver General for Somerset and Bristol of the Eighteen Months' Assessments : said securities being said Tooker himself, Humphrey Burlace of Newland, co. Cornwall, John Harrington of Weymouth, Dorset, Anthony Tretlewy [Trethewy] of St. Giles in the Fields, co. Midd., and John Basset, tailor, of St. Clement Danes, co. Midd. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 350.
The like for Robert Lewen, of Wimborne Minster, co. Dorset, gent., as Receiver of same for co Dorset and Poole : his sureties being Lewen himself, William Oakeden of Moore Critchell, Dorset, William Tulse of Hinton, co. Southampton, Giles Stagg of Hinton, co. Southampton, and George Lewen of Poole, merchant. Ibid.
[?] The like for Thomas Browne of London, gent., as same for co. Oxford and Berks, his sureties being Browne himself, John Browne of St. Mary, Savoy, co. Midd., John Grant of Reading, Berks. Ibid.
[?] The like for William Christian as same for Durham, Northumberland. Newcastle, and Berwick : his sureties being Christian himself, Sir William Fenwick, Bart., of Wallington, Northumberland, Sir Fr. Anderson of Bradley, Durham, and William Dyke of Westminster, gent. Ibid, p. 351.
[?] The like for Thomas Leigh, of Lyme Hall, co. Chester, as same for co. Lancs. : his sureties being said Leigh, Richard Leigh of Lyme, Edward Downes of Shrigley, co. Chester, and Thomas Bowden of Lyme, gent. Ibid.
April 12 Treasurer Clifford's warrant [to the King's Remembrancer] to take the sureties of William Andrews, of Lambeth, Esq., as Receiver General of the Eighteen Months' Assessment for co. Herts : his sureties being said Andrews, George Andrews, of Great Chart, co. Kent, gent., and Alexander Andrews, of London, salter. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 352.
The like for Herbert Aubrey as same for co. Hereford : his executrix being Thomas Geeres, senr., of the Marsh in the parish of Bridge, co. Hereford, Robert Cornwall, of Berrington and George Coline, of Wormbridge, gent. (In the margin : the Commissioners [for taking securities] are John Williams, Tho. Paynard, and Thomas Clerk, Esqrs.) Ibid.
April 12 (altered to May 3) The like for John Adderley, as same for co. Derby : his sureties being George Vernon, of Sudbury, co. Derby (erased and Harvy Baggott, of Pesehall [? Beausall]. co. Warwick, inserted in lieu thereof), Richard Adderly, of co. Stafford, Esq, and Ralph Adderley, of Tamworth, co. Stafford, Esq. Ibid.
April 12 Treasurer Clifford's fiat for letters patent to constitute Alexander Campbell, gent., Comptroller of Customs in Berwick on Tweed loco Henry Shelle, gent., deceased. Ibid, p. 351.
April 14 Entry of the reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Edward Odway et al., employed in a ship "Thomas and Francis," bound for Guinea, concerning 19 barrels of powder seized. Out Letters General III. p. 275.
Same of same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of Capt. John Street's petition for a lease of a small piece of ground and a little close called Bucks Close with two little tenements in Clerkenwell belonging to His Majesty. now out of lease and held by concealments, being not charged in the Pipe, whereas heretofore 32s. 8d. old rent was paid to the Crown. Ibid.
Sir Rob. Howard to Sir Rob. Long to pay the Paymaster of the Works, 500l. upon account of the ordinary of the Works, and 100l. for paving : to be both paid out of First Fruits. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Mountney, the Cashier of the Customs, to pay Richard Gregory what is due to him to Lady Day last on his fee [as messenger]. Ibid, p. 276.
Entry of the reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Sir Francis Clarke, praying to be paid 398l. 11s. 7d. due to him at the Custom House. Ibid.
Same of same to the Master, Wardens and Assistants of Trinity House of the petition of Mr. Perryman, late commander of the ship "Meremaid," of London, concerning a duty demanded of him by one Haworth, chief searcher of Dover, for every cocquet of goods on board his ship, which he alleges to be a duty never demanded or paid. The referees to report whether such duty has been used to be received in the Downs or any port and whether the Downs is within the port of Sandwich. Ibid.
Sir Ro. Howard to Lord St. John and to Lord Hawley and the rest of the Trustees for Fee Farms. The Chancellor of the Exchequer intends to come to the Office of the Trustees for Fee Farms on Wednesday next touching the final settlement of all the purchases. You are desired to be present then. Ibid. p. 277.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Receipt for 120l to Blowstaine on an unsatisfied order in his name for that sum. To be paid out of such moneys as shall be paid into the Receipt by Roger Mostyn, Receiver of Hearthmoney for Montgomery, Anglesey, Merioneth and Carnarvon. Warrants Early XIX. p. 317.
Treasurer Clifford's constitution of John Tooker as Receiver General for Somerset and Bristol of the Eighteen Months' tax : he taking care to pay his receipts into the Exchequer by or before the days appointed by the Act, taking care that the payments on each of the six quarters be kept distinct and the tallies struck accordingly.
The like for the following as Receivers of same :
John Lamplugh for Westmorland and Cumberland.
Samuell King for co. Cambridge and Isle of Ely.
George Hosier for co. Salop.
George Faunt for co. Leicester.
Charles Goodwyn for co. Sussex.
Charles Duncomb for co. Beds and Hunts.
John Adderly for co. Derby.
Thomas Rich for co. Gloucester and Gloucester city.
Robert Lewen for co. Dorset and town of Poole.
Herbert Aubrey for co. Hereford.
John Newsham for co. Warwick and Coventry city.
William Christian for Durham, Northumberland, Newcastle and Berwick.
William Norrington for co. Essex.
William Rooke for co. Kent and Canterbury city.
Robert Bendish for co. Norfolk and Norwich City.
Peter Woodcock for co. Rutland.
Fra. Hollingshed for co. Stafford and Lichfield city. (In the margin :Mr. Hollingshed dead, and his son Francis commissionated in his room 17 June, 1673.)
Lewis Trethewy for co. Cornwall.
Francis Olive for co. Bucks.
Henry Byne for co. Surrey and Southwark borough.
Mathew Jennison for co. Notts and Nottingham town.
Martin Sandys for co. Worcester and Worcester city.
William Andrewes for co. Hertford.
Thomas Browne for co. Berks and Oxford.
Thomas Leigh for co. Lancs.
Nath. Smith for co. Northampton.
Sir Christopher Musgrave for co. Yorks, York city and Kingston upon Hull.
John Northcote for co. Devon and Exeter city.
Francis Hollingshead, junr., for co. Chester and Chester city.
Richard Reeve for London, Westminster, Middlesex county and liberty of St. Martins le Grand.
Edward Harris for co. Southampton, Southampton town and Isle of Wight.
Tho. Colevile for co. Suffolk.
John Vaughan for Monmouth, Brecan, Cardigan, Carmarthen, Glamorgan, Pembroke, Radnor and Haverford West.
Anthony Davis for co. Wilts.
Ralph Whitley for Flint, Denbigh, Merioneth, Montgomery, Anglesea and Carnarvon.
Austin Cawdern for Lincoln city and Kesteven.
Warrants Not Relating to Money III. pp. 369-71.
[? Apr. 14] Incomplete entry (comprising only the Auditor's particular) of an [? intended] lease to , of a piece of land called Run Common, containing 80 acres, lying in the parish of Wonersh, co. Surrey. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 353.
April 14 Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take the securities of William Rook, as Receiver of the Eighteen Month's assessment for co. Kent : viz. said Rook, Henry Thornhill of Olantigh, mayor, James Barron, of Fordit, Esqs., and Lancelot Burrowes, of Greenwich, gent. (The Commissioners for taking the said securities being Sir Arnold Breames, Sir Edward Masters, and Herbert Randolph, Esq.) Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to permit the shipment, customs free, of 20 horses for France, for the proper use of Sir William Lockhart in His Majesty's service there. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's allowance of two Lord Chamberlain's warrants to the Master and officers of the Jewel House, the one of Feb. 28 last for two chains and medals of gold, each of the value of 200l., as a gift from the King to Monsieur Vincent Germers and Francisco Mattfield, deputies from the city of Hamburg ; the other of Mar. 14 last for one chain and medal of gold, of the like value, as a gift from the King to the Russian Envoy, and for white plate to the value of 50l. to be given to the servants of said envoy. Ibid, p. 354.
April 15 Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General to prepare a grant of a lease to Sir Robert Southwell, for eleven years, of the house in Old Spring Garden, where he now lives as tenant to Sir William Morice, in reversion after the interest therein of said Sir William Morice and John and Nicholas his sons : all in view of said Southwell's expense in the ornament and conveniences of said habitation, and that his desire herein is principally that he may be near his duty in the King's service. King's Warrant Book III. p. 259.
Sir Robert Howard to the Cashier of the Customs to pay 500l. to the Earl of Carlisle, as by the warrant for the same. Out Letters General III. p. 278 ; Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 354.
Same to the Trustees for Sale of Fee Farms. There is a contract concerning Sir George Downing about the value of 10l. per an., which was made by Lord St. John and delivered to him in lieu of 100l. due to him. the residue whereof he must pay. Send the contract as soon as you can and the Lord Treasurer will pass it. Out Letters General III. p. 278.
[?] The state [drawn up by Auditor Phelips] of the fee farm rents, sold or unsold, as it appears at present till further examination : Ibid, p. 279.
s. d. s. d.
By a particular of rents in charge in the Exchequer, unsold, the yearly value of 6,093 18 1
Which at 16 years purchase are valued at 49,502 8 0
By particulars of rents in reversion in the Exchequer unsold, the yearly value of 3,813 2 1
Which at 8 years purchase amount to 30,504 16 10
Total value of the rents unsold in the Exchequer besides a considerable value in small rents which I cannot yet ascertain
80,007 4 10
The rents unsold in the Duchy [of Lancaster] in possession are per an. 2,770 18 6
The rents unsold in reversion there are per an. 2,533 18 0
Which at 16 years' purchase in possession and eight in reversion is 64,605 12 0
The value of the rents unsold besides 40,000l. in small rents by estimate 144,612 16 0
Paid into the Exchequer upon tallies [on contracts made] 645,304 7 10
In all 789,917 3 10
Besides interest defalked.
Besides the Isle of Wight and Sir Robert Holmes about 1,000l. per an. and several other rents set apart for other uses parcel of my first estimate which shall be made clear with as much expedition as may be.
April 15 Entry of the reference to Mr. Sherwyn, Mr. Fillingham, Mr. Webb, and Mr. Lloyd of the petition of Peter and Felix Calverd and Bernard Turner, praying that Francis Crawley, Receiver of Hearthmoney in Herts and Essex, may be ordered to perfect his accounts. Out Letters General III p. 283.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Receipt for the issue of 80,000l. upon such orders as remain unsatisfied for the service of the Navy : same to be assigned for the victualling : the said 80,000l. "will be lent" into the Exchequer by George Blackborne : orders for repayment of same to him are to be drawn on the first quarter of the last [or lately granted] Eighteen Months assessment, viz. 10,000l. out of the first money thereof, 30,000l. next after the sum of 70,000l. [charged thereon], 20,000l. after the sum of 130,000l. [charged thereon] and the remaining 20,000l. after 160,000l. [charged thereon]. Warrants Early XIX. p. 317.
Money warrant for 250l. to each of the following for half-a-year as Grooms of the Bedchamber : Henry Seymour, Robert Phillips, Thomas Felton, James Hamilton, Richard Lane, Thomas Killegrew, David Walter, Edward Progers, Sydney Godolphin, Bernard Greenvile, Silius Titus, Thomas Elliott. George Kirke. Ibid, p. 318.
Same for 100l. to William Goudlesborough, Clerk of the Commons House of Parliament, as royal bounty to be by him distributed among his under clerks employed in that service in reward for their pains and service for His Majesty. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Auditor Sir Edmund Sawyer to allow 72l. in account to Matthew Freer as Receiver and Solicitor of the late Subsidy, co. Bucks. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 354.
Constitution by Treasurer Clifford of Henry Clifford, Esq., as Solicitor in cos. Worcester and Warwick for the Act for 1,238,750l. "requiring him to attend the Commissioners for putting the said Act in execution, and to use his utmost endeavour that the said moneys be duly and truly assessed, collected and paid to the Receivers General, and by him transmitted to the Receipt of His Majesty's Exchequer at or before the time appointed by the said Act, and to discover any defaults, neglects or refusals that may happen in the payment or collection of any of the said moneys, and as the case shall require to make application to the said Commissioners for redress thereof, and upon all occasions from time to time to give an account of his proceedings herein to Richard Sherwyn, Esq., and the other persons by me appointed to look after the bringing in of these His Majesty's moneys." Ibid, p. 355.
The like warrants for the following :
Mr. Thomas Browne as Solicitor of same for Berks, Oxford and Bucks.
Mr. Burton as same for Derby and Notts.
Mr. George Pollard as same for Devon.
Mr. Fra. Coxon as same for Devon [sic for Essex and Herts].
Mr. Rogers as same for co. Gloucester.
Mr. William Bowdler as same for co. Hereford.
Mr. John Duncklyn as same for Leicester and Northampton.
Mr. Thompson as same for London and Middlesex.
Mr. William King as same for Norfolk and Norwich.
Capt. Littleton as same for Somerset.
Mr. Tho. Segar as same for Hampshire.
Ibid, pp. 355-6.