Minute Book: January 1676

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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January 1676

Jan. 3.
Visct. Yarmouth's creation money to be paid. Done. [meaning : letter written to the Customs Cashier to pay it.]
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 91.]
Jan. 5. Mr. Mounteney to bring 300l. into the Exchequer for Sir Gabriel Sylvius. Done. [meaning : letter written to the Customs Cashier.]
Sir Francis Wyndham to strike tallies for 300l. on the Excise ; for half a year to Xmas last on his pension.
Mr. Ellesdon to have another 50l. for half a year of his pension due at Xmas last.
Jan. 7. The Navy Board to be writ to to attend at the Treasury to be in readiness with the Lord Treasurer's demands ; and then my Lord will take care of putting them in a way of paying their bills of exchange.
Auditor Aldworth to attend with Sir Stephen Fox and the Cofferer of the Household on Wednesday next [the 12th inst.] about their interest accompts. My Lord will by that time have considered of the Excise matters how to provide for the growing payment of the Forces in order to satisfy Sir Stephen Fox for the payment thereof.
Jan. 7. Friday afternoon. Present : Lord Treasurer, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Earl of Ranelagh.
The late [last, new or present] Farmers [of the Revenue] of Ireland are called in and are asked by the Lord Lieutenant why they have not made payment of the 15,000l. in Ireland which has been already paid them here, and how they will pay the other 15,000l. if it should be paid them here. They answer they expect an account by the next post : that their Commissioners have paid the 15,000l. already in Ireland and offer to pay the other [15,000l.] if paid to them here. The Lord Lieutenant asks them what more they are ready to pay. They say there is little or nothing due from them until Lady day next at which time their days of grace will be expired. Visct. Ranelagh accounts them [as] in the King's debt [as follows] :
s. d.
for Mich. rent 25938 12 4
for the Customs 27000 0 0
for Xmas rent 30662 10 0
83601 2 4
and the king [as] in their debt [as follows] :
for the remainder of their advance money 33500
for so much lent to the King 10000
for defaclations for the war 20000
for repairs 3000
for so much by them paid in the North 3000
So then the Farmers will owe 14,101l. 2s. 4d. to the King. Memorandum. If any money be paid into the Exchequer Ireland by the ter[ritorial] tenants it is to be allowed to said Farmers as part of the said 14,101l. 2s. 4d. The Farmers say they have till Lady day to pay the balance [of their rent]. They then withdraw by order. They are called in again. The Lord Treasurer tells them that if they assure the payment of the 30,000l. by bills of exchange on their Commissioners [in Ireland] at a reasonable time they shall have it put into their hands here and what is already paid by their Commissioners to be accounted part thereof. Sir William Bucknall says they cannot draw bills at a short time, not knowing whether they will be complied with or no but they will pay it there [in Ireland] as soon as they can. Alderman Foorth deserves time until to-morrow afternoon to propose exchange without charge at twenty days sight. Sir William Bucknall moves that an account may be stated before the Barons [of the Exchequer] in Ireland of what is due to the King from the Farmers. To this the Lord Treasurer agreed and desired the Lord Lieutenant to write to the Lords Justices about it.
Write to Mr. Mounteney to stop [payment of] Mr. Slater's quarter due at Xmas till further order and that he pay the quarter [salary bill of the Customs) in three weeks.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 91-3.]
[Day Book p. 100.]
Jan. 10. At the instance of Mr. George Montague stop of process is ordered against Mr. Adderley till the latter end of Easter term.
Sir William Bowles to have 1,000l. upon the Hearthmoney due in Sept. next. Done. [meaning : letter written to the Auditor of the Receipt.]
Mr. Lock's petition to be considered.
Petitions read :
The Dean of S. Paul's [ordered thereupon] to call upon Sir Ph Lloyd for a privy seal about the fee farm rents to show to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and to contrive a way for the exchange.
Samuel's [petition] : a converted Jew. [ordered] : to be recommended to the Master of the Rolls.
Mr. Bond's [petition]. Granted.
Sir Jo. Pettus's answer to the Lord Treasurer's command of an account what he conceives a reasonable compensation &c. [which he states at] 3,000l. The Secretary [to the Lord Treasurer] is to wait on the Earl of Suffolk in this matter.
The city of London's [petition]. [Ordered] : the particular allowances of each quarter of the tax are to be known [ascertained].
Mr. Challoner's [petition]. [Ordered] : the value of the mills to be known, his tenure in them and what they will cost to repair.
[The petition from] the inhabitants of Newland in the forest of Dean. Referred to Sir Charles Harbord for his opinion.
[Same from] Gully et al on a reference from the Privy Council. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
[Same from] the Dean and Chapter of Windsor for 48l. 7s. 9d. due to the Queen Mother. The Lord Treasurer thinks it reasonable to be allowed.
[Same from] the six Under-Marshals. [Ordered] : enquiry to be made what the custom has been heretofore.
[Same from] Sir H. Vane's daughters. [Ordered] : Sir Charles Harbord to give an account of the yearly value and how he computes it. In the margin. Delivered to Mr. Progers 12 Jan. 1675-6.
[Same from] Mr. Bushell et al about a debt upon the 4 per cent. [duty in Barbados &c.]. To be considered when the Farmers there [of are present].
[Same from] Sir Walter Bagot. A memorandum made upon. the papers for the king, to know his Majesty's pleasure hereupon.
[Same from] the brewers on reference from the Privy Council. Appointed to be heard on Wednesday week the 19th inst. The Lord Chief Baron or one of the Barons and the Attorney General to attend then.
[Same from] Dr. Hycks. [Ordered] : to remain among the Navy bills.
[Same from] the city of London about the New Plantation of Londonderry. The Lord Treasurer agrees with the Lord Lieutenant's report of having it fixed upon such part of the revenue as is yet uncharged.
[Same from] Mr. Bransby. Nothing can be done.
[Same from] Sir Jo. Bunce. [Ordered] : Sir Bernard Gascon's accompt to be sent for and what he owes [is] to be for Bunce's use, for payment of his tallies.
[Same from] Knollys. [Ordered] : if he can find anything that may compensate, the Lord Treasurer will be ready to assist him.
[Same concerning] the Earl of Bristol's case. [Ordered] : to be shewed to the Lord Treasurer some other time.
[Same from] Lord Crofts. [Ordered] : to be among the Lord Treasurer's minutes when he goes to the King.
[Same from] Hannington for 20l. [as] underkeeper at Windsor. Granted. A privy seal to be drawn.
[Same from] the officers at Ludlow. [Ordered] : to be referred back to the auditor to give the Lord Treasurer satisfaction of the ground of Sir Robert Long's certificate.
[Same from] Mr. Hinton. Nothing can be said to it.
[Same from the] Commissioners of S. Paul's. The Secretary [to the Lord Treasurer is] to speak with the officers of the Works.
[Same from] Mr. Bernard. [Ordered] : to know what will be satisfactory.
[Same from] Mr. Dorney and Seagar and the rest. [Ordered] : to have allowance for their attendance at Windsor proportionable to what has been done in like cases.
[Same from] Mr. Jones. [Ordered] : to have a half year.
[Same from] David Moore. [Ordered] : to pay the fine set by Sir C. Harbord.
[Same from] the Countess of Brentford, the Earl of Strafford et al. [Ordered] : to be put in the King's minutes. [So also] Lady Fisher.
[Same from the] auditors' clerks. Allowed.
[Same from] Jo. Hyggs.
[Same from] Franklin. [Ordered] : to be restored to a tidesman's place.
[Same from] the Duke of Newcastle for creation money.
[Same from] Mr. Vernon. The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind of it.
[Same from] Pygott. [Ordered] : Mr. Guy to come and speak with the Lord Treasurer upon it.
[Same from] An[ne] Piquays. [Ordered] : to move the King in her case.
[Same from] Lord Brereton and the Earl of Ranelagh. [Ordered] : to attend on Friday next at the Treasury Chambers with Mr. Trant.
[Same from] Abernethy. [Ordered : there are] so many engagements [promises of appointments] in this port [of London] that nothing can be done here : he to find out something in some other port.
Same from Mr. Hargrave.
Same from Mr. Hodgson. [Ordered] : Mr. Robert Birtie to consider which way he may have good done him.
[Same from] Mr. Oudart. Referred to Sir C. Harbord.
[Same from] Mr. Lancashire. The King's pleasure is to be known [as to it]. Secretary Bertie is to attend the Chancellor of the Exchequer to know his opinion what he thinks advisable in the case of the Receivers.
Same from Mr. Edw. Watts. Granted if his brother clear his accompts and he give good security.
[Same from] the clerks of the Checque. [Ordered] : the Treasurer of the Chamber to pay them.
[Same from] Mr. Veel. [Ordered] : nothing can be done ; tallies being [already] struck upon him.
[Same from] the Earl of Carbery. The petition and papers referred to the Attorney General.
[Same from] Mr. Slater. [Ordered] : to attend and have a hearing of his business.
[Same from] Sympson, groom of the Privy buckhounds. [Ordered] : to apply to Mr. Griffin.
[Same from] John Greene. [Ordered] : to have half [altered to] one year.
[Same from] Andrew Laurence. [Ordered] : to have half a year of his fee.
[Same from] Mris. Stepney. [Ordered] : to be put into the minutes [for the King]. Madam Civett's also.
[Ordered] the [members of the King's] music to have an assignment for a quarter due upon their last warrants.
Memorandum. To enquire how far Sir Ph. Lloyd has paid the Queen Mother's arrears. The compositions desired upon some part of them [said arrears] are to be put into the King's minutes. The salaries of the officers [engaged herein] and the whole matter are to be considered and to know what they brought in last year.
Petition read from Mr. St. George, Richmond Herald. The Lord Treasurer to know how others have been paid.
[Petition read from] Goby.
[Same from] the officers of Whitehall Volary.
Same from John Winn (Wynn).
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 93-7.]
[Day Book p. 100.]
Jan. 12.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer is desired to look out some old arrear amounting to about 1,100l. for the poor labourers [of the Works at Scotland Yard] they having already received 400l of the 1,500l. directed 8 Oct. last.
A warrant to be drawn for 1,000l. for the service of Audley End.
Sir Stephen Fox, the Cofferer of the Household, Auditor Aldworth, Mr. Kent, and Mr. Aldworth junr. are called in about said Fox's and Cofferer's and Kent's interest accounts. Sir Stephen Fox's commences from 1671-2 Jan. 1 for 3 years and amounts to 24,661 15s. 11d. ; the Cofferer's from 1672 for years and amounts to 6,975l. 18s. 6d. ; and Mr. Kent's from 1674 Nov. 16 to 1675 July 1, and amounts to 3,825l. 11s. 3d. The Lord Treasurer desires the Chancellor of the Exchequer to peruse the said interest accompts and to state any objection he has to them.
Sir William Killigrew to have a quarter on his pension. Done. [Meaning simply : warrant drawn or letter written to the Receipt accordingly].
Sir Gabriel Sylvius to have his order for 200l. dated 1673-4 Feb. 12, satisfied out of the Hearthmoney farm rent due Mar. 15 next.
The Lord Treasurer directs the payment of Mr. Bulstrode's order for 227l. 10s. 0d. for a quarter's advance on his ordinary as Resident. Done. [meaning : as above.]
Mris. Skelton to be paid 60l. being one year's interest of 1,000l. lent to his Majesty. Done.
The [four King's] Lancashire preachers [are ordered] to have 100l. upon their privy seal for 200l. per an. Done.
A quarter directed for the Poor Knights and officers of the Garter : "which is 200l. due at Xmas last." Done.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 97-8.]
Jan. 14. Mr. Hyggs, Mr. Dunkly, Bevis Lloyd and Sir Humphry Hooke, Mr. Fillingham, Sir Richard Mason, and the rest of the Agents [for Taxes] with Auditor Philips or his deputy are to attend at the Treasury Chambers this day.
Mr. Trant to attend about Lord Brereton's and the Earl of Ranelagh's petition and with his proposal concerning the Four and a half per cent. duty.
[Day Book p. 101.]
Jan. 14.
Treasury Chambers. Friday.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir Gilbert Talbott to be paid 100l. Done [i.e. letter written].
Mr. Tho. Killigrew to be paid 200l. for one year for his allowance for the Revels. Done.
Mr. Fillingham, Mr. Webb, Auditor Philips and Mr. Hyggs called in. The Chancellor of the Exchequer complains of Mr. Hyggs's accounts as Receiver of the Hearthmoney in London and Middlesex, that he brings such defalcations as cannot be allowed, and further says that Mr. Dunkly charges Higgs with 2,400l. of which he has wronged the King and offers to prove it if his books be produced. Mr. Dunkly not being in town nothing more [is at present] done in it.
Write to Sir Humphry Hooke complaining of his returning so many men in super when he is responsible for it.
Mr. Trant and Mr. Scutt called in about the Barbados [Four and a half per cent.] farm and complain of the Farmers [thereof] that they receive great effects and profit and pay little or nothing. Write the Farmers that the Lord Treasurer is dissatisfied that they have not left their accompts with Auditor Aldworth to be stated, before they went out of town. Mr. Trant and Mr. Scutt present a proposal for a farm [of the Four and a half per cent.] which was read. They offer to give 5,600l. per an. for it. They move that the present farm may be reassumed into the King's hands and that the Lord Treasurer write to their [the present Farmers'] Commissioners to send an account of what goods they send home as an expedient to secure this year's rent. Write to Sir Jonathan Atkins to order the [said] Commissioners to give an account to him of what goods they have sent from hence [sic for from Barbados hither to England] consigned to Col Strode and Company in 1663, 1664 and 1665. Sir Jonathan Atkins to transmit that account to the Lord Treasurer.
Warrant ordered for a privy seal in widow Chiffinch's business.
The Lord Treasurer directs the town of Dartmouth to be paid.
Also that Col. Whitley be paid either out of the arrear of the Law farm or upon the growing income [thereof.]
Also that 2,000l. be paid out of the Customs upon the growing receipt thereof after satisfaction of the weekly payments fot the Privy Purse, Navy and the Forces : said 2,000l. to be in parr of 3,657l. payable to Mr. Maidwell, clerk and paymaster of the bills of impost and to be for the service of the bills of impost for the year ending Xmas 1675 for which said Maidwell has a warrant.
Note : Mr. Sclater is to attend and have a hearing of his business but no day yet appointed.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 98-100.]
[Day. Book p. 100.]
Jan. 16. The Lord Treasurer directs 60l. to be sent for out of the Customs for the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield ; and 15l. for the Vicars of Lichfield. Done. [i.e. letter written.]
He also directs 1,600l. for the Works : to be upon the Hearthmoney farm rent due in March next : which makes 3,200l. upon their 400l. per week payment, they having received 1,600l. already.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 100.]
Jan. 18. Petitions read.
Petition from Sir Samuel Morland for a lease of Faux Hall without the clause of re-assumption. The Lord Treasurer to move the King in it.
[Same from] Mr. Morgan against Thomas Fownes an officer in the Custom House who owes him a considerable debt &c. A caveat to be entered that Fownes do not sell his place without acquainting the Lord Treasurer with it.
[Same from] Mris. Bickerton for payment as a Rocker [to the late King's children]. She petitions in an ill time.
Same from Sir Humph. Hooke praying to be discharged of 12 per cent. for non payment of the King's money in due time. Respited.
[Same from the] King's waiters [of London port] for salary. [Ordered] to have half a year.
[Same from] Sir Stephen Fox "about a Duckoy." [Ordered] to be referred.
[Same from Mr.] Lapp. for a debt due from Mr. Grabu. The Lord Treasurer to be more particularly informed.
[Same from] Major Greathead. [Ordered] : the covenants between him and Sir Robert Viner do govern in this case.
[Same from the] Tower Armourers for 800l. due by their privy seal. [Ordered] : to be placed upon some arrear of the Hearthmoney in Sir Ph. Lloyd's privy seal.
[Same from] Col. Carre. [Ordered to be placed] upon the same. The Secretary [to the Lord Treasurer] is to shew my Lord an account of that [Lloyd's] privy seal.
[Same from] Coleman for payments [due] out of Mr. Griffin's office for repairs at Hampton Court.
[Same from the] inhabitants of Gosport [for payment of quarters] for sick and wounded. The Lord Treasurer to have an account from Mr. Shale.
[Same from the] Duke of Richmond's servants. [Ordered] : the arrears of quit rents due from Sutton Marsh to be disposed for payment as far as they will go.
[Same from] Lady Lockhart. [Ordered] : her gentleman to attend the Lord Treasurer some morning about the [Ambassador Lockhart's extraordinaries.
[Same from] widow Grove for an arrear due to her husband as King's waiter. [This is] no time for it [to be applied for].
[Same from the] Navy creditors. Mr. Shale to give my Lord Treasurer an account of it.
[Same from Mr.] Shaw, dismissed from being a landwaiter and praying to be heard. [Ordered] : to attend the next time the Customs Commissioners come.
[Same from] Mr. Jakeman. [Ordered] : to be the next landwaiter.
[Same from] the Commissioners for Durham [? for the Eighteen Months' Assessment]. Respited till Mr. Arden's accompts come in.
[Same from] Sir Ed. Spragg's executors. [Ordered] : to be considered of.
[Same from] Lord Belasyse. [Ordered] : Mr. Pepys to inform my Lord Treasurer how the Tangier arrears stand.
Write to Sir Courtny Pole that his Majesty is informed that [what said Pole petitions for] 'tis a very great thing and [the King] must be further satisfied before he disposes of it.
My Lord Treasurer to speak to the Attorney General to-morrow at the Privy Council concerning Mr. Mountney's business of the tally for 1,029l. for which he is now sued.
Lord Duras' [warrant for] 500l. and the Duke of Buckingham's [warrant are] to be put into the papers or minutes [intended] for the King.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 100-2.]
Jan. 19. Mr. Mounteney to bring 500l. into the Exchequer for the use of the Duke of Richmond, being for a quarter due to him at Xmas. Done [i.e. letter written].
[Ibid. p. 102.]
Jan. 20. My Lord Treasurer directs that Lady Greene be paid 582l. 19s. 7d. which she has paid to several creditors for her son the Earl of Plymouth. To be paid out of Chimney [farm rent] due in March next.
Jan. 22. Mr. Eliot's 725l. due upon a late order is to be placed [charged] upon the Chimney money [farm rent due] in March next.
[Write to] Mr. Mounteney to send in 222l. 10s. 0d. for one year of Lord Arundel's pay as Governor of Pendennis Castle. Done.
The Earl of Bristol's quarter to be paid. Done [i.e. letter written to the Receipt].
The Earl of Ogle's 1,000l. that was to be paid at Xmas is to be satisfied by tallies on the Chimney money [farm rent due] in March [next].
Tallies to be struck on the Excise for 750l. for a quarter due to the Lord Privy Seal at Xmas last. Done [i.e. letter written to the Receipt].
The Duchess of Richmond to have a quarter due at Michaelmas last. Done [i.e. ut supra].
[Write to] Mr. Mounteney to bring 333l. 10s. 0d. into the Exchequer for a quarter to the Master of the Hawks. Done.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 102.]
Jan. 26. Mr. Calvert and Mr. Vincent to attend [this day] about the Law farm.
The brewers business also [to be considered this day].
Sir Richard Pigot and his partners' accompts for the half year [of the Hearthmoney ending 1666 Lady Day : the hearing of the matter to be this day. Bevis Lloyd to be summoned.
[Day Book p. 101.]
Jan. 26.
Wednesday. Treasury Chambers.
My Lord Treasurer directs 1,000l. for Mr. Le Gouche the King's Jeweller : [to be] upon the Chimney money [farm rent due] in March next.
Present : Lord Treasurer ; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
On Friday, Feb. 4 [next] Sir C. Harbord, Lord Hawley, Sir John Talbot and Sir William Hayward are to attend [at the Treasury] about the privy seal for making up the account of the fee farms.
On the same day the Barbados [Four and a half per cent duty] Farmers are also to attend at the Treasury Chambers.
Sir Rob. Viner, Sir Ri. Pigott et al called in about the [King's] half year's collection of the Chimney money ending at Lady Day 1666 immediately preceding their farm. A paper with the state of their accompt is read. The chancellor of the Exchequer excepts against the manner of their accompt. Sir Ro. Viner says though their account be not according to the method of the Exchequer yet they shew it made as much by a medium as in the preceding half years when there was a regular accompt thereof. They move for some expedient to pass their accompts and to have a discharge. The highest half year's [income from Hearthmoney] in the time of [its being received by] the sheriffs appears to be above 70,000l. in 1662 and my Lord Treasurer thinks it but just that the half year in dispute ought to be made up to that proportion. Mr. Brent moves that Mr. Pointz's tally levied upon Bevis Lloyd for 500l. may be satisfied ; and presents Pointz's petition to that purpose. Mr. Lloyd alleges he is bound in bond to pay all money into the Farmer's hands and craves his allowances, which being made, the remainder is due to the King. Upon the debit of Mr. Bevis Lloyd's accompt there remains 838l. but afterwards he had allowance which brought it to 562l. [Ordered] Mr. Lloyd to pay Mr. Pointz's tally and the Farmers to deliver him up the bond given for accompting for the half year. Mr. Lloyd to be allowed 62l. 5s. 11d. towards the extraordinary charges in collecting the half year in Somersetshire.
The order of Council concerning the brewers is referred to the Attorney General.
Upon his petition process is to be stopped against Martin Sandys till Michaelmas term next, he paying 400l. in Easter term next.
Mr. Hyde to have 1,000l. for 10 weeks of the Robes ; [to be charged] on the Chimney money [farm rent due] in March next. Done [i.e. letter written to the Receipt].
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 103-4].
Jan. 27. Mr. Lewen to attend my Lord Treasurer on Wednesday next about Lady Lockhart's privy seal.
[Write to] Mr. Mounteney to bring 500l. into the Exchequer for Xmas quarter for the horses. Done.
The quarter due at Xmas last for the Duke of York's children is to be paid. Done. [i.e. letter written to the Receipt].
[Ibid. p. 104.]
Jan. 28. Friday. Mr. Agard's accompts for the forest of Dean [are to be considered this day]. Mr. Bevis Floyd to attend the same day.
[This day is appointed for] the consideration of the privy seal of the 30,000l. paid by Sir Jo. Shaw and partners for their first farm [of the Customs].
Auditor Aldworth and Mr. Vincent to attend my Lord Treasurer in the afternoon of this day.
[Day Book p. 101].
Jan. 28. A warrant to be drawn for 1,000l. per an. out of the Exchequer, for the Earl of Northampton ; to be during pleasure. Done.
The Wardrobe to have 3,000l. upon the Chimney money [farm rent due] in March next. Done [i.e. letter written to the Receipt].
The Hearthmoney Farmers to attend my Lord Treasurer on Tuesday morning next.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 104].