Minute Book: February 1676

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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February 1676

Feb. 1. The Commissioners and Farmers of Excise to attend in the afternoon of this day with Sir Stephen Fox, William Kingdon and Mr. Dawson.
[Day Book p. 102.]
Feb. 1. My Lord Treasurer directs the Lord Privy Seal's diet money to be paid for a quarter due at Xmas [last].
Mr. Staggins' petition for his fee is read. [Ordered] to be paid what is become due during my Lord's time [of acting as Lord Treasurer].
Mr. Vincent and Mr. George Dashwood to attend the Lord Treasurer together as soon as may be.
A letter [ordered to be written] to the Earl of Northampton acquainting him that the business of the town of Northampton is put off to some other day, whereof his Lordship shall have notice. [In the Day Book an entry relating to this appears to be dated Feb. 2. Candlemas Day].
[Treasury Minute Book pp. 104-5.]
Feb. 3. Warrants to be prepared for [paying] the Maids of Honour and the Gentlemen [of the Bedchamber].
[Warrant ordered for] 300l. for Healing medals.
Mr. Mountney to bring 69l. [into the Exchequer] for Mr. Bernard.
Sir Samuel Moreland's warrant for [a lease of] Vauxhall to be renewed and the clause of reassumption to be left out.
The Office of the Ordnance to have 4,294l. in part of the 14,000l. remaining of their extraordinary ; the one moiety hereof in Sept. next and the remainder in March following : [to be charged] upon the Hearthmoney Farmers and to be applied to the payment of Sir William Prichard's account for the Gun Wharf and houses at Woolwich.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 105.]
Feb. 3.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Major Huntington, Sir Jno. James and Mr. Alderman Danett Foorth called in. The Lord Treasurer acquaints them that one moiety of their 30,000l. was agreed to be detained in hand till it was answered in Ireland, but the Lord Lieutenant's letters from thence say that the first 15,000l. will not be yet paid this month and [he is in] despair of the further payment of the latter 15,000l. upon which account the Lord Lieutenant moves that the money here may be transmitted into Ireland [direct instead of through the Farmers]. The Lord Lieutenant [sic for Treasurer] acquaints them that the Lords Justices write that the agreement between the Earl of Ranelagh and the Foorths has not yet been transmitted by them into Ireland. The Lord Lieutenant [sic for Treasurer] says it rests upon Visct. Ranelagh to see the army paid according to his undertaking.
Feb. 4. Sir Stephen Fox, the Cofferer of the Household, Major Huntington, Sir John James are to attend the Lord Treasurer in the afternoon of this day.
[Day Book p. 102.]
Feb. 4. Friday. Present : Lord Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Bernard Turner, goldsmith, is called in about 500l. which he desires may be paid him for interest to enable him to pay the remainder of Crawley's debt. It will be the breach of a rule. The Chancellor of the Exchequer will pass his account and put the 500l. in super to be respited. The Lord Treasurer says if there be any [bankers' debts] of that kind considered he shall be sure to be considered.
M. Bevis Lloyd called in. He to be discharged of 12 per cent. for keeping the King's money in his hands.
Sir Charles Harbord, Sir William Haward and Sir Jo. Talbot [of the Trustees for Fee Farms] called in. The Chancellor of the Exchequer says there is no provision made for the pensions and payments [settled on the Receivers of Crown revenues as payable out of the fee farm rents or other Crown revenues] in each Country [County] therefore desires a list may be made for each County and brought in, that care may be taken of the said payments. The Chancellor of the Exchequer will advise with the Trustees [of Fee Farms as to] what Receivers are necessary to be continued. Ordered that the Trustees forthwith prepare an account of what fee farm rents are sold and for what : to be kept in the King's Remembrancer's office as a record. Mr. Lightfoot called in. The Chancellor of the Exchequer asks him whether he has, pursuant to his instructions, drawn up an account of the rents sold. He says he is now preparing one and has tallies and contracts ready in order to it. Every county to be apart by itself.
Sir Cha. Wheler, Col. Strode, Auditor Aldworth &c. called in with a state of an accompt of the farm of the Four and a half per cent. duty at Barbados. The Farmers' demands for defalcations and the merchants' answers are read. [First their demand] for 1,240l. by reason of obstructions and affronts to their officers in the collection of said duty. Four heads proper to be debated (1) weights, (2) losses at sea, (3) prices, (4) freight. The article concerning the weights is carried to every year's account and has the same answer. The country on receipt of his Majesty's first letter (says the merchant) yielded obedience but upon a new agreement with the Farmers' Commissioners 1,400 lb. weight was allowed for a butt and 700 lb. weight for a hogshead. It is agreed by the merchants that the cask usually contain more than 1,250lb. weight and Mr. Tirwhit says 1,600 lb. weight is the common medium. A letter [is ordered] to be written to the Royal Company that was and now is and other merchants to certify to the Lord Treasurer their accounts and factories of goods from Barbados from the year 1670 to the present time. Done. Secondly : the losses at sea. [Debated and ordered] to be proved by bills of lading and invoices as to quantity : and the merchants to attend the Auditor thereon. Thirdly : concerning the lowering of prices. Query : if the Farmers do pay their officers in sterling money under the rate of 12s. 6d. per hundredweight? Fourthly : the rise of freights : to which the merchants answer the price of goods countervail the price of freights for in time of war if freight be dear the goods are so likewise. The Lord Treasurer demands of the Farmers the annual accompt of their farm according to covenants. They agree to deliver copies of their books. This business to be heard again this day week.
Mr. Trant's business about Capt. Langford's tally is to be heard this day week.
Petitions read.
The Archbishop of York's [petition read : order for his] case to be referred to the Attorney General.
Sir Charles Harbord's report [read] upon Chaloner's petition. [Order for] 20 ton of timber to be allowed upon security that it shall be disposed aright.
[Petition] from Tho. Boone praying that [neither] Northcot nor any [other] receiver of the Subsidy be discharged, [petitioner] having lent 1,000l. upon it. A book of all arrears [of the Subsidy is ordered] to be presented to my Lord Treasurer : and then directions to be given in this matter.
[Same from] Major Porter on a reference [from the King : petitioner praying] for the King's share [? of the tin recovered at Ostend] in satisfaction of a debt due to his lady for portion &c. [The secretary to the Treasury is ordered] to enquire what tin has been weighed up by Custis.
[Same from] Taylor. Mr. Hugh May to be spoken with and if there be no exceptions against him the thing is to be done.
[Same from] Sir Hugh Cholmly et al the alum Farmers, for declaring their accompts. This day week appointed for it.
[Same from] Mr. Walmsly for a landwaiter's place now void. Granted.
[Same from Mr.] Castleton for two lives in reversion in the place of customer of the petty customs in London. [This matter] to be put into my Lord Treasurer's minutes for the [Privy] Council.
[Same rom Mr.] Bradshaw for 500l. given for the collection of the Hearthmoney in London and Westminster. My Lord [Treasurer] to hear the matter.
[Same from Mr.] Watts praying to be restored to a tidesman's place [in consideration of his] having discovered frauds. To be referred to the [Customs] Commissioners.
[Same from Mr.] Great Back. [Ordered] to be paid half a year.
[Same from Mr.] Smith. [Ordered] to be continued in the receipt of the Queen's rents [on] giving security.
[Same from Mris.] Clark. [Ordered] to have 25l. due for a quarter on her husband's salary.
[Same from] Alderman Backwell complaining that one Stoughton threatens to arrest him for 500l. though he has constantly paid him and all men interest : and praying that Stoughton may be sent to. [The secretary of the Treasury is ordered] to enquire who knows him.
[Same from Mr.] Reeve, Receiver of the Eighteen Months' tax in London and Middlesex praying stop of process till the city pass their privy seal for 15,000l. allowed [as a deduction] upon account of the fire. Granted.
[Same from Mr.] Reeve, goldsmith, praying the Lord Treasurer to speak with Mr. Seimour [Treasurer of the Navy] to take [paper] orders [from said Reeve as in payment] "for money due to him."
The lease for tin [is ordered] to proceed.
The order of [the Privy] Council for 100l. to be paid to Mr. Kenedy by the sheriff of Essex for taking Cusac &c. [is ordered] to be done.
[Petition from the] Sole Bay inhabitants [for payment for quarters &c. of the] sick and wounded. Mr. Shale to be spoken with in it.
Mr. Maydwell to be spoken with about the "Richmond" yacht.
[Petition from] Mr. Ashton on a reference [from the King : petitioner] praying for 300l. to be allowed him upon his account he having given so many guineas lately for his brother's commission to be a lieutenant in the Guards who was soon after killed in the French service.
[Same from] Alderman Backwell about interest.
[Same from] the falconers about [their] salary. The Lord Treasurer will do something in it.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 106-9.]
Feb. 4. in the afternoon. Present : Lord Treasurer : Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Farmers of the Law duty are called in with their Counsel. Mr. Sawyer says he is to move upon the single point of defalcations by reason of the recognizances besides [over and above] which he says 16,000l. or 17,000l. was the most that was ever answered into the Exchequer. No more than 3,700l. collected on recognizances by the present Farmers : [whereas] Sir Robert Atkins valued recognizances at a third of the [total] value [of the Law Duties]. The Farmers demand 9,100l. per an. by way of defalcation [on this head]. The Farmers are called in. The Lord Treasurer directs the auditor to make up the account [making therein allowance] according to these [following] heads (1) 1,000l. per an. for [the Farmers] themselves, (2) eight per cent. interest for their advance money until [its] repayment, (3) 5,000l. for charges. And [the Farmers] to be charged at the rate of 21,000l. per an. together with the money by them received for recognizances.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p 109.]
Feb. 5. Saturday. Mr. Mounteney to bring 5,000l. into the Exchequer for the Newcastle frigate. Done. [i.e. letter written to Mounteney.]
Ambassador Berkley to have 3 months' entertainment.
William Birkenhead to be landwaiter at Southampton loco Roger Turner deceased.
Visct. Grandison to have a quarter out of the Excise.
[Ibid. p. 110.]
Feb. 7. The business of the town of Northampton [is] to be heard at Wallingford House [on this day]. All parties to be summoned for 3 in the afternoon precisely.
The Commissioners and Farmers of the Excise and Sir Stephen Fox and the Cofferer are to attend at the same time.
[Day Book p. 102.]
Feb. 7. Treasury Chambers. Monday. On Wednesday next the Bishop of London, the Attorney General and the officers of the Works are to attend after the [meeting of the Privy] Council about the grant of Portland quarry to the use of St. Paul's until it shall be built. The objections to the grant to be then considered.
Sir Stephen Fox, the Cofferer of the Household, the Receivers of the Excise, Mr. Dawson, Mr. Kingdon and Mr. Kent are called in. Sir Stephen Fox desires (1) that Mr. Kent may continue in the Receipt [of the Excise] until the money due to him [Kent] by tallies be repaid. (2) that he [Kent] be repaid the 50,000l. he paid to he former Receivers [of Excise] or [that] his security for the same be changed that he may be acquitt thereof.
To the aforesaid, Major Huntington replies that it was their case when they went out, but they did not insist upon it because there cannot be two Receivers at a time : and besides that the security of the growing credit is no way so concerned as in the continuing the receipt with the creditors forwards. This my Lord Treasurer governed upon the consideration of the growing credit which might be supported in order to his Majesty's service ; concluding that Mr. Kent has no damage by resigning the receipt, [he] being secured the payment of his tallies in course by letters patent.
To the second Major Huntingdon says he has not been spoke to by Mr. Kent about it, but when Mr. Kent shall please to give him and his partners a meeting and shew them in what state that matter is now they hope it may be accommodated among themselves as it was to Mr. Kent when he came into the [Excise] receipt, without a public discourse thereof or trouble to my Lord Treasurer. My Lord Treasurer calling to mind that he had no further intermeddled in this matter at Mr. Kent's entering upon the Receipt than to persuade Mr. Kent to accommodate the thing with the former Receivers [of Excise] upon which Mr. Kent accordingly did it, my Lord does not think fit to do more at this time than to persuade the present Receivers to comply with Mr. Kent which my Lord was pleased to do in very pressing words and left it to their considerations (after a meeting with Mr. Kent and being informed of the present state of the matter.)
My Lord asks Mr. Kent what he intends to do towards the supplying 40,250l. to complete the payment of the Royal Household to Michaelmas according to his agreement. Mr. Kent answers he is not able to provide it.
Sir Stephen Fox desires to know where my Lord Treasurer thinks fit to place his interest account. My Lord answers he is of opinion he shall keep [restrict] it to [be charged on] the fund of the Excise but not upon this present farm. Sir Stephen Fox offers to advance 40,250l. upon the Cofferer's tallies if my Lord Treasurer will settle his interest account [by charging it to be payable] after the tallies already struck upon the Excise. My Lord Treasurer will consider thereof.
The Cofferer, Sir Stephen Fox and Mr. Kent withdraw and the Farmers of Excise are called in. My Lord Treasurer asks them if they are under any obligation to Mr. Kent for payment of the running cash [of the Excise Office] to him. Mr. Vincent answers they are not. Major Brett conceives that the Farmers have the power of [holding] the running cash and desires to be heard to it by counsel. My Lord Treasurer reads to them the clause of their patent which is binding to the contrary and puts the running cash in the King's power. Mr. Vincent submits to it and they all conclude to obey my Lord Treasurer's warrant in the matter, which was then signed accordingly.
The Gentlemen and Grooms of His Majesty' Bedchamber are to be paid in the same manner that they were last quarter. (See under date 1675 Nov. 5 Calendar Tr. Books vol. iv. p. 842).
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 110-2.]
Feb. 9. Wednesday. Col. Birch, Major Huntington, Sir John James are to attend my Lord Treasurer [this day] with a paper of demands for allowances out of the 900l. and odd pounds in their hands and to shew cause why they do not pay the money in.
[Day Book p. 102.]
Feb. 11.
Treasury Chambers. Friday.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. duty are called in with the merchants and the auditor's report is read about their demands for defalcations by reason of losses at sea in the war. Mr. Scutt produces several invoices which prove the medium [weigh content] of the cask to be about 1,500 [lb.] ; Col. Strode [says] 1600 lb. He says the Farmers [of the Four and a Half per cent.] may lose a fifth part of [the duty] on Muscovado sugar for want of weighing. [Order for] the sugars lost a sea to be valued only at 12s. 6d. neat. Mr. Scutt to make out why he values sugar at 12s. 6d. per cent. [hundredweight]. The lowering of the prices begins in the third year. What was taken away by Lord Willoughby from the Farmers and sold at 8s. 6d. ought to be allowed at 12s. 6d. per cent. [hundredweight]. My Lord Treasurer directs the Farmers to distinguish betwixt what sugars were made use of upon the place [in Barbados] and what were returned to England. The Auditor is [ordered] to see what the servants' wages come to [who were employed in the collection of the duty] and the difference [in the estimated content] of cask : and Mr. Scutt is to attend him. The Farmers are to deliver in a note of [their] servants' wages and cask. Mr. Scutt and the merchants are to report in writing the difference in freight in the third and fourth year [respectively of the farm.]
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 112.]
Feb. 12. The money due to the Judges and Masters of Chancery [for salary is ordered] to be sent for [by letter to Mr. Mounteny to pay same out of the Customs into the Exchequer]. Done [i.e. letter written].
The petition of the cutlers in Hallamshire is read. The Lord Chief Baron and the Attorney General are to be desired to be at the Treasury Chambers on Wednesday next about this business of Hallamshire.
Mr. Attorney Montagu to be paid his 40l.
[Ibid. p. 113.]
Feb. 14. Lady Portland to have 500l. upon the Chimney money in March.
A letter to be written to Sir John Osborne to attend the Commissioners of the Navy concerning the Sick and Wounded. Done. [Ibid.]
Feb. 14.
Monday. Treasury Chambers.
The Commissioners of the Navy attending my Lord Treasurer about the regulation of payments for the present year it was agreed as follows :
(1) That the needful imprests shall be paid out of the weekly money (except bills of exchange for victuals in case such shall be after the expiration of the present declaration for the Mediterranean) and one quarter part of the next assignment for stores viz. the very first quarter part to be allotted to reimburse the said weekly money.
(2) That the Commissioners of the Navy will proceed to finish the Defiance, Plimouth and St. David and to fit out the Phnix and other ships to be sent abroad this year and to repair so many ships as are now abroad and of the like rates with those abroad and to perform all the ordinary repairs with the estimates for the present year, and in case the great charge of finishing the Defiance, Plymouth and St. David cause them to exceed the said estimates they will at the end of the year give my Lord Treasurer a particular accompt thereof.
(3) That no new work when the King Fisher shall be finished (to complete which about 3,000l. is needful) shall for the future be enterprised without particular estimates, privy seals and allotments of money for that purpose.
(4) That the Navy Board have a warrant from the Lords of the Admiralty to alter their lists of payments in course and to make them correspondent to my Lord Treasurer's proposition.
(5) That bills shall and may be assigned upon such funds as my Lord Treasurer shall appoint though the money be not really received.
(6) Mr. Pepys promises to write to Sir John Narbrough to prevent pursers taking money for victuals in the Mediterranean and that the Fleet be put to short allowance for victuals as accustomary in those seas and to know why that has not been practised hitherto [before] this present expedition of his.
(7) That 5,000l. a fortnight be continued on the Customs as a fund for stores.
(8) That 2,300l. a week or thereabouts be supplied for payment of bills, not for stores, the victuallers, and tickets for ships and that my Lord Treasurer will supply money for the payment of the ships and yards as there shall be occasion.
(9) The stores to be sent abroad for the ships in the Straits to be out of the wear and tear of the year.
(10) The gally to be forthwith paid off at Tangier which will come to about 3,000l.
(11) 2,000l. or thereabouts to be supplied to pay the flag officers &c. up to midsummer as the Commissioners of the Navy are paid.
(12) 6,866l. to be supplied to Sir Thomas Clutterbuck for a third of his declaration for the Mediterranean.
(13) 7,369l. 10s. 0d. to be supplied to pay the bills of exchange drawn in the Navy Office.
(14) The yachts to be paid to the 24th June, 1675, which will come to about 7,000l.
(15) Sir Anthony Deane to show my Lord Treasurer the indents for which so many bills of exchange are drawn for Sir Thomas Clutterbuck.
(16) The Commissioners of the Sick and Wounded to be written to send to the Navy Board copies of the vouchers of their particular payments of the last 10,000l. supplied by my Lord Treasurer.
(17) To consider of supplying a month's weekly money to the Navy by way of advance.
(18) To provide for the payment of a ship to be built by Mr. Deane in the room of the galley which will cost about 5,000l. and to be ready in 4 months.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 123-4.]
Feb. 15. The debts between the King and Lord Belasyse [are] to be put upon my Lord Treasurer's minutes [of matters to be carried] to the King.
[Petition read from] Snow and Hornby. Their debt is in the common case.
[Same from] Gyde, serjeant at arms, for [payment of his] arrears. A state of them [is ordered] to be given [in].
[Same from] Dorrell. [Ordered : the matter] to be examined at the Treasury Chamber.
[Same from] Bernard. [His case is like that of the other Bankers] under the stop.
[Same from] Hodges. My Lord Treasurer consents if he can find a fit man.
[Same from] Sir Samuel Morland. [This matter to be inserted in the paper of minutes] for the King.
[Same from] the Grooms of the Queen's Chamber. [Ordered :] to have half a year [on their salaries.]
Tompson's papers [are read]. "A letter to be written, for the Treasury Chambers."
[Petition read from the] attendants on the House of Lords. [Ordered :] to produce their order.
[Same from] the doorkeeper of the House of Commons. [Ordered :] to stay a little.
[Same from] Sir William Boreman. [Ordered : To be included among the papers for] the King.
[Same from] Mr. John Bordman. [Ordered : the Secretary of the Treasury] to enquire what the Dwarf Orchard is.
[Same from] Mr. Bury. My Lord Treasurer agrees with the Lord Lieutenant's report.
[Same from] Sir William Bowles. [Ordered :] to be paid by assignments.
[Same from] Hugh Browne. His condition to be examined.
[Same from] Mris. Carlisle. My Lord Treasurer to be minded of doing something for her.
[Same from Mr.] Brockwell. [Ordered :] Mr. Griffin to be spoken with [concerning it].
[Same from] George Clerk. Granted : he giving security to perform.
[Same from the] Tomlinsons. They have given security.
[Same from] Mr. Skelton. The Earl of Orrery to be spoken with [concerning it].
Mr. Hugh May's report [is read] about Taylieur of Windsor. [Ordered : Taylieur] to be at the Treasury Chambers on Wednesday week.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp 113-4.]
Feb. 16. Wednesday [sic]. The Alum Farmers [their business to be heard this day].
The business of Northampton [to be heard this day]. [Day Book p. 103.]
Feb. 16.
Thursday [sic]. Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Attorney General.
Madame Civett [is ordered] to have a quarter of her pension.
Memorandum : to speak with the Attorney General concerning the late patents [of pensions] granted on the Excise.
The petition of the Hallamshire men is read concerning the smiths' forges and smithies. They prey that the duty [of Hearthmoney] may not be levied [on such items]. My Lord Treasurer acquaints them that he must act according to law and that the Attorney General is of opinion that 'tis the King's right "but should bee glad the Farmers of the [Hearthmoney] duty would not use any extremity against such poor men." My Lord Treasurer to write to Sir John Reresby and Sir Ralph Knight about the case of these Hallamshire cutlers upon the paper presented to my Lord.
The business of Northampton [is considered]. The paper of demands consists of four particulars. (1) The remission of the Excise for some term of years : calculated to amount to 1,336l. 6s. 2d. per an. (2) The remitting of the Hearthmoney for the same time. The Chimneys in Northampton [town] are certified to be [rated at] 2,389l. [per an.]. (3) The giving [back] of 1,200l. remaining in the hands of the Lord Lieutenant [of the county of Northampton, same having been] levied in that county for the militia. (4) The granting of 2,000 ton of timber toward the rebuilding of the town : [same to be taken] out of the forests of Salcey and Whittlewood. My Lord Treasurer and the Chancellor of the Exchequer [agree to] propose to his Majesty that the Chimney money be granted to the town of Northampton for the like time as it was in [the case of the fire of] London : but the number of Chimneys to be strictly enquired into and to examine if they have amounted to 2,389l. The demand of the Excise is disallowed. 'Tis proposed that a recommendatory letter be written from the Lords of the [Privy] Council to the Lords Lieutenant and gentlemen of the country [county] to dispose the 1,200l. (levied upon the month's tax for the militia) toward the rebuilding of the town. Memorandum : [the Secretary of the Tresaury] to enquire how this militia money was paid in formerly. [Finally it is agreed] that 300 ton of timber be given first and that the distribution thereof be recommended to the Earl of Northampton for public uses.
This day week my Lord Treasurer and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to consider about the [best] way of taking in [and cancelling] from the several accomptants [such] as the Earl of Anglesey &c. [the paper] orders [which have remained in the hands of the said various departmental Treasurers unassigned and] unpaid. In the Day Book the entry of this minute is as follows :
"The consideration of charging and discharging imprest accomptants (my Lord Anglesea &c.) with orders made payable to them and [by them] assigned [to bankers and others] and also what shall be done with orders [which have remained] unassigned and of which no use has been made [is to be heard] on Wednesday Feb. 23. Sir Rob. Howard, Sir Cha. Harbord, Sir Geo. Downing and the two Auditors of Imprests to attend."
On Saturday forenoon next the Vintners are to attend. The Lord Chancellor (Lord Keeper) and the Lord Chief Baron are to be summoned [to be present].
[Treasury Minute Book V. 114-5. Day Book 103.]
Feb. 17. My Lord Treasurer directs 3,050l. to be paid to Sir Stephen Fox [which sum is] to be brought into the Exchequer by the Farmers of Excise. This will complete his last privy seal for 10,000l. for secret service. Done : [i.e. letter written to the Excise Farmers to bring in said sum : and warrant drawn thereon].
The Earl of Sussex to have 1,000l. which was brought out of the Customs and now remains in the Exchequer. 'Tis half a year of his pension. Done [i.e. warrant drawn].
A warrant to be drawn for 10,000l. for secret service to [be drawn in the name of] blank person. Done.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 116.]
Feb. 18. Friday. Mr. Perrient Trott, Sir Richard Pigott et al [are] to attend [this day] upon the one half year's accompt of the Hearthmoney due to his Majesty at Lady Day 1666.
The officers of the Works to attend this same day.
Mr. Taylieur of Windsor [to attend this day].
The Contractors for the Chimney money [to attend this day.]
[Day Book p. 103.]
Feb. 18. Friday. Present : Chancellor of the Exchequer. My Lord Treasurer desiring him to go on in business till he could come, came not.
The Contractors for the Chimney money called in. They pray the sum of 5,000l struck upon their last September payment may be detained [by them] out of their rent [due to be paid by them into the Exchequer] in March next and that they may be empowered to receive the duty upon the "smythes" [smithies] and smiths' forges.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer tells them that my Lord Treasurer and himself acquainted the Farmers when they first took [the farm of] this duty that they would not grant them any defalcations upon account of the forges but that whether they could collect it or not my Lord Treasurer expected they should pay their full rent. The Farmers pray that the Judges in their several circuits may declare the law as to the smiths' forges it being already adjudged by his Majesty [by advice of the Attorney General &c. to be due and leviable]. The Farmers move for an order to [enable them] to view [the Chimneys in] the Compter, King's Bench, Fleet, [the King's] castles, forts and gaols. 'Tis proposed [by the Chancellor of the Exchequer] that a letter may be written to the sheriffs of London and Middlesex as to the Compters ; and to the Marshal of the King's Bench as to the King's Bench [prison] and to the Warden of the Fleet for the Fleet. A complaint read from [the Farmers' officers in the city of] York. 'Tis proposed [by the Chancellor of the Exchequer that] my Lord Treasurer should write a letter to the Lord Mayor of York. The Chancellor of the Exchequer says that the Farmers shall have all countenance in their farm but directs that they pay their 5,000l. upon the tallies struck.
Mr. Taylieur's petition and papers read. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is of opinion that he ought to be paid his patent fee upon delivery or surrender of his patent.
Mr. Rodney's papers are read. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is of opinion that 40l. is a sufficient compensation for the damages he sustained in the New Forest by [the] making [of] brick upon his land but that no wood be cut for it.
Hargrave, Henderson, Blacgrave, Dios, Kensey, Dermere, Billingsley and Sawyer and the rest of the Vintners are to attend to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock. The Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Baron to be summoned [to attend then].
The petition of Mr. Snow and Hornby (concerning the 30,000l. drawn upon the Additional Excise, which as it ends at Midsummer 1677 they will be destitute of a fund [for their repayment]) is read by the Chancellor of the Exchequer who conceives it is no particular case but that many others will be in the same condition when the wine and vinegar additional duty &c. ceases.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 116-7.]
Feb. 19. My Lord Treasurer directs Mr. Tindal's warrant for the reversion of the place of searcher of Bristol may be filled for the lives of John and Thomas Tindall sons of Thomas Tindall. Done.
[Ibid, p. 117.]
Feb 21. My Lord Treasurer to be put in mind of the old Victuallers [of the Navy].
Mrs. Hamilton to have a quarter [on her pension]. Done. [i.e. warrant drawn.]
The Prince [Rupert] to have 120l. for 2 years' creation money due at Michaelmas last. Done [i.e. warrant drawn].
Feb. 22. My Lord Duras to have 500l. for one year [on his pension : to be] charged upon the Hearthmoney farm rent due in March next. Done [i.e. warrant drawn].
A privy seal to be drawn for the [impost] wine for the Lord Chancellor and others formerly payable out of the Butlerage.
Feb. 23. Wednesday. Sir Richard Pigott to be here this morning.
The Barbados business of the Four and a Half per cent. duty is to be considered this day.
[Day Book, p. 103.]
Feb. 23.
Treasury Chamber. (struck through).
[Ordered by my Lord Treasurer] that no tallies be struck upon the Farmers of the Excise for the future. [The Secretary of the Treasury] to enquire into it.
"A warrant [is ordered] for Sir Stephen Fox's interest accompts to the Exchequer."
A direction is given for a commission for the examination of the old Victuallers' accompts.
The 600l. odd pounds which Sir Stephen Fox has paid to the garrisons is to be repaid by Custom House bonds.
The account of the charge upon the present farm of the Excise is to be adjusted and if there remain enough uncharged then Sir Stephen Fox's accounts of interest and the Cofferer's [interest accompts] amounting together to 31,600l. or thereabouts are to be charged on that remain under the following regulation viz. : to be paid immediately preferably to any tallies on condition Sir Stephen Fox, the Cofferer of the Household and Mr. Kent consent thereto by a declaration in writing signed by them all that it may not be a postponing of the payment of the tallies but a thing done at the instance of those whose the tallies are and for their own accommodation.
Thereupon Sir Stephen Fox promises my Lord Treasurer immediately to lend 40,200l. and odd pounds to the Cofferer at 8 per cent. interest to clear the Household to Michaelmas last, and when the said sum of 31,600l. or what it shall be for interest shall be paid to Sir Stephen Fox he promises to lend the same again for a whole year at 6 per cent. upon tallies on the revenue of Excise.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 118.]
Feb. 25. To know of Sir Stephen Fox how far the Earl of Plymouth is paid.
Write to Sir Gilbert Talbot how he disposed of the 3,777l. [worth of gold works] delivered by Sir Robert Vyner for New Year's gifts and to whom.
Feb. 28. The Customs Commissioners to advise my Lord Treasurer what they think fit to be done in the case of the Pleys [father and son] collectors of Weymouth and Lyme port.
Lord Berkeley to have 700l. on the Chimney money [farm rent due] in March next and 600l. [on that due] in September. Done [i.e. warrants drawn].
Mr. Perry and Mr. Anselme making oath before my Lord that one of their collectors Sam Evans was this day in the execution of his office so dangerously wounded by William Rawson a carpenter or joiner that they believe him not able by reason of his hurts to come and make affidavit himself my Lord Treasurer orders a warrant to take him [Rawson] into custody.
[Order for] the Navy to have 25,000l. in Custom bonds for the uses following viz. :
to pay off the galley at Tangier : about 3,000l.
to pay for the ship King Fisher : about 3,000l.
to pay the bills of exchange of Sir Thomas Clutterbuck which are now due : about 5,000l.
to pay him a third of his declaration for victuals in the Mediterranean 6,866l.
to pay the poor's chest 3,000l.
to pay the flag officers &c. to midsummer 2,000l.
towards Mr. Dean's ship 1,000l,
the remainder to pay interest of money borrowed upon the said bonds.
The 14,000l. remainder of Sir Stephen Fox's tallies on the Customs is to be paid by Customs bonds.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 119.]
Feb. 29. Tuesday. A warrant to be drawn for 1,000l. per an. to Sir Matthew Hale [for a] blank term [of years].
Petitions read :
from the officers of Ludlow Castle. [The Secretary of the Treasury is ordered to] enquire whether the Welsh revenue will bear the arrear and present charge.
from Mr. Finch. My Lord to be further informed what has been done to any other of the Commissioners : the same [shall be] done to him.
from Lacy [the] underhousekeeper of Audley End [praying] for an arrear. Nothing can be done in it yet.
from Binloss, on a reference from the King. If his allegations be true [he is] to have the place petitioned for or something equivalent.
from Sir Jo. Robinson on a reference from the King. My Lord Treasurer to see how the debt is stated and then will give directions in it.
from Ann Jones. My Lord Treasurer to be put in mind of it another time.
from Radburne. No room yet.
from Seykes a poor prisoner indebted upon a receipt of [receivership to] the king and praying to be discharged. My Lord Treasurer is contented if it can be done without prejudice to the King or those who have orders or tallies upon that receipt.
from Mr. Philips, distiller, [praying] for an arrear. Nothing can be done.
from Mr. Apprice. His warrant to be drawn next to Westphaling if Mr. Creighton take not out his warrant speedily.
from Mr. Chetwind for an office in the Law duty [Office. My Lord Treasurer resolves] no unnecessary officer to be made upon the King's charge.
from Col. Gifford. [Ordered] : to have 75l. for half a year.
from Mr. Ball.
from the Mayor and Commonalty of Dover. [To be inserted among the papers] for the King.
from Simon Smith. [My Lord Treasurer orders that] Hart's pretensions be heard.
from Ro. Blaney. [Ordered] : to be heard and Mr. Blaney to be there.
from Le Bas, Master of the Ceremonies. [He is to have] patience.
from Mris. Sophia Stuart. The same [answer is given].
from Mr. Bradshaw. To be referred to the Agents of the Hearthmoney.
from Mr. Taylor [as to his] case.
from Mr. Long. Order for it to be heard to-morrow fortnight.
from Mr. Polstead. Proceedings to be stopped till next term.
from the Dean of Windsor. [My Lord Treasurer decides that he] cannot be paid anywhere else.
from Sir Edward Greaves. To be read another time.
from Sir Charles Cotterell. His paper read. The debt to be stated and placed upon some remote fund and interest in the mean time to be allowed.
from Capt. Howard. My Lord Treasurer consents to it.
from the Clerks of the Cheque, and from Mr. Dunklyn. The Treasurer of the Chamber to be heard [in this matter and so similarly in the case of] all that complain in this kind.
from Mr. Haughton et al. My Lord thinks it reasonable to allow what they desire.
from Sir Ro. Holmes. [Ordered :] to be referred to Sir C. Harbord.
from Warner and Hooke. [They are to attend] at the Treasury Chambers when the Chancellor of the Exchequer is there.
from Mris. Fisher. My Lord Treasurer to be further informed [in the matter].
from Mr. Richard Bulstrode. [Ordered :] to have 338l. upon the Chimney money [farm rent due] in March next.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 120-1.]